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Ways to say I love you

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1. "I always know when you're lying"

Aniya and Tony 

Subject: lies 


Tony gritted his teeth to stop from exclaiming in pain.

"Iron man you okay?" Barnes asked through the comma, "I saw you get clipped." 

"Fine." Tony said swooping low shooting blasts at the robots that were wreaking havoc on the streets. His leg would probably need looking at but it was nothing too serious. 

"Good, cause I'm dusting you!" Clint cheered shooting down another one. 

"Technically Pietro's dusting all of you." Aniya said and Tony could hear the smirk in her voice. 

"Spider-Man," Steve said ignoring the light banter, "Have you found the lead bot?" 

"No, not yet." Peter said and Tony shot one off of Natasha's back. 

"I think I found it!" Wanda cheered.

"Thank god!" Aniya huffed when all the bots deactivated. 

"What, were you getting tired?" Tony snipped with only a hint of concern landing next to her with a soft smile and small stumble.

Stupid leg.

"Of you." Aniya quipped back readily and Tony opened his face plate with a chuckle. 

"Ooo, she got you Mr. Stark." Peter laughed. Tony rolled his eyes and huffed. 

"Tony: zero, Aniya: fifty." Pietro said with a smile. Tony shrugged.

"What's true is true." Aniya leaned in and pressed a kiss to his cheek. 

"Alright guys, debriefing!" Steve said and Tony could see the quinjet land not to far away. 

"Raincheck Cap," Tony said shuttling his faceplate, "suit fixins have to get done." He quickly took off disconnecting the comm. 


Aniya watched Tony leave and frowned. He promised to stop hiding his injuries from her. 

"Aniya," Cap said wearily and she sighed. 

"Yeah I got it." She said taking off after him. 


He made it to the tower before her and winced when he saw the blood on his leg. 

"J, where is my medical kit?" He said limping off the landing pad.

"Under the work table sir. Might I also add that Miss Carrington will not be happy that you didn't go to the debriefing." JARVIS said sounding slightly disapproving.

"No, you may not." Tony answered. "And Aniya hates being called Miss Carrington." He added almost absentmindedly while pulling out the white case. 

"You're right." Tony turned in shock jarring his leg. He cursed in pain and Aniya's disapproval and annoyance melted away. 

She ran forward and grit her teeth. "I knew you were hurt." She saw with a frown. 

"How?" Tony said allowing her to fix him up. 

"I always know when you're lying." She said softly looking up at him and Tony felt warmth bloom in his chest. 

They locked eyes for a moment and Tony cherished it.


"But you're dealing with Fury." 


And there goes the moment. 

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2. "You, kids; I can see it"

Aniya and natasha

Subject: kids


Aniya was sitting with Natasha watching HGTV when the elevator dinged and Peter walked out.

He walked right over to the couch and landed face first into it with his backpack still on.

"That bad huh?" Aniya cooed softly moving to run a hand through his brown locks. 

Peter sighed and sat up slipping out of the confines of his book bag and curling up next to him like a cat. "I don't particularly like Flash. Or English." 

Aniya ignored Natasha's wiggling eyebrows and kept combing through Peter's hair.

"English?" Aniya questioned and Peter nodded. "I have to write an essay about one of Shakespeare's classics." 

Aniya hummed in understanding and thought for a moment. "Well, Auntie Nat over here could definitely deal with Flash," Natasha nodded enthusiastically, "and I wouldn't mind helping you with this essay. When's it due?" 

"By Friday." Peter said his tone perking up slightly. 

"We'll have it done by Thursday." Aniya said bopping Peter's nose. He smiled and leaped up, "I'll go grab the book!" 

Aniya smiled fondly and Natasha spoke up. "It suits you." 


"Parenthood." Natasha said with a sad smile. 

"I don't think so." Aniya said eyes landing on the TV but not really seeing it. 

"Hey, you, kids; I could see it." Natasha said standing up, beginning to walk out.

"Thanks Nat." Aniya said and Natasha ruffled her hair as she walked by. 


A few moments later Peter came bounding into the room, his arms filled with books and papers Aniya figured she already had a kid to take care of.

At least for now.

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3. "You just wake up like that, naturally flawless"

Wanda and Aniya 

Subject: sleepy 



Aniya stumbled into the common room still rubbing sleep out of her eyes. Last night was hard. There was a giant squid attacking Long Island. 


She padded over to Tony who was drinking a cup of coffee and looked as if he hadn't slept for days. 


She buried her head into his chest and he automatically wrapped an arm around her, his hand gently stroking her wings. "When'd you sleep?" She asked. 


"I got about two hours. You?" Aniya almost didn't answer enjoying the rumble of his chest and the gentle touch to her wings too much but then she sighed.


"Maybe four." And Tony placed his cup down and wrapped her up. Aniya slipped her arms around his back and they stood there for a moment. 


"Could we sleep later?" Aniya mumbled her eyes slipping close. 


"Yeah," Tony responded pressing a kiss to her hair, "I'm too tired to actually get any work done today." 


Then Aniya heard footsteps and turned her head to see Wanda standing there. "Woah, how?" Aniya exclaimed, her brain to mouth filter broken.


Wanda stopped and tilted her head at Aniya. "How.. what?" 


"You just wake up like that, naturally flawless." Aniya said disbelief coloring her tone and Tony's laugh rumbled through her making her warm. 


Wanda blushed and shook her head. "Go to bed Niya, you're crazy." 


"Maybe I am but I do have twenty twenty vision." Aniya said a smile as Tony pulled her out of the room. 


Wanda smiled pleased and her face flushed even more. 

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4. "It's fun seeing you like this"

Rhodey and Tony 

Subject: love


Rhodey has seen Tony many different ways.


I mean, what do you expect? They are best friends.


Rhodey has seen him deep in thought, drunk, angry, depressed, celebrating, hurt and deep in his own head. 

But he's never seen him in love. 


He doesn't know what Tony would look like in love, but if he had to guess it would probably how he looks right now.


He's actually gushing. 


It's honestly the greatest day of Rhodey's life.


"She came to me and asked me to fix her ukulele and then she played me a song and Rhodey, she's so beautiful and she's an amazing singer and don't let me fuck this up." 

Rhodey laughed deep and long and watched Tony. 


He noticed the health glow of his skin and the real joy in his eyes. The bags under his eyes were gone and he was less twitchy around people. 


"It's fun seeing you like this." 

Tony blinked and looked at him with wide eyes. 


Wide, happy eyes. 


Tony leaped up with a start. "J, clear my schedule for tomorrow. I'm taking Aniya out." 

"Done sir. And if you weren't doing it I would've." JARVIS replied and Rhodey smiled. 


When Tony left the room Rhodey stood and stretched. 

"JARV, remind me to get some flowers for Aniya." Rhodey said and he walked out. \

"Of course sir." 

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5. "I got a bottle of schnapps and half a rhubarb pie; let's see which one makes us sick first"

Clint and Tony

Subject: bad days



Tony woke up cold and alone still shuddering from his nightmare. 


Obadiah was back and this time he forced Tony to watch as he killed Aniya and then him. 

And it didn't help that Aniya was visiting her friends so he couldn't just curl back up with Aniya like he wanted. 


Tony focused on slowing down his breathing and Cranberry hopped up onto the bed. The ginger cat kneaded Tony with her paws and he absentmindedly scratched her ears. 


Logically, he knew that Aniya was fine and Obadiah was dead but the back of his mind wouldn't let it go. 

He needed a distraction. Something that wasn't related to work or Aniya. 

He stood up, apologizing softly to Cranberry and stumbled into the communal kitchen. 


He poured himself a cup of coffee and took a sip with a sigh. 

"Hey man," Clint said from his perch on the arm of the couch, "rough night?" 


Tony nodded absently, still thinking about what his distraction could be and Clint raised an eyebrow in surprise. 


Not that it was shocking to him that Tony would have had a rough night, (he obviously had-with the dark under eye circles and the rumpled clothes and the glassy look) just that he would admit it. 

Clint expected a quip of snarky comment in response not a genuine nod. 


Hawkeye's hand tightened around his own mug as he watched Tony walk away, his hands shaking slightly and that glassy look still in his eyes. 




Tony ended up in the workshop despite him knowing that being there after an Obadiah night wasn't the smartest thing he's ever done. 

He forced himself to focus on fixing RedWing for Falcon. Sam rarely lets him touch up his drone so when he gets to it's pretty exciting. 


Well, it would if he could stop seeing Obadiah right there. 


He's leaning down twisting the Arc Reactor out of his chest and Tony is powerless to stop it and he is dying-someone please he is dying-


"Hey Iron butt." Clint's voice calls out breaking through his flash back. 

Tony turns, a hand fluttering up to the Arc, shock clear on his face. He calms when he sees Clint but his hand doesn't move. Clint notices the hand and narrows his eyes for a second but then stepped forward, careful to keep his distance. 


"I got a bottle of schnapps and half a rhubarb pie; let's see which one makes us sick first." Clint proposes and Tony blinks, seeing the box and bag that was in Clint's hand for the first time. 


"Y-yeah, sure. Why not?" Tony says relief pouring through every word and he steps away from the work bench. Clint watches with trained eyes as Tony's hand comes off of the Arc and he smiles mentally. 


"And after," Tony continues taking the bag from Clint, "we can see if Natasha likes The Little Mermaid?" 


Clint didn't miss the questioning tone in his voice, he knew that Stark had self worth issues but he didn't actually think that Clint would-in good Conscience-say no?


Did he?


Instead of facing the problem head on he went with- "You are never gonna find her favorite Disney movie Stark." He said shaking his head with a fond smile, "But you can keep trying." 

Tony gave him a small smile and Clint started out of the Workshop and Tony followed leaving the terrible thoughts and memories behind. 

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  1. “Hold on, your feathers are looking a bit disheveled. Want me to straighten them out for you?”


Steve and Aniya

Subject: trust


To say that Steve was shocked when he first met Aniya was an understatement. 


He had never seen a person with wings before. And they changed colors! 


He couldn't help but stare as his fingers twitched with the need to just draw. 


He didn't even noticed Aniya's uncomfortable stance and Tony clenched jaw until he came up to him. 


"Why don't you take a picture-it'll last longer." He spat before wrapping an arm around her, hiding the wings from view. 


Steve had flushed red and quickly looked away but he couldn't curb his amazement at seeing her in battle. She ducked, dived and sometimes even whacked the aliens with her wings. 


After the battle, they all sat together for a meal. Aniya was glued to Tony's side, her wings a disheveled mixture of violet, pink and yellow. It was obvious that the colors meant something because Tony took one look at her wings and pulled her in for a hug. 


Steve could see the wings and the way they were folded tightly and he didn't have to be an expert to know that she was nervous. 


Over the course of the year that Steve had spent learning about his team he found out certain things. 


Thor loved pop tarts-a worryingly amount, Clint liked to perch places and crawl through the vents, Natasha loved to steal everyone's clothes and would hiss if you said anything, Bruce was apparently a master at pranks (that was surprising), Tony would literally die if he didn't have his morning coffee and Aniya-Aniya enjoyed people fixing her feathers. 


Usually after battles she went to Tony (experience) or Natasha (small deft fingers) and sometimes Bruce. (a calm steady hand) 


He had asked Bruce about it and he had said that it was very calming and Natasha said it was nice to be trusted with something that Aniya held so dear to her, and Tony said it was an intimate ritual that brought them closer together-and then he told him to get the fuck out of his lab. (In the nicest way possible) 


Steve definitely wanted to take part in this. 


But how? 


Luckily the answer came to him late one night when he couldn't sleep. He had walked into the communal room and noticed Aniya sitting there watching Home Alone by herself. 


She was gripping the pillow tightly, eyes glossed over-barely seeing the movie. Steve could see the dark circles under her eyes, her yellow wings twitching and fidgeting. 


Steve briefly considered waking Bruce or Natasha or even calling Tony despite the fact that he knew that he was on a business trip but he stopped himself. 


How could he be a leader if he couldn't help his teammate?


He slowly sat down at the other end of the couch and Aniya turned to him. 


"Hey Cap." 


"Hey," Steve tried for a reassuring smile but he was sure it came out as a grimace, "you okay?" 


"Rough night." Aniya said with a shrug turning back to the tv. Steve bit his lip, unsure of how to continue when Aniya turned back to him patting next to her. 


"Come on, I won't bite." Steve was strongly reminded of Tony as he scooted closer and watched as Aniya's grip loosen in the pillow. 


After a moment Steve took a breath, “Hold on, your feathers are looking a bit disheveled. Want me to straighten them out for you?”


Aniya was quiet for a moment and Steve was afraid that he'd crossed a line. He was on the verge of stuttering out an apology and going back to his room when Aniya turned so her back was facing the supersoldier. 


Steve took his time moving and rearranging the feathers. He watched in awe as the yellow slowly changed to a pink and her shoulders relax. Her wings fluttered happily and Steve felt something tight inside loosen.


Steve continued stroking the feathers even after he was done and Aniya curled up into his side. Steve kept stroking until he was sure that Aniya was asleep and switched the TV off. 

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  1. "I just want to make crazy science with you"

Bruce and Tony

Subject: stay


Bruce sighed as he snuck through the common room to the elevator. 

He would miss this place and everyone here but he knew that he couldn't stay. It would hurt for about three months but then he would be relieved because his family would be safe. 

He pressed a button on the elevator and waited with a frown. Then a light turned on behind him and he jumped. 


"Br'ce?" Bruce winced and turned slowly to face Tony who was rubbing his eyes behind him. 

"H-hey Tony," Bruce said forcing a smile. 

Tony seemed to wake as he noticed the bad hanging off of Bruce's shoulder. 

"What are you doing? Why did JARVIS tell me to come down here to make sure everything is okay?" The suspicion in his voice growing with every word.

Bruce stayed quiet and waited for Tony to figure it out because he was a genius. 


"Where would you go?" Tony asked after a moment of silence and Bruce sighed.

"I don't know, but not here." 

"Do you know how selfish you're being right now?" Tony ground out angrily and Bruce huffed a laugh.

"That's rich coming from you." Bruce snapped and Tony's eyes widened.

Bruce felt his throat tighten as Tony  crossed his arms over his chest. 

"W-well then. I'll just leave you to-to do what you want." Tony said and he turned on his heels and walked swiftly away. 

"Tony! Ah, JARVIS?" Bruce asked dread pooling in his gut. 

"Yes, Dr. Banner?" Bruce winced at the coldness in his voice. 

"I-I should fix this shouldn't I?" 

"That would be in your best interest." 



Two weeks.


It was two weeks until Bruce was able to see and talk to Tony again. 

Tony stayed down in his workshop only letting Aniya, Pepper and Rhodey in, he went to SI meetings in the mornings and left the room anytime Bruce entered. 

Aniya came up to him with a frown. 

She handed him a piece of paper with a series of numbers and letters on it. 

"Fix this." She said with a glare and she walked away. 

Bruce nodded and quickly walked to Tony's workshop. He put in the code and the door opened. 

"'Niya did you find out what birdbrain needed fixed?" Tony asked without turning around. 

"His sense of humor?" Bruce joked weakly and Tony swiveled around his joyous demeanor gone. 

"Oh, hey." Tony muttered turning back to his project. 

"Can we talk?" 

"Thought you'd be halfway across the world by now." 


Bruce winced, he deserved that. 


"I just wanted to say I'm sorry. You're obviously not selfish, you've let me live here-let all of the Avengers live here free of charge. I shouldn't have said what I said." 

Tony shrugged still not turning around. "Maybe you're right. Maybe I am I little selfish. Putting all these people in danger because I wanted someone that could speak my language? Yeah, I see what you meant." 

"That's not selfish, Tony, if you think that's selfish then you're stupid." Bruce said with a frown. 

Tony turned, a small smile playing on his lips. "Oh, so now I'm stupid and selfish huh? Thanks, really feeling the love here." 

"You've given me a place to live and not only that, you've given me a family. Something I'd never thought I'd have again. So thank you. You've also kept Ross off my back when you didn't have to." Bruce said softly his throat catching slightly.

"You really think I'd let him get you even if you left? You must be the stupid one here." Tony said with a small chuckle. 

Bruce felt tears well in his eyes and he shuddered. "R-really?" 

Tony stood and pulled him in for a hug, "Of course Bruce, you're my science buddy, I just wanna make crazy science with you. Can't do that if you're in a cell or something." 

Bruce wrapped his arms around Tony's middle with a wet laugh. "Th-thanks Tony." 

"Don't sweat it Brucie-bear. But we do have two weeks of projects to catch up on so no slacking." 

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  1. "It’s a big cliff, you just have to leap"


Tony and Peter

Subject: feelings 



Peter closed his locker and Michelle walked by. 

"Bye loser," she said flipping him off and Peter blushed furiously. 

"O-oh bye M-Michelle." Peter stuttered out and Ned chuckled from next to him. 

"Ooo you've got it bad." Ned said with a knowing smile and Peter hit his head against the locker. 

"Is it that obvious?" He whimpered and Ned nodded amusedly. 

"Ughhhh." Peter groaned pushing himself off the lockers beginning his walk towards the doors. 

"Why don't you ask Tony Stark? You've literally got a woman expert for a dad!" Ned exclaimed and Peter thought for a moment. 

"That-that sounds great actually. Yeah, I'll do that! Thanks Ned." Peter called with a smile, bounding off to the car that Happy was driving.  



He made it to the tower and raced to the elevator. "JARVIS?" 

"Yes, Master Parker?" JARVIS responded readily. 

"Can you take me to Tony please?" He asked fidgeting slightly. 


After a moment Peter blurted out, "Do you think Mr. Stark will think this is stupid?" 

"I have no clue what you are referring to but I sincerely doubt it. Unless you are talking about the Floor is Lava trend." JARVIS responded sounding slightly amused. 

Peter tittered out a nervous laugh and shook his head. "N-no, I was going to ask for advice about how to ask someone out. Maybe I should just ask Wikipedia or something." 

"I'm certain that sir will not laugh at you and that following Wikipedia will end with disastrous results." JARVIS replied dryly. 

"Okay, alright then, I'll ask." Peter said the elevator doors opening to Tony and Aniya's floor. 

"Ask what?" Tony repeated from his spot on the couch and Peter flushed. 

"Um, well, I had a question." Peter said sitting down gently on the couch. 

"Mmmm I figured." Tony drawled with a lazy smile and Peter immediately started to relax at his adoptive dad's relaxed body language. 

"So, there's this girl I kinda maybe like and she's super pretty and awesome and smart but is like super scary at the same time?" Peter huffed out hugging his knees to his chest and eyeing the carpet. 

"Ahhh, young love. I know exactly what you're going through kid." Tony said with a fond look. 

"You-you do?" Peter asked his eyes snapping up to look at him. 

"Yeah! How do you think I feel about Aniya?" Tony said with a goofy grin. 

"Oh, well, she doesn't seem that scary to me." Peter confessed ducking his head. 

"Yeah, well, she likes you. She can be plenty scary when she wants to." Tony said with a laugh. 

"But anyway, you like this girl right?" Tony asked and Peter nodded. 

"And you think she might like you back?" He continued and Peter shrugged in response. 

"Good enough. Alright then, just ask her out somewhere small, like a study date." Tony advised and Peter frowned. 

"I'm pretty sure she doesn't need to study, every time I see her she's reading a book that's literally ten times bigger than my head. But what if she laughs at me or I make things awkward?" Peter rambled with a nervous chuckle. 

"Well, I can't do much about your head size issues but I can say this much. Telling someone how you really feel is a big cliff, you just have to take a leap. Speak from the heart, that's what I did." Tony said with an honest shrug. 

"Okay, speak from the heart. I'll try." Peter said to himself and Tony smiled proudly. 




"Speak from the heart. Speak from the heart." Peter repeated under his breath as Michelle came into view. 

"Hey, so can I tell everyone at your funeral that you were Spider-Man?" Ned asked with a small smile. 

"Wha-funeral?" Peter exclaimed stopping short. 

"Yeah, ya know, for when she legit murders you for even thinking of her that way." Ned said and Peter rolled his eyes. 

"Whatever, I'll text you later to tell you how it went okay?" Peter asked and Ned shrugged. 

"Good luck." 




"Hey loser." Michelle greeted barely looking up from her book. 

"H-hey MJ." 

"What did you want to talk about?" 


'Speak from the heart.' 


"Alright, I just wanted to tell you that I think you're really smart, a-and pretty and nice to be around. Sometimes when you aren't mad and me or Ned. And I think I like you, more than a f-friend." Peter finished with an awkward flourish and he took a deep breath.

When Peter looked at Michelle it seemed that she might not have even heard him but then he noticed her eyes hadn't moved from that one spot in her book.


"Lame." Michelle said after a moment and Peter felt all the air whoosh out of his stomach. 


'Welp, never talking to anyone ever again, why didn't I go to Natasha she's actually a girl-'


"Same though." MJ said looking up from her book. "Study date tomorrow," she said standing patting Peter's leg, "pick me up at 6. Don't do anything too stupid while you're Spidermanning." 

Peter's jaw dropped and he jerked in surprise watching her go. But then he felt happiness fill his body so fast he felt dizzy. 



BoxOfCoolNerds: dudeeee

Guyinthechair: am I planning ur funeral?

BoxOfCoolNerds: she said yesss 

Guyinthechair: oh my goodness

BoxOfCoolNerds: she also knows who I am?

Guyinthechair: oh god

BoxOfCoolNerds: pretty much.


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  1. "I think we're gonna be really fast friends"

Bucky and Aniya

Subject: friendship



The first time Aniya and Bucky meet, it's dark in the tower and Aniya just wants some hot chocolate. 

She wasn't expecting a dark figure to be standing in her kitchen talking to Steve. 


"Steve?" Aniya questions rubbing her eyes and Steve and the mysterious figure turn to face her. 

"Steve?" The man also asked and Holy Crap it's the Winter Soldier. 

The Winter Solider is standing in her kitchen next to her hot chocolate making pan and Sam's waffle maker and Aniya is in her fuzzy iron man pj pants and one of Clint's pizza shirts. 


"What the fuck." Aniya says lowly and he steps forward and Aniya stumbled back still not grounded. 


The Winter Soldier stops and Steve takes a breath. Then he reaches towards his metal arm and literally unhooks it. 


"Don't worry," he says placing it down on the kitchen counter, "I'm unarmed." 

Aniya stops, her brain literally stops working and she can't move. 

She can see Steve face palm and James' hopeful smile in her kitchen at three in the morning. 

His arm is on her kitchen counter.


What the fuck even.


Steve is honestly considering calling Tony and telling him that he broke Aniya when she covers her face with her hands and starts shaking. 

"Oh god, I didn't-I didn't mean," Bucky starts turning to Steve with something akin to panic filling his eyes. 

Then Aniya uncovers her face to show that she's laughing. 

"O-oh my god! Wait, wait! T-the Winter soldier is standing in my kitchen-ha ha- n-next to my boyfriend's coffee maker and-and my freaking smoothie maker- heh, with his fucking arm on the table." She wheezed and Bucky blinked. 

"So, you're not mad?" He asked reattaching his arm after Aniya had calmed down. 

"No way! That was amazing! I think we're gonna be really fast friends." Aniya said with a real smile and Bucky smiled back. 

Steve felt warmth fill his chest and he thanked God for a wonderful person like Aniya. 

"Call me Bucky." 

"Cool. Call me Supersized Mcshizzle!" Aniya exclaimed grabbing her pan and chocolate bars. 

Bucky raised and eyebrow and Steve shook his head minutely. 

"Sure, whatever works." Bucky said and Aniya beamed.

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  1. "I'm keeping this one/you!" 


Aniya and Loki and a little Tony

Subject: adoption?


"Tony?" Aniya called out sitting on the edge of the workshop table swinging her legs. 

When he didn't answer she hopped down and walked into the hallway. 


"Tony?" She questioned creeping down the hallway with a frown. 

She turned the corner and there was Loki standing there. 


"Um, hey?" Loki said with a sheepish sort of half smile. 

Aniya stiffened and stumbled backward. "Oh my-oh my god! J-JARVIS!" Then she seemed to catch herself and her hands burst into flames. 

She rushed towards Loki and he flinched. "Where's Tony? What have you done with him? I'll kill you, I swear I'll kill you dead!" 


Then Aniya felt arms encircle her waist. "Let me go! I swear, get off!" She twisted in the grip and was about to make her while self catch on fire when she heard Tony's voice. 

"C-calm down honey! It's okay!" 

Aniya relaxed and the arms pulled away. "Tony?" She turned and pulled him in for a hug. 

"Oh my god! I thought you were dead or something." Tony chuckled and hugged her back. 

"What's this little snake doing here?" Aniya sneered glaring at Loki. 


Loki shrunk back practically into the wall. Tony placed a hand on her shoulder and Aniya took a deep breath. 

"He's been mind controlled, I ran tests." Tony said and Aniya frowned.

"Really?" Aniya asked and Tony nodded. 

"His punishment from Odin is that he must stay on earth and he can't use his magic unless it's for good." Tony relayed and Aniya frowned. 

"Is he going to stay here?" Aniya question eyeing Loki distrustfully. 

"Yes, until he has to go to Asgard for his monthly psych evaluation." 




Aniya stumbled into the kitchen and nearly jumped out of her skin when she saw Loki standing there poking at the coffee maker.


"What are you doing?" Aniya mumbled, too tired to deal with anything ridiculously hard.

"I am trying to figure out how Stark produced liquid from this machine." 

"Why don't you just use magic or something?" Aniya asked grabbing an apple and watching him press buttons helplessly. 

"I figured if I am to spend time in Midgard I should learn how to use your things." Loki said with a frown. 

"Well, first you need to learn how to talk like us." Aniya said a sneaky smile creeping over her face. 

She quickly made him a cup of coffee and pulled him to the couch. 

"Alright the first thing the kids are saying now is Fam." 




Tony walked into the room and watched Aniya and Loki talking enthusiastically and smiled. Aniya noticed him standing there and her eyes brightened. 

"Okay Loki, try it out." 

Loki turned to Tony and Tony bared himself. 

"What's up fam? Hope everything's gucci. Can't wait to hang out and get lit?" Loki recited the words sounding strange and foreign on his tongue. 

Tony cracked up, full on belly laughed and Aniya lit up even more. 

Loki frowned and turned back to Aniya. "Did I do it wrong?" 

"No, no, oh my gosh no! Anyone who can make Tony laugh this early in the morning without coffee is a okay in my book." Aniya said with a snort and Loki smiled. 

"Tony? I think we're keeping this one, he's right as rain." Aniya called out but Tony paid no mind he was to busy dying of laughter.