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Hero for Heroes

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Midoriya Izuku, in another life quirkless, is a rare case of quirk mutation. His quirk doesn't resemble those of his parents and is quite unique. However, his quirk has a more passive role and isn't exactly suited for an aspiring hero, let alone a pro hero. In another life a disastrous fact, but this Izuku isn't affected that much.


"Mom, mom! It's computer time!"

With an All Might action figure in hand, Izuku lets the No.1 hero's debut video inspire him once more. Like many kids his age, he wishes to become like the renown hero. This common wish comes from the public's view of heroes. Strong, role model, safety, selflessness... For Izuku, it is the aspect of helping others and being a hero seems like the perfect job for him. However, this wish changes when his quirk finally manifests at the tender age of four.


"Mom, I think something's burning in the pot."

Surprised, the young woman rushes into the kitchen and stirs said pot. She doesn't notice something out of the ordinary.

"Are you sure, Izuku...? Mommy doesn't see anything strange."

This confuses the mother even more and since the food is finished anyway, she splits the amount evenly into two bowls. After that the small family of two eats together and shortly after that, Inko fishes out a slightly burnt noodle. Realising that this small noodle is what Izuku spoke of, she looks at her son in disbelief. She asks her son if her assumption is right and the small boy nods.

"How do you know- Wait, what exactly did you see?"


The young child tilts his head slightly, a little finger placed on his chubby cheek, and considers his limited words.

"Since I woke up today, I can see those weird dots everywhere if I want to. When I looked at the pot and saw the dots changing their pattern, I just knew that it meant that something is burning."

Inko lights up at that. Her son's quirk finally showed! However, she isn't really sure what his quirk exactly does, so when she goes to register her son's quirk, she asks the employees if they knew any good doctors. In unison, they just say, "Recovery Girl". The young mother makes an appointment and patiently waits the few months.


Before his quirk showed up, Izuku said to everyone that he wanted to be a hero and watched said heroes on the computer, TV, even in real life! He would always smile at the heroes' acts.

Since the first day of his quirk's awakening, his smiles are replaced with a frown. Sometimes he becomes so sad when he looks at heroes and Inko just doesn't know why. Then again, Izuku can't just say that he can see past the heroes' facade, see the scars, missing limbs, missing organs. Of course not every hero has to bear such handycaps, but it still upsets the young child.

"Mom, why isn't Jumper in bed?"

Jumper is a new hero and is still pretty unknown.

His mother looks up, confused.

"Why are you asking that?"

Izuku just keeps staring at the TV screen, eventually pointing at it.

"His right leg is hurt. Whenever he accidentally leans on it, he quickly shifts back to his left leg."

Now that the small boy pointed it out, Inko can see it too. This isn't the first or the last time Izuku easily spots injuries or irregularities. His mother wishes for the doctor's visit to come sooner.


Recovery Girl's eyes widen in surprise and excitement after hearing the young boy's explanation. She does a few tests to confirm her hypothesis and nods approvingly.

"Mrs. Midoriya, it seems like your son is capable of seeing particles and interpreting their behaviour correctly."

Inko's eyes widen in shock.

"With a quirk like that, Izuku can make it big as a scientist or something in that direction! Do you already have a name for the quirk?"

The family members shake their heads.

"Then I'll choose the name. Izuku, your quirk will be called 'Natural Genius'."

Izuku blushes at that while Recovery Girl and Inko talk about Izuku's potential. However, Izuku soon breaks the conversation with an unusual question.

"Recovery Girl? Heroes always save us, right?"

Slightly confused, the heroine answers without hesitation.

"Of course."

The real surprise comes now.

"If heroes save us, who saves the heroes?"

The old heroine freezes. Heroes are seen as role models, so seeing a child question said role models raises Recovery Girl's concern.

"Can I ask you what made you think about that?"

"The heroes are always trying to hide it, but I can see it clearly. I can see the untreated injuries, the halfway healed injuries, the permanent injuries, the pained expression they're always hiding and how their head sends those weird signals to some part of their body that make them flinch in pain, even if only slightly."

The old woman's eyes widen. She considered the possibilities of "Natural Genius" in science, but not how it affects the young child's daily life. It's slightly cruel of Mother Nature to subject such a sweet boy to pain at such a young age already.

"I assure you that we doctors do our best to treat them properly."

"Then why do so many heroes retire before they're really old because of health problems that aren't treated soon enought?"

Recovery Girl remains speechless. When a young mother made an appointment for her son's quirk, the heroine didn't expect said boy to list problems of the heroics and medical industry. She glances at a clock and is happy to see that the time is up.

"Ah, so late already? I'm sorry, Izuku, but you'll have to ask me another time, alright?"

The veteran heroine shows the family the way out, leaving a confused Izuku with unanswered questions.

That is the moment Izuku decides to become a hero, but not the kind that fights. He will become a doctor, a hero for heroes.


Izuku then starts to focus on his school marks and spends less time with Katsuki. The freckled boy soon skips classes, becomes one of the few children to go to university and is allowed to open his own clinic at the age of fourteen. Even thought he's seen as the All Might of the doctors, a miracle worker, the boy regrets being five years too late.

The young teenager stares at the TV screen, stares at All Might's most recent public appearance. His eyes trail the hero's left side, then his stomach area, then his lungs and then the hero's whole respiratory system. The young doctor can't suppress blushing a deep shade of red. While inspecting his favourite hero for the man's health condition, he is reminded of his crush again.

'Focus, Izuku, focus!'

While working as a doctor, Izuku uses his free time to search for a way to save the No.1 hero's declining health.

"Soon, All Might. Soon I'll have a solution. Soon I'll be able to fully treat you."

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Through sheer effort and determination, Izuku overruns the education system, thus earning respect and recognition from top universities all over the world. Therefore, the freckled boy has the choice to choose from the best science-dedicated facilities. He goes abroad with his mother, makes connections, gains a lot of certificates even if not all of them are necessary for working as a family doctor (the term “Hero Doctor“ doesn’t exist, much to his disappointment) and finally comes back to Japan, Musutafu to be precise, to open his own clinic. Where else to treat heroes than the city where the best hero school is?


The first problem Izuku faces after opening his clinic is finding patients, in other words money. Many colleagues from overseas offered Izuku some financial support to start his actual career outside the save circles from fellow doctors, but now he needs to find a way to fend for himself. Then again, with his habit of constantly seeking out hero vs. villain fights, he makes a name for himself surprisingly quick.

He isn’t even in his home town for one week and is already witness to multiple heroes raiding the hideout from some shady underground organisation. Fortunately, the event ends in favour of the heroes and only few are slightly injured. Unfortunately, two sidekicks carry life-threatening injuries. Izuku doesn’t know if Kamui Woods and Mount Lady realise the urgency of the situation or if they try to hold out until the paramedics come, but if the young doctor already is at the scene, he can as well act according to his profession. Speaking of parademics, why didn’t anyone call them yet?! Izuku approaches the group of heroes while pulling out his cell phone. The small boy makes sure that the heroes can hear him clearly before speaking with the reception of Musutafu’s hospital.

“Am I speaking to the reception of the hospital in Musutafu? Right, I am Dr. Midoriya and I need a few things to treat two severly injured heroes. I will send you a list and the location after the call. A few ambulances would be appreciated as well.“

The adults stare at the exchange between presumably the hospital staff and the young teenager.

“... Yes, I am Midoriya Izuku. Yes, I am the person my colleagues tend to call the miracle worker. Can I get the supplies now? There kinda are two lives at stake here.“

Izuku pockets his phone and looks up to many pairs of eyes drilling holes into his tiny frame. The young doctor sighs. Well, he already expected such a reaction. After all, a fourteen year old doctor is quite uncommon. Luckily he has his suitcase with him since he actually was on his way home from work, so he takes out a business card and copies of the necessary certificates.

“Good day, heroes. I am Midoriya Izuku, a legal doctor with all the qualifications needed for the job as you can see on the papers. Now, I understand why you would question a teenager’s ridiculous claims, but I believe that the lives of the two severly injured sidekicks over there are more important right now. Are anyone of you willing to carry the two to the sidewalk or do I have to treat them on the dirt and debris?“


When the ambulances finally arrive, the paramedics are astonished by Izuku’s skill. There isn’t much they can do anymore, so they usher the injured people into the numerous vehicles and Izuku joins the two sidekicks to observe them.

At the hospital, the heroes witness with wide eyes how the majority of the hospital staff flocks close to the young doctor, even the medical director. The freckled boy calmly dismisses them, stating that two lives are at stake and asks for permission to treat the two sidekicks. The director gladly obliges, he even hurries the green-haired boy to the patients.

“Let’s see if you really are a miracle worker.“

Izuku asks for the patients‘ status and the consequences for their future. After the medical director lists the injuries, he concludes that the two sidekicks aren’t likely to survive and if that actually happens, they won’t be able to pursue their current job anymore. The visibly younger doctor only shakes his head.

“It’s the same everywhere. The technical status is way too low for my taste.“

Izuku asks the older doctor to leave the room, so that the small teenager can concentrate on his work. The medical director narrows his eyes, still not believing the rumors in the doctor societies.

‘Like a kid can do anything.‘

After a few hours, Izuku steps out of the room and is faced with the older doctor again.


Already expecting such rudeness, Izuku calmly answers.

“I’ll come back tomorow to check on them. After that they’ll be discharged and rest for the day. They should be able to work again the next day.“

The medical director’s patience runs out and he uses his height to intimidate the younger person.

“Go back to work…? Do you know what nonsense your spouting-?!“

Unfazed by the rude display, Izuku interrupts the older doctor.

“It doesn’t matter what you say. I am the one who treats them, so please don’t interfere.“

With that Izuku leaves a steaming colleague behind, knowing that the older doctor won’t hurt his patients. The medical director thinks that Izuku’s treatment won’t lead to anything anyway and waits for the moment when he can ridicule the younger boy.

The next day Izuku comes back to the hospital and sees his patients awake. Everything goes according to plan, good.

“Kamui Woods, Mount Lady, I see that you are awake.“

Both adults stare at the young teenager, confusion clear.

“I am the doctor who treated you. Yesterday, you were involved in an operation to raid an underground organisation and got severly injured in the process. Here is a list with the damages you sustained.“

Izuku gives them their respective lists and watches as their expressions slowly morph into one of horror.

“You don’t need to worry about anything though. I treated all of them already and if you rest today, you should be back in business tomorrow.“

“Wait, wait, wait!“

Kamui Woods interrupts the young doctor, needing time to process all the new information.

“I’m sorry, but… according to our listed injuries, we shouldn’t even be alive!“

“Does it really matter at this point? What is important now is that you are still alive. You shouldn’t think about such unimportant things and focus on the future.“

“The things is… how aren’t we dead?!“

“I don’t want to sound arrogant, but it is thanks to my treatment that you are talking to me right now and not lying in a coffin. The medical director already gave up on you, but I thought that it would be a shame to let go of two lives that didn’t get their time to shine yet.“

After not receiving an answer for a few seconds, Izuku sighs.

“If there aren’t any questions left, I would like to take a second look at you to see your progress.“

The young doctor starts with Mount Lady. He places one hand on her left cheek and leans close to her face. The adult woman blushes at that.

“Like I predicted, your burns healed completely without scarring.“

The teenager then lets his gaze wander over the lady’s body.

“The same applies to the rest of your body. Good.“

After his short inspection, he faces his female patient again.

“I recommend resting for today to recover some strength. You should be fine to work again tomorrow. Take this medicine now. It will help your body to recover faster.“

Izuku moves over to Kamui Woods and inspects the adult man’s limbs. The close proximity makes the male patient uncomfortable.

“The bones are fine. Try not to strain them today and rest to recover some strength as well. You should take the medicine like Mount Lady.“

The green-haired doctor waits until his patients reluctantly drink their medication.

“All right, if anything comes up, contact a doctor immediately. Of course I would appreciate it if you come straight to me, but I guess that you feel more comfortable speaking to an old veteran than trusting a young teenager.“

Izuku hands them his business card.

“Just in case you decide to contact the doctor who actually treated you and knows where your problems are.“

The young doctor starts packing his files and prepares to leave.

“If there aren’t any questions left, I will take my leave now. Get well soon and try to avoid visiting the hospital again soon!“


This time it’s Mount Lady who stops the young teenager.

“Who are you?“

“Me? It should be written on the business card. I’m Midoriya Izuku, one of the youngest doctors in the whole world. I recently came back to Musutafu and opened my own clinic.“

He gives her a copy of all the necessary certifications.

“Here are all the papers that confirm that I am a legal doctor. Anything else?“

The two sidekicks remain silent, unsure of what to say.

“If you have more questions, my contact information should be on the business card as well. I wish you a nice day!“


It starts with a small spark and bursts into a furious flame. The colleagues from the two sidekicks ask them what happened and the two explain everything, their injuries, their close death and how a young teenage doctor actually saved them. The colleagues then spread the rumor of a miraculous doctor living in Musutafu, talking to the workers of other agencies and soon Izuku becomes famous in the hero society. Whenever the hospital gives up on someone, their acquaintances bring them to Izuku as a last resort. As long as they aren’t dead yet, Izuku always manages to at least keep them alive. He can’t treat all injuries yet, he needs more time to research everything. However, because of his success, he experiences another burst of fame, his good reputation spreading over whole Japan and this time not only limited to fellow doctors. Soon normal citizens start visiting the young doctor too, some even bring their pets to him. Izuku accepts them, treats them and saves them all. Soon he plays with the thought of building a bigger clinic.

When Izuku is fifteen years old, shortly before the fated encounter with a certain blond man, the majority of the population knows the freckled boy as “Dr. Midoriya, the miracle worker“.


Izuku is returning to his clinic from visiting a bedridden patient at their home. Just then a villain with some kind of gigantification quirk starts wrecking havoc.

“Ah! Isn’t that Kamui Woods over there? I knew that I won’t regret saving him.“

The young doctor looks to his right.

“Wait… Isn’t that Mount Lady over there-?“


With a powerful kick from the giantess, the villain goes down and the civilians cheer.

‘I somehow feel sorry for Kamui Woods… Mount Lady is the perfect example of a hero who mostly works for the benefits of the job…‘

After checking that nobody is injured and making quick notes about the heroes, Izuku resumes walking back to his clinic. He already figured out how to perfectly connect body parts, now he only needs to find out how to perfectly grow and adjust body parts, specifically organs.

‘Just wait, All Might. I’ll have a solution soon.‘

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Since the first incident involving Kamui Woods and Mount Lady, Izuku started working out. The reason is that the young doctor felt helpless, too weak to carry his patients to safety. It would be such a waste to let his neglected physical capabilities hinder his knowledge and skill, right? Not only is it beneficial for his health, it also leads to a fateful meeting.


“Ah, I remember this path! This used to be part of my way home from Middle School!“

Izuku tries a new path for his jogging routine that coincidentally leads him to a familiar tunnel. Like everytime he goes out, he carries a backpack with everything he needs (and medical supplies for emergencies). He smiles at the nostalgic view.

‘It’s been a few years, huh... Wait.‘

The young teenager stops his steps before entering the tunnel, his eyes glued to the ground.

‘Something’s... moving, twisting. There’s a... brain? Wait... It’s... It’s a villain! With some kind of sludge quirk!‘

The young doctor can feel slight panic rising inside him.

‘I... I have to do something! I can’t just let a villain roam the streets! What to do-?!‘

His eyes scan his surroundings frantically and soon catch sight of a figure approaching in an inhuman speed. Izuku’s pupils shrink while his eyes widen.

‘It can’t be... That’s-!‘

The freckled boy snaps back from his awe, a plan already forming in his head. He waits as long as possible, stalling for time, until the sludge villain finally notices him.

“All Might, save me!“

The young doctor can see how his scream affects the hero and villain. The tall blond perks up, accelerating his steps since he has a clear goal now. The villain on the other hand is startled by the loud noise, quickly fleeing from his current hiding spot and glaring at Izuku.

“You damn brat! How did you know that I was here?! Anyway, I need to hide! Come here, I need you to lend me your body!“

Before the villain actually finishes his monologue, Izuku is already running away.

“Do you think I’m stupid?! Like I’d let you suffocate me!“

The young boy shouts especially loud, so that All Might can keep track of him. The villain notices his victim’s plan and starts chasing his prey with renewed anger. While running the few steps, Izuku uses his cell phone to keep the sludge man in his view. That way, Izuku can read the villain’s movements and act accordingly.

‘Oh, he’ll try pouncing on me with a big, muddy hand. Too bad that the impact will make him stop in his tracks, so that I can take the chance to hide.‘

The green-haired teenager evades the attack by jumping to the side and uses the moment of confusion to run behind somthing to hide.

‘We’re still near the tunnel. All Might should catch up soon.‘

Just as Izuku thought that, the sound of metal being forcefully removed fills the space and a large figure jumps out of a manhole, landing with a big impact.


The hero takes on a fighting stance.


With his trademark words spoken, All Might readies his right fist for one of his many trademark moves.


The sludge villain doesn’t really have the chance to act before his body explodes into tiny bits of mud, the force rendering him unconscious.

“You really are strong, All Might!“

Seeing the danger gone, Izuku shows himself.

“It really is something else to experience it firsthand. Anyway, I’ll help with the clean-up.“

The tall hero already expected a civilian to be present, so Izuku’s sudden appearance doesn’t faze the adult man.


To prove his point, All Might quickly scoops up the goop and seals it in two plastic bottles.


Izuku stares at the hero’s left side for a short moment, but quickly looks away. However, it doesn’t slip from All Might’s eyes.

“Thanks to my quirk, I could see both you and the villain. I called out to you so that you could find us faster.“

The tall blond takes a moment to run the words through his mind.


The younger male shakes his head.

“If you don’t want me to worry about you more than I usually do, take better care of yourself. As a doctor it really pains me to see you harming yourself like that.“

To hear a teenager call himself a professional doctor is surprising enough, but the implications are what makes the blood rush up the hero’s throat. The tall man holds back the red liquid and suppresses the urge to cough. Izuku sighs at that display, glad that he always has the most important medical supplies with him. The young doctor somehow convinces the hero to kneel down to his level, puts a plastic cup in front of the adult’s mouth and roughly pats the man on his back. The sudden action startles All Might and he accidentally lets the blood rush past his teeth. The red liquid soon fills to cup slightly and the hero looks at it without really knowing how to react to this turn of events. In that short moment of distraction, Izuku plucks two strands of the hero’s golden hair. One he keeps in his pockets, the other strand is cleaned with disinfectant, rinsed with water from a water bottle and dumped into the blood filled cup. As for the finishing touch, Izuku pours some mix of chemicals into the plastic cup and the bloody mess soon turns into a clear liquid. The young boy unceremoniously presents the hero with the unusual drink.

“Drink this“, the teenage doctor demands in a flat tone and face that reminds the blond man of a certain underground hero teaching at UA. All Might keeps staring at the offered cup, then the probably self-proclaimed teenage doctor, then at the cup again.


Izuku sighs at that.

“All Might, from the way you still call me ‘shonen‘, I assume that you either didn’t recognize me yet or plainly never heard of me. Does the name Dr. Midoriya ring a bell?“

The hero’s sunken eyes widen upon hearing the name of the miracle worker.


“Yes, I am Dr. Midoriya.“

Izuku stays silent for a moment, watching as All Might’s brain processes the information and restarts again.

“In case you didn’t realise it yet, the cup contains medicine. The quality isn’t the same as when I carefully weigh the components in my lab, but it should still serve as a good pain reliever. To be precise, if you take the medicine now, you’ll have 30 minutes more of your hero form today and you won’t feel the urge of coughing blood until tomorrow morning.“


The young doctor doesn’t need his quirk to tell that his favourite hero is panicking about the fact that he knows about the man’s physical condition.

“I’ll come straight to the point, All Might. I know about your declining health.“

The direct confrontation makes the tall blond still, smile gone and mouth closed in disbelief. The adult speaks in a more quiet voice.

“H-How do you know...?“

Izuku lightly pinches the space between his eyes, said eyes closed.

“It’s my quirk. I knew since you first showed your poor excuse of a healthy body on TV. Don’t worry, I never told anyone in those five years, I won’t start now.“

The young doctor knows that the hero is overwhelmed by the current situation and he understands. Then again, he also knows that this is a good moment to make (force) All Might to take his medicine. His smaller, delicate hands move the edge of the plastic cup to the tall hero’s lips and gently guide the clear liquid to the blond’s mouth. When the cool medicine touches the hero’s mouth, the large man startles and unfortunately (or fortunately?) for him, his lips part in that short moment of surprise and the clear liquid rushes past his teeth. The adult reflexively drinks it all, only moments later understanding that the teenager managed to force him to take the dubious medicine.

“Sorry, All Might. I used a few of my manipulative techniques on you. It’s pretty useful to literally see what goes on in another person’s mind. Do you feel better now?“

Much to the hero’s surprise, he really does feel healthier. The insisting urge to let go of his hero form isn’t as prominent as before, his throat feels refreshingly empty and he can breath easier. All Might stares at the young doctor, at a loss for words. Smiling, Izuku silently gives the hero his business card.

“Take it as a gift for saving me. If you need me again, you should be able to contact me with the help of my business card. What am I saying, of course you don’t need me! You already have Recovery Girl! Sorry, I didn’t mean to impose. I guess I’ll take my leave now. Have a nice day, All Might! Don’t forget to hand the villain over to the police!“

Just like that, the encounter ends and All Might doesn’t know how to feel about the fact that there indeed exists some kind of medicine that extends his time as a hero. For all those years, he resigned to the fact that his time is limited and now? Dr. Midoriya happens to be here and gives him something that cures all of his complaints temporarily? The veteran hero can feel hope rising in his chest and he doesn’t know if fate is kind to him or out to crush his heart once more.


‘Ahhh!!! I met All Might! I met All Might! I... I got to touch him! Now I have a better understanding of his body! His skin was so pleasant to touch too...‘

Izuku shakes his head, clearing it of the distracting thoughts.

‘All right. Until now, I always had to work with my own DNA, but not anymore! Now that I have All Might’s DNA, I just need to finish my research about regrowing body parts. After I work out the details, I can start testing it on All Might clones and specialize the process according to his body! If everything goes well, I’ll soon be able to give All Might back his healthy body!‘

The young scientist takes a small glass container and holds it in front of his eyes. Behind the clear glass, the single hair of the No.1 hero sparks in the brightly lit lab.

"Tell me your story, dear particles... All... All for One...? One for All...? Ah, I understand. All Might really deserves a successful treatment, but there is more..."

'I should start isolating One for All from this hair. If I manage to cut the connection that hair has to All Might, One for All will exist two times! So when All Might decides to pass the torch...'

Chapter Text


Having delivered the sludge villain to the police, All Might runs off to UA. Normally the hero would choose less straining means of transportation, like vehicles or a simple jump, but this time the blond man feels free, feels like he can do anything and he wants to savor this rare opportunity. As he runs, he can feel his heart rate rise with the action. The fresh air rushes into his body, his throat free from all the excess blood and his single lung expands without any complaint. This effortless breathing, All Might didn’t get to enjoy something so common in a long time. He didn’t feel this strong since five whole years.


All Might enters the school infirmary in such a calm manner, that it heavily contrasts with the chaotic turmoil in his mind. After confirming that nobody is here to hear the following conversation, the hero shifts his attention to the shorter heroine. The tall man lets go of his alter ego, feeling how his body deflates to reveal his true self, to show Yagi Toshinori.



The school doctor casts the intruder a glance, checking her reckless colleague for visible signs of declining health. However, she finds the exact opposite.

“You look better. Are you taking my advices for once?“

Toshinori hesitates, unsure how to proceed.

“Actually that’s the reason why I’m here. Have you heard of Dr. Midoriya?“

Recovery Girl stills.

“I’d have to live under a rock for me not to know about him, especially since he made a big name for himself in the medical field and I’m pretty much working in that field too. Why?“

The gaunt hero shuffles around nervously.

“He... He recently made me drink some kind of medicine. Since then I actually feel much better! He told me that it gives me 30 minutes more time in my hero form for today and that it prevents bloody coughing fits until tomorrow morning.“

The heroine spins around abruptly, disbelief apparent.

“He did what?!“

Toshinori is taken aback by that sudden reaction.

“Like I said, he gave me medicine-“

“Not that part! What does the medicine do again?!“

“It both temorarily increases my time limit and prevents bloody coughing fits.“

The old woman averts her gaze, a contemplative expression falling over her face.

“There were rumors about Dr. Midoriya doing researches on his own without ever publicating his results. They say that his works have valuable information, but I never believed them. However, if what you tell me is true... Seriously, where modern medicine fails you for years, that boy only needs one year to give you temporary relief.“

Toshinori wrings his hands nervously.

“Do you think I should approach him about my health condition? I mean, for some reason he already knows about it...“

The heroine can only chuckle at that.

“I should have expected that, after all I’m the one who gave his quirk its name.“

Blue eyes widen in surprise.

“Really? What does his quirk do?“

“He can see and interpret the behaviour of particles. To make it short: He can see everything. He can see All Might’s confident smile, but also his hidden fears and injuries.“

Said hero pales, understanding dawning on him.

“He didn’t lie when he said that he knew about my health issue since the beginning.“

Recovery Girl shakes her head sadly.

“No, he didn’t. However, don’t worry. That boy... If he’s still the same as back then, he won’t tell anyone about your condition. He’s such a bleeding heart, just like you, Toshinori.“

“Why are you so sure?“

“Do you know the first question he asked me?“

The blond man shakes his head.

“Let me repeat his words: ‘If heroes save us, who saves the heroes?‘“

The veteran hero gapes, clearly surprised.

“Always since his quirk manifested, he’s been able to see the pain of other people. I think he became a doctor to help those, especially heroes.“

Silence settles around them, both deep in their own thoughts.

“Chiyo... Do you think that he can help me?“

“What do you mean?“

“I mean... fixing-“

The gaunt man gestures at his whole body.


The school doctor narrows her eyes.

“You know what? I think it’s worth a try. Dr. Midoriya got the titel ‘miracle worker‘, because he did feats we can only dream of achieving with our current knowledge. Maybe he can give you back your missing parts and if not, maybe after some research. From what I heard of him, he won’t need decades to figure out a solution, unlike other scientists.“


For some reason, Izuku isn’t surprised to see a gaunt and clearly undernourished man enter his clinic.

“Yagi Toshinori, I assume? Welcome to my clinic! Consultation hours are in half an hour, so I kindly ask you to wait until then, alright? You can make an appointment at the reception. If I remember correctly, there should be a slot left today.“

“A-Ah, yes.“

Dumbfounded by the unusual greeting, Toshinori can only watch with wide eyes as the kindly smiling boy vanishes in one of his many offices. The veteran hero approaches the reception, makes an appointment like the young doctor asked him to and goes to the waiting room. The blond adult watches as patients go in and out, some nervous, some happy and soon the man’s name is called.

“Mr. Yagi, please go to room X.“


“Please take a seat.“

Izuku closes the door and sits down behind his desk. Green eyes look over the blond man, seeing the nervousness on his patient’s face.

“Don’t worry, this room is completely soundproof. What does the No.1 hero need from a young teen like me?“

Toshinori straightens his back, more alert after having his identity exposed.

“H-How do you know?“

The freckled doctor sighs.

“I know that Recovery Girl told you about my quirk. I can literally read a human’s brain like a book.“

The veteran hero’s eyes widen.

“You came here in hope of me being able to fix you, right? I’m sorry, but I’m unable to do that.“

Izuku can metaphorically see the hero’s heart shatter.

“Fortunately for you, my current research revolves about growing and reattaching body parts, so it won’t be long until I have a solution for your predicament. I recommend coming back at a later time since I can only give temporary relief at the moment, not permament.“

Toshinori nods with renewed hope.

“I suppose that I can make more of the medicine I gave you in the past. That medicine is especially designed for your body, therefore I need to take some blood samples and a few strands of hair from you. Are you okay with that?“

Another nod.

“Alright, please follow me.“


“There are stronger and weaker ones. However, unlike last time, I put the medicine in pills, so that you can always carry them with you. The stronger pills give you six more hours and prevent bloody coughing fits for a week. However, you should wait a week before taking any more pills. The weaker ones give you a boost of an hour and relieve you of coughing fits for a day. You should wait a day before taking more. If you choose to ignore my instructions, you’ll find yourself sooner on my operating table than you might think. I also recommend to only take them when your body is at its limit and you need to get out of a tight spot. Also, you can come to me anytime if your supplies run out.“

Toshinori suppresses a nervous shudder.

“Also, considering your position as a future teacher at UA-“

The veteran hero chooses not to mention the fact that the young doctor shouldn’t know about his new job.

“-I’d greatly appreciate it, if I could get a pass for emergencies. I know that Recovery Girl is there, but as your doctor who supplies you with your medications, I’d like to prevent the scenario where I have to go through paper work, while you die in the school infirmary.“

“I... I’ll talk to the principal.“

“I’ll inform you if there is a way to permanently fix your body. Until then, use the pills as you see fit with my instructions in mind.“

“Alright. Thank you, Dr. Midoriya.“

“No need to thank me. Just do me the favour of looking more after yourself and not brushing my advices aside like Recovery Girl‘s.“

Toshinori has nothing to add to that. Izuku reaches out for a handshake and the blond man grasps the smaller hand with his bigger one.

“It was nice to meet you, Mr. Yagi! I wish you a nice and healthy day!“

“I-It was nice to meet too, Dr. Midoriya.“



Toshinori watches the unidentifiable animal as UA’s principal contemplates something.

“All Might, don’t you think that Dr. Midoriya would be a valuable addition to our staff?“

The gaunt adult can only blink in confusion.

“Doesn’t UA follow the policy of only hiring heroes?“

Just like the hero expected, the principal already has an answer to that problem.

“We could agree on a cooperation! His keen eyes will help us greatly!“


Some days later, Izuku checks his mail and while he takes them out, he already reads the contents.

‘Compliments, complaints, bills, friends... a UA invitation?‘

Chapter Text

“Good afternoon! I am Principal Nedzu, head of UA. How can I help you?“

“Greetings, principal. I am Dr. Midoriya and I recently got a letter from your school which states that I should call you as soon as possible to agree on an appointment. I hope you don’t mind me asking what reason exactly gave me the honor to be called to your prestigious school?“

“It is good to hear from you so soon, doctor! A certain soon-to-be teacher became your patient recently, yes?“

“I believe I know who you are hinting at.“

“Good! They relayed your wish for unhindered entry in case of emergency.“

“I suppose that you wish to meet me to discuss the conditions?“

“In this case I personally prefer the term ‘suggestions‘, but yes, that is the exact reason why I wish to meet you.“

“I hope Sunday at 9 o’clock is all right with you? We will meet at UA, of course.“

“I personally have nothing to say against that time, but is it all right with you, doctor? I don’t want to impose, but isn’t Sunday supposed to be your day of rest?“

“Saturday will be enough this time and besides, a doctor should ensure his patient’s health.“

“I suppose we will meet on Sunday at nine then?“

“Seems like it.“

“All right, your visitor pass should arrive in a few days.“

“Thank you, principal.“

“The pleasure is all mine, Dr. Midoriya! Thank you for taking care of my future staff member!“

“There is no need to thank me. After all, I devoted my life to the health of my patients.“

After the call, the days come and go without anything noteworthy happening. Midoriya tends to his patients and UA teaches its students. Soon Sunday knocks on the door.


During his way to UA, Izuku notices that he is being followed, again. The number of such instances increases steadily and it worries the young doctor. He takes a peek inside his pursuer’s mind and definitely doesn’t like what he sees.

Izuku quickly dives into a crowd of people and shakes off the unknown person with (unfortunately) practiced ease. He should hurry up and reach UA fast.

‘Maybe I should take my training to a new level. I’d prefer to stay out of trouble.‘


“Good morning, Dr. Midoriya.“

“Good morning, Mr. Yagi.“

The young teen woke up early to prevent arriving late, but he didn’t expect to meet the very person who caused this whole ordeal for him. Not that he doesn’t want to go to UA, quite the opposite, but the sight of the No.1 hero came unexpected.

“What gives me the pleasure of meeting you outside my office once more?“

Toshinori slouches down slightly and rubs his neck with a hand nervously.

“I heard from the principal that you are supposed to come now and... since the school is the kind of building where a person can get lost easily, the principal suggested that I should show you the right way.“

Izuku chuckles at the hero’s antics. Who would have thought that their greatest hero has such difficulty with social interactions? This new, hidden side of the man is kinda cute, but on a second thought, it also has a weak sense of sadness... No, no. Now is not the time to overanalyse the blond adult’s personality. Izuku files the observation away to the back of his mind.

“I really appreciate the thought, but I hope you do remember my quirk?“

It takes a few moments for Toshinori to realise the implications and when they sink in, his sunken cheeks change into a lovely rosey shade, his blue eyes wide with embarrassment. How can he look so cute-?!

“I-I see. I suppose it would be quite hard to get truly lost with a quirk like yours.“

Izuku feels really apologetic for unintentionally putting the older male on the spot like that.

‘He doesn’t deserve that. What kind of doctor am I?‘

“Like I said, I appreciate your good intentions. If it makes you feel any better, you can still lead the way to the principal’s office. It saves me the effort of mapping the school for now.“

Toshinori visibly lightens up at that, clearly thankful that the young doctor cut this uncomfortable situation short.

“Right. Please, follow me.“


Not long after that, Izuku is warmly welcomed by the unidentifiable creature Nedzu that is the school’s principal. Inside the principal’s office, firstly Toshinori is shooed away, so that the other two individuals can talk about the issue in peace. Secondly, Izuku and Nedzu sit down facing each other on soft couches, only a small coffee table between them. Thirdly, Nedzu gives his guest a cup of tea like, in his opinion, every good host should.

“I am truly delighted that you could clear some time for me! So soon even!“

“Everything for my patients, especially this particular one.“

“I see that you already understand the importance of All Might’s health.“

“Of course I do. I always did.“

“Then I hope that you understand my wish for you to stay close to him.“

Izuku is in the middle of calmly sipping his warm beverage when Nedzu drops his last sentence. The young doctor takes a long, considering glance at his conversational partner before responding. This conversation is heading in a direction Izuku clearly didn’t expect, but he isn’t opposed to the principal’s idea either.

“As long as my other patients can still come to me and my mother can live there together with me, I have no reason to reject your offer.“

Now it’s Nedzu’s turn to stare for a few moments, but unlike Izuku who did it intentionally, the principal stares in confusion and shock.

“Ah, sorry. That came out of nowhere, right? I already know everything about your proposal. I also know that Recovery Girl informed you about my quirk, so am I right to assume that you understand?“

Only when Izuku mentions ‘Natural Genius‘ does everything click together for the school principal.

“I see! Just like I suspected, your quirk is truly useful!“

Nedzu takes a long sip from his tea to sort his thoughts again, his guest’s quirk already disrupting his carefully planned conversation.

“That makes everything easier! However, just to make sure, I would like to explain it anyway!“

“Go ahead, principal.“

“So, in our cooperation, you will move your clinic to a building we will build for you at the edge of UA grounds. Of course, your preferences and wishes will be respected, that also includes a small apartment in a private corner! Also, your patients won’t need a pass to enter your new clinic, since our wall will continue behind the building! Additionally, we will supply you with everything you need!“

“And in turn I am supposed to offer my services for free for UA’s staff and students, in case Recovery Girl cannot fully treat them. You also won’t ask for the results of my researches. Like I already said, I agree to your conditions. Then again, I believe that it would be easier to trust you if you stopped hiding your true intentions, principal, considering that you are the first to utter the wish for this cooperation.“

The young doctor leans forward to place his empty cup on the coffee table, the shadows casting his face in an eerie light.

“Then again, I do appreciate your dedication when it comes to my and All Might’s protection.“

Nedzu stiffens the slightest bit only, but nothing escapes those sharp, green pupils.

“It would be such a waste-, no, it would be devastating if my quirk, knowledge and talent were to fall into the hands of villains, right? Who knows what I am capable of when there are no morals or rules holding me back?“

The young doctor sits up straight, hands neatly folded on his lap.

“I will be perfectly honest now. I have been targeted by villains before, the latest instance being my earlier way to this school and the incidents are getting more frequent. To be honest, I fear for my mother’s safety.“

Izuku notices how the principal grows even more quiet, not even moving his cup of tea anymore.

“Fortunately, my chemicals, the police and the heroes were enough until now, but self-defense can only keep me safe to a certain degree.“

The freckled teen sighs in exhaustion, a worried and sad expression clouding his face.

“Believe me when I say that I know about the dangers of power and fame. Unfortunately, those two things make a person a bigger target for corruption and manipulation.“

Suddenly the young boy changes back to his friendly doctor facade.

“I hope that you don’t mind if I specify my preferences for the new clinic in a letter later! Now about my pass for emergencies...“


Izuku will be treated like a staff member because of the cooperation between him and UA, thus he also will receive some kind of staff member license. The young doctor will move to his new clinic in about a month which gives him enough time to inform all of the important patients about his change of locations.

‘If I had followed the actual education program, I would have started High School by the time my new clinic opens, huh? I wonder if anyone from my kindergarten or Elementary School group managed to get into UA...?‘

Chapter Text


When Izuku tells his mother about his successful deal with UA, Inko’s first reaction is to cry tears of joy. Her overflowing happiness has the potential to quite literally flood their apartment. In an attempt to calm the emotional woman, Izuku hugs his mother close to him. After the tension ebbs away, Inko gently separates them again. She looks at her son with proud, loving eyes.

“I’m so proud of you, Izuku!“


The Midoriyas move to their new home and during the ceremony on the first school day, the cooperation between UA and Izuku is officially revealed.

Seeing such a young face close to their own age, a lot of students ask all kind of questions. However, their curiosity is soon halted by the quick realisation that this young doctor is to be treated like all authoritative figures, in other words with respect.

Izuku is supposed to spend most of his time with work or his colleagues, in his clinic or in UA,  focusing on his patients only and thus limiting his interactions with students to the few occasions where Recovery Girl’s skills aren’t enough.

Then again, plans can always change.


“Teaching really doesn’t come naturally to you, All Might.“

Izuku watches the hero’s nervous trudging in the teachers lounge with slight amusement. The blond adult flushes red, clearly embarrassed by having the fact said out loud. Toshinori slouches even more and turns his face away, obviously trying to shrink and hide a little.

“You know, back then when I travelled across many countries for my studies, I gave a lot of lessons. If you are all right with it, I can accompany you whenever I have the time.“

The gaunt adult perks up at that offer, blue eyes wide with hope reflecting from them.

“Really?! I don’t want to impose, but it would be very helpful to have an experienced colleague by my side!“

After hearing the hero’s response, Izuku smiles, not his professional doctor smile, but a genuine one.

Toshinori is stunned. The young, ominous doctor with his knowing eyes looks so... normal, casual, just like your average teen. The adult can’t help but feel relaxed. Without the looming doctor-patient tension over them, their interaction is a lot more friendly, welcoming, warm. The corners of Toshinori’s mouth move up, grinning in response to his conversational partner’s smile.

“We newcomers have to hold together, right, Mr. Yagi?“

The tension leaves the hero’s gaunt body, showing quite obviously that the man feels a lot more comfortable now.

“I guess you’re right! Also, please don’t call me ‘Mr.‘ outside work, I’m not really fond of all the tiring formalities.“

“To be honest, neither am I. Yagi it is then. You can call me Midoriya, no need for my title.“

Not too long after that short conversation, the two males focus their attention back on their paperwork. The teachers lounge has no other people besides them since the other teachers are all busy with their new or old students right now. All Might can only teach Foundational Hero Studies to class 1-A because of his time limit and inexperience, so the blond hero has no work currently since his first lesson is scheduled to be tomorrow.

Toshinori’s paperwork mostly includes lesson plans while Izuku‘s mostly consisted of equipment orders and applications. The young doctor’s former small clinic turned into a new hospital and such a huge workplace needs an adequate amount of skilled workers. The freckled teen plans on focusing on his clinic’s paperwork and letting the other doctors deal with the patients. The miracle worker will only tend to a patient if his doctor colleagues are unable to treat them. That way Izuku has a lot more free time for himself and for patients who actually need him the most.

When the green-haired boy finally finishes his workload for the day, his emerald pupils catch his tall colleague struggling with the papers. Toshinori is slouching over his desk, one hand holding a pen over the papers while the other is buried in his messy hair. Izuku closes the distance between them and looks at the papers from behind the taller male, only to chuckle at the many attempts at making a decent lesson.

“I can give you a few pointers, if it helps you.“

Blood spills from Toshinori’s mouth, Izuku’s sudden presence startling him. Izuku watches as the gaunt adult clenches his hand over his heart to calm down and wipes the blood from the corner of his mouth.

“You surprised me!“

The young doctor can only laugh at the hero’s exaggerated reaction.

“Sorry! I didn’t think that you were that focused!“

When the young teen calms down, he addresses the actual issue again.

“Anyway, I think that you should change that part here. It shouldn’t be too hard for the No.1 hero to remember a few lines, right? You won’t need a note for everything.“

They start discussing Toshinori’s lesson plan. Okay, maybe it’s just Izuku criticising the many obvious mistakes the hero somehow manages to overlook.

“This here too. Seriously... Besides, did you already plan how to introduce yourself? It’s important that the students have at least some kind of respect for you. Then again, your status as the No.1 hero probably covers that already. However, you have to make sure that they don’t start losing that respect or else...“


After all the classes are dismissed, the teachers arriving at the teachers lounge are greeted by the sight of their two newest additions talking animatedly over the blond hero’s desk.

“... Really, I think I have to accompany you tomorrow or else you’ll probably do something you’ll regret later on.“

Toshinori fumbles with his fingers nervously.


Izuku can only sigh in exhaustion.

The two males currently are in their own bubble, not noticing their new colleagues watching their antics from a distance. The young doctor straightens his back and feels his spine pop into place. He probably leaned on the table for too long and the blond hero apologises for not noticing sooner.

When Izuku turns around, he freezes upon seeing so many pro heroes in the same room as him.

“Oh my goodness, so many pro heroes! There’s Eraserhead, Present Mic, Midnight, Power Loader, Vlad King...“

The mentioned heroes can only stare in astonishment as their youngest addition lists their hero names without any problems. After Izuku names the last one, he blinks once like he realises something and turns to get his hero notes. Then he closes the distance between him and his new colleagues to start introducing himself.

“Good afternoon! I’m Midoriya Izuku, not a pro hero like you, but a very capable doctor!“

Izuku takes his time to chat with every single hero and asks them for their autographs at the end of their conversation. He smiles sheepishly, clearly embarrassed.

“Sorry, I’m a very big fan of heroes...“

After the young teen spoke to every single staff memeber, he focuses his attention back to Toshinori, a realisation entering his mind.

“Ah, we know each other for so long already, but I always forgot because of the circumstances! Do you mind giving me your autograph, Yagi?“

Said hero can only smile gently at the shy way the freckled teen asks him.

“Of course, Midoriya!“

The face Izuku makes after collecting all of his new colleagues‘ signatures changes the young teen’s image completely. He looks like an excited child who is happy to have met his idols. The pure happiness and innocence radiating from the young boy manages to make every pro hero smile in the room. Having such a bright, but reserved personality in their ranks is a nice and welcomed change.


After Izuku goes home to his new clinic, the pro heroes voice the thoughts they didn’t dare saying in the young doctor‘s presence.

“He looked so happy speaking to us“, All Might states in a fond voice.

“Well, even if he is a renown person, he is still a child!“, Midnight adds in a playful tone.

“Don’t dote on him too much. He may be a young teenager, but he’s still supposed to be our colleague“, Eraserhead, aka Aizawa, cuts in with his deadpan voice.

“Aw, don’t be like that Shota! Did you see how cute he was while fanboying over us?!“, Present Mic exclaimes in his usual loud volume. The black-haired teacher doesn’t reply.

“For a kid who supposedly focused on medicine, he knows an awful lot about the support department. I’d actually like to talk to him again, you know? He has a few very interesting ideas“, Power Loader admits.

“Did you know that he would make an excellent teacher as well?“, All Might asks.

The eyes from all pro heroes in the room focus on the gaunt man.

“Well, he helped me with my lesson plans earlier...“, the No.1 hero explains.

“Really now?“, Aizawa says.

“He told me that he gave quite a few lessons abroad“, Toshinori clarifies.

“Let me sum it up. Midoriya is an excellent doctor, knowledgeable about machines and a good teacher? What else?“, the perma-tired man states.

The pro heroes of UA are sure that their youngest addition won’t be a disappointment.

Chapter Text

‘They should come soon.‘

Izuku is waiting at the training grounds for All Might and his class to show up.

‘Class 1-A, right? I think that was Aizawa’s class... They weren’t at the ceremony yesterday, were they?‘

“Ah, Midoriya! I see that you are already waiting for us!“

A loud, booming voice cuts through the young doctor’s thoughts. Izuku smiles, turning his gaze to the person addressing him. The teen already knows who called out for him since only one person can have that unique voice.

“Good afternoon, All Might! I see that your students are here as well.“

Izuku can hear the students speculating about who he is and why he’s here.

“Greetings, class! Since I know that Aizawa didn’t let you participate in the ceremony yesterday, I will introduce myself now. I am Dr. Midoriya and through a cooperation with UA, my clinic will be on UA grounds. The only detail in the cooperation that concerns you students is that you will be treated by me in case Recovery Girl’s skills aren’t enough. Any questions?“

The young doctor’s eyes scan the equally young crowd in front of him and a familiar face catches his attention. He considers delaying the conversation, but the ashblond teen doesn’t seem to care.

“It has been a long time since we last saw each other, right? How have you been Kacchan?“

Katsuki scowls, but it doesn’t hide the respect the blond has for his successful aquaintance.

“Seems like you did good on your words. Getting into UA is not easy for the average teen! I am quite excited to see the progress you made in the roughly ten years we were apart!“

Izuku smiles gently before addressing the whole class once more.

“Does someone else have something on their mind?“

Asui raises her hand.

“Asui Tsuyu, I think you prefer to be called Tsuyu, right? How can I help you?“

Surprised that the young doctor knows her preferences, Tsuyu smiles, even if it‘s hard to see because of her stoic face.

“Is there a reason why you are here with us today?“

“That actually is a good way to finally start the lesson now! You see, All Might here is fairly new on the teaching scene and since I already have experience with giving lessons, I volunteered to give our hero a hand! Now, I believe that it is time for me to give the attention back to your actual teacher.“

All Might nervously clears his throat behind a gently clenched fist.

“Now that we have that out of the way, let’s start with our battle training!“

The battle training consists of groups with two students, facing each other indoors in a two vs. two.

Considering that the Entrance Exam favours battle ideal quirks for the heroics course, it certainly isn’t rare for the building to shake, freeze, etc..

Anyway, the point is that the environment isn’t exactly save for civilians. Whenever something happens, like Bakugou’s explosions causing debris to rain down or Todoroki’s ice to cool down the whole building, All Might makes sure to hold Izuku close to him. Said teen does his best to hide his blush everytime he feels those big hands on his body. Thank god for the hero’s big body and his big cape or else the students might see the young doctor leaning into All Might’s protective embrace. Now that he thinks about it, hopefully the tall blond doesn’t notice the freckled teen’s actions either, but Izuku doesn’t dare to look at the hero’s face. He chooses to focus on the screens and the students‘ battles despite the very big distraction trapping his small body.

‘Don’t stretch this moment into something more than it actually is, Izuku. Yagi only does this because you’re a defenceless civilian. Pay attention to the students!‘

Izuku knows that his affection for All Might isn’t a simple crush. He knows that he loves the hero for a long time now. However, he is convinced that his feelings won’t be returned anyway. He’s just... too young, well at least physically. He’s a minor after all, even if that doesn’t apply to his mind at all. His quirk may be very impressive and useful, but it also demands a high price. All Might is a man with strong morals, so the freckled teen concludes that he doesn’t have a chance anyway.

During the fights, both Izuku and All Might tell their observations to each other which thankfully distracts Izuku from the older man’s touch. After each fight, the hero takes his time to discuss them with his students. However, Yaoyorozu always nails everything the tall blond can offer as advice, so Izuku jumps in everytime to save the man’s face.

“Iida, I agree with All Might. It isn’t wrong to follow the rules, but you don’t have to be too strict about them either. Not everything will always be black or white, even the law can be gray or morally wrong sometimes.“

“Bakugou, you should pay more attention to the people around you. Heroes aren’t mindless fighters, but models for the young and saviors for the helpless. If you continue firing off your explosions recklessly, it won‘t be long until you have your hero license removed. I don’t want you to dirty your hands with innocent blood later on.“

“You too, Ashido. It isn’t exactly wrong to have a positive attitude, but acid can cause serious harm and a lot of pain. Imagine your acid not landing on a cape, but on someone’s eyes. I can’t safely regrow and replace organs yet, you know?“

The last comment actually earnes him a few stares, some filled with awe and some filled with shock because of the implication.

“Aoyama, a hero must be careful about their appearance since it affects their image, but it shouldn’t be your top priority in a serious battle. When it is about life or death, you can’t expect to be elegant at all times.“

“Uraraka, I know that this is school, but please take the lessons a little bit more serious. The way you carelessly exposed yourself... In a real battle, it could have lead to the death of you or your comrades, maybe even innocent civilians.“

They are still evaluating the last battle when Izuku’s phone suddely rings. Some students snicker, a few roll their eyes and others frown at the seemingly unprofessional mistake. However, Midoriya’s serious and hardened expression after glancing at the screen makes the students grow quiet. The green-haired teen accepts the call.

“What’s the emergency?“

At the word “emergency“ the attention of the whole room shifts to the young doctor.

“Open the emergency box in their room and inject them with syringe number XX, XX and XX. Take them to room XX and prepare the necessary tools. Don’t let them die, make sure that they get enough oxygen. I’ll be there as fast as I can.“

Izuku pockets his phone after ending the call and quickly straightens his white coat.

“I am truly sorry for leaving so soon, but unfortunately something urgent came up. Please carry on, All Might.“

Before the young doctor can storm out in a hurry, the pro hero stops him with a hand on his shoulder.

“I can help you. It will be a lot faster if I jump.“

“No, we already wasted enough time. You should use the time you have left to end the lesson properly.“

The tall blond flinches. The emphasis on “time“ clearly tells All Might that his doctor knows about his fast approaching limit.

“All right.“

The blond adult lets go and Midoriya leaves. All Might calms down the students before resuming the lesson and ending it in a hurry.


After the lessons, the teachers gather in the teachers lounge once more. All Might is the first to arrive. The hero clutches his chest, wheezing and trying to compensate for his sudden departure earlier.

‘That was close...‘

Toshinori looks around, searching for curly, green hair, but he is soon disappointed by the fact that no one else is here with him. He thinks back to the serious expression Midoriya made at the nearing end of the lesson.

‘Of course he can’t be back yet. I hope everything is alright...‘

The renown hero quickly changes back to his civilian clothes and starts writing down his observations about his students. Then again, it doesn’t take long for the gaunt man to run out of words and advices.

‘If only Midoriya is here... I’d really appreciate his input right now...‘

Not long after that, the other teachers join him in the room, giving him reasons not to focus on his notes. He’ll discuss the results and his next lesson plans with Midoriya later.

“Aizawa, I must say that your class is quite talented! I can see why you didn’t expel any students yet!“

The undeground hero only hums before slipping into his sleeping bag and falling onto a couch to take a nap.

“Their potential isn’t zero. That’s all.“

Since Aizawa obviously doesn’t want to participate in the conversation any further, Toshinori turns his attention to his other colleagues.

Present Mic borderline shouts how it never gets old to see new first years‘ reactions to receiving normal High School lessons like English in UA. Cementoss seems to agree, maybe because he teaches Modern Literature. Midnight gets excited about the “youthful energy“ of the new students in general and Toshinori takes his time to throw in some of his expectations as a newbie teacher.

They laugh and joke about the experiences in their work life, about both their hero and teacher job.

Unfortunately, that peaceful moment is soon interrupted by a certain young doctor walking into the room with a lot of blood covering the previously pristine white coat. The teachers can only stare in shock. Midoriya looks like he just walked out of a bloody massacre. The young boy’s face obviously shows his discomfort, already knowing how he must appear in the eyes of people without context.

“Ah, sorry that you have to see this. I already took a shower, but forgot my spare coat here.“

Toshinori is the first to spring into action, rushing over to the youngest faculty member and fumbling around with his big hands since he doesn’t know what to do.

“Midoriya! What happened?!“

The mentioned teen holds his hands in front of him in a slightly protective manner, nervousness filling his entire being since he isn’t sure if he is even allowed to explain the situation. You know, he’s a doctor with duties and laws like... doctor-patient confidentiality.

“Y-You remember the emergency call earlier during your lesson, right?“

The blond man nods.

“The blood is related to a patient‘s... special treatment. I can’t reveal more than that, because, you know, doctor-patient confidentiality. Very useful and important for heroes and the likes and since you all are heroes yourselves I thought that maybe you’d understand my situation better if I approached the issue from that angle... I’m rambling, right? Long story short, you should get used to such instances soon since many of my patients need... unusual and special treatments.“

The teachers are still worried, but they are reasonable enough not to fight against the law.

“Speaking about treatments... Yagi, can I have a minute with you? I’ll quickly grab my coat and sleeping pills and after that we can move to another room for more privacy.“

Toshinori blinks a few times, a little puzzled by the sudden change in topic. Sleeping pills?

“Ah, sure.“


“So, I didn’t suggest this before since I didn’t have the treatment methods yet and it seemed inconvenient anyway, but now that we spend so much time together... I would like to check you regularly.“

The tall blond nods, if slighty confused.

“I don’t have anything against it, but I don’t really see how this could help my condition.“

“You see, I might not be able to fix your body at the moment, but I can prevent your health from declining.“

Toshinori takes a few seconds to ponder the young doctor‘s words before his eyes widen in disbelief.

“You mean...!“

“Yes, I can keep your time limit from decreasing further.“

“That’s... That’s... wonderful! I can’t thank you enough! You probably can’t imagine how much this means to me!“

“Anything for my patients. We can have the first checkup now if you are interested, but we should set a time so that we can do this weekly. Do you have any preferences? Since it’s you, I wouldn’t mind doing this on weekends too.“

‘Since... it’s me?‘, Toshinori notes, ‘I’m probably a special case too, huh. Then what about others? Well, it’s not my place to ask.‘

“Well, I don’t really have such a busy schedule anymore since I became a teacher, so finding a set time shouldn’t be a problem.“

“If that’s the case, how about Friday after school? That way you can recover over the weekend in case I need to do something. Of course we can always make exceptions and move it to another time temporarily, as long as I can take a look at you once a week. You can also visit me more often if you feel the need.“

“That should be fine, I guess. Does your offer for today still stand though?“

Izuku takes a few moments to run the entire conversation through his mind once more until he remembers said offer.

“You mean the checkup? Sure. We can go now if you want. However, now I’m curious. Why the rush?“

Toshinori avoids the teen’s eyes, expression clouded with a lightly depressing shine.

“My time limit has been declining steadily ever since... that and I’d like to keep my three remaining hours...“

Izuku’s eyes widen. He feels like slapping himself.

‘Of course. Scientific and medical breakthroughs are normal for me, but I guess for others they are like miracles. What appears to be impossible in the public eye can become something natural for me quite fast.‘

“S-Sorry! If I’d known this, I’d have offered this since the beginning!“

Toshinori casts a questioning glance at his doctor.

“Since the beginning...?“

“We should talk in my clinic. Let’s go.“

Chapter Text

Inside one of the offices in Izuku’s clinic, the young teen leads his patient to a few workout equipments.

“So, Yagi. I’d like to make a few physical tests first. Can you please take off your clothes? You can still wear your underwear.“

Toshinori fidgets around nervously.

“C-Can I ask why I need to take off my clothes?“

“My quirk is based on sight. The less obstacles there are, the better I can spot problems.“

The hero seems to understand the young doctor‘s reasoning, but still hesitates and tugs at the edge of his shirt nervously. Izuku watches his patient fidgeting around for a bit before sighing and closing the distance between them. In a very slow motion that leaves Toshinori more than enough time to push Izuku away in case the situation becomes too uncomfortable, the freckled boy gently places his hand over the man’s scar. When the blond man feels the touch, he flinches slightly.

“I know that you aren’t fond of showing this to other people. That’s why I didn’t inform you of the possibility of keeping your time limit from decreasing further. Back then, the surgeries would have left even more scars and I didn’t want to add more. Now I can do it without leaving marks behind. As you can probably guess already, repeated surgeries can keep your time limit from declining further.“

Izuku leads Toshinori away from the equipments to a small coffee table with two small couches. The hero sits down and the young doctor brings tea for both of them before sitting on the other couch. There is no point in the checkup when Toshinori doesn’t trust him enough to let him help.



“As a doctor I can help you with the problems you want solved which currently means fixing your physical condition. However, as a concerned colleague, I am worried about your mental well-being.“

Izuku pauses there to give Toshinori a few moments to short his thoughts.

“You can talk to me, you know? Be it your current problems, fears, memories... I’ll always be here to listen to you.“

The gaunt hero stares at his doctor for a moment with wide eyes.

“I can only do so much when my patient doesn’t trust me. If you don’t feel ready yet, we can postpone the weekly checkups for now.“


There is desperation and urgency in Toshinori’s voice, the longing for a healthy body, the need to help and save people. Now it’s too late already, but the hero still takes a moment to compose himself again. He thinks of  ways to approach the issue. Hands between his legs and back slumping down even further, the gaunt blond sighs in defeat.

“How much do you know about me?“

“If I actually put some effort into it, I can figure out literally everything.“

Toshinori raises an eyebrow at that.

“What do you mean?“

“I didn’t tell anyone before, but since it’s you, I guess it should be fine. You know the importance of secrets, right?“

“... Yes.“

The hero isn’t sure what he got himself into.

“All right. My quirk lets me see and interpret the movements of particles. You can also say that I know every natural rule, even ones other scientists didn’t discover yet and may never discover. Because of that, I can recreate past events with calculation alone and maybe even predict the future.“

Toshinori’s eyes are wide with shock, his mouth open in disbelief.

“I already took a glimpse at your fight with him, but not more than that. I have to respect my patient’s privacy to some extent, right?“

“You really are a dangerous and powerful individual.“

It slips past the hero’s teeth without him noticing, but when he does, he is mortified. Izuku only laughs at that comment.

“I know! That’s why I keep my abilities a secret, just like you. I hope I can count on you not to reveal this to the public.“

The young teen looks at the blond adult knowingly while said man can only stare back. That’s right. Both of them hide the truth of their quirks for various reasons. Toshinori smiles. Seems like he isn’t alone in this.

“Don’t worry, Midoriya. Just like you already said, I know the importance of some secrets.“

The hero shakes his head lightly, clearing his head.

“Anyway, about All for One and One for All...“


Toshinori tells Izuku about the history behind One for All and its relation to the villain All for One, even how his mentor Nana died at the hands of the evil man. The young teen listens silently, face carefully void of any emotions. He watches as many emotions cross the man’s own face.

Anger at All for One.

Sadness and desperation at Nana’s death.

Disappointment in himself.

After Toshinori finishes, the two sit there in silence. Izuku isn’t surprised since he knows everything already. He lied about it since it’s important that Toshinori reveals everything to him of his own free will.

“I’m very happy that you seem comfortable enough to reveal your past to me, Yagi, but you already told this story to other people.“

The hero stares at the young teen for a moment before frowning.

“You knew everything already, didn’t you?“

Izuku only laughs.

“Sorry, but it was important that you told me everything with your own free will. However, I really don’t know more than that. I hope you’ll be willing to tell me more in the future.“

The young doctor motions his patient to follow him back to the workout equipments.

“Are you comfortable enough now to do the physical tests?“

“... I think so.“

One glance tells Izuku that Toshinori lies. The teen moves closer once more and places his hand on the scar again.

“I know that you don’t associate this scar of yours with positive things. It’s a permanent mark that will follow you till death, that shows how you failed everyone, how you let yourself get seriously hurt. You can’t do your hero job full time anymore and because of that even more people will get hurt.“

Izuku starts gently caressing the scar with his thumb, making the adult shiver lightly. Toshinori normally isn’t touched in such a... casual?... manner, usually only paramedics and doctors touch him when he overdid it as All Might and needs treatment.

“You know, I like the scar. Don’t understand me wrong here, of course it would be better if you didn’t have it to begin with, but since you already have it, you need to see the good things. For me, it’s prove that you managed to beat All for One, that you ended the century old war between the villain and the holders of One for All. You may have to retire sooner now, but you can’t be depressed about it. You are only human too, Yagi. Sooner or later you will have to leave the hero business and step down as the pillar of society, as the Symbol of Peace anyway. You shouldn’t spend your time dwelling on what could have been, but about what you can and should do.“

The freckled teen takes a step back.

“For example, you could work on getting healthy again. Feeling more comfortable now?“

Toshinori nods and slowly takes off his clothes besides his underwear. A bad move for the young teen since the freckled doctor didn’t really seem to consider the effect the sight might have on him. Izuku is sure that he’s going to die because of either cardiac arrest or high blood pressure.

‘Keep your composure, Izuku. This is all for Yagi’s sake!‘

The young teen clears his throat.

“So, Yagi. For today, I ask you to casually exercise with the given equipment. I’ll watch you the whole time to see how your body works and reacts in the given situation.“

“Isn’t that basically stalking me while I work out?“

Izuku’s cheeks turn a dark shade of red.

“You can phrase it like that, but since it’s for a good cause, I wouldn’t say it in such an... inapropriate way.“

Toshinori chuckles at the teen’s reaction.

“Yes, yes, doc.“


At first the gaunt man isn’t sure what to do. Maybe start with something easy? He picks up a small hand weight and looks at Izuku in a questioning way. The young doctor nods encouragingly. Huh.

This continues on for a while, Toshinori spending some time using an equipment before moving to another. Izuku mentioned once that he shouldn’t exhaust himself in this physical test since the freckled teen only wants to see how his body works in its current condition.

At first Toshinori is quite embarrassed by the whole situation, but seeing Izuku’s serious expression while watching him and taking notes, helps the man realise that this isn’t anything personal.

Sometimes Izuku would ask the man to do something specific because something seems to have picked his attention, but that only happens rarely.

In the end the teen hands his patient a towel to dry off before taking a few samples from the man’s blood, etc.. At the end, Toshinori puts on his clothes again.

“We’re nearly done, Yagi. I just need to check one last thing.“

Izuku stares at his patient seriously, before smiling gently. Toshinori looks at him questioningly.

“I love you.“

At first the adult can only widen his sunken eyes while staring at the... the teen in front of him. It doesn’t sound like a celebrity crush, the... the boy’s voice is so... honest.

Toshinori can feel the blood running up his esophagus the moment his... young doctor said the last words. Izuku laughs, trying to play down and hide his reddened cheeks.

“Sorry, sorry! I needed to observe the process of your body doing... that to figure out something. Don’t take my last statement seriously!“

The clarification at least helps the gaunt man to calm down and he stares at the young teen in disbelief.

“From what I saw until now, you tend to cough up blood when you are surprised or overdoing it physically. I just went with the former option. Surprised?“

“Surprise is an understatement. I was shocked.“

However, what shocked him the most was how he didn’t reject the fake confession immediately.

Izuku writes something down before turning his back to the hero to file away some documents.

“I can imagine how problematic it would be for a legal adult to have a minor really... love them. Not as a role model or temporary fascination, but as a potential... partner.“

There is something in Izuku’s voice that Toshinori can’t really place. Firstly, the teen isn’t talking in his... “doctor voice“, so this issue feels more personal than it should be. Probably. Right? Secondly, the young boy seems to really understand the problem, like he spent a lot of time thinking about it. The question is why the teen would to that. Thirdly, something about the way Izuku said it strikes a chord, a slightly sad chord inside the adult, but Toshinori can’t really place it. Again. The hero probably could have gotten more clues from Izuku’s facial expression, but unfortunately the young doctor has his back turned to him. Not on purpose! Probably. Toshinori chooses to file it away for later discussion. He knows that this topic is a sensitive topic for the teen and he wants to know what the exact problem is. The hero inside him wants to help. Maybe the teen has an acquaintance with the exact problem?


Izuku faces Toshinori again, but to the man’s disappointment, the young teen put his doctor mask back on.

“If my hunch is right, then this is both good and bad in its own way.“

The gaunt hero blinks a few times, not really understanding.

“Ah, sorry, Yagi. This doesn’t concern you! Well it does, but you don’t have to think about it yet. It’s just a hunch, so there is a chance that I’m just overreacting. I will inform you if something comes up, okay? We should exchange our phone numbers. Otherwise we’re finished for today.“

After they exchanged their phone numbers, Izuku holds out a hand and Toshinori grasps it in a handshake.

“If you don’t have any questions left, you can go home now.“

The gaunt man reaches back with his free hand to rub his neck sheepishly.

“Actually, I wanted to ask you for advice about my lessons for tomorrow and the day after that. You see, 1-A will have Rescue Training at the USJ in two days.“

Izuku blinks a few times, before his eyes widen slightly in that cute way of his. There is nothing left of the typical doctor mask, only the honest emotions of a young... colleague?... friend? Can Toshinori consider the teen a friend? Nevertheless, the gaunt hero prefers the real Midoriya over the professional one.

“Aren’t there other teachers involved? I can’t imagine such a huge training project to just be supervised by one single teacher.“

“Aizawa and Thirteen will be there as well.“

“If that’s the case, we should go back to UA and discuss your plans with them.“


With that the two colleagues go back to the school to speak to the other two staff members.

Chapter Text

In the end the teachers decide to mostly observe their students in the first trip to the USJ. They know how the students behave in a fight, but not when it comes down to actually save another person.

Izuku is on his way home, pushing the USJ into the back of his mind and pulling out another issue that has been bugging him since Toshinori’s check-up. He remembers asking Recovery Girl after the discussion with Aizawa and Thirteen if she knew of any treatment methods for the gaunt blond’s hemorrhage. She shook her head.

That’s what irritates the freckled teen so much.

Back when he still studied in Japan, he had an acquaintance who researched for a solution. They wanted to publish their results before Izuku opened his clinic. The young doctor knows that because he assisted them, the reason being that the teen thought that the research may be beneficial for All Might. However, nobody knows of those researches and the green-haired boy can’t contact them anymore. Izuku was too busy with work, so he didn’t have the time to keep up with the scientific discoveries. Not that he needs to anyway.

That still doesn’t excuse the disappearance of his acquaintance though.

So the freckled teen decides to uncover the mystery. That means using science to recreate past events.

On his way to his bedroom, Izuku drags a huge amount of paper sheets and writing utensils with him.

He eats with Inko before sitting in front of his desk with a good amount of coffee following him.

This will be a long night.


“Mom, do you mind making me some coffee? A strong one, please.“

Inko takes one look at her hard-working son and gasps in shock. She closes the distance between them, puts her hands on his shoulders and examines the boy with her eyes worriedly.

“Izuku! What happened?!“

Said teen yawns tiredly with a hand in front of his mouth.

“Just pulled an all-nighter.“

Inko sounds horrified.

“You know that you can’t just casually work the whole night like other people! You figured it out yourself! Your quirk-“

The young teen gently lays a hand over his mother’s mouth.

“I know, mom. Sorry for worrying you, but you can be reassured. I’m only mentally exhausted, so a few cups of coffee should get me back on my feet.“

“I think you should take the day off-“

“I can’t. At least not today. I have a SC patient at 9 a.m.“

“A special case?“

“Yes. In other words, I have to go since no one else can treat them.“

Inko sighs.

“I understand.“

Silently she vanishes behind the kitchen doorframe and prepares the dark beverage. Izuku follows her quietly.

“I promise you that I’ll finish my work before afternoon, okay? I’ll use the extra time to rest then.“

Inko turns on the water boiler before she leaves it alone in order to squeeze her son between her arms.

“Please, take care of yourself.“

Izuku gently pats her back.



Toshinori hasn’t seen his favourite colleague (not that he’s going to admit it anytime soon) before lunch break. If the last two days are enough to build a pattern, then Izuku not sitting with him in the teachers‘ lounge in the early morning hours is slightly alarming.

It’s understandable that the gaunt man is elated when the shorter doctor enters his field of vision.

“Good morning, Midoriya!“

The presence of the frecked teen clearly lifts the pro hero’s spirit. However...

“Good day, Mr. Yagi.“

At first Toshinori stares. Izuku sounds so... distant. The young doctor doesn’t spare the man a glance and quietly approaches his own desk in a cold demeanor.

It feels like the gap between them that they managed to slightly close yesterday was ripped apart again.

However when the teen bends down to fetch his sleeping pills, Toshinori actually gets to see the boy’s face. The man’s confusion quickly turns into concern. Izuku looks so tired, both mentally and physically.

“Couldn’t you sleep last night?“

“Not that I couldn’t sleep, but more like I had to do something. Anyway, I’m going to take a nap now. Please tell the others to be quiet-“

Suddenly the alarm goes off.

“Security level 3 has been breached. Students, please promptly evacuate.“

The freckled teen doesn’t lose a second and scans the school ground with “Natural Genius“. He sighs.

“Those reporters are really persistent, aren’t they?“

Toshinori turns to the young doctor.

“You mean they’re still after an interview with me?!“

“I don’t see why you should be so surprised by this. You’ve been the number one hero for quite a while already, right? Didn’t you ever deal with paparazzi until now?“

“Well, they could never really figure out my exact location to gang up on me. I guess my long distance jumps are handy in many ways.“

“I see.“

Izuku pulls out a small pocket mirror and gives his body a quick once-over with his eyes.

‘I should still be able to pull it off safely and rest afterwards.‘

“Mr. Yagi, do you mind doing me and UA a favour?“

Toshinori blinks at the teen.

“Basically not, but what does it exactly entail...?“

“I just need you to take me down to the entrance of the school building and back to the teachers‘ lounge as fast as possible. It would be even better if you could stay hidden from the press the whole time.“


All Might quickly carries the teen to the entrance with his inhuman speed. After that everything happens so fast that the whole staff sans Izuku needs some extra minutes to comprehend the situation.

Toshinori hides behind the doorframe in his true form, peeking aroung the corner to assess the whole ordeal and to see what his young colleague actually plans to do.

Aizawa and Yamada, aka Present Mic, are trying to get the reporters out of UA grounds peacefully, even though they already know that the goal will be impossible to achive.

The other teachers are on their way to the students, glancing out of the windows every now and then to keep up with the mess.

The students are panicking at first, but soon calm down after Iida reveals that it’s just the press making a ruckus.

No matter what Aizawa and Yamada do, the reporters show no signs of stopping their riot.

When Izuku’s mere presence efficiently shuts up the intruding mob, the pro heroes are understandably shocked.

The teen knows his effect and deliberately takes leisure steps to close the distance between him and the press. He stops after only a couple of steps separate him and the reporters.

For a few seconds Izuku stares at them with cold eyes while the reporters fidget with nervousness. Then...

“Property damage and trespassing, huh. If you don’t want me to legally destroy your employers, in other words your agencies and your workplaces, you better get off UA grounds now. You know that I can do it. I did it once and I will do it again if you give me enough reasons.“

After those few sentences, the reporters run like their lives depend on it and to be fair, they kinda do.

“Hurry up! You don’t wanna have Dr. Midoriya as an enemy!“

When Izuku turns around, he doesn’t pay much attention to the stares from his colleagues. He sees no use in working up himself over his colleagues‘ questions right now. It’s not rational. There will be time for it later.

Normally Izuku would be very nervous about his actions and start muttering an unintelligible explanation.

For some reason, that doesn't seem to be the case right now.

“Mr. Yagi.“

The freckled teen taps the taller man on the arm. This seems to free the gaunt blond from the shock.


“The favour.“

“Ah, r-right.“


Not long after the chaos, the day returns to its regular schedule.

Toshinori carries Izuku back to the teachers‘ lounge. The busy teachers return to their classes. However the pro heroes without rowdy kids to look after soon storm into the teachers‘ lounge as well. They are early enough to watch Izuku mix some pills with water in a small glass.

“Oh, since you’re here already, do you mind being quieter than usual? I really need to take a nap now.“

Izuku just raised the glass to his mouth when Aizawa intervenes.

“Wait, Midoriya! We and the principal have a few questions-“

The teen won’t have it any longer.

“No. I have to rest now or else it will have undesirable consequences for me. I dragged it out for way too long already.“

The young doctor gulps down the medicine in one sitting. After that he returns the glass to the small coffee table, sets an alarm on his phone and sighs tiredly while laying down on the couch.

“If you need something from me, speak to me again around 6 p.m.“

Throughout the whole mess with the press, Izuku always wore an indifferent facial expression, even when speaking to the pro heroes.


“So, I’ve been researching a few things.“

Aizawa glances at Izuku to make sure that his young colleague is still asleep.

School is over already. The students are on their way home and the pro heroes are gathered in the teachers‘ lounge.

“Did you figure out why the press was so frightened by our young listener?“

Yamada raises an eyebrow.

“This are just assumptions, but you should see this.“

Aizawa sits down in front of his computer and the other teachers gather around the monitor.

“Remember the big news agency that had to close half a year ago?“

“The one that never revealed its reason for closing to begin with?“

“Yeah, that one.“

Aizawa opens a webpage.

"Shortly before that the sidekicks of the hero Jumper brought him to Dr. Midoriya. I passed the sidekicks once during patrol in the past and if my memory serves me right, they complained about how the reporters endangered Jumper’s life by blocking Dr. Midoriya’s way to him. The doctor didn’t appear to be pleased either.“

The gruff teacher opens a search engine.

“That was the last article ever made about Dr. Midoriya. After that the news agencies never published another word about him.“

The underground hero closes the browser and turns aroung to face his colleagues.

“Considering his own words earlier, I think that our young doctor is behind the news agency’s closure.“

Aizawa turns his head in Izuku’s direction-

“Just who is he-“

-and sees the teen stretching his sore body while sitting up.

The young doctor stares at the pro heroes while they stare back with surprise. After a few moments, an unexpected, gentle smile settles on Izuku’s face. The sudden change from the cold facade from earlier to the usual friendly teen throws the teachers off-guard.

“Well, seems like I don’t have to explain anything anymore. You figured it out yourself already.“

The freckled teen stands up and straightens his white coat.

“Just as I expected from trained and experiences pro heroes! You really are amazing!“

Even his fanboy side is back.

When his green pupils catch sight of a familiar, gaunt face, Izuku’s eyes widen.

“Ah, Yagi! I’m sorry for being so rude and distant earlier. It just happens everytime I exhaust myself too much. Don’t take it personal, please.“

Toshinori blinks a few times. The formalities are gone once more. The gaunt blond needs a few second to recall his memory of the more emotional Izuku.

“Oh, err, it’s alright! Don’t worry about it!“

“I’ll explain it later when I actually have the necessary time to spare. I need to tend to my experiments now.“

Just like that Izuku runs to the door.

“Sorry for the inconvenience!“

Then the teen vanishes behind the doorframe.

“... Inconvenience?,“ Toshinori repeats.

“Doesn’t he realise that he saved us from these vultures?,“ Midnight adds.

“Also,“ Yamada clarifies, “did he just confirm Shota’s theory?“

Just who exactly is Midoriya Izuku to wrap the fucking godforsaken press around his fingers? Who exactly do the heroes have the honor of calling an ally?

Toshinori remembers his first check-up with the young doctor. Izuku said that he can track past events. The gaunt hero has the feeling that the teen doesn’t just mean the development of diseases, but crimes and corruption as well.

The tall blond shudders.

No secret is safe from Midoriya Izuku.

The heroes should count themselves lucky to have that boy on their side.

Chapter Text

Aizawa lets his eyes sweep over his students, counting them in his head before addressing them directly.

“Everyone get into the bus! We’re going to the USJ!“

Excitement fills the atmoshpere between the students of class 1-A, even when Iida’s initial plan fails because of the seat arrangements of the bus. It doesn’t take long for the teens to find their places and soon the bus takes off. Lively chatter fills the air and after some time the topic switches to the mysterious connection between Katsuki and Izuku.

“Hey, hey, Bakugou! You know Dr. Midoriya? He said something about ten years right? That means... uh... err... What was it again? Ah! You know each other since you where around five?!“

Disregarding his personal space, Mina shoves herself into Katsuki’s face, triggering a rude response from the blond.

“Fuck off! That’s none of your business!“

Pouting, Mina slowly backs off while playfully calling the aggressive teen mean.

Izuku has always been a sore spot for Katsuki, not because of rivalry, but because of something the blond himself can’t really describe.


“Wow, Bakugou! You’re quirk really is incredible! It’s perfect for a hero! Strong and flashy at the same time!“

Kindergarteners and fellow kids looked at Katsuki with awe when his quirk first popped up as small sparks over his palms.

“That’s so cool, Kacchan! I hope my quirk is as cool as yours, so that I can become a hero too!“

A young Izuku was beside him, equally impressed as everyone else surrounding the blond, like another random person on Katsuki’s way to the top of the hero charts.

At that time, Izuku didn’t get or notice his quirk yet.


“That quirk really is unusual, but impressive at the same time! Even Recovery Girl said it, you’d make a great scientist, Midoriya!“

“What’s a ‘scientist‘?“

The kids didn’t really understand why Izuku’s quirk is impressive besides the fact that it was impressive for the adults. The same was the case for Katsuki. However, he didn’t like the shift of the spotlight.

“Huh, I don’t see how a quirk like yours can help you win a battle. It’s useless for a hero!“

Taunts. Katsuki resorted to taunts. He couldn’t fool the green-haired boy though. Izuku knew that Katsuki only did it because he feared for his superior spot in the group. Instead of cowering in fear, submitting to Katsuki’s dominance, Izuku answered truthfully without a sign of weakness.

“Don’t worry, Kacchan. I don’t want to be a hero anymore. I want to become a doctor.“

Then more quiet, more to himself than to the blond.

“I want to help those left alone to shoulder the burden of our society. It’s unfair that we force them to carry our problems without anyone doing the same for them.“

Katsuki heared Izuku’s mutter, heared Izuku’s spoken words, but didn’t understand its meaning. At least not until years, years later.


“Midoriya! Wanna be friends?“

“Look, Midoriya! I got a really nice teddy bear for you!“

Fellow kids and the kindergarten teachers ganged up on Izuku, trying to gain his favour. The freckled boy looked mentally overwhelmed.

“I-I’m sorry, but... uh... I-I have to go the bathroom real quick!“

He shoved the prying hands away and quickly left the room. With suspicion shining in his ruby eyes, Katsuki ordered his underlings to stay put and followed the only other popular kid in their group. The blond didn’t know why he did it, he never figured it out. The whole situation was weird for him.

Not too far away from the boy’s bathroom, he could hear sniffs and whimpers. Something told him to press himself against the wall of the corner, to hide himself.

“My fellow kids... The adults... All the strangers out on the street... Why... Why is everyone so scary...?“

The blond’s hands clenched the fabric of his shirt. Something undescribable twisted in his heart.


After that, Izuku missed for a few weeks. Nobody knew why his mother decided to keep him home.


When Izuku came back, he talked to everyone and was all smiles again.

Still, seeing Izuku act like that made Katsuki feel alienated.

Something told Katsuki that Izuku was far, far away from everyone, despite his physical presence.


After some time, Katsuki noticed how Izuku didn’t move away from him when he approached the freckled boy. Izuku always avoided everyone else to the best of his abilities.

One day Katsuki sat down beside the green-haired boy and asked Izuku something that bothered him for some time now.

“Izuku, why don’t you want to become a hero anymore?“

For a few long moments, Izuku just stared at him before turning his gaze away.

“I wanted to become a hero, because I wanted to help people. I still do, but my quirk doesn’t really fit for heroics, so I choose another path that suits me more.“

For Katsuki, heroics meant to win. However, the air around Izuku told the blond to just listen to the freckled boy. Hearing the green-haired kid’s reasoning... It made Katsuki think, even if he didn’t come to an answer until way later in his life. Still, the blond had a feeling that he knew the answer somewhere deep down hidden in his heart. The same feeling formed the next few questions coming from his mouth.

“Do you have favourite heroes?“

Izuku made a thoughtful sound.

“All Might will always be my number one.“

There was an overly fond smile on the freckled boy’s face.

“Besides him, I really like heroes like Recovery Girl, Eraserhead and All Might’s sidekick Sir Nighteye.“

“Never heared of Eraserhead, but the other two have weak quirks which are useless for fights. Isn’t Endeavour stronger with his fire quirk?“

For some reason, Izuku suddenly looked serious.

“... I appreciate his hard work and I wouldn’t call him weak by any means. Still, people can change, Kacchan, but right now, I wouldn’t put Endeavour in my favourite list.“

Katsuki already anticipated that answer, but it still shook him... somehow. Both All Might and Endeavour are strong, but why did Izuku only acknowledge the former? The blond couldn’t explain it, but he had the feeling that he knew the answer regardless.


Izuku always kept to himself, shying away from everyone like he was unsettled by them. At that time, the only people Izuku felt comfortable with were Inko and Katsuki. Besides them, Izuku liked to keep pictures of choice heroes with him.

During the first year of elementary school, Izuku always hid to learn. Rarely did Katsuki join Izuku’s study sessions, asking carefully thought-out questions he knew only Izuku could give him an answer to.

Since Izuku didn’t participate much in social interactions, only Katsuki became popular while everyone left Izuku alone. The attention got to Katsuki’s head and at the beginning of the school year, he sometimes bullied a few kids. They challenged him and he only showed them his strength. However, before that could become a bad character trait, the blond noticed how Izuku would avoid him for days after such instances, so he stopped since he didn’t want to lose that weird connection they shared.

One day, Katsuki asked Izuku the following.

“Izuku, what is a hero?“

How old was Katsuki again? Six? Seven?

Izuku just stared at Katsuki with those knowing eyes, with that unnerving gaze of his.

“Don’t you want to become a hero, Kacchan? You know what a hero is. Why would you want to become someone you don’t understand in the first place?“

The freckled boy turned his whole body in Katsuki’s direction, fully facing the blond.

“Why do you want to become a hero, Kacchan?“

Izuku always answered his questions sooner or later, but that last question, the most important one Katsuki ever asked the freckled boy, never received an answer. Izuku left their elementary school after the first year, before he could give an answer. He skipped grades after grades, gaining international attention until he vanished beyond Japan’s grounds, beyond Katsuki’s reach.


Now years later they unexplectedly see each other again.

Katsuki thinks that Izuku didn’t change much. It doesn’t change the fact thought that Katsuki still doesn’t understand the freckled teen’s complicated thought process. A part of him wonders if Izuku remembers his last question, another part of him wants to answer the question Izuku asked him and a quiet voice in his heart questions if he’s even allowed to approach the successful doctor anymore.

His teacher's voice cuts through his thoughts. Aizawa tells his class to leave the bus and they enter the USJ.


Damn it! He wasted his three hours of the day already! Aizawa will be so mad at him later. He doesn’t wish for another lecture, even if he understands why he deserves it.

Toshinori holds up his hand to interrupt Nedzu’s lecture.

“I’m sorry, principal, but will you allow me to speak to Dr. Midoriya for a moment?“

Not really knowing why the hero wants to contact his doctor, but not wanting to possibly hinder the man’s health either, the mammal nods.

The red cell phone of the number one hero rings for a few times, before a young male voice can be heared from the speakers.

“Dr. Midoriya here. How can I help you, Yagi?“

Nervous, but also kinda happy to hear the young boy’s voice, Toshinori quickly comes to the point.

“Ah, good morning, Midoriya! I wanted to ask you if you could check on my students with your quirk? I called Aizawa and Thirteen a few times, but they won’t answer.“

For a few moments, the freckled teen doesn’t say anything.

“... Yagi.“

The tall blond already has a bad feeling.

“... Yes?“

“You should be more aware of your new duties. At least try to save enough time for your lesson. You only have to teach one subject for one class anyway.“

A hero’s intuition is always right, it seems.

“I-I’m sorry.“

A sigh can be heared from the speakers.

“Anyway, I’ll take a look now. Please wait a moment.“

For a few moments, Toshinori and Nedzu wait in silence.

“All Might, principal Nedzu.“

Not only the formal addressing makes both listeners straighten their backs, but the small tremble in the normally professional voice gives both of them a very bad feeling.

“The USJ is attacked by villains. Nedzu, please call any available hero in UA for backup and ask for Recovery Girl and ambulances. All Might, I believe it’s time for you to try your new medications, to be more precise the smaller pills.“

Chapter Text

“All Might, don’t wait for us and go immediately! I couldn’t make out any details yet, but be prepared to face a mob of villains multiple times bigger than the press yesterday!“


The number one hero hangs up and for a moment Izuku stares at his phone.

‘Just in case... Maybe I should dig up a few old projects I put on hold...‘

The teen has a really bad feeling about the whole situation.


Nedzu quickly informs all available pro heroes and waits with Izuku in front of the school building. There are multiple vehicles for heroes who don’t have any speedy abilities.

While the heroes gather as fast as they can and the principal sums up the current situation, the young doctor doesn’t take his eyes off the USJ, always staring in its direction with intense focus.

The freckled teen is already chewing his bottom lip after seeing Thirteen with their back missing its skin. They really have to be careful with the warp villain. His other colleagues aren’t aware of that yet since Izuku has yet to tell them.

The first heroes are on their way while the rest are getting into the various vehicles when green eyes widen in shock.

“Mr. Aizawa!“

All eyes shift to the source of the distressed voice. However Izuku quickly regains his composure.

“I’m sorry. We must hurry!“

At that everyone continues to squeeze themselves into the vehicles. Izuku shares one with Nedzu, Midnight, Present Mic and Snipe. Of course Midnight and Present Mic are with him after his outburst earlier, after all they are close friends of Aizawa. Just when the two of them want to address the teen's outburst, Izuku suddenly starts mumbling all on his own.

“Just what is that thing?! If this goes on... Am I able to restore his eyes? No, they will probably be too damaged. I’ll have to regrow them, but I can’t savely insert organs without any repercussions yet... What am I even saying. I’m talking like Aizawa’s life is ensured... Please, All Might. Please, don’t be too late...“

The young doctor doesn’t notice it with how invested he is with his thoughts, but his mumbling can be understood very clearly and the whole atmosphere in the vehicle is a lot more depressing than it already has been moments ago.

Nedzu is carefully still, not hinting at anything that might be going on in that little intelligent brain of his.

Present Mic is clenching his teeth painfully while curling his hands into tight fists.

Midnight worries her bottom lip while nervously fiddling with her whip.

Snipe has his head down, so that his cowboy hat covers his eyes.


They are only a minute away when Izuku suddenly cries out in... What exactly is it? Shock? Fear? Desperation? No matter what, seeing the young teen so emotional like that is a real shock for the pro heroes. Until now the young boy always appears to be in perfect control of his emotions. It’s the first time they actually truly register the fact that Izuku is still a teen with the way the tears don’t seem to dry up anytime soon.

“No, All Might, no! The medicine is just a temporary fix that patches up your body enough to extend your time limit! It doesn’t miraculously heal all the damage of your body! Run away, run away! Damn it, what are those kids doing, running directly into danger like that! I know you’re smarter than that, Kacchan! If All Might fights- If he fights that... that thing, he won’t- he won’t-!“

Suddenly Izuku clutches his head between his hands, trembling like a scared animal. His eyes never leave the direction of the USJ.

“Why is he so thin...? Where is his head...? Why... Why is there so much blood...?“

The heroes and the principal imagine a sickly thin, but tall body lying on the ground, headless as the ever growing puddle of blood underneath it slowly soaks into the yellow suit the male body was clad in the last time they saw it.

Nedzu turns his head to the young doctor, for once without that ever-present smile of his.

“Dr. Midoriya...“

That seems to snap the teen out of the nightmare he has been trapped in and he blinks a few times.

“He’s still alive...“

The adults in the vehicle let out a sigh they didn’t know they were holding.

“It’s not too late. It doesn’t have to end like that. Right, right... What to do?“

The young doctor freezes for a short moment before he slowly turns around his head to stare at Snipe.

“... Snipe. Can I ask you to do a favour for me?“

Clearly nervous about that wide-eyed stare focused on him, he merely nods.

“Please lend me one of your guns real quick.“

The hero passes his weapon to the younger person and watches as Izuku fiddles with one of the bullets. Despite his mental state, the teen makes sure that Snipe has a clear view of what he is doing. The freckled doctor fills something into the bullet and tempers with its construction slightly.

‘I should have taken more than one with me. Damn it!‘

Again wordlessly, Izuku hands the weapon back to its owner who looks at it curiously.


The mention of his hero name makes the man snap his attention back to the teen.

“The villains attacking us have a leader. He’s a young, gaunt male with pale hair and various severed hands adorning his body. He has a hand in front of his face, so it shouldn't be hard to track him. He should be standing in the center of the USJ when we arrive, hand stretched out in an effort to touch All Might’s face. Make sure that the first bullet of this-“

Izuku points at the gun he tempered with.

“-hits him.“

Snipe nods.


The teen breathes a few times to calm his racing heart while turning around to face the USJ again.

“If this goes well, nobody will die today.“

If Snipe hasn’t been aware of the burden on his shoulders yet, he certainly is now.

“Thirteen’s skin can be easily restored and Aizawa will most likely survive.“

Izuku isn’t aware how relieved Midnight and Present Mic are.

“However, his eyes won’t make it out unscathed. He won’t be able to hold his eyes open as long as before.“

Why does the teen have to give hope only to squash it again to some extent?

“We only have to make sure that All Might keeps his head.“

The heroes and the principal experience a new level of stress. Considering the doctor’s earlier mumbling, the teen probably means it literally.

“Oh, principal.“

The mammal looks at the teen.

“Please, make sure that Thirteen, Eraserhead and All Might are brought to my hospital, at least the last two.“

Nedzu nods.

“All right.“

“Good. If I can’t fix Aizawa’s eyes yet, I’ll just compensate with something else and with how the hospital staff in Musutafu handled Kamui Woods and Mount Lady, I don’t trust them with All Might’s life. The previous doctors did a horrible job of patching him up anyway.“

Green eyes dart around.

“The teachers should be safe now and the students don’t have a problem keeping the small-time villains at bay. Everything should turn out fine.“

At least another burden is lifted off the pro heroes‘ chests. Apparently they don’t have to worry about the kids too much.

Izuku is silent for the rest of the ride, his mind busy deciphering Shigaraki Tomura’s brain. He follows the villain’s memories of a certain “Sensei“ and, huh, now the freckled teen knows what happened to his missing colleague. Seems like it’s impossible to retrieve the scientist.

Chapter Text

Upon arriving, the heroes with their two small companions Nedzu and Izuku find the entrance of the USJ already busted by probably All Might during his earlier arrival. They hurry into the construction and Snipe quickly draws the tempered gun and shoots the leader’s outstretched hand.

‘Just like Dr. Midoriya described... young, skinny, pale-haired male with severed hands all over him... center of the USJ... hand outstretched after All Might...“

Shigaraki Tomura, the leader of the villains, falls to the ground, clutching his shot hand and writhing in pain.

“What the hell is this?! This isn’t normal... It shouldn’t burn like this! It shouldn’t spread over my whole body...!“

“Shigaraki Tomura!“

The warp villain Kurogiri covers the young man and quickly warps them away, leaving all the other villains behind.


With the actual main force of the villains gone, the heroes expertly deal with the small-time villains and the police and ambulances arrive promptly too.

Like Izuku already said, the students are fine besides minor scratches here and there. The three injured pro heroes Thirteen, Eraserhead and All Might and Izuku are shielded from the class‘ view when they are brought into the ambulances which quickly drive them to the young doctor’s hospital.

During the ride, Izuku calls his staff and tells them to prepare for two immediate surgeries and three private rooms. Since Thirteen‘s and Aizawa’s conditions are far more fragile than All Might’s, the number one hero has to endure the pain a little bit longer and it makes Izuku feel guilty. Then again, Izuku can’t clone himself. Well, yes, he actually can, but not perfectly with his current progress and that’s beside the point anyway.


One surgery to restore half the skin of a black hole is very draining on a young doctor like Izuku.

Two surgeries that involve one patient he cannot fully restore back to full health is utterly exhausting. At least Izuku already has an idea how to compensate for Aizawa’s inability to hold his eyes open as long as before the USJ incident.

By the time Izuku is about to start his surgery on Toshinori, the young teen is like a cold machine. The young doctor takes his time cutting his favourite hero open and tending to all injuries he can find. At the end of it, Toshinori is glad to hear from Izuku that his time limit isn’t negatively affected by the events from the day.

Izuku brings Toshinori into the private room prepared for the gaunt man just like he did for the other two teachers, but he doesn’t leave immediately.

Toshinori settles into the covers, sighing in contentment when his sore back hits the surprisingly soft and comfy mattress. When he fully gets used to his temporary resting arrangements, he’s slightly startled by Izuku who is still standing beside his bed and staring at him with cold, emotionless eyes. Toshinori chooses his next words with great caution.

“Is there something else I need to know...? Is something the matter?“

For another half a minute, the young teen continues to stare at the older man, silently freaking out the recently treated hero. Then suddenly, to Toshinori’s surprise, Izuku sits down on the edge of the mattress and leans down to lie down his upper body on the older man’s upper body, the green mop of hair placed over the beating heart in the taller male’s ribcage.

Understandably, the whole situation is weird and awkward for Toshinori and he flails around with his bandaged arms in an attempt to figure out what the hell he was supposed to do. His mind is racing miles a minute and blood rushes to his hollow cheeks with speed he didn’t know his body was still capable of. What is happening?!

Suddenly, a pair of small hands grip his hospital gown in a death grip and the blond man can feel how they tremble just the slightest bit.

Toshinori’s mind calms down. He stops fiddling with his lanky arms and lowers them a bit, letting them hover over the bed and the shorter person on him. His azure eyes drift over the teen on top of him, over the tightly clenched hands and unusual cold face paired together in one young body.

Izuku’s face might not reveal much about the teen’s emotional state, but his trembling hands and the way he desperately leans into the hero beneath him are something Toshinori recognizes.

Midoriya Izuku is scared. The questions are why he is scared and what he is scared of.

Surprisingly, those aren’t hard questions, now that Toshinori pays closer attention to the quietly mumbling voice of the teen on top of him.

“Everything turned out fine... Nobody died... The worst case scenario didn’t happen... Aizawa didn’t lose his eyesight... There isn’t a tall, skinny, cold, headless body lying in its own ever expanding blood puddle...“

Toshinori’s breath remains stuck upon hearing the last part.

“Yagi isn’t dead...“

When the prior implication isn’t enough, by now the hero certainly knows what his fate could have been.

“He’s right here... warm... not cold... breathing... with a strong heart... contracting beneath my hands... thumping into my ears... beating in front of my eyes...“

Izuku keeps repeating those facts to himself, again and again, reassuring himself that Toshinori is alive and not forever gone, always searching after that strong heartbeat beneath the ribcage he is lying on, constantly seeking the warmth emanating from the gaunt man beneath him.

Suddenly, Toshinori feels shame filling every crack of his being. He finally decides what to do with his arms and carefully hugs the teen on top of him. To think that he thought about calling it a day, about calling it a life back at the USJ without taking other people’s feelings into consideration. What a hero he is, eh?

All of a sudden the door to Toshinori’s private hospital room is opened and the blond man shoots up like a deer caught in the headlights.

Chapter Text


Midoriya Inko enters the hospital room in a hurry only to see her son in the arms of... someone.

But that’s not important right now. She takes a good look at her son, sees his cold expression and instantly knows what’s up.

Izuku overworked himself.

Still, the way he keeps a tight grip on the stranger instead of falling over like a puppet having its strings cut... There’s more to this than meets the eye.

She approaches the stranger cautiously.

“E-Excuse me?“

Toshinori looks at her owlishly for a moment, but quickly gathers his composure back.

“Err, yes?“

“Do you happen to know what might have caused this? I’m his mother.“


Knowing the woman’s connection to the teen greatly calms the hero.

“That’s good to know. He keeps mumbling about...“

Toshinori is unsure how to phrase it without it sounding horrifying.

“Were you informed about the events unfolding in the USJ earlier today?“


The hero hums in confirmation.

“He keeps mumbling about the ‘worst case scenario‘.“

Inko blinks.

“And... what exactly was the worst case scenario?“

“Ah, um, two of three heroes had a high chance of dying.“

Inko blinks some more.

“... That’s it?“

Toshinori stares at her.

“That’s... surprisingly tame for triggering such a reaction from my son. In fact, it’s too tame to get Izuku worked up like that. There has to be more. Wait...“

She observes the two males in front of her.

Izuku would never throw himself on someone else but her. He would never be that upset over someone’s death besides hers. The only exceptions are possibly Katsuki and...

Green eyes widen in realisation and sweep over the older of the two males.

The stranger is impossibly tall, his hair has a familiar golden shade to it and his eyes are a strong, sparkling azure. He may appear sickly and malnourished, but considering the facts that Izuku always tells her that he needs help, that he deserves better and that the foreign man in front of her shares those resemblances with him...

“You’re... you’re All Might.“

Blue eyes widen in alarm.


Everything clicks into place and now that everything is clear, Inko can only chuckle at the hero’s reaction.

She sits down next to her son, peers down on him with loving eyes and gently combs her hand through his messy locks. The teen instantly leans into her touch.

“There are only three people who’s deaths can draw out that much emotion of Izuku. Those people are me, possibly Katsuki...“

Inko suddenly stops her motions and moves her head back up to lock her eyes with Toshinori’s.

“... and you.“

The gaunt man doesn’t know what to say. He doesn’t know what to do with this new revelation. Luckily, Inko doesn’t force him to comment on it either. Instead, she changes the topic abruptly.

“What do you think of him?“

He... could answer that in many ways. What exactly is she looking for?

“I suppose he is a very good doctor...? And a very talented scientist...?“

The mother chuckles once more.

“What do you think of him as a person?“

Ah, so that’s what she’s been looking for.

“Hm, well, I guess that he is a very mature person. There are times when he acts more like his age, for example those times when he would look at us heroes with the eyes of a fan.“

Toshinori smiles upon remembering those instances.

“He is very endearing when he gets like that. Though, he often lends me a hand when I need it, so it’s more like he’s the teacher while I’m the student.“

The embarrassment of that statement colours his cheeks in a light rosy tone.

“I see.“

Inko resumes combing her fingers through green locks and for a few moments, silence settles between the two adults.

“What do you think about his quirk?“

That’s another question Toshinori can answer from many different standpoints.

“I suppose it’s a very useful and handy quirk.“

For a few seconds, Inko focuses on playing with her son’s hair, seemingly ignoring the man’s answer. The awkward silence slowly, but surely makes the hero nervous. Then finally, finally the woman utters a few words.

“... Is that so?“

A short pause.

“Izuku always says that his quirk isn’t suitable for hero work. What do you think about that statement?“

Toshinori takes a few moments to contemplate the pros and cons of the quirk.

“I see many arguments that speak for the quirk‘s usage in heroics. With one single look, Midoriya can decipher everything about a villain, his plans, his accomplices, his hideout, his weaknesses, his thoughts and so much more. I can’t come up with anything that might speak against it.“

“Hm... That’s what everyone says. At least when they aren’t aware of the quirk’s drawbacks. Most of them can be figured out over time, but I guess the actual drawback that manifests physically has to be explained.“

Now that the hero thinks about it, the young doctor never mentioned which consequences he has to face when he overuses his quirk. In fact, Toshinori wasn’t even sure if Izuku could overuse his quirk.

Inko stops messing with the green curls and instead moves a few locks away so that the adults have a clear view of the teen’s face. It is still cold, emotionless. The freckled boy appears more like a puppet than an actual person. Toshinori also notices that the teen calmed down at some point during his conversation with his mother. He isn’t mumbling or clutching his hospital gown anymore.

His mother carefully moves her son into a sitting position and lets him lean his back against her chest. His head lolls to the side and his arms and legs hang around like useless weight. His mother closes his eyes with her hand, so that he doesn’t have to constantly blink. It’s like the boy’s body lost its spark of life, like the boy is dead.

Toshinori stretches out a cautious hand and Inko’s sad smile widens the slightest fraction. The gaunt man takes the wider smile as permission to continue his doing and takes one of Izuku’s hands into his own. It’s warm and the older male can feel a strong pulse beneath the skin. When he lets it go though, it falls back to the teen’s side limply. The hero gently puts a hand on Izuku’s chest and feels the rise and fall of it as the boy breathes.

He retracts his roaming phalanges, relieved at the confirmation that the teen’s life apparently isn’t at stake here and gives Inko an expectant look.

If possible, her sad smile turns even sadder.

“This is what happens when he pushes himself too much.“

Chapter Text

Toshinori frowns, clearly confused.

“He... loses control over his body?“

Inko shakes her head.

“No, he has perfect control over it.“

The hero shoots the teen’s limp body a disbelieving look.

“Then what exactly causes... this?“

The woman carefully lays her son back down on the mattress, cautious about his lifeless limbs.

“You can... explain the drawbacks of the quirk in one sentence. That is, if you really, really simplify it and only apply it to Izuku’s case. The more the person exhausts themselves, be it mentally and/or physically, they feel emotions less intensely. Izuku can go into more detail about this since he’s the one suffering from it. During states of near exhaustion, Izuku tends to focus on the remaining scraps of his most prominent desires and thinks of ways to achieve them with robotic rationality. At least that’s my observation.“

Toshinori blinks. This explains... a lot. For example, when the press wandered on UA grounds, Izuku’s most prominent goal probably was to get them to leave. He didn’t really pay much attention to Toshinori’s feelings while asking for a favour since he most likely focused on the single goal of getting rid of the press. Now that Toshinori thinks about it, on that day Izuku seemed very exhausted... So that’s the reason why the teen wanted to rest so badly.

“... Okay. How can that be applied to his current state then?“

Inko places a hand on Izuku’s cheek.

“He doesn’t care about anything. He doesn’t care about anyone. He wouldn’t care if some random person got murdered in front of his eyes, nor would he panic if someone pierced his heart with a knife right now.“

Something remains stuck in the gaunt man’s throat.

“When he moves in this state, it isn’t actually him moving his body, but his body reacting to stimulus. If it wasn’t for the way the human body is built, he probably wouldn’t even breath. His patients are meaningless to him. He couldn’t care less about his own life in this state... Someone has to remind him about his deepest desires, prod his memories, so that he realises that he has to rest and return back to normal.“

The woman turns her gaze to the number one hero once more.

“This is why he can’t become a hero. This is why UA’s motto doesn’t work for him. He can’t go plus ultra. When he reaches his limit, it’s like he is emotionally dead. He can only carefully expand his physical limitations with heavily monitored training, but never go beyond his body’s limit. He quite literally cannot overwork his body like heroes are often forced to do in dangerous situations. Like I said, those are just general observations and conclusions made by me. Izuku can explain it better.“

Inko stops speaking to let her words fully sink in. Toshinori faces his bed sheets, brows knit together in concentration.

“It must be... hard, living like that.“

“It is. Sometimes he is warmer than the sun and at other times he is colder than the antarctic. He normally is such an emotional, sweet person, but at the end of demanding days, his robotic rationality scares me sometimes. The fact alone that he managed to get that worked up in that state of exhaustion clearly shows just how much you mean to him.“

Toshinori still doesn’t know what to make of the last statement. Not noticing the hero’s silent dilemma, the concerned mother sighs.

“We’re only talking about the physical consequences here and it already sounds like too much. We didn’t even really talk about the mental half, the worse one yet.“

She checks her son’s pockets to make sure that the special sleeping pills are there. Then she leans closer to him, smiling gently.

“Izuku, you should rest. You know that you’re the only one who can truly help All Might, but if you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t be able to do it.“

The young doctor opens his eyes and blinks once. Inko runs her hand through his hair to look into the teen’s green eyes.

“Let’s go home, okay?“

“… Right.“

Just like that, Izuku stands up stoically and leaves the room with calm, controlled steps. Inko quickly follows him.

The concerned mother already reached the door of the room, when she turns around one last time to face Toshinori.

“Firstly, don’t bother hiding this conversation from Izuku. He just needs to let his gaze sweep over one of us and he’ll know. Besides that, he wasn’t really asleep during our whole conversation anyway, so he already knows. He just didn‘t act, because of his quirk’s drawbacks, because at that particular time he simply didn’t care. Secondly, if you want to know the rest, if you care and I mean really care about Izuku, feel free to seek me out.“

With those parting words, Inko exits the room and closes the door in a hurry, leaving Toshinori alone with his confused thoughts.


Back in their apartment, Inko carefully tugs her son into his bed. She prepares his sleeping medications and gently feeds them into him. She is relieved when his breath evens out.

For the next few minutes, Inko stays by Izuku’s side and combs her hand through his fluffy locks. She smiles at him, but it’s clearly conflicted.

“I’m sorry that I did it without your consent, Izuku. I know that you don’t want to burden that man, but since you’re a special child, your mother needs special measures to ensure your happiness.“

The tears that now run down her chubby cheeks aren’t unexpected. They were already present during her conversation with All Might and it was hard holding them back.

“Seeing you lonely like that makes me sad too, you know?“

After some time, her tears finally stop and she leaves her son’s bedroom to get to her own nightly rest.


The pills are like bandages stabilising broken bones in, for example, arms. They may keep your arm in one piece for some time, but the bones underneath are still broken. You can use your arm for small things like carrying one single paper sheet, but strain your healing bones more than necessary and you’re going to regret it.

All Might might have taken a small pill and he may have regained some time in his hero form, but he is still weakened from the fight against All for One. The injuries don’t mysteriously vanish.

In the fight against the Noumu, his current peak is just barely enough to send it flying into the sky and because of the small pill, he has enough stamina left in him to draw out the fight against Shigaraki Tomura and Kurogiri by dodging.

Finally, the other pro heroes arrive and All Might runs out of time since the fight against the Noumu has taken its toll. However, Izuku didn’t consider tinkering with Snipe’s weapons beforehand, didn’t inform the gun using hero of the situation in advance.

Shigaraki’s deadly fingers close over All Might’s gaunt face in a death grip and a pained roar shakes the USJ. It shocks everyone, the heroes, the students and the villains.

The leader of the villains holds the number one hero’s head in both of his hands and long, slender fingers wrap around his wrists, fruitlessly trying to pry off the deadly appendages.

After pained cries, useless struggles and chocking noises, the lanky body of the number one hero lands on the ground, unmoving. His head with the well-known golden hair is nothing but dust in the wind now. Blood slowly dribbles out from his throat, from the place his head was just moments ago. The angry red puddle underneath the body expands as time passes, some soaking into the torn clothes adorning the quickly cooling body.

A few minutes later when the heroes managed to at least force the villains to retreat, Izuku stands beside Toshinori’s headless body, staring, staring and staring and crying and laughing and pulling at his hair in despair-


Izuku wakes up with a start. His body is covered in sweat and because of that his clothes cling to his skin uncomfortably. He’s breathing fast, too fast and he puts a hand over his heart in an attempt to calm his body.

‘Thirteen’s fine. Aizawa’s fine. Yagi’s fine. You had their bodies under your fingers just now. You treated them not long ago. They‘re fine. Everything’s fine.‘

Bleary eyes peer at a small clock on the nightstand next to the young teen‘s bed.

‘A little bit earlier than I usually wake up, huh...‘

Izuku decides to lay down on his bed and sort his thoughts. The events during his little “episode“ start to become more clear, starting with him suddenly invading the number one hero’s personal space to his mother unnecessarily pulling said hero into his personal problems.

The freckled teen feels like crying and laughing at the same time.

He cringes mentally at his mother’s bad explanation of his quirk’s drawbacks and decides to clear any possible misunderstandings the next time he sees Yagi.

Which is later in a few hours since he has to monitor the man’s condition as his doctor.

Izuku is not mentally prepared for this. The events come thick and fast and the poor boy just wants to shut out the world to rest his pounding head. It isn’t just the stuff with All Might, but he has to sort everything about Shigaraki Tomura too.

If All for One likes playing strategy games with the heroes that much, Izuku will gladly join in the fun as an invisible third party.

The exhausted teen sighs.

Until now, he hasn’t been a person to rely on coffee all that much, but with the current events Izuku isn’t sure if that’s bound to change anytime soon or not.

Chapter Text

Somewhere else after the conclusion of the USJ Incident, a black portal opens and Shigaraki Tomura stumbles out of it. In the small establishment resembling the typical picture of a bar, the leader of the League of Villains falls to the wooden floor and clenches his healthy hand around the wrist of his shot one. Distressed whimpers escape his throat as he writhes in pain.

“Shigaraki Tomura!“

Kurogiri is by the young man’s side immediately.

“What’s wrong?! You were only shot once... The pain shouldn’t be able to reach this extent!“

Suddenly, the screen resting not too far from the two villains lights up and a deep male voice can be heard from its speakers.

“... Tomura, what happened? It’s been a while since I’ve heard you in so much agony.“

The young villain wheezes, swallows once and wheezes some more before answering his master.

“Sensei, ... everything... everything was going so well... until... until suddenly the pro heroes showed up...! Kurogiri, you... you didn’t mess up and let one of the students or teachers escape... did you?!“

The black mist recoils at that accusation, his glowing eyes shifting between the young leader and the lit screen in slight panic.

“What... N-No! I’m sure that I managed to scatter the students and incapacitate Thirteen before any of them could escape! Eraserhead was in the center of the USJ with you and the Noumu, so it couldn’t have been him either!“

Shigaraki shoots the underling a glare.

“Then... what the actual fuck happened back there...?! D-Damn it! And that bullet wound from Snipe too...! It still feels like there’s... fire burning in my veins!“

With his healthy hand, he grips the edge of the table and is instantly thrown off balance. A few second pass and... the table is still there. Pain momentarily forgotten, Shigaraki glances at the place where his fingertips meet the wood and places all five of his fingers on the table once more. Nothing happens.

“W-What’s going on...? Why... Why won’t it fall apart?!“

The young villain removes his hand and slaps it against the table again and again, making sure that all five of his fingers are pressed tightly against the wood. Behind the screen, Shigaraki’s master watches his pupil panic. He puts a hand on his chin, thoughtful.


“I will take a look at Shigaraki Tomura immediately.“

“Please do.“

Said doctor retreats into his lab and starts the preparations to examine the young leader. All for One on the other hand is busy with other things.

‘Kurogiri seems to tell the truth or at least truly believe his own words. That leads to the question of how the heroes got wind of the situation their class 1-A was in. Did our spy turn into a traitor? No, that is unlikely. If that were the case, the heroes would have prepared for the attack beforehand, but they showed up late, so they couldn’t have been aware of Tomura’s plan until it was already set in motion. Maybe a quirk? Let’s see, there are the pro heroes who have been teaching there for quite some time... The only new additions are that fool All Might and Midoriya Izuku.‘

If he had been still capable of it, All for One would have narrowed his eyes in suspicion.

‘Midoriya Izuku, the miracle worker, the All Might among the doctors... His quirk is described as the ability to see and fully understand the behaviour of the very particles. Hm, that isn’t a lot of information. Maybe he saw the events unfolding from his office? Wait, if that was the case, he should be aware of my spy too, but like I already considered before, the heroes weren’t aware of Shigaraki’s plans. Then again, my spy did mention how they avoided Dr. Midoriya all the time just to be safe. Still, if the young doctor really had been able to see the attack at the USJ, he should have been able to reveal my spy’s act and intercept Shigaraki’s plan too since my spy is inside the school building for most of the time, obviously a lot closer to the doctor than the USJ.‘

There is something All for One misses, something that took Shigaraki’s ability to use his quirk, something that clearly interferes with the old villain’s plans.

‘Midoriya Izuku... I need more information about him. The problem is how I’m supposed to manage that...‘


After the short rest in the softness of his bed, Izuku stands up and starts his morning routine. The young doctor checks some files, takes a closer look at his schedule and decides to move on to his regular, light morning training. It’s nothing too straining, mostly just jogging and some weight lifting, after all he can’t afford to use up all is energy before the day has even started.

Following that, he makes his way to his hospital to visit his three current patients Thirteen, Aizawa and Yagi in that exact order. As a response to the recent events in the USJ, the school has decided to scratch lessons today, so the injured teachers have time to recover as well as the students.

Visiting Thirteen first, Izuku takes the necessary documents from his office and soon stands beside the rescue hero.

“How do you feel, Thirteen?“

Thirteen tries to move their head to face the young doctor, but quickly regrets it as pain blinds their vision.

“A-As long as I don’t move, I just feel incredibly sore.“

“I take that movement is very painful for you?“


Izuku jots something down.

“That was to be expected. Don’t worry though, it may seem bad today, but tomorrow you will be able to move freely without pain again. Just remember to take it easy and not to overdo it with physically taxing activities. If everything goes well, the chemicals I applied during your surgery should fix everything in two days time.“


The space hero would normally nod, but for now they decide against it.

Izuku scribbles something down again, making an approving sound.

“To bypass the time I’d advice you to sleep through your stay here and that would be it. If you need anything, press the nurse button and I’ll come as fast as I can. Otherwise, I hope you get well soon!“

“Thank you, doctor.“

“Oh please, Midoriya is perfectly fine.“

“Midoriya then. Um, can I ask you a question?“

“If it’s about the students, you can rest easy. Nobody was seriously harmed yesterday besides you, Eraserhead and Ya-“

The young doctor coughs into his fist gently.

“I mean All Might.“

“I see. I’m glad that the students are save.“


After that, Izuku leaves the rescue hero alone and heads over to Aizawa’s room.

“Hello, Eraser-“

The freckled teen blinks once,  twice and clears his throat then.

“Hello, Aizawa-san.“

The black-haired man prefers his real name over his hero name in familiar circles, huh? Must be an underground hero thing. Maybe to keep the connection between their hero and civilian identity hidden? Well, now is not the time to investigate it further anyway, so maybe later.

“I’m glad to see you awake. How are you feeling?“

“Urgh, my whole body’s sore, my right elbow is a painfully aching mess and my eyes feel like death warmed over...“

The young doctor writes down some notes.

“Well, that’s only logical, considering what you’ve been through yesterday.“

If Aizawa could, he would have raised an eyebrow at that comment.

“You say that like you’ve witnessed it yourself. If I remember correctly, you came together with the rest of the faculty, right?“

“That’s right, but I saw everything from my office in the hospital and informed the principal about the villain attack. All Might asked me to check on you since neither you nor Thirteen answered his calls. Since then I never took off my eyes in hopes of having a better understanding of your needs later on and trust me, I’d do it again.“

“You are aware that we have to take buses to get to the USJ, right? How far does that quirk of yours reach? Won’t the things between your position and focus point jump into your sight too? That would mean that you’d be faced with a ton of information at all times.“

For a moment, Izuku just stares at the bedridden man.

“Aizawa-san, are you worried about me?“

A short pause.

“Of course, you’re my colleague and it’s my job to worry about citizens.“

The young doctor chuckles.

“I don’t think that you’re supposed to worry about citizens to that extent and don’t concern yourself with the details of my quirk. I had eleven years to get used to it, so there really is no need to worry over me or my mental state.“

Izuku adjusts the contents of Aizawa’s IV bag and jots something down again.

“My bloody attire a couple days ago affected your view of me more than you’d like to admit, huh?“

The freckled teen starts poking at different places of the hero’s body, observing the patients reaction. Displeased grunts and pained hisses aren’t rare.

“Like I said, don’t worry about me. You care for your students and yourself, I care for my patients and myself.“

The young doctor nods approvingly and scribbles some notes again.

“So, you should be able to move around normally tomorrow, but take it easy. If everything goes right, you should be fully recovered in two days starting today. However, your eyes didn’t make it out unscathed. You won’t be able to hold your eyes open as long as before. Concerning that...“

The sound of paper scratching against paper fills the room as Izuku searches for some specific papers.

“... I have a suggestion for those goggles of yours that you might want to hear.“

“... I’m all ears.“

“I can adjust your goggles, so that you won’t feel the need to blink anymore as long as you have them on.“

If he could, Aizawa would blink once.

“That... really seems to be a useful idea. If you don’t mind, I’ll talk with Maijima about it the next time I get an opportunity and send him to you. Also wait, you’re allowed to adjust my goggles? You have a degree in assembling support items or something?“

“Does it even matter? I just hope that this idea of mine works out since I feel bad about being unable to fully fix your eyes.“

“Don’t blame yourself for things that aren’t your fault.“

“Still, just like your duty is to protect the citizens, my duty is to fix you up and if I’m unable to do that, it always eats at my conscience.“

“You can only do as much as the current scientific knowledge would allow.“

Aizawa doesn’t know what to think of the snort the young doctor makes upon hearing his last remark. Izuku doesn’t feel the need to add something to his reaction, but it doesn’t stop a thought from crossing his mind.

‘According to the current scientific knowledge, Mt. Lady and Kamui Woods would be dead.‘

“You should rest, Aizawa-san.“

“Aizawa. Aizawa’s fine.“

“Feel free to call me Midoriya then. Anyway, like I already said, you should rest now if you want to make a quick recovery. If anything comes up, don’t hesitate to press the nurse call button. I’ll come as fast as I can.“

With that Izuku stops bothering the underground hero and leaves the patient‘s room.


Standing before the door separating him and his last patient, Izuku takes a deep breath and puts a hand over his heart in an attempt to calm it. He isn’t sure if he’s successful.

The young doctor exhales one last time and wraps his free hand around the door’s handle. He opens it and steps inside.

“Good morning, Yagi.“

Said blond is already awake and sitting upright in his hospital bed. He has been staring out the window before Izuku made his entrance. The grown man whips his head around sharply, his azure eyes staring at the young doctor with a mixture of surprise, nervousness, unease and worry.

“Oh! Good morning, Midoriya.“

Chapter Text

Izuku takes a chair from the corner of the room and takes a seat next to Toshinori’s bed.

“Before we jump into more... personal matters, I’d like to talk about your physical condition first.“

At that Toshinori nods and tries to calm his nerves a bit.

“Luckily you didn’t sustain serious damage during the attack yesterday, so it was quite easy to fix you up. From what I know, you shouldn’t feel any physical repercussions, but if you do, inform me as fast as possible. Examples are more pain than usual or a shorter time limit. Feel free to call me or in case you’re still in the hospital, press the nurse call button. Understood?“


“All right. You should avoid strenuous activity for two days and after that you should be fine. That would be everything.“

The young doctor jots down some notes and sets the papers down on the table across the room. He sits back down beside his patient’s bed and lets out a long sigh.

“Okay, Yagi. You have questions, I have answers. I can’t promise you that I’ll answer everything in great detail or at all, but ask away.“

Toshinori hesitates.

“... Are you aware of...?“

“Yes, I am aware about the conversation between you and my mother. Let’s just say that she explained my quirk horribly and that she made some implications you shouldn’t mind too much.“

“I... I see.“

The old hero stares at his lap for a moment to gather his thoughts.

“... Your quirk. You told me once that you can see and understand the behaviour of the very particles, right? However, you didn’t explain yet how that exactly works.“

“And I assume that you want me to go into more detail, so that you can understand why I reacted the way I did yesterday.“

Toshinori nods. Izuku sighs once more.

“My quirk is a mutation type.“

The veteran hero narrows his eyes a bit, trying to gauge all the possible implications of that statement.

“... Mutation type quirks make permanent changes to your body. That means...“

Blue eyes widen.

“You can’t turn it off.“

Izuku nods, a sad and resigned smile crossing his features.

“No, I can’t. ‘Natural Genius‘ affects my eyes and brain mostly. It modifies my eyes in a way that lets, or rather forces me to see the very particles all the time. It works like this: My sight reaches a certain distance - which I’m not going to reveal - and I can see everything that lies in it. Imagine this: You’re standing in the basement of a skyscraper and your sight reaches the top of said skyscraper. You look up and you are instantly forced see everything, every person and their activities and their secrets in the building.“

Toshinori’s eyes widen.

“That must be a lot to take in. I mean, all the information is hitting you at the same time, right?“

“You’re right. That’s why my quirk affects my brain too. Unlike the brain of a normal human, I can process a lot more information in a shorter time. My limits slowly expand as the years pass by and now I can perceive a lot more than when I was only four years old. I can’t exactly just turn this quirk off and I constantly use it to the fullest extent after all. Unlike Ojiro-kun’s tail which he can relax if needed be, my eyes and brain are forced to work all the time, even when I close my eyes or try to sleep.“

“So those sleeping pills...“

“Unless I really tire myself out greatly, there is no way for me to fall asleep naturally. Like I said, my brain is constantly processing all the information my eyes send it. The only other somehow healthy solution I’m aware of is to take said sleeping medications.“

The veteran hero raises an eyebrow.

“Somewhat healthy solution?“

“Another method would be to forcefully knock me out with a well-placed hit.“


For a moment, Toshinori keeps staring at his lap once more, processing all the new information. All the while Izuku keeps watching the thoughts of the older male come and go, sometimes wincing when the tall man comes to certain accurate, but at the same time very unpleasant conclusions. After some time, Toshinori directs his widened eyes back to the teen.

“You see people‘s thoughts all the time.“


“You see their true intentions without fail.“


“You are always confronted with the truth, no matter if it’s good or bad.“


“You are forced to see their actions at all times.“


“You see crime whether you want to or not, small thievery during the daylight to torturous murder in the darkness of the night.“


“You are always forced to see those things since your quirk manifested at the age of four.“


You were only four. You were still a child.

“I know.“

You were confronted with the cruel reality at such a young age.

“I know. I saw and still see everything from rape to kidnapping to murder to illegal human experimantation to drug deals to quirk marriages to human trafficking to whatever.“

Toshinori wheezes.

“Back then in my kindergarten or elementary school days, my mother kept me home for a few weeks, so that I could hopefully gather my thoughts. And emotions.“

The old blond perks up at the last part.


Izuku nods.

“Emotions. Feelings.“

The young teen turns around and gestures at the whole room with his hand.

“Look, Yagi, look at this. This is a hospital room with white walls and a wide window.  There are many things in the room like your hospital bed, many medical devices connected to you and a table with various cupboards filled with medical supplies.“

Izuku turns his gaze back to the veteran hero.

“That’s what you can see, right?“

Toshinori nods, unsure of where this is going.

“Who said that I see the same things you do?“

The older man doesn’t know how to react to that.

“The thing is, in my default vision I really only see particles. Chairs, tables and buildings to cats, dogs and humans, all I see are chemical reactions and small particles. They are all the same for me. Looking at my mother, I only see a cluster of particles tightly interwoven and held together by all the natural laws. Not that much different from a cloud in the sky, the pavement we walk on or the occasional chewing gum between my teeth.“

For a moment, the freckled teen stares off into the distance, his mind seemingly far away.

“I can’t bring myself to care about anything. I mean, what if the cluster of particles I call my mother falls apart? What if I could have prevented that from happening at that moment? I mean, she’s bound to die at some point anyway and her particles will integrate themselves into other systems since nothing gets lost.“

Toshinori doesn’t know what to say.

“In order to somehow care again, I have to translate all the information my eyes give my brain into actual images a normal human eye is supposed to see.“

Izuku looks at the older man once more.

“When I do that, I don’t see the molecular structure of a female human, but... my mother.“

The freckled teen moves his gaze down and stares at Toshinori’s left side. The veteran hero follows Izuku line of sight.

“When I do that, I don’t see an irregularity that doesn’t match the structure of a healthy human male, but a painful looking battle scar that scarred you both physically and mentally, robbed you of your stomach and one lung.“

Toshinori tries to imagine a world where he can’t see the bright sun, the beauty of nature or the happy laughter of people, but only small, rounded shapes going about their own business no matter where he looks. If feels surreal, like a bad joke, like an in many ways horrible nightmare. And Izuku has to live like that since he was only four. He is forced to live like that for the rest of his still young life.

“I can’t bring myself to emote, feel passion or genuinely care about those lifeless particles. I can’t find meaning in this highly valued thing called “life“, because I literally don’t see the difference. At some point our structure is going to fall apart anyway and our components are going to scatter across the whole universe.“

Those words aren’t praises for life or suicidal idealisation, but just apathy at its finest. Toshinori doesn’t know what it feels like to struggle through life without any purpose. He imagines that it must be a pitiful existence, considering that he himself always struggles to uphold the image of All Might and thus has a purpose.

“Like I said, in order to feel emotions like a normal human being again, I translate all the information about the particles‘ behaviour into images every other normal person is supposed to see. However, the problem with that solution is that it drains my energy reserves greatly. Imagine this, you are confronted with trillions of billions and millions of particles that you have to make sense of. You have to figure out which ones are part of the image you want to “see“ and after that you have to make sense of all their movements and chemical reactions. After gathering all the necessary information, the last step would be to put everything together into a logical picture, like putting together a puzzle with an absurd number of parts.“

The old blond remembers how his chemistry teachers back in his school days would always remind his class just how small the atoms, protons, electrons and neutrons actually are. He imagines the stress of depicting something as small as simple as an egg and he already feels nauseous just thinking about the huge amount of work needed for that alone.

“Now image a scene where I’m totally tired out. I don’t have the necessary energy to imitate human vision, so my sight reverts back to it’s default mode, the particles. Do you now understand why exhaustion affects my emotional state that much?“

Toshinori nods, looking at his lap and still trying to process the huge info dump. Izuku kinda understands, but just to make sure he still looks inside the older male’s thought process. After a while, the tall blond faces the freckled teen again.

“It must be hard living like that.“

Izuku shrugs.

“Well, sometimes I feel like nothing matters and proceed to lie on my bed like a dead puppet the whole day, but I manage somehow. I have to, after all I can’t possibly leave my mother all alone. Luckily, my mother can always appeal to my memories since my emotions are still there.“

The young doctor looks at the veteran hero and sighs.

“I know that you still have many unanswered questions, but I think that this is enough for today. You will get another opportunity to speak with me personally, I promise, but for now my advice for you would be to rest.“

With that the freckled teen gently tucks his patient in. He leaves the room after gathering the lonely documents and giving the blond hero one last polite bow.


“Good morning, Dr. Midoriya!“

“Good morning, principal. How can I help you?“

“I wanted to ask if our three brave heroes are stable enough to participate in a meeting! We need to discuss the coming sports festival.“

“You might want to consider other means to include them then. I’m willing to help you with that.“

“I see. I would be very grateful for your help!“

Chapter Text

The following day, Izuku arrives at the teachers‘ lounge shortly before noon. Toshinori watches the teen from the corner of his eyes, distantly noting how the young doctor sits down with a tired sigh escaping the boy’s lips.

The hero stands up, leaves to prepare some coffee and returns to the lounge to offer the dark beverage to his young colleague. The freckled teen stares at the cup, blinking a few times.

“Oh, uh, thank you, Yagi!“

“Don’t sweat it, Midoriya. You looked like you needed it.“

Izuku turns around and stares at the taller male for a moment before focusing back on his paper work.

“… You don’t have to worry too much, you know?“

The blond teacher already expected it, but he still flinches slightly at being called out.

“The incident two days ago isn’t the norm. It usually never happens, only in very dire situations. You don’t have to be anxious about me. I had 11 years to learn how to deal with my quirk.“

“I can’t help it. Hearing the description of your quirk, many would envy you for your powerful quirk, however nobody sees how you pretty much… suffer in silence…“

“I’m not exactly ‘suffering‘, you know? This is the norm for me and I’m used to it. I know though, it’s different for you and you probably can’t imagine what it’s like for me. You can’t truly wrap your head around the idea yet and thus you’re trying your best to understand me. I understand you and I’m really grateful that you even put some effort into understanding my boundaries at all. Not everyone is as kind as you when it comes to that.“

Toshinori doesn’t comment on the topic any further and dreads all the implications behind the teen’s last sentence.

“… Are you alright?“

“Yes, I am. I’m just rather busy these days with all my patients, experiments and other stuff, but it’s nothing to worry about.“

“I see. Remember to give yourself enough breaks, Midoriya.“

“Of course I do, after all I don’t really have another choice if I want to remain a fully functional human being.“

… Right. Because of his quirk, Izuku is pretty much forced to take proper care of himself.

“Besides that, it’s rather funny coming from you, Mr. Self-sacrificial-borderline-suicidal.“

Izuku glances at the blond man from the corner of his eyes, a smirk slowly growing on his face. It’s clearly meant to be a joke and well, if Toshinori’s reddened cheeks and embarrassed stutter are any indication, it most likely has been a successful one too.

“I-I do take care of myself! It’s just really hard to gain weight when I have to go out there and save people a lot of times!“

“You know I’m just joking, right? At least for the most part. I’m not gonna bite you or anything, after all I’m not Recovery Girl or Gran Torino. Though, you really should consider changing your diet to something more appropriate for someone with your condition.“

Toshinori decides to stay silent and the red takes a long time to fade out afterwards.


Finally, it’s lunch break and both Izuku and Toshinori can hear the chatter of the students outside the teachers‘ lounge. Not long after, the teachers arrive in the lounge too and Aizawa approaches the freckled teen.

“Midoriya, are you aware that the Sports Festival will take place in two weeks? The teachers of UA discussed it in the meeting yesterday.“

“I think I happened to accidentally see a few thoughts concerning that, but I’m only truly aware of it now. The Sports Festival, huh? … Oh my god, the Sports Festival is in two weeks!“

The underground hero watches for a while as his civilian colleague descends into the hell of a fanboy’s obsessed mind, muttering possible plans for that day and stating various facts about the event.

Aizawa clears his throat in hopes of getting the young doctor’s attention again, clearly overwhelmed by the sudden change in his colleague’s demeanor, and Izuku does stop his crazy musing to focus on the black-haired teacher once more.

“I’m sorry, Aizawa. Thank you for informing me, but why did you come to me in the first place?“

The hero suspects that the freckled teen already knows the answer to that question, but the teacher is grateful that the doctor moved the conversation into Aizawa’s prefered direction.

“Right. The principal thinks that you should get the opportunity to help out in the event too. He said that he’d appreciate it if you could either contribute as another doctor like Recovery Girl or join me and Present Mic in the commentary box-“


Suddenly, a female voice interrupts the conversation, making everyone in the room perk up. Soon Inko steps into the teachers‘ lounge and after greeting everyone else in the room politely, she approaches her son’s desk excitedly.

“I just heard it in the news! The Sports Festival of UA is in two weeks! Do you want to take a day off and watch it together with me? This time we can even watch it live in case I can fetch us two tickets!“

There’s a conflicted look in the teen’s eyes as he glances at Aizawa and then back at his mother.

“I’m sorry, mom, but I think I’ll be busy this year…“

The woman is completely shocked by her son’s reply.

“What…? But you always take a day off for UA’s Sports Festival! I-it’s one of the few days you allow yourself some joy!“

She tugs at her son’s sleeve, her silent plea quite clear.

“It’s… it’s one of the few times when you allow yourself to be a normal teenage boy…!“

The Midoriyas don’t notice it immediately, but the whole room has been silent and the teachers have been listening in on the conversation. The conflicted expression on Izuku’s face deepens, but before Izuku has to make a decision, Toshinori steps in and places a comforting hand on the teen’s shoulder.

“I think you should enjoy the day with your mother, Midoriya. Everyone needs a break once in a while and I think that you deserve one after the chaotic events in the USJ a few days back. I’ll talk to the principal about making room for two more people in the teachers‘ section.“

Izuku just stares at the hero, bewildered for a moment, and his cheeks redden a bit.

“I- T-thank you, Yagi…“

“Don’t mention it. It’s the least I can do after you’ve been such a great help for the school.“

As the blond man turns around to leave the mother-son pair alone, he catches the grateful smile Inko directs at him and he returns the gesture, tugging at Aizawa’s sleeve and leading the dark-haired teacher away too. All the while Izuku observes the interaction and after the heroes are out of ear-shot, he leans in close to his mother's ear.

“Mom, you shouldn’t do this. Yagi already has a lot on his plate already and he doesn’t need relationship problems with a minor too.“

Inko just huffs at that and whispers a retort.

“You might be a minor by law, but I know better than them. If you are allowed to decide over people’s bodies, even lives, then you are perfectly capable of deciding and judging your romantic partners too, especially with that quirk of yours!“

Then, out of nowhere, a playful smirk makes its way onto the woman’s face.

“Besides, when your hero actually gains an interest in you, that’ll be because he genuinely likes you, not because of my interference. You know that I didn’t give him any tips or told him to do this just now. That was all him.“

Izuku blushes even harder and lets out a long sigh.

“… We’ll continue this conversation later in private, mom.“

Inko just keeps smiling, glad that she won this time.

“Of course, Izuku!“


Knock, knock.

“Please, come in!“

Toshinori slowly opens the door and enters the office, closing the door with a click again.

“Good day, principal.“

“Ah, All Might! Welcome, welcome! How can I help you?“

The hero takes a seat in front of the mammal and clears his throat.

“It’s about Dr. Midoriya.“

The principal perks up at that.

“You have my attention.“

“Well… May I know the reason why you want him to be involved in the Sports Festival?“

“Hm… To be honest with you, I just wanted to give him the opportunity to look behind the scenes. He’s a hero otaku, isn’t he? I just thought that it might be a nice gesture for him. I also wanted to thank him for his help during the USJ incident. I don’t want to imagine what would have happened if he hadn’t been there to inform us as quickly as he did.“

Toshinori sighs in relief, all the tension bleeding out of his posture. He’s glad that the discussion will be rather easy.

“If that’s the case, I’d advice you against putting more responsibilities on his shoulders.“

The principal tilts his head a bit, quietly gesturing for the hero to continue.

“His mother just visited him in the teachers‘ lounge and mentioned how the Sports Festival is one of the few days when he allows himself some rest and joy. I think you’d make him happier if you reserved two seating arrangements for him and his mother in the teachers‘ section and allowed him to see behind the scenes without burdening him with further responsibilities.“

“Hm… Thank you for informing me, All Might. You’re suggestions are really helpful. I’ll make the necessary preparations then to make the day as enjoyable as possible for our youngest staff member!“

Chapter Text

Later that day when Izuku and Inko are home alone, the young teen picks up the conversation they dropped earlier in the teachers‘ lounge.

“Mom, I’m serious. Please, don’t play matchmaker.“

“But why not?“

“Because it would be troublesome for Yagi if everything between us worked out. What you think doesn’t really matter when it comes to the law. I’m still considered a minor.“

“Izuku, we’re already past that. You are allowed to enter a romantic relationship with adults with parental consent and I’d be more than supportive if you finally decided to make a move on your hero.“


“There is something else, isn’t there? What is it, Izuku?“

The freckled boy contemplates his answer for a moment.

“… Right now is a very, very bad time for romantic relationships, mom. That’s all I can say without invading Yagi’s privacy and revealing secrets that aren’t meant for civilian ears.“

“… You want to, no, you will help him, won’t you? You already have some kind of plan, right?“

“… Yes.“

“Is it… going to be dangerous?“

“Most likely.“

“Are you going to come back?“

“Do you even have to ask that? Of course I will!“

“... No matter what I say, you’re going to do it, right? Then just… Be careful, alright?“

“I will, mom. I told you already that I will definitely come back home.“


The next day, Izuku is already sitting in the teachers‘ lounge when Toshinori arrives and the hero is glad that the young doctor appears to be well rested.

“Good morning, Yagi.“

“Good morning, Midoriya.“

Izuku scribbles the last few words down before he looks up to face the taller man.

“Are you busy today?“

Toshinori blinks a few times.

“Um, not really. It’s mostly lesson plans I’ll need next week, so I can do them during the weekend too. Is something the matter?“

“I think you’d welcome a more private place for this conversation.“


They change rooms and after Izuku locks the door with an audible click, he takes a seat across the hero.

“You still don’t have a successor, do you?“

Toshinori visibly stiffens.

“N-no, not yet.“

Izuku sighs.

“I know that you played with the thought of giving me One for All before I explained my circumstances to you, even if it was just a passing thought.“

The blond hero pointedly chooses not to comment on that.

“As you should know by now, I’m not cut out for hero work, in other words, you need a new successor. I know that principal Nedzu and Sir Nighteye suggested Toogata Mirio. Why don’t you take a look at him, now that you truly are out of options for the time being?“

The thin man rubs his neck sheepishly.

“That’s… Well, you revealed the details of your quirk to me just two days ago and from then until now, um, I’ve been preocccupied.“

“I understand. Of course you have to prioritise your own recovery and the reorganisation of UA.“

Izuku pointedly ignores the hero’s conversation with the principal that was about him and his mother.

“While I’ll accept those reasons for now, I strongly recommend you choosing a successor as soon as possible. You really should call Sir Nighteye and arrange a metting between the both of you and Toogata.“

Toshinori only nods at that because what can he say? Izuku is totally right. Besides that, the urgency the hero can hear in the teen’s voice is a reason to worry. Dr. Midoriya usually is a calm and collected person, so when something manages to agitate the teen like that, the hero better take it serious.

“You aren’t busy during lunch, right? You could call Sir Nighteye then.“

“Yes, you’re right, of course. I’ll call him during lunch break then.“


The clicking sounds of a computer keyboard fill the otherwise silent room, until the sudden noise of a ringing phone joins the clicking noises. A hand reaches out to the small device and accepts the call. The hero’s eyes don’t leave the computer screen as he brings the phone to his ear.

“Good day. Sir Nighteye speaking. How can I help you?“

“… Is that you, Sir Nighteye?“

The hero – Sir Nighteye apparently – stops whatever he has been doing until then and double checks just to make sure.

“… All Might?“

“It’s been a while, my friend. How are you?“

“… I’m fine. Have you finally decided to meet Toogata Mirio?“

“… Yes, I have. When can the three of us meet in the near future?“

“Tomorrow during lunch break. I’m sure that principal Nedzu will be more than willing to provide us with private rooms and I’m sure that Toogata will be able to make it. Would that be alright with you?“

“That should be fine then. Well, if you don’t have any other pressing matters you wish to discuss with me immediately, I would say that we will see each other tomorrow?“

“Tomorrow then, All Might.“

The call ends and Sir Nighteye spends the next few moments just staring at the small device. Then he places it back down and gets back to work, clicking noises filling the room once more.


Mirio get a message on his phone and stops whatever he has been doing until then to take a look at it. It’s from Sir Nighteye.

[Toogata, meet me tomorrow during lunch break before the gates of UA. We have important things to discuss with another third person.]

The hero-in-training raises an eyebrow at that and resumes whatever he has been doing, keeping his master’s message in the back of his mind.


After the call, Toshinori returns to the teachers‘ lounge and approaches Izuku’s desk. He leans closer to the young doctor’s ear and whispers in a quiet voice so that only the teen hear it.

“I just finished the call with Sir Nighteye. Me, him and Toogata will meet tomorrow during lunch break.“

Izuku looks up from whatever he has been writing and smiles at the hero.

“Good! I’m glad that you‘re finally making progress on that matter. I hope that Toogata Mirio will be the right one for you. I have a feeling that you’ll take a liking to him since he reminds me of your past, energetic self.“

Toshinori coughs up blood after hearing the last comment.

“M-my past self?!“

“Well, since you’re hanging around me a lot, I’m bound to accidentally see a few parts of your memories that I didn’t really intent to.“

Well, the hero really should have expected that. Izuku probably has blackmail material for pretty much every single person and if not, he can easily get them regardless.

“A-anyway, there’s another reason why I wanted to speak with you, Midoriya. I wanted to ask you if you would like to join the three of us tomorrow.“

The young doctor stares at the taller man and blinks a few times.

“... Well, I have time tomorrow, but I don’t really see why my presence would be needed. Don’t tell me you’re afraid of messing something up?“

The silence tells the freckled teen everything. Izuku sighs.

“Alright, I’ll be there tomorrow.“

“I-it’s because I’m a bad teacher, you know? I’ll most likely ask you to help me out in the future when it comes to Toogata, so I thought that it might me beneficial if the two of you get to know each other sooner...“

“Like I said, it’s fine, Yagi. I’ll be there tomorrow.“

Chapter Text

The following day, Mirio stands in front of UA’s gates, patiently waiting for his mentor. The pleased smile on his face and the happy tune he’s humming reveals his current mood. How can he not be excited? This is the first time Sir Nighteye visits him at his school!

“Ah, Sir! Here, here!“

Mirio’s enthusiasm draws a small smile from the pro hero, something the public doesn’t get to see. Sir Nighteye values humor and smiles more than one might think.

“I’m glad to see that you could make it. I’m sorry for calling you out so suddenly.“

Mirio’s smile seems to widen as he gives his mentor a thumbs up.

“Don’t worry about it, Sir! It’s fine, really!“

The third year lowers his arms and a thoughtful expression makes ist way to his face.

“Since we’re already on that topic, you called me out to meet someone, right? Do you know where-?“

“I think I can be of help with that question.“

An unfamiliar voice cuts into their conversation and both hero and hero-in-training turn around to search for the newcomer. A short teen with messy green hair, emerald pupils and freckled cheeks approaches them with a polite smile.

“Greetings, Sir Nighteye, Toogata Mirio. Am I right to assume that you both are here today to speak with All Might?“

Mirio blinks a few times while his mentor readjusts his glasses, a serious expression back on his face.

“You are right to assume that. May I ask who you are?“

“I am Midoriya Izuku, All Might’s doctor. I’m here at the hero’s request to guide you to him.“

For a few moments, Sir Nighteye just stares at the young doctor. This is… the Midoriya Izuku, the “All Might among the scientists“. He’s so… young. Additionally, he’s… acquainted with the number one hero himself too.

“I see. Please lead the way then.“


Izuku guides them through the labyrinth that is UA High School with a confused Mirio and contemplative Sir Nighteye trailing after him. All the while, the hero stares at the doctor’s back like his gaze alone could give him all the answers of the universe.

Sir Nighteye considers initiating physical contact with the green-haired boy so that he can look. Back then, all those years ago when he looked at All Might, he didn’t see the young doctor and he’s unsure how the freckled teen’s unexpected presence might have affected the number one hero’s fate.

As deep in his mind as he is right now, Sir Nighteye doesn’t notice the quick, thoughtful glance Izuku shoots him from the corner of his green eyes.


Knock, knock.

“All Might, your guests are here.“

Movement can be heard through the door before a deep male voice answers back.

“Thank you, Midoriya! Please come in!“

The door separating them opens up and blue eyes take in the group of three as the number one hero welcomes his guests with his muscle form.

“Sir Nighteye! It certainly has been a while since we had the pleasure of talking face to face! You are Toogata Mirio, right? I don’t think we’ve had the chance to talk before. It’s nice to meet you!“

For a moment Sir Nighteye and All Might just stare at each other. A jar full of pent up emotions, frustrations and regrets opens up quietly and it takes Izuku taking the initiative and sitting down next to the number one hero to break the tense situation.

“Please take a seat Sir Nighteye, Toogata.“

After a moment of quiet contemplation, the mentor-student duo do take the seat in front of the young doctor and renown Symbol of Peace. All the while Sir Nighteye eyes Izuku and thinks about how casually the freckled teen approached the number one hero. Izuku is more than aware of the suspicion and mistrust in the former sidekick’s gaze, but the teen won’t be the only person being stared at for too long.

Shortly after the two guests have taken their seats, Toshinori claps his hands together loudly in an attempt to dispel the previously rather difficult atmosphere.

“Toogata-shonen! I’m sure you are confused as to why the number one hero might ask for you and your mentor!“

Mirio laughs nervously, his eyebrows wrinkling in a questioning gaze.

“I certainly am confused, sensei…“

Toshinori lowers both his arms and previously boisterous voice.

“I’m sorry, Toogata-shonen, but before we continue I must make sure that you are aware of how important the following topics are. I must ask you not to speak about them to anyone else but us for the safety of the people.“

The third year squints even more, worry clear on his face as he rubs the back of his neck. He looks at his mentor with a helpless face, unsure what to say. Sir Nighteye sighs. Of course Mirio would be worried hearing such a declaration from the world’s Symbol of Peace himself and he can’t blame either party for their reactions.

“… Do you remember how I decided to take you under my wing a few years back? I’ve done it for a reason and the reason is… this. I really think that you are perfect for it, but All Might is right. If you don’t feel ready or fine with it, you can say no of course.“

In the end, Sir Nighteye gives the decision back into Mirio’s hands, making the student even more unsure about the situation, but he gets advice from the least expected person in the room.

“Don’t overthink it, Toogata. These two are just worried about you and I can understand them. While listening to All Might’s story shouldn’t affect your current life all that much unless you decide to choose so, knowledge comes with responsibility. You can choose whether you want to hear All Might’s tale or not. You can still choose not to take action, but like I said, knowledge can be a heavy burden.“

Toshinori glances at the young doctor from the corner of his eyes. He himself is aware how true those words are, but coming from Izuku, their meaning seems to have even more weight.

Still, hearing those words does calm Mirio down a bit. Even if he chooses to hear the Symbol of Peace out, it’s still his choice to make whatever that decision they want him to make affect his current life or not.

He glances at Sir Nighteye and the hero seemingly watches him with a stoic expression. Unfortunately for his mentor, Mirio has spent enough time with the former sidekick to be able to tell the hopeful glimmer in the pro hero’s eyes.

Mirio faces All Might fully and flashes the brightest smile he can muster up with all the pressure on him.

“I’m listening!“

Chapter Text

Now that Mirio agreed to listen to the hero’s story, Toshinori is quite nervous. He closes his eyes, takes in a calming breath and starts his explanation by deflating into his true self.

His potential successor looks understandably startled and Mirio gives Sir Nighteye an unsure, questioning glance. His mentor in turn places a comforting hand on the student’s shoulder.

“This is what I truly look like, however that wasn’t always the case. Six years ago, the facade of All Might wasn’t a mere facade, but the true me.“

Blue eyes watch the third year’s face closely, gauging out the blond boy’s reaction.

“What happened? What could have possibly reduced you to this? Well, my boy, it was the work of a villain, but not just any villain. It was a villain who sank their roots deep into the country and feed off the people for way too long already.“

The weight of the situation slowly dawns on Mirio and now he’s listening attentively.

“We refer to him as All For One. He and I have a history that reaches far back, but today that should be of no concern to us.“

Toshinori clasps his hands together and lets them rest between his legs. He leans forward tiredly and rests his elbows on his thights, emphasizing his next point.

“My point is: I’m tired out, my boy. As of now I can only work as a hero for three hours a day, not considering the help of Dr. Midoriya over here.“

The hero gestures to the young teen sitting next to him who raises a hand at the mention of him.

“To be honest, I don’t know how far his capabilities reach when it comes to fixing my mess of a body and I assume that you aren’t sure either?“

The last question is directed at the freckled teen who confirms Toshinori’s assumption with a short nod.

“As of now, I’m only capable of stopping your body from falling appart even further, thus keeping your time limit at a constant 3 hours a day. I can’t say if that’s bound to change in the near future since I tend to get useable results faster than my other colleagues sometimes.“

Now Toshinori nods shortly and turns his attention back to his two guests.

“There you have it.“

Sir Nighteye feels an itch in his hands, a slowly rising need to touch Izuku and look. He hasn’t seen this mysterious teen when he first looked at Toshinori and the young doctor’s words make him… hopeful. He throws a glance in the freckled teen’s direction and his eyes meet emerald ones staring at him, watching him.

Toshinori clears his throat before continuing.

“Still, it doesn’t change the fact that I’m getting old and in need of a… successor.“

Mirio had his suspicions, but hearing the word “successor“ spoken and directed at him by All Might himself has the third year’s eyes widen.

“Someday, rather sooner than later, I won’t, can’t serve as society’s pillar of support anymore. The world will need another Symbol of Peace.“

The blond boy can feel Sir Nighteye’s hand on his shoulder tighten the slightest bit at the same time Toshinori’s piercing blue eyes threaten to look into the very depths of his soul.

“I think you already know where I’m going with this, Toogata Mirio. I’m considering making you my successor, my boy.“

From the corner of his eyes, Mirio can see how Sir Nighteye lifts a finger to readjust his glasses and turns his head away from the conversation.

“Before you decide, know that you can take your time giving me an answer, but of course the sooner the better. Besides that, I’d like to mention one last point today if that’s alright with you.“

Toshinori waits a moment in case Mirio has a question, but without having any thrown his way, the hero continues.

“Why do I even need a successor in the first place? Can’t anyone else train a very talented and skilled hero-in-training? Can’t someone else rise to the challenge of shouldering all of society? You see, a hero needs many abilities and the ones I’m going to mention now are the ability to ease the people’s hearts and the strength to protect them. I think the first one should be self-explainatory. The state of society has a significant impact on crime rates. If everyone believes that crime will not be tolerated, people are less inclined to commit them. My second point is a bit more tricky thought.“

Toshinori raises a hand and rubs the back of his neck, looking thoughtful for a moment.

“Would you believe me if I told you that I was born quirkless?“


The question surprises Mirio so much that he let that one word slip, however Sir Nighteye gently silences him again with a quick squeeze of his shoulder.

“You heard me right, my boy. I was born quirkless. Now that begs the question if I have a quirk now. Yes, I do. That of course then begs the question how that is possible. You see, the quirk I currently have is called One For All. It’s a stockpiling quirk and makes it possible to transfer the power from its previous bearers to the next.“

Mirio’s eyebrows scrunch up and it clearly shows that he has a hard time grasping that concept.

“Imagine it as a torch, my boy. One person holds and cultivates it before giving it to another person who cultivates and passes it on too. Another important aspect of the quirk however is its ability to be passed on, thought not in the genetic sense. The current bearer can willingly give it away and only willingly. In other words, without the bearer‘s consent, One For All will not leave the bearer.“

Toshinori sighs and takes another moment to gather his thoughts.

“Currently, One For All is one of the strongest quirks in existence and I cannot allow it to end with me. That’s why I need a successor; to make sure that One For All stays alive and that its power continues to be used for justice.“

A moment passes when nothing further is said. Mirio waits a bit before responding, unwilling to interrupt the current number one hero during his explanation.

“I... I see.“

The third year students looks at Toshinori and turns his questioning gaze to Sir Nighteye. Both of them are watching him expectantly and Mirio doesn’t know what to say after the sudden revelations.

His way out comes in the form of Izuku standing up abruptly.

“I think this is enough for today. Since this is a very important matter, I suggest sleeping over it for a day or two before we make any final decisions.“

Toshinori clears his throat nervously.

“I completely agree with you, Midoriya. Like I said, don’t feel compelled to agree or make any hasty decisions, Toogata-shonen.“

Sir Nighteye fixes his glasses again and lets his eyes sweep over the two males in front of him before focusing his gaze on the blond boy sitting next to him.

“You are right, Dr. Midoriya. This matter shouldn’t be decided in a hurry or without any deep consideration. I want to emphazise that we aren’t forcing you to take this opportunity; we are only giving you the option. You are free to agree or refuse the offer.“

Mirio looks thoughtful for a moment.

“I’m really honored that you consider me worthy enough to consider choosing me for such an important matter, I really am! However, I think I need more time before I can come to a final conclusion. I hope you don’t mind if I think through it for a few days...“

Toshinori gives the young man a patient smile.

“Like I said, that is totally fine with me. Of course I’d prefer it if you made your decision sooner for obvious reasons, but in the end it won’t do anyone any good to force an unprepared person into the difficult and hard role of the Symbol of Peace. Just do me the favour of being honest when you answer me.“

The blond student suddenly bows low to show his respect.

“Thank you, All Might-sensei! I promise you to be honest when I give you my answer!“

Izuku interrupts the moment with clapping his hands a few times.

“Alright, I think we should end it at that for now. Thank you both for coming today.“

Then Izuku glances at Sir Nighteye long enough for the hero to notice him.

“Sir Nighteye, if you don’t mind, I hoped that we could speak together now? Just the two of us.“

Sir Nighteye raises an eyebrow at that. Had it been anyone else, the hero probably would have refused, but he himself is interested in the freckled teen too, so he nods.

With that the four of them part ways. Mirio goes back to his fellow classmates and Izuku and Sir Nighteye remain in the room. When Toshinori leaves the room and closes the door slowly, his eyes linger on the green-haired pair facing each other. He doesn’t know why Izuku feels the need to talk to Sir Nighteye privately, but he knows that Izuku usually doesn’t do things without any deeper meaning. This is a reason for worry in his opinion and while he does consider listening in on the conversation, he doesn’t want Izuku to catch him during that either and thus leaves the two individuals alone.

Chapter Text

Izuku watches for a while to make sure that nobody hides behind the door leading out of the room. When Toshinori’s presence fades into the distance, the young doctor shifts his gaze into Sir Nighteye’s direction again.

“Sir Nighteye, I know that you are an efficient man and prefer to get matters done quick, so I’ll get to the point now. Even though we only met each other around an hour ago, even though our opinions from each other shouldn’t be tainted by too much yet, I still dislike you to a certain degree.“

The hero frowns at that.

“If you only wanted to make clear that you don’t like me, I don’t really see the point of this conversation. You could have told me that anytime.“

Izuku sighs.

“If only the problem was this easy... The reason why I dislike you isn’t because of you in particular, but your actions. To be more precise, it’s something you did in the past.“

The former sidekick‘s stoic gaze doesn’t change.

“I do not like the way you beat around the bush, doctor. Please get to the point, like you promised earlier-“

“You shouldn’t have told Yagi about the fate that you’ve seen with your quirk.“

All thoughts Sir Nighteye might have had until now screech to a halt. Whatever he might have thought about, none of them have been about this particular subject and he doesn’t know how to respond or what to say.

“... Why?“

The freckled teen lets his head fall into a hand and rubs his temples to soothe his nerves for a while.

“What do you call your quirk again? Foresight? That name alone is very misleading, you know?“

The pro hero clenches his hands tightly. He doesn’t understand where this conversation is headed and the lack of knowledge is bothering him. A lot.

“Let me clarify something so that we are on the same page. Your quirk is nothing more than a prediction of the future with a very high accuracy. Nothing more, nothing less. However, you and everyone else treat it like it unravels the secrets of the world to you. That’s where my problem is.“

Izuku then looks up so that his emerald eyes meet those of Sir Nighteye.

“Are you aware how much your mere prediction affects All Might negatively?“

Again, everything stops for the former sidekick. All his thoughts, all his anger, all the tense emotions twisting around dangerously in the small container that is his heart cease to threaten to swallow him up.

He hurt All Might.



“From what I can see right now, you weren’t aware of it until now, right? When your predictions are set in the far future, they have a slim chance of being wrong. That’s what you believe, right? Let me tell you something: All your predictions aren’t completely accurate. They all have a chance to be wrong. That’s because they are, again, mere predictions.“

This subject is grating on Izuku’s nerves painfully and he rubs his temples again in a weak attempt to calm his rising anger.

“Since then All Might has been living every single day of his life like it’s his last. He neglected himself in several ways and focused to saving as many people as his limited time would allow him. He has been a dead man for a long time now thanks to your prediction.

Slowly, horror dawns on Sir Nighteye’s face as he realised what his words did to the man he wanted to protect.

“You wanted to help him; you wanted to save him from that fate. You know what? I actually believe that. I believe that you would do nearly everything for All Might. However, because of your strong believe in the finality of your quirk, you’ve given up already before even trying. Even when you begged All Might to retire, you probably only did that in desperation without ever believing in any real results, to soothe your conscience.“

Suddenly, Izuku stands up and walks over to the exit of the room. His hand hovers over the door handle, but before he leaves, he still has a few parting words for the pro hero.

“Let me say this again: Your quirk is nothing more than a prediction with very high accuracy. It can still be wrong. If you’re unable to support All Might with your whole heart, if you can’t get over the mindset that all hope for him is already lost, then I kindly ask you not to interfere in my work. It was hard enough for me to get him to eat properly in order to get all the necessary nutrients inside his body and I don’t want your presence to shatter all the progress I’ve made so far. He deserves better than any of this after all the service he’s done for our society.“

Izuku lets his last words linger for a while before he leaves the pro hero alone to his thoughts.

You may only see one way, but I always see countless outcomes. I’ll choose whatever I want: The best end for Yagi and the best end for everyone.‘


Izuku hasn’t expected to be paid a visit after school has ended.

“Please, come in.“

The door slowly opens and a blond head pops in curiously.

“Ah, there you are, Dr. Midoriya!“

“Welcome to my humble hospital office, Toogata. What can I do for you?“

The third year fully enters the room and shuts the door behind him.

“Well, it’s... it’s about earlier, about... One For All.“

Izuku instantly perks up at the mention of that particular subject.

“Please take a seat and like I said, what can I do for you?“

Slowly, Mirio makes his way over to the younger teen’s desk and sits down on one of the few chairs available.

“Well, it’s just... It’s a hard decision to make, you know? Both All Might and Sir already believe in me and I just... I just want another opinion first before I make anything final. However, I can’t possibly wander around and spill this secret to the next person and the only other other person I know for sure who is involved in all of this is you...“

“I see.“

The blond hero-in-training is asking for Izuku’s opinion on the matter.

“You see, Toogata, heroes are more than their appearance and raw fighting power. They are pillars holding society together with their combined effort. However, when you look behind the heroes‘ images, you most likely won’t find the heroes alone, but many other peoples supporting them from the shadows. It’s the same for All Might. He might be seen as the Symbol of Peace, but even he has support from people he trusts with all his heart. It’s okay to show weaknesses and rely on your trusted individuals.“

Mirio blinks a few times. Dr. Midoriya just answered his most pressing questions in seconds.

“You should really talk to Sir Nighteye about this. Ask him why he chose you, ask him why he thinks that you’re the perfect choice.“

Really, the third year isn’t one to shy away from asking his mentor questions, so why should he now? The freckled teen is right.

“Thank you. I’ll do that.“

“I’m glad to be of help of you. Now to your actual question…“

The young doctor takes a moment to sort his thoughts.

“I think that you’d make a fine successor.“

Mirio has heard that often enough by now, but he needs more.

“How so?“

“Well… Unlike most heroes, you have both enough skill and power to stop villains and charisma to charm the people.“

Mirio laughs weakly, a bashful smile on his face.

“I’m honored that you think so highly of me…“

“Additionally, you are optimistic, but not naive. You are aware that you cannot save every single person and resort to do as much as you can. That’s totally fine. You are only human after all, just like All Might. Your thinking is grounded in reality to some extent.“

The third year nods, listening.

“Besides that, you aren’t afraid to reach out to the people close to you when you are in need of help. That is incredibly important since every person needs good friends who will pull them through hard times. I’m sure that All Might and Sir Nighteye will be willing to include Amajiki into this matter once he proves himself trustworthy. Hadou certainly is a special case though…“

Mirio can only chuckle at the last remark.

“Anyway, I hope this is enough for you…?“

“Yes, thank you. I’ll think more about it once I have some privacy and time at hand.“

The freckled teen nods approvingly.

“Good. Is there anything else you need?“

“Uh, no, not really. I guess I’ll take my leave then. Again, thank you for your time!“


With that Mirio leaves Izuku alone as he exits the room.

‘He’s a good person. Sir Nighteye really picked a good one.‘

Izuku prepares to get back to his paper work, but pauses with a frown stretching across his face.

‘... Nevertheless, it’s still sad how despite all expectations, Sir Nighteye seems to see even less due to his quirk.‘

Chapter Text

Once Izuku has taken a look at all his personal, scientific projects, he makes sure to get a good night’s rest since the following day will be a very busy one for him.

First order of business for him once we wakes up is to call a certain former sidekick.

“Hello, Sir Nighteye speaking.“

“Good morning, hero.“

The tall man freezes upon hearing that voice. After the day before, he could never forget it.

“... What can I do for you, Dr. Midoriya?“

“The question is not what you can do for me, but what you can do for your favourite intern if you know who I mean.“

“Toogata Mirio?“

“Yes, indeed. You really choose a good one, you know? I would really appreciate it if you could refrain of handling him wrong. He should be coming over to you really soon and I want you to be honest with him.“

“Wha- How do you even know this? Honest with what?“

“It’s just a feeling I have after the conversation we had together yesterday and I think he’s taking my advice by coming over to you now.“

“He... He came to you for advice?“

“Not really advice but more like reassurance. Anyway, I have a busy schedule today. If you really care about All Might or Toogata Mirio, you will not mess up your following conversation with your intern. Take my advice or not, it’s your choice, but I won’t hesitate to take action should anything go wrong.“

“I... I see.“

They end the call and just moments later, Mirio throws open the door to Sir Nighteye’s office, startling the hero.

‘Did Dr. Midoriya time this down to the second?‘


After a couple of winding paths and well-hidden streets, Izuku soon stands in front of the police station with a certain detective. On his way there, he makes sure to call the man first to avoid complications.

“Hello, detective Tsukauchi speaking. How can I help you?“

“Tsukauchi Naomasa, right? I’m Midoriya Izuku. Surely you know about my reputation. Currently, I’m on my way to you and I hope that you have some time to spare for me?“

“I... I actually do have some free time right now. I suppose we can have a little chat then.“

“I would be very thankful.“

Shortly afterwards, Izuku arrives at the police station and Naomasa is already waiting for him. After exchanging pleasantries like social etiquette dictates, the police officer has been about to lead his young guest to his office when Izuku suddenly shakes his head and looks into the direction of the cells.

Normally, the detective would be very suspicious of people like the young doctor, but he has only heard good words about him from Toshinori, so he decides to follow the lead of the freckled teen for now.

Soon they find themselves in front of the cell containing the noumu from the USJ raid. A glance at the young doctor shows that Izuku is staring at it intently.

“You... wanted to see the noumu?“

“Yes... and I need to get closer to him as well.“

This catches the detective off-guard.

“W-wait, you want to go inside the cell?! We don’t know what it’s capable of yet and what it might do if given the chance!“

“It won’t do anything without a command of its masters. It has been programmed to behave like that.“

That certainly is something Naomasa doesn’t know of and he latches onto that, desperate for more information.

“Programmed...? What do you mean?“

For the first time since arriving at the noumu’s cell, green eyes glance over to the grown man. For a moment, Izuku seems to contemplate something.

“Let me inside the cell and I might give you a few pointers.“

Naomasa is still hesitant, understandably so. The young doctor sighs.

“If you’re not going to help me, I’ll be forced to take actions on my own and that won’t end pretty.“

The detective doesn’t know what higher force compels him to listen to the freckled teen’s request, but he hesitantly opens the door to the cell for the young doctor. Dr. Midoriya is known for defying all current logic and having right, at least in the medical field.

Slowly, Izuku opens the door and steps inside, Naomasa following him from behind with a raised gun. Without a care in the world, the young doctor pokes the noumu, climbs up on it and takes all the samples he might want. He spends a lot of time staring at specific parts of the bioengineered being once he gathered all the samples he wanted and then finally jumps down to exit the cell, quickly followed by Toshinori’s friend who quickly locks the cell behind him.

Once they are outside with all the necessary locks secured, Naomasa doesn’t hesitate to turn his attention back to his shorter guest.

“You probably won’t tell me what you did to the noumu and what you will do with those samples you collected, right?“

“I see that you are very clever, detective.“

“You did say that you will give me a few pointers though.“

Might. I might give you a few pointers, but I’m not going to be stingy now. Run a coupld of DNA tests on him, you should find traces of multiple... things.“

“... Is there a reason why you avoid being specific?“

“I considered all my options and came to the conclusion that this will be better in the bigger picture. You can either trust me or not.“

“... I guess I’ll take what I can get. I suppose you would like to leave now?“

“Yes, indeed.“

“Alright, follow me.“

As soon as the young doctor suddenly appeared at the police station, the freckled teen is already gone. Naomasa makes a quick effort to prepare the DNA tests and makes a call with Toshinori.

“Hello, Tsukauchi-kun! Is something wrong?“

“Hello, All Might. Well, nothing is exacly ‘wrong‘, but... your little doctor paid me a visit recently to meet... the noumu. He also said some rather interesting... things. You might want to keep an eye on him because I got the feeling like he knows more than he shows. You say that he only has good intentions for the people and heroes, right?“


“If that’s the case, I cannot fathom why he would hide information from us... Anyway, I just wanted to inform you of this, so that you can keep an eye on him.“

“... If you wanted me to observe him in secret, that plan failed the moment you informed me.“

“I... what?“

“Don’t think too much about it, Tsukauchi-kun. It comes with Dr. Midoriya’s quirk. I’ll ask him what’s going on behind the scenes if you want, but I can’t guarantee any results.“

“I, um, I would appreciate that, yeah.“



Soon after his talk with his trusted detective friend, Toshinori finds himself in the office of Izuku. The moment he places his first step into the room, the young doctor places his tea down.

“Is this about me and Tsukauchi Naomasa?“

The hero halts in his steps, still unused to the seemingly endless knowledge of the short male in front of him.

“Ah, yes.“

“I hope you are aware that I will not do anything that is harmful to my patients or the people I care about. In this case, that involves keeping silent over a few things.“

Toshinori sighs.

“I already guessed so. Can you at least tell me if it’s... dangerous?“

“Depends what you exactly mean with ‘dangerous‘. My research itself isn’t dangerous for anyone of course besides me maybe since I have to handle the chemicals and equipment.“

“I mean... what you hide from us. What- what the consequences are...?“

“I wonder? Don’t worry though, your detective friend should have it figured out in a few weeks and nothing noteworthy will happen until then.“

That does nothing to reassure the hero, but he trusts the teen. If Izuku says that them having prior knowledge will amount to nothing, Toshinori believes him. The young boy did save his colleagues and students in the past after all.


Later that day, after all work is done, Izuku goes back into his personal lab. He swirls the vials with the noumu’s and Toshinori’s DNA, staring at them intently. Squinting his eyes, he runs a lot of complicated equations through his mind, trying to figure out something.

‘If this works... that would be perfect! I never thought that I would pick up this research again though, but then again, drastic circumstances call for drastic measures. Sadly, I’ll have to slow down on my work on Yagi’s cure... Then again, as long as he’s alive, it’s never too late.‘

Chapter Text

At the same time when Izuku visits the noumu under Naomasa’s watch, Sir Nighteye and Mirio meet at the hero’s agency. Just as the young doctor ends the call, the blond third year is already knocking on Sir Nighteye’s office door.

“The door is open.“

Slowly, the door opens and closes, soon revealing the form of his young intern.

“Hello, Sir! I hope I didn’t interrupt something?“

“You didn‘t, Mirio. What is it that you need from me?“

The young blond closes the distance between them and sits down on one of the chairs in front of the hero which are usually offered to visitors.

“I wanted to talk to you about... All Might.“

Of course the taller hero knows what’s up, sits down and rests his head on folded hands.

“Did you close and lock the door?“

“Yes, Sir!“


Sir Nighteye takes a deep breath in and out. Dr. Midoriya’s words echo in his mind, both the ones from yesterday and the ones from the recent phone call.

“... What did you wish to talk about, Mirio?“

The young hero-in-training makes a thoughtful face.

“You said that... you’ve taken an interest in me in the past because of... all of this, right?“

The hero nods.

“And you said that you think that I’m a very good fit for it?“

Again, Sir Nighteye nods.

“It’s just... I don’t get it. What do you see in me? What makes me worthy in your eyes? I’m sure that there are many more promising students out there so... Why me?“

For a moment, there is nothing but silence. Then, slowly, the hero reaches over the table with a hand and lets it land softly on his intern’s blond hair. He lets it slip to the side a bit, so that they can still look each other in the eyes.

“You... I chose you because you are worthy, Mirio. You share many qualities with him. You’re strong, you have an unbreakable smile and... you have charisma. Like All Might, your presence brings reassurance for the people and peace to the country. If you had... it too, I believe that you would become a hero worthy to succeed All Might’s legacy.“

Clearly, his mentor’s words do little to satisfy Mirio’s busy mind.

“Hearing you say it like that, that I’m supposed to follow the All Might and take his place... It feels... impossible. He is such a great hero and I can’t imagine me, or anyone for that matter, taking his place...“

Slowly, Sir Nighteye retracts his hand, folds both of them on the table and sighs.

“... I know what you mean, I know what you feel. All Might is our greatest hero, most certainly one of the greatest heroes in all of human history. Right now, we are living under his seemingly almighty protection and it just feels like he is everywhere. To think he would one day have to step down as our Symbol of Peace... It’s hard to imagine. However, you have- we both have seen the reality. All Might is severly wounded and he cannot keep up the illusion of the pillar of society much longer.“

‘Excluding the intervention of a certain Dr. Midoriya, that is,‘ the hero thinks quietly to himself, a small frown growing on his face for a short moment that quickly vanishes.

“We need someone to succeed him. Soon. All Might is already straining his last reserves and we can’t have society collapse with him. Mirio, I know that what I, what we ask of you is a lot, but I promise that I will always stay by your side when the time comes. I will not leave you. You are more than worthy of All Might’s legacy and are more than fitting to inherit his power. I believe in you. I wouldn’t have taken you in if I didn’t.“

Mirio looks down for a moment, clearly thoughtful, before looking back up again with a determined expression.

“I’ve decided. I’ll take on this burden. I’ll become All Might’s successor!“

A soft smile sneaks its way to Sir Nighteye’s face and once again he reaches over with a hand to properly ruffle the younger man’s blond hair.

“I’m glad, Mirio. You won’t regret it.“


The day has been full of lively events, some for the better, some rather concerning. Toshinori is one of the people who has the latter events happening to him.

For some reason, Izuku went to see the noumu and took... samples from it. Additionally, he seems to be hiding something.

‘Knowledge can be a heavy burden,‘ he remembers the young doctor say.

The hero is sure that the freckled teen must have his reasons for everything he does, but... Toshinori just wishes that Izuku would trust him more. It feels bad to be hovering around a person who holds so much knowledge and thus power, but who also believes that he has to shoulder everything alone.

A memory of the freckled teen flashes across his mind’s eye and... he is so young, so small. Right now, Midoriya Izuku is nothing more than a young boy, but at the same time he is so much more. It isn’t an overstatement when Toshinori says that Izuku holds the answer to all the secrets of the universe in his tiny, little body.

He sees everything, from idealistic families to the most gruesome torture on earth. Once again the blond man tries to put himself into the young doctor’s situation and he can’t imagine himself being capable of keeping such a level-headed mind in the face of... everything.

Toshinori just wants to help him, to get closer to him. There is something about that young boy that bothers him. Maybe... maybe it’s those lonely, withdrawn eyes of his, like he thinks he has to face the world all on his own.

The hero closes his eyes and sighs. He takes a deep breath in, holds it for a moment and releases it again. When he opens his eyes, resolve shines in his senken pupils.

‘It seems like I’ll take Midoriya-san up on her offer and ask her about him. Tomorrow, I’ll pay her a visit.“

Chapter Text

The next day Toshinori visits Inko in the morning while Izuku is already out going after his work in his hospital. The shorter woman welcomes him into her home with a patient smile, leading him through the halls to the living room. Inko then quickly vanishes into her kitchen and serves the two of them tea shortly after. She sits down at the other side of the small coffee table, so that the two adults are facing each other.

“Good morning, All Might. What gives me the pleasure of having the number one hero as my guest today?“

Toshinori takes the offered tea cup into his hands and sips it, buying himself a few precious seconds to sort his thoughts.

“Yesterday, your son went to see the noumu we captured during the UJS incident. I already tried asking him, but he didn’t say what is on his mind. I wanted to ask you if you have any clues concerning that.“

“Oh, so it’s happening again.“

The hero hasn’t expected that response.

“Again? What do you mean?“

“… Izuku is a very smart and talented person, isn’t he?“

“… Yes, I cannot deny that.“

“Right? Especially with that quirk of his… He would be such a valuable asset for pretty much… everything.“

The blond adult has a bad feeling.

“He can help with so much, you know? Be it in a scientific field, as an educator, as a doctor, as a hero’s strategian or… as a villain.“

The teacher already had a hunch that something doesn’t seem quite right, but he hasn’t thought of that even thought he certainly should have. Izuku’s quirk is very valuable, not just for the public or heroes, but also for villains.

“Are you saying... that villains were targeting him?“

“Were and still are. Not just him, but me occationally too. I’m a valuable hostage, after all, and Izuku is nothing but a young teen. I told you before, but me, you and Katsuki are very valuable to him. That’s probably because Izuku already built a strong emotional connection to us before he got his quirk.“

“Did any of those villains... reach you or your son?“

“Ah, you mean if any of those villains ever captured one of us? I was always safe, but... I don’t think that I can say the same about my son. Sometimes he would disappear for some days, several weeks or even months and then he would come back, continuing his life like nothing has happened. I don’t know what Izuku did during his absence, but what I can say is that those disappearances tend to happen when a villain too close for Izuku’s tastes.“

“So he deals with them on his own then?“

“Like I said, I don’t know. He could have requested protection from the police, asked for assistance from some heroes or remained alone all the time.“

“I see. And he never tells you where he goes to or what he does?“

“No, he doesn’t. I asked him once in the past and he said that I don’t want to know the answer to those questions.“

Inko’s hands tighten the slightest bit and start trembling.

“All Might, we’re talking about villains here, villains who were smart enough to nearly track us down, to nearly track down Izuku. I don’t want to know what incredible intelligence those villains must have and I don’t want to know what they want to do with my son’s gifted abilities either. Izuku... he must have seen some horrible things during his absence. Due to the nature of his quirk, he’s used to keeping secrets, so I’m not really surprised that he refuses to talk about... his little adventures or plans.“

Toshinori has to reprimand himself from gripping his tea cup too hard, nearly shattering it in his hands.

“Are you implying... that such a villain is after your son right now?“

Much to his surprise, Inko shakes her head, a small smile on her face.

“While it is true that he only disappeared during such instances in the past, I don’t think that that’s the case this time. In fact, I think what Izuku is doing right now is for your sake, All Might.“

This... this isn’t something the hero expected.

“Me? For my sake? I mean, I do get the feeling that he feels personally responsible for my recovery, but... I don’t really understand why he would have to go through such lengths...?“

The shorter woman shakes her head.

“I don’t think that this is about your recovery specifically. You might not notice much out of the ordinary since you haven’t known him for a long time yet, but... I can tell. Izuku... he is obsessed with whatever it is that is occupying his mind so much these days. He is spending more time in his lab and he only comes home to eat and sleep. All I can do now is to wait patiently and trust him.“

“Aren’t you... worried about him?“

“Of course I am! There will never be a moment when I’m not worried about my special boy! Again though, there is so much I’m not aware of... The only thing I can do is put my trust in Izuku’s hands and pray that he comes home safe and sound. Everytime something like this happens, I wish I could do something for him, but I know better. This isn’t something I can help him with, this is something only he can do.“

Somewhere along the conversation, Toshinori has placed his tea cup back on the coffee table. He leans forward a bit, resting his elbows on his knees, and fold his hands.

“It must be hard having a son like that. It is a parent’s job to look after their children and help them, yet there is nothing you can do for him.“

Inko has to catch a tear with the back of her hand before it manages to escape her eyes.

“It is. Quirks really are something, right? Some of them are... very, very special.“

For a moment, there is nothing but silence between the two adults. Eventually, a thought crosses Toshinori’s mind.

“You know, while I understand his reasoning somewhat, I still think that he should rely on others more. It cannot be good for him to always work on his own like that. Someday, that might backfire really badly.“

Inko stares at the hero in front of her for a moment before she giggles. Once more, the blond man is thrown off balance by the shorter woman’s reaction.

“Sometimes I cannot believe the similarity between the two of you!“


“I’m- I’m sorry, but yes, similarities. In the past, Izuku has said the same thing about you, you know? That you should open up to people more and rely on them, put your trust in them.“

Now it’s Toshinori’s turn to stare at the giggling woman in front of him. He thinks about what she said and realises that yes, he and Izuku aren’t that different in that aspect.

“In my case, it’s just the way it is. I am the Symbol of Peace, my presence alone wards villains off, but also attracts many enemies, from small time criminals to the most cruel of people. I could never forgive myself if someone came to harm because of me-“


The short retort catches the hero by surprise and once again he looks at his doctor’s mother with widened eyes.

“I thought my son was bad, but you’re way worse! Let me tell you something, mister number one hero, everyone needs people who support them, even you, no, especially you! I saw what Izuku had to deal with as such a prominent and important person in the medical and scientific field and he needs all the emotional support he can get. You cannot tell me that you can smile like that all the time and not collapse inside your own four walls!“

Inko stand up and goes over to her guest, sitting down next to him and taking one of his hands in hers.

“I know your type. You take on everything, so that other people aren’t burdened with it, destroying yourself in the process until you finally break and fade away into nothing. I’m sure that there are people out there who would be devastated if you were to disappear silently, not just as a hero, but as a person too. So please, if not for me then at least for Izuku and the people who care about you, don’t run yourself into the ground, think of yourself too.“

There are tears staining the mother’s cheeks and Toshinori can’t take his eyes off them.

“Whenever Izuku disappears, I always sit at home, wondering if I’ll ever see him walk through the entrance door shouting ‘I’m home, mom!‘ again. I’m... I’m scared. I’m scared of being contacted by the hospital first instead of my son, stating that... that Izuku died because of... something. You and Izuku are probably worrying over more pressing matter, but know that there are people who care for you and worry over your safety.“

Eventually, Inko lets go of her guest’s hand and wipes her tears with the back of her hands.

“O-oh no, I-I’m sorry for losing my composure like this. You... you wanted to ask about what my son could be planning, right? I... I don’t know. Again, Izuku is very secretive and... I’m so sorry for losing myself like this-“

Finally, Toshinori seems to get a hold of himself and he hurries to reassure his host.

“No, no! It’s fine, really! I... I was aware that I would be touching upon a difficult subject for you and your son, but I wasn’t aware just how much it must affect you after living with his for more than a decade.“

Inko sniffs a couple of times, taking a few moments to compose herself again and to be honest, the blond man can’t fault her for that. To have dangerous villains hunt after her son since he was nothing but a young kid, to be powerless to protect him so that he has to protect him and his mother himself, it all must weight heavily on Inko’s mind. Eventually, a smile smile graces her features.

“One good aspect to Izuku’s quirk is that he knows that under the numerous layers of worry and fear, I truly trust him and that I’m always proud of him when he comes home unharmed. While I will always worry over him, I... I can’t lose my faith in him. I have to stay strong for him, be home when he comes back so that I can welcome him with open arms. He doesn’t say it, but I know that he appreciates it, to return to a place he deems safe, to a place he sees as his home.“

For a moment, Toshinori is stunned. For a moment, he doesn’t see Midoriya Inko, but another female person who was and still is so dear to him. Then, he himself shows a smile, one unlike he shows as All Might, one that is smaller, but oh so more genuine. When he looks at Inko, when he breathily whispers his next words, his lips tremble the slightest bit.

“... You remind me so much of her.“

The shorter woman blinks a few times, surprised by what her guest has said.

“What do you mean? ‘Her‘?“

It takes a moment for the hero to realise what he let slip and he hurries to finish the conversation.

“Ah, no, don’t worry about that. This has nothing to do with you. Anyway, I’m really thankful that you were willing to reveal so much to be, even if I gained little knowledge about the original problem I came here with. I’m really sorry, but I really need to go now. Classes are starting soon and I don’t want to keep the students waiting.“

Inko takes a look at the clock hanging in the room and her eyes widen.

“Oh my! It’s that late already? I’m sorry for having kept you so long!“

“No, no. It’s fine, really! I came here on my own volition after all. Again, thank you for welcoming me with open arms.“

“Come, All Might! Let me lead you outside!“


Later that day, Toshinori, Izuku and Mirio meet again and Izuku pointedly chooses not to comment on his favourite hero’s most recent conversation with his mother.

“Are you sure, Toogata?“

“Yes, I’m sure, All Might! If you are still okay with me, I’d be honored to become your successor!“

“If that is the case...“

The number one hero reaches up to one of his bangs, takes a single strand of hair between his fingers and plucks it from his head.

“... you’ll need to eat this.“

Mirio stares at the hair offered to him silently.

“... If you don’t mind, can I get an explanation for... this?“

“One for All can only be passed on if the bearer wishes for it, but for the recipient to actually receive it, they’ll need to ingest some of the current bearer’s DNA. I could offer my DNA to you in many other ways, but... I think that a hair would be the least... problematic option.“

The third year blinks a couple of times, thinks about that statement a bit and soon looks back into the Symbol of Peace’s eyes with a blush on his cheeks and numerous stutters in his voice.

“O-oh! Of course! I-I understand what you mean! I... suppose I’ll take the hair then!“

Mirio accepts the blond strand of hair and Toshinori places a cup full of water near his soon-to-be successor. When UA’s top student looks at it questioningly, the older blond clarifies.

“So that you can better flush it down.“

“Ah, I... I see.“

It is a matter of seconds. The third year puts the hair into his mouth and drinks from the offered cup immediately to make sure that the hair reaches its destination. Once the rather uncomfortable matter has been dealt with, Mirio looks back up.

“So... what now?“

This time, it is Izuku who answers the student.

“I suggest we meet up again tomorrow. Your body needs some time to digest the hair and until that happens, you won’t feel any changes. If he can make it, Sir Nighteye is also welcome to join us. I figured that since he has been teaching you for some time now, you would want to have him with you, Toogata.“

“Ah, thank you very much for your consideration, Dr. Midoriya! I’ll make sure to send him a message later then!“

“I suppose this concludes everything for now?“

Izuku looks over to Toshinori.

“I don’t have anything else planned for now, no. I suppose we’ll meet each other again tomorrow then, Toogata.“

“Of course, All Might!“


Later that day, when Izuku is alone in his laboratory, he focuses all of his efforts on his research once more. Using various chemicals and tools, he does experiments with his own cells and DNA.

“Just a little bit more and- Yes! Finally, I separated the quirk from everything else. Now if I can improve the procedure a bit more, I’ll be ready to move onto the next step of my plan.“

Chapter Text

The next day after school has ended, Toshinori, Izuku, Mirio and Sir Nighteye meet each other in one of UA’s many training grounds. Nedzu has been so generous as to allow them to use the renown school for All Might’s successor’s education.

First things first, Mirio and Sir Nighteye give a demonstration of Mirio’s abilities through spairing together. Toshinori instinctively notes how experienced his successor is, something the blond adult himself would have desperately needed in the past when…

Anyway, besides actual battle experience, he also has a good grip on his original quirk “Permation“, a quirk that allows the third year to slip through pretty much everything. The younger blond is quite clever with its use, for example taking a hit instead of blocking or dodging it, using his opponent’s confusion to retaliate in kind.

In the end the current number one hero comes to the conclusion that even without One for All, Toogata Mirio would have become a splendid hero nonetheless.

They end the demonstration and Mirio approaches his new mentor with a wide, hopeful and beaming smile.

“So, what do you think, All Might?!“

The old hero chuckles a bit upon seeing his new successor’s enthusiasm, offering a small smile in return.

“If you want my honest opinion, Toogata-shonen, I think that you would have become a great hero even without One for All, no, you already are a great hero. The way you incorporate your quirk into your fighting style is clever!“

Beside Toshinori, Izuku hums thoughtfully.

“You’ve already seen your fair share of fights and conflicts, right?“

Grinning, Mirio flashes his teeth and a thumbs up.

“You could say that! And it’s all thanks to Sir here! I’ve only been interning with him for a little over a year and I feel like a completely different person!“

The mentioned former sidekick looks to the side, a middle finger moving up to readjust his glasses.

“You’re exaggerating. I only took what was already there to begin with and polished it a little.“

Even if Izuku isn’t the greatest fan of the foresight hero, of Sir Nighteye has done something right, he deserves the credit.

“Toogata isn’t wrong though. I remember his performance in last year’s Sports Festival. It was quite… entertaining, to say the least.“

Accidentally losing your closes while the whole country watches really sounds lile fun, after all. Mirio visibly blushes at that comment and laughs loudly while holding the back of his neck.

“Haha, how right you are, doctor! It’s all thanks to Sir’s guidance that I’m who I am today!“

The third year’s mentor tries to turn his face away from the stares even further, but the other three already noticed the light blush on his cheeks.

Eventually, the laughter dies out, making way to a comfortable silence that Izuku soon interrupts.

“Anyway, like I said, you seem like you had many experiences already when it comes to actual fights. You were able to predict Sir Nighteye’s reactions wgen faced with your quirk and already developed meassures for situations when your opponent gets used to your fighting style. You’re more of a brawler, understandably so since your quirk doesn’t really do much from the distance and gives you great advantages in short ranges when used right. You rely on surprises though, for example when you let Sir Nighteye’s hand slip through for body instead of dodging it to take him by surprise or when you vanished beneath the ground to use Sir Nighteye’s lack of information to launch a sudden attack. However… Nah, we’ll talk about it when we get to that.“

During Izuku’s detailed analysis, Toshinori is standing beside the teen, fidgeting with his hands in embarrassement since the hero once again failed to say anything meaningful besides empty sounding words and praises.

“So, now that we have an idea of Toogata’s abilities, what do you suggest we do now, All Might?“

The blond blinks a few times, slightly caught off guard at suddenly being mentioned, and clears his throat once.

“Well… since a day has already passed since the transfer, I’d like to continue with One for All. Can you feel it, Toogata-shonen?“

“Hm… Right now, I feel rather… normal. I don’t feel any different. Is that not supposes to be?“

Toshinori chuckles.

“Nah, don’t worry. That’s totally fine. I suppose you need some time to get used to it first, time to get your first feel of it.“

“So… How do I use it?“

“Well, what I can suggest you is to clench your buttocks and-“

Along with his following words, the current number one hero punches the air with his right fist, a smirk on his face.

“-to scream ‘SMASH!‘ in your heart!“

Standing next to the two blonds, Izuku sighs.

“O-okay, All Might! I’ll try it then!“

“Alright! Give it your best shot!“

With resigned eyes, the freckled doctor watches the third year student stepping away a noteable distance. Mirio closes his eyes and concentrates, focuses inside him, searches inside him. When he sees a spark, his eyes shoot open and he punches the air fast.


He actually screams the word, but that’s not important. What is important though is the complete destruction in front of the student and the – for Izuku – visible ache in his very bones.

Mirio retracts his arm, closes one eye and hisses.

“Woah, that stung! What incredible power though!“

A certain freckled teen sighs uppn hearing the first sentence. Just… because, Izuku is going to give Toshinori the benefit of the doubt.

“Any plans what on what you could do now, hero-sama?“

“Oh, um… A-are you, perhaps… upset somehow?“

“Hm, what might give you that impression?“

“I’ve never hear such a… sarcastic tone coming from you.“

“I assure you that you’re just imagining things, All Might-sensei.“

“There it is again…“

Clearly, the old blond doesn’t believe his doctor, but it’s not like he can fault the younger male. Unfortunately, Toshinori really has no clue what and how to teach his successor.

“You were always a man of incredible instincts and intelligence with a naturally good understanding of One for All, however, you are utterly helpless when it comes to explaining your knowledge to anyone who can’t directly see your thought process.“

The Symbol of Peace flinches, shrinks in on himself, visibly slouches. For some reason, the gaunt man feels like he’s back in the past, being a naive teen and getting both reprimands and lectures from Gran Torino. Somehow, Midoriya Izuku just has that effect on him.

Seeing that Toshinori understands, the young doctor turns his attention to the older teen.

“What did it feel like, Toogata?“

“Well! Hm… It was like a rush of power, quick and sudden. I searched for it inside me and once I found it… I focused everything in my arm and let the power loose.  It was like letting go of a rubber band that has been stretched to the maximum.“

Toshinori perks up at that metaphor.

“Ah, I see that you already have a mental picture in your mind. That is very good, shonen! Hold onto it tighly because it will help you control and regulate One for All better!“

Izuku nods.

“All Might is right and to be honest, that decription isn’t even that bad. I’d like to give you one advise though.“

The young doctor stretches out his hand, his index finger pointed up.

“One for All and Permation are similar in the sense that you can apply then to different parts of your body at the same time, but as you already said, One for All is like a rubber band. Unlike Permation which is like an on off switch that is either in use or not, One for All is something that you can and should regulate. Permation is either on or off while One for All can be everything from 0% to 100%.“

“Oh, I see! That’s really interesting and incredibly helpful! I never considered the differences!“

“You only just got your first impression of One for All, so don’t be ashamed or anything like that. I’m glad to be of help. I hope that you’ll make good use of that knowledge in the long run, so that I don’t have to force you into my hospital like now.“


Through time, several problems arise with Mirio’s mastering of One for All.

Like Izuku predicted, Mirio has trouble differenciating between his two quirks, applying the strategy he uses for Permation on One for All.

Additionally, despite his already very good physical health, the third year cannot withstand the full force of One for All yet, in other words, additional training is necessary in order for the young blond to avoid many hospital visits in the future.

They agreed on the following goals when it comes to the training sessions with All Might (and Izuku too of course): physical strengthening, control of One for All, control of the two quirks separately, control of the two quirks together.

Of course there are many other important aspects to becoming a splendid hero, but they are already covered by UA and the internship with Sir Nighteye, for example actual experience and general knowledge.

It’s going to be difficult and confusing, but all three people involved with the third year’s training are confident that the teen will pull through it successfully.


“Ah, welcome, welcome! Please take a seat!“

The teachers and Izuku gather together for the meeting, taking a seat at the big table provided to them. Once everyone is ready, Nedzu speaks up again.

“As you all should know by now, I’d like to talk about the coming Sports Festival! How are the preparations coming along?“

Vlad King stands up at that with a couple of papers in his hands.

“I have requested additional assistance in our efforts to strengthen our security during the festival. Not all heroes responded back yet, but the police have given their okay.“

“Hm, I see! I hope the others are quick to respond back to us!“

The blood wielding hero sits back down at that and then Midnight chimes in next.

“My team decided on the plan for the first years and prepared everything we could on our own, but we still need feedback on how the robot supply comes along.“

She turns around to pointedly look at Power Loader.

“Well, we’re trying our hardest to reuse whatever usable parts are left from the zero pointers from the entrance exams, however, we already have a lot of them ready. If we can’t piece new ones together from the old pieces, we can just order new parts. It shouldn’t take too long for them to arrive.“

And so the meeting goes on. The teachers talk about their progress and he necessary budget they might need for the rest of their preparatios.

All the while, Izuku watches the events goin on, content to remain inactive. After all, he will need his energy later on for more pressing matters.


“Quirks really are something… I really wonder why I decided to put my research on hold in the past. It’s so intersting!“

Looking through a lense, Izuku tries his best to coordinate his naturally, slightly shaking hands enough not to damage the delicate structure of the quirk he iscurrently analysing.

“Who would have guessed that such a combination of various reactions could lead to something like this! This is really fascinating! However… it’s so complex that it might take a while until I can figure out how to take them apart in their individual traits to recombine later…“

Izuku lets go of his devices for a sec and slumps back into his chair, giving himself a moment to breath. Sighing, he turns his head around to look into one of the many tanks in the room, filled with a weirdly glowing substance.

Standing up, the young doctor makes his way over to the object of his fixation, inspecting it closely.

“How are you doing today? Are you growing well?“

The freckled teen squints after a short while.

“Well, you are growing well, but… at this rate until you’re ready… it might be too late then…“

The determined scientist turns around and searches his many cupboards, finally arriving back at the tanks side later with a vial containing another substance.

“This should be able to solve that problem…“

Izuku goes to another machine, the source of the liquid inside the tank he just inspected and empties the contents of the vial into the machine.

“It’s growing quiet well even without this though. It’s just that there is not enough time for it to grow at its own rate… Nevertheless, the actual problem however is neither this nor my quirk research, but rather…“

The young scientist looks back at the table where he just inspected the structure of a quirk moments ago.

“I have to make good use of the Sports Festival, no, I have to.“

Chapter Text

The days pass by with Mirio being trained by his mentors and the UA faculty making calls and preparations to finish everything in time for the Sports Festival.

Izuku continues to watch from the sidelines, glad for all the free time so that he can focus on his research.

Besides that, he enjoys walking around the halls of the renown school, looking at and analysing the hidden structures of the heroics focused school. He is impressed by all the technology build into the stadium where the Sports Festivals are held, but not surprised. UA is the definition of over the top, just like ist heroic alumni.


When Izuku wakes up one day, he is greeted by the sight of his excited mother waiting for him with finished breakfast in the kitchen.

“Izuku! The Sports Festival is today! Hurry or else we might miss it!“

The young teen chuckles at his mother’s excitement, knowing that it isn’t the festival specifically his mother is interested in, but his enjoyment.

“I know, mom, but don’t worry. I’m sure the festival isn’t going to run away anytime soon!“

Soon after their meal, they arrive at UA. The teachers are running around and shouting at each other, hurrying to finish the last preparations and check the configurations of the necessary machines.

The students are led to their seats and are explained roughly what will be expected of them formally. Each year’s representative is expected to hold a speech and the details of the events themselves are something they will learn during the festival.

Izuku and Inko are led to the places reserved for faculty members, a special arrangement Nedzu prepared for them. However, before the festival truly begins, Izuku excuses himself from his colleagues for a moment to drop into Recovery Girl’s office.

“Hello, Recovery Girl! I hope you don’t mind if I drop by every now and then during the day. While Nedzu told me to take it easy, I can’t just overlook students in need of medical attention. Is that fine with you?“

“Ah, that should be no problem, dear! I’m sure that the students will feel more comfortable to have someone their own age around when they are here recovering.“


Finally, the Sports Festival starts and the civilians storm inside the place with laughter and excitement. The uninvolved faculty members already gathered in their own special seats, including Izuku and Inko.

The freckled teen is practically vibrating in his seat, his head darting left and right and up and down, his eyes seeing something that is beyond walls.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe it! There are so many heroes here! Mom, mom look! I can see Death Arms, Kamui Woods and Mount Lady over there!“

Inko follows the direction her son’s finger points at, but finds herself staring at a wall. She chuckles, used to this kind of situation by now.

“Really? That’s wonderful! Didn’t you say a year ago that you saw Mount Lady’s debut?“

“Oh, right! I was on my way home from visiting a patient, I think? And Kamui Woods was there too! I think Mount Lady kinda stole his spotlight…?“

Izuku continues to gush about various heroes that are present, sometimes visible to the people around him and sometimes… well… not.

Seeing the normaly serious and matter of fact doctor so excited never fails to surprise UA’s teachers.

Inko on the other hand loves to listen to her son go on such rants. It reminds her of a time long ago, of a time when Izuku hasn’t been forced to see the truth of the world yet.

Some teachers turn to one another, wondering where their youngest colleague even take the time to gather all the information.

“Is he actually doing scientific research in his lab or rather research about heroes…?“

Nevertheless, some if them have gotten over their initial surprise and enjoy the sight of that young boy, well, behaving like a young boy should be allowed to.


Once the audience has settled and the equipment has been checked several times, the first years slowly come out of hiding, revealing themselves to the world. Present Mic introduces each class, though class 1-A gets special treatment.

Izuku can see the excited looks on the civilians‘ faces and the curiosity coming from several pro heroes.

It is not every day you get to see a hero course class successfully survive and fend off a large scale villain attack after all.

Midnight calls forth tehe representative of the first years, Bakugou Katsuki and Izuku is curious to see what his childhood acquaintance has in store for the world.

The explosive teen steps onto the stage, his face blank and… neutral?

“… I will be the number one.“


Then, outrage.

“What did you say?!“

“Damn those arrogant class 1-A guys!“

Despite the harsh response, Katsuki can’t help but grin.


The blond’s loud words manage to silence his peers completely.

“If you don’t want me to take the number one spot, you better give it your all. Then maybe, just maybe, you have a chance against me after all. Don’t count on it though because I’m not going to hold back either.“

And then the teen steps down to join his class once more.

Izuku can’t help the proud smile that makes its way to his face.

‘You’ve changed, Kacchan. You’ve changed for the better.‘

Some curious teachers notice the young boy’s smile and lean in.

“Hey, doc. You know that student?“

The freckled teen turns around to face his colleague.

“That’s a secret!“


The Sports Festival continues and the civilians get to see the first years struggle through a obstacle race, a cavalry battle and, after some recreational activities, a battle tournament.

The people cheer when something flashy or impressive happens. They are sometimes upset as well, for example when Katsuki seemingly seems to toy with Ochako, stating that he shouldn’t keep hitting a seemingly weaker girl like that, that it’s cruel. Even some heroes say that, making more experienced an knowledgeable individuals upset and slighly disappointed in the quality of heroes these days.

‘In the battlefield, there is no place for weak morals and standards like that. You either win or lose, live or die. There is mercy for noone. While it is true that this is a controlled match, those are two determined individuals fighting for their goals, wishes and dreams. Don’t just degrade them to their genders alone. They are more than that.‘

When Katsuki looks up with surprised eyes, drawing the attention of the audience with him, Izuku can’t help but smirk in satisfaction.

‘Besides, it’s not like Uraraka is weak, defenseless or without a plan here.‘

The young doctor takes satisfaction out of the surprise and recoil the clueless people around him feel right now.

And so the event continues with Izuku watching intently to the point where he mutters his thoughts aloud. Toshinori listens to the seemingly unintelligible sometimes and is both surprised and astonished over the detailed observations and analysis. Eventually, other teachers start listening in as well, catching some things they themselves haven’t noticed, already planning to integrate those revelations into their lessons later.

Occationally when an event ends, like a fight during the tournament or at the end of the two previous trials, Izuku sneaks off to see Recovery Girl in her office, seemingly helping her in her efforts to treat those reckless kids.

Everyone knows by now that the young doctor and scientist only rarely, pretty much never does something without a reason and UA’s faculty members wonder what is truly going on in that mysterious head of his.


It happens sometime in the middle of the battle tournament. Tenya has just rejoined his classmates at their seating area when his phone suddenly rings with an incoming call. He steps outside in an empty hall, checks the caller ID and answers them.

“Hello, mother! I am very sorry about losing the tournament!“

“Oh, really? Tenya, you don’t to be upset about that. You’re still learning and growing after all. However, I didn’t call you to talk about the sports festival. It’s about your brother Tensei, hero Ingenium.“

Tenya tenses at that.

“What happened?“

Sobs and shaky words can be heard through the phone speakers.

“T-the hero killer… Y-your brother spotted the villain and went after him, but… he… he lost…“

The bad feeling in the serious boy’s gut gets stronger and stronger with every word his mother loses to his ears.

“Mother, please, tell me what happened…!“

“T-Tensei is in the hospital right now. The doctors say thag his spine has been badly damaged and… and… t-that there is a high possibility that he can never walk again…!“

Tenya’s eyes widen, his unoccupied hand falling to his side before clenching into a tight fist.

“His can’t be… I’ll be over there soon! Which hospital is brother at right now?!“

After his mother has revealed Tensei’s location to the younger sibling, Tenya is about to inform a teacher about his future absence when his ears suddenly catch the sound of a certain doctor’s voice.

“Hello, this is Doctor Midoriya speaking. How can I help you?“

Tenya doesn’t mean to eavesdrop, but he doesn’t want to interrupt the conversation either, so he ends up pressing his back against the wall just around the corner of the other boy’s sight (or what Tenya believes it to be).

“Help with Iida Tensei or rather the hero Ingenium? What is his condition?“

The first year tenses upon hearing his brother’s name, now more focused on the conversation not meant for his ears.

“Hm, I see. That should be easy to fix. Bring him over to my hospital. I should be able to get him to walk again. Since he’s a family member of a UA student, UA’s going to cover the costs for me one way or another anyway.“

After deciding on more details, Izuku ends the call and turns his gaze over to where Tenya is.

“Don’t worry, Iida. Your brother will be back to his old self in no time.“

Tenya visibly startley at that, stepping out of his hiding place.

“Y-you knew I was there?! Why didn’t you say anything?!“

Izuku is already walking back to where he came from, waving a dismissive hand at the boy behind him.

Tenya watches the young doctor ealk away from him for a bit, until he is interrupted by another call by his mother.


“Tenya, it’s a miracle! The doctors and nurses ssy that they found someome who can eventually save Tensei, that there is still hope for him! Isn’t that wonderful?!“

“Yes… Yes, it is!“

“They said that they’re going to move him to a doctor at UA. Do you know of a certain Doctor Midoriya?“

“Yes, of course! Who doesn’t know about him these days?!“


“What’s your problem, huh, Half n‘ Half bastard?“

They are at the final of the battle tournament with Katsuki and Shouto facing each other.

“You think I didn’t notice how you’ve been half-assing this since the very fucking beginning? Where do you think you are? Who do you think you are, huh?! Are you mocking us?! Are you mocking me?!“

“I don’t know what you mean.“

“Stop playing the dumb fuck here! I know that you haven’t used your fire half one single time since joining UA! Are you holding back on us? Are we not worth the effort or what?!“

“Tsk, you don’t know anything about me! Or did my old man ask you to provoke me?“

“Your old man? So what? Do you have a daddy complex or something?“

“I will become the number one hero without his power! I will show him that I don’t need him!“

“… So you’re saying that you want to become the best with your half-assed attitude?“

“What do you even know about me?!“

“Enough to see that you aren’t worthy enough to be here, Half n‘ Half bastard. Have you seen All Might? Despite facing devastating disasters and the most vicious of villains, he always emerges victorious. Do you know why? Because he’s strong, because he gives it his all. He is a hero to bring peace to the people’s hearts through his smile and to bring fear to the villains‘ minds by his sheer power alone. And you? You want to become like him with only half your potential? Because, what? Of your dumb daddy complex-?“


A huge wall of ice is thrown Katsuki’s way who braces an arm in response to that. Soon, a loud boom can be heard as the ice shatters into millions of tiny pieces. The explosive blond shoots through all that rubble like a cannon ball, heading straight for his opponent and pinning the usually more stoic boy to the ground.

“Let me tell you something, Half n‘ Half. This here?“

The blond grips Shouto’s left hand harder.

“This is your power. Yours and nobody elses. It doesn’t matter where it came from, wha counts is what you do with it. Be that flame of yours from the devil itself or from god, if you warm up a freezing person in winter, then you’re good, but if you let them freeze because of your stupid daddy complex, then you’re bad. It’s as simple as that.“

Shouto still tries to struggle out of Katsuki’s hold, but the sound of a small explosion and the feeling of scorching heat around his wrists has him consider it again. Katsuki can see that the boy underneath him has a conflicted expression on his face, that his words have somewhat gotten through that thick ice around the number two hero’s son’s heart.

“I want to become the number one hero because All Might is the best, because I want to become something as great as him. What about you, huh? Why do you want to become a hero?“

The scarred teen manages to catch the blond over him off guard by forming ice by his right feet and aiming it against the other boy. Katsuki notices it just in time and lets go of his captive in favour of jumping to safety.

And so the fight continues, but it is very noticeable how Shouto’s moves have become sloppy. His expression in conflicted, frustrated and lost, his left side occationally flickering to life before dying out again.

Eventually, Katsuki emerges as the winner, leaving Shouto at the second place.

When they fighters leave the stage, Shouto is surprised to see Izuku waiting for him. They stare at each other for a moment until the young doctor breaks the silence.

“… You know that Katsuki is right.“

While the first year is surprised that the teen in front of him apparently is aware which words have been exchanged between the two heroes in training, he remains silent.

“Maybe, just maybe you want to visit your mother for once. She wants to see you badly, you know?“

The freckled boy takes out a piece of paper and gives it to the teen in front of him.

“Feel free to come to me when you need an open ear.“

And with that Izuku leaves the student to his own devices. Shouto inspects thr papers and sees a phone number.


Later that day in Izuku’s lab.

“There is a common structure to quirks after all. Of course there is. Theoretically, if I exchange these parts of these two quirks or if I change this specific sequence in this quirk… Hm…“

A smile graces the young scientists features.

“Well, if this isn’t interesting…“

Chapter Text

Shortly after the final of the first years, Tensei is brought to Izuku’s hospital as fast as possible. The young doctor rushes over to the hero, examining the injured man.

“Like I suspected, it isn’t that bad. I’ll leave your rest for today. You’ll need it tomorrow when I start the treatment.“

Izuku backs off snd straightens his back, looking over to the worried mother and younger sibling.

“That is, if everyone agrees to it.“

The woman steps forth, her concern written all over her face as she eyes the much younger male.

“If you don’t mind, what would the treatment consist of?“

“Since Ingenium’s nerves are damaged, I’ll regrow them over the night and replace the old ones through a surgery. I’ll also rearrange some slightly twisted bones so that they don’t threaten to injure the new nerves.“

“But… I thought that regrowing nerves still is impossible at the moment…“

“To the public, yes.“

Tensei’s mother expects the… very, very young doctor to elaborate on that more, not to remain silent.

“So, does that mean that… you figured it out?“


“… Why don’t you share it with the world?“

“Due to many reasons. Having knowledge also means to be burdened by it. You have to be careful who you share your knowledge with.“

“I… I see…“

“Mother, that’s enough.“

To the woman’s surprise, her oldest child speaks up.

“I really don’t know how you aren’t aware of Dr. Midoriya, but… I know that he saved the lives of Kamui Woods and Mount Lady a couple of years ago when all doctors have given up on them. I… I trust him. It’s not like I have much to lose here anyway since I already have no feeling in my legs in this state.“


“Mother, please!“

This time it’s Tenya who speaks up.

“Dr. Midoriya is a wonderful and capable doctor! When USJ happened, he was the one to cure all the injured teachers! Even Recovery Girl acknowledges his talents and knowledge!“

“E-even Recovery Girl?!“

“Yes, even Recovery Girl herself!“

Izuku sighs, already having enough of the current discussion.

“I will leave you alone then. Please inform me if you have come to a conclusion-“


The freckled teen turns arouns to face the mother of his potential patient.

“We… We accept. Please heal my son…!“

“I am glad that I can finally get to work now.“

Izuku searches the many files on the PC in the room and prints some papers.

“Please make sure to read the conditions and riskd before signing and essentially accepting them.“

The woman, Tenya and Tensei all read through it carefully. In the end, the mother eyes the pen beside her for s moment.

“… Okay…“

She signs it together with Tensei.


The following day, Naomasa calls Toshinori to tell the hero about the results of the noumu’s DNA tests.

“Good morning, Tsukauchi! What can I do for you?“

“The results of noumu’s DNA are back.“

The Symbol of Peace straightens his back upon hearing that, his light tone turning serious.

“I see. What does it say?“

“We have figured out the identity of the man, but… his body seems to be made up of various other people as well. We have found traces of other human DNA within the noumu. Additionally… the noumu seems to have multiple quirks. Due to the strain coming from all those quirks, the brain of the noumu cannot function properly anymore.“

“What?! How can that be possible?!“

“All Might, I know that it might seem impossible right now, but… maybe All for One isn’t as dead as we thought.“

“No… I don’t want to believe that he could have survived that…!“

Toshinori has several questions for a certain doctor.


Tensei slowly opens his eyes. He tries to recall what happened and the surgery is probably finished by now. Soon afterwards, said doctor moves into the hero’s field of vision.

“How are you feeling, Ingenium?“

“I… don’t know… Kinda tired…?“

“I suppose that’s to be expected.“

When Tensei tries to sit up, the freckled teen pushes him back down again.

“You don’t want to do that. What you should do instead is to rest for a couple of hours so that we can go on a test run later in the day.“

“Ah, I see. Sorry, sorry!“

“It’s fine. You couldn’t have known better. That is why I am here.“

Izuku picks up some papers and flips through them, his eyes scanning the information written there before nodding.

“All right then. I’ll leave you alone to rest now. I’ll notify a nurse to bring you a warm meal too. You’ll need the energy later.“


Once Izuku is out and has the door closed, he turns his attention to Toshinori leaning against the wall.

“Hello, Yagi. What can I do for you?“

“I have a lot of questions for you.“

“That I can see. Let’s go back to my office.“


“Why didn’t you tell me about All for One’s involvement?“

Izuku has just managed to close the door when the hero already jumps to the matter at hand. The young teen sighs.

“What good would it have done? I didn’t plan on hiding this forever. I was aware that you are bound to figure it out eventually.“

“Then why even go through such lengths-“

“Because I didn’t want to burden you for longer than necessary.“

Toshinori is silent at that.

“Again, I didn’t plan on hiding All for One’s involvement forever. I just wanted out to live without that burden a little bit longer. I know I have said it before, but knowledge isn’t just an advantage, but a burden as well.“

The young doctor walks over to his desk and sits down. He flashes his guest a smile, a smile that doesn’t reflect the weight of the conversation at all.

“Did you enjoy the Sports Festival? Class 1-A surely was the star of this year! And have you seen Toogata? He was incredible as well, right?“

“… Yes, you’re right.“

Listening to this young boy, Toshinori thinks he understands the weight on the freckled teen’s shoulders a bit more. He thought he understood what Izuku meant with the burden of knowledge, but it didn’t ease the pain when the hero realised that the young doctor also hid information from the Symbol of Peace too.

Everything for a fleeting moment of peace, based on the lack of knowledge and ignorance.

“It doesn’t matter if you worried over All for One a day earlier or not. It wouldn’t change much in the end anyway. I then decided to instead let you enjoy the peace as long as possible before things get serious.“

“I… I see…“

Hearing the unease in the hero’s voice, Izuku turns serious.

“Yagi, everything is going to be fine. I promise.“

Toshinori looks up, looks straight into those piercing, emerald eyes and comes to a decision.

‘… I’m going to believe in him.‘


The following day, Ingenium is already back out on the streets, continuing his job as a hero. The civilians and fans cheer, but not everyone is happy about this development.

Stain strikes again, pinning the hero to the ground.

“You escaped me once already, but I won’t make thr mistake twice-“

Suddenly, the hero Manual jumps into the fray, hurrying to aid his colleague.

“Ingenium! Stain, you better get down from him right this instant!“

The hero killer clicks his tongue before ultimately deciding to flee the situation. He’s more suited for surprise attacks.


“You’re Stain, aren’t you?“

“What if I am?“

“Hehe, I am All for One. I would like to make a deal with you.“

“I’m not interested. I work alone.“

“Oh, so you don’t want to know about the person who managed to completely heal Ingenium?“


“I knew that you would be interested.“

“… What do you want?“

“Nothing much, really. I just want you to kidnap that person.“

“… What do you want with them?“

“Sadly, that is none of your business.“

“Very well. What does this deal of yours offer for me in return?“

“I will aid you in your cleansing. I will help you kill thise fake heroes, notably Ingenium.“

“… And you only want that person?“


“Alright then.“


‘These… these are noumus…!‘

His father has been called out to Hosu and Shouto follows him. He didn’t expect to see noumus though. The first year considers sending a text message to Izuku.

While nobody told the students, many of them could hear the teachers muttering, basically saying that the young doctor was the hero of the USJ incident. Also considering that All Might, the number one hero, the Symbol of Peace himself struggled with one of those abominations…

Shouto notifies the freckled boy. Just in case.


[Todoroki Shouto]

Hey doctor

Noumus appeared all over Hosu

I just thought that you might want to know


[Midoriya Izuku]

Thank you for telling me.


Izuku calls Toshinori as fast as possible.


“All Might, noumus appeared in Hosu. I’d really appreciate it if you could go out there and help subdue them.“

“Noumus?! I see. I’ll be right there!“

It feels like All Might has pretty much teleported from UA straight to Hosu. The man is just that ridiculously fast.

With the unexpected help of the number one hero, the noumus are quickly neutralized.

‘These are weaker than the one I faced at USJ…‘

Meanwhile, Endeavour has stumbled across the hero killer just as the villain is about to kill Ingenium. The flame hero shoots flames out of his hand, forcing Stain to let go of the injured hero he held captive.


Stain tries to kill both heroes then, but he quickly realises that he has no chance against the two of them and flees the scene.

“Thank you for saving me… Endeavour…“


While Tensei is thankful for the rescue, the flame hero is obviously displeased about the hero killer’s escape.


“Back here so soon, Ingenium?“

“Sorry Dr. Midoriya. I suppose I should have been more careful.“

“Well, I prefer having you here than having you burried beneath the earth at least.“

“I-I guess that’s true…“



“Y-yes, sensei?!“

“Firstly, the brat you and that sidekick of yours chose is a good one. He has a lot of potential and trained for a long time already, I can tell.“

“I’m glad that you like Toogata-shonen-“

“However, that is not why I’m calling you right now!“

“Is it about All for One?“

“Yes. This has his handprints all over it. Be careful, Toshinori.“

“I will, sensei.“


Izuku sighs as he plops down onto the chair in his lab. It has been a busy week with the first years‘ interships and the noumus in Hose. Nevertheless, the freckled boy is determined to finish his current project.

By now he can take quirks apart and modify their different traits.

“Now if this works… Yes!“

The young scientist successfully puts the different modified pieces of various quirks together into a single one.

This is a huge step to his current goal.

Satisfied with his progress, the doctor focuses his attention to another important subject of his. Walking towards the tank and staring at it intently, Izuku keeps tabs on its growth. He feeds something into one of the various tubes connected to it and smiles.

‘Everything is going well.‘

Chapter Text

During the internship week, Izuku has been surprisingly busy. The young doctor has urged all of his special patients to visit him as soon as possible and stocked up on his hopital’s supplies. Because of that, he and Toshinori haven’t seen each other much lately.

Since said blond doesn’t have much else to do either with his only class excused from lessons, he makes it a habit to visit Midoriya Inko during those slow days.

While the mother doesn’t have many interesting stories to tell, Toshinori makes more than up for that with his seemingly unlimited supply of exciting stories. Some of them are about dangerous situations while the man was working as All Might and other include the UA teachers making a fool of themselves.

Occasionally, Inko follows Toshinori back to the teachers‘ longue where she attempts to support the blond man in his fight against the ferocious paperwork, serving the hero snacks and tea.

Eventually, the other heroes notice the woman more and more until at some point she prepares snacks and drinks for them too.

“Those are so delicious, Mrs. Midoriya! I’m sure that even Lunch Rush would be jealous if he ever gets the chance to taste any of this!“

“Now you’re just flattering me! It’s not like I have anything else to do besides chores. Besides… I’m very grateful that you welcomed my son so warmly, so let me show my gratitude!“

Seeing the woman becomes less of an exception, but more of a common occurrence over time. She would spend some time together with Toshinori at the teachers‘ longue or a teacher would invite her to a hero course lesson – either as a spectator or as an assistant in an excersise.

Her presence also helps the students realise just how they must appear to the normal civilians. Inko yelps when something explodes snd squeezes her eyes shut when something dangerous approacher her fast. Inko helps them realise how important it is for a hero not to only be strong, but to be able to control that strength as well.


When the internships for the first years are over, Toshinori invites Izuku to observe the students‘ progress with him and the young teen agrees.

This time the hero plans on letting the kids race to his location and the freckled doctor is just glad the he most likely doesn’t have additional work after this lesson.

In the end, all of them have improved a lot over the last week. It’s just that it’s more obvious for some while more hidden by others. Not everyone’s strength is speed, after all.


“Hello? Is this Dr. Midoriya?“

“Midoriya is more than enough, Toogata.“

One of these days, Mirio suddenly decides to pay his… inofficial mentor a visit.

“Is there a problem?“

“Ah, well…“

Izuku gestures at a chair in front of his desk and the third year takes the hint. The blond comes over and sits down.

“I have a new move in mind that would require the use of both Permation and One for All! However, when I tried it out on my own… it just wouldn’t work. I hoped that maybe you could help me…?“

The freckled teen hums thoughtfully.

“I hope you don’t mine me asking, but why seek me out when you have two amazing heroes mentoring you?“

Mirio laughs loudly.

“I suppose I really should have anticipated that question! As much as I’d rather prefer to keep this to myself, I feel like when it comes to my quirks, you are… more helpful than Sir or All Might. Sir doesn’t really, well, understand One for All? And maybe it’s because of me, but All Might’s explanations aren’t really helpful for me…“

“You can be honest. All Might is a rather bad teacher.“

“W-well! If you say so!“

“Anyway, what is this move you’re speaking of?“

“Right! You see, I thought about the sheer power of One for All and how I could lauch myself through walls when I combine it with Permation!“

“Hm, that does sound interesting. Have you thought about the use of it yet?“

“I actually have! Imagine a villain holding a hostage inside a building. This technique would be perfect for a surprise attack then! I come in through the wall, knock the villain out quickly and save the hostage!“

“That indeed is a good use for it, but due to the nature of your two quirks, this will require a lot of control and fine-tuning on your part.“

“Yeah, I know, but that’s where my problem it. Doing this requires a lot of skill and technique, especially over one’s quirks.“

“Maybe it’s a little bit too soon for you then. However, I’m sure that you will be able to fully master this idea of yours. You just need more training and time. A pianist cannot play two different tunes, one for each hand, since the beginning either. You need time to get used to consciously control to different parts of yourself at the same time, but again, it’s not impossible.“

The blond mulls over Izuku’s words for a bit before finally nodding with a smile.

“You’re right! Maybe I am going at a too fast pace right now! I can’t even fully coordiante my two quirks fully yet and I already want to master such a high level technique. I should work on the basics first! Besides, practice makes perfect! Thank you for your advice, Midoriya!“

“I’m glad to be of help.“

Once the third year is out of the room, the freckled doctor can’t help the sigh that escapes him.

‘I can understand Yagi being useless, but Sir Nighteye too? Did I intimidate him too much or is something distracting him?‘


Eventually, the time for the final exams have come and the students try their best to prepare themselves as good as possible – some being more successful than others. However, since UA is a school with a focus on heroics, the hero course students are faced with a practical exam as well. The teachers decide to make it a fast affair, pitting two students against a teacher at the same time, letting the battles take place simulataneously.

When 1-A’s turn has come, Shouta matches the students with the teachers. Katsuki and Shouto end up against All Might.


Izuku has demanded another check-up before the final exams, just to make sure that Toshinori can afford it in his state.

Once more the young doctor asks his patient to strip naked and for the blond to make good use of the training equipment.

After a while though, Toshinori notices how Izuku… doesn’t quite look at him. His eyes face the hero’s direction, yes, but… the freckled teen seems to look into the distance, seems to look at something beyond what the normal human eye can see.

“Midoriya? Are you alright?“

“Hm? Ah, yes, of course. Please, continue.“

Toshinori eyes his young doctor for a few moments longer, clearly not believing the boy’s words, but follows the instructions nonetheless. For now at least.

“All right, that should be enough. I don’t think that the final exams will affect you negatively. You’re free to participate.“


The hero puts his clothes back on, but doesn’t leave immediately. His gaze lingers on a familiar mop of green hair for a moment.

“Is something bothering you?“


Izuku turns around on his chair to face his patient.

“… Well, it’d be a lie if I said no. There always is something bothering me and I’ve learned over the years to deal with it. Don’t worry, there is nothing you need to know about. Not yet anyway.“

“… You can talk to be, you know? I’ll gladly lend an ear. Always.“

For a moment, both males stare at each other in silence. Eventually, a smile sneaks its way onto the freckled boy’s face.

“Thank you. I’ll keep that in mind and… I really appreciate it. Really.“

Toshinori nods and turns around to leave the room. While closing the door, the blond stops for a moment, letting his gaze linger on the back of the only person left in the room and afterwards letting the door fall shut.

“Remember to hold back during the exam!“

The hero stutters, hacking up blood in his surprise as he whips his sight around to stare at the door. He doesn’t know if the young doctor has his own gaze focused on his thin frame, but if Izuku does, he doesn’t say anything.


Sitting in the bus that is driving them to the place where their practical exam is held, Katsuki eyes his temporary partner from the corner of his eyes.


Toshinori on the other hand can feel… whatever it is that is in the air and doesn’t know what to say.


“And, Daddy Issues? Got your problems solved now?“

“What do you mean with problems? And don’t call me Daddy Issues.“

“You know exactly what I mean. You think I didn’t notice how you lost your focus during the Sports Festival once I was done with my words? You think I’m that stupid? Huh?!“

“… I visited my mother.“

“Hah…? What’s that got to do with all of this?!“

“She said that I don’t have to be like him, that I can be a hero.“

“… Tsk. Whatever…“

A familiar laugh booms across the whole training area. The students know what their job is.

It’s not going to be easy.


Izuku sighs when he sees Katsuki and Shouto lying on their respective beds in Recovery Girl’s infirmary. The young doctor turns around to stare at the source of his current predicament.

“… All Might.“

Said man has the decency to flinch upon hearing the shorter male’s unamused voice.

“What did I tell you before you left?“

“T-that I should hold back…“

“Can you please explain this to me then?“

The freckled teen gestures at his fellow teens.

“I… might have gone a little bit overboard…“

Izuku just continues to stare at the number one hero who can only fidget nervously after noticing that the green eyes looking at him aren’t in a hurry to leave him alone anytime soon.

Eventually, after what feels like half an eternity for Toshinori, the young doctor turns around and silently tends to his two new patients. The Symbol of Peace quickly flees the room, feeling his time limit closing in.

When the blond looks back one last time, he hasn’t expected the judgemental eyes directed at him which only encourage him to sneak away faster.


About half an hour later, red eyes open slowly, sloppily. Katsuki attempts to sit up and quickly regrets his decision once an unbearable pain shoots through his whole aching body. Once his body is flat on the mattress again, he can make out movement at the corner of his eyes. A little bit more focus reveals Izuku who has turned around calmly to look at the blond.

“I wouldn’t recommend that, Kacchan.“

The first year blinks a few times, like he’s making sure that neither his eyes nor his mind are playing tricks on him, before letting his head fall onto the bed, his sight turned away from his childhood… acquaintance? Friend?

“… could have told me sooner…“

“I doubt that you would have listened to me at that moment.“

There is nothing more to be said between them and so the silence stretches on for a few minutes, only occationally broken by paper shuffling or the sound of a pen scratching against paper.

Katsuki doesn’t know what to do, wants to say something, but also doesn’t know what he’s supposed to say.

And so the clock keeps ticking, counting seconds, minutes and eventually hours, before finally, Izuku turns around, goes over to the blond and gives his last patient one last once-over.

“You’re fine now. Feel free to go. Todoroki left a while ago already, in case you didn’t notice.“

The first year opens his mouth, again and again, tries to force out words, but only silence makes it out. He grits his teeth.

And then there’s a gentle hand on his shoulder.

“… You’ve changed, Kacchan. You’ve changed for the better.“

Katsuki looks up, looks up and into those emerald eyes for the first time since an eternity, his own red ones wide with surprise.

“I’m proud of you.“

For some reason, those words manage to untangle a knot in the blond’s soul he didn’t know was there in the first place. He looks down and nods once.

Izuku smiles softly, nods too and returns back to his desk.

Katsuki stands up, picks up his few things and leaves. Once he is out of the school building, he looks up into the sky. Silently.

He feels lighter.


At the end of the day, in a certain lab.

Izuku wipes away the sweat on his forehead, a relieved smile on his tired face.

“Finally… Finally! One! I finally managed to finish one! I’m so glad that I have one to start a test run with!“


Someday later, Shouta reveals that every member of class 1-A will join the summer training camp, no matter if they failed the final exams or not. If they failed though, they’re in for a rough time when the time comes.

Chapter Text

Once the final exams are over, the students get to enjoy their summer holidays. That is, all the students beside the ones in the hero course. The first years only get one to two weeks before their homeroom teachers drag them off to a summer training camp. In the meantime, they are free to apply to additioal courses too. Students like Katsuki, Shouto and a couple more get extra lessons from Aizawa and Toshinori, Midnight, Cementoss and Present Mic help out in a staged murder case.

Anyway, once everything is said and done, the number one hero notices that he got an email while he was busy fooling his students. He opens and reads it. It’s an invitation from Melissa to I-Island, to be more precise to I-Expo.

The tall man leans back on his chair, staring at the ceiling as he reminiscents about his past. David Shield, the father of Melissa and one of Toshinori’s best friends… They haven’t really seen each other in a very long time.

Maybe Toshinori can allow himself this one selfish wish?

At the same time in another place, a certain freckled teen opens a letter, also an invitation to I-Island. Ever since his abilities have been recognized throughout the world, the people from I-Island have tried to get him to join them in their artificial island for quite some time now.

Normally he would decline the invitation again, but it has been a while since he went there and informed himself about the technical progress in both the medical and support field.

He should probably go and figure out if there are any researches he can publish now.


Toshinori is on his way to Nedzu when he notices Izuku coming from the principal’s office’s direction.

“Hello, Midoriya! I didn’t expect to see you here.“

“Hello, Yagi. I just needed to inform Nedzu about the few days I’m taking off.“

“Wait, you’re taking some days off? That is unexpected.“

“Well, I have been invited to I-Island again this year and since I-Expo is held there soon, I thought that it wouldn’t hurt to catch up with the progress my colleagues have made over the years.“

“Wait… You’re going to I-Island too?“

Izuku gives the taller man one assessing look before nodding.

“Yes. I see that you have been invited too. You should go and inform Nedzu soon if you want to leave early. I’m going to prepare for the flight now.“

The young doctor is about to take another step when Toshinori hurriedly stops the boy.

“Ah, wait! If you’re finished, we could go to I-Island together on the private plane reserved for me…?“

Izuku stares at the hero for a moment.

“… Sure.“


It doesn’t take long for them to meet again near the private plane. Toshinori is surprised though by Izuku’s… baggage? There is a suitcase with what the hero assumes must be clothes and daily necessities, but then… there’s a huge metal container.

“Um… Is there a reasonn why you have… that with you?“

“Do you think I would ever do something without a purpose behind it?“

“Well, no, of course not, but…“

“You don’t know what it is and it confuses you.“

The blond nods.

“Don’t worry, it’s not going to explode or something. Scientists have their secrets and we tend to be very protective of our discoveries. The honor of discovering it first and theft and such. Also, since only the two of us will be taking this plane, I guess that it can take everything without problems, right?“

“I-I suppose so…“

And so they board the plane.


The plane only has paired seats and in order not to make it too awkward, they decide to sit next to each other. Izuku takes the seat by the window and Toshinori joins the teen.

“We haven’t really seen each other much in recent time. You have been very busy, weren’t you? Are you alright?“

“I suppose that’s true. I have contacted my special patients and asked them to come over as soon as possible. I also stocked up on my hospital’s supplies and prepared a lot of tools and necessary chemicals to ensure that everything goes smoothly during my absence.“

“With your absence you mean your trip to I-Island…?“

“I-Island is a part of it.“

“A part of it…? Are you going anywhere else anytime soon?“

Izuku turns over to the blond, smiles and presses his index finger against his lips.

“That’s a secret.“

With the recent developments, Toshinori isn’t sure what to think of that answer.

“Don’t worry. Like everyone else in UA’s faculty, I’ll always inform Nedzu of my absence if possible.“

‘If possible‘, the hero repeats in his mind.

“Well, as long as you’re safe.“

The young doctor looks his companion up and down for a short moment.

“… Yagi.“

The blond hasn’t expected the change in the freckled boy’s voice.


“Everything is going to be alright.“

Toshinori feels a bit guilty for worrying his doctor like that. Of course Izuku knows about his worries, about All for One and the League of Villains. It doesn’t help that the young teen held back information once before. Who knows what kind of informatioin is stored in that boy’s brain?

“… I’m sorry that I worried you so much, Midoriya. It’s just… A lot has been happening recently.“

Izuku sighs, sighs.

“I know.“

The Symbol of Peace doesn’t know if that sigh is directed to what he himself currently knows or maybe a lot more.

“… You know that you can talk to me, right? Is something wrong?“

“… No, nothing is wrong. I’m just in a hurry to finish a project of mine.“

“… Why are you in a hurry?“

“It has been bothering me for a while, the thing I’m currently researching. If I can solve this… You don’t know how big of a discovery it would be.“

“Well, I don’t really understand…? But if it’s that important to you, I hope that you’ll be successful.“

Again, the green-haired boy just stares at the old hero for a short moment. He smiles, a small and fragile expression, but it can’t be more honest.

“Thank you, Yagi.“

Toshinori still doesn’t know what to make of this conversation. He has so many questions and yet the single person who holds all the answers just gives him more questions.


Eventually, the number one hero falls asleep. Well, he is rather old now and life hasn’t necessarily been kind to him in the last few years. Izuku has taken out his laptop and does some paper work once that happens. Occationally, the freckled teen looks over to his favourite hero, watching the man’s peacefully resting face with a conflicted smile. The young doctor sighs and looks up to the ceiling of the plane, his thoughts far away.

‘… When the time comes… I wonder if they can forgive me… if Yagi can forgive me…‘

Izuku shakes his head and focuses his attention on his laptop screen. Before he resumes his work, he casts one last glance at the Symbol of Peace, sees the angry scar and the missing organs. He knows that he has been sighing a lot lately, but considering what is going to happen in the near future, can anyone really blame him?

‘… I don’t really want everything to happen like this, but… this is for the best.‘

The young doctor eventually finishes whatever paper work he had left and glances at the much larger man besides him. Izuku then somehow manages to climb out of his seat without waking the taller male, goes to get a blanket the teen saw from the corner of his vision and draps it over the hero before returning back to his seat.

Chapter Text

“… gi… Yag… Yagi… Yagi.“

Toshinori’s eyes slowly crack open, squinting slightly when the light streams into his eyeballs. He gives himself a few moments to look around him, to remember his current situation. The blond looks over to his smaller companion and blinks a few times, reaching up with a hand to rub the sleep out of his eyes.

“Ah, yes, Midoriya?“

“We’re nearly there. It won’t take long until we land on I-Island. You should probably prepare yourself.“

“What…? Oh! Have I really slept for so long?“

Just then the hero notices the blanket drapped over this thin frame. He slowly pushes it off and starts to fold it neatly.

“I hope I wasn’t too much of a bother.“

“Not at all, Yagi. Don’t worry about it.“

And so they start preparing for their arrival. They pack what little they have unpacked during the flight and besides that, it’s mostly Toshinori preparing his appearance as All Might.

When they get to the control section, Izuku can’t help the sigh that escapes him.

“Still as flashy as always, this security system.“

Toshinori raises an eyebrow at that.

“You have been here before?“

“Of course I have. I am a well-known doctor and scientist after all. They give me yearly invitations to join the other scientists on this island, but it isn’t really appealing for me. This time I only decided to come because of I-Expo.“

“I see.“

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Izuku is a very famous scientist. However, seeing him running his hospital peacefully on a daily basis back on UA grounds, you can easily forget how amazing this young person truly is.

Despite the many hidden layers of security checks that they have to go through, it dorsn’t take them long to finally be allowed inside the island.

Toshinori continues to flex his muscles, continues to keep up the body of All Might and turns his attentiom to his much smaller companion.

“Now then, is there anything you need to do, Midoriya?“

“No, not really. I’m mostly here to see what my colleagues have discovered between the last time I bothered to truly check.“

“Hm, is that so? If you don’t mind, I-“

Before the hero can finish his sentence, a woman walks up to them.

“Ah, welcome to I-Island! How can I… Wait, All Might?!“

Once the name of the number one hero has been spoken, the heads of all the people around them turn around to follow the gaze of the woman who uttered the Symbol of Peace’s hero name. It doesm’t take them long to finally notice a certain young teen too.

“Oh my god… It’s Doctor Midoriya too! I can’t believe it!“

People start swarming the duo, the fans invading Toshinori’s every space while the ones more focused on Izuku keep a respectful distance. Everyone knows that you shouldn’t get on the teen’s bad side after all.

The blond hero just laughs loudly, more open to his fans‘ advancesand questions while the freckled scientist’d answers are rather scarce.

“Dr. Midoriya! It has been so long since your last visit! What made you decide to give us the honor this year?“

“The reason why I decided to pay this island another visit is because of the I-Expo. After all these years, I thought that I should see what my fellow scientisgs have discovered after all this time. Who knows, maybe I’ll finally be able to publish some of my researches.“

Loud, sharp gasps can be heard.

“What do you meam finally? Do you imply that your discoveries are too dangerous-“

Whoever just made that assumption is quick to shut up once they notice Izuku staring at them with slightly too wide eyes. Another person voices a question.

“Will you present something yourself?“

“No, I won’t. I’m strictly here to see what my fellow scientists have achieved in my absence.“

Toshinori happens to hear that sentence and his thoughts drift back to the metal container for a split second. What is it for then? Why did Izuku bring it with him?


It takes some time for the people to disperse and leave the duo alone. When they finally do, Izuku is fine while Toshinori, well… The hero gives himself a short moment to wipe all the kiss marks away. Izuku watches him for a moment before turning his gaze to the oposite direction.

“… Don’t you think that you’re indulging your fans too much?“

“Hm? I don’t think so?“

“… Is that so.“

Before the blond man can question the younger male’s reaction, they can hear a distant voice calling out to the hero.


Toshinori looks over to the source of the voice and he can’t help the smile that blooms on his face. Izuku gives the new person one long stare before smiling himself.


The girl – Melissa, apparently – jumps off her… strange hopping device and Japan’s number one hero readily catches her.

“It has been so long!“

“Haha! Indeed it has!“

Slowly, Toshinori sets the girl down who looks over to the person her uncle has been conversing with before her interruption.

“And you are…“

It doesn’t take her long to figure out who it is if the excitement in her eyes is anything to go by.

“Oh my god… You’re Doctor Midoriya Izuku! The one said to be the equivalent of uncle in the scientific world! The All Might of the doctor and scientists!“

Toshinori’s eyes widen at that. He has never heard the comparison between him and his young companion before. The civilians are only really aware that Izuku is a great doctor while the scientists apparently know a lot more about the teen’s skills and worth.

Izuku nods, a friendly smile on his face.

“That would be me, yes.“

“If you don’t mind me asking, how old are you?“

“I’m sixteen currently.“

“Sixteen… That’s one year younger than me! Despite that you’re already so renown among scientists! Y-you’re my idol!“

The freckled boy chuckles nervously at that.

“As long as you only idiolize my skills in science… I don’t recommend striving to literally become like me, you know?“

“Of course!“

Toshinori watches the conversation with great interest. This is the first time he has seen Izuku fluently speaking English and, well… he didn’t know that, even though it should have been quite obvious since the green-haired boy travelled around the world for a few years in the past.

The two teens talk for a short moment longer before Izuku decides that enough is enough.

“Anyway, is there a reason why you sought us out?“

“Ah, that would be because of me.“

Both Melissa and Izuku move their gazes over to the only adult in their trio.

“She is the one who invited me after all. I’m supposed to visit an old, dear friend of mine.“

Suddenly, the hero’s smirk turns playful and he raises an eyebrow.

“But you already knew that, didn’t you?“

Izuku can’t help chuckling after hearing that small accusation.

“Of course I already knew. I just thought that we might to get going then.“

In the meantime, Melissa’s gaze continues to switch between her uncle and her idol, baffled by the casual, playful interaction.

She didn’t know that the Symbol of Peace and the All Might of the doctors were so close. It is both a combination that is both amazing and… fearsome.


“Haha, thank you, Sam, but- Melissa?!“

“Hello, father!“

“What are you doing here? I thought you were busy!“

“I was bus! But not necessarily with scientific projects, you know?“

Melissa then suddenly turns around to face the doorway.

“You can show yourself now!“

A loud, booming, familiar laugh can be heard before All Might emerges. Melissa’s father looks completely shocked.


The mentioned blond runs forward, picks up his old friend like the scientist weights nothing and spins the poor father once before settling the man back down on the floor.

“It has been so long since we last truly met face to face, Dave!“

Dave – more commonly known as David Shield – is still in shock over the whole situation and only manages a breathless answer.

“Yes… W-what’s the occasion?“

“Melissa invited me to celebrate the your newest invention!“

“Melissa did?!“

David looks over to his daughter who just smiles at him. It is then that the man also notices another person who is staring at him with a blank face.

“D-doctor Midoriya?!“

Said teen nods once in a calm manner.

“To think that you would accept the invitation… Did you finally decide to move to I-Island or…?“

“No, I’m only here for the I-Expo. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to see that everyone has been up to, though I guess most inventions shown here are based on your discoveries.“

“Ahaha, you’re flattering me…“

Both blond people in the room – Melissa and Toshinori – watch the conversation unfold, a questioning look on their faces.

“You two… know each other?“

“Ah, yes, we’ve met before. Doctor Midoriya here has visited I-Island before in the past and we talked to each other a bit back then.“

The freckled teen confirms it with a nod.

“Dad… why didn’t you tell me that you knew the Dr. Midoriya?! Besides, how come I didn’t see him back then?!“

“Well, maybe you missed each other? It is rather hard to spot a child amongst grown adults.“

Melissa tries hard not to pout, but everyone can tell that she’s devastated to have missed such an opportunity.

It was then that David notices the coughing coming from his old friend and the scientist sends his daughter and assistant away.

“Melissa, how about you go and show Dr. Midoriya around the expo? And Sam, you can go home rest now. You have done enough today.“

It doesn’t take long for them to comply quickly, but not Izuku.

“I’ll go take a look at the expo at a later time. I’d like to talk to you for a bit, Dr. Shield.“

“A-ah, um, is that so…? I don’t want to sound rude, but can’t that wait-“

Suddenly, Toshinori puts a hand on the scientist’s shoulder and whispers something.

“It’s fine, Dave.“

It takes a moment for the shorter man to register the words and when he does, he coughs into a clenched fist before forcing a smile on his face.

“I see. Melissa, Sam, please go now. It seems like it is a rather important matter for Dr. Midoirya.“

Quietly, the two mentioned people shuffle away, leaving only David, Toshinori and Izuku behind. Once the door clicks shut one last time, the hero falls into a short and mild coughing fit, blood coating his fist as his body steams and shrinks back into his true form. With a raw throat and rough voice, the thin man thanks his friend.

“Thank you, Dave. You saved me there.“

“T-Toshi! What about Dr. Midoriya?!“

“Don’t worry about him. He knows about my condition. He’s my doctor after all who looks after me.“

David can’t help the shock that clearly shows on his face. He needs a moment for the message to sink in and then he stumbles back a step, reaches up to cup the side of his head and laughs once weakly.

“The best hero and the smartest scientist and doctor working together… I don’t know what to say.“


“Why… Why is this?! What?! Toshi, why is this happening?! Your quirk levels… they’re dropping dramatically!“

Said hero slowly rises out of the examination chamber he was lying in just moments ago.

“Hehe, doing hero work that long just does that to your body.“

That answer is no consolation if the devastated look on the other adult is anything to go by as he turns his attention to his fellow scientist.

“You’re his doctor, right?! Is there nothing you can do for him…? Anything?!“

Izuku just shakes his head.

“While I appreaciate people showing me such respect, I am no god. I too like everyone else am playing within the given rules of mother nature, the rules of our society and the limits of our economy. Even if my knowledge and skills are very high, you can’t expect me to revive the dead or something like that.“

David slumps down in his chair after hearing that answer, clenching his fists tightly.

Outside of David’s and Toshinori’s perception, Izuku squints as he continues to stare at the other scientist.

“It’s fine, Dave. This was bound to happen sooner or later anyway. Eventually, the next generation has to rise up and take the reins.“

“But you have to understand, Toshi…! You’re the only reason why the crime rate in Japan only is at 6% while at all the countries in the world, it’s at 20%! Sometimes I wish that you’re still here in America and didn’t go back to Japan…“

Suddenly, a clap rings throughout the room, pulling both adult men out of their musings.

“Now, now, enough talking about the past. Wishing for things long gone won’t bring us anything. Yagi, I suggest you go and prepare for the opening ceremony now. I want to speak with Dr. Shield here between four eyes.“

“Oh, is it that late already? I should really get going then.“

The blond hero puts on his costume and swells up into All Might once more.

“I’ll be on my way then! See you two later at the opening ceremony!“

“Ah, um, see you later, Toshi!“

“Until we meet again later, Yagi.“


David does quick work of cleaning and organizing his laboratory before both males go back into the office area. The adult already has a bad feeling about the following conversation. Midoriya Izuku has always been a very knowledgeable and observant person, always knowing things that nobody ever mentioned to him. It should be impossible, but… does the young doctor know about…

Izuku sighs.

“I’m disappointed in you, you know?“


“Don’t play dumb now. You know exactly what I mean.“


“Once this theatre is over, I’ll tell Yagi. He deserves to know, after all you’re doing all of this for his sake, for the world’s Symbol of Peace, or so you tell yourself.“


“I hope you won’t regret it. I doubt it though.“

With those words, the freckled teen leaves the grown adult alone, leaving the office in silence.


Izuku returns to his room which just so happens to be next to Toshinori’s. The young doctor retreats into his temporary residence and starts to get ready for the opening ceremony. After a quick shower, the teen combs his hair, puts on his suit and fumbles awkwardly with his tie. He gets it right eventually. The freckled boy doesn’t know why, but there is something with ties that just really irritates him.

Before he leaves, he makes sure to open the window so that the smell of his deodorant can disperse. He gives his big metal container one last look, opens it and leaves it like that.

‘I didn’t expect that I’d get to test it like this, but I suppose drastic situations call for drastic measures.‘

Chapter Text

When the young teen leaves his room, he stumbles upon Japan’s number one hero.

“Oh, Midoriya! I didn’t know that we were neighbors! Why didn’t you say anything?“

“Good evening, Yagi. I knew the moment I walked past your apartment that we are neighbors, yes, but you seemed a little bit busy with getting ready for tonight, so I decided not to disturb you.“

Toshinori blinks at that, gives his brain a few moments to gauge out all the implications and then blushes a mild rose colour.

It wouldn’t be the first time for the hero to stand near naked before the teen, but it’s a different thing when it happens by his own choice and when it technically happens as an involuntary breach of privacy.

“Should we get going then?“

“What…? Oh, um, o-of course! I’m coming!“

They continue to walk together in silence then, until eventually, Izuku decides to give the man some peace of mind.


“Hm? Yes, Midoriya?“

“Don’t worry about what I said earlier. Earlier on my way to my room, I’ve seen some very daring couples already who decided to go the full adult love route.“

It’s a miracle that both of their suits still are stain-free with the amount of blood Toshinori coughs up after choking on seemingly nothing but Izuku's words.


It seems some students of UA, specifically students of class 1-A have been invited as well due to various reasons. Since it’s still early, Izuku decides to talk with Katsuki after spotting the blond.

“Hey, Kacchan.“

The explosive teen visibly jumps before slowly turning around to face his childhood… acquaintance?

“… Hello, Izuku.“

The present students of class 1-A grow still once they notice the two boys talking to each other, curious as to what is going to happen.

“You really are amazing, you know? I always knew that you had what it takes to make it big one day and lo and behold, you’re invited to the I-Expo on I-Island!“

‘Says the one who’s called the All Might of the doctors and scientists‘, the blond first year thinks in silence.

Fortunately for him – though he himself would think of it as something rather unfortunate – Izuku has a pretty handy quirk and sees Katsuki’s mental comments without problems.

“Don’t compare yourself to me now. We have different strengths and we’re working in different fields. I sure as hell am sure that I wouldn’t made it big as a hero.“

‘You can’t be sure about that and I know that you know that yourself. If heroes like Recovery Girl can exist, you sure as hell can become a hero too‘, is all the blond can come up with as a retort. Spoken mentally.

Izuku stills at that, staring at his childhood acquaintance with a blank face for a moment. Then, a soft smile worms its way to his freckled face.

“… You really have grown, haven’t you?“

The young doctor places a hand on the hero-in-training’s shoulder as he moves to walk away.

“I’m proud of you.“

As the green-haired boy moves to his next target, the present members of class 1-A can’t help but keep watching.

Eventually, Izuku reaches Shouto who looks up into green eyes for a moment before looking away. The shorter teen just smiles gently.

“Have you visited for mother?“

A short nod.

“How is she?“

“… Fine…“

“Was she happy to see you?“

A short moment of hesitation. Then another nod.

“I see. Have you found an answer to the question as to why you want to become a hero?“

Silence. Izuku continues to smile and eventually moves in to ruffle the taller teen’s mixed hair, making Shout‘s eyes widen in shock and his cheeks colour in a rosy colour.

Finally, the youngest memeber of UA’s faculty turns to face the the entire group of students.

“Make sure to behave yourselves.“

While most are still stunned by the interactions between two of the top students in their class and the freckled doctor, Tenya just nods enthusiastically and starts chopping with his arms robotically.

“Of course, Dr. Midoriya! Everyone, let’s make sure not to be a disgrace to UA and our families!“


Once the speaker officially starts the opening ceremony and calls All Might and Dr. Midoriya up to the stage, everything happens fast – in less than half an hour maybe?

Villains storm the reception hall and anounce how they have seized control of the security sytem on I-Island which is supposed to keep all the important scientists and their families safe. They show how they have taken pretty much all the civilians on the island hostage and capture the heroes with the blue-glowing security retraints.

All Might falls to the floor with his teeth gritted tightly. The people on the island have been taken hostage, all the guests at the opening ceremony fear for their safety and even his very own students are at risk right now.

Should he try to pry information out of the villains? Should he wait? Oh no, they’re taking David and his assistant with them-

“All Might, calm down. Everything will be fine. I promise.“

All- No, Yagi Toshinori stops, the panic bubbling inside him coming to a sudden halt due to Midoriya Izuku’s voice alone.

“Everything is going to be alright.“

And the hero believes it, believes in those words and remains calm and pliant, the soft and young hand on his shoulder soothing his worked-up soul.


“I have it! Sam, go block 1147!“


“I’m opening it!“

The assistant takes the heavy case out of the container and David is so relieved to have his invention back in his hands.

Or so it seems.

Because just then, the red-haired leader of the “fake villains“ enters the room, revealing his and Sam’s true intentions to the scientist.

The fake villains aren’t fake at all and Sam, in search of fame and money, has switched over to the villain’s side.

Before everything can escalate and truly sink in for David though, suddenly… something breaks into the room.

Everyone looks up to the hole in the ceiling, seeing a small, little, black… something sticking to the surface of the ceiling. The leader of the villains looks at Sam pointedly.

“What is that?“

The man just shakes his head furiously, clutching the case in his hand close to his chest.

“I-I don’t know! I swear!“

The red-haired villain then turns his piercing gaze over to a certain David Shield, silently demanding an answer.

“I-I don’t know either!“

The villain clicks his tongue and grabs a gun from his lackeys, aiming at the black something.

What happens afterwards doesn’t happen in half an hours, but in mere seconds.

Once the leader’s finger triggers the gun and the bullet comes shooting out of the weapon, the small, black creature moves faster than the normal, untrained human eyes can see, jumping from place to place to avoid the initial and following bullets while closing in on the people on the ground fast.

It manages to knock out all the villains and secure them with the security system’s bright blue restrains it got… somewhere. Only when all the villains have been rendered useless does the creature move his attention over to the remaining scientists, specifically Sam, even more specifically the case in said man’s hands.

The small creature lungs forward, simply ripping the case out from Sam’s tight grip and vanishing back through the hole it made in the ceiling only moments ago.

Shortly afterwards, the security system goes back to normal and the scientists look around with lost expressions, completely shocked and confused by the recent events.


The police are investigating for the rest of the night and everyone has retreated back to their homes for now. The villains reveal their objective and that a weird, black creature has stolen it, but the police can find to tracks of said little creature for some reason.

In the meantime, David, Toshinori and Izuku though meet up in the adult scientis’s office and the younger doctor forces Toshinori’s friend to confess everything.

He did it, he hired the fake villains that weren’t so fake after all. Everything because of an invention he made to help All Might, to keep the Symbol of Peace alive.

Toshinori is shocked of course, shocked that his dear friend of many years would be so desperate to save him to the point where the man would dip his hands into villainy.

“Dave… I told you already, but there will come a time where I won’t be here anymore, where there is no All Might to keep the peace in the world. The answer to that however isn’t… this.“

David’s facial expression clearly falls at that, knowing oh so well what his dear friend means.

“The answer should be to raise new heroes who will carry the future, to make sure that our wishes and ideals live on to protect the people.“

“I… I know, Toshi. I-I’m so sorry, I… I…!“

The number one hero steps closer and encases the shorter man in a hug, patting the sobbing man’s back gently.

“Shh, it’s okay now. Nobody was harmed, thankfully. Just…“

Toshinori narrows his eyes, his hand stilling. David can’t see the blond’s face from his angle, but he can feel the soothing motion of the hand stop.

“Don’t do this again, alright?“

All David can do in response is nod into the crouching man’s shoulder.

“Of course…“

Sometime later, the scientist will notice a piece of paper on his table. When he picks it up, it simply says:

[I told you that you will regret it. Don’t do it again. I’d greatly appreciate it if you didn’t upset All Might a second time. I suppose you can see it as a punishment, but I’m sure that you won’t see that little invention of yours ever again either.]


It is only later when they return back to their rooms and are alone that Izuku reveals a teeny, tiny detail to the Symbol of Peace.

“That villain back then… He was contacted by All For One before all of this.“

Toshinori visibly stills, his eyes widening and his hands clenching in barely contained anger.

“Why… Why would that bastard meddle in this…?!“

“He probably thought that it would be fun to aid All Might’s friend in his villainous deeds.“

It doesn’t soothe the blond’s anger. Not at all.


I-Expo has been cancelled for police investigation which is very understandable due to recent events and Izuku and Toshinori return to Japan the next day.

During their fight this time, it is the hero’s turn to sigh a lot.

“I can’t believe that Dave did that…“

“Maybe it wouldn’t have been such a bad choice to inform him about One for All.“

“I can’t though… I… didn’t want to involve him in all of this… and still, All for One managed to get his hands on him somehow…“

“Don’t worry about it. I’m sure that All for One will get what he deserves.“

Toshinori pauses at that and slowly turns his gaze over to Izuku.

He hasn’t known the teen for long, but the blond knows that the young doctor isn’t one to joke a lot, especially not over such important things.

“… What makes you so sure?“

Izuk just raises an eyebrow at him innocently.

“What? Am I not allowed to try to cheer you up?“

“… You aren’t one to joke about such things, especially not about something with this importance. You mean what you say.“

“Are you sure that you aren’t simply reading too much into my words?“

“… I don’t know. You tell me.“

The young doctor has the gall to simply chuckle in this situation.

“Don’t worry about it. Everything is going to be fine.“

There it is again. ‘Everything is going to be fine.‘

It is only way later after their return that Toshinori realizes that he still doesn’t know why Izuku brought that big metal container with him.


Sometime later, in a familiar laboratory.

“Huh, this device really is fascinating… Fascinating, but not amazing. There are so many better ways to achive the same goal of this device with a lot less risk to the user.“

Izuku makes sure to remember the research data before destroying all of it, including the device.

Afterwards, he goes over to the big metal case he brought with him to I-Island. He opens it and smiles at its contents.

“… It went better than expected. Perfect even. Now to the smaller details…“

Chapter Text

It has been a very stressful couple of weeks for Izuku, but now… now he’s ready. The experiments have been finished, the test runs have been successful for the most part and the details are done.

Izuku stares at his finished creation with a smile, his expression both amazed and… relieved.

The young scientist places his hand onto the surface of the tank as if to pet what is inside.

“It was hard, nearly too late, but… now you’re finished, now I can save the situation.“

It is time for the invisible third party to join the fray.

In a manner befitting of an invisible party of course.


“I’m going with the first years on their training camp.“

Everyone is surprised when Izuku said that, unsure what to make of it.

When Nedzu somewhat reluctantly asks why the young teen wishes to join the students, Izuku says that it’s for one of his experiments which instantly forbids the principal to prod any further. It was their deal after all, that Izuku would join UA in exchange for a couple of things, Nedzu not asking after his researches being one of them.

That may convince all the adults who haven’t known the green-haired boy for all that long, but Izuku can’t possibly deceive his own mother, his only constant companion throughout his life so far.

So of course Inko is going to ask questions once they’re alone.

“Izuku, you told everyone that you wanted to join the students for an experiment, but… that’s not all there is, right?“

The freckled son gives his mother a strained smile and that alone tells the woman everything she needs to know.

“I already suspected it when you suddenly decided to accept the invitation to I-Island despite always declining it in the past years. A crucial time is coming fast, right?“

Listening to his mother, the green-haired teen can do nothing but nod in silence.

“Yeah, everything... is slowly coming to an end. Mom, I need you to do something for me.“

“Of course. Anything for you.“

The teen proceeds to give Inko a briefcase, locked and made of some kind of metal.

“If anything happens to me, give this to All Might, please.“

The short woman takes it wordlessly, staring at it for a moment, her gaze suddenly nervous.

“... Izuku, you’re scaring me. You’ll come back, right?“

“Of course.“

The young doctor spares no second thought at his obvious answer.

“I’ll come back home save, mom, don’t worry.“

“... Okay. Please stay safe, alright?“

“I’ll do my best, mom.“


A day later, Toshinori and Izuku once again meet at the teachers‘ lounge.

“Oh, good morning, Midoriya! It has been a while since we met like this, right?“

“Good morning, Yagi and yes, quite some time has passed since. Work has been pilling up a bit lately and I couldn’t come here.“

“I see. I hope you’re not overworking yourself. Make sure to take enough time to properly rest.“

Izuku snorts.

“If I wasn’t taking care of myself properly, I wouldn’t be able to talkto you normally like this. Thank you for your concern though.“

They start focusing on their work then, the sounds of pens scratching papers filling the room, until Toshinnori eventually sighs and puts his pen down on the table.

“… Midoriya.“

Izuku stops whatever he has been doing and turns his gaze over to the teacher’s direction. The young doctor has known for quite a while that this was inevitable.

“Yes, Yagi?“

“You’re going to join the first years for their summer training camp, right?“

“… Why?“

“Well, because I’m worried over the health of those rowdy kids and besides, I want to test something for an experiment of mine. Don’t worry, it won’t affect the students or involve anyone but me for that matter.“

Toshinori parts his lips, wants to say that that can’t be everything there is to it, that Izuku wouldn’t do something like that so casually, that the young teen doesn’t do anything without a bigger reason-

And then a certain thought comes up and the hero shuts his mouth.

‘Who are you to judge Midoriya’s character? You only knew him for a couple of months, not even half a year, in a casual setting only. You know next to nothing about him, only the few stories his mother was willing to tell you.‘

Instead of saying his initial thoughts, he decides to take a differemt approach, knowing that the young teen probably already knows his original words.

“… Midoriya, what is happening?“

Izuku sighs.

“Don’t worry, Yagi. Everything is going to be fine. Everything will be alright in the end.“

This doesn’t give the hero any satisfactory answers besides the confirmation that something is building up in the shadows. The lack of knowledge is a scary thing and Toshinori doesn’t know what to make of it.


Eventually comes the day when the first year heroics students gather in their respective buses to drive to their training camp. Izuku joins Shouta for that matter in the bus reserved for class 1-A.

The green-haired teen and a certain blond’s red eyes cross each other for a moment and Katsuki narrows his eyes. Izuku just smiles and waves with a hand a few times before resuming his conversation with Shouta about quirk theory.

The drive is uneventful for the most part. The students never cease to cause a ruckus, playing games and talking about things teens their age worry about the most.

Izuku has his eyes closed and listens to the voices with a small, content smile. Shouta happens to see it from the corner of his dry eyes.

“Do you want to join them in their antics or what?“

The young faculty member shakes his head lightly.

“Not exactly. I’m just enjoying the peace for as long as it lasts.“

The underground hero raises an eyebrow at that, but doesn’t question it any further. He assumes that Izuku implies the stress of the training camp with the last comment.

Later he will realise just how wrong he was.


After the bus stops and the Mandalay and Pixie Bob throw the poor students down the mountain into the forest filled with earth creatures, the remaining overseers take the bus back to their lodging.

Pixie Bob is occupied with keeping the members of class 1-A busy, so Mandaly decides to strike up a conversation instead.

“So, you must be Dr. Midoriya, right? The genius doctor who became famous in the last years. I heard that you’re also considered to be to the scientific world what All Might is to the hero world.“

“I’m not that amazing, Mandalay. I’m just a boy doing whatever he feels like doing. However, heroes on the other hand are so amazing! I know of your accomplishments! The Wild Wild Pussycats-“

And just like that, Izuku goes on a tangent, listing facts and statements about the hero team out of his head, surely surprising the older woman with his deep knowledge about the Wild Wild Pussycats.

At times, the woman would glance at Shouta, completely lost as to what to do with the waterfall of words spilling out of the young doctor’s mouth. Shouta just sighs and curls up in his yellow sleeping bag.

When did he climb into his sleeping back anyway?


“So, what is your quirk if you don’t mind me asking?“

“Hm? Oh…“

Mandalay eventually interrupts Izuku’s mumbling storm, asking the question that everyone has in their minds, besides the green-haired teen himself of course.

“I suppose I never told you, did I? You could have just asked Recovery Girl. She has been the one to register my quirk.“

Shouta quirks an eyebrow at that, mildly surprised and curious.

“Anyway, Recovery Girl named my quirk ‘Naturl Genuis‘-“

In the background, the underground hero snorts.

“-and it basically lets me see the very particles and understand their rules.“


Mandalay looks thoughtful for a moment, contemplating something.

“You aren’t a hero, are you?“


A certain child perks up slightly upon hearing that.

“But why not?“

“Because my quirk is unsuitable for hero work.“

“What do you mean unsuitable? I know that it isn’t exactly a flashy quirk, but it is quite valuable nonetheless. From what I can imagine, it must be very easy for you to gather information and make plans. There are other heroes like that, you know? Ragdoll’s quirk lets her monitor up to 100 people at once and figure out their weaknesses and Sir Nighteye can see into the future. Both of their quirks aren’t battle oriented, yet they still are very valuable to us heroes.“

“I can see your point, really, but when I say that my quirk is unsuitable for hero work, I specifically mean its… side effects.“

“Side effects? Are they so bad that you choose not to become a hero?“


“If you don’t mind, what are those side effects?“

“I’m sorry, but that is something I would like to keep to myself.“

“Well, that’s too bad…“

Shouta stares at his younger colleague. This is the first time he has heard from a side effect. He wonders what it is that the teenage doctor is hiding.


When they finally arrive at their lodging, the heroes go prepare the students‘ meals. In the meantime, Izuku sits down in some kind of living room with his laptop out, reading over some papers concerning his special patients. The first years are still struggling through the forest, so there is plenty of time left until they arrive.

It is then that a certain nephew of Mandalay’s decides to poke his head into the room where Izuku currently is. The young doctor has his back turned to the boy, so it understandably startles Kota when the green-haired teen calls out to the child.

“Can I help you, Kota?“

Said child debates for a split second which option would be better, to run away or to stand his ground. In the end he decides to go over to the freckled teen. Izuku looks at his new guest expectantly, patiently. Kota… doesn’t know what to say. All his life he has been surrounded by heroes and it’s rare that he gets to meet a person who, well, isn’t a hero.

“I believe that we haven’t spoken to each other before, right? How about you introduce yourself a bit? Maybe tell me your name?“

“… Kota. The name’s Kota.“

“Nice to meet you, Kota! I’m Midoriya Izuku, feel free to call me Midoriya. Can I help you with anything?“

“… You… you’re not a hero?“

“No, I’m not.“

“Why not? Everyone says that they want to become heroes once they grow up, so why not you?“

“Well, I did want to become a hero once in the past, if that counts.“

“Then why did you stop wanting to become a hero?“

“A demanding little brat, aren’t you?“

Kota blushes at the soft reprimand, pouting and looking away.

Izuku just chuckles and places a hand on the other boy’s hat.

“I stopped wanting to become a hero because of my quirk mainly. I’m sure that you listened in on the earlier conversation I had with Mandalay.“

The male child pointedly chooses not to comment.

“I don’t think that you’ll understand my other reasons, but I’m going to tell you one anyway since I know that you won’t stop pestering me otherwise. Another reason is that I want to give something back to the heroes.“

“Tsk. It’s all about heroes or villains, it’s always about them! It’s so stupid!“

“I know it’s stupid, but that’s just how humans are. Just because you think that something is wrong or right doesn’t mean that everyone else agrees. There are people who do things that many people see as wrong, but they do it anyway because to them, it’s right. Someone has to stop them, so that we can live in peace, you know? And those people are the heroes. Heroes are there because villains exist, because there are people who want to do wrong and, again, someone has to stop them.“


“… I told you that you wouldn’t be able to understand everything I say yet. Let’s just say that I both admire and pity heroes to a certain extent, alright?“


Kota just nods.


Eventually, the students of class 1-A arrive at the lodging too, their clothes torn and and dirt clinging to their bodies. It was early in the morning when they started this. It’s dawn now.

Shouta steps out shortly after, looking at his students in an indifferent way like always.

“Took you long enough… It would have taken us a much shorter time to get down here.“

‘Well, that’s because you are all pros already while we’re still students!‘

Ragdoll suddenly appears from behind a table, her arms and paws thrown into the air.

“We have cooked dinner for you guys, but it’s only for today, alright?! Starting tomorrow, you’ll have to cook your food yourselves!“

A collective groan comes from the students‘ direction. Nevertheless, they sit down after Shouta shows how little their quirks have grown and devour the food like they have been starving for years.


This hellish training doesn’t get any easier in the following days when the first years are forced to strain their quirks to the absolute maximum during the day. At least they get to goof off during the night.

Izuku just sits in his quite corner with his laptop most of the time, occationally standing up to bring a certain Kota dinner at the boy’s little hideout to eat together. They don’t really say much to each other, if anything at all, but at least the kid eats.

Everything appears peaceful, until the day with the test of courage comes, until certain silhouettes start moving in the shadows in preparation to strike the (mostly) unsuspecting teachers and students.

Chapter Text

Just when the pro heroes are about to send the students of class 1-B and Ragdoll off, Izuku stops their plans.


Shouta glances at the younger man, a single eyebrow raised in a questioning way.

The freckled doctor looks into the distance and narrows his eyes.

“… Send the students back immediately.“

Mandalay’s eyes widen in surprise.

“What? Why?“

“We’re being attacked.“

This has everyone on high alert, both teachers and students.

“I don’t think they’re going to strike now though. They seem… to wait until we’re split up. They’re waiting for Ragdoll to be alone and the students to be split up all over the forest.“

The underground hero wastes no time and immediately orders the students to go back.

“Retreat! Now!!!“

The students scramble to follow Eraserhead’s command, but one can clearly see how more experienced the students of class 1-A are in this situation.

Mandalay turns her attention to the teacher of UA.

“Are you sure, Eraser…? I mean, not that I’m doubting him, but how can Dr. Midoriya know that we’re going to be attacked?“

Shouta hasn’t been there when Izuku has been driven to the USJ on that fateful day, but he heard enough from his colleague to know that that young boy in front of him is the reason why it didn’t end in a tragedy.

“You’ve heard of the USJ incident, right? Let me tell you something, Mandalay, Pixie Bob, Ragdoll, Tiger. The only reason why everything ended in our favour, the reason why the Symbol of Peace is still walking amongst us is because that boy‘s interference.“

Shocked, all the eyes of the Wild Wild Pussycat members whip over to a green-haired teen.

“Midoriya Izuku didn’t just save the day then, he saved All Might, he saved the students and… he also saved me.“

It still has to sink in, the fact that the All Might has been so close to leave the world of the living, but the hero team finally understands the gravity of the situation.

“Midoriya, who are they?“

“... Kurogiri, the warp quirk user of the League of Villains and... Stain, the hero killer.“

The mention of the single villain who ended the careers and lives of so many heroes shocks all present adults. Pixie Bob is the first to speak up.

“The hero killer?! Why is he here?!“

“From what I can currently gather, he and the true head behind the League of Villains have formed an alliance for now.“

Shouta narrows his eyes.

“Wait... If they decided to help each other out, that must mean that they have a common goal, right-“

“That would be me.“

The heroes turn their gazes over to the only teen amongst them, again shocked and surprised.

“You? Why would they want you?“

Izuku just sighs.

“Well, the League of Villains probably didn’t take it kindly that I essentially sealed Shigaraki Tomura’s quirk. Stain on the other hand probably doesn’t appreciate Ingenium – one of his victims – running around the streets unscathed either.“

“If that’s the case, you should join the stu-“

“I think it’s a little bit too late for that.“

The young doctor looks into the sky, the gazes of the heroes following his. Slowly, multiple misty gates open, dropping their bound students one after another. Finally, Kurogiri and Stain show themselves and the heroes take on a fighting stance, ready for every suspicious twitch.

“Good evening, Doctor Midoriya Izuku.“

“Good evening to you too, Kurogiri. What can I do for you?“

“My, my... What a polite boy you are. I am here on behalf of my master. You see, he really, really wants to meet and speak to you in person. I am sure that the both of you will understand each other splendidly.“

“Hm, what if I-“

“Like we’re going to let that happen!“

Suddenly, the heroes start to lung forward, trying to turn the situations over to their favour. However, with Stain holding them off for a bit, Kurogiri has enough time to use his quirk to control the situation. The mist villain firstly opens one big portal in front of each hero, teleporting them part to where they started at. Then he grabs a student, Minoru to be precise, opens a smaller portal and pushes the boy’s head through it.

“If you want that boy to live, I’d advice you to stop that behaviour.“

The heroes freeze.

“I just need to tighten the gate, make it smaller and smaller, until finally, the warp gate snaps the boy in half.“

Kurogiri looks over to Minoru, who is shivering in fear in the villain’s grasp.

“It certainly sounds like a pleasant experience, don’t you agree?“

“No... P-please, let me go!“

“That depends entirely on your heroes over there, if they choose to cooperate or not.“

The heroes grit their teeth, but obediently don’t move a single muscle.

“Now back to our conversation, doctor.“

The mist villain sets the boy down.

“What is it that you wanted to say?“

“I wanted to know what would happen if I refused to go with you-“

Suddenly, there’s a blade pressing against his throat, nearly drawing blood. Izuku keeps smiling.

“I hope you do realise what position you’re in right now, boy.“

Stain’s voice is cool and uncaring while he holds his blade against said boy’s throat. However, against the hero killer’s expectations, Izuku’s smile keeps growing.

“... You point your blade against me. You attacked me first. Hey, Eraserhead!“

The underground hero perks up at the mentioning of him, surprised by the young teen’s words.

“You heard and saw it, right? They want to kidnap me and they attacked me first. Theoretically, if I were to use my quirk to defend myself right now, it would count as self-defense, right?“

Shouta isn’t sure why his shorter colleague would ask that now of all times. The doctor doesn’t have an offensive quirk.

“That would be correct, yes.“

“Everyone of you is my witness then.“

Suddenly, from one moment to the next, both villains are pinned to the ground with Izuku’s hands around their respective neck and... metal body?

Kurogiri and Stain groan from the sudden impact to the ground while the present heroes stare in shock.

What was that display of strength? How come Izuku is so strong?

This isn’t the moment for questions though.

“Hm, this is much better, don’t you agree? I’m in a better mood now, so I guess I’d be willing to meet that master of yours if it’s soon.“

The mist villain still struggles with comprehending the sudden turn of events, but he does his best to remain calm nonetheless.

“I-in that case, step through the warp g-“

Izuku suddenly pulls the metal contained up and slams it back to the ground, harshly cutting off the villain’s sentence.

“I am very, very sorry if I didn’t express myself clearly enough.“

In mere moments, the smile slips from the young doctor’s face, soon to be replaced with a cold stare.

“Bring the three of us to your master right the fuck now and leave everyone else alone, or else... Let’s just say that you’re really going to regret it.“

Obediently, the warp user closes the current gate and opens a bigger one underneath the three of them, one that leads directly to All for One.

As the warp gate expands, Izuku turns his gaze to Eraserhead one last time that night.

“Look at the small note I snuck into your scarf.“

And then the three of them are gone, Izuku together with the two villains.

Everyone is speechless for a moment, the students, the heroes.

And then-

“God damn it!“

Shouta curses, collapses until he’s on all fours and pounds the ground with his tightly clenched fists.

Chapter Text


All for One turns around when he makes out new people shifting behind him. He can tell that it’s Kurogiri and Stain, but the third person... Is that Midoriya Izuku? If yes, why is he on top of the other two villains? The young teen smiles his doctor smile.

“Good evening, All for One.“

“... Good evening, Doctor Midoriya.“

They stare at each other, none of them saying a single word.

“... You wanted to speak with me? Alone, I assume?“

“... Yes, of course. Before we address that problem though, I’d really appreciate it if you could let go of Kurogiri and Stain.“

“Oh, these two?“

Izuku slams the warp quirk user into the ground lightly and tightens his hold on the hero killer’s neck, making both of them groan for emphasis.

“I don’t see the problem with having them in this position.“

“No, no, that won’t do. What a host would I be if I let my guest kneel in that uncomfortable position? I would never be able to forgive myself if you were to develop back pain because of that.“

“Oh my, that certainly is very considerate of you. I suppose I’ll let go of those two then.“

Slowly, the green-haired teen removes his hold on the two villains underneath him. Ignoring Stain’s sudden intake of air, none of the men dare move a muscle.

“Kurogiri, you’re dismissed. Stain, I’d really appreciate it if you could give me a moment to talk to our young doctor here under four eyes.“


The hero killer isn’t exactly fond of the situation, but he complies nonetheless and leaves the room together with Kurogiri. Stain can tell when he is outmatched.

Once the door clicks shut, the two participants of the following conversations both... “look“ each other in the “eyes“.

“Now then, I’m sure that you already know why you are here thanks to that handy little quirk of yours, Doctor Midoriya.“

“I wonder? Is my quirk capable of mind reading?“

All for One chuckles.

“Is that so. I will just explain it to you then. Doctor, if you could?“

The door opens again and in steps a familiar quirk doctor Izuku knows many of his old peers have visited.

“Of course, All for One. Good evening to the both of you.“

The older man has a laptop with him which he swiftly sets up and turns on. Pictures appear on the screen, pictures from chemical and biological nature.

“You see, after Shigaraki returned from his raid of the USJ, he hasn’t been able to use his quirk. I have examined him thoroughly and came to the conclusion that this foreign chemical must be the cause of it. Despite that, I am unable to come up with a fast solution to this problem. We would appreciate your assistance with it.“

“Huh, I see... So you don’t want me to restore All for One to full health?“

Both the doctor and All for One remain silent for a moment. Afterwards, a slightly manic grin stretches across the supervillain’s face.

“So you did know my demands already. What is your answer then?“

“Hm, what if I refuse?“

“Then I’m afraid that I cannot guarantee your safety any longer.“

“I see... You know what, All for One? I am not really fond of the idea of worrying the heroes or my mother. I don’t really want to cause them trouble either though. There is one easy solution to this though.“

Suddenly, Izuku starts playing with something in his mouth and soon he has an already slowly disintegrating pill between his teeth, showing it off to All for One and the villain’s doctor.

“I refuse to give you anything, All for One.“

Then the freckled teen swallows it, soon collapsing onto the floor.

“... Doctor.“

“Yes, All for One.“

The doctor steps forward and examines the boy.

“He is still alive, but from what I can currently tell, his vitals are getting weaker and weaker by the second.“

“... I see. Bring him to me.“

The doctor does as he’s told and moves the unconscious boy over to his boss. All for One puts a hand on the teen’s head.

“It would be a waste to let his quirk die with him, after all.“

For a moment, nothing happens. It stretches on for so long, that the evil doctor pipes up.

“All for One...?“

“... I can’t take it.“

The villain seems to contemplate his options.

“Make sure that he stays alive.“

“As you say.“

A few hours later, the doctor returns to All for One to give his report.

“The boy is still alive and conscious again, however... his brain functions appear to be very limited.“

“Can you elaborate?“

“He nearly died multiple times, but I was able to always prevent that, just like you asked. He eventually woke up then, but like I said, his brain functions are very limited at the moment, similar to a noumu. I wish I am able to say whether that will stay like that or not, but... I analysed the leftover traces of the pill in his mouth and there are chemicals I have never seen before. They may have a similar structure to fatal poison, but that doesn’t necessarily have to say anything. I cannot tell if he can be of use to us like this.“

“That is very unfortunate, indeed.“

All for One considers his options.

“We can still use him as a means to negotiate with the heroes though. Besides, I’ve heard that Midoriya Izuku has become All Might’s doctor recently.“

A wide, crazy smile stretches across the villain’s face.

“I really wonder how he would react to the current state of his doctor.“


“... and finally, he gave me this note. This is a detailed plan, a detailed rescue plan in order to save him, or so it claims.“

Shouta finishes telling the story to UA’s faculty and Naomasa who takes note of everything. Toshinori digs his clenched fists into his lap, his teeth gritted tightly.

They eventually choose to follow that plan, after a lot of investigation on the police’s part.

The rescue group will be split in two at first. Both groups will start attacking their targets at the same time, one the bar to capture Kurogiri and Shigaraki Tomura, the other one a seemingly abandoned facility to subdue the stored noumu and to capture villain behind all of this. When the former group finishes, they are to join the other one in the main raid.


Once the meeting is over, Toshinori stumbles back into the teachers‘ office. He doesn’t know why his legs carried him over here, but the first thing his eyes seek is a familiar mop of hair.

Which, of course, isn’t there.

The hero’s breath hitches and he grips the doorframe just a little bit harder.

The last few days have been weird without Izuku. Since Toshinori has joined UA, Izuku has been a contant presence in his life.

No, even before UA. Izuku has been like a storm that suddenly entered his life, bringing with him a cloud of dust that would change his life forever. From his recovery to the USJ incident to the events on I-Island, Toshinori is sure that Izuku had his hand in all of them.

The blond doesn’t want to imagine what it would have been like, had the teen been absent from his life. He doesn’t want to think about it, let alone consider it.

And now Izuku’s gone, in the hands of an evil villain, in the hands of All for One.

He doesn’t know what he feels. Had it been anyone else, the number one hero would have probably felt great rage against the villain, but having the victim be Izuku feels... oddly personal.

Personal like it had been with Nana.

At the end of the day, Toshinori lays flat on his bed, his eyes staring at the ceiling, unsure, nervous.

Izuku is probably suffering at the hands of his old nemesis right now and what does the number one hero All Might do? Lie in his bed, attempting to sleep.

Toshinori is worried.

He knows though that stressing over this at night won’t lead him anywhere, that he should sleep and rest as much as possible before his second encounter with All for One.

Sleep finds him later than usual. Just a little bit though. He’s sure of it.

Chapter Text

First thing the next morning, Inko drags Toshinori to her small apartment.

“Midoriya-san? What’s wrong all of a sudden?“

“… He knew it… He knew this would happen… He knew he would be taken…“

The blond thinks that his heart skips a beat after hearing the silent whispers from the woman in front of him.

“What do you mean ‘he knew‘-“

Suddenly, Inko storms off and reapears shortly later with the trunk Izuku has given her beforehand.

“I don’t know what is happening, but he told me to give this to you if something were to happen to him while he’s in the summer training camp.“

The hero hesitantly takes the offered item, his eyes full of unsaid questions, but Inko is quick to dismiss him.

“There is a letter Izuku wrote for you. You should read it as soon as possible. Please, go now. I-I need some time to… gather myself.“

Toshinori leaves without another word.


The number one hero wonders distantly, sitting alone in the room where he usually meets with Mirio, if Izuku planned his beforehand or if this is just a precaution on the green-haired teen’s part.

The blond opens the trunk and just like Inko said before, there is an envelope laying on top of everything, addressed to him. Slowly, he opens it and takes the letter out.


If you’re reading this, then there’s a high possibility that something happened to me. Please, consider the following questions.

Have I been kidnapped?

Was the League of Villains involved?

Was Stain, the hero killer, involved?

Was it during the joint summer camp for the first years in the hero course?

Where the Wild Wild Pussycats involved?

If you can answer all these questions with yes, then I probably have been taken by All for One.]

Toshinori pauses, tries to calm his nerves in order not to rip the paper to shreds right there.

[Aizawa should know what you should do if you want to save me. In this letter, I want to tell you, Yagi, that you should take Toogata with you.]

The hero pauses, unsure why his young doctor wants his successor in the mission.

[I don’t know if you are aware of this, but he is considered to be the one closest to the number one spot, even after taking all pro heroes into account. I’m sure that he will prove himself useful on the operation.

Anyway, let’s get to the contents of this trunk. You should find one single pill here. Please, make sure to give it to me at the very first opportunity you can afford to do so.]

The blond peers down into the trunk and sets the letter aside, slowly moving the upper metal plate away. Beneath it, he can see a small glass container with a single pill in it. Carefully, gently, Toshinori touches it with one single trembling finger tip like it is something oh so precious but just as much fragile.

[Please don’t tell anyone about the pill or else it might have unfortunate side effects.

Well, I think that is everything I wanted to say in this letter. Maybe if everything turns out alright, we might be able to see each other again.]

The longer Toshinori stares at the letter, the more he suspects that Izuku both anticipated and planned all of this.

This just gives him more reasons to follow the young teen’s instructions as closely as possible.


“Oi, Bakugou- Oi! Calm down, will you?!“

Katsuki slaps Eijirou’s hand away angrily.

“How the fuck am I supposed to calm down, shitty hair?! From all the people to save us back there, it was our non-hero, civilian doctor who also is a minor like ourselves! He offered himself so that the villains would leave us alone! After all of this, you expect me to calm down?!“

The blond teen sits down sits down on his bed hard, holding his head in his hands.

‘All the talk about wanting to become a hero and then I proceed to fail Izuku of all people…!!! I’m the hero here, I’m the one who is supposed to protect you, not the opposite!‘


Toshinori didn’t think that he would get a hold of Mirio so soon, but the very same day Inko gave him Izuku’s trunk, the hero met with his successor in UA.

“I didn’t think that you would answer me so fast, Toogata-shonen.“

“Of course I did! I know how busy you are, especially after what happened with Doctor Midoriya, so I figured that it must be inportant if you wanted to speak with me on short notice!“

The older blond chuckles, a pitiful sound that doesn’t have its usual shine.

“I suppose that’d a reasonable thought process to have.“

The hero waits until the third year has taken a seat before him before continuing.

“I would like you to join in the operation to save Doctor Midoriya.“

Mirio looks at this mentor with wide, surprised eyes.

“You… you want me to join the mission to save Doctor Midoriya?“

The gaunt blond nods.

“Yes, I do.“

The third year seems to consider it for a bit.

“Well… I don’t really mind, but since I’m Sir’s intern, you will have to ask him for approval too. If you don’t mind me asking thought, why me?“

“I’m aware that I have to ask Sir Nighteye too. About your participation in particular… Just like how Aizawa-sensei received a message from Doctor Midoriya himself, I did too through less direct means. He requested your involvement in the operation to save him.“

“Oh, I see… If that’s the case, I’m more than willing to join the mission! I’ll ask Sir real quick.“

Mirio sends the foresight hero a quick message and after a direct call with Toshinori, he eventually agrees.

“Doctor Midoriya will most likely have his reasons.“

“Since when do you have so much faith in him?“

“… We had a couple of very enlightening conversations. Midoriya Izuku is a capable man and I don’t want to be the reason for his plans to fail – whatever they exactly are.“

“I see. I’ll allow Toogata Mirio to aid you in this mission then.”


Finally, the day has come. Toshinori prepares himself, puts his costume on and after a few seconds, jumps out of the All Might Tower as the hero the building belongs to.

The heroes participating in Izuku’s rescue gather one last time before they start the operation and go through everything one last time. Naomasa clears his throat once and looks down at his paper.

“We are targeting two locations – a bar and a warehouse, both supposedly abandoned. We’re going to split oir forces into two groups and attack both locations at the same time. Does everyone know which group they belong to?“

All heroes nod. Toshinori places a hand on Mirio’s shoulder.

“Don’t forget, shonen. You’re with the group targeting the bar.“

“Understood, sensei!“

Chapter Text

“Hello, pizza service here!“

Kurogiri, Tomura and Stain stare at the door before it bursts open due to All Might smashing his way inside.

The villains are shocked and scramble to defend themselves somehow, but the heroes have the upper hand and quickly subdue them. It’s mostly thanks to Kamui Woods and his quirk being able to restrain multiple people at the same time.

The number one hero looks at the young person who instigated the USJ incident.

“Shigaraki Tomura… Where is Midoriya Izuku?“

The young villain can’t see beyond his hatred though and screams his rage and hatred against All Might into the world for all to hear. It seems like he actually has been heard though, because soon there is black goo shooting out all of the villains‘ mouths, consuming them and teleporting them away.

It is soon afterwards that Naomasa storms inside and orders All Might to hurry to the other location they’ve targeted. The number one hero knows what his friend is hinting at and wastes no time to get over there.

In the meantime, the other heroes will  deal with the noumus that appeared after the villains slipped through their grasp.

Once the Symbol of Peace is out of earshot and the detective can catch a moments breather, he turns his attention to a certain intern.

“Lemillion! Go after All Might!“

Confused and surprised, the UA third year answers back.

“What? But why?“

Since the police officer knows what, or rather who is most likely waiting for the number one hero over at their other target location, he can’t help the building desperation coming forth.

“The present pro heroes can handle this! Go and support All Might instead! I’ll send the pthet pro heroes over as soon as we settle this!“

That isn’t really an answer to the student’s question, but Mirio hurries nonetheless. Naomasa will have his reasons.


Toshinori sees his from the distance, sees All for One’s distant figure in front of him and races fists first into his nemesis.

They clash, their fists meeting each other in a deadlock.

“I will have you return Doctor Midoriya, All for One…!“

One can clearly hear the barely controlled anger in the number one hero’s thundering voice. The supervillain through remains unfaced, instead laughing mockingly.

“I wonder if I can even return him to you at this point.“

The taller blond narrows his eyes in suspicion.

“What do you-?!“

It is then that sunken, blue eyes catch movement at the corner of their perception. Toshinori’s eyes widen considerably once he sees the person he is looking for in the arms of the hero killer Stain. Tomura isn’t too far away, busy with trying to wake Kurogiri up who the other heroes sent off into the land of unconsciousness earlier.

What shocks the UA teacher more though is the state his young colleague is in. Eyes half-lidded and staring off into the far distance, his body unmoving, pliant in the hero killer’s grip, Izuku gives off the impression of being… dead.


Toshinori wills the thought away as soon as it graced his mind. Izuku knew this would happen and he was prepared. He would never leave his mother alone either. No, the freckled teen can’t be dead. Thr hero refuses to believe it. Instead, he glares at All for One with unlimited furry.

“What have you done to him?!“

The villain has the gall to laugh even more.

“Me…? Me?! I, dear All Might, I have done nothing! The reason why Midoriya Izuku is in his current state? He did it himself! He tried to kill himself with poison!“

The number one hero freezes, his eyes widened in shock and horror.

The moment of distraction is all the villain needs to fling his nemesis away, sending the taller man crashing into a buildinh hard.

Toshinori groans when his back hits the breaking concrete, breathing hard and glaring at All for One once the hero has caught his body from the fall.

“You’re lying!“

The villain just won’t stop laughing.

“Oh no, All Might! I’m not lying! He himself said that he’d rather be a dead man than causing you heroes or his mother worry and trouble!“

The horror and anger inside the Symbol of Peace keep swirling around, tightening around his aching and pounding heart. He tries to calm his nerves, he really does, but his patience is running out. Fast.

“You’re lying!!!“

He is doing it again, All for One is provoking All Might again, the villain is trying to catch the hero off guard just like their first fight six years ago.

And he succeeds, because Toshinori is, again, rushing at him, fist raised, face contorted into a nasty snarl.

The blond’s movements are so easily predictable and the scarred villain has no problem with flinging the taller man away a second time.

This time, All for One uses the limited time to use another stolen quirk of his, a quirk that allows him to forcefully activate the quirks of other people. From the very tip of his fingers, dark, red tendrils shoot out and spierce Kurogiri’s body. Soon, familiar warp gates open.

“Shigaraki, Stain! Leave! Take Doctor Midoriya and Kurogiri with you!“

With shocked and widened eyes, Tomura whips his head around to stare at his master.

“Master, no! If you fight All Might in your current state, you will- you will-!“

The supervillain only flashes his pupil something between a reassuring smile and a smirk.

“Everything is going to be fine. Listen to me and go now!“

In the meantime, All Might is trying to get a hold on his own body ashe is crouched down, coughing and choking out blood. Steam is slowly rising from his shaking frame and the hero can tell that his limit is close. He regrets forgetting the pills his dearest doctor has made specifically for him.

It is exactly during the short argument between All for One and Tomura though that the Symbol of Peace notices how Stain is moving towards a certain dark warp portal. Can anyone fault Toshinori for panicking?

“Midoriya, no!“

Ignoring his physical limit, All Might tries to hurry to the freckled teen, but All for One notices and promptly stops the blond in his tracks. More blows are exchanged and Toshinori knows, he knows that his nemesis is stalling for time, but he can’t focus knowing that Izuku is about to slip through his fingers.

Stain is already a foot into the portal.


And suddenly, a very fast something flashes through the scene and in the next moment, Tomura and Stain are falling to the ground unconsciously. What bothers the number one hero even more though is how Izuku vanished.

Toshinori is still stunned by the sudden events, but All for One already figured out what happened and is moving. The villain quickly flings the number one hero away and targets the unwanted guest.

“I didn’t expect you to show up here, Toogata Mirio!“

And then All for One lets loose another burst of force and unintentionally knocks the teen into a boulder next to the deflated Symbol of Peace, sending the third year straight to the land of unconciousness.

It is then that All for One draws the attention of the participants of the fight to the media helicopter flying over them, streaming the special occation for everyone in the world to see.

Toshinori knows what this means, knows that that means that the true form of All Might is revealed to the world.

But now is not the time to worry about that, not yet.

Instead, the number one hero turns around and desperately searches for the small glass container Izuku trusted him with. The blond remembers what the letter stated.

‘Now is the moment to give you the pill, right? I really hope that I’m judging this situation right.‘

Toshinori takes the pill out and puts it into Izuku’s mouth. He waits for a moment, worry festering in his mind when nothing happens at first, but eventually, Izuku swallows it down.

The freckled teen jolts to life after another few moments and the first thing the green-haired boy does is to look over at Mirio.

“... Damn it, he’s out cold.“

The tall blond blinks once and follows the doctor’s gaze, finally noticing that his successor is lying beside them unconsciously.


Before the mentor can even move over to his student, All for One interrupts the moment with his dirty laughter.

“Well, isn’t that a scene to behold?! I don’t know what you did to revive Doctor Midoriya, but it will be for naught! I really would have prefered to have Doctor Midoriya in my loyal team, but if I can’t get him, I’ll just annihilate all of you!“

Toshinori can sense it, the way the supervillain floats up into the air, the way All for One’s right arm contorts into this sickly mutation, the way the black clad villain prepares himself to strike them.

Not all of them will make it.

Maybe if he had been alone, Toshinori would have been able to avoid the attack unscathed, but both Izuku and Mirio are here too, with the latter being unconscious. If only Mirio had been awake, he could have brought Izuku to safety.

It’s too late though, there’s no time to regret the past, not yet.

The Symbol of Peace stands firmly in front of his successor and doctor, determined to face All for One’s attack head on.

Izuku on the other hand is busy slapping Mirio awake and doesn’t stop until the young blond groans with his eyes slowly opening. Once that is dealt with, the green-haired boy steps forward to the number one hero’s side.

The doctor hits the taller blond in the side, the scarred left side.

All Might jolts, coughs up blood and falls down to his knees, gripping his painfully aching side with a hand. Groaning and wheezing, the hero looks up through teary eyes as Izuku looks down at him with a sad smile.

“I know that All for One has taken a lot from you, Yagi. Please, no matter what happens now, don’t let him take away your beliefs, your justice too. Revenge isn’t becoming of a hero, okay?“

Before Toshinori can truly question Izuku’s words though, the teen is already stepping forward towards All for One. It is a second too late that the blond notices the unspoken farewell hidden in those words, an unspoken finality.

He screams the green-haired male’s name just as All for One’s impact hits the teen, his words getting swallowed up in the explosion of mighty powers colliding.

The Symbol of Peace shields his eyes as smoke is blown into the air and only dares to open them again when the dust has settled a bit.

The sight that greets him isn’t too much different than a nightmare. The only difference is that this is real.

Standing in the middle of the impact crater is All for One, his mutated fist in the center of all the destruction. There is a large splash of blood surrounding the villain with some of it clinging to the black clad man’s clothes. The familiar white coat of Izuku is burried underneath the supervillain’s fist and there is no body underneath it.

All for One smirks.

“Aw, seems like I ki-“

Toshinori buffs up his body up in an instant, using the last embers inside of him, and rushes at the villain with zero consideration for his surroundings. With how fast All Might is and how sluggish the movements of All for One are with his right arm mutates like that, it doesn’t take long for Toshinori to smash the villain’s head into the ground hard, cracking his nemesis skull again like in their first fight.

However, this isn’t enough, it’s not enough.

All Might raises his fist again, about to hit the already damaged skull of the villain underneath him again, seeking to cause more than permanent damage-

“All Might, don’t!“

Suddenly, Mirio latches onto his arm, jolting the number one hero out of... whatever mindset he was in. Toshinori blinks a few times, looks at his successor, looks at his nemesis and his body tenses with unfathomable rage.

However, it is then that he remembers Izuku’s last words to him.

Please, no matter what happens now, don’t let him take away your beliefs, your justice too.

He ignores his instinct to repay All for One the favour he has done to Izuku. Instead, he raises his left arm in the air and flexes his muscles again, becomes All Might one last time.

The Symbol of Peace emerges victorious, standing firm over the defeated evil.

Chapter Text

Clean up. Now that the threat has been eliminated, the heroes and police hurry to save as many people as possible. This fight has caused a lot of collateral damage, destroying buildings and trapping living people underneath the rubble.

A couple of police men are escorting All for One, Tomura, Stain and Kurogiri into their respective iron maidens as Toshinori and the news crews watch them.

Since the press people themselves realise how tense and serious the situation is, they haven’t dared interrupting any heroes during their work.

Toshinori appreciates the little bit of privacy, because he doesn’t think that he can face anyone right now.


He is gone, Midoriya Izuku is gone now. All for One made sure of that. Toshinori is never going to see the rare smiles again, never going to hold casual conversations with the boy again, never going to do anything with him again.

“Why the sad face, Yagi?“

The hero – or rather, former hero – freezes upon hearing that voice. It can’t be...

The blond turns around and lo and behold, there stands Izuku in all his glory, unscathed and unbothered from the chaos going on around him. The green-haired male just looks at the Symbol of Peace, his face neutral, a small questioning quirk to his eyes.

Slowly, with bloody, trembling hands, Toshinori reaches out to the teen, cups the boy’s freckled cheeks on each side and just... stays like that.

“... Is this real? Are you real, Midoriya?“

There is a pained smile on Izuku’s face now as his head drops a bit.

“Yes, it’s me, Yagi. I’m not dead.“

Tears gather in sunken eyes, only a single one slipping out. The gaunt man falls onto his knees at first, frozen, and eventually starts wrapping his arms around the smaller male, gripping onto that familiar white coat like a lifeline.

Izuku slowly returns the hug, patting the older adult on the back in an attempt to comfort the man. He can hear the whines and hiccups, feel the growing dampness in his clothes and can’t hold his own tears back.

“I missed you so much... I thought I lost you...!“

“I know and I’m sorry for scaring you. It was necessary though.“

The young doctor then quickly turns his attention to Naomasa, calling out to the detective.


The police officer heard the teen, his eyes widening in shock after seeing the supposedly dead fatality before him, before stumbling over.

“Ah, y-yes, Doctor Midoriya?“

“I will be the one to treat All for One.“


Later, when the mess at Kamino has been sorted out and Toshinori has recovered enough to walk around on his own, the heroes at UA and Naomasa meet with Izuku. Of course the Symbol of Peace and the teen’s mother are present too.

The detective has a notepad and pen in his hands, looking at the young doctor with neutral eyes.

“We would greatly appreciate it if you could tell us about that plan of yours, Doctor Midoriya.“

“Well, I think it started around the USJ Incident? I started to wonder who would dare to target the Symbol of Peace and started investigating.“


“Yes, investigating. I stayed at home, lowered my workload as much as possible and predicted the villains‘ next movements.“

“What do you mean with ‘predicting their movements‘?“

“I try to calculate the most likely outcome.“

“I... don’t think I understand...?“

“All I can say is that I told you the truth. Anyway, afterwards I started preparing for the worst and, well, the worst situation happened. I’m just glad that I interfered early enough to turn it into a victory for the heroes in the end.“

“So, what did you do?“

“I picked up my research on quirks and, well, you could say that I made my own noumu.“

“Your own noumu... You mean your lookalike that was killed by All for One?“

“Killing, huh... I wonder if you can kill something that isn’t really alive.“

“... Not alive?“

“My lookalike cannot live on its own. I modified his DNA, so that its brain latches onto the brain signals of another individual to function. However, the individual it latches onto needs enough brain power to control both the original and the noumu’s body, so a normal human would die because of the strain. Not me though, because of my quirk. This is all possible since I gathered the DNA of many individuals and adjusted their quirks accordingly.“

“I... I see... Wait, does that mean that you saw and felt everything the noumu did?“

“I could feel all of the noumu’s senses, yes.“

“But that would mean... that you also felt how the noumu died.“

If the present heroes weren’t shocked before, they surely are now.

“You... you experienced death.“

“Yes, I did. If you don’t have anymore questions, should I continue my story?“

“A-ah, um, yes, please...?“

“Well then...“

Izuku proceeds to explain how he planned everything beforehand, making his clone, sending it to the first years‘ summer training camp and infiltrating All for One’s base. All the while, he himself has been hiding in his laboratory, having stocked up on food supplies beforehand.

“Now that I think about it, I think it was a great final fight for the Symbol of Peace, don’t you agree?“

When Izuku looks around, he sees shocked, confliced and teary faces. Inko stumbles forward to envelop her son in a hug, crying into the teen’s clothes. The young son just silently returns the kind gesture.

“... I’m back, mom.“

“W-welcome back, Izuku...!“


With Izuku’s description of the events, Naomasa isn’t sure if the police and government are going to leave the poor teen alone. To his surprise though, that doesn’t seem to be something he needs to worry about, especially after a couple of very important people call him to inform him about Izuku’s situation – from the prime minister to the emperor to the head of the police force.

They tell him that there won’t be any actions taken against the teen because of Kamino or whatever lead up to it.

Maybe it’s just Naomasa’s imagination, but he thinks that he hears the slightest fear or nervousness in their voices whenever they speak Midoriya Izuku’s name. The detective distantly wonders if they’ve had private conversations with Izuku before they came to their conclusions, wonders if Izuku himself had a hand in the whole affair.

The police man thinks back to the teen’s explanation of his plan to take down All for One and bring the Symbol of Peace’s career to a worthy climax.

He doesn’t think that he wants to anger the green-haired teen by questioning the freckled boy on the matter.


When the investigations are more or less complete and both UA and Izuku’s hospital open again, the reporters are right there to harass the young teen.

There are rumors going around that the one getting killed at Kamino was a decoy Izuku himself sent. The freckled boy doesn’t know yet how that information got out yet, but he’ll deal with it soon enough.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t change the fact that the news reporters are here now, demanding answers from him.

“Is it true that you sent a double of yourself as a precaution?!“

“Doctor, what is your opinion on UA’s security?!“

“How can you still work normally, knowing that UA failed its students so often?!“

“What do you think about All Might letting your decoy getting killed?! Does this impact your faith in him or heroes in general?!“

Izuku hasn’t planned on answering any of their questions, but the last one, the last one...

Slowly, the famous doctor turns around and stares at the one person asking that question that caught his attention. The masses grow silent as they notice that Izuku isn’t willing to speak as long as they’re too loud.

“Why should I be disappointed if everything went according to plan?“

And just like that, the young doctor disappears behind the door of his hospital, leaving the press alone as the reporters explode into more questions after hearing that revelation.

“Plan?! Does that mean that everything from the villains attacking to the conclusion at Kamino ward was a tactic to lure the mastermind out?!“

“Who knew of the plan?! Where the authorities aware of it or was it your own initiative?!“

Up in the teachers‘ longue of UA’s faculty, the heroes watch the ordeal at the edge of UA grounds from a safe distance. Aizawa turns around to face Izuku who is calmly sitting at his desk doing paper work.

“... Was this really necessary?“

The young doctor stops his activities and looks up, looking the underground hero in the eyes.

“What do you mean?“

“The hint you gave them, the hint of your plan. Was that really necessary?“

“If you’re worried about the present reporters, rest assured. I’m working on it right now.“

The next day, a big press company had to close due to the many exposed crimes that are linked to them.

The reporters don’t harass UA again.

The heroes would always steal glances at their youngest colleague while Izuku worked on his papers like it’s another perfectly normal day.

Chapter Text

Even if the lessons have started again for the students and uninjured teachers, Toshinori still is out of commission due to the injuries he sustained during his second fight against All for One. Izuku was so kind to treat him to the best of his abilities, maintaining his muscle form for one hour. Not that it really has much use now, not after the last embers of One for All left the blond’s damaged body.

At the very end of the day when the teachers went around asking the parents to let their kids stay at UA in the new dorm system, Inko gets a hold of the former number one hero. Soon they are sitting in the woman’s living room again, quickly cooling tea placed between them.

“All Might...“

Inko seems at a loss for words.

“What do you think of him?“

“... Excuse me?“

This feels... awfully familiar. Didn’t the woman ask him the same question before when they first met?

“What do you think of Izuku as a person?“

Those are the same questions, yes. Toshinori just doesn’t understand what the shorter female expects from him.

“I... I don’t think I understand? What are your intentions?“

Inko sighs.

“If I remember right, Izuku was a dear colleague to you the last time I asked you this question. He is a young and smart boy, a valuable colleague and a very skilled doctor. What I want to know is what you think of him now. Please be honest when answering my next question. What did you feel when Izuku’s lookalike was killed?“

Toshinori’s eyes widen and he looks away. He doesn’t want to remember that moment, doesn’t want to remember that pain.

“I... I was shocked, horrified. I thought... I thought I lost him there.“

“Why were you horrified?“

“Because I am- I was the number one hero, the Symbol of Peace. How could I fail him like that?“

“Is that really all there is to it?“

The blond looks up again from his fixed gaze on the small table between them, searching the woman’s eyes for some kind of clue.

“Don’t you feel anything more when you look at Izuku? Is that all he is to you, a civilian to be saved, a colleague you see at work?“


Toshinori is at a loss for words.

“Izuku is safe now, right? What if Izuku and I were to move away now? Would you be fine with that? With never seeing him again?“

The former hero freezes, his eyes widening in shock. Izuku, leaving?

“I can see it in your gaze, All Might. You don’t want that.“

Sighing, Inko clasps her hands together and gathers her thoughts for a moment.

“... Izuku loves you.“

Her gaunt guest coughs up blood.


“My son loves you.“

Silence. Toshinori uses this moment to absentmindedly wipe the blood from his lips.

“... I don’t know if you’re telling me the truth or not, Midoriya-san. It’s... hard to believe. And even if it is true, why would you tell me that?“

“Because I... I want Izuku to be happy...!!!“

The retired man hasn’t expected the woman to suddenly start crying.

“It’s... It’s so unfair! Firstly his quirk and now this! He does so much for you, sacrificed so much for you! He became a doctor, studied hard and earned so much respect just in order to heal you from your battle wounds! And just now in Kamino, he stressed himself so much just in order to arrest that dangerous villain and give you a victorious climax to your career! He does so much, yet he expects nothing in return! That may be fine with him, but not with me! I can see how he yearns for you, but refuses to make advances because he doesn’t want to pressure you into anything!“

Inko stops talking for a moment, too overwhelmed by her emotions. She cries out all of her pent up grief first before she can continue.

“I understand him though. If you don’t want this, if you don’t love him back, you don’t have to force yourself into anything. However, if you do feel something for my son... Please, make him happy...“

Toshinori leaves the Midoriyas‘ apartment with a lot to think about.


The former number one hero contemplates his feelings towards a certain freckled teen for the night. He plans to confront the boy the very next morning, but is left dumbfounded when Izuku steps into the teachers‘ longue, takes one single look at him and leaves the room with a hurried excuse about forgotten work.

This continues on for the next couple of days, Izuku avoiding the blond like a plague.

It confuses Toshinori. Has he done something wrong? What’s the matter? Why won’t Izuku talk to him? And then he remembers that Izuku can see memories and thinks back to his recent conversation with Inko.

He facepalms.


One morning, Toshinori is pretty much camping in front of Izuku’s apartment, waiting for the teen to come out. The teen does eventually and jumps after seeing Toshinori casually leaning against the wall. Was the boy so distracted that he didn’t even see his childhood hero sitting outside?

“Good morning, Midoriya.“

“... Good morning, Yagi.“

“We need to talk.“

Izuku averts his eyes.

“Do we have to talk?“

Toshinori frowns.

“Now, now, might I kindly remind you who always told me that I can reveal my secrets to him, talk to him?“

The freckled teen chooses to remain silent.

Toshinori sighs eventually.

“Why are you so scared?“

“I don’t want to trouble you more than necessary. As your doctor, I only want the best for you-“

“You don’t have to hide behind your position as my doctor. You want me to be honest to you, now I want you to be honest to me too. Do you love me, Midoriya?“


“You know that your mother already told me.“

Izuku sighs in defeat.

“Yes, I do love you. Can we leave it at that?“

“No, we can’t, not if it pains you so much. How could I let my little, personal hero alone in this state?“

Toshinori closes the distance between them and gently, slowly wraps his arms around the shorter male, making Izuku freeze. The blond guides them down into a sitting position, his back against the wall, Izuku’s sitting between his legs with the boy’s back against the older male’s chest.

“Why didn’t you tell me?“

“Again, because I didn’t want to trouble you. You deserve someone better than me, someone normal.“

The former hero frowns at that.

“What do you mean someone ‘normal‘, someone ‘better than you‘?“

“I... I’m a difficult person. My quirk makes me special, for better or for worse, and I have trouble expressing my emotions or feeling emotions at all. It’s not worth dealing with. You deserve someone who will cause less stress for you, someone who will actually make you happy.“

“Are you implying that you aren’t making me happy?“

“Not if we become... become... a couple.“

“How do you know that? Did you calculate it too like your plan to take down All for One?“

Izuku remains silent.

“So you didn’t, you don’t know how it could end.“

The teen shakes his head.

“Do you want to try?“

“Why would you want someone like me? Someone so young, someone so difficult?“

“Because you make me happy. The moment you stepped into my life, I don’t know, it feels like you guided me out of the darkness with your light. I like you, Midoriya. I don’t know how deep my feelings are yet, but I am more than willing to try it with someone as amazing as you. Do you accept my feelings for what they are?“

Slowly, hesitantly, a shy nod.

“Now I’m curious though, how come such a young boy like you fell for some old man like me?“

“Well, that’s...“

Izuku gives himself a moment to gather his thoughts.

“When I got my quirk, I was... scared. I was scared of everything, children, adults, even some heroes. I was especially scared of villains though, the really, really evil kind. People think about a lot of things at all times, you know? It’s kinda uncomfortable for a four year old boy to see an author think about an explicit murder scene or to see the fantasies of non-offending pedophiles. I can’t expect every person to accomodate my needs, so I guess I was simply born very unfortunate when it comes to that.“

Toshinori hesitates a moment, but eventually places a gentle hand on top of Izuku’s head, gently running it back and forth the teen’s scalp. The boy feels less tense in his hug, even if only a little.

“All my beliefs and thoughts have been shattered, you know? Don’t lie, don’t hurt another person, etc. There are so many thoughts and opinions on everything, it was rather hard to find orientation as a four year old kid. I started doubting my mother too and I just... I didn’t know who I could turn to. The heroes I admired so much have their black sheep too, people who aren’t behaving as heroic as they should. Even back then, you were my favourite hero and I feared seeing more and more about you, feared that something evil was hiding behind that brilliant smile of yours. However, then I realised that there isn’t anything bad behind your facade. Your heroism is genuine, your beliefs and morals were real and you had to suffer so much for them... I suppose you became my mental anchor since then.“

The blond doesn’t say anything, just continues to gently comfort the teen in his arms, encouraging the boy to continue with his story.

“I wanted to help you. My everything started to revolve around you. I wanted to become a hero at first, but I quickly realised that my quirk isn’t really all that useful for hero work. Then I decided to become a doctor, someone who helps the heroes, a hero for heroes! I travelled the world for that, focused on my studies, met a lot of people, but nobody was as great as you. I suppose it was a slow process then, me falling in love with you. I just realised that I will probably never meet another person as kind, loving and... and great like you anywhere else.“

“You’re exaggerating! I’m sure that there probably is at least one young lad that caught your eye!“

Izuku looks to the side for a moment, not wanting to look at the older man.

“... I have a slight problem with people my age. It’s the main reason why noone around my age ever really caught my eye.“

Toshinori raises a questioning eyebrow, not that the freckled teen can see it.

“You have a problem with your peers?“

“Well, the problem is... They’re just so... naive. I see a lot, Yagi. I know how both cruel and great life can be. However, all the teens around my age just think that they know what that means, but... they actually don’t know what that means. They tend to latch onto one single idea and refuse anything that might oppose it and... that just isn’t how it works. There isn’t a simple right and wrong for every situation. Life isn’t black and white. That is something only older, experienced people can truly understand and not... children, teens.“

“... I see.“

Hearing that, the blond can truly understand why such a young boy like Izuku seeks a partner in an older person. The poor teen had to see the cruel world of adults too soon and his peers simply cannot understand what he himself already does. The former hero realises that Izuku would be nothing but unhappy in a relationship with someone his own age.

Finally, Toshinori concludes that he wouldn’t rob the young doctor from a happy life if the former hero were to be selfish and claim the boy, quite the contrary even.

But after the heartfelt confession from Izuku’s part, the blond feels like it is his turn to spill his heart to the young man he wishes to be his own. That, however, is a difficult thing to do. Toshinori never really had such a heart to heart with anyone before and he is unsure how to word his feelings.

And thus both of them sit like that for a few moments, neither of them saying anything, until the taller male finally gathers his thoughts.

“... You probably know that already, but... I pretty much was a dead man before you came into my life. Since my first clash with All for One, since that bastard tore this hole into my body, I... was never the same. Sir Nighteye left me, my times as All Might became limited and... I isolated myself. I wasn’t All Might anymore because I was a hero, no, I was All Might because the world needed the illusion. My ideals were crumbling like how my body was wasting away. When I saw a person in need for help, I wouldn’t have stepped in anymore if my time limit was reached. However, that isn’t how a hero should act, a hero risks his life to fight injustice with justice, to bring villains behind bars if they have done something wrong! I slowly realised my change in attitude after meeting you, slowly but surely. The only reason I didn’t kill All for One at Kamino was because of your words. All for One can take a lot from me, but the moment he takes away what makes me All Might, my beliefs and my justice, I lose. For that, I thank you. You really are a great man, Midoriya.“

Silence. Then, movement. Izuku shuffles out of Toshinori’s hug, turns around, cups the taller man’s sunken cheeks and gives the gaunt male’s lips a quick peck. The blond’s eyes widen, surprised.

“I don’t deserve so much praise. You have done a lot more good than me in your lifetime.“

Now it’s the retired hero’s time to surprise the other. Putting a hand behind the smaller male’s head and angling the younger’s lips just right, Toshinori presses their lips together, deeping their kiss. The taller man nibbles on the smaller male’s lower lip, making Izuku moan weakly, and then slips his tongue inside.

Izuku’s hands scramble to grab onto something to ground himself as his hero continues to ravish his mouth. His small hands grab onto the former hero’s collar tightly, spit running down the side of his mouth.

And then they part, breathing hard to fill their deprived lungs.

“Nonesense, if I am a hero, you are a god, Midoriya.“

The teen blushes.

“Don’t you think that we’re on first name basis now?“

“You first then.“

“T-... T-Toshinori...?“

Said man kisses the freckled boy again.

“I love you, Izuku.“

“I love you too, T-Toshinori... I have loved you for so, so long...“

Chapter Text

“How are your lungs and stomach coming along?“

“They’re doing great, Izuku! You don’t have to ask all the time, you know? It’s been years since you put them inside me and they’ve been functioning fine ever since then.“

“I know, just... I just want to make sure that you’re alright.“

“It’s fine, I understand. Anyway, what’s for dinner tonight?“

“Katsudon for me and an American style burger for you.“

“Oh, treating me to something special today? What’s the occation?“

“N-nothing, I just felt like it...“

Toshinori kisses Izuku.

“I know that it’s our anniversary today. I haven’t forgotten about it, don’t worry.“

The now young man blushes.

The older blond retreats to their living room and sinks down into the couch, sighing in exhaustion.

“Kids really are energetic, aren’t they? Especially future heroes. That reminds me...“

Oh no, Izuku has dreaded this question.

“Sometimes, I can’t help but think back to Kamino... That clone of yours, it wasn’t weak, was it? I know that All for One’s punch must have packed enough power to at least blow Toogata-shonen away. How come it didn’t? All I can think of is that clone of yours weakened All for One’s punch enough to allow Toogata and me to still stand there.“

The young scientist turns around slowly and sees his partner starting straight at him with those intense blue eyes.

“You mentioned something about quirk researches once and you called your clone a noumu. You managed to fit multiple quirks inside it, didn’t you?“

Izuku averts his eyes, hesitating.

“... I don’t want you to be mad at me, but I just... I didn’t like the thought of you going out there and ruining your body again. It’s your time to rest and enjoy life now!“

The young doctor doesn’t know when his lover moved, but Toshinori suddenly is right behind him, gently hugging him from behind.

“I know, I’ve suspected it for a while. I’m not mad at you or anything. It’s fine, really. I should enjoy the little time I have left and spend it with my most important person here. It’s not like it’s possible to find the answer to eternal life!“



The gaunt blond notices how Izuku has stopped working when he mentioned his last sentence.



“Izuku, is something wro-?“

It is then that Toshinori realises what exactly had his small partner pause. Eternal life. It can’t be.


“I didn’t mean to-“


“It was an accident! I didn’t seek it out or anything, I just worked on some experiments and then my mind started wandering and then the thought, the... answer to immortality was just a small whisper I had in the back of my mind! I didn’t mean to figure it out!“

“Could you please not shatter my beliefs for once?!“

“I’m sorry!“