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My Alpha

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"Like the sun shines I, Kim Taehyung  will too, I shall walk the path of gold, stay humble and true. True to you. True to us. True to the pack. The pack is home. Home is the pack."


The crowd erupted into cheers. Taehyung smiled widely, having just finished his ceremonial initiation. He was finally an official part of the pack. His father, head alpha, swept him up into a hug. It wasn't long before his mother joined in.


"Son, welcome to the pack. You will add to the whole balance of our family. A child-bearer, is your role and I know you will do it right. I shall find you a suitable mate. One that is caring, dependable, and strong. My son, I shall find you a worthy alpha."
The man stated. Taehyung looked into his father's eyes feeling an overwhelming sense of joy. His mother couldn't hold back the smile on her face.


It was a beautiful sight, the bond her mate and son had formed. From the moment Taehyung came into the world, her mate had fell in love. The alpha had told her he would respect and love their pup. That he did, even when he found out his son was an omega. This only caused his love to grow and he made it his duty to find his son a mate.


In his pack, the omegas were treated with high respect. These wolves were valuable to the pack's future. His pack was equal. His pack was flourishing with new skills and strength. He couldn't be happier.




"Hurry up, slowpoke!" Taehyung yelled running out into the meadow full of flowers.


"Taehyung, I don't think we should be out in the clearing." Taehyung's best friend, Jimin, warned. It was absolutely relevant because, he too was an omega and they were easily controlled without protection. "There is no beta or alpha with us, we should head back to the village."


"You can." Tae stripped himself of his robe, leaving him completely exposed. He stopped running, now walking slowly, admiring the bright colors around him.


Jimin looked back towards the trees of the forest, in which their small village was hidden. Then, he looked towards his nude best friend. Taking a deep breath he followed behind.


The two omegas stopped walking once they were in the middle of the meadow, which was quite a long way from the village.


Taehyung looked at his friend. "Well take off your robe. Transforming into your wolf form won't be comfortable like that."


Jimin looked down at himself. Unlike Taehyung, Jimin was more reserved. He wasn't an exhibitionist but, if he was transforming he had to be nude. He let his white robe pool down at the bottom of his feet.


Taehyung whistled playfully. "Waa! Jiminie you look hot. Your mate will be proud to have such a beautiful omega."


" mate." Jimin's voice came out quiet and slightly wavered. This tone causing Taehyung to worry.


"Isn't it exciting. Your parents have already found you a mate. He's coming to the village soon. I heard he was tall and muscular. Many in the pack said he's quite the looker, that you two would make pretty pups." Taehyung praised softly, hoping this would brighten the omega's mood.


In return, Jimin's mood only became duller. He slowly took a seat in the green grass, his gaze on the ground.


Taehyung quickly followed after him. "What's wrong? Why aren't you happy?" Taehyung questioned curiously.


"I don't want to mate with a stranger. I want my true mate. The one I'm destined to be with.." Jimin replied, twirling flowers in his small hand.


Taehyung furrowed his eyebrows. "That's preposterous! That 'true mate' you speak of is nothing but a myth, a legend. It's just not real."


"Of course it's real Taehyung! My grandfather told me so! That he--that he had a true mate once. They had this connection, telepathically. His mate truly was his and he was truly her's." Jimin’s voice was getting louder.


"Oh really. Then, how was that signified?"


"Through the claim mark. That's why my grandfather has the scar of a bite on his neck."


"Are you sure he didn't get into a fight? I mean, that's such a barbaric way to express love. We are more civilized now." Taehyung concluded. He rose, still naked, and began walking away from Jimin.


Right civilized. Jimin rolled his eyes staring at his best friend, who was deliberately walking in the nude. Taehyung really looked up to his parents' relationship. The two weren't true mates, yet things seemed to be well with them. A relationship like that is what Taehyung wants, so Jimin couldn't really blame the other omega for his disbelief.


Taehyung seemed to be getting a far distance away. Jimin was getting ready to transform, when a hand clamped itself over his mouth.




Taehyung was beginning to feel guilty. He knows he should've been more sympathetic. He turned around, expecting Jimin to be right behind him. There was no one.


"Jimin?" Taehyung's voice was lighter than usual. "This isn't funny come out from wherever you are."




Taehyung tried again.


The silence only seemed to get thicker.


"JIMIN!" Taehyung screeched, his heart was pumping erratically. Panic  had set in.


Seeking for help or guidance, Taehyung began running back to the village. He knew he wouldn't have to run far because, someone would meet him half way. After, hearing his screech, someone should've gotten curious. That someone should smell him, a distressed omega.


He didn't make it half way. Another body had intersected his path. Taehyung was frightened. He tried to scream, but he couldn't. Whoever this was had a hand on his mouth to keep him quiet. Taehyung began to fight against the strong hold when, a voice stopped him.


The voice of an alpha. One that he wasn't familiar with.


"Be quiet and submit bitch. You better not move." The voice said lowly in his ear. Taehyung felt himself go motionless at the command.


The owner of the voice dived into his neck, sniffing. "Jungkook is gonna love you. You're so small." An arm wrapped around his waist.


"You're so beautiful." The voice continued, their hand trailing down cupping the sensitive space between his legs.


Taehyung's breath hitched.


"Yah! You idiot! Don't touch! This is the body that's going to save the pack and we can't have you tainting it." A new voice interrupted the molester.


This new voice held a body in his possession. The body of Jimin, who was just as powerless as Taehyung.


The two unknown alphas heard noise coming from the forest. They quickly ran back to their pack.


Bangtan pack.