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Just a kiss

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J olyne had always found herself more at ease once the sun was down and the sky became a matte black-blue rug without many stars above, she’s never really seen them except for a couple that were brighter than the rest because of the light pollution, she felt like the night was closer to her being much more than the night. She still recalled the nights with her gang, passing around cheap beer in warm cans and rolled cigarettes even if they, Jolyne thought, were absolutely atrocious in smell and taste, one of the many reasons she didn’t get the habit herself, but in company she didn’t really mind the idea of sharing those burning smelly sticks. Sometimes, she still recalled with a nostalgic fondness the one time she got high and while the smell of weed had lingered on her clothes for days, enraging her mother for her inconsiderate behaviour, she couldn't help but smile at how with a light head she had stroked her thighs between the other girl in the gang, and when she thought about it Ermes reminded her of that girl, perhaps that was the reason she has been immediately drawn to her? One of the many reasons, at least, one might say, but the whole prison ordeal didn’t leave enough time to think about it.

There was a sense of secretness at night, even in a prison cell with another person whom she would have preferred wasn't there at all (Guess had stopped being so overly and openly obsessed with her, but nonetheless she was one creepy gal) and with wardens sometimes walking down the hallways, passing in front of the metal bars and briefly checking if there weren’t any suspicious activities going on, effectively denying the inmates the privilege of privacy even in their sleep, but once they were gone, the silence again embraced everything, like a familiar accomplice for the one or two brave headasses who were trying to escape, and for Jolyne herself, who was releasing a thin strand from her finger with her Stand. She was still getting used to how the strings of Stone Free had themselves a sense of touch, it was disorienting to feel something that technically she shouldn’t be able to touch from her bedpost, like the floor of the hallway past the bars, or the warm skin of Ermes lying in her bed a couple of cells away, way beyond her normal teach.

The older one’s grunted as she lifted her head and peeked over her own bedpost with sleepy eyes, her Kiss glowing just above her with its orange halo. «What do you want, Jolyne… what time it is anyway?» she said with a weird very audibly mumble that tried to get past the hearing of the guards and whoever could be listening, like nosey whistleblowers ready to kiss the jailers’ asses and get some privilege.

«How the hell can I know, I don’t have a watch Ermes, but can’t be very late anyway».

«Why did you wake me up?».

Jolyne’s eyes shifted to the side, and she hid her mouth and cheeks behind her hand so Ermes couldn’t see her face getting pinker and warmer… Ermes couldn’t have seen it anyway, the lights only illuminated the hallway between them and threw only faded shadows in the small jail room. She threw a short glance at her roommate, peacefully sleeping on the upper bunk bed, and the older one hear her whisper, but her voice was too low to be understood.


«Oh come on, I can’t say that stuff out loud».

«Yeah but I’m not exactly in the position to hear you like this».

«If anyone else hears me, I’ll be dead!».

It took Ermes a second to catch all of the signals and realizing what the other meant she groaned again «God, Jolyne, are you always horny?».

«Sorry, but what can I do?».

«What can I do, I’m here and you’re there, I can’t exactly do something like this…». Her eyes rotated all the way to the ceiling and she sighed «It’s not that I don’t feel like it, but we’re in different cells, if you didn’t notice already. Can’t you just, you know… do that alone? It’s not like you don’t know how».

«Do you really have to bring that up! I bet the guards are still laughing behind my back!».

Ermes wanted to answer back but all she could do was to shortly laugh before she felt a curious touch along her thigh, and with the corner of her eye she noticed her Kiss had gotten closer to the metal bars and its golden eyes were mesmerized by the strings Stone Free was now pointing at its face, as if they’ve forgotten about the woman they were supposed to be enticing and found the bright Stand to be much more interesting. Neither Jolyne nor Ermes knew the real extend of their weird punching ghosts’ autonomy, most of the time they followed each of their owners’ thought and order, but at times they looked more like toddlers trying to understand what was beyond their users’ limits and knowledge, exploring the world and each other. Although, if that was the case, it seemed that their interest wasn’t that far beyond the girls’, since both Stands were intensely looking at each other, Stone Free unraveling itself and raveling itself back around Kiss, and clearly they weren’t that different from Jolyne and Ermes themselves hiding in a safe spot of the prison’s courtyard to make out and lose their breath.

When Stone Free began to tighten itself - it was odd, that something like thought power would turn into lines of living fabric, wasn’t it? Jolyne still found the idea bizarre - around Kiss, Ermes found herself immobilized again, with nothing but solid air to keep her down, while her orange and purple inner self or whatever it really was, this whole “your mind power becomes real and can warp reality but only in very specific ways” business was still so unreal, stared at the other one, the colour of sea and seaweed and the smell like limonene nen dish soap, with passion. Of course they did, the girls thought at the same time, they’d feel passion for each other.

Kiss would have loved to stand by its name and cover Stone Free with kisses, but the other was coy, a perfect image of her user, and placed itself so very close and still not close enough, a thin grin on its cyan lips and eager to experiment with knots that were either too tight or too loose, showing the impatience and inexperience of Jolyne. The strings slithered on Kiss’ skin, binding its arms behind its back and glorifying its muscular flat chest, and then it tied the Stand itself on the bars, spreading its legs, and Jolyne couldn’t see how Ermes was doing the same on her bed, but by her hissing «Oi, the hell are you trying to do?» she rightly figured that her lover was as helpless as Kiss, but much more annoyed than the Stand looked like. She’s always wondered how much that creature was a faithful representation of its owner, showing their true emotions and not just their possibilities, and with the way Kiss’ mouth arched and its eyes gazed upon Stone Free she really hoped that was the case, she really hoped it as she made her Stand unravel even more and stroke its strands between the smooth gap between its legs.

«Hey, Jolyne...».

Ermes had never tried bondage, it had never been in his bucket list if she had to be honest, she didn’t find it neither particularly interesting nor depravated, only needlessly complicated, who would need so many ropes and knots for something that is ultimately a matter of hands in the right place? Never she would have guessed that at least once in her life not only she would have gotten herself tied up with threads that didn’t really exist in the real world, but those same threads would have made her wet by stroking not on her but on her conscious, subconscious, whatever it was, with a humanoid shape that as well didn’t exist in the real world, taking the term “mindfuck” a tad too literally perhaps. «Jolyne, you know what tomorrow morning I’m going to wreck your ass for this, right» she groaned, but she was smiling, somehow her voice was smiling, and let a snicker when the other answered «I’d like to see you try», cheesy but effective.

The strands packed together and kept touching and massaging between Kiss’ thighs, and the Stand gaped its lips before its user did the same. Stone Free’ makeshift hand was moving slow but steadily on the flat surface, with no holes that could have possibly been more deeply explored, but it didn’t really matter as Ermes bit her lips and tried to close her legs with no results and felt the touch regardless, unable to resist and do anything to stop it, or rather to guide it to pleasure her even better, even if it was impossible since there was “nothing” holding her down and masturbating her from above the clothes and somehow right on her skin. She has never been a moaner, and that was not going to be the first day she was going to let her throat make noises that she couldn’t control, instead she muttered «Jolyne… let go of my legs, come on» and sighed in relief when she felt the paradoxical grip disappear from one of her legs, leaving her free to move it as she pleased - at least, she could have if Kiss didn’t decide to move it on its own and brush its knee below Stone Free’s belly, not quite reaching its featureless crotch at the first try and instead touching its round belly, prompting a short chuckle from the other side «What was that, it startled me!», and getting to its goal at the second attempt and keep grinding. Jolyne’s voice quieted down and Ermes had to turn her head quite uncomfortably to notice that Jolyne was hiding herself behind the pillow.

«Not so coy now, are you».

«Shut up...».

It was a shame that Ermes couldn’t be so close to Jolyne to see how red her face could turn, how hilariously embarrassed she was despite her drive and despite the fact she had been the one to begin the whole matter that night and poked the one on the other side of the corridor because she was horny. Jolyne was definitely the strangest girl she ever had the chance to sleep with, albeit not the strangest she’s ever met, and in truth she had had just another girlfriend before her and a short-lived crush, in times where everything was simpler and there was not all the resentment and survivor guilt that she wished she could forget and let go. Of all the things she had believed she could have found in prison, a lover interested in half-baked mental bondage wasn’t even of the list, and yet there she was. It wasn’t like she and Jolyne had the deepest relationship, in the end they mostly helped release each other’s tension and kicked ass, there really wasn’t time to sit down and talk about feelings… she wondered if there was any chance in the near future of doing that. She cared about Jolyne, that reckless car-stealing girl who got herself in an affair bigger than her and more or less accidentally dragged Ermes as well in that mess, as if her life wasn’t already chaotic; she couldn’t really say if she loved her, love was too big of a word, too big of a experience to apply to something that she still didn’t get if it could go past the day they’ll both get what they want and came to that prison for in the first place, but she wanted to say that yes, Jolyne wasn’t just hot, she was the woman whom she loved.

At times, Ermes wondered if she was a bit old-fashioned to value a word so highly to not use it for anyone, but then again she had to pout her lips and close her eyes the more Stone Free touched Kiss, more erratic by the minute, and a bolt of warmth hit her and she got wetter than she already was, not one of those mind blowing orgasms everyone loved to talk about and brat to be able to give or get, it was more like realizing there were many lumps of stress that warmed up like wax and oozed away. She held her breath and arched her back as she came, and groaned as she relaxed on her bed and found herself again at discomfort at the immobilization she still wasn’t sure she liked, but at least she didn’t hate it, perhaps she really was just indifferent at it. Jolyne, however, was more noisy and had to bite her pillow when her own peak hit her, she loathed how most of the time she didn’t even reach the orgasm and the few times she did reach it it was just with the help of a knee that wasn’t even close to her body and she had to hide herself and hope there really was no one within earshot.

Then, there was laughter. Ermes was finally freed from her bindings and managed to properly turn and lay on her belly, watching Jolyne still with her face on the pillow, and when their eyes met they couldn’t help but laugh at how odd the whole thing ended up looking, a bicolor ghost with stickers all over bound by another ghost the colour of the sea and the smell of discount soap to prison bars that only they could see and somehow those ghosts touching each other made them come. The Stands themselves still looked at each other with apparent disregard of everything around them including their own owners, perhaps trying to communicate without words that they couldn’t express and still with the most earnest sincerity, sharing some apparent shyness with their users.

Suddenly, Jolyne felt a pressure on her lips, and when she threw a glance at the cell on the other side, Ermes was even more shocked than her.

«Did you Stand just kissed mine?».

The older one was too quick in denying «No, it was yours».

«No, I didn’t! Just because I usually start things, it doesn’t mean I always start things!».

For once that night, it was Ermes the one whose cheeks were warmer and pinker than usual, and she really hoped that the lights in the corridor didn’t out her. She was absolutely sure she didn’t order anything, but Kiss didn’t really care about orders in that moment and Stone Free was smiling delighted back at the other Stand, and if Stands were really a portrayal of the owner’s true feelings… well, Ermes thought, that had just become even more troublesome.

But it was just a kiss, like many others that they’ve shared, so why did they both suddenly felt their chest heavy with bliss?