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Calgary Moon

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Holding onto the handle of the shopping cart Brian asked Justin in a whiney voice, usually one heard from a child, "What are we doing here?"


Raising an eyebrow him as he looked around their surroundings then back to Brian to see if the brunette was serious.


"Um, Brian, we are in the grocery store, what do you think we are doing here, standing in line for a club?"


Rolling his eyes Brian replied.


"First off Sunshine, I have never ever stood in line anywhere and yes I do know that this is a grocery store jackass. What i'm asking is why are we here, we just went shopping for food online?"


Letting out a deep sigh, this was why hated taking Brian food shopping, the man whined more than kids.


"Brian that was last week and we have eaten it all, besides Lindsey, Mel and the kids are coming over for dinner tonight remember. Plus we are going to ask them if we can take the kids to Canada on our trip with us, so we need food in order to feed them and us, so deal with it or I will put you in the child's play area waiting place."


Leaning more on the cart now he whined even more.


"But why do I have to suffer, you know I hate food shopping." Smiling he added. "Now clothes shopping, I can do."


Using the best parental voice he could muster up Justin replied leaning close to Brian.


"Brian, stop acting like a child, the kids don't act like this when they come shopping with me. Remember we are going to Canada, so you are going to have to shop for clothes, so stop complaining or I will come with you and whine non stop".


Hearing that Brian stood up taller and brightened up, afraid that Justin would make good on his promise to do just that.


"So Sunshine, what food do we need?"


Laughing Justin looked at the list.


"Bread, Milk, eggs, Vegetables, fruit, rice, pasta, tinned tomatoes we also need Coffee, Ice lollies, orange juice, steak, chicken fillets and Salmon."



Brian stopped pushing the cart and looked at Justin.


"What are we feeding, an army?".


Rolling his eyes once more Justin replied.


"We need the food for the week, not just for our guests tonight. I thought we could do a Barbecue or something by the pool. It's hot out so we can't have it by the fire pit."


Biting his lip in thought Brian spoke.


"Well, it does get chilly at night, if it is, we can teach the kids to roast Marshmallows over the fire pit?".


Bumping his hip to his partners, Justin smiled. "Yeah, I like that plan so let's add those to the list".


It was by the third aisle that Justin was ready to send Brian to wait in the car for him. Everything he picked up Brian wanted to change the brand because it wasn't name brand stuff or because it was white instead of wholemeal.


When they finally got to the check-out they both let out a sigh of relief, after they packed up the car with their purchase Justin told Brian.

"Next time we need to do a food shopping. I'm going alone, you were worse than a three year old in there".


Kissing Justin, Brian smiled. "OK Sunshine, thank you!"


Once the second kiss ended Justin looked at skeptically.


"Hang on, you did all that on purpose didn't you, so you'll get out of shopping for food again"


Waving his finger at him, "Just wait until I get you home you little shit." He finished by smacking Brian's backside.


Wriggling his eyes as he went to bring the shopping cart to the docking area, Brian replied with a smirk and licking his lips. "I can't wait."


On the drive home Brian's hands seemed to have a mind of their own or so he claimed as they kept rubbing Justin's thigh and moving higher towards the prize.


However Justin threatened to pull over and put him the backseat on the opposite side of the car. So Brian resisted until they got home and everything was put away before taking Justin right there on the kitchen table.


Lying in each other's arms after a very hot round of sex they were getting their breathing under control, Justin turned his head kissing Brian's shoulder,


"OK, I changed my mind, if that is how we end up after food shopping, you can come with me every time".


Laughing now Brian kissed Justin. "Always, It will be a pleasure."


Looking around, Justin sat up, his hair standing in every direction.


"We better get up and clean, our guests are arriving soon, we don't want to traumatize the kids now do we?".


Taking Justin by the hand to get up Brian rolled his eyes.


"They are already traumatized living with the Munchers".


Smacking Brian's arm.


"Brian, really, come on let's shower then you are helping with this mess, you helped make after all."


Thankfully they had showered and cleaned up all the mess when the guests arrived.


Gus ran into his dad's arms. "Hi Dad." Hugging him tightly."


Hugging him back he kissed the top of his son's head. "Hey Sonny Boy, you OK?"


Nodding into his father's chest, "Yeah, Missed you."


Laughing Brian replied. "I only saw you yesterday, but I missed you too."


Jenny ran jumping into Justin's arms. "Jussin, hi."


Kissing her cheek while hugging her. "Hey Jenny, so nice to see you."


Patting his hair she giggled'. "Hair, wet."


The amused look the girls gave them made him blush. He knew that they knew what he and Brian had been up to.


Laughing he told Jenny. "Yeah, I got all cleaned up from going around all day."


Gus then went to hug Justin while the little girl went to hug Brian. Gus asked as he hugged him. "What did you do today?"


Hugging Gus to his side Justin answered him. "We went food shopping."


Gus looked Justin in the eye.


"You actually took Dad food shopping and didn't kill him. Daddy you are brave, a very brave man."


Brian let out. "Hey, Sonny Boy you are meant to be on my side, not Daddy's."


Chuckling Gus spoke. "The last time you came shopping with us Mom nearly put you in time out. What did Daddy threaten you with?"


Justin replied while Brian sulked.


"Well, I said next time I'd leave him behind. What I really wanted to do was either put him back in the car to wait or put him the kids corner day centre where parents put their kids when shopping. Then I thought that would be to cruel to the kids and the workers there."


Everyone laughed except Brian who sulked until Justin kissed him before they went to start the BBQ.


Brian and Gus did the cooking, Brian even taught Gus the difference in how to make a steak, rare, medium or well done by touching it with your hand.


Everything that was cooked was a big hit. Gus felt really grown up as he had gotten to cook some on his own.


Later in the afternoon Jenny went down for a nap and Gus went to play some games, leaving the adults to talk.


Mel was first to break the silence that came after the kids had gone inside

"OK, what's wrong? Ever since we got here i felt like you wanted to ask us something, so ask already."


Lindsey bumped her shoulder. "Melanie, please."


Rolling her eyes at her wife. "Well, they do, so ask."


Exchanging looks Justin nodded for Brian to do it.


Taking a breath Brian began.


"Justin and I are going to go visit Justin's grandparents in Calgary. He finally feels comfortable enough to take that leap. So we were wondering if we could take Gus and Jenny with us for the first week. Then we could fly you up to collect them, maybe you could visit your friends in Edmonton that you have wanted to for awhile now. what do you think?"


Lindsay and Mel didn't even need to discuss it, they both answered in one voice.


"Hell yes, when?".


Laughing Justin replied, "Late August, so just before Gus goes back to school."


Lindsay smiled.


"That's perfect. Let us know the dates so we can arrange the time off and thank you for including Jenny on this trip, it means a lot to us."


Brian frowned. "Why wouldn't we, she is Gus's sister."


Mel sighed.


"It's because Michael doesn't always include Gus. He doesn't do it intentionally, he just doesn't think. It hurts Gus sometimes even though he won't say it, you can just tell."


Shaking his head Brian spoke.


"You have to let Mikey know about that! Anyway this trip will be fun for them. Can we tell them when they come back out here about it?"


Justin chuckled kissing Brian on the cheek.


"I think someone is more excited then I am about this trip."


Playfully slapping Justin's arm. "Twat."


Later on sitting around the fire pit with Gus next to Brian and Jenny next to Justin roasting marshmallows, Brian gave the nod for Justin to tell them.


Justin began.


"Gus, Jenny, in August, Brian and I are going to visit my grandparents way up in Canada. I haven't seen them since I was fourteen. We were wondering If you would like to come with us?"


Gus gasped then jumped up and down hugging them all chanting.


"Yes, yes, yes, and thank you, thank, thank you"


While Jenny danced and clapped her hands happy to be going on a trip with her favourite uncles.


Brian laughed looking over at Mel and Lindsay. "I think they are happy, don't you?"


Laughing they agreed and when they found out about their moms collecting them and visiting friends they got even happier and danced and cheered until bedtime. It was going to be a fantastic trip for sure.