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King and Lion heart

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“Coach you can’t be serious! This is a new year! This isn’t the time to be joking.” The Karasuno High Volleyball captain stood next the gym clutching a volleyball in front of him. His dark eyebrows lifted , awaiting the punchline, any punchline or an indication this was a bad dream. 


Coach  Ukai flared his nostrils, he didn’t like the idea either but their funding would be cut. He hated having to bow his head to that short pompous balding beta. Politically correct or not, how the hell could he guarantee the safety of omegas joining an all alpha team. Not from his players, because hell if he couldn't keep an eye on the little bastards under his watchful eye, but at events it could be disastrous.


He opened his mouth, holding back a deep growl, now wasn’t the time to show the Captain of the alpha team just who the Alpha in charge was. Before he could however start to order the younger alpha to get back to self practice, an unfamiliar yet unmistakable scent caught both alphas poorly off guard.


“-things were just fine coach! Now you’re saying all we stood for, everything! You’re just throwing in the towel. What about Yachi? You’re okay to send her to work for those beasts?” The voice of a third year student carried over to the two standing near the gym. The silverhaired boy that was protesting stood close to a dark haired adviser who didn't look happy with whatever they were discussing. 


Coach Ukai knew the fellow staff member, not just any but the coach for the omega volleyball team. It seemed that they weren’t the only ones upset over the new school integration policy.  


The two omegas realized too late they had an audience and quickly fell silent, Coach Ukai growled irritably as the shorter omega coach placed a protective arm around his player while passing. The Silver haired boy didn’t dare a glance over at the two Alphas.  


Daichi held his breath, “Is that the Captain of the-”


“Yes, and your new Vice-Captain. Sugawara Koshi. He’s a good player. For an Omega.” Ukai grumbled. 


“He’s taller than I expected. Still, this isn’t going to work Coach. It’s trouble.”


“Do you seriously question your team? Do you think our Alpha team mates are that uncontrollable that it will be unsafe for however many of these omega actually make the team, and then decide to stay?”


“I can’t speak for the first years we have yet to recruit but the others, I trust with my life.” The blond Coach nodded, “What is it now Coach, something more?”


“The locker room.” Ukai sighed heavily, because of course nothing could be easy. “It seems there isn't enough funding to give us separate ones, and since they split the teams into both male and female instead of alpha and omega, we are to share the same locker room without incident.”




Announcing the situation at tryouts went just as expected, several Alpha first years stood up and walked out. Daichi knew they would be transferring schools. What the hell was the new principal and vice principal thinking!


“So bullying will not be tolerated. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated, no one has a set position. Today everyone is on equal grounds and this is tryouts. Now any questions!” No one raised their hands, just the murmur of growls and grumbles.


Then the door to the gym opened led by the Alpha team's manager Shimizu her glasses sitting low on her sloped nose, she held her head high. The Alpha Manager would soon be retiring and rumor had it she had been replaced by a first year Omega. Behind her was a rather timid looking blond, in school uniform, a small pony tail hanging just above her ear, the rest of her hair loosely falling around her shoulders. She looked pale and ready to be sick.


The response to the omegas was instinctive if not annoying but it couldn’t be helped. Coach could smell the territorial pheromones. However he had to give it to the small group trying out they didn't falter.


He counted five, he glanced at his clipboard there had been more, his eyes met Shimizu's and he nodded, looked like the Omega team had taken the same hit his own had. Not all parents wanted their children to be on an integrated team.


There was silence as the Omegas took their places on the gym floor away from the Alphas but in front of the coach, two perfect groups.


“This is your team Capain Diachi Sawamura, and your vice-Captain Sugawara Koshi. If you have any questions please feel comfortable to approach these two and myself. Now I’ll let the Captain's run the drills. “ The Coach blew his whistle.


“You heard him ON YOUR FEET LET'S GO! WARM UP DRILLS START JOGGING!”  Diachi blew his whistle, his Captain face planted firmly in place and his stance just as firm. He refused to look over at the Vice-Captain with the silver hair and unreadable expression.


The Omega clapped his hands. “You heard the man! Up up up! Fast feet! Go.”


“This wont work.” The Omega Vice captain surprised The Alpha, “They won't ever be an effective team if they can’t work comfortably together. Look they keep on breaking off into separate groups never mixed. The tension is too much it’ll cause Hinata an ulcer. “ Suga pointed towards the orange haired omega practicing spikes with another first year with dark hair. The freckled boy was trying to pull over a blond alpha but the first year blond in glasses looked more annoyed having to toss to the nervous Shoyo.


Daichi wanted to kick himself, he had only been making notes of how well the players had been performing not about who they chose to practice or drill with. This was just preliminary the real practicing would start after teams were formed officially. As if reading his mind the Omega sighed,  “Surely you don’t think this is preliminary. We don’t have enough for a team if we cut now. “


“I know that. I was only thinking of what-” Daichi was cut off by the boy standing shoulder to shoulder with him, the alpha could make out a sweet scent of vanilla and fought against the urge to sniff at the omega. 


“And I’m sure you’ve come up with the same idea as I have.” Suga raised an eyebrow turning to face the team Captain. 


“Which is-” Daichi prompted crossing his arms over his broad chest. 


The Omega smiled slightly and Daichi felt his chest clench, what the hell was that?


“We pair them up based on skill. Weakness and strengths. The counterpart should be the one to hold a weakness and a strength the other can either fill or needs to be filled. “


“Right. I like it. Glad we are on the same wave length.” The Omega sighed and glanced over the groups.


“These are the notes I’ve made, since I know my players and our first years so much better than you. “


Daichi took the clipboard ignoring how his hand gently brushed the smaller hands of the Omega. He realized something today, the gym didn’t stink, instead it was only Alpha pheromones he could smell.


He must have sniffed the air less discreetly as he thought because Suga replied “Scent suppressors, all our players are wearing them so as not to cause turmoil among  our teammates. Also for those that are the age where they’ve experienced heat, they are carrying a suppressor in their bag as well take a birth control pill daily. “


“Alright Vice-captain. Thank you for easing my mind.” Daichi swallowed thinking TMI! However the Omega had kept a straight face through that whole speech. “You go ahead call a break and then the grouping. I like your pairings, you’re very observant.”


“Thank you.” Suga pretended to not notice the Alpha’s blush instead he replied steadily “I wont lie though. I’ve been to a few of your games. I believe we will no longer be the flightless birds. We have a good group here. “


Without more words the Omega turned away from the tall dark haired Captain who’s face was turning an embarrassing shade of red.


Kageyama didn’t care about who played on the team, secondary gender or no. He only cared that they win. He didn’t understand why the team was focusing on meaningless issues, volleyball is all that mattered.


He didn’t care, until his name was called and he was paired with a ball of orange energy that bounced on his heels and spoke without thinking.


“Hello” the short ball of orange energy bounced his way, he bowed deeply balancing on the tips of his toes with his arms out. “I’m Hinata Shoyo please take care of me.”


“You don’t stink.” Kageyama didn’t hide the sniff close to the bowed boy. This only caused the Omega to giggle  and even more so when the Captain shouted in reprimand.




“”Well you don't smell bad either.” Hinata offered standing up, knowing right away he was paired with a funny one. The taller boy glared down at Hinata who couldn’t help but grin wider.


“You’re short, and small-” A simple observation, Kageyama didn't understand the glare he received from the team captain. 


“And fast, and I can jump real high. Toss me the ball! I’ll show you. Come on! Let's get started! Practice is almost over! I usually practice at lunch too. I am not perfect but I will get there. I love the smell of the court first thing in the morning. Although it’s hard to find anyone to practice with early mornings and my aunt doesn’t let go anywhere alone. But if you’re practicing she might be okay with it. I could leave out that you’re an Alpha. Although you don’t look all growly and bitey as most do.”


Kageyama tossed a questioning look back at Daichi as the orange tornado grabbed his arm without ceremony and lead him to a corner to practice in. Daichi couldn't hold it in this one was the best match up so far. He had never seen the usually serious Alpha so thrown off.


Kageyama tossed another ball and the boundless energy shot up and spiked. He wasn’t the best at aim but he had height and power. The Alpha gruffly said as much and instead of crying or pouting the now panting red cheeked Omega nodded and took the tips offered without offense.


“One more time.” He demanded, his legs wobbly, something in the Alpha tightened he shook his head.


“They called a water break for a reason dumbass”


“Did they? I was so caught up in practicing. You are the best tosser you have such height .I’ve always wanted to be tall. I drink a lot of milk to be tall.” Hinata was skipping beside the long legged alpha. 


“It’s not working.” Kageyama replied without thought causing the smaller boy to freeze his chatter and hang his head low.


And then it was quiet for the remainder of practice, the Alpha suddenly realized he hated the absence of laughter or annoying giggles.


“Oi! Shoyo! “ a dark haired Omega waved the younger boy over holding out a water bottle. “You’re lookin like you need a refreshment. Drink more. I know how you get overexcited.”


“Thanks. Yu! I guess I am thirsty. “ said in a subdued voice as he walked over to where Yu and the team's ace were standing.


“How’s your stomach? Did you skip breakfast?” The small omega asked the orange haired boy. 


Hinata didn't reply but his friend always knew. He shot a hard glare at the dark haired Alpha his friend was paired with. Kageyama held back a growl, the dark haired boy with the dumb blond bangs should mind his own business.


“Hey kid don’t let Kageyama get you down. My Kouhai has him in class and he’s blunt and to the point with everyone. Even the teachers. We already call him the KING. ”


“Really?” A look of awe entered into Hinata’s eyes.


“Dummy! That’s not a good thing! Don’t idolize it!” Yu grabbed his friend in a playful headlock allowing his Alpha teammate Azumane to ruffle the orange spiky hair.  "Right Asahi? Aces are team players." Hinata squealed in laughter, several eyes fell on the trio. Daichi watched  in surprise as several of his Alpha players laughed in amusement.


“Oi! Hinata! Get back to work! Breaks over! “ Suga tried not to laugh, the orange haired fireball was definitely a favorite of his.  


Kageyama didn’t understand his actions but his feet carried him over to Azumane the team's ACE and growled. “Stop disrupting our practice. “ the other Alpha frowned then rolled his eyes stepping away from the now released Omega.


“Here, if you need water.” Kageyama handed his extra bottle of water to his smiling partner then without realizing it took the boy's arm pulling him back to their area.


“Thanks! For the water!” he smiled widely at the omega and the tall Azumane.


“Don’t run off! We are still practicing!” Kageyama scolded.

“Sorry King!”

“Don't call me King.”

“Your majesty?”


“Your highness.” Hinata hit the ball sent to him.

“Definitely not!”

“Sire.” Hinata giggled.

“NO!” the king missed the ball causing it to land on his head and now rolling away. (the ball. Although he wished his head had) “Dumbass!”


“Okay okay, Kageyama just Kageyama then.” Hinata offered his smile had returned and the usually stoic setter found his heart pounding even harder.