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life once Kurts born

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"I'm taking the girls and Kurt out shopping today," Emma told her husband. She had Kurt in her arms who had just fallen asleep.

"What are you getting them?" (Will was always careful with money)

"There school stuff. Santana and Britney are only coming to help."

"Do you need me to do anything while you’re gone?"

"No. just watch the boys." just then Rachel shouts really loudly. Waking Kurt up. Kurt started to cry. (Whenever Quinn and Rachel had a fight it normally ended up with them waking Kurt up.) Emma walked out of her and Will's room and over to Quinn and Rachel's room while trying to calm Kurt down.

"You two be quiet. you woke your brother up." Emma said still trying to calm Kurt down.

"Sorry Mum." they both said in unison.

"Mum I got Kurt you go and get ready." Emma turned round to see Noah.

"Thank you, Noah," she said handing Kurt to Noah.

Noah walked down the stairs and into the kitchen to make Kurt a bottle.

"Hey, little man. Why you crying?" Kurt looked up at Noah still crying his eyes out. "Hey there's no need to cry," Noah said bouncing Kurt up and down.

When the bottle was down he made sure it was not too hot and gave it to Kurt. As soon as Noah gave Kurt the bottle Kurt stooped crying and looked at Noah with tear-stained cheeks.

"That’s better." Noah said to Kurt as he walked out of the kitchen and into the living room were Finn, Sam and Artie seat on the sofa watching Scooby-Doo.

"Quinn and Rachel?" Finn asked when he saw Noah holding Kurt.

"Yeah," Noah said as his seat in the armchair.

Quinn walked into the room with a smug look on her face.

"Quinn what did you do?" Noah asked Knowing that look.

"Nothing," Quinn said as she sat down on the other armchair.

"Quinn give me my phone." Rachel said as she stormed into the room.


"Quinn. Give it to me." Rachel said her voice getting even louder.

"Rachel be quit I just got Kurt to calm down. Do you really want him crying again?" Noah said.

Quinn just seat in the armchair on her phone. Rachel walked over and took Quinn's phone

"Give me that," Quinn said standing up.

"No." Rachel said doing exactly what Quinn was doing.

"Rachel give me my phone I was talking to a friend," Quinn said this time her voice getting louder.

"No." Rachel said sitting down next to Finn.

"Rachel give me my phone."

"Give me mine."


"Then I will not give you yours."

"Quinn gives Rachel her phone Rachel give Quinn her phone now," Will said from the door. They could all tell by his tone that he was not in the mood.

"Yes Dad." they both said at the same time. Giving the phones back.

Five minutes later

"Quinn, Rachel get ready. Noah, could you please get Kurt ready?" Emma said from the door to the living room

"Yes, Mum." Rachel and Quinn said as they walked out of the room.

"Sure Mum. Do you want me to help Mercedes?"

"Yes please."

Noah walked upstairs and into Kurt and Mercedes room. When he got there he put Kurt into his coat. And walked over to Mercedes who was playing with dolls on the floor.

"Mom said I need to help you get ready," Noah told her.

"M’kay," she said getting up and walking over to Noah who was now stood by her wardrobe

"So what do you want to be?"

Mercedes picked out a top jumper and jeans. And Noah helped her get into her outfit

"Do you want to help pick out Kurtis's clothes?"

"yah," she said really happily. She loved picking out her little brothers clothes but only Noah would let her help.

They walked over to Kurt's closet on the other side of the room by his crib and changing table.

"So what should he wear today?" Noah asked Mercedes.

She thought for a minute looking through Kurt's closet. She picked out a dinosaur top and black jean.

"theses," she said handing them to Noah.

"Okay. now go and find Mommy okay," he told her and she nodded and walked out of the room.

"Come here little man," Noah said picking Kurt up from his crib. (Noah was used to having to get the little ones ready. having a big family some of the older ones have to help. Mercedes always asked him for help. And Emma was always asking Noah to get Kurt ready.)

Once Noah had finished getting Kurt ready he took him downstairs.
"Mum Kurt's ready," Noah shouted up the stairs.

"Just put him in his basket. Breakfast should be finished by now." Emma shouted from upstairs.

"Sure Mum," Noah said as he put Kurt in his basket and went into the dining room for breakfast.

Upstairs in Santana and Britney's room

"San you need to tell Mum and Dad," Britney told Santana as Santana came out of there bathroom.

"No Brit Mum and Dad do not need to know."

"San your pregnant there going to find out eventually."

"Brit I know I will need to tell them and I will just not yet," Santana told her. (Santana was really scared but she would not tell Britney that)

"Have you told Tommy?"

"Tommy isn't the Dad."

"Who is San?"

"Jake," Santana told her. "He is in our science class." She added when she saw the confused look on Britney's face.

"Does he know?"

"Yah I told him when I found out."

"Santana, Britney breakfast," Finn shouted from downstairs.

"Were coming," Santana shouted back. "Brit we can talk about this later." Britney nodded and they both headed downstairs.

"What’s for breakfast?" Santana asked as they walked into the dining room.

"The normal," Sam said from his seat in between Noah and Mercedes,
"Cool," Santana said as she sat in her seat.

They eat breakfast and then all went into the living room waiting for Emma and Will to come down.

"Okay so Santana, Britney, Quinn, Rachel, Tina and Mercedes you guys are coming shopping with me and Kurt. What are the rest of you doing?"

"I'm going to a Friend’s house," Noah said.

"Going to Anna's," Finn said

"Sam and Artie and I are staying at home for a movie marathon," Mike said.

"Okay Finn, Noah make sure your back before dinner. Come on girls we are going shopping." Emma said as she picked Kurt up.

They all got their jackets then went out to the car.

Emma put Kurt In his seat then help Mercedes and Tina with their seat belts. Once they were all in the car they left for the Mall.
Back at the house

"I'm leaving," Noah said as he got up. "Finn, can I have a ride?"

"Where does your friend live?" Finn asked

"His house is on the way to Anna's that's why I asked."

"Sure I'll give you a ride. Dad can we use the car?"


With that, they got the keys to the family car and left.

10 minutes later

"Thanks, Finn," Noah said as he got out of the car.

"No prob."

Noah walked up to the house and knocked on the door.

"Hey Darren," he said when the door opened.

"Hey. No one’s home." Noah smiled and leaned in for a kiss. Darren was quick to return the kiss. When they broke the kiss Noah walked into the house.

"What are you doing here?" Darren asked

"Well my mum took the girls and Kurt out shopping and Finn went to Anna's so I thought I would come see you. You don't mind do you?"
"No, I don't mind. I never mind. I just thought you would be busy you normally are on a Saturday."

"I know but I had some free time so I thought who better to spend time with than my boyfriend."

"Where do your parents think you are?"

"At a friend’s house."

"Cool," Darren said before he leaned in for a kiss. Noah was quick to deepen the kiss. The kiss got heated really quickly. They started to walk towards Darren's room not breaking the kiss taking clothes off as they went.


"Hey Babe," Finn said when his girlfriend opened the door.

"Hey. Come on in." Anna said as she moved out of the way.

"So what are we going to do today?" Finn asked once they were in Anna's room.

"I was thinking we could watch a movie and snuggle."

"I like the sound of that."

Emma, Santana, Britney, Quinn, Rachel, Tina, Mercedes and Kurt
In the car.

"Mum, can we go to the toy shop?" Mercedes asked

"No. we are just going to get school stuff."


"No Mercedes we will not be getting any toys. Now be quiet before you wake your brother up."


"Mum, why do me and San have to come?" Britney asked

"I need your help watching the kids," Emma said as they pulled into a parking space. "Santana can you please put Kurt in his pram."

"Sure mum," Santana said as she got out of the car. Santana got Kurt out of the car and put him in the pram. The whole time she was doing it all Santana could think about was the baby growing in her.

"Santana, you okay?" Britney asked as they walked into the mall. Santana was pushing Kurt in his pram and had a distant look on her face.

"Yah Brit of course I'm fine."

"Mum, can I get a new skirt for the first day I was going to wear my nice one but it got ruined?"

"Well see Rachel."

They all walked into the mall. Santana was pushing Kurt but all she could do was picture doing that with her own baby. In that moment she decided she was going to keep the baby no matter what because she could not give something like that up.


"I know you don't really like to talk about this but are you ever going to come out to your family?" Darren asked. He and Noah were snuggled upon his bed.

"I don't know," Noah said honestly


"Because I don't know how my family will react okay. I'm worried they will kick me out and hate me. And I really don't want my family to hate me." Noah said

"I get that. But they love you and I'm sure they still will even if they know your bi." Darren said

"I have to go," Noah said as he stood up.

"What? Why?" Darren

"Because I do," Noah said putting his boxers on. "Bye," Noah said once he was dressed. He walked out of Darren's house and all the way home.