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Family Business

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Twins. That's what Bill and Tom kaulitz were, identical twins. Despite the identical part, the twin's looked exactly the same but completely different. Tom was older, and stronger, he had defined muscle and was good at sports. The girls flocked to him, and he was already starting to be included in the family business, but we'll get into that in a little bit. Bill was the youngest twin, by ten minutes. He was taller, thinner and more in touch with his feminine side than most men, he was also gay, and never had a boyfriend or girlfriend for that matter. He loved his twin, and his twin loved him. They had grown up together, and were extremely close. They did everything together, literally everything, so when puberty struck, it was only natural that they experimented with each other. Tom was a lot more shy than Bill was when it came to people. When it came to girls and sex, Tom was on point, though he had lost his virginity to his twin at the age of fourteen. The two only acknowledged their sexual relationship in the safe privacy of their bedroom away from the world to see. In their room they could be themselves, outside of it, they put on a show for everyone. Why? Because incest is illegal and immoral, it also goes against everything that the Kaulitz's stood for.

Jorg Kaulitz is a very rich and powerful man, owning and running his own music company. However, despite Jorg's good face, he was also involved in something a little more darker. Jorg had root's already placed in the Berlin Street Gang. Combining his day job with his night job, he was working with several well known German rappers, all of them had something to do with the gang life.

Tom, being the oldest, and into rap music, couldn't wait to start helping his dad in the music industry, course, the twins had also known about his nightly outings and that he had been involved with the gang. They were into selling drugs and prositution, they also had just started up in a black market car trade that seemed to be earning them a good portion of money.

Tom was with his father, while Bill was at home, catching up on homework. Jorg and Tom were just leaving the studio with one of Jorg's top musician's and his closest friend, Bushido. Together, they ran the gang, and Bushido produced the best music for Jorg's company. Bushido brought in the big bucks, while everyone else were just supports.

"You headin' out?" Jorg asked Bushido, as they came to the street where they had their parked, matching black Cadillac's.

"Yeah. Got a few buyer's to see." Bushido nodded.

"Good. I want you to take Tom with you. It's time he start learning the family business."

Tom with his baggy clothes just stood there looking between his father and Bushido, not really sure he was ready to do whatever his Dad had in mind for him to do, but was too nervous to voice his opinion. He had promised his twin he'd make it up to him for leaving him alone, but it seemed as though he was going to be out longer than he intended tonight.

"Alright, Boss, I'll show him around. What time do you want him back by?" Bushido asked.

"After your three run's, then bring him home. We'll talk tomorrow." Jorg said, then ducked into his SUV without a second glance at his son.

"Look's like your with me tonight, kid. You ready for what you're getting into?" Bushido asked, clapping Tom on the shoulder.

"Don't have much of a choice do I?" Tom asked quietly, and followed Bushido into his matching black Cadillac.

The ride was quiet, despite the loud rap music blaring through the speakers. Bushido pulled up at an empty parking lot, it was dark, a scene your parents warn you about to stay away from. Tom's stomach tightened in fear, and his concious told him to stay, but with Bushido urging him out of the car, he didn't have much a choice. So, Tom got out and followed Bushido to the back of a small run down shop that they were currently parked in front of. "Don't speak unless your spoken to. Just stand next to me and keep your mouth shut and watch and listen." Tom nodded his head, and followed close next to Bushido. When they got to the back of the building Tom almost froze, and it was Bushido's narrowed eyes that told him he'd be in big trouble if he fucked up that kept him going.

There was a guy and a girl waiting behind the dingy brick building, and it smelled like a sewer the further they walked. She was pacing, and breathing heavily, almost as if she would break down in tear's. She was scratching at her arm's and face, and when she finally took notice of Bushido she rushed up to him, her black heel's clicking on the pavement. "Do you have the stuff? Please, I need it."

"Relax baby, I got what you need. The question is, do you have my money?"

"Yes, yes, Ray, baby the money." She said, turning and talking to the man that had been waiting next to a broken down white little Hatchback. The man, Ray, walked over hand extended, and Bushido extended his own hand as if to shake his hand, and that's exactly what the two did. Taking each other's hand, while staring the other down. The girl pacing and sratching at herself next to them, and then in a second, everything was over. The couple turned and got into their little old beat up car, and sped off. Bushid turned and walked back to his SUV, Tom close by. For a moment Tom wondered what just happened. He didn't see anyone exchange anything, and his young nieve mind was trying to quickly catch up with what just happened.

Once the two were in the car, Bushido smiled down at the confused looking teen and said, "That's how you do business. Any questions?"

"Um... What just happened?" Tom asked, unable to help the confusion from speaking.

"That is how you do a drug deal, kid." Bushido said, and reached into his large pocket and pulled out a small zip lock baggy containing some white powdery stuff, that honestly just looked like baby powder or something similar. Tom inspected it, and looked up at Bushido, confused as to what exactly it was, he knew it was drugs, but he didn't know what kind.

"Heroin." Bushido said, as if reading Tom's mind. "You ever been high, kid?"

"N no." Tom stuttered, feeling his stomach knot up again, he felt almost sick, and he wanted to go home.

"Well, you keep up the good work and you will be by the end of the night."

The second stop had gone similarly to the first one, quick and easy. The third stop of the night however, was different. They were in a dim lit alley way, and it was cold and damp and smelled like rotten food and ass. This time the customer was a young blond girl with dull blue eyes, the light and spark vanished long ago. And when he and Bushido walked up to her, she ran up more than a little deserate and crying. "Please, BU, please." She pleaded. "Where's the money, Sandi?" He asked, not reacting to her desperate need in the least. She let out a breath, and started crying again, this time she clung to his jacket. "I don't have it. I don't have it." She sounded so helpless and desperate and Tom instantly felt bad for her. He stared, chewing his lip nervously as he watched the following scene unfold before his eyes. "No money, Smack." Bushido said, and he quickly turned to leave, but Sandi grasped onto his arm in one last ditch effort. "Please, I can pay you another way, please, please, let me take care of you baby. You know I can, baby." She said, pushing herself against Bushido, and he smirked down at her, then over to Tom who was still staring. "On your knee's then." Bushido said, and she fell instantly at his feet, reaching up with shaking hands to fumble with his belt buckle. Then quickly unzipped his zipper and the button of his jean's and pulled them down low enough to slip his cock out. Sandi wasted no time in taking Bushido into her mouth and going to work.

Meanwhile Tom watched, eyes wide in shock as Bushido gripped the back of the girls head, pumping himself into her mouth, not caring that she choked a few times or was gagging. His head tilted back, his other free hand held his shirt up out of the way. The only thing the girl could do was hold onto Bushido's hips, her chipped nails digging into his thigh's, and Tom could see a tear slip from her closed eyes. He felt so sick to his stomach and he quickly turned away, and started to walk, but just before he was out of sight Bushido called out to him. "Don't you dare go anywhere, your dad said for you to stay with me, so stand there, watch and wait." Bushido said, smirking at the slightly shaking teen. Sure, Tom had experience with sex, and had enjoyed it a lot, but this was so wrong. It was dirty. It was forceful, one sided pleasure. It was nothing like what he had Bill had. They loved each other, and Tom had always made sure Bill was taken care of and took extra care not to hurt his twin. This was so wrong, and Tom had to look away, he couldn't stand the sight of it.

Finally, just as soon as it started, it was over. The sound of ganging and spitting could be heard echoing down the alley, and Tom glanced back at Bushido who was tucking himself into his pant's and pulling his pants back up. Sandi was still on her knee's, looking exhausted, make up smeared across her face. Tom admitted that the girl was cute, pretty even, she just looked so helpless and lost to the drugs and street life. He wished there was some way he could help her.

Bushido smiled down at the girl, pulled out a little baggy, possibly the very same one that he had shown Tom, and tossed it to the ground next to Sandi. "Next time you better have cash." He said and hooked an arm around Tom's shoulder's and guided him to the car. As soon as the two got in, Bushido pulled another baggy out, this time there were little white pills, and handed one to Tom. "Take it. Here." Bushido said, handing the teen a spoon. "Smash it up. Look, like this." He said, smashing up his own pill, then using a credit card, lined up the crushed pill in a line. He then took out a dollar bill, rolled it up, and snorted the line up. After most of it had been snorted, Bushido tilted his head back, wiping his nose, and sitting back in his seat, eyes closed for a moment before he remembered Tom beside him. "Go on. Try it. Just like I showed you. Do it."