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Past Vs Present

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Authors Note: This story is going to be present day and past. I will start off with present day and will indicate when it will be a past event. I have had this story on my mind for a long time and decided to just go ahead and go with it. Updates may not be everyday or even every week but I will update as often as I can. Please review and let me know what you think, if I should even contiue. Thanks! Please also be kind, I do not have spell check on this computer, nor a beta reader at this time.

Disclaim: Of course, just like everyone else, I do not own Flashpoint or any of it's characters, and also like everyone else, if I did, there would be tons more seasons to come.

Past Vs Present
Chapter 1: Where's Jules?


Present Day

"Has anyone seen Jules?" Asked Greg coming in the breifing room.

A chours of "No's" was followed. Greg sighed and looked at his watch again. 'It's not like Jules to be late', he thought to himself. After a couple more minutes Greg was ready to ask Winnie to start calling Jules, 'And if that don't work, I will have Spike start tracking her phone.' He was thinking to himself again.

Just as Greg opened his mouth to ask Winnie, his phone started ringing. He took it out of his pocket and looked at the caller ID.

"Jules?" He asked hoping his worry was not coming out.

"Boss," Jules started, "I-I." Sigh, "I can't do it."

"You can't do what Jules?" Greg asked getting the attention of the other teammates, without meaning to.

"Boss, I-I. I just can't do it today." Jules was almost in tears, he could hear it in her voice.

"Are you sick Jules? What's going on?" Greg tried asking her again.

"Boss, look at the calendar." Jules told him.

Greg sighed, a little to loud, and walked over to the calendar that was hanging on the wall. "OK Jules, I'm looking at the calendar. What am I suppose to see?"

"What's today Boss?" Jules asked in tears.

Greg looked over at the calendar, eyes falling on todays date, "Oh God Jules. How could I forget. I'm sorry. Oh God Jules, I'm so sorry." Greg started pacing back and forth.

"I can't come in today Boss," Jules said again. "I thought I could. I thought I should really be OK to do this. You know it's been so long ago. But I can't. Boss...?"

"Jules, no you do not feel sorry for this. I'm sorry. I lost track of the day. Oh God Jules..." Boss started.

Sam and the rest of the team had been watching Greg's conversation. Looking at each other with questioning looks. 'What was today?' 'What was going on with Jules.' 'Oh was the Boss crying?'

"Jules," Greg started walking out of the room, not even relizing that the rest of the team was still in there, "I'm sorry. Can I do anything? I can't belive I did not think about this this year. Where are you at? Do you need me to come get you? I can.."

"No." Jules interupted him, "I'm fine Greg. I just...I'm not coming in today."


"Ok Jules. It's OK. Are you going to the place tonight?" Greg asked. Knowing where she went every year on this day.

"Yeah. I'll be there. And Greg?" Jules sighed, was she really going to ask? Yeah she thought it was time he know, "Can you tell Sam to meet me there please?" Jules asked him.

"OK Jules, I'll ask him. I'll see you there tonight."

"OK." Jules hung up the phone, 'It should not get to me like this after so long' Jules thought to herself. 'I should be able to be there with the team and, I mean, afterall it has been over 20 years since it had happened.'

As soon as Greg walked out of the room, Sam jumped up and headed for the calendar. Looking for any indication on what was going on. Him and Jules just started dated again (still in secret. OK well, so they think). Looking at the calendar there was nothing written down that he already did not know. Who had what day off, and when they were doing certain things.

"Boss?" Sam asked as Greg was walking back in the briefing room. "What's going on?"

"Nothing." Greg said as he was looking around the room. "Jules needs today off, we are going to go patroling now, unless we get a hot call, we will patrol all day. "Wordy, Ed you ride together, Spike and Lou and Me and Sam. Let's go keep the peace." Greg started walking away letting them know there was no room for talking about what had happened.


"What do you think is going on with Jules?" Wordy asked Ed while they were driving around.

"I don't know." Ed replied back to him. "It did not look like it was anything good, hearing the bosses side of the conversation."

"Do you know what today is?" Wordy asked referring to when their Sarge went rushing to the calendar.

"No. I have no idea what was going on." Ed looked over at Wordy then back to the road. "I would just guess it has something to do with her mom, she is off every year on the same day. Maybe she forgot to ask off or the boss forgot she did. I do not know."


"I bet everyone is trying to figure out what is going on. Notice how quite the comms are?" Sam brought up, hoping to figure out what was going on with Jules.



Greg sighed, "Sam, it's not my place. Jules needs today off and I should have already known that she wouldn't be here today. I can't believe I let it slip this year."


"Sam, all I can say is that she asked me to have you meet her tonight. I'll give you the address of where she is going to be. I will be there tonight also. I'm thinking she is going to let you in on some things. I know things are over between you two and that you are just friends and co-workers now, but I am glad if she is going to let you in. She needs someone to talk about it with. You know Jules and she won't let anyone in, but she needs to. I'm glad she is finally going to do it."