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Please be a good boy, Shou-chan

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“Are you sure, your friend Shinsou can take care of Shouto? Shouto is a bit to handle.” Inko asks as they finish their last minute packing.

“Yah, he’ll be fine plus he likes Shin-Chan so they’ll get along.”

“I know but there would be two omegas here without an alpha. I’m just worried.” She sighs.

“It’s gonna be okay, mom.” Izuku laughs patting her shoulder. “Shin-Chan knows how to defend himself. I trust him to watch over Shou-chan for me.”


And just then the doorbell rings.

“That’s him!” Izuku runs over to answer the door and Shouto follows after him.

“Hey Shin, thanks for doing for me.” Izuku says.

“It’s no problem.”

Shouto hides behind the alpha peering at the other omega with his heterochromia eyes.

“I’m gonna go see my dad this weekend before he leaves for war. That’s why I won’t be here.” Izuku explains.

“Oh okay. Tell All Might I said hi then.” Shinsou smiles.

“Izuku, we better go or we’ll miss our flight.” Inko states glancing at her watch.

“Ok. Bye Shin-Chan!”

“Bye Shou-chan! Shin is gonna take good care of you while I’m gone. Be a good boy, okay?” Izuku presses a long kiss against the omega’s cheek then a small one on his lips.


They walk out the door and immediately Shouto runs over to the window with his face pressed against the glass watching the alpha drive away.

When he couldn’t see his little car anymore the omega lets out little whines.

“Let’s watch some tv, Shouto.” Shinsou suggests patting the boy’s shoulder but the omega stays where he was on the window sill.

The blunette sighs and heads to the kitchen to see what notes Izuku had written for him.


How to take care of a Shou-chan

•Make sure he takes his pill at night
•Shou-chan is banned from eating my hot Cheetos. He throws up every time he eats them
•Give him a bath Saturday night
•Keep his nest nice and clean or he won’t sleep in it
•Don’t give in to Shou-Chan’s whines. He’ll stop after a good five minutes
•Don’t give him any desserts after eight. He gets super hyper
•His bed time is 9:30

So much stuff. Can Shinsou do all of this?

He checks his phone. 11:30. Almost time for lunch.

“Lets go to the kitchen Shouto. It’s time to eat.” Shinsou orders at the bi color haired boy.

Shouto whines clawing at the window as he stared at the blunette.

“Midoriya is gonna be back soon. He’ll be back before you know it.” Shinsou assures. “You need to eat.”

He tries to pull the omega away from the window but Shouto shouts and screams flailing his limbs. Shinsou wishes the omega can talk so he could use his quirk on him.

“I’ll make you some cold soba. It’s your favorite right?” Shinsou says but the omega was too busy trying to get out of his grasp.

Shouto bites the blunette’s hand and he yelps letting go of him.


Shinsou thought taking care of Shouto would be easy. He underestimated everything. The blunette sighs and goes to the kitchen to make the two of them lunch. Shouto will come to him when he’s hungry.

Shinsou feels the bi color haired boy’s head on his back as he was making lunch.

“I knew you’d be hungry.” He smirks patting the omega on the shoulder.

The omega sits at the dining table eating his cold soba while Shinsou cleans up the rest of the kitchen.

“Is it good?” Shinsou chuckles patting Shouto on the head.

The omega was too engrossed in his food to answer.

At least he got Shouto to calm down for a little bit.


The whole day the omega curls himself against the window sill hoping Izuku would magically appear.

Shinsou honestly thought Izuku spoiled the boy a little too much. The omega does what he wants most of the time, Izuku was passive aggressive with him, and Shouto was too dependent on the alpha. Letting Izuku do everything for him or throwing tantrums to get his own way or being extremely clingy half the time. The blunette remembered the time Izuku had left the room for one minute and Shouto was a shrieking mess like a baby when his mother leaves.

“It’s time to take your pill, Shouto and then you can go to bed.” Shinsou says.

Shouto hisses at the pill in the blunette’s hand.

“You need to take it.” The omega asserted.

The bi color haired boy lets out a cry but Shinsou talks over him.

“Take the pill.” The blunette raises his voice.

Shouto ignores the other turning his attention back to the window.


Shinsou sighs running a hand through his hair walking back into the kitchen then a lightbulb flashes in his mind. Shouto loved sweets so the blunette will hide the pill in a piece of cake.

He knew he was breaking one of Midoriya’s rules but he couldn’t think of another way to give the boy his pill other than shoving it down his throat. Shinsou didn’t know how Midoriya did it.


Shinsou finds a box of red velvet cheese cake in the pantry. He cuts a small piece of it and embeds the pill in the dessert.

“Here, I brought you some cake.” The blunette walks up towards the omega with the plate.

The omega gives him a weird look like he knew he wasn’t allowed to have sweets at this time of night.

“I didn’t do anything to it, I promise.” Shinsou assures as Shouto curiously sniffs the cake.

The omega takes a small morsel of the cake. Please don’t find the pill, please don’t find the pill, please don’t find the pill, Shinsou chants in his head as he watches the omega eat the cake.

Shouto lets out a yawn laying on his side when he finishes the dessert. Shinsou takes the empty plate and puts it in the sink.


“Let’s go to sleep.” The blunette pats the omega on the head.

Shouto whines curling against the window sill.

“No, you need to sleep in your nest.” Shinsou orders picking up the omega.

Shouto shrieks and cries kicking his legs.

“Stop moving or you’re gonna fall.” Shinsou warns carrying the omega to his nest which was a small room by the storage closet.

The blunette tries to gently place the omega on his bed. On his bed were some of Midoriya’s shirts and stuffed animals.

“Good night. I’ll see you in the morning. Okay?” Shinsou strokes the bi color haired boy’s back.


Right when Shinsou closes the door Shouto lets out little whines. How does Midoriya deal with him?

He’ll wait five minutes like Midoriya had said but if Shouto was still crying Shinsou was gonna call the green haired boy.

After ten minutes not only did Shouto keep whining but his whines seemed to get even louder and longer.

That’s it, he’s calling Midoriya.


“Hey Shin-chan!” Izuku picks up after the second ring.

“Shouto won’t stop whining. Could you maybe talk to him?”

“Okay, put him on the phone.”

Shinsou enters the room and places the phone beside the noisy omega.

“It’s for you.” The blunette says.

“Are you there, Shou-Chan? It’s me.” Izuku says on speaker.

Immediately, Shouto clutches the phone letting out a cry.

“You’re gonna be okay sweetie. Shin-chan is here to take care of you, please don’t be scared of him.” Izuku says.

The omega stays silent.

“I love you sweetie. I miss you too. Do you want me to stay on the phone?”

“I think that would be better.” Shinsou answers for the omega.


The blunette charged his phone in the outlet next to Shouto’s bed so it doesn’t run out of battery as Izuku talks to the bi color haired boy. Shinsou hopes the omega won’t be as troublesome tomorrow.

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Saturday mornings you can most likely find Shinsou sleeping in under the covers but not this Saturday. He wakes up to the pounding noise coming from Shouto’s room. What the hell is he doing?

Shinsou yawns walking over to the omega’s nest. He opens the door and Shouto innocently looks at the other like he wasn’t the one making all the noise.

“Whatever you are doing can you please stop?” Shinsou asks.”It’s 7 in the morning and I want to sleep. You should be sleeping too.”

The omega continues to stay quiet staring back at Shinsou.

“Okay, glad we had this conversation. Please be quiet.” The blunette says closing the door behind him.


Again the banging starts. Is he serious? Shinsou was about to slap the bi color haired boy.

“What’re you doing?” Shinsou barges in the room. “Please stop, it’s annoying.”

Shouto had a damaged toy fire truck in his hands judging by its state he was probably hitting it against the wall.

“I’m taking this.” Shinsou grabs the truck from the omega and Shouto growls at him.

“No, you’re making too much noise. I told you to stop and you didn’t.” Shinsou explains. “Oh I see, you’re bed is all dirty. That’s why you’re not going to sleep.”


The omegas bed was filled with disheveled sheets and toys were stuck in between the mattresses and in between the headboard. All of Midoriya’s shirts were gathered up into a ball by the pillows.

Shinsou sighs taking all the covers off of the bed and what he finds is a stash. A sweet stash. Filled with candy, cookies, and twinkies.

“Really?” Shinsou makes a face. “Midoriya says you’re not suppose to have much sweets. I guess you’re getting smarter in getting away with stuff. Since Midoriya is my friend it is my job to take these away from you.”


Immediately Shouto jumps on the bed covering the stash with his whole body.

“Come on, get off.” Shinsou tugs on the boy’s shirt.

The omega picks up the bi color haired boy from the bed setting him on the floor. Shouto whines as he watches Shinsou clean up his stash putting it in a plastic bag.

“Here, you can have one.” The blunette hands the bi color haired boy a Twinkie. “You’re lucky I didn’t tell Midoriya about this.”

Shinsou washes the omega’s bed sheets in the washer and cleans out the toys in the mattress.

“I guess I’ll make you something to eat while we wait for your sheets. Are you hungry?” Shinsou asks.

The omega doesn’t reply facing away from him.

“I gave you a Twinkie. Are you really mad at me about this?”

Shinsou sighs walking out of the room. He’ll come to him or perhaps the food.

The blunette makes the basic stuff for breakfast such as French toast, bacon, and cinnamon rolls. The cinnamon rolls were really for him but he might give one to Shouto.


Just as Shinsou was done cooking breakfast Shouto comes out of his room.

“Do you wanna eat or are you still mad at me?” Shinsou teases the bi color haired boy waving a piece of bacon in his face.

Shouto reaches for the bacon and Shinsou lets him have it.

He makes the omega a plate and haves him sit at the dining table to eat it. The sheets were done in the washing machine and Shinsou puts them in the dryer.

He comes back into the kitchen finding Shouto trying to grab a cinnamon roll.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Shinsou chuckles pulling Shouto away from the cinnamon rolls.

The bi color haired boy continues to stare at the cinnamon rolls with lust.

“Okay, you can have one. Just don’t cause anymore trouble.” Shinsou gives in handing the omega a cinnamon roll.

Shouto nibbles on the cinnamon roll as he watches tv on the couch.

Shinsou could see why Midoriya would love Shouto. Once he was quiet and calm he can be pretty cute.


The blunette takes the sheets out of the dryer and Shouto curiously follows him.

“Come help me put this on the bed.” Shinsou ordered.

The bi color haired boy ignores the omega laying in the pile of warm sheets. He purrs cuddling against them.

“I know they’re comfy but you need to get up.” Shinsou says tugging on Shouto’s shirt.

The omega hisses pushing Shinsou’s hand away.

“Fine, I’ll let you take a short nap. After that we’re putting these sheets up.” The blunette sighs as the omega begins to doze off.


Since Shouto was taking a nap Shinsou thought he might take one as well. But before he can his phone vibrates. Midoriya was calling.

“Hi Midoriya.” Shinsou answers.

“Hi Shin chan! Is everything okay? Shouto hasn’t put you in any trouble right?”

“No. He’s been very good.”

“What is he doing right now?”

“He’s sleeping.”

“Oh okay. I would talk to him but I don’t want to him up.”

“No, I think he’d rather listen to you than sleep. I’ll give the phone to him.”


Shinsou opens the door and he almost screams. The bed was empty and the pile of sheets were sprawled all on the floor plus the window was open. How can Shinsou be so oblivious? Shouto was smarter than he seems to be.

“Shin-chan?” Midoriya says bringing the blunette back to reality.

“Oh hi. I uh think you should call back. Shouto really wants to sleep.”

“Sure. I’ll be home tomorrow morning.”

“Okay. See you then.” Shinsou nervously laughs before hanging up the phone.

He had another hour before it gets dark outside. He couldn’t have gone far but Shinsou couldn’t look for him all by himself.

This calls for drastic measures.


Kirishima, Mina, Uraraka, Denki, and Jirou gather around Midoriya’s living room.

“Shouto is gone. I need you guys to help me look for him.” Shinsou announces.

“How long has he been gone?” Uraraka asks.

“Maybe half an hour but I’m hoping he didn’t get too far. He’s wearing a red shirt and gray sweatpants.”

“Where should we even check?” Kirishima questions.”He could be anywhere.”

“Um, you can go look around the left side of the neighborhood and Mina can take the right side. Uraraka can check downtown or the other neighbor hood down the street. Denki, you can check on the other other neighborhood by us.”

“What about me?” Jirou asks.

“Umm, you can stay here and see if he comes back or not. Just be on the look out.”

“That’s a smart idea.” Mina agrees.

“And I’ll check the park.”


Everyone splits in different directions looking for a specific bi color haired boy. Shinsou hopes they find Shouto. Midoriya would never forgive the blunette if something bad happened to him.

“He’s not down town.” Uraraka texts the blunette.

“Not finding him anywhere ):” Denki says in the group chat.

“Me neither.” Kirishima adds.


Shinsou sees a two figures at the sandbox in the park. One was a man, probably an alpha and the other was Shouto!?

“Keep still, you dumb omega!” The alpha orders trying to pull down the other’s pants.

Shouto hisses biting the man’s hand.

“Ow, little shit!” The alpha yelps holding his hand and Shouto grabs a fistful of sand and throws it at the man’s face.


“Shouto!” Shinsou calls and the omega immediately runs over to him hiding behind him burying his face in his back.

“I guess I’ll take both of you omegas. You guys clearly don’t have any Alphas with you.” The man says strolling towards him cracking his knuckles.

The blunette gazes into the man’s eyes and a shiver runs through the man’s spine.

“What? What is this?” The man asks feeling the blunette’s chilling aura.

“Go away.” Shinsou commands and instantly the man turns on his heel walking away from them like a zombie.


“Hey, is everything okay?” Mina sprints over to the omega.”Oh look! You found him!”

“Yah.” Shinsou chuckles.”He just can’t get out of trouble.”

“You didn’t say anything in the group chat so I got worried and came here.”

“Everything is Fine now.”

“Denki suggests that we should all go out for ice cream. Wanna come?”

Shinsou checks his phone. 9:15.

Shouto whines clawing at the omega’s side.

He guessed he could break the rules one more time.


The next morning, Shinsou wakes up on the couch with Shouto sleeping on top of him. He wasn’t really mad at the omega for running away. In fact, the omega learned his lesson. Unmated Alphas are always on the run looking for an omega to rape.

Shinsou gets ready for the day keeping an eye on Shouto as he combs his hair. Midoriya should be here any minute.

Shouto wakes up a few minutes later and he sits by the window sill. He was either people watching or waiting for Izuku to pull in the driveway.

“He should be here soon.” Shinsou assures patting the omega on the head.


The blunette decides to make breakfast for everyone. Izuku and his mother would probably be hungry when they come. Shinsou treasured his friendship with Midoriya. When it was revealed that Midoriya was an alpha Shinsou was a bit terrified and nervous. Most of the Alphas he knew were aggressive and controlling but not Midoriya. The green haired hasn’t changed at all. He was so caring to his mother and Shouto stepping up to protect the two. Shinsou wished that more Alphas were like Midoriya.

Shouto lets out a howl watching Midoriya and Inko get out of the car. Shinsou chuckles at the bi color haired boy’s howl. He was getting there.


The door opens and both of the Midoriyas walk in with their luggage and souvenirs.

“Please don’t jump on me, Shou-chan. I have a lot of stuff. Go sit on the couch.” Izuku says moving past the omega.


“What’s all of this, Shinsou?” Inko asks the blunette gesturing at the food on the table.

“It’s for all of us. I’d figured you’d guys would be hungry.”

“Aww, Shin-chan, you didn’t have to make us breakfast.” Izuku says.”You already done enough.”

“I think you should go see Shouto before he explodes.” Shinsou suggests pointing at the omega who was a shaking mess of excitement. The bi color haired boy couldn’t sit still. The couch was even shaking underneath him.


“Hey sweetie.” Izuku pulls the omega in a hug.

Shouto tightly wraps his arms around Izuku’s neck burying his face in his shoulder.

“I know, I missed you too.” The green haired boy chuckles pressing multiple kisses against his cheek.

“Were you good to Shin-chan?” Izuku asks.

Shouto makes eye contact with the blunette.

“Yah, He was a good boy.” Shinsou smiles.


“You boys want to eat? The food is gonna get cold.” Inko calls from the kitchen.

“I think I’m gonna go home. I promised my uncle I’d be home around this time.” Shinsou declines.

“No, stay for breakfast.” Izuku insisted. “I’m sure Aizawa-San will understand.”

“Okay, I’ll tell him I’ll be a little late.”


The four gather at the dining table. Shouto was literally sitting on Izuku’s lap.

“I got you something Shin-Chan.” Izuku states.”It’s in the green bag. I think you’ll like it.”

The blunette gets up and grabs the green bag that was sitting on the counter. Inside was a stuffed cat wearing a Hawaiian button up shirt.

“Aww, it’s cute!” Shinsou squeals.”You didn’t have to buy this for me, Midoriya.”

“Yah but I wanted too.” The alpha smiles.


Shinsou leaves the Midoriya residence around noon. Inko goes to her room to take a nap.

Izuku’s eyes couldn’t stay open. He was falling asleep as well.

Shouto whines clawing at the boy’s shirt.

“I wish I can play with you Shou-Chan but I’m tired.” Izuku yawns. “Just let me sleep for a bit.”

The bi color haired boy lets out a cry nuzzling his face in Izuku’s abdomen.

“Shou-Chan! That tickles! Stop!” The alpha squeaks pushing the omega away.

Shouto then rubs his nose against the other’s.

Izuku sighs. If Shouto wasn’t gonna go to sleep then he wasn’t either.