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Can't Keep My Hands To Myself

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Usually after getting back to the dorms from a long and tiring concert, Seokjin goes straight to the shower. It was an unspoken rule; Let Seokjin shower first. The others agreed because apparently, Seokjin gets in a bitchy mood if he doesn't wash off the reminders of non-stop tiring dance practices.

("I do not get in a bitchy mood!" Seokjin protested immediately after being told about this for the first time.

"You do!" the hyung line chorused, tone sounding uninterested. They disappeared through the doors to their rooms, leaving Seokjin standing alone at the end of the hallway, right in front of the empty bathroom waiting to be used first.)

So Seokjin is always the first shower, but unsurprisingly, he always comes face-to-face with a certain obstacle that doesn't allow him to wash up as fast as he'd like. For example, right now. 


The maknae hummed in acknowledgement, too distracted with a certain something to say any real words back at his hyung.

"Can you let go? I need to shower now," the eldest in the group said and Jungkook pretended to think about it, his hand still mindlessly playing with Seokjin's butt cheeks.

"I'll shower with you."

Jungkook gave a hard smack to Seokjin ass earning a squeaky protest from the elder, but Jungkook ignored him as he made his way to his own room to grab clothes, laughing maniacally at the curse words the eldest yelled after him.