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Author's POV

"Now we're going to go over the notes on pag-" Sayuri spoke pacing back and forth down the isle until she came to a stop abruptly...



Stopping in-front of a desk she slammed her hand down startling awake an alpha way too dense to have the nerve to nap in Sayuri's class, that's basically handing your head off on a silver platter..



"Narumi" she asked laughing sarcastically..



"y-yes ma'm" gulping..



"Do you think this is a class for you to come nap in?" she hissed..


Everyone in the room starred at the scene..



"n-no ma'm"



"smart answer, i only wish you were smart enough to stay awake in my class don't you agree narumi?"



The alpha could only flush with embarrassment nodding his head..




"answer me with WORDS when i ask you a question!" she screeched..



Everyone jumped in their seats, no one ever wanted to deal with the bad side of Sayuri she could practically wipe your face off the planet and act like life was good the second minute, everyone in this room knew she was a bi-polar bitch; but one that you should never cross, even if she's wrong all you do is apologize, walk away and do what she says.



"i-i agree with you 100% m-ma'm" he nervously spoke making a salute motion with his hand..



" agree 100%?"



"y-yes ma'm"



"That's good..that's good we're making progress..." she hummed, with her hands crossed tapping her foot rapidly against the floor..



"because you, mister 'im going to take up my magnificent teacher's time by napping' just earned yourself a full week of detention."



"what the fu-"  Narumi stood up causing his chair to fall back and land with a loud bang, making people flinch



"Oh my!" she covered her mouth "What a lovely mouth you have narumi can you please repeat that again, and perhaps a little louder?"



"this is so unfair! all i did was close my eyes for a fe-"


Narumi's ass was already tossed out the window, pieces of glass left broken on the floor, everyone gaped with shock. Some shook in fear in their seats..



"Now.." Sayuri spoke dusting her hands as if Narumi was the dirtiest thing she ever touched...



"who wants to be a lovely dear and clean up this mess Narumi made.." she spoke; innocently smiling at the rest of the class.





Yuu's POV

"oh god you actually got your ass tossed out the window again?" kimizuki snorted joining Yuu and the rest, on the lunch table...



"oh shut the hell up she did this to you before too!" narumi glared towards the other who was sitting across the table..



"yeah, but like that was once it's been like 6-7 times since she tossed your ass out that window im surprised you've not broken a bone yet." Shinoa pipped in, sipping on some of her soup..



"alphas don't break bones, you know this, we're not built very delicately like you guys"  Narumi shot back



Yuu's brow twitched, he hated the fact that people used tittles as an excuse to justify shit, being an untamed 18 year old omega who still kept his innocence because he vowed to himself to never let a cocky bastard dominate him and think of him any lesser. He was one of the most fancied omegas in the school, alphas always pinning after him but he could care less.



"excuse me what the fuck did you just say, were you seriously tossed out that window that much?"  Yuu spoke up causing the whole table to erupt with snickers..



"oh shut it Yuu, i don't wanna hear your bullshit your the fucking saint of the school only virgin left here, i wonder how long your going to act all tough and innocent sooner or later you're gonna be dominated" Narumi smugly smirked.



"When the hell did this conversation turn to be about my virginty?"  Yuu gripped his chopsticks harder "and i am so fuckin' sorry that you can't get over my rejection,you're taking it way too hard, do us a favor and stick my nonexistent fucks up your ass"  yuu said scowling at the other, the whole table crackling with laughter..



Yuu could see the alpha's face redden with anger, he smirked with victory as the other stood up storming away from the table but not before flicking yuu off..



"jackass" yuu muttered turning his attention back to his food..



This was a pretty normal routine for the two, yuu would cuss him out, Narumi would storm out, be the talk of the day and on the next day they would repeat the same process. Most people would call it a lover's quarrel but Yuu disliked the guy with a passion, no he didn't hate him but he couldn't tolerate his cocky behavior, hell yuu didn't like alphas in general it would take a while for yuu to completely befriend and trust one, kimizuki and mistuba are the closest ones, narumi was in the process, if only he'd stop trying to get into Yuu's pants he might have been one of the lucky alphas Yuu bothered conversing with.



"So yuu-san, you coming with us tonight or what?"  Shinoa spoke causing yuu to pause his chewing and look up at the omega girl with confusion..



"huh?" he spoke after swallowing his food.



Shinoa rolled her eyes before looking around the cafeteria for any listening ears "we're sneaking into the Golden Gala tonight remember!?" she whisper yelled..



"You know if guren found us he would skin us alive, let alone the board they'd have our heads!" yuu protested.



"you can't back out, you lost the bet and you are coming with us i don't give a rats ass if i have to put you in a bag and drag you there"  Shinoa crossed her arms holding her head high.



yuu scowled at his purple haired friend "why do you want to go so bad? we're not permitted to interfere with night schoolers matters and you chose the day of the gala to go you're basically asking for us to get killed and why is no one else against this?" yuu finished looking around the table with annoyance..



Yuu's brows knitted with confusion, he looked around the cafeteria.. two of his best friends were missing..



"and where the hell did pinkie pie and yoichi go?"  Yuu said



"they left when you were busy arguing with narumi" Mistuba spoke with a bored tone looking off into space..



"what the hell why?"  Yuu asked.



"well if you haven't noticed yuu, yoichi's heat literally started like"  Shinoa paused glancing at her watch for a brief moment " two hours ago, Kimizuki probably knotted him like 3 times since you and Narumi started arguing up until now."



Yuu shuddered "just stop don't talk about them anymore please, and im still against this!"



"but aren't you curious to see how the 3 princes look like?" Shinoa smirked evily.



"they're freaking vampire princes shinoa, they'd probably snap your neck at first glance so no im not fucking curious i treasure my life even though our society is fucked up."  Yuu explained.



"we have an agreement with them, snapping our necks would cause us to go into war, they're not dumb enough to go into another 20 year long war, especially with the newer demons we recently got, so i doubt they'd kill us we might get punished yes, but it's sooo worth it"  Shinoa said



Yuu opened his mouth a few times, trying to think of another way to convince the crazy bitch that interfering with vampire events would lead to nothing but trouble.

"Sh-" yuu started




"Let's face it Yuu-san aren't you curious to see how they look like, since basically half the omegas in daylight school want to mate to a vampire and have a longer life span and beautiful children" Shinoa spoke, making Mistuba glare at her with annoyance..



"i only want you though mistu-chan calm down" Shinoa patted her alpha's thigh beneath the table making yuu throw up a bit in his mouth, due to the disgusting sight, anything affectionate to him was disgusting he hated contact with people, he got pissed when people randomly touched him without his consent.




Turning back to Yuu "so what do ya' say Yuu-san? don't be a wuss" she smirked..



"fine"  Yuu frowned at the other crossing his arms..



"well im leaving now"  Yuu added standing up and picking up his half eaten tray of food.



"dress decent yuu-san, i'll bring the masks" Shinoa called after him




pausing mid step he spun on his heels "masks? what the fuck?"



"it's a masked gala idiot"  Mistuba rolled her eyes at him..



Flicking her off for her rudeness, Yuu headed out the cafeteria and began his trip towards the Daylight student dorms. For some reason yuu felt as if someone was watching him, he slowed in his tracks looking around until his eyes landed on the night student dorm's building which was over the fence yuu was looking through, still feeling the same feeling, his eyes trailed through the windows with curiosity..



"i really do wonder what they look like, since everyone wants to get a glimpse of them.."  Yuu murmured to himself..



'if you're curious why don't you come see' a voice spoke..



Yuu squeaked turning all around frantically looking for the voice, it definitely didn't come from him, finding no one..


"i must be going crazy, i really need a nap before that stupid gala"  Yuu sighed and began his walk again..




Author's POV

Heavy pants left the blonde alpha's lips, his half naked body glistening with sweat, he moaned into the sheets gripping them leaving a tare for the maids do deal with later on. His back arched off the bed his eyes briefly flickering to red his alpha side fighting for control...



"m-mngh" the alpha moaned into the spacious room..



nearly minutes later a maid barged in,



"oh my!" she blushed upon seeing the golden prince's state, which was quite a view "i'll get the queen your highness please endure it a bit longer" the maid said rushing out the room..




Two guards, dressed in white vampire board uniforms stood by the queen's chambers daring anyone to come close, a minute later the maid arrived..



"I need to see her Majesty this instant" she spoke.



"What is your reason for coming forth at this hour to disturb the queen?" one of the guards spoke bitterly..



"I-It has to do with His Highnes-" she explained



"come in" a melodic yet venomous voice spoke, it was the queen.



The twin doors opened giving access to the maid, she rushed in kneeling before the queen's feet daring not to look in her eyes, or else the queen would have her head.



"what reason dares you to come before me, especially when that thing out there is still shinning brighter than my crown" she seethed staring down at the maid..



"i-i apologize my queen..i-it's the princ-" she began



"what about the prince spit it out already!"



"h-he's having the dream again..your majesty.." the maid quietly confessed..



Enough said the queen pulled her cloak over her sleeping gown, then used her abilities to open her doors as she rushed to her son's chambers her cloak and long strands of beautiful lavish pink hair flew along behind her..



Krul's POV



Krul was bewildered, this was the 7th time mikaela was having a lucid dream's of his unknown mate.



'who dares rock your heart like this my son? just who exactly is making you so hot and bothered nearly every night..'  Krul wondered..



Reaching her son's chamber's she used one of her abilities 'telekinesis' to open her son's own chambers. She marched right in, and saw her son's state..



"Mikaela wake up!" she spoke nearing her son's bed..



Her pitiful son was thrashing and moaning into his sheets with no shame, luckily their royal chambers were farther from the Silver/Bronze Royal chamber's if those royals heard of mika's problem, they'd not hesitate to use this excuse to lower his status as the Gold prince.




Krul called for a maid to bring some cold water and a towel, she had to be gentle with him, because the first few times they tried waking him up from this state he nearly murdered everyone within 30 feet of him, this state caused him to lose control with the alpha side of him and honestly it worrying the hell out of Krul, he was to be wedded soon if he's not able to find and claim his rightful mate.




Placing the cold towel over his forehead, Krul repeated this action a few times until his breathing calmed down, the room smelled like an alpha in rut, Krul was hardly affected by it, but the maids definitely were having a hard time standing up with their knees closed tightly together and faces flushed with arousal.




Turning to face the group of maids " how dare you think you're on the same level with my son to be aroused around him, how dare you try to seduce him with that putrid smell, do you all have no shame!?"  Krul seethed staring down the group of desperate maids..




"w-we a-are so s-sorry your majesty! please spare us! it is not our intention!" the maids chorused shaking with fear..



"why did you sign up for this job if you can't control your urges! It is against the rules to feel aroused around a royal blood! do you understand the level of this filthy act!"



"w-we are deeply sorry your majesty it won't happen again" they cried..



"you're right it won't." krul tore her eyes away from the sad sight, looking back at her son, raising her hand to gain the attention of a guard "take them to the lowest level and make sure they rot there for the next one hundred years before they dare think they're worthy of serving a royal blood ever again" krul finished.



"As you wish your majesty" the guards spoke dragging the group of maids away..



Krul knew that was harsh but she needed an excuse to rid of them before they exposed of mika's state, and they so happened to make it easier for her to get rid of them with less issues, the poor things are worried way too much about their terrible act to expose mika now, that was the goal.



Mika's POV



Mika's eyes flickered open, he looked around his room in confusion it smelled like rut, specifically his own..what the hell happene-



"good-evening your highness, your bath has been prepared" some random maid Mika didn't give a shit about spoke up destroying his peaceful evening..



"what time is it?" mika asked annoyed, sitting in his bed his muscular chest getting exposed with the action..



"it is 8:53 P.M your highness" the maid answered with a faint blush..



finally sensing his mothers scent.. "was her majesty here in my chambers while i slept?'



"yes, your highness" the maid confirmed.



Mika groaned, he already knew what had happened it seemed his mother was successful with keeping the golden palace in one piece while he had another episode. Laying back down on the bed mika stared up at his bedroom ceiling..



'who are you? and why do you make me feel this way?' mika thought to himself a faint blush covering his pale cheeks..





He'd been having very vivid almost real like dreams of his rightful mate, every time mika was about to see his face it would blur out, and this happened after they touched in so many ways, but mika never got to see their face nor hear their voice, their lips also never touched. It was as if mika was heavily drugged because no matter how many times he tried it never happened, instead he was touched almost sexually by his mate and the alpha in him liked it very much, it was no lie that mikaela was still a pure alpha, it was forbidden for him to perform in any sexual acts before he came of age. It was frowned upon and you might even get banished for it.






"your highness it's time" a guard spoke.


Mika stood up from his chamber royal seat, following his guards out of his chambers and into the narrowed hallway, they were headed for the gala, mika was probably tardy for it but his mother most likely covered up for him, tonight was the night the 3 princes would celebrate their coming of age, mika knew the board would force someone onto him and he needed to hold back a little while longer until he discovered his mate. The gala was also held in his honor being the golden prince and all, he'd be taking his mother's throne in less than 500 years.




"The Golden Prince Mikaela Tepes, son of Krul Tepes the third progenitor and current golden queen, has arrived" everyone in the gala stopped in their tracks as the grand twin doors opened revealing mika...who looked uninterested in the whole situation.




Some clapped, some feared, some just went with the flow, Mika strode down the isle with confidence he could see some omegas dying for his glance at least once so they could brag to their friends that they had been noticed by him..



Reaching his seat his cloak covered him, he bowed to the board respectfully then to his mother and took his rightful seat which was a deck lower and right next to his mother..



"Mika-ela glad you could make it." the thirteenth progenitor bowed before mika champagne in his left hand..



"you have some nerve referring to me by my name" mikaela accepted the champagne "Ferid Bathory." mika finished taking a light sip of the divine drink.



"don't be sour on such a great evening my prince, you've come of age you get to experience all that life has planned for you" Ferid smugly spoke daring to look up at mika..



"how d-" mika froze mid sentence..



His eyes flickered red, sniffing the air mika caught the most enchanting smell he'd ever smelt in his 1800 years of life, the smell was soo sweet but had a hint of bitterness to it, it was perfect, it was...



"i-it's him.." mika uttered dropping his champagne as he stood up from his seat eyes searching through the crowd of masks..


'he's here' mika thought..