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I Kissed Two Girls

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Justine’s interaction with Mia didn’t stop after their first night together. They weren’t in a relationship; she supposed it was more a friends-with-benefits type of situation, which Justine was fine with. No relationship meant more time for her and Mia to focus on their schooling, but when either of them did feel that need, they could have a few drinks, catch up, and have sex. She wasn’t emotionally involved, so it worked well for her.

At the beginning, Mia was always the one to call or text first, but the more comfortable Justine became with their times together, the more often she found herself calling Mia up for their get togethers. Mia seemed to like it, she was always enthusiastic and happy to have Justine over any time she called.

It became a routine. Every other week or so, Justine would send a text asking Mia if she wanted to go out. Mia usually agreed; the only times that she didn’t were days she had to study, or days she already had someone over. That didn’t bother Justine either. Mia could see other people, as could she, if she wanted to.

Mia broke that routine the day she called Justine and asked her over so they could ‘talk’. Of course ominous words like that made her a little nervous, but she couldn’t think of any legitimate reason to worry, so she accepted, shut her laptop, and started to get ready.

When she made it to Mia’s apartment, Mia was her usual bubbly self, inviting Justine in and asking her if she wanted a coffee, which Justine accepted. Mia then pulled her into the apartment and into the living room where they sat down together on the couch.

“What did you want to talk about, Mia?” She was dying to know what was so important.

Mia took another sip of her coffee, a playful smirk showing on her lips as she swallowed it down. She set her cup on the coffee table and turned toward Justine, placing an elbow on the back of the couch and leaning her head in her hand. “Well, I wanted to ask you if you’d be interested in something.”

Justine raised an eyebrow. “I suppose that depends what this something is.”

“Okay, I’ll just say it. I have a friend who’s a year older than me, she graduated last year and she’s a prosecutor now. Her name is Lana Skye. Before I met you she and I were together. Actually together. We broke up but we stayed friends and now we just have casual sex, the same as you and me. I told her about you and she was really interested in meeting you. She suggested something that made me a little excited, but I let her know I’d have to ask you first.”

“Alright. I’m certainly not averse to meeting you other friends, so long as nothing is awkward between us.”

Mia tilted her head. “Why would it be awkward?”

“Because we’ve both slept with you,” Justine stated bluntly. “Though it sounds like you and she have a similar relationship as we do, so I’m assuming she knows you see other people, and it isn’t a big deal.”

Mia nodded. “Exactly. She’s fine with it. But she suggested, well…” Mia grinned. Justine knew she was only teasing her; Mia was never shy or bashful about things like this.

“What is it, Mia?”

“She wanted to know if you’d be interested in a threesome. You, me, and her. She’s really gorgeous, Justine, you’d really like her. And I told her all about you, but of course if you want to meet her first that’s okay too.”

Justine wasn’t exactly shocked at the proposal, in fact excited was a better word for it. She could feel that coil in her belly tightening just at the thought of a threesome. Mia was beautiful enough, just looking at her naked body was enough to make Justine wet, and if this Lana was as gorgeous as Mia was claiming… well, the thought of pleasing two beautiful women at once, and they her, made her very horny.

Mia smiled and reached forward to run a hand along Justine’s thigh. “She also had another proposal.”

“Oh? What would that be?”

“Well, when I told her you wanted to become a judge, she got this look in her eyes, and suggested we let you take the reigns. In the courtroom the judge is in charge, they have power over both the defense attorney and the prosecutor, they make the final decisions. She thought it’d be fun to let you control the situation.” She stroked Justine’s thigh with a finger. “And I have to agree, the thought is really sexy.”

The thought was sexy. During their trysts, Mia was always the one who took control. There was no reason for it really, maybe because Justine was still relatively new to sex, maybe it was because they were usually in Mia’s apartment, in her bed, using her sex toys. It didn’t matter, they pleased each other, but Mia guided everything. The idea of taking control and giving the orders in a threesome sounded nice.

Justine nodded thoughtfully, trying to ignore how Mia’s fingers were pushing between her thighs while simultaneously pushing her skirt further up. “I suppose that would be nice,” she said. “I would love to, Mia. I would like to meet Lana first, maybe over dinner or something, but I don’t see any reason to put it off very long.”

Mia smiled. “You love the thought, don’t you?” Justine smiled right back, shifting on the couch to open her legs a bit more. Mia’s fingers glided up her inner thigh more easily, and pushed aside her panties. She slipped a finger gently between her folds. “Oh yeah, you do. I can tell.”

There wasn’t much more talk after that, as lips came into contact and clothes came off.

Justine met Lana for the first time a few days later. They went out to dinner together, all three of them. Lana was as gorgeous as Mia had said. She had chocolatey brown hair just like Mia, but stick straight, falling halfway down her back. She was thinner than either of them, and her breasts not as large, but she had an air of authority about her that Justine liked. They got along so well that no one complained when Lana casually suggested they all go back to her apartment after dinner.

Upon arriving at the apartment, much bigger than Mia’s or Justine’s put together, and with the added bonus of no roommates, Lana uncorked a bottle of wine and poured three glasses, then led them into her living room where they sat down together. They chatted a bit longer, and drank their wine. By the time they were finished their glasses, Mia was becoming antsy.

She was the first one to lean over and kiss Lana full on the lips, with no warning. Justine sat back and watched. It was fascinating to watch Mia kiss, from a third person perspective. Of course she preferred when Mia’s lips were on her, but this night wasn’t all about her.

Lana reciprocated the kiss, tangling her fingers into Mia’s hair and pulling her closer with a hand on the back of her neck. When Mia deepened the kiss and added her tongue to the mix, Lana wasted no time running her hands down the front of Mia’s blouse. She effortlessly undid the buttons to expose Mia’s breasts.

Mia pulled away from the kiss for just a second to look over at Justine. She lifted a finger to beckon her closer. “Come on, Justine. This is a group effort today. Help Lana out of her clothes. And remember, you’re the judge here tonight.”

Justine didn’t need to be told twice. As Mia’s lips sought Lana’s again, Justine came forward to run her fingers lightly down Lana’s bare arms. She could see goosebumps raise where she touched. She moved her fingers to the hem of the top she was wearing and slipped them beneath to touch the flat, toned skin of her stomach. The further up her hands went the more of her skin became exposed, and finally Lana pulled apart from Mia to let Justine slip the shirt over her head. She sat forward a bit, allowing Justine wrap her hands around her back to unsnap her bra. She dropped it to the floor, then leaned down to lick Lana’s breast. Her tongue wound its way around the curve of her breast in a spiral formation, then back up to finally rest on her nipple. Mia followed her lead and began doing the same thing on the other side.

Lana leaned back on the couch, letting her two lovers lick and suck at her tits. While they were busy, she finally managed to unsnap Mia’s bra, letting her breasts bounce free from it to rest on Lana’s abdomen as Mia sucked on her nipple.

Lana let out a moan of pleasure, and as if they were in sync, Mia and Justine both stopped their pleasuring to sit up. Lana looked at them with a pout. “Why did you stop? That felt amazing.”

“We don’t want you to get all the attention, right, Justine?” Mia said, looking sideways at her. “Poor Justine here doesn’t even have her shirt off yet.”

Justine lifted her t-shirt over her head quickly, not even bothering to let either of them do it. The faster she was naked the better. She unhooked her own bra as well, and dropped it to the floor with the others. Lana stared at the two other women, looking back and forth between them on either side of her. “Wow. I honestly think I’m in the presence of the two most beautiful pairs of tits I’ve ever seen. You’ve both been blessed.

Mia giggled, shaking her body slightly to jiggle her tits on purpose. She laid a hand against Lana’s own breast, rubbing it gently with her palm. “But yours are so perky. In twenty years you’re still going to look amazing.”

Lana reached up with her hands to caress a breast each. “Mm but you two look amazing now.”

Mia jumped off the couch and began to shimmy out of her pants and underwear. She made a show of it for a few seconds, twisting and turning as if dancing to silent music, bending over to show off her ass as she pushed her panties down her legs to step out of them. When she was finally blissfully nude, she knelt on the floor in front of Lana and began to remove hers as well. Next, she went to Justine, who’d sat back on the couch beside Lana, and pulled down the long skirt she was wearing, along with her panties.

Mia got back up and held out a hand to Justine. Justine took it and Mia pulled her onto her feet. “Tell me what you want to do, Judge Courtney,” she murmured. “I’m just a lowly defense attorney.”

Justine smirked at that, laying a hand over Mia’s breast. She never got tired of touching Mia’s perfect tits. She bent her head to latch onto a nipple, feeling Mia’s hands reach under her to fondle her own breasts as she did so. Lana sat back to enjoy the show, bringing her feet onto the couch with her to spread her legs and finger herself as she watched.

Mia smiled with pleasure, playing with Justine’s nipples until Justine raised her head again. “Kiss me,” she murmured.

Mia did so, grabbing Justine around the waist and pulling their bodies together, letting their large breasts press and rub together, stimulating their nipples even more. They pulled apart breathlessly. Justine turned to look at Lana, spread on the couch and looking all the world like she was enjoying watching the two of them together.

“Lana, I think a bed would be more comfortable for us. Shall we move into the bedroom?”

Lana nodded, removing her fingers from herself and getting up to lead the way to her bedroom. The bed was a king size, which was going to make having three people on it at once even easier.

Justine cleared her throat. “Do you have any toys, Lana?”

Lana nodded excitedly. “In the closet. Everything is clean, choose whatever you want.”

Justine pointed to the two of them. “Why don’t you two get started while I look for something fun?”

“Oh, it’d be my pleasure,” Mia said, turning and pushing Lana down onto the bed. Lana crawled further up, laid on her back, and made a twirling motion with her finger at Mia.

Mia immediately climbed on top of her, turning herself around to position her hips above Lana’s face in a 69 position. Lana ran her hands up Mia’s thighs and palmed at her pussy. “So pretty.”

Mia dove right in, licking a strip from Lana’s clit down to her hole. “Mm, and yours is just as tasty as ever.”

Lana giggled, pulling Mia’s hips closer to her face, letting her hands slide over her ass to spread her out more, then went to work with her own tongue.

Justine picked out a strap on with a rather large dildo, as well as a small vibrator from the closet. She knew Mia liked big cocks. She loved to be filled and stretched. She took a smaller one as well, not knowing what Lana preferred. She’d been so focused on the toys that she was largely ignoring the moans and gasps of pleasure from behind her, so when she turned around and was greeted by the sight of Lana and Mia eating each other out, she could feel her own arousal intensifying. She could sit and simply watch them and she would be able to get off easily. But that wouldn’t be as fun.

Mia was conveniently on all fours already, so Justine strapped the larger dildo on and climbed onto the bed. “Excuse me, Miss Skye,” she said.

Lana grinned up at her and removed her tongue from Mia’s folds. Mia whined with displeasure. “Why’d you stop?”

Justine rubbed Mia’s asscheek, pressing the tip of the dildo against her slit. This time Mia groaned with pleasure. “Oh, fuck yes. You know I like them big. I’m so wet already, just slide it in, Justine.”

She did, watching Mia’s pussy swallow the cock hungrily, her pussy lips wrapping tightly around it. It was a fascinating thing to watch. Lana stared from beneath. Mia moaned as the cock filled her. “Oh god, that feels good.”

She dipped her head again, causing Lana to gasp as Mia’s tongue started roving her pussy again, and when her lips closed around Lana’s clit to suck, she pressed a finger inside of her to massage her g-spot at the same time. Lana’s hips bucked up into Mia’s face as Justine fucked Mia from behind.

Lana rubbed Mia’s clit with her fingers as the cock Justine was using pushed in and out of Mia quickly, whose gasps and moans were getting louder and louder. Justine was getting faster too, using her hands on Mia’s hips to pull her back against the strap on harder. It was too much for Mia to handle, and she came with a cry, stilling and lifting her head from Lana’s pussy to ride out her orgasm.

Justine slipped the thick cock from Mia’s pussy and ran her fingers gently over her, feeling her wetness, even more so from her orgasm. Lana licked up as much as she could before Mia lifted her leg to crawl off of Lana and sat back, her breasts heaving with her breaths. Once she’d caught her breath, she pulled Lana into a sitting position.

“Justine, do you want to know a secret about our dear Lana here?” she said, looking at Justine as she stroked Lana’s breasts with her hands.

“Do tell.”

“She loves anal. She loves it so much that I’m almost positive she prepared herself tonight, just in case. Am I right, Lana?”

Lana smiled at Mia. “Wanna switch?”

Mia nodded, reaching for the lube in the nightstand. Clearly Mia knew where things were in Lana’s bedroom. She handed it over to Justine. “Make her feel good, Judge Courtney.”

Mia laid back down on her back and Lana crawled over her this time, another 69 position but with Lana on top, her ass in the air. Justine quickly coated her hand with some lube. Lana smiled back at her. “Don’t be afraid of hurting me, Justine. I prepared myself earlier so as long as you use lots of lube, it’ll be great.”

Justine nodded and leaned forward, using her tongue first to wet the area. She pressed it against Lana’s asshole, letting it wriggle into the tight ring. Lana sighed. Justine lifted her head and reached forward, spreading Lana’s cheeks apart. She pressed her lube coated finger against Lana’s asshole, pushing gently to stretch her. With the lube, she slipped in up to the first knuckle easily. Lana moaned with satisfaction. “More, Justine.”

“Really fuck her,” Mia said from below. She had her hands wrapped around Lana’s thighs, and was lifting her head to begin tonguing Lana’s pussy again.

Justine continued pushing her finger in until she was up to her last knuckle. She pulled out and added another, gently spreading Lana open to take the cock more easily. Lana groaned. “God, I think it’s fine. Stick that cock in my ass, Justine.”

Justine positioned herself behind Lana, pressing the tip of the cock against her asshole. The fact that the dildo was just inside Mia’s pussy made the act of using it on Lana’s ass even hotter somehow. It was still coated in the sheen of Mia’s pussy juice. Justine pressed into Lana, her hole spreading easily to accommodate the large toy. Lana whimpered. “F-Fuck…”

Mia laughed from beneath her. “You like that cock in your ass, Lana? You always did have a thing for it.”

Justine pistoned in and out, not sure how quick to go. Lana seemed impatient though, pressing her ass back against the cock as Justine was giving it, so she picked up the pace a little. Lana cried out. “I can feel it pressing… god… Mia, keep licking… and Justine don’t stop… oh, right there.”

There was a few minutes of silence, nothing but the sound of flesh slapping flesh and Lana’s moans, then Lana’s peak hit her just as suddenly as Mia’s had. She was silent as she came, shuddering with pleasure as Justine continued to fill her ass and Mia sucked at her clit. When the ecstasy passed, she pulled forward, letting the dildo pop out. Justine watched as her asshole gaped for a few seconds, then moved away to let Lana get off of Mia. She took the strap-on off and placed it on the nightstand. Mia and Lana were both flushed and glowing from their pleasure. Lana smiled at Mia. “I think it’s about time the judge here gets some love. She’s been so good to us.”

“I think so too,” Mia said. She got onto her knees and pushed Justine onto her back. “My favourite part is getting to eat you out.”

Lana pushed on Mia’s shoulder. “Excuse me? You always get to. I want a taste of Justine here seeing as it’s my first time with her.”

Mia pouted but got out of the way. She laid down beside Justine, caressing her tits while she watched Lana lie on her stomach. She pulled Justine’s hips closer to her and began to lick, dragging her tongue along Justine’s wet folds. She hadn’t touched herself at all yet and she was soaked just from watching the other two and making them feel good. Lana hummed in satisfaction as she lapped up the juices.

Mia began to nibble at Justine’s shoulder, her earlobe, her neck, trailing her kisses lower until she reached Justine’s breast and began to suckle at her nipple, letting her hand palm her other nipple, sometimes letting it roam lower to run across her stomach, or let her fingers slip through the fine hair at the apex of her pussy.

Justine leaned back and simply enjoyed the feeling. It was almost too intense, there was so much to focus on. How Lana’s tongue continually dove inside of her and then laved up to lay flat against her clit, or how her hands wrapped around her thighs, her fingers pressing into her skin. How Mia’s lips attached to her nipple and her tongue lapped against it, and how her hands would tickle her. It was all so amazing.

Mia lifted her head and removed her hands, making Justine immediately miss it. She felt Mia move to grab something, then heard the unmistakeable buzzing of the vibrator she’d taken out. Mia ran it gently over Justine’s breasts, holding it against her nipples to stimulate her. Lana was doing more than a good enough job down below, purposely dragging on the pleasure.

“Lana, Justine picked out one other toy that we haven’t used yet; that smaller dildo over there. You should use it on her.”

Lana reached for it, pressing the head against Justine’s pussy. Justine moaned. “Please Lana.”

She pushed it inside, twisting and turning it as it sunk deeper. She continuously pushed and pulled while sucking on Justine’s clit at the same time. Now there were even more sensations. The feeling of the dildo pressing against that sweet spot inside her, the vibrations of the vibrator against her hardened nipples, and of course both of the absolutely gorgeous women using their hands and tongues to pleasure her. She was sure she’d never felt such bliss.

She came faster than she ever had before. All things combined made it impossible for her to last long. She cried out, her hips thrusting into Lana’s face. Lana continued to suck and fuck, while Mia, always curious, leaned forward to get a good view. Justine reached down quickly and pulled at Lana’s wrist, letting the dildo slip out of her.

Lana gasped just as Justine felt two quick shots of warm liquid on her thighs. Mia watched with fascination as she usually did. Justine could only lie there on the bed after, completely spent as she always was when she climaxed.

Lana looked up at Mia. “You didn’t tell me she was a squirter.”

Mia lovingly ran her hands down Justine’s stomach to rub gently against her mound. “I thought it’d be a nice surprise. Isn’t it sexy?”

“Mm.” Lana bent her head to again lick a path from Justine’s hole up to her clit. “It was. You’re amazing, Justine.”

She could only huff in response, still in the midst of catching her breath. Lana crawled up to lie beside her, caressing her breasts as Mia had done.

Justine smiled. “Thank you, both. I’m lucky to have experienced this.”

Mia kissed her on the cheek. “Aw, you’re too nice.”

Lana simply rested her head on the pillow beside Justine, letting her arm lay across her stomach. “It was a privilege, Justine. I hope this won’t be the last time.”

“Oh god, same here,” Mia said. “What’s your verdict Judge Courtney?”

Justine looked between them. “I do believe we’ll have to postpone this trial for further deliberation at a later date…”