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Hallowed Ground

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Nothing was ever built where Haven had stood.

It wasn’t a graveyard, exactly. The ruins of the fort still stood in places, where time and weather hadn’t completely eroded them. But there were no markers, no boundaries. Nothing to explain what this place was.

But Peachblossom seemed to know. He stopped at the edge of the road, where the main gate had once stood, and Kel slid from the saddle. She walked slowly, silently, past the weathered logs, past the rusted remnants of Killing Machines, then stopped.

“Hello,” she said, softly. “The people of New Hope are well. They have not forgotten you, and your sacrifice. I haven’t forgotten. I will never forget.”

For a moment, everything was still. Then a sparrow flew to the ground beside Kel, making the signals for ‘friend’ and ‘safe’.

“Yes,” said Kel, and turned back toward her warhorse. She was expected in New Hope by nightfall.