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Just One More (and other stories)

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Just One More

(rough draft)

A Batman fanfic by Raberba girl


Inspired by Medli45


Summary: Tim's been awake for way too long. The ladies decide to do something about it. (Fluffy, platonic ficlet.)




Timothy Drake spared just enough of a glance to confirm that the four intruders in his home were benign before reverting his full attention to the main computer screen in front of him. "Hi," he added as an afterthought.


Barbara made a flourishing gesture. "See? Safe and sound, not dead or kidnapped or mind-controlled."


"He does not look to be in good health, however," Koriand'r observed. "I have seen humans get like this when they suffer sleep deprivation and poor nutrition."


"Tiiiimmm," Stephanie chided as she strode over to her boyfriend, "why haven't you been answering your phone, hon?"


"My phone?" Tim looked around vaguely as Stephanie perched on the arm of his chair. "Oh."


Cassandra held up the device with a slight smile. The screen was black, even with her thumb on the Home button.


"I believe the device is, as they say, 'dead,'" Kori said, "despite its inorganic state."


"Sorry," Tim mumbled, "didn't realize the battery had died...."


"What are you working on, anyway?" Barbara asked, peering at the screen bank.


"Yeah," Stephanie pouted. "What's so important that you'd skip patrol for two weeks, blow off a meeting with Batman, and then completely fall off the grid for three days?"


"Eating? Not eating?" Cassandra wondered, more concerned about her brother's health than his availability. She looked around disapprovingly at the coffee-stained mugs and mostly-empty bowls of days-old ramen littering the desktop and floor.


"Definitely not showering," Barbara teased, ruffling her fingers through the young man's greasy hair before wiping her hand on her jeans.


Tim inadvertently closed his eyes in pleasure at her touch, his hands stilling on the keyboard for a moment. "Mm."


"Mmmm," Stephanie echoed, both hands replacing Barbara's to massage his scalp. "...Heh. It's gross but it feels weirdly good at the same time? So soft."


Tim, slightly arched with his face tipped up, made a visible effort to straighten and return his eyes to the computer. "Don't distract me, I'm almost done."


Instead, yet another set of feminine fingers slid through his hair. "I believe this is long enough to practice the 'braiding,' yes?" Kori remarked with interest.


"Yeah, but do you really want to practice on--?" Barbara started, then noticed Cassandra pillowing her cheek on her hands. The silent message was clear: "Lull him to sleep, he needs it."


Stephanie saw it and smiled. "On my man? Why not~"


"Guys, come on," Tim complained, dragging a couple of windows to a side screen in order to free up room on the main one, "all of you have longer hair than mine, play with your own."


Kori was already fiddling with three locks of his hair. "Hold on, Kori," Barbara instructed, "pull it over the other way, see?"


"Ohhh, yes, I remember now."


"Here, Cass," Stephanie invited, keeping hold of her own half-finished braid as she scooted aside to make room. The fourth young woman smiled as she stepped up and started a braid of her own.


Tim gritted his teeth and tried to ignore the four sets of hands in his hair as best he could, was so soothing, and he hadn't...slept in...days, really...just one more, one more file, and...he could...lie down for...jus' a few min....


The ladies worked hard to stifle their laughter. "Aw, he's so cuuuuute," Stephanie whisper-squealed.


"He'll kill us when he wakes up," Barbara murmured with a grin, "but, geez, look at those circles under his eyes, he might have killed himself if he kept going like that...."


"He reminds me of a pet I had once, on Tamaran," Kori mused as she cupped Tim's cheek affectionately.


Cassandra leaned close and took hold of her brother, lifting him in her arms and carrying him to his bed. Stephanie tucked him in as Barbara tapped out a message to Bruce and the others, letting them know that Tim was all right. Then she turned toward her friends, who showed no signs of leaving anytime soon.


"I could use a nap myself," Stephanie yawned, cuddling close to her boyfriend.


"I need to practice more," Kori remarked, making herself comfortable so she could start on another braid.


"Exhausted, sleeping, vulnerable," Cassandra said with a small smile. She sat on the edge of the bed and leaned against the headboard, comfortable but ready for action if necessary. "I protect."


"No sense in being left out," Barbara chuckled, snuggling against Tim's other side. She added in an amused mutter, "And of course the one who'll wake up buried in girls is the one who'll least appreciate it, hah."


At first they tried to keep their noise to a minimum for the sleeping Tim's sake, but one by one, they grew genuinely still and silent, until Cassandra was the last one awake, affectionately keeping watch over her companions.




A/N: I'm so bad at coming up with titles sometimes. X''D


I've been suffering from a depressive bout and a broken muse, desperate to write and really frustrated that nothing was working. (I had a good idea for Halloween that refused to cooperate; I hope the Christmas one works better....) I was thinking of bugging my friend Medli to throw Batman plunnies at me, because she is FANTASTIC at that, but then I remembered that I still have a large batch from months ago that I've barely touched. Started looking through the list and was surprised that this was the first one that "clicked" because there's no Dick or Damian in it XD, but it did, so here we go. Thank you so much, Medli!!! *grateful hug*