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Ground Control

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Chapter 1 - Prolouge

Life after Tyler. After warm smiles and crooked teeth and crazy weird nicknames and the indescribable feeling of being loved.
Life after Tyler was hard. But Josh had to live with it. Maybe live was the wrong word. Deal with?? No. Hide from it?

But that was how Josh dealt with every challenge life threw at her. She battled it by smashing her drums. Dun on drums. So very funny. But it made her feel better, on the days she was willing to admit that, yes, she was human and, yes, she did have feelings. Otherwise she built an emotional fortress, and the walls she built were towering above her, impenetrable. Until it all got too much. Until the wrists of her mind bled out and onto the real thing and the feeling of hopelessness engulfed her. She never felt the need to open up, or rather she did, but she'd die before admitting it. But it was her new normal, her everyday.
So yeah.
Yeah. Life after Tyler was difficult.
But Josh dealt with it.