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The Vermilion Witch

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Her vermilion garbs flowed like water across the golden tile of the palace floor, heeled shoes clacking as the woman paced the throne room. Ivory white teeth bit down on her lips hard, red beginning to swell beneath the surface from the pressure. She was getting angrier, an emotion that woman believed that she had long mastered. But it seemed that she wasn’t above it all after all. She growled angrily, picking up a vase and throwing it down—the sound of it breaking alerting several guards to check in on their queen. 

Breathing heavily, green eyes looked upwards to glare at the generals clad in gold, daring them to say something. Unfortunately, one of them wasn’t exactly the brightest bulb in the bunch. “Your majesty… you seem troubled.” 

Eyelashes fluttered in an almost sarcastic manner, genuinely shocked that he was even so stupid as to question her behavior after all this time. As if throwing and breaking a vase was the worst thing she had done….

Everyone in her country knew she did worse. 

"You like asking obvious questions, don’t you, good officer?” Walking a bit closer to the three, she tilted her head to the side in a menacing way, hoping that despite her youth and size, they would still be intimidated by her. And lo and behold, they were. Bowing their heads to her, they left the throne room immediately, closing the grand doors with a mighty slam.

"Ignorant fools…” She muttered under her breath, running a hand through her long dark tresses. With the anger came sadness, tears threatened to slip down her porcelain cheeks as her bottom lip trembled with fear. The queen swallowed heavily and continued pacing, hands grabbing at her hair to try and shut down all the doubts that barraged her mind.

There was a war coming, Agni knew it. They all knew it. And the radiant kingdom that she fought for all this time was going to ruin. The kingdom that was her birthright and she reclaimed it after the enemy nation of Midgard invaded many years before. She was only thirteen years old and those foul men decided to make the princess their plaything after the successful conquest. Oh… wrong they were to underestimate her.

The princess allowed them to touch her, to force themselves on her, quietly obeying their orders only to immediately afterwards use the powers that were given to her at birth. At her fingertips did she electrocute them and with her slain father’s silver blade, sliced off the head of one of her attackers to throw at the feet of the emperor. Long black hair disheveled, green eyes flared with fury and pale skin covered with blood, she made an audience with the ruler of Midgard. He, with the rest of his court looked at the young girl in fear as they stared at the general’s severed head. They had made a grave mistake…. they were not just messing with a princess but one with the powers of a sorceress. 

The Vermilion Witch, they called her. 

"Do you see this, my lord? This can happen to you… This can happen to any one of you. You have taken quite a lot from me: my mother and father, my kingdom, my innocence… it’s quite a long list. But I’m not perturbed in the least, truly. I just wish to give you a reminder. This kingdom, this beautiful land that was blessed by Bahamut—my radiant kingdom is mine and mine alone. Now, I ask that you get off my throne or I will…ensure….a painful demise.”

Agni fought so desperately to ensure her people’s happiness at the cost of being referred to as a witch by other nations and now, this peace would be interrupted by someone she loved dearly. 

Her Sidus… 

The tears began to burn at her eyes even more at the thought of him, the memory of the white of his hair was overwhelming. But he was going mad and declared war on everything they held dear—the very foundation that was built on blood, sweat, and love. Walking to corner of the golden pavilion, she pushed her red sleeves up and lifted her hands to summon a small globe of light. A crystallized mirror that was the young woman’s closest friend for many years. Agni looked within to gaze at the glorious sight.

The maiden in white with silver-gold hair. They shared the same face but were so vastly different. One who’s beauty resembled the morning and the other who’s beauty resembled the evening. This woman who’s compassion and healing nature was an odd comfort to Agni and a source of jealously. Holding the crystal close to her heart, the black haired witch whispered to it softly. 

"Lovely and fair maid… who are you and where are you? I have seen you in my dreams and yet you have not made yourself known to me. Tell me, white fairy; what is it like to have your hands clean of blood, to be a healer and not knowing a lick of black magic? To be loved unconditionally by your just deeds alone…. Tell me, pretty fairy…” The salty wetness started to drip down her face at last.

“Tell me, please..."