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Impossibility Is a Kiss Away from Reality

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“You are parabatai.”


Parabatai. An enhanced species of human, any two people that from anywhere in the world find themselves to be essentially one person, one soul. So no, you haven’t been going crazy. Jace is real. You two are connected in a way that transcends physical boundaries…you share emotions, thoughts, instincts, strength. You are bound together for life.”

Hearing Magnus Bane give an explanation, or confirmation, to what had been going on in his life recently, Alec didn’t exactly know what to feel.

On one hand, that eccentric man was literally a fortune teller who no one in their right mind should ever listen to…yet, after how drastically Alec’s perceptions of reality and impossibility had changed in the past few weeks, everything that Magnus was saying finally, finally gave some sense to it all. And Alec was caught in the weirdest form of relief.

While he tried to digest the words properly anyway, still quite unsure how to react, or move, Magnus regarded him with sympathy, “You said he lives in London, right? And that he’s a musician? You even confirmed for yourself that he's real, so why are you still doubting? Is he not here, right now?”

Alec reflexively turned his head to the left, and, of course, there he was. Jace was looking at him with a glint in his eyes, which told Alec that he had listened to every word Magnus had said.

“Makes sense, doesn’t it?” Jace spoke, a corner of his mouth quirking up.

But Alec knew that he had never been more serious, which was confirmed when Jace stretched out a hand towards him with nothing but fire in his peculiar eyes. Alec could only be enraptured.

“We are one,” Jace whispered. Something like that could only be said in a whisper, even if no one else but Alec could hear him. Exactly because no one else but Alec could hear him.

Alec nodded, solemnly, and when he took Jace’s hand, he could swear he almost felt it.