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Lucky Number Seven

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Loki sat on the seat of the toilet with a look of reflecting awe, staring down at the pregnancy test being held in his hand above his lap. He swallowed thickly, tossing it into the trash, shutting his eyes. How the news would be brought about, he was unsure. He knew Tony was aware of Sleipnir being delivered from his body, but of course this was different. Despite the fact he was not one to ponder on things; this had a more than valid reason. God damn it. He lifted his shirt to place his hand on his stomach before standing, exiting the bathroom into their bedroom. This was going to be difficult, since he hid the symptoms and kept it to himself and knew the mortal had absolutely no idea. It would certainly be a shock. Tony yawned and stretched as he got up from bed then smiled lazily when Loki came back in. "There you are. I was starting to wonder if you fell in or something." He grabbed Loki and held him in a tight hug, nuzzling his side. Loki returned the smile softly with half opened eyes, nuzzling the top of his head with his nose. He wrapped his arms around Tony's waist loosely, jaw clenching and smile fading as he stared straight ahead without a word. Tony glanced up at him and frowned in concern. "You okay, Lokes?"

Loki blinked down to him, staring at him with sunken eyes. "Okay would be highly put . . ." He ran his fingers through Tony's hair. Perhaps he should keep it to himself until it became obvious.

Tony frowned deeper in concern. "What's wrong? Are you sick? Have you been getting enough sleep?"

Loki put his hand on Tony's neck, gently wrapping his fingers around, the act's influence done in a gentle manner, as his other hand still played with the smaller man's hair. "I am . . . fine."

"Don't lie to me." Tony murmured, brushing his cheek.

Loki reflected no emotion, lips pressed into a thin line. "I fear you'd rather not hear the truth."

"Try me."

Loki hid his face into the crook of Tony's neck. "I am with child." He spat it out, but the words were still spoken in his monotone voice that shook the slightest.

Tony blinked in shock. "Really?"

Loki nodded, pulling away and straightening his stance. "Yes. As you would assume; yours."

Tony brightened. "That's . . . amazing!"

Loki looked surprised by the reaction, pausing. "Anthony . . . did I hear you correctly?"

"What? That it's awesome we're going to have a kid?"

"Well . . . yes." Loki looked down. Tony was different than the others who had impregnated him. He was glad and cared. It was foolish of the god to think otherwise. He pulled Tony closer, kissing his forehead. "But it is."

Tony grinned before kissing him softly. "Did you think I wouldn't want it?" He asked softly.

Loki swallowed and nodded slowly to the question. "My other children were not wanted by any other except myself." He murmured against Tony's lips, shutting his eyes and sighing through his nostrils. "Yes, I compared this to past experiences."

Tony smiled and shook his head as he kissed Loki's forehead. "Well, I'm the one who accepted your children. I'll love this one just as much as I love them."

Loki smiled as well, opening his eyes to gaze at Tony. "I can hope my children feel the same as you." Loki winced at the thought of what could occur if they did not. Oh gods.

Tony shrugged. "If they don't then we can deal with it then." He kissed his forehead softly. "Don't worry about until then."

Loki nodded slowly, mainly concerned about Hela and Jormungandr's reactions. Fenrir poofed into the Tower often, and he would probably be the first to know. "I suppose." He murmured, kissing Tony gently as he placed the scientist's hand on the flesh of his stomach beneath his clothing. Tony paused in kissing the god to look at his stomach in loving awe. Loki chuckled softly, nuzzling his cheek.

Tony blinked before smiling softly and kissing him gently. "Well . . . at least we did it right." He kissed Loki's wedding ring.

The god couldn't hold back a wide smile, despite it being a rare occurrence even in Tony's presence. "Indeed."

Tony smiled eagerly before kissing his husband's stomach. "I already can't wait. What do you think it will be?"

Loki trailed his fingers along the nape of Tony's neck. "I have absolutely no idea." He yawned. "There is yet to be a bump."

Tony smiled before tugging Loki back down on the bed. "Sleep, you're exhausted." Loki didn't argue, pulling the blanket up to his chest, looking to his husband in expectation of him lying down as well. Tony smiled, lying down next to the god happily.

Loki rested his head on Tony's chest, wrapping his arms around his waist. "I love you."

Tony kissed his forehead softly. "I love you too." Loki began purring, shutting his eyes and dozing off before a second could go by. Tony allowed his love to sleep while he ran a hand through the raven locks soothingly.

Many minutes had passed when Fenrir head butted their door open and pranced into the room. "Sup!" He called, unaware that Loki was asleep. Luckily, the god was so deep into it that it didn't really matter. Tony held a finger to his lips before holding out an arm for Fen to go into. Fenrir hopped onto the bed, prancing into Tony's arm, looking up at him with that creepy smile he'd always have.

Tony hugged the little boy to him. "Hey, kiddo," He whispered, kissing Fen's forehead.

Fenrir continued grinning widely as usual, before beginning to sniff the air, nose and ear twitching as he looked to Loki. " . . . He baby daddy?" He asked in a whisper.

Tony frowned. "What?"

Fenrir rolled his eyes. "Father got knocked up?"

Tony blushed. "Ah . . . yes."

Fenrir giggled to the blush. "Dayum. By you or what?"

Tony swallowed. "Me."

"Sexy. Not really." Fenrir looked to Tony, then Loki. The god stirred in his sleep, mumbling something and curling closer to his husband. Tony turned to Loki, bringing him closer while murmuring soothing words softly to him. Loki whined softly, his breath picking up as he hid his face against Tony's chest before he relaxed.

Tony rubbed his back soothingly and kissed the top of the god's head before looking at Fenrir. "So what's going on, kiddo?"

Fenrir shrugged a bit. "Just to visit and shit; I've been staying with Jorjor but left when Hela did. And now I'm here." He sang.

"What about Slei?"

"Stupid Cyclops didn't allow him to come." Fenrir huffed.

Tony grimaced. "I'm going to have a talk with him . . . Slei needs to be with his family." He tickled Fenrir. "Just like the rest of you."

Fenrir laughed like a psycho, it breaking down into giggles. "Yeah, you really should. Cyclops is a bitch." He crawled over to Loki, sniffing his exposed stomach. "Yup, baby daddy."

Tony smiled softly before hugging Fenrir then kissing Loki's brow. "I am so lucky." He half murmured to himself.

Fenrir didn't respond, continuing to sniff Loki. "Boy?" He asked.

"Fenrir, away," Loki murmured tiredly with his eyes still shut, scaring the shit out of Fen, who retreated to hide behind Tony, causing the scientist to laugh and kiss Loki. Loki opened his eyes a bit, smiling against Tony's lips before parting his own. "Hello, my son." Fen grinned. "Well, isn't that lovely." Loki snickered, nuzzling Tony's neck then pausing. "Baby daddy?"

Tony ran a hand through his hair with a nervous chuckle. "He sniffed it out?" He offered.

Loki rolled his eyes. "I figured he would." He closed his eyes, resting against Tony.

"So, are we telling the rest of the kids first then?" Tony inquired.

Loki exchanged a nervous look with Fenrir. "Perhaps, we may as well get it over with."

Tony kissed his forehead. "Hey. They'll probably be happy about it."

"They may be, but certainly not happy to see me." Loki murmured.

"I'll make it easier." Tony winked. Loki rolled his eyes playfully while Fenrir still hid behind Tony. Tony kissed Loki's hand. "Come on, babe. We'll never know unless we dive in."

"Shall we go to Jormungandr first?" Loki asked and Fenrir crawled over Tony to nudge his father's chest.

"Yeah. Then Hela. Then Slei." Tony nodded.

"Very well," Loki sighed. "Prepare yourself." Tony and Fenrir nodded and Loki teleported them to Jormungandr's cave. They walked silently in the dark while Fenrir pranced behind them, humming.

Jormungandr poked his head out when they approached. "Father? Fen? Tony?"

"Hey, Jo," Tony greeted.

"What are you doing here?" Jo smiled.

Fenrir pranced around them. "I'm back~"

Jo chuckled. "So it would seem."

Tony hugged the silver haired boy. "How you been, kid?"

Jo smiled. "I'm fine. Yourself?"

"Good." Tony smiled while Fen ran over; wanting to join the hug, but only ran into Jormungandr's leg. Loki watched the scene with no reaction or emotion, waiting for them to finish. Jo laughed and picked Fen up while Tony looked back to Loki, who was standing with his arms behind his back.

Loki rolled his eyes. "Are any of you near done? We've come with news." He grumbled, wanting to do this quickly. Tony murmured something to Jo, who nodded.

Tony then turned to Loki. "Go ahead, babe."

Loki examined Tony and Jormungandr, eyes sharp and brows furrowed. "I am one with a child. Your sibling,"

Jo frowned slightly. "Tony's right? Not some random street whore's?"

Loki snickered, shaking his head. "Not some random street whore."

Jo nodded then gave a rare smile to Loki. "Good. I'm happy for you."

Loki stared at Jormungandr with a stony expression before softening with a half smile and nodding. "I thank you."

Jo nodded. "I'm assuming you're telling Hela next?"

"As I recall," Loki looked to Tony. "We are going to Hela next, correct?" Tony nodded.

"I'll see you soon then." Jo smirked, gold eyes sparkling.

Tony bumped fists with his stepson. "Later, Jo,"

"Bye, Dad." Jo smiled while Fen began to prance in the wrong direction. Loki grabbed him by the ear to turn him around.

"Goodbye." Loki rolled his eyes, practically stomping out of the cave.

Tony sighed before catching up to Loki and picking him up with a grin as he kissed him sweetly. "I love you." Loki smiled softly, returning the kiss.

"Are you guys done?" Fen called from down the cave. "I wanna see Sissy."

Tony chuckled before shifting so he carried Loki in his arms princess style. "We're coming, Fen!" He called before kissing Loki's nose, causing the god to put his arms around Tony's neck, tilting his head with a slight smile. Fenrir waited outside the cave before spotting a tree that he promptly used as a marker to put his scent. "Seriously, Fen?" Tony rolled his eyes.

"I can't help that they left a perfectly good tree out here for me to pee on!" Fen whined.

Tony sighed. "I have nothing to respond with." He then turned to Loki and paused. "I just . . . I love you so much." He kissed him softly.

"I love you too. More than anything," Loki rested his head against his chest as he shut his eyes to ignore Fenrir and Tony kissed his husband's forehead. Only a few seconds passed before Loki fell asleep in Tony's arms, having not gotten enough rest due to Fenrir.

The said boy pranced over to them. "Sissy's still on Midgard."

Tony nodded. "You think you can take us there? Your father is exhausted."

"Fine," Fenrir whined before teleporting them to a different forest that was beautifully showered with green. "She's here somewhere." He began to prance forward. "Come on." Tony chuckled before following the little boy while carrying Loki.

Hela was hidden behind many trees, slouched over a glistening lake. She had her black hair hanging down her back, running her hands through the water. She had taken on the form of a mortal, without the rotting side of her body, but still held the shine of death in her eyes. Wearing worn out clothes instead of her normal dress, it could be said that she greatly reflected Loki in the scene. "Such an innocent soul my father carries, no?" She whispered, not sending a single glance to them.

Tony smiled and walked over to her so he could kiss the top of her head. "I hope so, sweet pea."

Hela flashed one of her rare smiles to Tony, dropping her head once again. "Congratulations. I wish you the best of luck with the child." She looked to Tony from the corner of her eye. "A kind soul, indeed; one of the good deeds; hopefully to carry out such traits, even with the influence of Loki. But it seems as if you have changed him rather unexpectedly." Fenrir sat by his sister, looking serious and actually sane for once.

Tony winked. "It's my job, sweet pea. And are you still in agreement with the deal I made you all? Jo and Fen said yes."

Hela nodded, ducking her bare feet under the surface of the clear water. "Yes, I am. For now,"

Tony smiled and kissed the top of her head. "Good. We'll be glad to have you, sweet pea." He sat down next to her, careful not to disturb the still sleeping Loki who murmured Tony's name, nuzzling his chest before falling into a deep sleep once again.

"Of course," She sighed, leaning against Tony to where her skin brushed against his arm. "The child; are you prepared for the struggles and responsibilities?" Tony nodded after soothing his husband gently. "Are you certain? Especially being near my father in his time of vulnerability?" Hela stared straight ahead.

"And bitchiness, but I'm sure you're already used to that." Fen added, his sister gently shushing him.

Tony chuckled, smoothing out the frown lines on Loki's forehead. "I'll always be a few steps behind your father to catch him in case he falls."

Hela nodded. "And that's why I allow the relationship."

Tony smiled at her gently. "You still love him. You, Jo, and Slei," He hugged her to him. "And you allow it because I'm awesome." He winked.

Hela leaned into the hug, snorting ever so slightly. "I have grown to . . . care for you, yes."

"Have you told Uncle Thor?" Fen asked and Hela scoffed while rolling her eyes at the mention.

Tony shook his head. "Not yet."

"I want to be there." Fenrir smiled.

"Thor . . . the repulsive oaf," Hela curled her lip as she stood to her feet. "It was nice speaking to you, brother and Tony Stark, but I must be on my way."

Tony chuckled. "Sometimes, you're exactly like your father." He kissed her forehead. "I'll see you soon, dear."

Hela didn't respond to being compared to her father. "Goodbye, Tony Stark. I will visit soon." She disappeared with a puff of green smoke.

"Yeah, and I can't teleport to Asgard. Out of my ability, yo," Fenrir commented. "Let's just chill until Father wakes."

Tony chuckled before kissing Loki's forehead. "He already is."

Loki gave a tired, half-smile but didn't bother to open his eyes as he yawned and curled up more in Tony's arms. "One minute."

Tony snorted before kissing his cheek. "Fine," Fenrir jumped into the lake, rising to the top and getting water on both of them when he shook it off. Tony frowned at him as he shielded Loki from the brunt of it. "Seriously?" He sighed.

"Fenrir . . ." Loki mumbled, followed by many other unintelligible things as he furrowed his brows gently.

"I'm a wolf!" Fenrir protested, running through the lake, his tongue hanging out. Tony kissed Loki's forehead soothingly and Loki smiled, body relaxing once again as he fell into a deep sleep.

Tony hummed. "I love you." He murmured even though he knew that he was asleep. Fenrir soon pranced out of the lake over to them, sniffing Loki with his wet nose. Tony chuckled, kissing Loki's cheek lightly before kissing Fenrir's forehead.

Loki huffed, barely opening his eyes. "Very well, we can go." He gently pushed Fenrir away, wrinkling his nose.

Tony kissed his forehead. "I love you." He murmured, helping Loki stand.

Loki smiled once again, blinking away the heaviness of his eyes as Tony assisted him in standing. "I love you too." He said once on his feet, kissing the other's forehead.

"So you think you can teleport us to see Slei?" Tony murmured.

"Yes, yes I can." Loki mumbled, teleporting them to the palace of Asgard.

As soon as they were there, Tony picked his husband up again. "Now you can sleep." Loki didn't respond but he nuzzled Tony's chest before laying his head against it. Fenrir looked around before teleporting them to the entrance of the stable.

"Daddy!" Sleipnir cried happily, running and tackling Tony's leg in a hug.

"Hey, kiddo," Tony murmured affectionately and Fenrir pranced over to tackle Tony's other leg, causing the smaller man to struggle a bit as he tried not to stumble.

Loki huffed against Tony's chest, not necessarily wanting to be awake again. "Hello, my son." He murmured tiredly.

Slei smiled nervously. "Hello, Father." He turned to Tony. "Daddy, are you staying to play?"

Loki rolled his eyes to the slightest, stepping out of Tony's arms. "No, he's not. We came to visit became we have news." He spoke before Tony could, maintaining his usual monotone and expressionless manner. Tony sighed while Slei pouted before leaning over and whispering something in the boy's ear that was too quiet for Loki to hear.

Loki blinked as he watched, eyes narrowing. "If you're quite finished, then I'll go on to explain the reason we came here in the first place." He growled softly.

Slei giggled and nodded at what Tony said before turning to Loki. "Sorry, Father. Do go on."

Loki shot Tony a look, crossing his arms. "I'm pregnant with your sibling."

Slei's eyes brightened. "Really?!"

Loki half-smiled, giving a slight nod. "Yes, it's true."

Slei gave a loud cheer before tackling them both into a hug. "I can't wait!"

Tony laughed. "Neither can we, kiddo." Loki nearly fell back but remained on his feet, his half-smile growing.

Slei peered up at his fathers' excitedly. "When is it going to come? Do you know what it is yet?"

Loki ran a hand through Sleipnir's mane. "Not yet, no,"

Slei pouted slightly before nuzzling against Loki. "Father . . . Please don't be mad at Daddy."

Loki blinked slowly, furrowing his brows. "I'm not mad. What gives you such an idea?" He glanced at Tony from the corner of his eye.

Tony rubbed the back of his head. "Don't get mad is what he means."

Loki stared at him before looking back to Sleipnir. "I will not get mad."

"So you don't mind if we all live with you?" Slei whispered.

Loki swallowed thickly, eye twitching. "I . . ." He sighed deeply. "I suppose not."

Tony winced, knowing he'd probably get it later but Slei seemed content with the answer before crawling on top of the god and cuddling close. "I love you, Papa."

Loki smiled a bit, hooking his arms around Sleipnir. "I love you too, darling."

Slei cuddled closer. "Are you mad at Daddy?" He whispered.

"I'd be lying if I said no." Loki responded, rolling his eyes halfway with a huff.

Tony came up and kissed his husband's cheek. "I'm sorry. I just want us to be a real family. Not one too stretched out like this." Tony's expression darkened. "Too much like mine."

Loki sighed deeply, kissing him on the lips. "I understand, but . . ." He looked between the sleeping Fenrir and Sleipnir. "I'll explain later."

"If you're worried about the humans-"

"I just . . ." Loki cut him off, lowering his voice to a growl. "I said later." Tony flinched before pulling and walking away.

Slei watched him walk away before turning back to Loki. "Papa, you got mad at Daddy! I told you not to do that!"

Loki narrowed his eyes. "I'm not mad." He murmured, crossing his arms over his chest. "I will go on and say Hela most likely not join this, nor Jormungandr; Hela has Helheim to be ruling and neither want to live with me."

"Both say they will."

Loki rolled his eyes. "Fine, have you spoken to the All-Father of this?"

Slei nodded. "We were going to surprise you with it tomorrow because Daddy says it's your anniversary for being with him."

Loki paused, smiling. "I see. It would certainly be a surprise, yes."

"But now it's ruined because you're mad at Daddy." Slei sighed.

Loki hissed softly. "I am not mad!" Sleipnir flinched then went to go hide behind Fenrir who was still sleeping, snoring and howling in his subconscious. Loki sighed deeply, wanting to prevent another outburst. "Where did Anthony go?" He asked as he looked around. Loki's eyes widened when he heard an explosion before slamming the palm of his hand against his forehead. "God fucking damn it." He hissed before rushing to where it came from.

Tony actually wasn't that far. He was staring across the lake with his hands stuffed in his pockets. A sudden explosion caused him to fly back, only to stare at a huge, fat, tall man as he coughed, wheezed, and choked.

"What are you doing in Asgard?! Where is Thor?!" The interrogator demanded, not giving Tony enough time to reply before slamming him into the ground.

Loki's body twitched as he watched, anger rushing through his body. He couldn't do anything, unable to use magic during pregnancy and he certainly couldn't stand up to the warrior. "Volstagg," He called, forcing himself to remain calm.

Volstagg turned his eyes onto Loki. "Loki! Is this thing yours?!" Tony bit his tongue to stop himself from responding.

"Yes. Now leave him be." Loki gazed at Volstagg with sharp eyes, his tone was forced and dull. "Anthony, come here." Tony stood up smoothly, brushed off the dirt, and walked over to Loki.

Volstagg snarled. "You only prove you're more of a disgrace by claiming that thing!"

Tony twitched but let Loki take care of it. "Seems as if the Warrior's Three have mistaken by letting the beast out of sight," Loki commented, narrowing his eyes before turning on his heel. "Come along, Anthony."

Tony nodded and followed him while Volstagg snarled behind them. "You are the beast, Loki!"

"There's a difference between a monster and a beast!" Loki called back, not looking over his shoulder to speak with the warrior as he continued walking forward.

"Both of which you are neither." Tony growled softly.

"Don't argue with me on the topic, Anthony. I just wish to return home and rest further." Loki sighed, entering the stables again. Tony frowned slightly before sighing and nodding. "So, Sleipnir and Fenrir are coming along?" Loki asked softly so they would not hear.

Tony nodded silently. "Jo and Hela should be there already." He mumbled. Loki sighed, rubbing his eyes before gathering the two children, who were quiet, and teleporting them all to the Tower without a word.

"Daddy!" Four voices screamed and Tony was promptly tackled by the bodies that accompanied the voices, causing the man to laugh happily. Loki laid down on the living room couch, smiling slightly and yawning softly as he watched.

Tony dragged all four kids to stand by the couch. "Your father's taking a nap here so you guys go hang out somewhere else." Loki rolled onto his side so his back faced Tony and the kids, letting out a hum in response to Tony's words.

Fenrir ignored the wish, hopping onto the couch and sniffing Loki. "Boy?" Tony rolled his eyes before picking up the smaller boy and taking him out, the other kids following obediently.

Fenrir huffed, ear twitching and leaning against Tony as he walked. "I think he likes me sniffing him though."

"Really? I think the exact opposite."

"That's because you're sassy. But wrong." Fenrir retorted, nodding.

Tony snorted and rolled his eyes before leading them down a hallway. "I don't know what you guys want for sleeping arrangements."

Hela rolled her eyes. "I rest in my own space."

Tony laughed and hugged Hela. "Don't worry, sweet pea. We wouldn't dream of anything different."

Hela returned the hug, huffing softly. "Good."

"I'd like my own as well." Jo murmured.


"Bunk bed?" Fen wiggled his eyebrows at Slei who nodded eagerly. Fenrir turned into his small wolf form, rubbing up against Sleipnir's leg. "Bunk mates." He sang and Slei giggled before hugging his brother as Jo watched over them carefully.

"Do you have everything you need for staying here?" Tony inquired.

"Yes." Hela responded simply, arms crossed as she tapped her foot against the ground. Slei and Jo nodded as well.

Fenrir looked over to Tony dramatically. "Everything?" He said slowly.

"That you need," Tony emphasized.

"That I need," Fenrir nodded slowly. "Sure."

Tony narrowed his eyes. "No rotting corpses of animals you say you're going to eat later."

"That's not very fair." Fen quivered his bottom lip but his pouting scheme was interrupted by Loki calling Tony's name from the living room.

Tony kissed Fen's forehead. "Sorry, kid." He turned to them all. "Go pick out your rooms." He shooed them away before racing to the living room. "You called, babe?" He smirked.

Loki nodded with a smirk of his own before motioning for him to come closer. "You're going to lay with me, correct?" He half-smiled, sitting up a bit.

Tony chuckled before crawling next to his husband then kissing his cheek. "Of course,"

Loki purred deeply, kissing Tony's neck while caressing his side as his mouth moved up to his lips. "Good."

Tony shivered before kissing him sweetly. "I love you." Loki returned the kiss with a smile and a soft purr. Tony hummed before pulling away to brush Loki's cheek softly with his thumb. Loki relaxed into the touch, shutting his eyes with a smile. Tony kissed his eyelids softly. "You're so beautiful." He murmured. Loki tilted his head, arching a brow to the slightest, smile fading as he hid his head into Tony's neck, making the smaller man chuckle. "Who knew the God of Mischief would be shy?" He kissed the nape of Loki's neck gently.

"I'm not shy." Loki argued softly, huffing.

"Then why hide?" Tony teased lightly.

"I'm not hiding." Loki moved closer to him.

Tony laughed before holding him closer. "Okay, babe," Loki wrapped his legs around Tony's waist, kissing him deeply. Tony made a muffled sound of surprise before deepening it, causing Loki to chuckle against his lips, tilting his head to deepen it further. Tony gave a soft moan before wrapping his arms around Loki's neck. The god then broke the kiss, resting his forehead against Tony's, who blinked.

Loki grinned. "Do not question." He responded simply.

Tony snorted. "Okay, princess." He teased.

Loki narrowed his eyes. "Do not call me that."

Tony chuckled before kissing his nose. "You'd look adorable in a tiara."

Loki rolled his eyes. "Get me ice cream."

"What's the magic word?" Tony teased.

"Ice cream," Loki growled playfully. "Now,"

"Fine," Tony chuckled, sliding out from under the taller man to do so. As soon as he was out of the room, Loki ran a hand through his own hair, shutting his eyes and smiling. A few minutes later, Tony returned with the product, handing it to the god.

Loki narrowed his eyes while pursing his lips. "Spoon?"

Tony grinned mischievously. "My finger?"

"No." Loki said seriously before laughing. "Fine," Tony's grin grew triumphant as he sat next to Loki before bringing him onto his lap. Loki rolled his eyes, wrapping his legs around Tony's waist comfortably. Tony opened the carton, covered a finger with ice cream, and offered it to the god. Loki rolled his eyes again before licking it off, trying to make it seem as far from sexual as he could.

Tony made a soft sound as Loki licked his finger before grinning. "That's the best you got?"

"Oh, silly me," Loki smiled, nuzzling Tony's chest.

"I thought I taught you better than that." Tony huffed before offering another finger of ice cream. Loki smirked playfully before he rolled his eyes halfway, licking the ice cream off of Tony's finger. How humiliating. Tony kissed him sweetly. "This should be humiliating, but I just think it's hot."

Loki kissed back gently, scoffing. "Just give me more ice cream."

Tony pouted softly. "Come on, Lokes. Amuse me."

Loki narrowed his eyes. "Hmm . . . No,"

"Please." Tony whined as he thrusted against him.

Loki blushed lightly, but growled nonetheless. "Anthony. I want ice cream." He warned.

"I can give you ice cream." Tony waggled his eyebrows. "And we can put it on too."

Loki arched a brow, "No." There were times where he was serious, which obviously did not apply to now, or when he just wanted to be convinced or shown aggressiveness.

Tony rolled his eyes before pulling away. "Fine, whatever."

Loki was hoping Tony would realize he wanted to be convinced, but dropped it quickly as his attention returned to the ice cream tub. "Well?"

"Well what?" Tony growled as he tossed Loki a spoon with a huff.

Loki took the spoon into his hand, "Are you really upset? How silly," He scooped out some ice cream. Tony huffed and curled away from him. Loki snorted, silently eating his ice cream and Tony pouted. Loki ignored him. The only noise was the faint sound of violin playing, and the scrapes of his spoon against the tub.

Tony looked around. "Where the hell-?"

"It's Hela." Loki said carelessly.

Tony nodded before taking the empty ice cream bucket away to take it to the trash. "What now?" Loki groaned, curling up into a tight ball.

Tony frowned. "Lokes?"

There was a pause before Loki spoke. "Yes?"

"Are you okay?"


"Do you want me to carry you to our room?"

"Mmm . . ." Loki hummed, sprawling across the couch. "Please." Tony chuckled before swinging Loki into his arms and carrying him to their room. Loki kept his eyes shut, head laid against Tony's chest, breath light.

Tony chuckled and kissed Loki's forehead. "I love you." He murmured against the god's forehead.

Loki smiled halfway, opening his eyes to the slightest. "I love you too." He murmured back. Tony smiled and set him on their bed before kissing him. Loki stretched his slender legs along the bed, throwing his arms around Tony's neck as he returned the kiss deeply, tilting his head. Tony purred, running his hands along his lover's legs lightly and Loki shut his eyes fully, nibbling on Tony's bottom lip somewhat eagerly. Tony hummed with a moan before parting them while Loki ran his fingers down the back of Tony's neck, gently clutching onto his shirt fabric and curling up to him.

Tony hummed before pulling away and kissing his nose. "Sleep, you had a long day."

Loki whined softly when he pulled away, then grabbed Tony's pillow, holding it close to his chest. "Mmm," He nodded. Tony laughed before kissing his forehead then standing and leaving the room while Loki watched him go, curling up with the pillow and dozing off quickly.

Hela was sitting on the couch in the living room, playing with Fenrir who was a small wolf in her lap right now, a smile hardly visible on her face when Tony snuck up on her, smiling. "Cute." Hela didn't jump nor reveal surprise as she glanced over at Tony with a soft huff.

Fenrir grinned at him, pawing at Hela's hand when she stopped. "Daddy,"

Tony picked him up. "Fen," He grinned. Fen widened his eyes, slowly pawing at Tony's chin and Hela stared at both of them, standing next to the couch now. Tony chuckled before setting Fen down then sitting down himself on the couch with a sigh. Fenrir hopped next to him, taking his boy form and Hela walked out of the living room with her arms crossed. Tony glanced at her but didn't make a move to stop her.

Fenrir watched her, blinking. "Grumpy gills!" He called after her.

Tony frowned. "What's wrong?"

"She's just being Hela." Fenrir shrugged, leaning back against the couch. "Moody booty," Tony smirked before leaning into the couch and closing his eyes and he relaxed. Fenrir stared at the T.V., then to Tony, then back at the T.V. as he turned into his small wolf form so he could sit in Tony's lap. Tony opened one eye and smiled before petting Fen, causing the boy to grin, resting his head against Tony's leg as he enjoyed the feel of being pet. Tony smiled before closing his eyes again and falling into a light sleep while Fen stayed awake, wagging his tail as he stared straight ahead.

Hela headed towards her room, nudging open the door to what should have been Fenrir and Sleipnir's room when she passed by. "Brother?"

Slei looked up. "Yeah?"

"Do you enjoy it here?" Hela asked, stepping in.

Slei grinned. "Totally; it's way better with Daddy and Papa than Old Cyclops!"

"Perhaps," Hela tilted her head slightly. "I am having Leah take the throne of Helheim for the time being." If father heard of Leah and they came in contact with one another, things would not go well. "I am unsure how long she will last. Does Jormungandr enjoy it here?"

"Why don't you ask me yourself?" Jo drawled, leaning against the door.

"It could not be foretold whether or not you were nearby." She murmured, narrowing her eyes.

Jo nodded, accepting the answer. "I like living with Dad and Pops. So what?"

Hela hadn't realized she was the only one disliking this. She wouldn't bother asking Fen. The answer would be obvious. "Ah."

"Let me guess. You don't."

"I am not necessarily fond. I am certain you both understood why, no?"

Jo and Slei both shook their heads. "No."

"Have the two of you forgotten how father left us? Allowed us all to be taken for Odin's selfish purposes?"

Jo sighed. "Of course not,"

"But Papa's trying again." Slei whispered.

"Trying to give us the family we need with Daddy."

"That is foolish talk. Do you honestly think Father cares of us enough to be a family? No matter how hard Anthony tries, we all recall the things Father said and did to us." Hela hissed, getting slightly worked up.

"And what's that?" Tony murmured from the doorway. Hela clenched her fists, glaring at everyone and sliding past Tony out of the room, not noticing Fenrir's stare. Tony grabbed her arm. "Look. I've let it slide lately, but this is my limit. If you're so sure your father has given up on your care and is done caring for you, then why the fuck are you here?" His usual milk chocolate brown eyes were dark and hard.

Hela kept the glare on her face. "Because they are here, and shall not go through the misery by themselves when it is caused, because it certainly will; now unhand me." Tony narrowed his gaze before letting Hela go and leaving the room.

Jo sighed. "Way to go, Hela."

Slei pouted. "The misery is here. And it's you."

"Is it my fault he questioned?" Hela brushed off her arm with a scowl. "I have yet to understand what gives you so much faith in Father. He has never treated us well, not even if his many mates did so. What makes you think he will now?" She shook her head, moving to the door.

"Because Papa loves Daddy," Slei whispered. "Way more than any of the others; more than himself,"

Hela stopped in her steps. "Sentiment," And with that, she continued walking. Fenrir turned into a small boy, looking down at his feet. Tony was in a hallway bathroom, the door shut and locked as he sat on the floor, head buried in his hands. Hela walked past it, turning into her room and shutting the door. Jo and Slei went to watch T.V. with Fen and Fen walked behind them, surprisingly silent, as he sat in the center of the couch. Jo hugged both the boys to him while the bathroom door stayed closed.

Loki eventually woke up, covering his head with the pillow. He felt sick, but was still hungry. He stepped off the bed, gracefully going down the stairs into the living room. He arched a brow to the three boys as he went into the kitchen, returning with a tub of ice cream and a spoon, sitting on the other couch and staring at them. "Where is Anthony?" He asked, pulling the lid off.

"He's been in the bathroom for a while." Slei whispered.

"Is he alright?" Loki asked, furrowing his brows, aware an unfortunate event had occurred.

Jo shrugged. "I think Hela said something that hit him hard."

Loki paused, pinching the bridge of his nose. "Hela," He murmured under his breath, standing and handing the ice cream to Fenrir before walking down the hall to the bathroom and gently knocking on the door. "Anthony?"

Tony's choked voice came out in a whisper. "Lokes?"

"May I come in, love?" Loki asked softly, trying to open the door and finding it locked.

Tony sniffled. "Yeah," The lock clicked open. Loki twisted it again, using his knee to push it open. He hated this door. It always got stuck. He poked his head in before walking into the room. Tony was leaning against the wall, his head buried between his knees.

Loki walked in further, crouching down next to Tony. "I will speak to her."

Tony shook his head. "That'll just add to it." He sniffled, leaning against the god.

"Allowing her to continue on with her foolish and childish behavior is no better. It will worsen no matter what." Loki kissed his head, sighing through his nostrils.

Tony shrugged and burrowed close. "I just . . . don't want to be like Howard." He whispered. "I'm afraid if I start something, then I will."

Loki played with Tony's hair, swallowing thickly. "Anthony, don't fret. I know you wouldn't act in such a manner." He paused. "My children love you including Hela. She is just . . . difficult." Tony sniffled as his eyes leaked tears. Loki bit his lip, assuming he had said something wrong. "It's alright." He said softly, kissing Tony's head once again.

Tony hugged him. "You always know what to say." He mumbled. Loki smiled a bit, returning the hug and squeezing Tony lightly, keeping him close. Tony sniffled and burrowed his head in the crook of Loki's neck. Loki shut his eyes, continuing to play with his lover's hair. Tony kissed his neck. "I love you." He murmured while rubbing the god's stomach softly.

Loki leaned his head back to rest against the wall, breathing lightly. "I love you too." He murmured, nearly falling from the touches.

Tony smiled and ran his nose along Loki's stomach. "What do you think it is?"

"Mmm . . . I'm not sure." Loki tilted his head, opening his eyes halfway. "Perhaps a girl," He purred softly, relaxing into his spot on the floor.

Tony smiled and kissed him sweetly. "Whatever it is, I'll spoil it." He cupped Loki's stomach and kissed it.

"Yes, I know." Loki chuckled, returning the kiss gently. Tony hummed, nipping on his bottom lip. Loki blushed lightly, parting his lips to moan softly. Tony brushed Loki's cheek softly with his thumb while deepening the kiss. Loki shut his eyes, throwing his arms around Tony's neck and deepening it further by tilting his head.

Tony purred and pulled away a bit before nipping Loki's lip. "You're so horny." He chuckled. Loki's blush deepened, heart already pounding, but he didn't bother arguing. He groaned softly, running a hand through Tony's hair. Tony chuckled again before nipping along the god's neck.

"Tony . . ." Loki whined, moaning and whimpering.

"Ooo, I'm Tony now." Tony teased. "How far do I have to push your buttons before I'm Stark?" He purred, licking a long trail on the god's neck.

Loki growled lightly, replaced by a long moan, whimpering once again. "Such a tease . . ." He murmured, clutching onto the back of Tony's shirt.

Tony laughed before pulling away. "Sorry, babe, it's for the baby's health." He kissed Loki's nose.

Loki purred softly, shutting his eyes and huffing playfully. "I know." He murmured. Tony smiled and kissed his cheek. Loki smiled, chuckling softly. "I still must speak to Hela."

Tony froze before pulling away. "Loki, don't. Please. It'll just make it worse."

"I will not risk her hurting you again." Loki argued, sighing deeply.

"She didn't-" Tony started.

"Do not argue." Loki interrupted, standing on his feet. Tony sighed before standing as well.

Loki exited the bathroom. "Where is her room?" Tony pointed meekly and Loki walked forward in the direction, trying to open the door to find it locked then pausing. "She's talking to someone." He murmured.

Tony frowned. "The boys are in the living room."

Loki frowned as well, growling. "Hela, open the door at this instant. Who are you talking to?" There was a pause, the speaking coming to a stop. Tony was quiet, trying to listen. Loki tried to get the door open again. "Hela!" He called angrily, his rage rising at her silence.

"Loki, calm down." Tony murmured.

Loki glared at him before expression softened. "I apologize."

Tony nodded; his expression blank. He reached over and knocked quietly. "Hela, are you in there, sweet pea?"

"Indeed I am." Hela called in response, causing Loki to clench his fists. He knew she was trying to get on his nerves. He was certain she was.

"Can I come in?" Tony took Loki's fists and smoothed them out gently.

"And why would I let you do that?" Hela could be heard chuckling coldly as Loki struggled to calm himself.

"I want to talk."

"Not just you. Father as well, correct? Therefore, no,"

"He can stay out. It'll just be us." Tony offered, causing Loki to give him a look.

"Hm, alright," Hela called, unlocking the door.

Tony kissed Loki's nose. "I won't be long." He entered, shutting the door behind him. Loki opened his mouth to say something then cut himself off with a sigh before heading towards the living room.

Hela sat cross-legged on her bed, tilting her head slowly. "Yes?"

"So, why do you hate this?" Tony leaned against the door.

"Hate is quite an exaggeration. A strong word," Hela blinked, avoiding the question skillfully.

Tony fought the urge to roll his eyes. "Dislike then."

"Yes, that is better. Did I not make myself clear? I do not take a liking into my father's mere presence. He betrayed me. Unlike my brothers, I have standards and do not forgive so easily. Does that answer your question properly or must my words be told once again?" Hela asked, snorting obnoxiously.

Tony looked at her levelly. "You're not the only one who was betrayed by your father so quit the pity party and get over it. Your brothers are good examples of that."

"Pity? Oh no. Seems as if you had misunderstood me, but I may be incorrect, because, of course, you are a genius." She smiled, batting her eyelashes. "I care for my brothers, but how foolish they are to forgive so easily. Expect things to go . . . well?" She shook her head. "They obviously did not gain my father's intelligence."

"You know what, Hela?" Tony's gaze darkened. "At least your father cares enough to try. At least he cares-" He stopped. "Fine, if you dislike it so much, then get out."

"Not while my siblings are here, no; as I said, I care for them and I will not be leaving while they are here, in the way of harm. Whether they wish for me to leave or I am not welcomed at all, I am staying, or at least will be watching. It is my responsibility to protect them, and I will, as I did on Helheim." Hela stated, narrowing her eyes and scoffing.

"Too bad; my Tower, my rules," Tony glared back. "I'm not going to put up with any pity shit about how your life sucks when you actually have a damn good one."

"Life? Darling, I have spent my 'life' doing my job. Life, please . . . It is not 'good' or 'bad'. I have accomplished my responsibility, so it's successful and that is all. If you dare insult me yet again, I will remove your life on the spot and end the pain you suffer from. Be grateful I have not done so yet. Now leave, for your upcoming child, father, and brother's sakes since they care so for you." Tony gritted his teeth before opening the door and leaving, slamming the door behind him. He brushed past Loki, stomping down to his lab angrily, a dark aura surrounding him.

"Anthony?" Loki blinked before moving to catch up, doing little hops to walk by his side. "What did she say?"

"Ask her." Tony snarled, putting on his glove and shooting the glass, causing it to shatter.

Loki swallowed thickly, jumping as the glass shattered. "Um . . . Never mind," He awkwardly walked over to a workbench and sat down with his legs crossed. Tony ignored Loki as he grabbed a huge sledgehammer and slammed it against a steel wall. Loki didn't react this time, sighing and running his hand through his hair, waiting patiently. Tony continued ignoring Loki and slammed the hammer against the wall over and over again. Loki fiddled with his fingers, staring down at his lap as he put a hand under his shirt to rest on his stomach silently. Finally, Tony stopped and swallowed, fighting the tears as he clenched the handle so tightly, his knuckles split. "Tony." Loki called softly. "Come here." He leaned against the wall, his eyes hardly open. "Please." Tony swallowed before walking over to where Loki sat, keeping his head down. Loki stood on his feet, hugging Tony close to his chest. "Cry if you must. You know I don't mind." He murmured, kissing his forehead. Tony sniffled before burrowing in his arms as he started to cry. Loki slipped his hand under Tony's shirt and rubbed his back soothingly. "It's okay." He murmured. "It'll be okay." Tony couldn't help but continue sobbing. Loki continued rubbing his back, whispering things to him.

"I'm sorry." Tony blubbered.

"Shh, don't be sorry. You did nothing wrong." Loki murmured. Tony sniffled and hiccuped before burrowing closer. Loki played with his hair, using his other hand to continue rubbing his back. Tony kept crying for a few minutes before finally stopping. "Do you want to go to our room?" Loki asked softly, rocking them slightly. Tony didn't reply as he was out cold from emotional exhaustion. Loki paused and took a deep breath to lift the other and carry Tony in his arms, going up the stairs, panting heavily and walking to their room with a great struggle.

"You want help?" Jo murmured.

"Y-yes," Loki breathed out, trying his best to stay on his feet.

Jo nodded and took Tony into his arms easily. "Where do you want him?"

Loki brushed himself off. "The room at the end of the hall in the bed; he likes the right side."

"Got it," Jo disappeared. Loki paused before walking through the living room furiously, past Fenrir and Sleipnir.

Slei glanced at him but stayed where he was only to snuggle closer to Fen who watched with furrowed brows. "This isn't going to end well." Fen shrugged.

Loki pushed Hela's door open, finding it unlocked, stepped in, not bothering to shut it even though everyone could hear what was said. "Hela, you're being childish. I thought you higher than this. Do you assume I was happy to have my children ripped straight from my arms? I did what I could. I took you all into hiding. I had no say in what was done when we were found. Why don't you understand?" He hissed, not bothering to waste any time.

"You didn't try." She said simply. "I'm sure you had plenty say." She said coolly.

"You know I did not! Those of Asgard despised us, all of us. They didn't care for what I had to say and when I tried to act, I received punishment. I'll even show you the scars." Loki hissed, shaking his head. "I visited you. I tried to be there as often as I could. What more could I have done?" Loki demanded.

"You could have tried harder!" Hela hissed.

"I fought against those who supported it. I argued until my voice was no longer usable. I shed tears once realizing it was all of Asgard against me and I was outnumbered. I tried so hard. I wanted you - all of you - back to me. But I had no plans of losing my head just yet. Call me selfish as you please." Loki straightened his stance.

Hela pursed her lips before turning so her back was facing Loki. "Go to your husband. He is pathetically fragile and needs support."

"He's resting. Don't change the subject, Hela." Loki sharpened his glare and crossed his arms. "Is there anything else you're angered about? You're so bitter." He murmured.

"Maybe you should ask Angrboda." Hela snarled.

Loki's heart skipped a beat. "Hela . . . Your mother is dead." He said softly.

"I know that!"

"I don't want to talk about what went on." Loki stated. "What are you so angered about? She didn't live long enough for you to know her at all, or so I would think, and she didn't care for any of us." He said bluntly.

"I met her in Hel, you quim!" Hela snapped. "And she was better than you could ever be!"

"Is that so? Then why is it that she left us all behind, hm? I cared enough to stay and protect you best I could, my child." The words 'father of three monsters' rang through his head, the insults shot from the Asgardians aimed towards himself and his children at . . . such a young age. How cruel could they have been?

"You should know!" Hela snarled. "You're the one that put her there!"

"I did no such thing. Not purposefully. I fear how many lies she told you. Why must you believe her, who could have cared less for you, over your father, who was there through it all?"

"You weren't there for anything." Hela hissed.

"Yes I was. You speak as if you were no older than a baby before being taken away. Don't you remember the games we would always play all together with Uncle Thor? When Sleipnir allowed all of you to take turns riding down the Bifrost on his back? All the pranks you enjoyed so? The stories I told you and your hide-and-seek saying? Have you forgotten?" Loki took a step forward and Hela sniffled slightly before biting her lip. "It aches me for you to take such great hatred towards me. I hope you know you and your siblings were the one thing to lighten the spirits I had left." He sighed softly, unable to bring himself to continue. "Don't you remember?"

Hela swallowed. "Forget it. Go see Anthony. Please."

Loki shook his head. "Hela . . . will you ever forgive me?"

Hela stayed still. "Perhaps, soon," She murmured. Loki swallowed thickly, nodding and exiting the room. Slei stood in the doorway, holding his arms out to be picked up. Loki blinked down to him, smiling softly and bending down to pick him up.

Slei hugged Loki tightly. "What about Daddy?"

"I will go check on him." Loki murmured, holding Sleipnir close. "Where are your brothers?"

"The living room," Slei answered and Loki nodded, walking into the living room. Jo glanced up and nodded before returning his attention to the T.V. Fenrir was asleep on the other couch, snoring with his foot twitching. Loki returned the gesture to Jo and glanced to Sleipnir. "You want me to put you down?"

Slei nodded. "You check on Daddy and make sure he's okay." He wiggled down and raced over to where Fen was asleep before burrowing close to him. Fenrir murmured some things before howling, continuing to snore as he threw an arm around Sleipnir.

Loki laughed lightly to the sight, walking down the hall and twisting the knob to their bedroom, pushing it open and stepping in. "Anthony?"

Tony blinked at him blearily. "Hm?" He yawned.

Loki walked in further, lying down next to him on the bed. "Are you alright?" Tony hummed with a smile before hugging Loki to him. Loki purred softly, resting his head under Tony's chin and curling up to him. Tony smiled and hugged him closer. Loki wrapped his legs around Tony's waist, lifting his head to kiss him deeply. "Today has been long." He murmured against Tony's lips.

Tony nodded. "You should rest."

"Mmm . . . Will you stay here with me?" Loki asked.

Tony nodded. "Of course," Loki smiled, kissing him once again. Tony purred and kissed his forehead. "I love you."

"I love you too." Loki nuzzled his chest before resting his head against it.

Tony hummed and kissed the top of his head. "I can't wait."