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Earth, the Long Way Round

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So they save the world.

‘Saving’ is an objective term, because what was Asgard is now scattered into atoms - but no-one’s really going to argue with the new King of Asgard, his recalcitrant brother, their giant green friend, a Valkyrie, Heimdall, and a guy made of rocks (?).

(Apparently they’re rocks. No-one’s really thought to ask exactly how that works.)

(No-one seems to mention Miek in their discussions of what Was and what Will Be, because no-one except Korg is really sure what Miek is, and he’s only about three feet tall and not very threatening. The ‘knives for hands’ thing is very rarely mentioned, and only with fear when it is.)

In all, they’re not dead!

It’s a start.


They’ve decided to head for Midgard. Whether or not the Earthlings will want them there is another question, but at this point, there’s really no other option. The only problem is, there’s no bifrost any more. Incredibly fast magical travel is something you really take for granted when you have it, and mourn when you don’t.

They’re heading to Earth. The long way round. It’s supposed to take a couple of months.

They’re stuck in a cargo ship - which is not meant for the amount of people they’ve got in it - for a few months. What could go wrong?

The Asgardians, for the most part, are happy with the arrangement. They're just glad not to be dead.

The errant gods/superheroes/giant rock creatures?
That's a different story entirely.

The first tussle is Loki’s fault.

(Then again, isn't everything?)

He bets Valkyrie (whose name is actually Brunnhilde) that she can't beat him in a poker game the day after they arrive on board.

The winner gets to drive the ship.

Why anyone wants to drive the ship is anyone’s guess - the ship has an autopilot and it basically does what it likes - but still, Brunnhilde and Loki set up for a poker game in one of the smaller cargo bays.

Everyone comes to watch. Korg sells tickets (and novelty flags he handpainted himself).

“Good luck,” Loki says, with a wicked grin. “You'll need it.”

Brunnhilde just rolls her eyes and slaps the table with one hand. “Enough talk, trickster. Deal me up.”

The poker game ends a mere twenty-six seconds later when Loki tries to cheat, Brunnhilde notices, and Loki finds himself pinned against the wall by a furious Valkyrie with a very sharp blade in one hand.

“On second thoughts, you can drive the ship.” Loki says, gently pushing the knife away from his throat with one hand while trying to look completely unphased (and failing miserably). “I never really wanted to. Flight of fancy.”

He flees.


It's a good start, considering.