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Generation War: The Super Serious AI and The Spartan

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Generation War: Super Serious AI and Spartan

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Humanity has reached to the stars and start colonizing in the planets under one banner. They live in peace despite of rebellions occurred over the years. That was about to change. A powerful Alien civilization religious collective group called the Covenant contracted humanity, but peaceful intentions was not among them.

The war began in the year of 2525 CE as the first covenant forces attack outer colony, Harvest. It was pyrrhic victory for the Covenant forces to find that UNSC, humanity's military was stronger than it looks. Although inferior in numbers and technology, UNSC had gifted military talent along with AIs to counter the Covenant forces where they go to.

Many UNSC forces died finally retaken Harvest with very costly victories. One UNSC admiral named Preston Cole realized the threat was too much to ignore created the Cole Protocol before his death. It meant to destroy all UNSC files of regards that spell doom on humanity including Earth.

As the war dragged on, more colonies being destroyed by Covenant forces and reaching to the inner colonial worlds. The Covenant are facing difficulty in terms of logistics despite superior advantages. It wasn't until the last years of the war, but humanity wasn't done yet had cling to thread of hope.

Humanity's last hope are the Spartan-IIs, a group of super soldiers designed against rebellions, began to fight back against the Covenant. Many covenant warriors found Spartan-II soldiers deadly. The Spartans were too few to turn the tide of the war as losses keep climbing for UNSC forces.

The year 2552 saw the largest battle of the war was Reach, the second-largest military industrial complex and the training of the Spartan program. As that day came when massive Covenant Armada came to destroy UNSC forces as they glass the planet. Only some UNSC forces survived and fled everywhere, but one ship where all Covenant ship gave chase.

In the deep reaches of space, a lone ship named Pillar of Autumn, escaped from battlefields of Reach led by Captain Keyes of UNSC navy were caught unaware that the covenant got there first. Lay ahead of them was a massive circular ring to unravel the events came to it.