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Forced Fantasies

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"It's just not the same without Pan here Mr. Smee," Captain hook sighed as he sat in his chair.

Smee hurried to clean up after him.

"I suppose your right Cap 'in,  with no pan there's no reason to stay here," Smee said, trying to urge the Great Captain hook to leave Neverland.

"Ever since you killed Pan the only entertainment's been the skirmishes with the Indians and the mermaids," Smee sighed dreamily at the thought of the mermaids.

"If you ask me Cap 'in, what this place needs is a woman's touch, like Ms. Wendy, I bet she grew up to be a right pretty lass," Smee said.

"That's it Smee!" The captain cried gleefully as he was hit with a puff of inspiration.

"What's it Cap 'in?" Smee asked confused.

"Woman! Women! That's what we need to be entertained, we need some women, some well known women..." The captian smirked, planning.

He quickly sat back down to make a list.



.Snow White

.Sleeping beauty

.Sleeping beauty




















This would help keep the crew in line too, when someone has done a particularly good job let him have a woman for the night.

But first they would have to turn these strong female characters into cock loving bimbos.

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Wendy Darling slept soundly in her bed.

With no clue what was coming for her.

She had just put Jane and Danny to bed.

She had left her window unlocked.

No clue what was coming.

Who was coming.

That he was going to ruin her.

Wendy woke to her window swinging open.

She sighed, trying to calm herself and went to close the window. 

As the blanket fell away it reviled that she wore a blue lingerie set that greatly pleased the people watching her.

She didn't realize someone had gotten in, but as she closed the window a hand clamped on her mouth and she was shoved up against the wall, pinned there.

"Mmph!" she screamed, squirming against her attacker. She looked over and to her horror there stood Captain hook, watching her squirm and struggle.

"My, my, Wendy you have certainly blossomed since your Neverland days," he chuckled, raping her with his eyes already.

Hook knelt at her feet, using his hook to pull her underwear down.

She whimpered fearfully as he stood again, holding her unders.

Her captor moved his hand only for hook to stuff her underwear in her mouth.

"Mmph!" she tried to scream around the packing, disgusted as a thick strip of burlap was tied between her teeth in a stuffed cleave gag.

Her captor pulled her arms behind her back, binding them tightly as Hook pulled her top down until her breasts popped free.

"Oh yes your breasts have really filled in, Pan would be so jealous if I hadn't slit his throat," hook taunted her as he pinched her nipple.

Wendy squealed around her gag, tears filling her eyes as her captor shoved her towards the other pirates who bound her legs in a tight frog tie.

"Mmph!" She cried as Mr. Smee rubbed her bare pussy teasingly.

"Get her wet so I can stuff her up," Hook ordered. The other pirates were all to pleased to do as he asked, teasing her breasts and cunt.

She screamed through her gag as one pirate forced two fingers up inside her back entrance.

Hook chuckled as he watched, the tent in his pants growing as he watched.

He pulled a large dildo seemingly from nowhere and shoved Smee away from her, pushing the dildo up inside her soaked cunt.

"Mmmm," she whined, unable to stop the small pleasured noises.

They used the last of the rope to do a tight crotch tie to keep the dildo inside the beautiful woman's weeping pussy.

They stuffed her in a sack and escaped back to their flying ship through the window.

Wendy whimpered and moaned, her captor groping her ass through the sack. 

She grunted as she was tossed to the deck.

"You'll behave or we'll go back for our pretty little daughter," Hook chuckled and she paled. 

She couldn't let them get Jane.

Wendy moaned and squirmed as Hook pulled her out of the sack.

There was no escape now, the ship was well up in the air. Hook leaned down and took one of her breasts in his mouth, suckling.

"Mm mooo," she whined and cried as he backed her up against the mast.

She was lashed to the mast and Hook laughed and watched as his men took turns fucking her.

Tears had run and dried on Wendy's face.

She had no more tears to cry. 

All she could do was moan and pretend she didn't enjoy it as she was used over and over and over again.

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Wendy moaned, sore.

She had been locked in the brig after the sun went down and her cunt was so sore.  

Having been kidnaped and used over and over again was exhausting.

She tried to sleep that night but woke early with hook standing outside her cell.

Her eyes widened fearfully when she saw him.

His hook had been replaced with a large rubber ribbed dildo.

"Get her ready, Mr. Smee," he smirked, Smee entering her cell and pushing her up against the bars of the cell, tying her legs so they were suspended from the ceiling and tying her waist to the bars so she couldn't squirm away.

Smee giggled, smacking her sore and red pussy.

"Mmph!" she whined indignantly

Hook smirked and sprinkled a little pixie dust on her pussy, easing the pain and making her instantly wet.

Wendy moaned lewdly.

"Time to start your training Wendy bird. Or should I call you Wendy Bimbo?" He chuckled, teasing her slit with the head of the dildo.

Wendy squirmed down on it desperate and high on pixie dust.

"Now here's how this is going to work, every time you pass a milestone you get to cum, every time you misbehave you get punished," Hook said ressing the dildo against her tight asshole.

She nodded, panicking.

She whined in pain as he pressed the dildo up inside her ass.

"That's it, good girl," he soothed, rubbing her clit. Soon the full dildo was buried up inside her ass, filling her in ways she didn't know she needed as Hook stimulated her clit, making her pussy drip.

"Now, you are going to be stuffed all the time, when there isn't a dildo in one of your holes there will be a dick. That's all you are is a set of three fuck holes and a set of tits," Hook said, taking a second dildo and pushing it up inside her cunt.

And if you try to remove any of the, I will spank you in front of the whole crew and we'll see how many cocks your ass can take at once," he threatened.

He pulled out a six inch dildo gag.

"Mr. Smee, remove Ms. Darling's panties from her mouth please," he ordered.

Smee did as told and Hook stuffed the dildo gag in her mouth. 

She had to suck on it to be able to breathe properly. She whined and squirmed, all of her holes filled to the brim.

"Captain! We've spotted Indians on the beach, the princess is with them!" Starkey informed him, smirking at Wendy's squirming form.

"Excelent,," he smirked, putting a vibrator on Wendy's cunt and turning it on.

"We'll be back later Wendy bimbo, we've got to get another little Whore," he snickered.

Tigerlily watched as all of her braves were shot down and she was surrounded by pirates.

"Get her tied up boys," Hook ordered, much to her horror the Pirates cheered, ripping her dress from her generous curves and binding her tightly before gagging her with a large apple stuffed in her mouth, to big to spit out.

"Mmph," She moaned and squirmed humiliated. She was the spoils of war and she knew it.

"Time to start training princess pussy," Hook smirked, grabbing her ass.

She cried quietly as the crew fucked her, not knowing she would be joining Wendy, having all her holes stuffed and starting training.

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Tiger lily moaned as one man groped her breast and another her ass and legs as she was stripped and bound.

"Oh yes you'll look quite nice next to the Wendy lady," Hook snickered, watching as his men played with her. 

He held a lantern, imprisoned in the lantern was Tinkerbell, her leafy dress long lost as her tiny tits bounced with her anger.

A scrap of her own dress had ben stuffed in Tiger lily's mouth as she was carried to the beach.

Hook mentioned Wendy, did he have her too? 

Not that Tiger lily liked Wendy, she rather hated her but it would seem they were both hopeless at this point. 

There was no Peter pan to save them now.

Tiger lily moaned as she was laid on her stomach in the row boat, someone reaching over every so often to either grope her ass or dip their fingers into her pussy.

She whined and squirmed, her body betraying her as moisture spread between her legs, dripping down into the bottom of the boat.

"Look Cap 'in! She's dripping!" Smee laughed gleefully, landing a firm smack to her round, full backside.

"I can see that, Mr. Smee," Hook chuckled quietly, the cold metal of his hook making her squeal as he traced her cunt.

"Not to worry princess, we'll soon have all your tight little holes filled up," Hook taunted, and she moaned humiliated.

As soon as they reached the ship she was tossed form one set of groping hands to the next until she was carried below to the brig where she could hear soft, tortured moans.

Her eyes widened when she saw Wendy, her soft golden curls disheveled as she was naked, her pussy and ass stretched painfully as she wiggled and squirmed.

Tiger lily was locked in the cell next to Wendy who watched with whimpers as Hook came down, watching as several large, cock shaped items were laid out, no doubt meant to fill her pussy, mouth and ass. 

"Just look at the lovely Wendy lady, laying in a pool of her own cum, we'll have you trained into a nice little play thing soon enough, both of you," Hook taunted as Wendy was blindfolded.

Wendy whimpered, unable to see what was happening around her as Mr. Smee began forcing a large rubber cock in Tiger lily's ass. 

"Mmph!" Tiger lily screamed at the pain of the toy being forced in with no prep. 

Tears spilled down her cheeks and Hook chuckled as the scrap of cloth was removed from her mouth and replaced with a large red rubber ball on leather straps.

"That red goes with your skin beautifully Miss Tiger lily," Smee said, smacking her ass. 

She sobbed and blubbered around the bright red ball gag as hook pressed the last toy up inside her dripping pussy.

"Leave them like this until tomorrow," hook ordered. "No touching," he added.

"Yes Cap 'in!" the crew chorused as the two women moaned and squirmed.

"Now boys, we sail for the mainland, there are more bimbos for out plundering and pounding!" hook ordered, much to his crew's glee.

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Hook chuckled as he watched the two girls whimper and squirm.

They were tied together on deck, the men teasing and taking turns, both girls blindfolded.

"Put the nets out boys! We'll catch us a right pretty mermaid!" hook called with a laugh and his men cheered, abandoning Wendy and Tigerlily to go do as ordered.

Wendy whined and moaned, leaning on her partner in captivity.

Her mouth was stuffed with her silken blue panties and one of the pirates had tied sail cloth between her teeth tightly in a cleave gag.

There was a burlap bag over her head, cutting off her sight, and her ass was filled with a large bulb, cum dripping from her sore pussy.

Tiger lily was much the same.

The pirates sailed into mermaid lagoon, mermaids jumping from the rocks and diving into the sea, but the men threw out the nets just a little to fast, and the nets came up with two.

A beautiful red haired mermaid with a green tail, and a similar black haired mermaid with a red tail. 

"Mom!" the black haired one exclaimed and the two were dumped on deck only for their tails to fall away into legs.

The pirates howled with laughter as they grabbed the two women, ripping away their shell tops and leaving their breasts bouncing free in the salty air.

"Lookie here, the little mermaid and her pretty little daughter," Hook cooed as his men groped the two women.

"Being me the girl," Hook chuckled.

"No! Let her go!" The red head screeched as two men forced the dark haired woman forward.

Her arms were bound behind her back.

"Listen here your highness, you belong to me now, both of you," Hook growled, forcing the beautiful princess Melody to bend over, her ass and pussy exposed.

"N-No, please!" Melody pleaded as Hook traced her slit with his cock.

"Let her go- Mmph!" Ariel pleaded but was cut off as Smee shoved his cock in her mouth, two other men forcing their cocks in her ass and pussy just as Hook rammed his engorged length up inside Melody's virgin pussy.

"A-Ah! N-No Stop! P-please stop!" Melody tried to plead with every thrust of his cock until another man shoved his cock in her mouth filling her through so that as she tried to plead she gagged and choked.

"Oh that's it swallow my cock whore," the pirate Starkey growled as Hook fucked the young princess, blood and arousal dripping from her legs.

She struggled to free her hands as she chocked on his cock, desperate for air.

Hook rubbed the young princess's clit, the thing about making good sex toys, make them enjoy it as you take them by force, they'll be so ashamed with them selves it will be easier to break them down.

Melody moaned and gasped for breath as Starkey's hot cum filled her throat and she gagged at the taste and he pulled out, leaving his seed all over her face.

Ariel screamed around a cock as she orgasamed. 

The man only laughed and built her back up, making her watch as hook raped Melody.

Melody's plea's for hook to stop had turned into plea's for more, for him to fuck her harder.

Melody moaned lewdly as she orgasamed for the first time, causing Hook to fill her with cum.

"Take them below and we'll start the training," Hook smirked wickedly.

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Melody was tightly bound, gagged and blindfolded, a vibrator teasing her pussy.

"Mmph," she whimpered and whined, trying to squirm on the toy, needing to cum... 

There was a glass bulb filling up her tiny, (no longer) virgin asshole.

All she could hear were the whimpers of her mother and the other two women. 

Suddenly there was another sound.

Boot steps.

She heard a door unlock and open.

"Mmmph!" she screamed, terrified as a man picked her up, tossing her small, bound form over his shoulder.

"Shut up slut, Captain wants you little princess," the man laughed, his fingers slipping into her pussy.

She moaned, despite her terror.

She heard her mother's muffled protests as she was carried up, out of the brig and onto the deck.

The blindfold was yanked off and she blinked, rapidly, eyes adjusting to the bright sunlight overhead.

She whimpered around the huge red ball gag that filled her mouth.

The man chuckled as he sat her on her feet and bent her over, pulling the plug out of her ass.

Melody moaned at the sting, tugging at the coarse rope that bound her wrists and ankles.

"Hmm, pretty enough I suppose. Needs more tits," Hook said, smacking one of Melody's breasts, making her squeal.

"But we can always use magic to fix that, can't we pretty princess?" Hook mocked the young girl who could do nothing but watch as he stalked her like his prey.

 She whimpered and squirmed uncomfortably.

"Tie her to the mast and summon the sea witch," hook ordered and Melody's eyes widened with fear. 

Starkey chuckled, doing as he was told, lashing the young princess to the mast, groping her apple sized breasts.

"Capin's right princess, little bit 'o' magic will give you a nice set of tits for us to suck on and play with," He snickered, grabbing her pussy.

"Mmph," she whimpered and squirmed, trying to protest at the unwanted contact.

"So do we have a deal or not, sea witchs?" She heard Hook demand, followed by a devious pair of cackles that could only belong to Morgana and Ursula.

And then, around the bow of the ship, came hook, talking with said sea witches.

Morgana smirked wickedly when she was Melody in her helpless state.

"I do believe we have a deal Captain, we use our magic to... enhance a woman or two when you need it and we get our time to play with the little fish," Ursula said, eyeing Melody with a mix of smugness and hunger. 

"Mmph," Melody whimpered, fearful, trying to squirm away as Morgana came over, tentacles writhing with excitement.

"Hmm, not so brave now, are you princess?" Morgana cackled pinching Melody's nipple painfully.

"Mmph!" Melody tried to cry out. 

Ursula handed Morgana a bottle made from pastel blue crystal.

Morgana chuckled, uncorking the bottle and pouring several drops of the potion inside on melody's breasts.

Melody moaned around the gag at the feel of the magic, blood rushed to her nipples and to her pussy, making her drip with arousal.

"Oh, you like that, don't you," Morgana chuckled, as melody's breasts began to expand until a pair of huge tits was handing from her chest.

Melody was under the influence of the magic of course and couldn't think about that right now, all she could think about was her throbbing pussy, and how she needed something inside it.

"Little side effect of an enhancing spell, makes you horny as fuck all the time," Morgana snickered, using one of her tentacles to rub Melody's pussy, the suction cups teasing her clit.

Hook and Ursula smirked at the whimpers and aroused moans this elicited from sweet little princess Melody.

another pair of tentacles came up, wrapping around and massaging Melody's now DD sized breasts.

Morgana used her hands and removed the gag, but Melody didn't scream, she only whined and moaned lewdly.

The green skinned witch snickered again, sending one of her tentacles into Melody's mouth, fucking her throat. 

Melody chocked on it for almost a whole minute before she finally got used to it.

The tentacle teasing her cunt pushed itself in inside her pussy, eliciting a loud, muffled moan around the tentacle filling her mouth.

A third tentacle pushed up inside her ass, all of her holes being fucked at once, Melody couldn't do anything except bounce around with each thrust.

Morgana moved so that with every thrust her suction cups stimulated the little princess's clit.

"Move over sister, we'll see how many her tiny pussy can handle," Ursula cackled, forcing one of her own tentacles up inside Melody, thrusting in time with her sister, causing melody to scream at the stretch.

One of the Men carried Ariel up and her eyes widened, in shock and horror at the sight of the sister octo-women raping her daughter.

The men tied Ariel down and took turns fucking her roughly before Ursula swept them away, filling the red haired queen with two tentacles in her ass, two in her pussy and one in her mouth.

Melody screamed as Morgana made her orgasm.

Morgana, satisfied, left the princess tied to the mast, her huge tits covered in her own drool as she watched her sister ruin Ariel, stretching her holes and fucking her rougher than any of the pirates.

"Where's your prince now, Ariel," Ursula taunted, driving the little mermaid into a third orgasm. 

Hook walked over to Melody, admiring the sister's work. He weighed melody's new tits in his hands, squeezing and massaging them.

"Not bad princess," he snickered, and jacked off until her squirted hot, white cum all over her face and chest.

"Take them back down below, we're nearing the mainland," Hook barked his orders, tucking his cock neatly back in his pants.

Chapter Text

Hook smirked as the mainland came into view. 

He and a few others would be going ashore to plunder while the rest stayed on board to keep an eye on the bimbos.

It was several day's of walking before the pirates stumbled upon a cottage.

A soft, beautiful voice rang like a peal of bells from inside. He stalked closer and when he got closer he saw a woman in the window.

A beautiful women with red lips, fair skin and black hair. 

Hook smirked, he was a pirate, he was going to plunder and pound this fair maiden.

He waved his men closer.

The approached silently and Hook knocked delicately on the door.

"Just a moment!" the woman's sugary sweet voice called.

She opened the door just a crack and the men forced themselves in, much to her distress.

"Please! Let me go!" she cried. Hook chuckled softly as Starkey held her still.

"Strip her down boys," she said and the woman screamed as the pirates tore the dress from her petite body.

She wasn't much bigger than the mermaid princess.

A pretty little thing though.

"Hush now princess, I'm doing you a mercy. Your step mother would have you killed, I'm not going to hurt you," Hook cooed as Starkey stuffed the princess's panties in her mouth, ball gagging her as well.

Snow whimpered, squirming in her captor's hold, her mouth stuffed to bulging with her panties as a big apple red ball gag.

Her arms were bound behind her back, her feet and knees bound together.

"Let's get outta here before the owners of those beds come home," Smee urged the Capitan who nodded. Snow whimpered, what was happening?

Chapter Text

When they returned to the ship, Hook ordered Snow taken to the brig with the others.

Her eyes widened when she saw the other women, tied in vulnerable positions, naked, with strange devices buzzing between their legs.

“Now, pretty lady, we’ll get you tied up nice and tight,” one of her captor’s taunted as the fat man brought out a large saddle made for one of the low lying beams, but what was different about this saddle were the two large dildos sticking out of it.

“Get it good and lubed up, Captain don’t wanna hurt her too badly,” the fat man ordered.

Snow whimpered around her gag as the fat man cupped and squeezed her ass, her petite breasts bouncing slightly as she struggled.

She watched as they rubbed the dildos with some greasy, oily substance and squealed as they rubbed her pussy and anus with the same oily substance.

“Oh, you like that, don’t you?” the fat one giggled as heat rushed to her breasts and cunt, her arousal dripping down her legs.

“Mmph” she whimpered in protest, then cried out with pain as they put her on the saddle, the toys filling her holes to the brim.

“Oh look at that” the other man chuckled, locking her feet into the shackles attached to the saddle.

“Such a pretty woman, you’ll look even prettier decorated with cum,” the fat one mocked her.

The tall one was already stroking his cock, staring at her and watching her struggle, fucking herself on the saddle.

“Hell I wish Captain would let us fuck her,” The tall one complained, jerking himself off.

“He wants to have them all first,” the fat one shrugged, teasing another woman’s nipple. The other woman whimpered and squirmed, her huge tits bouncing as a device fucked her.

Snow whimpered and moaned as the tall one started sucking on her neck. She screamed as the fat one pinched the metal clamps on her nipples.

She’d never felt such sensations before. And God help her she was starting to like it…

She squeaked as the fat one blindfolded her, cutting off her sight, but at the same time heightening her other senses, like touch…

“Oh sweetie, we are going to ruin you,” one of them chuckled quietly as they left her to be tortured in the dark.

The next time Snow had the blindfold removed, there was a younger pirate  boy, standing there with a cart, she nearly cried when she saw the fresh water and and the bowl of some kind of soup.

“I’m going to lift you off of there but you need to stay quiet,” he warned, and she nodded quickly.

He took that as his cue and wrapped his arms around her waist, lifting her so she was positioned just behind the saddle, standing on shaking legs.

He took out her gag and held the bottle of water to her mouth. She drank greedily, without thinking.

“That’s it, good girl,” he cooed, pulling it away so she could take several deep breaths.

“Who are you?” She asked quietly, desperate for answers on why she had been taken, what was happening to her.

“You don’t know me princess. I’ve been called many things. But once upon a time, my name was Peter. Peter Pan,” the young man smirked wickedly, lifting his head just slightly and she took note of the long scar that ran across his neck.


Chapter Text

Peter Pan was dead. End of Story.

But one day he simply found himself existing again. He disguised himself as a younger pirate on Hook’s ship and found a place.

He was not a boy anymore.

He was a young man, with hungers and needs.

He was a young man with his own agenda.

But I won’t say any more right now least I ruin the surprise.

Once all the girls had been fed and watered, save one, he swaggered over to where Wendy was tightly bound, all of her holes stuffed.

“Oh beautiful Wendy,” he cooed as he ran his hands along her gracious curves. She was gagged and blindfolded, so she couldn’t see him, she didn’t have a clue who he was.

All she could think about was his cock, hard against her midsection as he teased her breasts.

“Oh I’ve missed you darling,” he chuckled, pulling the dildo from her pussy, pulling his cock from the confines of his pants and easing her down on it.

He went slowly, after all, he was much bigger than that pathetic toy. Wendy moaned as her pussy wrapped around his cock.

“That’s it my Wendy bird,” he cooed, bouncing her up and down on his cock, leaning down to suck on her neck and tits. Wendy moaned with each thrust of his cock in her tight little pussy.

She knew that voice. There was only one person who called her darling, and Wendy bird.

Peter Pan was somehow alive. And right now he was giving every single pirate a run for their money with a good fuck.

“You’re mine Wendy, my darling, soon you and all these pretty little girls will be all mine,” he crooned as she came all over his cock. He pulled out and jerked off until he squirted her with cum. He kissed her head and ungagged her.


“Be nice and quiet now Wendy bird,” he ordered, holding up the water for her to drink. She drank quickly, without asking questions. He fed her the soup before putting the gag back in her mouth and buckling it tight.

He did make her as comfortable as possible before going back up on deck. Peter Pan had a plan. And he was going to be damned if he didn’t have his revenge…

And a little something extra as well.

Peter may have aged physically, but he was still a selfish boy at heart, and he knew his Wendy Bird would want to fly home. Peter couldn’t stand the thought of his Wendy being in anyone else’s arms.

Dammit this time he was going to keep her, even if he had to keep her in the same conditions as Hook.

He would keep the others too of course, the last thing he wanted was his lovely Wendy to be lonely. “You, boy, come here,” Hook ordered.

“Yes Captain?” he asked, playing his part as the energetic young pirate, eager to please his superior.

“We’ll be reaching land soon, I want you to lead the hunting party,” Hook ordered. Peter smirked and nodded his understanding.

“Yes Captain, whatever you say,” he acted. Hook nodded, pleased by the boy’s obedience.

“Land Ho!” was called from the top of the birds nest and Hook smirked, he had someone special in mind for their next target, and he was going to enjoy bringing her in.


Belle was reading, late at night, Adam was in Paris, and all the servants had gone to bed.

She didn’t know what was in store for her.

She just hummed softly as she flipped through one of her favorite tales. Peter smirked as he looked at her through the window. She was pretty this one, not unlike his Wendy. Like Wendy, she had wavy brown hair tied back with a bow.

He turned to the handful of men Hook had assigned to come with him.

“Remember, our first priority is to silence and restrain, we can play with her later,” he ordered. The men nodded obediently, after all they had orders to obey the young man as though he were the Captain.

Peter Slipped inside first, thankfully the dark haired beauty was so lost in her book she didn’t notice him as he poured quite a lot of a colorless liquid on a cloth. In fact she didn’t notice anything was amiss until he clamped the cloth onto her mouth and nose, the other arm holding her still.

“Mmph!” she tried to protest and scream but thanks to the fumes of the drug she quickly grew weak and tired.Belle went limp in his arms with nothing more than a soft moan and he smirked, waving the rest of his men inside. By the time the rest of the pirates were inside Peter had busied himself with unlacing the corset on the woman’s gown. She had nice sized breasts for her petite frame.

Peter wasted no time throwing her gown in the flames. Leave no evidence. He smirked as he wound the coarse rope around her wrists, then around her elbows, restricting her movement and forcing her to jut her chest out. She moaned softly at the discomfort in her sleep as Pan slipped off her panties and wadded them into a ball.

He chuckled as he stuffed them in her mouth, gagging her also with a ball gag just to keep her extra quiet. Belle whimpered, starting to come too as two of the men spread her legs, forcing her into a tight frog tie.

“Hey there gorgeous, I’m gonna enjoy you,” Peter chuckled.

“Mmph!” she tried to scream but it came out as panicked mumbling. The man holding her up reached around and cupped her generous breasts.

“Oi, I said we can touch later, we need to get her back to the captain,” Peter said. The man scowled.

“Don’t push your luck kid,” he growled, tossing belle over his shoulder and dipping his fingers into his pussy.

“You have orders to listen to me Starkey, I advise you do so,” Peter said darkly. The pirate scowled and carried Belle out. Belle whimpered, both scared and oddly aroused. They put her in a row boat and rowed across the lake and out to sea where a pirate ship waited.


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Hi to all my readers, It's recently come to my attention that this story, while popular is filled with spelling, grammar and punctuation errors, also I've found it very difficult to write for this story in the style that I have started it, so I'm going to try and rewrite it, don't worry this story will be left up, but this document as is will not be updater, you will be able to find the re-written version in my works and I will post a link on here. In the new version there will be less focus on Hook and the pirates, and more on the villains of each story.

Or in cases where a story doesn't have a definitive villain (Ex: Moana) We will concentrate on a bit more story. So sorry for the inconvenience.

I hope that people will comment feedback on what they would like to see, kinks and scenarios on the new story.

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Hey guys, here you can find the first chapter of the rewrite! 

Let me know what you think!