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Snippet of a happy life

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The alarm woke her up at 05:30am. She cursed the fact that she forgot to turn if off the night before under her breath.

Nothing was more unpleasant than waking up so early on a day off.

She looked at the woman beside her and was happy to see the damned alarm didn’t wake her too.

Kara came home after 01:00am, exhausted, because SuperGirl had to deal with another wannabe supervilan.


She more than deserved her rest. She thought.


She lay down again and hugged Kara closer, bringing the other woman’s back flushed against her front, burying her nose in the blond hair and inhaling deeply, smiling at the familiar scent of home. Her eyes began to drop, and after a contented sigh she fell asleep again.

She woke up with a start. This time at 09:30am, feeling the bed colder, she searched around the room for Kara, after a look, she heard a loud Clank followed by a jumble of words coming from what appeared to be the kitchen.


Well, that solves the mystery of where Kara was. She thought with a chuckle.


She got up from the bed and headed to the bathroom, after doing her business and brushing her teeth, she walked towards the noise.


Kara was, indeed, in the kitchen, and the noise that woke her so suddenly, was the Alien Girl preparing breakfast.
The blond woman was so concentrated that she didn’t notice her bedmate leaning in the doorway, observing her with a half fond half amused expression.
She stayed there; watching the way Kara flipped the pancakes in the air while humming “I Say a Little Prayer”. They had watched “My Best Friend's Wedding” the night before, so the music was probably stuck in the blonde’s head.

She continued to admire Kara. Glancing at her long legs, up to the button up shirt that covered the blonde’s butt, a shirt that didn’t belonged to the alien, but was very much appreciated, given the sight. Still up to Kara’s neck, exposed due the messy bun that kept the blonde’s hair of her face.

Still leaning on the doorway, she let her thoughts wander...

She is so beautiful!

I can’t believe I get to love her, and that she loves me back! I’m the luckiest woman in the Universe!

I don’t think I have ever been this happy before...

Kara really is my home. And I wouldn’t have it any other way!


Kara chooses that moment to turn around and, with a little startled expression, almost shout:

- Alex!! You startled me. How didn’t I hear you wake up?!

Chuckling, Alex walked to Kara, took the plate of pancakes of her hand placed on the kitchen counter and said:

- You were so concentrated and humming quite loudly, that’s probably why you didn’t notice me.

Alex wrapped her arms around Kara’s waist and leaned slowly, running her nose against the alien’s cheeks, then, nudging their noses together. They shared the same breath. Looked at each other’s eyes and, smiling leaned for a gentle good morning kiss.

The kiss was slow and sleepy, the type of kiss shared between couples that have been in love for a long time. It was an appreciation of the other, just to feel and be content. Alex loved those moments just as much she loved Kara.
The Agent always felt elated after these kisses.

The slow kiss turned in to small pecks and then, to just smiling against each other’s mouth. They hugged for a while, but were interrupted by Kara’s ever hungry stomach, laughing together, they let go.

Kara moved to get the rest of the food and Alex started to pour coffee in her mug, she arranged the food closer to her seat, bringing the orange juice and a glass to her left side, then she sat down to wait for Kara.

The blond tied up the kitchen in super speed, grabbed the bacon and eggs and walked back to Alex.

She served them, super speeded to the kitchen to put the pan in the sink and then again to the redhead.

Instead of sitting in a chair, she made Alex scout her chair back and sat on the Agent’s lap.
Alex wrapped her left arm around her back and grabbed her coffee. She took a sip and hummed at the delicious taste.

Yeah, Kara totally makes the best coffee. She thought.

The Alien wrapped her hand around Alex’s and brought the mug to her own lips, humming at the taste too.

That is something that never ceases to amuse me.

Kara always loved to drink or eat from whatever I am drinking or eating.

If asked, the blond would simply respond: It’s yours/Alex’s.

Like it was the perfect explanation. Only Kara and Alex knew that the response actually was.

Kara began to eat and, for every two bites she had, she would feed one to Alex. It was a common sight whenever they had a day off together.



Kara would wake up first on these days; she liked to treat Alex for the times they couldn’t spend with each other. So she started the breakfast and either brought to the bed or woke Alex up with sweet caress and kisses.

The Agent usually overslept on days off, given that she normally didn’t had the opportunity to do so.

After breakfast, Alex would clean the table and wash the dishes and Kara would finish the groceries list. Thought both of them could do the shopping on work days, they preferred to do it together.

Kara loved the domesticity of it, and Alex.... Well Alex just loved to see Kara happy, even if she hated grocery shopping.

When everything was cleaned and the list was finished, they’d change clothes and head out to the grocery store four blocks from the apartment.

Holding hands, walking slowly, talking quietly, laughing loudly… Inadvertently they would attract looks, sometimes smiling faces, sometimes frowns, but they were so wrapped in each other, that nothing else mattered.

Kara always laughs at Alex’s disgruntled face when they enter the store. It doesn’t matter if it is packed or not, the redhead hated buying groceries. The blonde grabbed a kart, passed to Alex and headed to the flour aisle. They walked slowly, with Kara listing out loud what was needed from that corridor, picking things from one side, while Alex picked from the other. It was a system they developed a long time ago, it was faster, easier and almost infallible so they wouldn’t have to return because they’d forgot an item.


And than, they’d pay, go home and spend all day together.


They didn’t need a reason.


They could just be happy and in love.