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Digital odyssey: Lawless star

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Back during the genesis of the Digital world there was no more than a vast and empty expanse. There was no life save for a dormant entity known only as ‘god’

The world was lifeless and void, a primordial untouched wasteland...


However one day life finally came in the form of a great and powerful golden dragon: Huanglongmon. Tasked with filling up the barren wastelands with life the golden dragon created four other beasts to rule and watch over the land, after them then came the Archangels to guide other digimon and also protect ‘god’ and his subjects from any form of threat.

This order ran fine for years… but with the digital world constantly expanding at will a mysterious place soon came into existence. A dark and forbidden domain called the Dark area. No one dared venture there due to a rumor of a powerful and evil digimon lurking in it’s depths. It was described as only being a place of evil and ruthless survival. A cruel place to be evaded at all costs as only lost and exiled souls belonged there.

Deeming the Dark area a threat one of the highest ranked Archangels, Lucemon decided to go into this forbidden land and destroy the beast. He believed that if the emperor of this land was slain then the darkness that plagued the digital world would vanish with him.

Little did anyone know that the emperor of the Dark area would be the one to spread the seeds of chaos and discord.

The rest became history, Lucemon became the greatest traitor the digital world has ever known. With his treachery many lives were lost and the archangels were forced to greatly reduce their numbers by banishing their own brethren that fought alongside Lucemon.

Because of him Huanglongmon was never seen again...




100 digi years (1 human earth year) after Lucemon’s betrayal and the fall of Huanglongmon.


Liamon had never imagined that in her existence up to that point she would serve the three Archangels themselves. It was an honor to be given such a chance to live among them in the holy kingdom but upon seeing the damage after Lucemon's betrayal she realized why digimon like her were needed. Liamon in particular had been chosen to fill up the role of guardian to the holy city’s gates.

She had been beyond shocked when she had been casually hunting in her territory and saw a  golden Ophan digimon descend from the heavens and tell her that she had been chosen.

She never considered that the holy ring on her back right leg amounted anything. Especially not that it meant she was one day going to evolve into an angel digimon and serve the one and only digital ‘god’.

Her an angel? The very thought would have crossed her mind as being absurd.

Had she been told this by someone else she would have laughed and called them crazy but given she was called up by Rasielmon Liamon couldn’t deny that. Before she knew it she followed the angel digimon through a portal and found herself in the heart of the holy digimon capital, the great holy city.

Only digimon with holy rings lived in its heart but on occasion some other digimon could be seen going about their business if they seeked help or served some angel.

This place was nothing like her old jungle home. Instead of greens there was golds, whites, and blues, the entire place felt a bit ‘tame’ for her but she figured she would get used to her new home after a while. Everything seemed orderly in the city, from pristine parks and roads to crystal clear waters flowing from elaborate fountains.

From there on out she was given her new post and duty, she was to become an angel and then a guardian under the watchful wings of Rasielmon.



300 DIGI YEARS LATER (3 human earth years)~ HOLY KINGDOM CAPITAL


Liamon had grown and adapted to her new home and purpose, the once wild lioness was now used to living in a city along with other digimon. Unlike most of her kind she had to give up her old solitary life.

There was no place for that here and with Rasielmon as her teacher she was taught how to tolerate being social and accept other digimon. She had to go by strict rules now too considering that many digimon that roamed about in the city might have looked like prey to her before given she was a predatory species. Now she wasn’t allowed to hunt for the thrill, she was only to hunt to survive and only outside the city limits… and only when server grown meat wasn’t available.


Which was never.


It was something she had to learn to get used to given she had no other choice. Most of her meat intake came from responsibly maintained meat farms which she either found tasted just off or ‘alright’ she figured this meat issue would die off once she evolved which she felt would be soon. Maybe a month or two-or three from now.

She felt like she was getting close given her current maturity as a digimon. She was technically a young adult at the moment so naturally evolving into her ultimate stage was due to happen at any moment now given that she also trained constantly.

She wondered if she would finally evolve into an angel and shed away her beast form. The very idea that she would one day walk on two legs and have wings made her fairly curious.

She wondered what the world looked like from above once she could fly, could she still run as fast? Would her teeth still be sharp? There was so many questions yet all she could do was sit back and wait patiently… something Rasielmon had been teaching her how to do since day one.

Apparently she had a ‘patience’ issue given that she was a mon of action rather than words or staying still. Even as a tamed beast out of the jungle she still sometimes felt the urge to just get out there and physical.

Whenever the occasional trouble popped up she would always try to be the first to the scene. Her long and well muscled body always brought her fast to any location even if it took some jumping along with a few stunts to get through some shortcuts.

She was quite used to some digimon calling her crazy by now as well. Liamon was an active and untamed spirit even if she was a lion who had been taken out of her jungle. Many of the other holy digimon found it hard to believe that she would one day sprout wings and take to the sky along with the rest of the angels.

To be honest she couldn’t wait for that day, surely Rasielmon would be thrilled to see her friend and student finally among them and taking her place in the order of things.

But for now her divine duty was to deliver some messages around the holy city, unpaid community service was very common given the good nature of everyone… that and Rasielmon gave her this task as a form to practice her patience and responsibility.

As she passed through one of the districts she spotted two Parrotmon casually preening their feathers while repairing a small imperfection in one of the roads… poor chaps were likely stuck with the same duties she had right now.

Oh how she just wanted to evolve and leave these boring tasks behind and fly around instead.

Scoffing as her fur puffed up a bit the lioness digimon walked down her usual path before her attention drifted at the sight of a familiar white and purple feline.

Grinning mischievously she puffed the fur around her paws with static as she snuck up behind the smaller bipedal feline. Once she was directly behind her she unleashed the built up static with a loud crackle- effectively scaring the poor Gatomon as she yowled and jumped some four feet into the air.

“Liamon! How many times do I got to tell you stop doing that.”

“I’m sorry friend, it’s just a bit funny that you always fall for my trick and I’m quite bored with my messenger duty- the usual.” Liamon chuckled before sitting down and going through the satchel strapped on her chest.

“Besides that issue I got something for you-” She muttered as she took out a bag of pristine and perfectly red apples, if she knew any better Gatomon was likely planning on baking something since she was well known for her hobby of making some amazing sweets.

“Ah! there they are, I needed those apples to make my apple pies. They took their sweet time getting here I thought I wouldn’t be able to make them in time.” Gatomon smiled as she took the bag and flung it over her back.

“So what are you doing today? You don’t seem to be doing anything for Ophanimon right now.” Liamon asked Gatomon as her tail tip twitched slightly.

“No, I still need to report back but for now I was just dropping off some stuff for her and checking up on some digimon in the hospital. You know how she’s always worried about the wellbeing of everyone here and such.” Gatomon replied as she continued on her way with Liamon following close behind.

It’s not like she had anything else to do given they were heading in the same direction.

“Hey- out of curiosity have you asked Rasielmon who used to be in your spot?” Gatomon brought up all of a sudden as she continued on her way.

Liamon simply raised a brow at the question… Used to be in her spot?

“What do you mean?”

“Yeah, we are here to take over empty spots remember? I’m going to fill up the role that used to be held by the digimon that became the lustful one. Don’t tell me you've never been curious of who used to have your duty?” The white feline looked at her friend a bit amused that Liamon never dug into this before.

“Oh… No not really. I guess I never asked since it sounds like a sensitive topic and I know to keep my snout out of things that aren’t my business- but now that you mention it maybe I’ll ask. IF Rasielmon is willing to talk about it that is.” Liamon reasoned as she nodded slightly and started to go into thought.

She hardly noticed how they arrived at their location as she thought about the digimon that used to be in her spot. Perhaps it had been the Envious one, he was said to have been an angel beast before-

“Liamon we are here.” Gatomon snapped her out of her thoughts as the Lioness blinked and quickly regained her usual awareness.

The main hall was as active as ever, Gatomon was here to report back to Ophanimon of her tasks being complete.

The female Archangel seemed to be busy with a group of Digimon as Gatomon approached her. She smiled a bit as she told something to Gatomon and then looked at Liamon who was dropping off some scrolls.

"Liamon could you come here for a moment." The ophan digimon asked as Liamon walked forwards and looked up to her. Even if she was said to be notably kind and motherly to everyone she couldn’t help but feel a bit intimidated in her presence.

"Yes Ophanimon?"

"I need you to get something for me from Rasielmon. I need a map, she’ll know what I’m talking about once you tell her."

"Ah... sure-sure I'll get that for you right this instant my lady." Liamon bowed before taking her leave and bolting off down the main street.


Finally a more exciting task.


Running as fast as she could she grinned slightly as she heard the occasional yelp from some digimon as she ran past them. It didn’t take her long to make it to her destination as she panted and caught her breath.

This building was practically her second home.

"Lady Rasielmon are you here?" Liamon asked as she entered Rasielmon’s domain.

"Ophanimon said you had something for her. A map"

"Ah, glad to see you Liamon, I've seen your work and training from the kernel. I’ll get that map for you." A kind and wise voice answered from the back as Liamon made her way towards her technical boss.

Rasielmon rarely left her domain unless she was utterly needed, she was a bit of an odd one. If Liamon had to label her it would definitely be ‘kind and wise hermit’

Watching the data keeper go through a shelf full of scrolls Liamon couldn’t help but ask what Gatomon had asked her before.

“Oh yeah… Gatomon told me something that has me curious. You said that most of us were brought here to study under the archangels to fill up the empty spaces left by Lucemon and his allies when they were banished. Can I ask who was the one who used to hold the position I’ve been chosen to now fill?” Liamon asked Rasielmon as she watched her pause for a moment… had she said something wrong? She started to worry for a moment but quickly felt relieved as Rasielmon noted her concern and smiled back at the lioness.

“A curious question indeed, I suppose there’s nothing to hide from you so I’ll give you your answer. The old gatekeeper to the city was BlastAngemon, a noble and prideful angel who Lucemon filled his mind with false claims of grandeur. He eventually grew so power hungry he was willing to consume everyone in his path for their data, as you can guess he became the Gluttonous one and was exiled along with the others.” She said with a hint of sadness in her voice, that whole event was nothing but negativity even when it was talked about.

Liamon silently processed the information, so her guess had been incorrect. She was replacing the Gluttonous one. She honestly had no idea what she shared in common with that one, if she remembered correctly the digimon chosen for the divine tasks all had a certain quality about them.

“Wait- so if I’m replacing him what do we have in common? An endless stomach? An unrivaled taste for meat? My preference for the color purple?” Liamon asked curiously as Rasielmon started to laugh heartily.

“No, none of those Liamon. It’s determination and an untamed heart what sets a gatekeeper apart from the others. You stand for what you believe in and even if you were taken from the jungle your heart is untamed- but that’s not a bad thing. If anything it makes you be more attuned to the world around you...“ She corrected the lioness while handing her over the map she was to deliver.

“But I do suppose a preference for meat is also something you had in common. I didn’t know Blastangemon much though, he mostly kept to himself and wandered off whenever he could. You are much more social.” The Opan added in as she flew back into her study.

Exiting Rasielmon’s dwellings Liamon casually walked back to where she last saw Ophanimon and Gatomon. She had the map to deliver to them now and once that was over she would be free of her daily tasks and could finally sunbathe over a rock or eat some meat-


Liamon evaded the claws of a rabid Devidramon by a hair length as she quickly rolled out of it’s way.

The lionesse’s eyes became intense as she roared out to her attacker. It didn’t take her long to realize what was going on. Another invasion was taking place, those damn dark and demonic digimon couldn’t hold back their cravings for holy data and discord for long.

Watching the Devidramon begin to do a U turn Liamon charged at it. Her golden fur crackled with sparks.

“Thunder of king!”

The resounding screech of the Devidramon was all that could be heard as it got fried out of the sky on contact. Her battle prowess was something to be marveled at as she pinned the demonic dragon the moment it fell.

Quickly finishing it off with a bite to the throat the Devidramon thrashed under her grip before it finally fell limp and lifeless.

Panting from the exertion and adrenaline Liamon glanced around. She could hear the screams of the inhabitants as she spotted multiple Devidramon swarming around the square and flying in through a hole in the barrier.

lovely… this was starting to become a monthly occurrence.

Starting to worry for her friend Liamon dashed through the streets as fast as she could. She knew Gatomon wasn’t as good as a fighter as she was and could get into some form of trouble.

Once she reached the main hall she gasped at the sight of some four Devidramon wrecking everything in their path. Multiple digimon screamed and called out for help as the demon dragons tried to get to them.

“G-Gatomon!” She called out in dread as she found her friend unconscious under the claws of a Devidramon. The demonic dragon drooled as it seemed to be preparing to savor it’s newest victim.

“Oh no you won’t!” The lioness roared out with rage as she slammed headfirst into the Devidramon which caused it to yelp in both pain and surprise.

Knocking the demonic dragon away from Gatomon she didn’t give it a chance to recover as she jumped right onto it’s face. It yowled out in agony as she started to maul it, effectively blinding two of it’s eyes before she was tossed off by one of it’s claws.

She hissed in defiance as she got back up on her shaky legs, she held back her rage as best as she could. The condition her friend was in was driving her livid, these demonic fools really thought they could get away by hurting her friend like this?!

Feeling an electric current begin to build up within her she was about to launch another attack before she stopped.

Right above her Ophanimon had appeared along with Seraphimon and Cherubimon, their attacks constantly shooting down Devidramon like flies in one hit.

Sighing in relief she relaxed as she collapsed from both anxiety and concern. It appeared that the battle would be over soon and her friend would get the medical attention she needed....


An hour later at the city gathering hall.


“B-but Ophanimon we can’t just let them get away with having hurt Gatomon and the others they did nothing wrong! Those savages could have killed her!” Liamon pleaded to the angel woman as her green eyes were full of frustration and concern for her friend. Gatomon might no longer be with them had she not rushed in there in time to stop the Devidramon from ripping her throat out.

“Liamon this is our final decision! The Dark area is too dangerous we can’t risk anyone else's lives in there.” Seraphimon said sternly as Liamon flinched a bit at his harshness. She could feel tears welling up at the corners of her eyes as she held back her emotions. She didn’t want to show weakness here, not in front of everyone.

Scoffing as she held back the urge to shiver in anger Liamon was the first to bolt out of the meeting area when she got the chance. She made sure to run as fast as she could to make sure no one could see her frustrated tears run down the sides of her golden muzzle.

Why did no one want to act? This was becoming a common occurrence yet they preferred to stay under a shield instead of take the fight to their attackers.

She came to a dead stop once she reached the hospital. Keeping her head low she found the room where her friend was. She was awake but pretty injured given her condition. Liamon tried to hide her anger towards the Devidramon as best as she could.

“Oh there you are, I heard you were the one that saved me from becoming Devidramon food. Thank you so much friend.” The small white cat chuckled as Liamon frowned slightly.

“Is something wrong Liamon?”

Liamon hissed lowly as she shook her head a bit.

“Those Devidramon, they shouldn’t have been here. There was so many of them they managed to break through the barrier it isn't right. There’s too many of them we should have sent digimon down there to cull them.” She said bluntly and full of hatred. She still felt personally stung with how the Archangels had denied her suggestion. In her mind it was the only way, they couldn’t just sit back behind a barrier and let them get the chance to break through it.

The dark area bred nothing but miscreants.

Gatomon frowned at her as she shook her head.

“I know but that place is too dangerous, besides finding the Devidramon nest where those came from would be like finding hay in a needlestack. The only mon who could probably find it would be some expert tracker or- Liamon where are you going?” Gatomon called out to her friend as she watched her turn around and head out the nearest door.

She prayed that Liamon wasn’t about to do something stupid.

Despite her friend's weak calls she dared to not stop and look back, she knew Gatomon would stop her if she did. She needed to end these attacks… or at least get a message across to those damn demons even if she had to tear up a few. If no one else was going to do it then she was the digimon up for the job, she was a guardian after all and she wanted to protect those she cared about. Gatomon was practically a sister to her and she would not tolerate seeing her in danger again or worse.

Breaking into the fastest sprint that she could she ran down the main road. Her decision was made even if she would have to rebel against her orders.

She only dared to stop once the holy city was far out of her view. She knew she couldn’t go back right away and would have to complete the task she had given herself if she wanted to justify her defiance… surely Rasielmon was watching her right now and silently witnessing events unfold to record anything of interest… or maybe not? Liamon had no idea but she couldn’t help but look up to the sky for a moment.

“Rasielmon if you are watching me could you tell the others not to worry? I’ll do fine I won’t take long. I just have to do this, had I not stepped in Gatomon would be gone. I can’t let these petty attacks keep happening if I can help it. Like you said I’m a guardian and right now I feel like I have to protect her along with everyone else… please understand.” She said as she then looked down at her paws like a scolded cub.

Taking a deep breath she gathered her determination and set off to the nearest portal.

She continued on her way through the sea of flowers bordering the holy kingdom which eventually turned to forests as she looked around for an entrance to the dark area. She knew a few doorways existed hidden in plain sight. The remaining angel digimon had created them for emergency exits or entries if they were ever needed. Demons could rarely come through them unless they were particularly strong, aided by a greater demon digimon, or overwhelmed the firewall that guarded them.

Looking around the roots of some giant trees she eventually found what she was looking for. An ancient stone arch with ancient digicode.

“Door to darkness I command you to open.” Liamon called out as she touched the stone arch with her paw. The symbols on her holy ring began to glow as the stone arch became a golden one and a doorway into darkness opened before her eyes. She couldn’t help but feel a bit intimidated at the dark energy seeming to come from it. This was the first time she had ever glanced into an entryway to the dark area.

Hesitating for a moment she swallowed her paranoia as she pushed her paw through the entryway. Nothing seemed to happen so deciding it was now or never she walked right through cautiously. Her body floated through what appeared to be a vast dark tunnel, a red light shone at the end which grew closer as she charged forwards.


Golden paws landed on the other side with a soft thud, she had finally made it through however she noticed how her holy ring appeared to give off a faint glow. She figured it was the light within her remaining bright despite being in a world of darkness.

Taking in her surroundings the fur along her spine raised a bit… all right it did look intimidating but she wouldn’t dare confess to it. She appeared to be in a vast dark forest, the barks of the trees distorted in ways that the sunlight made it seem like they had faces on them. Everything appeared alien especially the sky, a fade of red and purple as the world appeared to be illuminated by a red sun. She wondered what nighttime looked like here given that this entire world was a prison for evil digimon, outcasts, or digimon who had no other place to go.

She could hear the distant screeching of Devidramon along with other demon digimon as she remained low and silent. She dared not to start a fight unless she needed to, she figured that she should save her strength and eradicate the Devidramon nest responsible for the attack. She could imagine it already… her rushing into the nest and frying them with her lightning like a living bug zapper. She would surely return a hero or at least get away with not listening to orders. She was sure that Rasielmon would let her go with a bit of a scolding given she wasn’t doing this out of pride.

She wasn’t sure how long it had been on where the hell she was going but the scent of the surviving Devidramon had brought her to a rather dense part of the forest. At this point her surroundings all looked the same and the damn place looked like a maze. Sighing in annoyance she felt her whiskers twitch a bit as she tried to better locate herself.

She swore to god if she had to keep walking in this damn forest she would-

Then she saw it, a faint light shining through some of the trees. Was this where the Devidramon came from? She sure hoped it was since this forest was giving her the creeps.

Following the light she eventually found herself standing on the edge of a cliff, her eyes scanning what appeared to be a large and elaborate gothic castle in the middle of nowhere. Now this was something she hadn’t been expecting but she could see some Devidramon hanging out near the towers so the bastards had definitely come from there.

Her logic told her that some big shot demon digimon likely lived there, if she was unlucky enough it was a demon king, if she was really unlucky it would be one of the sinful seven. Either way she decided that she would beat them and make this slaughter a lesson for them to not send their lackeys to try and eat her friends and colleagues.

Brushing aside any fear she courageously started to descend down the cliff. Her feet steady as her claws dug into the earth to stabilize herself. Her life in the jungle as a lone huntress had given her many skills and sneaking around happened to be one of them. She reasoned that this would be similar but instead of hunting down her next meal she would be hunting down demons.

Once reaching the bottom of the cliff she crouched low as she hoped that the overgrowth around the castle would hide her. The only eyes that could spot her were the Devidramon but they seemed too busy bickering over petty things as she managed to reach the main door and quickly rushed in. Grinning at her sneakiness her tail twitched with amusement as her green eyes adjusted to the dim candlelight lit innards of the castle.

Carefully walking through the dim lit hallways the smell of wax and burned wicks filled her nose as she noted that the entire place was lit with nothing more but elaborate candles… not even scented ones at that. The occupant seemed to be fond of red velvet as well. Surely a mon of taste and power lived here if they could have all of this in the cruelest and most unpredictable place in the digital world.

taste and power lived here if they could have all of this in the cruelest and most unpredictable place in the digital world.

Rolling her eyes at the overly fancy tastes of the owner she finally reached the main hall. It was dim lit just like everything else but she could smell the scent of an unknown digimon and it was still fresh… something wasn’t right about it though, it smelled dead yet alive.

“Oh an uninvited guest how amusing, I still welcome you to my castle madame. You must come from far seeing that you have a shiny ring on your back leg, you don’t see that here often.” A calm swave voice echoed through the room as Liamon’s fur stood on end. Her green eyes went wide as she froze up at the sight of a dark figure sitting atop a large and elaborate jeweled throne casually.

She had never seen such a digimon or ever heard of anything like him. He had four beast like legs and two metallic maws sitting above the front ones. Above that was the torso of a humanoid digimon wearing an elaborate mask, his blonde hair silky and well kept as his sharp fangs poked out in an amused grin.

“Are you the one who sent the Devidramon to attack us!” Liamon demanded as she dared not to show any fear or concern towards this mystery digimon. Her boldness only seemed to catch his attention as he laughed lightly.

“Ah a feisty one, I don’t get to see that often given that most digimon who know who I am keep their distance and quickly leave. But yes I did send my local Devidramon to have a little bit of fun with the company upstairs.” He said casually as he relaxed further in his throne and sipped wine from a golden jeweled goblet.

Liamon’s brow furrowed as she felt confident now that she had found the digimon responsible for the attack. Her anger took over her as she growled and her tail stood stiff in a show of aggression. However instead of preparing for a fight the mystery digimon only laughed louder.

“Oh now this is entertainment, I thank you for this since it’s rare for anyone to even dare growl at me. So tell me are you stupid, brave, or both.” He asked as he smiled as if talking to a friend, Liamon found this extremely offending as the fur along the back of her neck crackled with sparks.

“Neither! I am here to make you pay! One of your Devidramon severely hurt my friend and I won’t stand for it!” Liamon scowled as she raised her voice to a accusing yell. Her green eyes were filled with rage as the large digimon shook his head.

“Tsk Tsk Tsk, silly furball clearly you don't know I'm a king. Oh who am I kidding of course a fur rug like yourself could be so inept!" He chuckled before gesturing to himself.

“I am the great Grandracmon the king of the Dark area not even the seven great demon lords dare to threaten me. But because of that I find you humorous, you are nothing but a small insect to me, I can crush you with a single paw and hang your golden fur over my fireplace… but I think I would much rather play with you. It’s been so long since I had any fun.” Grandracomon sneered as Liamon narrowed her eyes. She had never heard of such a digimon but she figured he was bluffing. The great demon lords, the sinful seven keeping out of his way yeah right.


She was tired of his attitude and hadn’t come here to play his stupid games.


"Thunder of King!" Liamon called out as she felt a strong electric current run through her body and quickly shoot out of her like a lightning bolt. Such a powerful attack had stunned all her foes up to that point but she dared not to flinch as it left a sad excuse of a scorch mark which quickly vanished from Grandracmon’s chest.

“That tickles~” The vampiric king laughed as he brushed himself off as if cleaning off dust. Despite her efforts he stayed on his throne, the two metallic maws on his waist clattering their teeth as if to mock her along with him.

Roaring out in defiance she charged at the colossal demon. Her claws scraping against the marble floor as she ran as fast as she could. She thought about Gatomon and all her other colleagues, she couldn’t fail them… and there was no way this freak would make her look like a fool, she was getting offended from his laughter.

Jumping up to aim for Grandracmon’s throat her eyes narrowed as she went in for the kill… surely her most notorious and deadly move should be enough to get the job done. Either she would walk away from this a hero or at least die trying for her honor.

"Critical Strike!" She called out as her fangs hit their mark, she dug her fangs into the undead king’s throat as she felt his vile blood fill her maw. She felt the urge to gag at just how foul it tasted but she was left with no choice as she sent a deadly shock into Grandracmon through her fangs in an attempt to stop his heart. She had never once seen a digimon survive her Critical Strike attack-

“What a silly kitten you are~” Grandracmon laughed as Liamon felt fear for the first time. Something she thought impossible as she dared not to let go. Why wasn’t he dead yet! How was she going to stop him if her strongest attack-

Her jaws on his throat remained closed like a vice as she felt his hand wrap around her body and violently ‘rip’ her away from his throat. She almost threw up as she spit out the putrid blood and flesh which was left in her mouth. How the hell did that not kill him?!

Liamon looked over to his throat which was starting to regenerate his lost flesh, it was there that Liamon noticed her mistake. This digimon was far beyond what she was capable of fighting, he was an entirely different thing as he threw her down onto the ground and opened his palm over her.

"Crystal Revolution!" He called out as Liamon screamed in pain, she felt thousands of crystals cut her flesh like blades. Her body weakened as she smelled the iron scent of her own blood fill her nostrils and she collapsed under her own weight.

Shaking violently as she tried to stand up she found herself screeching in agony as she realized that her back legs were sinking into some sort of dark substance.

Glaring at Grandracmon Liamon snarled as she watched him chuckle and placed a finger under her chin to raise her head to his eye level.

“What a foolish kitten you are, you didn’t stand a chance against me yet you foolishly engaged me in battle. It is as if you seek death, your bravery is stupid but impressive… It’s given me some entertainment so consider yourself lucky. I will spare your life but at a small price, the data of holy rings is truly a delicacy down here. I’m sure yours must be filled with determination and bravery it will do me just fine.” Grandracmon smiled wickedly at her as Liamon felt her confidence leave her.

No-no this couldn’t-

He started to remove his mask as she struggled helplessly.

"...Eye of the Gorgon"

Staring into the eyes of the dark digimon Liamon felt the urge to scream but she couldn't move, not even breathe... 'is this what death feels like?' she thought as she started to lose all her senses and felt like the very light of her being was slowly torn from her body.


AJust like that the holy ring around her right back leg would shatter into broken data. Her shock and horror would be short lived as her maw gaped in a silent scream before everything went dark.




Meanwhile in the kernel Rasielmon peered into one of the floating mirror like projections as she overlooked the situation with Liamon.

Frowning as she saw the golden feline fall into darkness her brow furrowed… while she had fallen unconscious within the darkness death did not come to her… no it was what many holy digimon would consider far worse. The angelic feline woman quickly looked away from the sight as golden fur started to morph into a dark purple, Liamon’s body turning more lean as her light was replaced by darkness.

Her subject didn’t deserve such a fate but there was nothing that could be done. Perhaps she should have listened to Seraphimon and left her alone in her jungle where she could have lived a normal life. It was truly ironic how the future gate keeper didn't even get the chance to fulfill her job. The space would be empty yet again but not out of gluttony, Liamon had wanted vengeance for her friend and her want for justice had ended her.

She could only look with great sadness as another mirror shard next to Liamon’s started to glow a bit. This had been the future the holy beast had once had before her. Liamon would have become the next gate keeper, a new angel digimon. Her face protected by a lion like mask, her wings as white as clouds, a golden muffler around her neck. A truly proud and graceful guardian.

Closing her eyes Rasielmon sighed as she watched the mirror shard begin to crumble as it now showed one of the rare few glimpses of a possible future… Rasielmon couldn’t help but look at it in shock.

It showed the red skies of the dark area and a dark figure dodging the attacks of an unknown assailant. Her hair was long and a mix between gold and silver, her lavender eyes determined, sharp, and sadistic. While Rasielmon couldn’t hear anything the female digimon clearly laughed as she seemed to be having fun fighting some other digimon that couldn’t be seen.

As the vision faded Rasielmon now had a new face- Liamon had once been destined to become Arielmon, the protector of wild beasts and nature. But now with her fate uncertain all she saw was a new crueler digimon in her place, one that reveled in the hunt and lived a lawless lonesome existence.