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Perfect World

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“Yuujin, Yuujin!” With much speed and force in his movements, a green haired youth about medium height and slim build was seen running down a sterile lifeless hallway screaming that name, paranoia in his voice. The young man, 29 years of age, known as Haru Shinkai began to pound the door on the last room in the hall.

“It’s open,” a voice rang out.

Haru quickly let himself inside. The room was dimly light white with three occupants. Standing near the entrance of the door was a large bipedal yellow machinelike humanoid, the Appmon dubbed as Bootmon. A man with a similar build to Haru but a bit younger than him with short auburn hair was standing near what seemed to be a bed. It was on the bed that all the focus of Haru’s anxiety lay. A man appearing to be the same age as him but with a much larger build and muscular frame. The top of the man’s head was covered with fiery red hair. He was laying down on the bed with his eyes shut. There were bandages wrapped across the left corner of his face.

Years had passed since Haru had felt this type of fear, the fear of losing Yuujin. The last time was when he was 14, when Yuujin sacrificed himself to save humanity and Haru. Haru thought that horrible time in his life, worrying about Yuujin’s safety, was over, but he was wrong. In the last couple of years, his and Hajime-kun’s research in AI development had begun to attract worldwide attention. However, Haru’s research was the most controversial. Research that had begun to affect his and, most importantly, Yuujin’s safety.

It began a few years ago. After seeing their friends begin to form families of their own and have children, Haru had felt a tinge of jealously. Japan had legalized gay marriage in the year 2028 and not a minute too soon, him and Yuujin tied the knot. However, one thing was missing in completing their family, a child. A child to love and hold that was the best of both of him and Yuujin. The most challenging obstacle to his goal was that Yuujin wasn’t even human to begin with, a fact that Haru and his friends swore secrecy never to tell anyone. The other problem was that they were both technically males, but advancements in bioengineering had now made it possible for same sex couples to have children that shared both of their DNA.

Thus, Haru began to search for a method to synthesize Yuujin’s physical and mental characteristics into a DNA genome sequence. Haru didn’t do this alone. He had help with Hajime and a friend of his, a young woman who was almost as intelligent as Hajime and very close in age to him. She was a prodigy bioengineer have been mentored by none other than the woman who uncovered how to make same-sex couples have children. It took two years, but Haru made it possible, he could have a child that was his and Yuujin.

The next step was how to incubate the child. Unfortunately, Haru didn’t have the funds for a machine to incubate the child, and looking for a surrogate mother that was a stranger was out of the question. To make matters worse, none of their friends were available at that time to carry the child. So Haru, in a rash decision, created an artificial womb and used the aide of surgical robot to implant it within himself.

In the first couple of weeks, Haru didn’t seem to notice anything different. But when the seventh week of his pregnancy hit, Haru began to vomit constantly. This worried Yuujin but Haru play it off as stress and a stomach virus. Yuujin had his suspicions but decided not to pry. It might have helped that at that time, Haru developed an overactive libido, and it made a certain android very happy.

However, that happiness was cut short. While him and Yuujin were walking back to their residency after watching a movie, Haru got dizzy and walked into oncoming traffic. Immediately acting on instinct, Yuujin used his robotic powers and blocked Haru from the path of an incoming car. The driver of the car was relatively unharmed, but the damage was done. Someone had unknowingly recorded the event, but once they realized what happened, they upload the damning footage on the web for the entire world to see.

The world now knew Yuujin was an artificial human. The media had a field day. “World Famous AI Researcher Haru Shinkai’s Husband Yuujin Shinkai is not Human,” was front and center in most of the newspapers in Japan.

Yuujin wasn’t too upset about his forced outing, but Haru’s distress later changed that. To make matter worse, the tabloids and rumor mill began to create malicious stories about their relationship. They called Yuujin a robot designed for sexual pleasure, a sexbot, and claimed he was created by Haru’s grandfather, Denemon, as a toy for his disturbed lonely grandkid, a toy that a degenerate like Haru would late pervert for his fetishes and deviancies. People even began to demand the courts and Japanese government to annul their marriage on the basis that Yuujin wasn’t human and his status was that of property and not a corporate individual with free will. Haru became numb and the only thing to pull him from all that negativity was having Yuujin consoling him the entire time. Haru felt guilt that he needed to be comforted, when it should have been him providing attention for his beloved. He could only imagine what his husband must have felt with all these horrible accusations lobbied towards him.

However, events soon took another horrible turn for Haru. By the twentieth week of his pregnancy, Yuujin had enough of Haru’s deteriorating condition. He thought to himself that Haru was clearly suffering from some long-term ailment and that he needed immediate medical attention. While Haru slept, Yuujin grabbed his sleeping husband and drove him to the emergency room. It was there that Yuujin learned the truth.

“He is pregnant, I don’t know how it is possible, but he has a womb and a developing fetus in there, seems to be about twenty weeks old,” said the doctor. When Yuujin discovered the news, he was furious at first. His anger stemming from the fact that Haru went behind his back, but noticing how upset Haru had become after the revelation had erased much of his agitation. Haru was his weakness, and he could never be truly mad at him.

However, yet again the world discovered another dark secret about the Shinkai family. Someone had hacked into the hospital a week later. It didn’t take long for a leak to be made that revealed Haru was pregnant. Haru Shinkai was pregnant with the child of an android. And this is where Haru’s new crisis in his life would begin.

“Hajime-kun, what happened! I got a call from Ai-chan and she told me that Rei-kun had taken an injured Yuujin to one of the rooms in our lab.” Haru demanded with obvious fear in his voice. It was rare for Haru to ever raise his voice like that to his fellow AI researcher.

Hajime sighed and explained as best as he could to the bewildered green hair man, “Haru-senpai, Yuujin-san was at your home when there was a break in. A group of armed masked individuals came into your home and demanded to know your location. Yuujin-san refused to give your location and a fight ensued. Yuujin-san incapacitated all of them, but one of the assailants shot him. My brother Rei and Hackmon were in the neighborhood when they heard the altercation. They brought Yuujin-san here, but not before learning from him what had transpired before he passed out. The criminals are currently in Ai-san’s bookstore basement and my brother intends to interrogate them for more information. Yuujin-san is going to be fine, I put him on standby mode and started to do the necessary repairs, he’ll be awake any minute now”

The color of Haru’s face dropped after hearing the whole explanation. “Why!? Why do people keep targeting us!? Why can’t Yuujin and I be allowed to be happy!?” Tears clearly started to form down his face. It seemed that memories of Leviathan had never truly healed in Haru’s heart.

With a calming tone, Hajime responded with the following, “Haru-senpai please calm down, stress is not good for the baby, think about what Yuujin-san would say.”

Haru slowly began to relax and pressed a hand to the bump forming in his stomach, “You are right, I need to be think about our son.”

“It’s a boy!? Congratulations Haru-senpai!” Hajime said with a smile. It was then that stirrings began to be heard from the bed. Both men turned around to look.