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tales of the unexpected

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The Sans sighs heavily, leaning back into his pillow, he really did not like the idea the Artist had presented him with- he could not imagine how this was going to work against the Destroyer of Worlds. 


The Sans in question was from Lust Tale #0, the original of their Multiverse; he held the name Lust and with this new Star Council being set up, he was to be the representative to all the Lust Tales that came after him. 


When the meeting of how many copies there was to which universe, it was discovered that Lust Tale had a large number compared to the rest- which was when there was a little investigation into this. 


"*i don't know about this dear." Lust Sans says looking away from the protector, "i'm not even a full member of your dream team. so..."


"*You can become a full member!" Ink cries out joyfully, leaning closer to the purple eyelighted skeleton, so for once in his life, moves away from someone's body.


There was just something a little creepy about Ink that Lust could not explain; he knows from his copies he had to oversee, that Ink came to them for entertainment at times. 


Lust leans back further smiling at him with confidence now. 


"*oh? a full member huh?" Lust hums out, appearing to think deeply over this manner, "what all the stuff that comes with it?"


"*Of course!" Ink says with a bold grin. 


Lust sighs and looks away, it was fake, he knew when someone was faking an emotion- now he knew why he disliked the artist. 


"*well then i'll think about it." Lust purrs at him, giving him his own fake smile. 


"*I'll be back in an hour!" Ink told him with a laugh, throwing some red paint on the ground and before Lust could question this, he was gone. 


"*an hour? give me longer than that!" Lust snaps at the air, he huffs loudly and crosses his arms over his bare ribs. 


Ink had no respect for him, coming into his bedroom in the middle of the night and telling him this strange plan to stop the ERROR once and for all. 


From what Lust could make out of the artist's insane rumbling, the ERROR leaves Lust Tale alone. And now that Lust really thinks about it, the Lust Tales that are aware of the multiverse around them, often reports only viruses attacking. 


In fact, Lust Tale was known for its viruses and there was an ongoing joke about it in the new council Dream was trying to set up. It was hard trying to get so many different monsters to agree to the terms these 'Light Sanses' were trying to put into place. 


Lust wiggles down under his covers, pulling them up with his hands at the same time- he had cooled down a lot since last night and would be fine until breakfast. 


Purple eyelights gaze to the empty side of the bed, his partner had been tossed out by Ink the moment he entered. 


Lust did not think this council idea was going to work, but he stuck to Ink and Dream since they seemed determined enough. Those who followed get protection against attackers... apart from the viruses, no one seemed to know what to do about them. 


Lust had heard that Ink had gathered a group of Science Sanse to work on this, however, he had to be on the top of the pillar to be able to get that help if it became available for him and the rest of the Lust Tales. 


Lust really did not care about the other Lust Tales Sanses, he really only cared for his own and above else, his brother, Papyrus. 


"*maybe i should just agree." Lust utters out grimly, then throwing the covers off himself, he swung his legs around and places them on the ground- raising off the bed he hurries to the bathroom, he did not want Ink to return halfway through washing. 


On entering the shower he quickly begins... and pauses, normally he could take a shower and then a two-hour bath, he could not do that at the moment. 


"*unless ink forget." Lust says with a hopeful smile, turning on the water and stepping into the warmth that waterfall down on his cold bones. 


It was rare for that normal constant heat that washing over his body in waves, to be kept down, so he took this time just to enjoy that feeling. did not last long. 


"*what are you doing!?" Lust screams at the sight of Ink standing on the other side of the glass of his shower; the artist was just staring at him with this creepy blank expression. 


"*An hour is up!" Ink told him loudly, suddenly smiling happily at him. 


"*no it has not!" Lust snaps at him, he points to the door, "go wait in my room! i'll be out soon!"


Ink turns and wanders over to the door, opening it, he takes one last look at Lust and vanishes through the doorway, leaving it open slightly. 


Shaking his skull, Lust quickly washes down and exited- he went to the small set of draws that was installed under the sink and grabs some clothes out of it. 


There was actually clothes items hidden everywhere around the house and sometimes, hidden outside since no one knew when they would be needed them.


Lust pulls on tight black pants with a purple stripe running down the sides, a black tank top came just to his lower ribs and an open sleeveless jacket which was purple with blue fluff around the hood. 


Lust looks around for some shoes of any kind but found none there. 


'*it's not like i need any. i'm not going anywhere.' Lust thinks to himself as he straightens himself and with a heavy sigh, heads towards the door.


Opening it fully, he steps into his bedroom, where Ink was sitting on his bed playing with some pink paint in a tub.


Ink looks to him with a grin, putting the paint away. 


"*I forgot why I was here for a moment!" Ink laughs at him as he steps for, "good thing I remembered before I drank my paint!"


Lust frowns at him, he heard from his other selves that Ink needed to take something in order to start with them. Lust guessed that the 'paint' was something like the Lust injection his universe was forced to have, only temporary. 


"*so. my choice dearling." Lust says to him with a forced smile and then lies "i'll do it. whatever it takes to help our multiverse!"


"*Great!" Ink cheers loudly, running to his feet, "Let's go!"


"*...'go'?" Lust repeats tilting his skull slightly, "go where?"


"*To see Error of course!" Ink says with a laugh, "were you not listening? I want to see how he reacts to you!"


"*but right now?" Lust questions in confusion, "how will you find him?"


"*Oh. Error is attacking a universe as we speak!" Ink told him joyfully, bouncing on his heel, "this should be fun!"


Lust stood there stunned. The Protector of their multiverse was just sitting there doing nothing while the Destroyer destroyed a universe. 


And was laughing about it. 


Before Lust could think more of the matter, Ink grabs his hand and drags him through some yellow paint. Soon he was lost in many colours that swirl and twists around, making him want to vomit. 


Then gravity changes, no longer travelling upwards but falling down on his left- Lust lands hard on rocky ground. 


The first thing he does was take a deep inwards breathe and coughs loudly, sitting up he looks to the ground, staring under the light of the lava that lit the area. 


Lust felt horror grip his SOUL as he realizes just what he breathed in- dust. 


Monster dust. 


There were piles of monster everywhere.


Lust's orbits grew wide, he struggles to get to his feet only for him to double over and vomit.


Someone kneels by him, turning his skull he sees Ink there, staring at him with mild interest. 


"*Error is not far from here." Ink told him in a neutral tone, "Want me to carry you?"


Lust glares at the artist, he manages to stand tall and face him. 


"*why did you bring me to this place!?" Lust shouts at him, he was normally not a monster that lost his temper easily but thrown into a pile of monster dust in a strange universe with someone who must likely kill him on sight, was not something he could be calm about. 


"*I told you!" Ink says loudly, grinning boldly at him seemingly not caring that the other looked ready to toss him into the lava pool close by, "I want to see how Error reacts to you! Since. He never attacks your universes! Wait! I did tell you right!?"


Lust was about to say something when a horrible sound came from somewhere nearby. 


"*There is he!" Ink says looking off to the right, "Quick! Go find behind that lamp!"


Too scared to comment on this, Lust does what he was told and rushes towards a lamp- it was oddly 'Sans shaped' for his liking and made him numbly wonder how long the artist had been setting this up. 


"*Error!" Ink shouts loudly and with rage in his tone- Lust peeks his skull out, he had never heard the Protector sound this way, it was hard to imagine him doing so what how he always portrayed himself to Lust. 


Lust sees Ink, he had his left side showing to the lusty skeleton- glances towards where Ink was heading, he hears the sound of static getting louder and louder, completely cover the noises from the bubbling lava pool. 


Shaking now he held onto the lamp, he wanted to hide and pretend he was anywhere else but here.


Then came footsteps, loud footsteps that seemed like they were in an enclosed hallway rather than an open cave- it sounded like someone walking along with marble flooring; strangely enough, every ten or more steps, there was a noise which seemed like thick liquid hitting the flooring. 


Lust tries to control his shakes, if he started rattling and Ink was wrong about Error not touching him or his universe, then he was going to be adding to the dust. 


The noise of liquid hitting the floor came louder and he closes his orbits, not wanting to see what poor SOUL was bleeding out. 


"*I've been waiting for you Error!" Ink yells at the Destroyer and Lust silently beg him not to.


"*i know. i knew when ya kept coming through. trying to drive me mad. i swear." Came a glitching voice- it had a different pitch, tone and volume with every spoken word.


Breathing in slowly and deeply, Lust slowly opens his orbits and sees the Destroyer for the first time. 


A crazed looking skeleton stares at the Protector- a blacker than black skull, black, red and yellow hands and red bones for his shinbones and his feet. 


The ERROR had similar clothes as to the Classic Sanses. Only with mainly black and reds, with hints of yellow for the colour scheme. Black jacket with yellow lining the pockets and zips, red jumper, black shorts with red stripes going down the sides, black slippers...well, slipper, the left slipper was missing. 


The whole body of the ERROR was glitching, parts of him coming off and then returning, little white, black and blue lines things, flickered in and out of existence. Weird 'ERROR' signs blinked on different parts of his form.


Haunting red sockets look out on the world filled with hate- his right socket was deformed and a little grey eyelight moves around, seemingly lagging as it could not keep up with the other was on time. 


The other socket was wider, there was a yellow and blue eyelight within; the colours swirl around each other but never mixing or blending, the colours did not display any green. 


Sickeningly yellow teeth grin insanely toward the Artist.


There were the 'Tear Marks' running down those black cheeks he had heard about, the black seemed to highlight the light blue colour of the marks.


The ERROR held up one hand, showing off the infamous blue strings. 


Lust wanted to cry, he felt right there and then that death would be more welcoming then whatever the Destroyer was going to do to him once he noticed him there. 


"*I have something I wanted to ask you." Ink said to the ERROR after a strange staring match passed them- Lust watches them fearing for his life, something that was ever said about the Destroyer must be true, "Are you some kind of pev?"


Lust almost fell down in shock at those words, '*are is he talking to me- wait. no. he' talking to the error.' 


The ERROR had sort of paused, then glitches rapidly. 



"*what!?" Error screams at the Protector in rage.


Ink points to the mega-glitch, grinning boldly, "*I've worked it out! It's so clear to me now! You are a pev! That's why you never touch Lust Tale!" 


Lust tilts his skull, then looks to the ERROR... ERROR signs had appeared in his sockets, travelling across them. 


"*Ha! The same thing happened before when I asked! You pev! I bet you use your strings!" Ink declares proudly, placing his hands on his hips and puffing out his chest, "Anyway! I came prepared!"


"*ya moron!" Error says as he gives a glitching growl, he raises a hand and seemingly opens the space next to him, rows on numbers appeared within constantly moving, "i'll destroy this place. along with ya in it!"


Lust was startled when Ink suddenly came running over to him, then picks him up bridal style- the lustful skeleton got the shock of his life when he realized he was being taken over to the Destroyer and being placed in front of him a few steps away. 


He could hear the static sound much more now, the flickering glitches made him feel sick; he was standing in front of the most insane monster in the multiverse. 


Terror run up and down his spine when he noticed the ERROR signs in those sockets began to clear. 


The ERROR stares at him. 


Then took a step back and opened his jaws- the most strangest sound erupted from the glitching skeleton. It caused both Lust and Ink to bring their hands up quickly and cover their earholes. 


The sound of static mixed with a series of beeps, harsh humming, quiet whistling, repetitive clicking, very noticeable humming, knocking, hard thumping, unexplained  whirring, crackling popping and hissing. 


Lust watches stunned, as the ERROR shook violently, making an afterimage of himself. 


Then he blinks, staring at Lust as he was the grossest insect he had ever seen. Error closes whatever the open space was next to him, then steps back and opens a large white glitchy portal. 


Lust tilts his skull and the ERROR let out a glitchy cry, spun around and exited the world. He stares as the portal vanishes and with it, the 'deadly' skeleton in the whole multiverse. 


It was then he heard the laughter. 


Turning Lust sees Ink double over laughing hard, even pointing to the place where Error once stood. And the heat ridden skeleton did not know if he liked this or not. 


"*Oh! This is brilliant! Did you see his face!!" Ink cries out happily, wiping the tears from his sockets as he raised himself up and hurries over to Lust, "Lust! You are the new member of the Dream Team! Whenever we need to deal with the ERROR. We'll call you! Ok? Ok!"


Lust was grabbed and tugged forward, he was falling into yellow paint once more, drowning in the different colours again. Then it was all over and he was standing in the small little office that was the 'council'. This idea was still in the planning stages, he was not sure what was to become of it. 


"*Everyone!" Ink calls to the nine other Sanses there, "I have some news!"


Lust harden his heart when he noticed the disgusted looks he was getting from a few and kept reminding himself that he was doing this for his brother and universe. 


'*its fine.' Lust told himself firmly, 'this is the normal reaction. ... so and was the error's.' but he was shaking still, 'it's fine. so please body. listen to me and stop.' 


Lust felt fear wash through him, even though the ERROR was no longer here him- he rattled loudly and held himself his arms unable to take it anymore. 


"*look at that." A Sanses's voice says in a low tone but loud enough for him to hear, he glances over through hooded sockets, "he's rattling with need. guess everything they said about him was true."