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An XYZ Catastrophe

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The Clash of Worlds



Dean leans back in his chair as he stares at his laptop screen. Nothing interesting had been happening all week. The last case they had was a ghost situation several towns away. Nothing was going on nearby, so they went to check it out. It turned out pretty boring and they were heading home before an hour.


Across the table, Sam was munching on a salad while scrolling down his own screen. His hair was somewhat messy and he had slight bags under his eyes. Dean could admit that he probably looked just as bad seeing as they both woke up only a little while ago.


Castiel was gone on a trip which left his usual seat vacant. The thought of his best friend being out of his sight would have been very irritatingly worrying if Dean didn't almost snicker thinking about what he was doing. The angel had left to go see Claire for a while and check up on her. Sadly, the girl was very clever and was probably tricking Cas into doing who knew what for her. She didn't seem as hostile as the last time the two of them met, so that was a plus.


The poor guy needed a break anyway, so who were they to judge?


A poorly muted sound of triumph brought Dean's attention back to Sam. His brother was looking pretty proud of himself as he turned his laptop. The screen was set to dim, thankfuly, so the elder Winchester was spared from having to squint. The headline was slightly blurry, but that was nothing coffee couldn't fix. Rubbing his eyes, Dean ignored the snicker he thought he heard and tried to reread the paper.


Suspicious Animal Roaming The Streets!


Officials are baffled when a mysterious creature suddenly settled into the small town. At first, only sightings were being reported until suddenly people were claiming that the creature started breaking into stores by breaking down doors. One shop owner claimed that the creature walked on four legs and looked vaguely like a lion, but larger. But the real shocker was when he said that all his electric appliances seemed to act up around the animal, claiming that his microwave even blew up, which scared the monster and caused it to flee. The man claimed that the creatures yellow eyes will probably haunt his dreams for a long time.


Dean quirked an eyebrow and looked up at Sam, who was smirking deviously. With an aggrivated huff, Dean dug into his front pocket and rummaged through his wallet. Finding a twenty, he put it on the table as he gave Sam a mocking glare, but the younger Winchester only smiled and took the money into his own wallet.


Deciding that he's had enough of seeing the little twit's smug mug, Dean sharply rose from the table and made his way out of the kitchen to look for a weapon for their mystery creature. If he heard mocking snickering, he ignored it as he made his way to the weaponry.


Sam just sat back in his seat as he watched his older brother stalk out of the room. If Dean hadn't wanted to lose any money, he shouldn't have made a bet with the case finding champion.



The sun had fully set by the time the boys reached the town. It actually wasn't that long considering that it had been resting on the horizon when they left, but since Dean was a little eager, he probably broke several speeding laws along with the speed barrier to get to the town.


Thankfully, the highway had been empty, but Sam was still going to kill Dean if he did that again. When they finally pulled into town and Dean slowed the **** down, they pulled into the closest diner. When they had parked, Sam jumped from the car and whipped around to glare at his brother as if he were one of the monsters they faced almost weekly.


Dean just smiled innocently back.






With a snort, Sam turned around and marched into the diner, leaving Dean to lock the car before following suit. When they settled into a booth, Dean noticed the waitress giving them a weary once over and threw her a charming smile. Immediately, the woman blushed and looked away, but Dean noticed that she kept looking up at him from the cornor of her eye.


A cough caught his attention and he looked forward to see his brother giving one of his famous expressions as he quirked his eyebrow.




Sam shook his head as he looked at his screen again. "So, get this. The creature apparently appeared about a week ago, but the news only just got word of it yesterday."


Dean groaned. That entire week that they were without a case, one had been sitting under their noses?


"The only description they have of it was from the man who said the creature broke into his store. All we really know about it is that it looks like a lion and gets spooked by explosions and bright lights." Sam looked inquisitive as he looked over the information. His eyes scrolled the page over and over as if looking for any information he may have missed.


"I can't find any creatures in the lore that look anything like it though."


That gained the older hunter's attention as he turned from the woman he had been flirting with. His brother's eyebrows were furrowed in puzzlement. His mouth was in the thoughtful frown it did when he was deep in his mind.


"Okay, great. A new bady? This could get interesting, right?"


Sam shot him a disapproving look. "Dean, this could be borderline reckless if we go into this blind. We don't know anything about it or its weaknesses. How are we suppose to kill something we know nothing about?"


"Throw everything we have at it and see what works." Dean stated in a matter of fact tone.


Sam rolled his eyes at the pure Dean that was in that logic.


"So where has all this been going down at?"


"Well, it started happening close to an old house on the edge of town. It's actually less than a five minute drive away. Especially with your driving."


Dean ignored the jab as he called the waitress over. In less than ten minutes, the boys had full stomachs and were back in the car on their way to the location of their mystery monster.



As predicted, it took less than five minutes to get to the house. When they exited the car and got a good look at the place, it definately looked like a place a monster would like to live. The old house was a two story that looked like it had seen better days back in a World War. Practically every window was busted and the paint job was almost completely gone, leaving splotches of what probably used to be white surrounded by aged and rotting wood.


After the brief assessment, Dean made his way to the trunk of the car and popped it open. Out of all the weapons that lay scattered in a messy and unorganized pile, he grabbed the shotguns. After checking to see if they were still full of ammo and grabbing a few more for good measure, he walked back to the front and handed one to Sam. The taller man still looked unsure, but shook himself and was no doubt telling himself to suck it up.


"Dean, are you sure we shouldn't at least try to call Cas? I mean, this is pretty dangerous."


Dean could hear the uncertainty in his brother's voice. The younger was always nervous when it came to going in blind on a hunt, especially since the last time they did, one of them had been hospitalized (*cough*Dean*cough).


"I'm tellin' ya man, just let Cas do his thing. I'm sure he's having all kinds of fun, right now." Even though he hadn't meant it in a dirty way, his smirk obviously said the opposite.


"You know what? I don't want to know." Sam said simply. Dean let out a chuckle and rolled his eyes playfully. "Get yer mind out the gutter, ya baby." Sam shot him a look before shaking his head and focusing on their current situation instead of his childish older brother.


Together, the two of them approached the front door.


Once they were on the porch, the two of them locked gazes, all humor gone, and with a nod, Dean reached forward cautiously and opens the door. An ominous creaking noise escaped the aged hinges and the brothers' could have sworn that they heard a snapping noise just as the door collapsed and fell inward.


With one final look, the two entered the house.


The inside was just as bad, if not worse, than the outside. The floor, and pretty much everything else, was covered with a good layer of dust. There was a staircase on the far wall that was missing parts of the railing that had collapsed to the floor below.


Dean gave a signal with his head for Sam to take the second floor and with an affirmative nod, the man took the stairs to the second floor. Dean watched him go before turning back to his own floor.


As he walked forward on his search, he catologued everything he passed. The place was practically a carbon copy of the cliche haunted house. Every piece of furniture he came across was covered with a white sheet and there seemed to be some glass from the broken windows, almost like the glass was broken out instead of in. Was that clue?


When he reached a thin hallway, he came across the first doorway. The door was broken in half and lying on the ground in the hallway. There were signs of a struggle as this room had what looked scratch marks on the floor. The bed in the corner was flipped on it's side, the matress flopped on the ground and what was probably the blanket was ripped on the floor. There was a dark dried stain that covered more than half the floor.


Dean gave a little shudder at the thought of what could have happened here, thankful that Sam wasn't there to make front of him.


Going down the hall, he was met with similar sights, doors closed or broken with overturned furniture inside followed by blood stains and more broken windows in the rooms that had any. One room even had what looked like bullet holes in the wall that went just above what Dean would have guessed was Sam's height. It didn't take a genius to see that something big must have come here.


When Dean finally reached the last room, he was expecting it to be like the other rooms. And technically it was, with one minor difference.


There was a body inside.


Dean's stomach dropped.


Rushing forward the broken bed, the hunter knelt to the unconcious form of what appeared to be a child. He couldn't be any older than ten to thirteen and had strangely styled blonde hair. He wore a blue one piece suit with a yellow collar and yellow stripes around his knees and the cuffs around his ankles. His dirty black and white shoes looked worn. The glasses laying next to his face indicated that he probably had an eyesight problem.


Leaning in to check the child over, he discovered that the boy was indeed injured. There was a head injury that was bleeding pretty heavily, but Dean calmed himself when he remembered Sam telling him that was normal for a head wound and didn't mean it was serious.


Looking lower, he noticed slight tears on the onepiece suit the boy was wearing. Dean would have called him a nerd if the situation wasn't so serious. Checking the room for any sign of what could have brought the boy here. He noticed a rather large backpack in the corner and rummaged through it for a moment. However, all he found was a bunch of tools and what looked like a photo of the child along with a little girl that looked like him. A little sister or something?


A groan gained his attention and made him turn back to the boy who seemed to have scrunched his face up in pain. Was there something Dean had missed?


Quickly making his way back over, he checked the unconcious shild again. Hi gaze was quickly drawn to a growing stain on the side of the suit.


'Shoot! He's bleeding out!' Dean thought frantically. How could he have missed this?!


Ripping the suit open, he was met with a slightly startling sight. There was a piece of shrapnel in the boys side. By some kind of good luck, the cut itself wasn't actually very deep but it was pretty long. It was going to hurt like who-knew-what in the morning, but the kid wasn't in danger of anything much more than infection.


Taking off his leather coat, Dean took off his plaid shirt as he shouted Sam's name. One call was enough for him to hear his brother rushing back downstairs. It didn't take long for Sam to show up at the door and by the time he had, Dean had already ripped his shirt and was trying to tie it to the boy's side.


"Sam! Snap out of it and help me get him to Baby!" Dean barked.


Sam seemed to snap out of his horrifed daze and, before his brother finished his sentence, he was kneeling next to his brother and helping him get the boy onto his back. Dean motioned for him to grab the backpack and glasses and the three made their way out of the room. Sam took the front and kept an eye out for their target. They were able to make it out to the car without incident, thankfully, and Dean set to putting the kid into the backseat as gently as possible.


In no time at all, they were ripping down the road to the nearest hospital.


Unknown to the brothers, three figures entered the house soon after they left.



A large creature walked calmly towards the house with two smaller figures on it back. The lion-like creature paused, however, when it noticed that the door was broken, it paused. What had happened?


Running into the house, it frantically looked back and forth for any sign of intruders, but even with its special vision, it didn't see anyone. That was when it noticed something quite startling.


It didn't see anyone.


Rushing towards the back, the creature ignored its friends calls as it checked the room at the back of the house. It was one of the few rooms with doors that could have protected its charge. However, when it looked in the room, its fears were confirmed.


The boy was missing!


Letting out an angry growl, static seemed to surround its body causing the two smaller creatures on its back to panic. The brown rabbit creature tried to calm the larger creature down, but it seemed too angry. Suddenly, the rabbit's ears started to glow white as it slapped the lion on the back of its head, causing the green creature behind it to freeze in shock.


Surprisingly, it worked in snapping the creature out of its anger. The rabbit continued to reprimand it, telling if that is they wanted to find their boy, they would need to keep their heads. The lion relented and made its way out of the house back outside.


Where was their boy?


To Be Continued...