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I do not snore, do I?

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- I do not snore -, said Frank, turning towards Hazel. - I do not snore, do I?
Hazel looked conflicted. - Well...

Frank turned crimson. - Why didn't you tell me?!

- I told you -, objected Leo, tinkering with some sort of machinery. - I told you the first night we slept together, and I'm quoting, "you snore like a chainsaw", while Hazel feigned unconsciousness so she wouldn't have to admit it.

- I didn't want you to think it's a problem, I barely notice - said Hazel, trying to ease Frank's discomfort.

- You're an heavy sleeper, of course you don't notice - chimed in Leo, offhandedly, still not looking at them. He only realized something was off when the room fell into silence, and he caught Hazel glaring at him. - I, I mean, no, you don't disturb us, not at all - added Leo, unsure; Hazel facepalmed.

- Do you want me to sleep...? - began Frank, making his way towards the edge of the bed. Hazel snorted, yanking him back.

- Stay -, she commanded, resting her head on his chest, physically stopping him from getting up. Frank smiled, kissing her head.

- Yessir.