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Nap Time | Yoonminseok OT3

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Hoseok knocked on Namjoon's room and as he waited for an answer he brushed his sweaty palms down his jeans. He looked around waiting but was too impatient so he knocked again.

"I swear if it's Jungkook I'm going to burn your bed down. I told you to sleep with Taehyung tonight!" Namjoon said from the bed inside the room.

"What? No! It's me, Hoseok! Open the door, please!" Hoseok said knocking again.

"Fucking hell." Namjoon whispered but it was still heard from the door. "Open it, it's unlocked."

Hoseok went in and found Namjoon and Jin laying on the bed, with the covers up to their chests. His face turned bright red as he understood what was happening.

"Shit, sorry, sorry, sorry... I though Jin was with the 95's at the supermarket." Hoseok said his face redder than before as Namjoon stared at him with annoyance perfectly visible as Jin matched Hoseok's red face.

"This better be something about a fucking Grammy award because I was having the best fuck of my life." Namjoon said earning a slap on his arm from his boyfriend.

"Don't say that in front of him, Joon!" Jin said taken aback making Namjoon smile.

"I'm just saying: this better be worth it, that's it!" Namjoon said to Jin placing a kiss on his forehead.

"You're both disgusting. Anyways, I need your help." Hoseok said about to sit at the end of Namjoon's bed but earning a look from the other two and decided to sit on Jungkook's.

"What's wrong?" Jin straighten his posture to look at Hoseok, worried something bad happened.

"How did you both knew you liked each other?" Hoseok said his cheeks pink once again after thinking how dumb the question was.

"Well, look at him, he's literally the most beautiful man on this planet." Namjoon said with his hand under Jin's chin, his thumb and middle finger against Jin's cheeks.

"That's true!" Jin said with a shit-eating smile making Namjoon chuckle and press a kiss on Jin's lips.

"Why did I even?" Hoseok said pushing his hair back with a distressed sigh.

"What's happening, Hoseok?" Namjoon said now actually worried.

"This is serious, guys. How did you know?" Hoseok said sadness and stress showing in his eyes.

"Well, at first I only thought of Namjoon as a friend but we got closer, I learned a lot about him, his quirks and habits, I began to catch myself thinking about him constantly, I realize that my heart skipping a beat whenever he smiled at me or just simply looked at me didn't mean I was having a heart problem-" Namjoon smiled fondly and kissed Jin's temple making him smile back to his boyfriend. "- I would make excuses to just be around him and then I realized I was fucked."

"Fuck." Hoseok said, his leg tapping nervously as he eyed around the floor thinking.

"Why, J?" Namjoon asked concerned.

"And you? How did you know, Joon?" Hoseok asked with a bit of hope.

"Oh... well, kind of the same, really. Only that I knew right away. I remember telling Yoongi that we were going to be successful just because of Jin's handsome face. Then I talked with Jin more and just knew. Everything just feels right with him. And my stomach won't stop flipping and turning around him. He's everything I wanted." Jin awed and linked their hands over the covers and pressed his head on Namjoon's shoulder. Hoseok threw himself to the bed groaning.

"What is happening?" Jin asked now just annoyed.

"I think I'm fucked." Hoseok sat once again.

"Why? Who do you like?" Namjoon questioned.

"That's the problem... I don't know." Hoseok said closing his eyes as he sighed again.

"Why do you kids always come to me?" Namjoon said sighting too and sat more comfortably.

"I need your help, I'm so confused. Please." Hoseok's eyes were drowned in desperation and fear.

"We're here, J." Namjoon said knowing this was serious.

"Yeah, just tell us." Jin said, his hands still linked to Namjoon's.

"I... I think I like Jimin. Or Yoongi. Or both." Hoseok said feeling half of the world's weight lift from his shoulders.

"Oh. Fuck." Namjoon said looking down to the floor.

"Fuck, fuck indeed." Jin said, his eyes wide open as he looked at Hoseok.

"Guys!" Hoseok whined.

"I mean, okay, you three got this thing going on." Hoseok faked a look of confusion towards Namjoon. "-Don't look at me like that, you seriously think you're so fucking quiet but my insomnia and the rest of this fucking band has a thing or two to say about that. Plus, Jimin tells Taehyung everything and Yoongi tells me some of it. Don't act all surprised, hyung."

"Also, who the fuck cleans your rooms? Not the three of you! So I see every single sex toy you hide under the most stupid place ever! Seriously, under your beds?! And Yoongi? Who even puts their birth year as a password for a fucking case?! It's so fucking obvious!" Jin, who sounded like he might have bottled this up for a bit too long, finally took a breath. "So yes, don't act so shocked."

"Sorry." Hoseok said with teeth tightly pressed together.

"Well, don't you think it's just a sex thing, since you three fuck literally everyday?" Namjoon asked.

"It's only twice a week..."Hoseok whispered.

"I think the fuck not." Jin said crossing his arms over his chest.

"Fine, maybe a few times more, not the problem. The problem is that I blamed it on that for so long but lately, sometimes we don't even have sex; we just cuddle and make out with each other lazily."

"Well, shit." Namjoon said with an amused chuckle making Hoseok whine.

"I honestly look up to those days more than the quick fuck and that really worries me. And I can't pick a 'favorite'!" Hoseok said with air quotations. "My heart pounds and skip beats with both of them, I think about them constantly, my stomach flips and turns whenever I just hear Jimin's soft giggles or just by the mention of Yoongi's name, I look for excuses to sleep with Yoongi or Jimin and, no offence Jin, but fuck they're so fucking hot!"

"I see, I see. Have you talked about a polyamorous relationship?" Jin asked.

"What?" Hoseok felt the world stop for a second.

"Have you thought of the three of you dating? I know Yoongi has been in a poly relationship before, but it didn't work out so well..." Namjoon said his voice lower by the end.

"I-I, I don't know..."

"We're here! We brought food!" Taehyung said from the kitchen.

"Think about it, hyung." Namjoon said before grabbing his boxers from the floor to put them on.

Hoseok stood from the bed and went out. He walked to the kitchen were Jungkook and Taehyung shared a sweet kiss before putting the bags down. Hoseok was about to make a comment about how cheesy they were when Taehyung gasped.

"Guess what! I wanted to wait to tell everyone but I can't help it! The hair stylist called and said to come one by one through this week to dye our hairs and find a style. We went today but Jimin decided he wanted to do his first. She said she called Namjoon and Yoongi but neither answered so she called Jimin." Taehyung said putting all of the things Jin has asked them to buy in their place.

"Do you know the hair colors?" Hoseok asked nervous to know Yoogi's and Jimin's.

"Yours is kind of like the one you had for 'Blood, Sweat and Tears', mine's kind of an ashy grey, Kookie's brown, wow shocking, Namjoon's kind of like yours just a bit I guess pinker, Jin's black and Yoongi is purple but it might turn blue, depends on how Yoongi's hair takes it."

Hoseok felt like he was flying. Yoongi and blue/purple hair was all he could think of. Just thinking about it made his stomach turn. Just when he thought nothing could top it, he felt a hand grip his ass. He looked back to see a recently dyed blond Jimin with wavy hair giving him a sweet smile. He felt his mouth dry.

"You like my hair color, hyung?" Jimin asked innocently like he couldn't see the obvious shock from the other.

"Y-yeah, yeah, blond looks good." Hoseok said gulping trying to stable his breath.

"Thank, hyung!" Jimin said planting a kiss on Hoseok's cheek.

Yoongi walked in a few minutes later from his room with the palm of his hands pressed against his eyes, yawning. Jimin walked up to him excited to ask him the same thing he asked Hoseok.

"Hyung, do you like my hair?" Jimin said taking Yoongi's right hands away and linking their fingers.

He still had his eye tightly closed for a second. When he opened it, he just stood there looking at Jimin, one hand still on his left eye. Jimin smiled widely at Yoongi, making him finally react. He dropped his other hand and looked at Jimin for a good 20 seconds before looking up at Hoseok. Hoseok's heart was beating faster knowing the look Yoongi was giving him. Yoongi walked with Jimin to his room and signed Hoseok to come with them. Yoongi walked in with Jimin's hand still in his. He placed him down on the bed and began kissing his neck.

"You never answered, hyung." Jimin said holding back a moan.

"I fucking love it." Yoongi said biting Jimin's earlobe.

"Do you love it too, Hoseok?" Jimin fluttered his eyelashes towards Hoseok.

"You look so breathtaking, baby. I love it." Hoseok whispered pushing some of Jimin's blond hair and placing a kiss on his lips.

"Thank you, hyungs." Jimin said with his lips still attached to Hoseok's and running his hand on Yoongi's brown hair.

Hoseok pulled back and stared at Jimin's hair. He kissed him again but quickly pulled back remembering the conversation he had earlier with Namjoon and Jin, feeling his head spinning and his heart sink to his stomach. He looked at Yoongi who had his lips on Jimin's neck and started to feel dizzy. He sat next to Jimin pushing his own hair back distressed.

"What's wrong, Hoseok?" Jimin said grabbing Yoongi's hand to stop him and the other buried it on the back of Hoseok's hair.

"You okay, Hoseok?" Yoongi grabbed Hoseok's hands on him, placing a kiss on the back of his hand. Hoseok whined and laid back.

"Please stop." Hoseok said and Jimin took his hand out and Yoongi let go of Hoseok's hands.

"Stop what?" Jimin sat on Hoseok's stomach and stroke Hoseok's cheek.

"Just, I, I don't know. Just don't leave." Hoseok closed his eyes and Jimin laid his head on his chest.

"What's wrong? We can help you." Yoongi sat next to them and played with Hoseok's hair.

"I don't want to talk about it, please, just don't leave. I'm tired and I don't think there's anything you guys can do." Hoseok wrapped his arms around Jimin's waist.

"Okay, we won't leave." Yoongi said and placed his head on Hoseok's shoulder.

Jimin was the first one to fall asleep, Yoongi grabbed Hoseok's hand, falling asleep minutes later. Hoseok tried to sleep but his thoughts were too loud in his head. He contemplated the ceiling debating weather to tell them how he felt or just keep it to himself like the last 8 months. Yoongi shuffled, now awake, but Hoseok was too distracted to notice.

"J, you're worrying me, are you okay?" Yoongi said, his words ghosting on Hoseok's jaw.

"It's stupid, hyung." Hoseok closed his eyes begging the gods to sound as convincing as possible.

"You can trust us, you know, right?" Yoongi said brushing his thumb over Hoseok's hand.

Jimin shifted and pushed himself as close as he could to Hoseok's embrace. He let a content moan and kissed Hoseok's chest. Hoseok let out a whine making the other two look at him curiously.

"Okay, what's wrong?" Yoongi said sitting with his legs crossed making Hoseok whine again and his cheeks bright red.

"It's really dumb..." Hoseok said as a last try but Jimin just sat down, his butt on Hoseok's crotch.

"Tell us then." Jimin said linking his hands with Hoseok's.

"I think I'm catching feelings..." Hoseok hesitated to say for both of them.

"Oh." Yoongi said with an unreadable voice and look.

"You... for who, Hoseok...?" Jimin said with a glimpse of hurt in his voice.

"I feel like this might ruin us but I can't take it anymore." Hoseok let go of Jimin's hands and pressed them against his eyes.

"Why, hyung? Who do you like?" Jimin said trying to hide the anxiety he was feeling but failing miserably.

"That's the problem, I’m not sure! I just... I like you both... So much, I'm going crazy. I tried to pick one but you both are everything I want and everything I could ever ask for. I'm sorry this is going to fuck everything up, I can leave if you want, I just don't know what's happening!" Hoseok said without taking a breath until the very end.

"I like you too." Yoongi said stroking his knuckles on Hoseok's cheek.

"You do?" Hoseok said sitting with Jimin on his lap as he looked at Yoongi.

"I like you too, Hoseok." Jimin hugged Hoseok, his face buried on his neck.

"Are you sure this is not because of the sex?" Yoongi said stroking Hoseok's hair now.

"I'm sure, at first I thought it was because of that but the feelings have been there for so long, I just pushed them away. I've always liked you, hyung. Always, and ever since we started sleeping together, Jimin, you won't leave my fucking head. I keep feeling this weird sensation all over my chest and stomach whenever I just simply hear your names or just by looking at you. I keep making excuses to sleep with either of you or to just be near you. I... I really like both of you." Hoseok's breath was uneven.

"You're so cute." Jimin was surprised but his heart couldn't help but pound harder in his chest, his face was still buried in Hoseok's neck.

"Jimin had the longest crush on you." Yoongi said with a chuckle. "He convinced me to add you to our sex lives and that's why you overheard us talking about you the first time, we were going to ask you that same day. At first it was just for the sex but then we realized that we liked you more than that. We almost broke up but then we thought of a polyamorous relationship and agreed that that was the best option since we still do have feelings for each other."

"Are you willing to be in a poly relationship with us, Hoseok?" Jimin asked with his lips attached to Hoseok's jaw.

"I- yes, yes, I would love that!" Hoseok smiled to Yoongi who gave him a gummy smile back.

Yoongi quickly placed a passionate kiss on Hoseok's lips as Jimin hugged his neck. Once Yoongi pulled away, Jimin kissed Hoseok, who tightened the embrace around Jimin's waist. They laid back down, Hoseok’s arm around Jimin's waist, Yoongi on Hoseok's shoulder as an arm embraced him closer to him and their lips locking together once in a while.


“Hoseok hyung...?” Jimin called from the hallway looking at one of his boyfriends with a smile on his face and both of his hands behind him shyly.

“Yes, babe?” Hoseok had his eyes glued to his phone as he arranged a schedule with Namjoon over text message.

“I have a surprise for you.” Jimin’s cheeks were a soft red as he thought about the ‘surprise’, feeling dumb.

“What?” Hoseok’s eye went up to the boy who walked towards him shyly, making his lips curl up in a smile.

“It’s dumb, you know me, making everything a big deal...” Jimin’s hands were still behind him as he rolled his eyes.

“Jimin you are the cutest thing in the world, you know that everything you do, I’ll absolutely love it.” Hoseok pulled Jimin by his arms and once the younger was standing in between his legs, he grabbed both hands that were sweating behind the singer.

“Well, you have to come with me.” Jimin looked down to their linked hands.

Hoseok stood up and planted a kiss on the top of Jimin’s head as the other blushed and looked down to his feet. A smile played in the corner of Jimin’s lips as he made his way to their shared room with Jungkook. Jimin stopped right in front of their door and looked at the other, bitting his lips.

“It’s not a big deal, really, just something I did while you and Yoongi were recording.” Jimin opened the door. “So, I know Yoongi really wanted to move in with us but he didn’t know how to ask so Joon told me and I kind of personalized our room a bit, it’s dumb, I know, but I got Jungkook to move to Yoongi’s room for him to switch with Jin later on, it’s really stupid. I know, I can take it down if you don’t lik-“

“I love you.” Hoseok whispered as he stared at the five cork boards spread around the big wall in front of them, the boards covered with pictures of the three of them, one board with 5 pictures of the band, one with only Jimin and Hoseok pictures, the other with only Yoongi and Jimin pictures, the one in the far left with Yoongi and Hoseok pictures and the one in the middle, the biggest one, covered with pictures of the three of them. A long string covered with small white light bulbs making an M shape on top of the cork boards.

“You do?” Jimin’s eyes were now impossible to see as his cheeks covered them. He giggled and brushed his hair back as he looked down, a nervous habit of his.

“I know it is the first time I say this but, I really do...” Hoseok finally took his eyes off the beautiful wall and looked to the blushing boy next to him.

“I love you too.” Jimin grabbed Hoseok’s hand and laid his head on his shoulder as they looked at the pictures with a smile on their faces.

The front door was heard being unlocked and Jimin sprang out of the room to greet his other boyfriend. Hoseok stayed behind a bit with a laugh as he looked back to one of his favorite pictures: them asleep in the living room’s floor, Yoongi’s arm around his waist with his head on Hoseok’s shoulder, Jimin symmetric position but his lips pressed to Hoseok’s jaw.

“You need to promise that you won’t make fun of me.” Jimin said holding both of Yoongi’s hands.

“What’s happening?” Yoongi said to Hoseok with a smile on his face.

“Nothing until you give me my hello kiss, that’s for sure.” Hoseok crossed his arms over his chest.

“I literally just saw you two hours ago.” Yoongi rolled his eyes but made his way to the other, a hand intertwined with the youngest of the three.

“Doesn’t mean anything, give me my kiss.” Hoseok pushed his lips out awaiting his kiss.

“I’m dating two idiots.” Yoongi pressed a kiss, not feeling satisfied, went for two more. “Now, Jimin, what did you want to show me?”

“You’re going to love it.” Hoseok offered a reassuring smile to Jimin.

“So, Joon told me that you wanted to switch rooms with Kook but you didn’t know how to ask us and since today’s our 4th month anniversary I thought of doing all the moving for you... if you want to go back that’s totally okay, I know I should have said something but just had a lot of free time and I thought this way we could decorate the whole room, I hope you don’t mind the lights, I know you prefer the room to be dark when you sleep but I thought maybe this could work.” Jimin looked at his silvered hair boyfriend who just looked back at him holding back a smile.

“You’re the cutest.” Yoongi couldn’t help but laugh. “I love it, baby. Thank you, it’s really sweet.”

“You guys like it? I might have ordered a huge bed so we could all sleep in one and just move our beds to the other room we never use...” Jimin said looking at both with a hopeful smile.

“So, we’re never leaving Jimin alone for more than 5 minutes unless you want him to go broke and redesign your whole house.” Yoongi joked with Hoseok who laughed while Jimin playfully pouted with a laugh after.

“Fine, I’ll sleep there. You two can sleep in the other ugly scary room.” Jimin crossed his arms and Yoongi let out a tsk.

“I’m joking, I loved it.” Yoongi kissed Jimin’s cheek and looked to the wall behind the vocalist of the three.

Hoseok went behind Yoongi and wrapped both of his arms around his waist, his head laying on Yoongi’s shoulder.

“I missed you.” Yoongi whispered feeling foolish. “Even if it was just two hours.”

“I love you.” Hoseok sighed content.

“I love you too, both of you. With all my heart.” Yoongi pushed his head back, laying it on Hoseok’s shoulder.

“Nap time!” Jimin threw himself to the horizontal bed that was now by the left corner, a bed next to it, the other one pressed to the right wall vertically.

“We’re really going to need that bed.” Yoongi groaned as he laid sideways next to the youngest, an arm circling his waist as a small hand pressed against his stomach.

“I love you both, happy 4th month anniversary.” Hoseok laid as much as he could on the small bed, his body pressed tightly to Jimin’s.

“We love you more, Hobi.” Jimin yawned before closing his eyes.