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It's supposed to be this short

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- Stop staring -, murmured Nina, an easy smile plastered on her face. She could feel Matthias' jealousy, the hotness of his stare on the back of her thighs. - The skirt is supposed to be this short.
It wasn't the first time they dressed up as characters of the Komedie Brute - it was closer to the hundredth, actually - but Nina had never worn the Maiden's outfit, at least not on a important mission, and now she was grateful for it. Matthias would have blown their cover in a matter of minutes.

- Stop glowering at people, too -, she added, when yet another tourist stopped dead in his tracks at the sight of him. They were supposed to lure clients in the casino, not scare them away.

- You know, I was thinking about playing "the Princess and the Barbarian", tonight. - She saw Matthias' stand a little straighter out of the corner of her eye. - But first we have to finish this job.

Matthias whispered witch under his breath, but his gaze softened, going from utterly terrifying to simply menacing.

- Think about toddlers - laughed quietly Nina, and customers could finally approach her again.