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At least they're not human-shaped.

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Thor awoke to the sensation that someone was staring at him. It quickly turned out to be true, as opening his eyes immediately revealed that his brother Loki was standing above him and staring down at him with his wide eyes shining with nervousness.

“Hello brother” said Loki. He sounded anxious when he spoke, and Thor could not help but feel his heart go out to his younger brother. What had the mischievous little thing done this time?

“What have you done this time, Loki?” asked Thor gently, patting at the bed to invite Loki to sit.

“There is something I need to tell you” said Loki. He remained standing, so Thor sat up wondering what it could possibly be. Maybe he had managed to turn their mother into a man again?

But no. Thor would soon be proven wrong, for in the next instance he could hear the clatter of hooves outside his bedroom door.

“I can explain” said Loki, almost stumbling over his own words in his eagerness to get them out. “I was trying to make some flowers grow faster to give them to mother for her birthday, see, and something went… wrong. Very wrong.”

Thor wanted to ask just how wrong it had gone but he wasn’t given the time to. The next second, a small foal entered the room. It was white with black dots and had too many legs for Thor’s tired mind to count.

“Hi!” said the horse.

“This is Sleipnir and he is our son now” explained Loki.

Thor wasn’t prepared so he gasped loudly and passed out.


When Thor awoke again he was not alone in bed. He felt something soft against his chest and thought for a second that he must have gone to bed with either a woman or Loki. Then he opened his eyes and saw that it was the horse from earlier.

“Hi!!!” exclaimed the horse. “I live here now.”

Thor frowned at the small hoofed creature.

“I see” he said slowly, wracking his mind for something to say. “Did Loki leave you here?”

The horse neighed happily and nodded.

Thor felt that he couldn’t have a horse in his bedroom so he put a collar and a leash on the young spotted stallion and led him out in the corridor and took him to the throne room where Frigga and Odin were sitting playing parcheesi.

“Mother father I have a dilemma.”

“What is your dilemma my son?” said the King.

“Loki is forcing me to be this horse’s dad” explained Thor. Sleipnir had walked off as long as the leash would let him and he was chewing on a plant.
“Oh thank god I was worried I wasn’t gonna get any grandchildren!” exclaimed the one eyed ruler. Frigga beamed. Then they put a cape and a little crown on Sleipnir.

“But why” said Thor in confusion.

“He is our grandson now” scolded Frigga sternly and glared at Thor while she fed the small horse a biscuit.

Right then Loki walked into the room.

“Thor we need to talk I have some bad news.”

“What?” said Thor nervously worried about what was coming next.

“I think I’m giving birth” said Loki and turned around. Something long and green was hanging out from his behind.