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It always started the same. Yet each time there was a twist.


Every thing was dark. So dark it was to hard to tell where he was. Blinking a few times seemed to help a little, at least he could make out the walls and doors in the long hallway.


All he could smell was burnt wiring. The faint sound of what seemed to be saws off in the distance. The sound alone was unnerving with out the shrill scream that rang out, and of course like the poor fool he was he wander down the hall towards the sounds.


Each door he passed looked vaguely familiar. As he reached the end of the hallway, he tripped. Of course he'd trip in a time like this! Turning around, Skids had the sudden urge to purge his tanks. There at his feet laid a arm with very distinctive words written on it saying "bomb disposal".


No the poor bot, not-not Tailgate.


Skids scrambled to his peds, not once taking his optics off the appendage. He had just started to recollect his thoughts when a clang rang out. Deciding to spear a glance, he looked down the next hall, not that he had to look to far. Energon smeared and splattered the walls, ever so slowly droplet rolled down. Down toward the body that laid on the ground. Taking steady steps, Skids got closer, starring down to look the poor bot over. Maybe it'd give him a clue as to what was going on this time.


Well at least he now knew where the rest of the poor Tailgate had went. The joint where the arm would have been attached was ... well mangled in every sense of the word. His visor shattered, his body littered with gouges. A gun hung from his digits of the other servo. It seemed that he had a least put up a decent fight before going out.


But that brought up the question, which had been moved? The body or the arm? Considering the arm was a great distance away from the 'evidence' cascading around the body. The answer seems to be a bit obvious. But who in the name of primus would move an arm?


Suddenly like the flick of a switch, or the press of a button, Skids was brought to the realization that it was waaaaay to quite for comfort. Not only that but a almost eerie feeling had developed in the air. It was like... that feeling you get when your all alone but .... you know your being watched.


Slowly he stood upright. Yet before he even got halfway up a snarl erupted from behind, back down the hallway he'd just come from. It felt as if every thing had went in to slow motion. With a twist of the helm and a glance over the shoulder, he seen the shadow long before the body of the creature rounded the corner.


The face of it alone was enough to frighten him, teeth sharpened, eyes watching every movement, it's lip plates curled up as it snarled; momentarily frozen in terror Skids watched as the ...the what ever it was lowered it's self to the floor.


When it rolled its shoulders his helm screamed, 'Run you idiot!' And so he did. Skids ran down the hall sliding in to the wall as he turned at the next hall.


Each corner seemed to lead to more body's, all littering the floors with energon and other bodily fluids he didn't want to think about now or ever honestly. Part of him was glad that this thing was chasing him. Skids didn't want the extra time to look and see who each body had once belonged too.


And just as the thought struck him, Skids realized the snarls from behind were no longer there. Glancing back only confirmed that he had lost it.


Skids well skidded to a stop, leanIng against the wall he slid to the floor holding his helm in his servos. Fans whirling in a attempt to cool his overheated systems. Primus that thing, frag he recognized it but he couldn't remember how and it was starting to make him mad.


Sighing he leaned his helm back against the wall shutting his optics down. Wish I'd just fragging wake up already.


Looking up towards the ceiling, Skids recognized the oh so familiar glow of neon. The bar! Swerve's bar! Maybe just maybe Swerve's blaster was behind the counter, at least it'd give him a better chance out there than without. It was worth it to at least look.


Jumping up with a new found determination, he ran forward toward the counter and slid across the top. But when his peds hit the floor they went out from underneath him, sending him crashing to the ground. With a groan he sat up the beast he could, optics off as a pain reflex, yet now his servos felt warm and wet. Part of him said to not to look it's only going to be bad, but curiosity got the better of him.


Looking down at his servo it was covered in energon, even worse behind his servo, between his legs on the floor was even more. Suddenly realization came that his entire body also felt wet. Don't panic! What ever you do don't panic! Maybe a enegex container broke. I'm in a bar after all. That's when he notice the ped laying besides his own.


... no no no no NO! There behind the counter was Brainstorm and Nautica. Brainstorms body sat there cradling Nauticas own in his lap. The scene wasn't exactly hard to put together. The femme had clearly died before Brainstorm, Her face mangled to the point that she didn't have one. He didn't seem to have taken it well. One servo laid on the floor, one of his guns laying in his palm, that and the hole blasted through the side of his helm made it very clear that Brainstorm had killed himself. A few feet away was the famous briefcase of his, crushed and smashed to nothingness.


Frag this! Frag it! Why him?! Why in the name of primus did he have to be the one to suffer this torment?!


"Awe look Helex, Little Autobot scum gonna start crying! Hahaha!" Skids helm snapped to the side, looking over the counter. There on the bar seats sat to brutes (one blue with a odd glass window in his torso, the other yellow with what appeared to be a shredder in his chest) staring down at him, drinking enegex like all this was normal. He had to cram his neck back to even look at their faces. That's when it hit him that this was their normal.


"Hmm is that supposed to be surprising Tesarus? It don't take much to crush 'em. In the helm or their body. Gotta give it to 'em tho, surprised we hadn't  caught 'em yet. Thought for sure that femme was the last."


The DJD.


The DJD where on the ship. That thing that had been chasing him was THE PET. And now the two largest brute killing machines sat in front of him idly chatting away while getting slagged off of Swerves special blends like frag he didn't know!


One of the two reached over slamming a fist in to Skids helm, within seconds everything went black.


When Skids finally came back online, he felt like scrap. His helm was pounding, not to mention the screams ringing in his audio receptors. Wait dial that back. Screams?


"Ahhhhh noooo pleaseee I - I aaaaahhh frag!" The voice sound so familiar, but who ever the poor bot was Skids couldn't tell nor remember, everything was hazy and Helex was currently blocking his view.


Suddenly a face popped up in front of his own. "Vos!" The face snapped back looking over at the others around the current victim. "I already told you to wait. That way we all can savior in Skid misery." Some chatter came from the Mech in front of him but Skids didn't understand it. "Yes that sounds like a marvelous idea Vos! Helex move out of the way, let Skid get a view of the action."


With a huff and side step, Skid finally got to see the poor soul. No primus no. Anyone but her. "(y/n)?" There she was strapped down in a chair that was obviously Kaon. As if to confirm his thoughts she through her helm have as waves of electricity went through her. "Nooo! Stop! Your gonna kill her!"


"Well duh what did you think we where gonna do?"


Tears rolled down her face. "Skids I aaaahhh!” She was shocked again.


Chuckling came from the Kaon, "I don't recall you being told to speak femme."


"Leave her alone!"


"Or what? What exactly do you think your going to do Skids? Hmm?" Finally Tarn stepped into his line of vision.


"I'll figure it out when I get there." The large purple tank stopped for a moment glaring at Skids, who returned it with the same ferocity.




"Ya boss?"


"Shred him. We have no use for him."


Within seconds the grinder was across the room. Picking Skid up off the floor. And started to feed him in peds first.  While (Y/N) screamed in the back round. "Nooo! Skids! Frag it! Skids!"






His optic sprang online and the femme hovering above him barley had time to dodge the fist flying past her helm. "Hey! Hey!" (Y/N) held Skids helm between her servos, stroking her thumb across his cheeks. "It's alright, it was just a dream. It's alright." She swag a leg over his hips and laid down on top of him, she hovered over his face. Waiting for him to calm himself. "It's ok, I promise Skids. Everything's fine."


The feeling of her on top of him and the heat radiating off of her had really became a main calming method for Skids when he had one of 'those' nights.


After a moment Skids reached up rapping his arms around (Y/N) waist, pulling the femme down flush against himself. She tucked her helm into the crook of his neck. Pecking a light kiss onto his main fuel line. "Better?"


Skids squeezed her lightly, "ya I'm better now."


(Y/N) sat up starring down at him before leaning downwards and kissing him. It was light and reassuring, just like always. "Good cause I don't like it when my big guys all upset." She smiled down at him, "ya know Swerves still at the bar if you don't want to go straight back to sleep we can go get some drinks?"


"Hmm" Skid pulled her down once again before rolling them over on to their sides. "Actually I think I'd rather just stay here with you." Reaching down he grabbed the blanket, pulling it back over them.


She snuggled into his chest holding him close. "Sounds like a plan to me."