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OVERVIEW: Sailor Senshi (known alternately in splinter timelines as "Sailor Guardians", "Sailor Soldiers", or "Sailor Scouts") are the exclusively female warriors (with three partial exceptions, see "Sailor Star Lights and Sailor Kakyuu") of Vertex One, each the totemic representation of a planet or celestial body. Recognized by their distinctive uniforms, which bear an unexplained resemblance to Japanese serafuku, or school uniforms, and possessing a wide variety of magical powers, typically elemental in nature, the Sailor Senshi serve as the so-called "champions of love and justice" for their respective planets. Nearly all Sailor Senshi must transform into their powered states using some form of magical item(s), but a select few possess supernatural abilities in their civilian forms. An unusual quirk of said transformations is a hypothesized "mirage aura" (official designation is unverified), which appears to prevent other civilians from recognizing the Senshi in transformed state unless the transformation occurs in full view of the civilian(s), or the Senshi has chosen to inform the civlian(s) of their true identity. As Sailor Senshi do not undergo dramatic physical alterations upon transformation, as with the Precure/Pretty Cure in many facets of Vertex Three, this accounts for the otherwise inexplicable failure of civilian(s) to recognize the Senshi as their friends/family/classmates, etc.

While theoretically every star/planet/planetoid/celestial body of Vertex One has its own totem Senshi, those representing the Sol System are by far the most influential, as their leader, Sailor Moon (see file TSUKINO, USAGI), possesses the Legendary Silver Crystal, quite possibly the most powerful single object in Vertex One's universe. The Silver Crystal has been the target of numerous unsuccessful attempts to acquire it, carried out by multiple factions.

Vertex One has two primary timelines, heretofore referred to as "Timeline [ALPHA]" and "Timeline [BETA]" in this document, and multiple splinter timelines of lesser prominence which will only be discussed briefly here. As of this writing, Master Joker's operation to forcibly merge both primary timelines into a single "gestalt timeline" is underway.

Note: Terminating a Sailor Senshi is notoriously difficult, no matter the circumstances. A Senshi's endurance is heightened to superhuman levels when transformed, but killing them is possible. Due to the mechanics of Vertex One, however, death is impermanent at best; truly terminating a Sailor Senshi's existence requires the complete destruction of their Sailor Crystal (Timeline [ALPHA]) / Star Seed (Timeline [BETA]). Otherwise, the Senshi will inevitably be reborn from their Crystal / Seed. Further research on the properties of these soul-analogues is underway.



  • Tsukino, Usagi
  • Chiba, Mamoru
  • Mizuno, Ami
  • Hino, Rei
  • Kino, Makoto
  • Aino, Minako
  • Tsukino, Usagi [II]
  • Meioh, Setsuna
  • Tennoh, Haruka
  • Kaioh, Michiru
  • Tomoe, Hotaru



  • Sailor Star Lights and Sailor Kakyuu
  • Other Extrasolar Sailor Senshi
  • Sailor Animamates
  • Oppositio Senshi



ALIAS: Sailor Moon, Princess Serenity, Neo Queen Serenity, The First

EYES: Blue

HAIR: Blonde

The second Sailor Senshi to be awakened on Earth in Vertex One, reincarnation of the Silver Millennium's Princess Serenity, and apparent future ruler of humankind, Usagi Tsukino's existence seems to be a low-level paradox. The survivor and eventual victor of conflicts with five major adversaries, Tsukino's reputation is that of a feared warrior, a just leader, and the benevolent savior of humankind, Earth, and her universe at various points in time. These things might be true, however, examination of the subject's civilian life and personality profile calls her exploits as Sailor Moon into question.

Earliest known records indicate that in her modern incarnation, Tsukino was an exceptionally slothful and gluttonous but otherwise below-average example of an adolescent Japanese female prior to her awakening as a Sailor Senshi by Mauan felinid Luna. Subject had no exceptional talents, and her academic performance was middling to poor at best. Of note, these traits have persisted even after her awakening. Historical record indicates that Luna, acting as her mentor, would often resort to manipulation or threats of physical violence to spurn Tsukino into battle against the Dark Kingdom's agents. In fact, Tsukino exhibited many displays of blatant cowardice in early battles with her enemies; in this aspect, if not others, she has shown slight maturity over time.

Subject's behavior remained mostly unchanged during subsequent contact with Ami Mizuno, Rei Hino, Makoto Kino, and Minako Aino (see related files) and facilitating their own awakenings as Senshi. During this time, Tsukino also developed a romantic attraction to Tuxedo Mask (see file CHIBA, MAMORU), a guardian figure of sorts and the equivalent of Earth's Sailor Senshi, who assisted her in battle on numerous occasions. Timeline [BETA] contains a brief period of friction between the two in regards to the Rainbow Crystals, the seven components of the Legendary Silver Crystal, an heirloom of the Silver Millennium civilization of Earth's moon with theoretically infinite power. (Timeline [ALPHA] contains a period similar if lesser friction, but the Rainbow Crystals do not exist at all. Presumably, this anomaly has some significance, but evidence remains inconclusive.)

Over time, her relationships with Chiba, the four so-called "Inner Senshi", and future daughter "Chibi-Usa" (see file TSUKINO, USAGI [II]) strengthened considerably, leading to a significant level of emotional co-dependence. If properly exploited, these attachments may prove to be the subject's greatest weakness, but only if properly exploited. Tsukino has proven on multiple occasions that no matter her seeming immaturity, she is not to be underestimated under any circumstances. Subject is known to be particularly dangerous with all her supports removed from the equation, as Beryl and Sailor Galaxia would attest.

Another potentially exploitable weakness in a similar vein is Tsukino's power set. Observation indicates that while her abilities and signature techniques are uniformly deadly to our forces when she is transformed, all said techniques require a significant amount of preparation time, and in most cases cannot be performed in quick succession. Tsukino is typically protected by the other Senshi and/or Chiba while she stores energy for these techniques; again, removing her supports may reduce her threat level. Yet again, this initiative must be undertaken with caution: there is a razor-thin line between a warrior reduced to helplessness by grief and a warrior with nothing left to lose. On a similar note: utilizing the Silver Crystal at full power supposedly claims the life of its user, but effects regarding this limitation are inconsistent and may be overcome with sufficient preparation or assistance from others.


  • MOON TIARA ACTION: Whirling energy discus formed from subject's tiara when thrown. Reduces low-level opponents to dust on contact. Evidence suggests the discus exhibits extreme heat and/or razor-sharp edges; exact mechanics are unknown. Opponents of sufficient strength have been known to catch the discus or block it altogether, but caution is recommended: its behavior is inconsistent. At least one example exists of the discus expanding to form restraints, and a small number of low-class Youma report an ability to combine the discus with other Senshi techniques. More observation needed. Variants: "Moon Tiara Boomerang"/"Moon Frisbee", "Moon Tiara Stardust"
  • "SONIC CRY": Violent ultrasonic waves, heavily amplified from sounds of distress produced by subject during emotional breakdowns. Waves stem from subject's hair decorations and have demonstrated ability to shatter glass, induce intense pain, and disrupt mental control over civilian(s). Recommend applying silencing spells and/or physical oral restraint device(s) as a precaution.
  • MOON TWILIGHT FLASH: As its name implies, a flash of intense light, reflected from a polished segment of subject's tiara. Rarely used, but deadly at close range. Effectiveness as an offensive technique is reduced drastically with distance, but any eye contact with the flash induces temporary blindness and disorientation.
  • MOON HEALING ESCALATION: Highly dangerous technique using the Silver Millennium's "Moon Stick" artifact, this technique has two variants, depending on whether subject possesses the Silver Crystal. Both variants demonstrate an ability to restore humans-turned-Youma to standard human form. It can be inferred that any control method and/or physical transformation may also be undone by this technique. Has also been known to heal grievous injuries on a large scale, and in some instances reverse fatal wounds. Interrupt or prevent completion of this technique if at all possible.
  • MOON PRINCESS HALATION: Performed with a distinctive scepter ("Cutie Moon Rod"), primarily against Cardians and Droids. Produces a spinning energy projectile which tracks its target, reverting Cardians to inert form and reducing Droids to sand save for their Core Gems, which are irreparably damaged and rendered inactive.
  • MOON SPIRAL HEART ATTACK: Subject's weapon ("Spiral Heart Moon Rod") produces a stream of heart-shaped projectiles, approximately three meters high and seemingly made of solid matter, which cause critical damage upon ballistic impact with their target(s). Revived Daimon reported intense sensation of coronary thrombosis, followed by cessation of existence. Daimon eggs or pods broken by this technique are unsalvageable.
  • RAINBOW MOON HEART ACHE: Upgraded form of the above technique, which can only be performed by subject in "Super" form. Identified on visible spectrum as a stream of heart-shaped projectiles contained within an outward-spiraling energy ribbon.
  • MOON GORGEOUS MEDITATION: Subject uses a vaguely sword-like weapon ("Kaleidomoon Scope") and borrowed power from equine entity Helios to shatter target(s) into multitudes of glass-like shards. Only usable in "Super" form. Reports inconsistent as to whether "Chibi-Usa" Tsukino/Sailor Chibi-Moon must be present to initiate this technique; regardless, tactical retreat is advised.
  • STARLIGHT HONEYMOON THERAPY KISS: Rays of intense pink light from subject's scepter ("Eternal Tiare"), only usable in "Eternal" form. May be used in a similar manner to "Moon Healing Escalation" above (restoring Phages to human form), but also possesses tremendous offensive capability, far surpassing many of Vertex Three's dreaded group techniques.
  • SILVER MOON CRYSTAL POWER KISS: Upgraded form of above technique using an extended "Moon Power Tiare", identified by rays of sweeping golden light which can incinerate upon contact. The strongest of subject's standard abilities, any attempt at engagement is near-useless.
  • SILVER MOON CRYSTAL ETERNAL POWER: Conjecture only, no concrete data available.

PRIORITY ASSESSMENT: Highest. As the First of the Three, capture of Tsukino is absolutely essential. If at all possible, subject should be taken alive and coerced into Dead End's service; evidence suggests that the Silver Crystal is far more powerful in the hands of its intended owner. Based on available evidence, with the Crystal in hand Tsukino is essentially a living goddess, able to bring entire planets back from the dead. She is blessed with the power of theoretically limitless rebirth; the potential applications for Dead End should be obvious.   


ALIAS: Tuxedo Mask, Prince Endymion, King Endymion, Moonlight Knight

EYES: Blue-grey

HAIR: Black

Modern incarnation of Prince Endymion of Elysion, an ancient Earth civilization concurrent with the Silver Millennium on the moon. Orphaned in an automobile accident at a young age and stricken with amnesia, subject was given the name "Mamoru Chiba" upon enrollment in foster care. In adolescent years, subject repeatedly encountered Usagi Tsukino on multiple occasions in civilian guise, beginning a contentious relationship which eventually metamorphosed into mutual affection. By the completion of the Dark Kingdom conflict, Tsukino and Chiba were unofficially betrothed.

The exact nature of Chiba's alter-ego as "Tuxedo Mask" is another instance of massive timeline variance. As with Rei Hino (see file HINO, REI), the variances are so numerous that summaries of Chiba's life and character shall be recounted according to the two primary timelines.

Timeline [ALPHA]: Chiba, as Tuxedo Mask, first rose to prominence as a masked thief searching for the Silver Crystal. This variant's Tuxedo Mask initially possessed no supernatural abilities at all, being a mere costumed alter-ego of a type common to American fiction. During the latter stages of the Dark Kingdom conflict, after Tsukino and Chiba's identities were revealed to one another, Chiba sustained a near-fatal wound from Dark Kingdom general Kunzite, triggering intense emotional distress from Tsukino. This distress both awakened their memories of their past incarnations as Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion, and brought forth the Legendary Silver Crystal. In a near-death state, Chiba was captured by the Dark Kingdom and infused with the energy of Queen Metaria, bringing him under the Dark Kingdom's control for the subsequent battle for the Silver Crystal and pitting him against Tsukino. An attempted double-suicide by Tsukino had the unintended side-effect of releasing Chiba from Metaria's influence, and once recovered, the two were successfully able to terminate Metaria using the Silver Crystal. Of note: in this timeline, the Dark Kingdom's four generals, Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoisite, and Kunzite, were eventually revealed to be altered modern incarnations of Prince Endymion's attending "Shittenou" (Japanese, lit. "Four Heavenly Kings"), in effect, male counterparts of the four Inner Senshi. Their relations to Chiba largely took place posthumously, the four being freed from Metaria's influence in death to become "spirit advisors" of sorts.

Upon commencement of the Black Moon Clan's invasion, Chiba acquired the ability to transform into his Tuxedo Mask guise in the same manner as the other Senshi, significantly increasing his power in doing so. Tsukino and Chiba traveled to the future to save the lives of their future incarnations, at the behest of their future daughter, known as "Chibi-Usa."

Chiba's role in the following conflict with the Death Busters was minor in comparison, but it should be noted that his efforts sustained the life of "Chibi-Usa" after the theft of her Hoste and Silver Crystal by Mistress 9. Reference files TSUKINO, USAGI [II] and TOMOE, HOTARU for further details.

The Dead Moon Circus invasion of Japan and its simultaneous attack on the realm of Elysion saw Chiba discover another counterpart to Tsukino's power: the Golden Crystal, Earth's equal to the Legendary Silver Crystal. Awakening the Golden Crystal served as the final key to Tsukino attaining her "Eternal" transformation, used to defeat Queen Nehelenia and cleanse Elysion of her influence.

Tsukino and Chiba seemed poised to assume their prophesied roles as Neo Queen Serenity and Neo King Endymion when Sailor Galaxia and her forces abruptly struck Earth, having already cleansed the majority of the Milky Way galaxy of life. Galaxia herself killed Chiba and stole his Golden Crystal in a surprise attack before Tsukino's eyes, inflicting massive trauma on the latter. Further information regarding the conclusion of Timeline [ALPHA]'s Shadow Galactica conflict is fragmented at best due to the extent of the destruction that Galaxia visited on the galaxy, but presumably Chiba was reborn at some point following her defeat.

Timeline [BETA]: This iteration of Tuxedo Mask was a transformation similar to that of the Sailor Senshi, albeit one that Chiba initially assumed involuntarily. These early transformations appeared to be similar to fugue states; Chiba was unaware of his actions as Tuxedo Mask and vice versa. It was not until the Rainbow Crystal skirmishes between himself, the Sailor Senshi, and the Dark Kingdom that Chiba became conscious of his transformations and able to assume them at will. Not long after, following accidental revelation of Tsukino's and Chiba's secret identities to each other, Chiba sustained a near-fatal wound from Dark Kingdom general Zoisite, triggering intense emotional distress from Tsukino, as per Timeline [ALPHA]. Again, as per the former timeline, this event awakened their memories of their past incarnations as Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion, with the additional effect of recombining the Rainbow Crystals into the Legendary Silver Crystal once more. Chiba was captured by the Dark Kingdom and infused with the energy of Queen Metaria, bringing him under the Dark Kingdom's control for the subsequent battle for the Silver Crystal. This variant of the battle ended with the deaths of all involved, only for the events of the entire conflict to be rewritten by Tsukino's power and apparently erased from Vertex One's normal flow of time.

There began perhaps the most anomalous period of Chiba's life. Reborn as a civilian with no memory of the Dark Kingdom or his relationship with Tsukino, he was unable to battle alongside the Senshi when the last two surviving examples of an extraterrestrial floro-humanoid species and their symbiotic parent/deity, the "Makaiju", attempted an invasion of Japan. Chiba's apparently instinctive desire to protect Tsukino took on a consciousness of its own as a separate being, an Arabian-styled warrior designating itself "the Moonlight Knight". This being lost its corporeality in the climax of the final battle with the Makaiju, and revealed its true nature before merging with Chiba once more, restoring his memories and true transformation. Resuming his relationship with Tsukino, he thereupon remained an ally to the Senshi during the subsequent conflicts with the Black Moon Clan, Death Busters, and Dead Moon Circus, until his second death immediately prior to the invasion of Shadow Galactica. This death, too, was eventually reversed through the recovery of Chiba's "Star Seed" (Timeline [BETA]'s counterpart to Timeline [ALPHA]'s Golden Crystal. A Golden Crystal also appears in Timeline [BETA], but bears little connection to Chiba). With all antagonists apparently defeated, Chiba and Tsukino settled into typical human premarital life.

Given his unpredictable nature and fluctuating power set, engaging Chiba in direct combat carries enormous risk. Taking advantage of subject's emotional attachment to Tsukino and the other Senshi seems to be the only semi-reliable method of overcoming subject's borderline-supernatural ability to emerge victorious from imminent defeat, or inspiring others to do the same. Strangely, subject has a long history of being captured, controlled, and/or killed by opposing forces, leading me to hypothesize that the difficulty lies in actually fighting Chiba; what comes afterwards is comparatively simple.


  • TUXEDO LA SMOKING BOMBER: Wide-radius energy beam fired from subject's palm, apparently powered with the assistance of the Shittenou and/or their spirits.
  • ROSES: Timeline [BETA]'s Tuxedo Mask possesses an apparently infinite supply of roses (apparently Rosa gallica, exact species unknown, presumed magical in nature). Materialized or summoned via unclear methods, subject has demonstrated an astonishing variety of usages for these seemingly common flora. Documented evidence suggests that Chiba's roses may possess bladed stems akin to knives, extend their stems indefinitely to form restraints, channel electricity, detonate on contact, or scatter clouds of petals in a makeshift smokescreen, among other abilities. Extreme caution is advised.

PRIORITY ASSESSMENT: Highest. Chiba's uncanny ability to disrupt operations at moments when victory is all but assured renders him a menace to Dead End. Immediate capture or termination of subject on sight is strongly advised, but retrieval of subject's Golden Crystal is critical. The exact nature of the Golden Crystal's power as compared to the Legendary Silver Crystal's is still largely undocumented, but as an apparent equal to the Silver Crystal, it must be retrieved and put to use.


ALIAS: Sailor Mercury

EYES: Blue

HAIR: Blue

The third Sailor Senshi to awaken on Earth in Vertex One. Ami Mizuno's chief defining trait is her vast intellect, reportedly scoring over 300 on an Earth standard IQ test at fourteen years old. (Such results seem dubious at best, and must be verified through first-hand contact.) The daughter of a wealthy Kyoto family, Mizuno's lifelong ambition has been to succeed her mother as a medical doctor. Present records indicate significant progress toward that goal, as she earned full scholarship to Kyoto University's Graduate School of Medicine upon completion of her secondary education. While someone of Mizuno's purported talents should have passed through the Japanese educational system with little or no trouble, records indicate an intense need to excel academically, at the expense of social interaction. Admirable, but Usagi Tsukino was somehow responsible for convincing Mizuno to open herself to more trivial pursuits. I still consider this a massive waste of potential.

Mizuno is a maximum-priority target. As the team analyst and strategist of the Sailor Senshi, she has been directly responsible for many of their more improbable victories. It stands to reason that her capture and conversion to Dead End would not only demoralize the Senshi, but deprive them of one of their most valuable resources in battle. To that end: my research indicates that subject displays great pride in her intelligence, but remains deeply insecure in regards to its effect on her peers. Targeting this insecurity could be key to securing her. Subject also has displayed insecurity concerning her role within the Sailor Senshi. In Timeline [BETA], Mizuno did not develop truly offensive capabilities until the battles with the Black Moon Clan. Instilling the subject with doubt as to her usefulness to her comrades could lower her defenses enough for capture. Regardless, great caution is advised: Mizuno excels in gathering and formulating tactical information as well.

Subject's Senshi abilities all share a common motif of water and ice; exposing subject to extreme heat or fire-based abilities could nullify them entirely. Electrokinetic troops may have similar success.

NOTE: Subject possesses enhanced scanning and data storage equipment in the form of an advanced palmtop tablet and an interlinked holographic visor, which may provide valuable data on enemy forces. Secure these items if possible.


  • MERCURY AQUA MIST: Subject produces dense fog, inducing chilling and numbness. May freeze lower-class opponents given enough exposure.
  • SHABON SPRAY: Very similar to above, subject summons bubbles producing dense, unnatural fog to impede vision and conceal herself and her comrades. Similar chilling/numbing/freezing effects. This technique is primarily non-offensive, and relies heavily on the element of surprise. Still, not to be underestimated.
  • SHABON SPRAY FREEZING: Summons bubbles which burst and freeze on contact.
  • SHINE AQUA ILLUSION: Subject fires spray of low-temperature water. Again, may freeze on contact.
  • MERCURY AQUA MIRAGE: Subject produces a globe of water which fractures into tracking streams, covering a wide area.
  • MERCURY AQUA RHAPSODY: Only usable in "Super" form. Subject summons "Mercury Harp" artifact from frigid water, then produces torrential, high-pressure bursts by plucking strings.

PRIORITY ASSESSMENT: Highest. Mizuno's worth to Dead End is not in her strength as a warrior, but as a source of knowledge. Subject's vast intelligence would be an invaluable asset. Capture alive.


ALIAS: Sailor Mars

EYES: Violet; red, luminescent pupils in "fusion" form

HAIR: Black/violet, fiery streaks in "fusion" form

The fourth Senshi to awaken on Earth in Vertex One. A particularly unusual instance of timeline variance makes Rei Hino an enigma; while all other Senshi's alternate selves display few notable differences, Hino's variants are a bizarre anomaly. Both variants possess the power of Sailor Mars, display low-level psychic/extrasensory abilities even in their civilian lives, have worked as miko for Hikawa Shrine from a young age, encountered Usagi Tsukino at age fourteen, and have roughly the same history prior to their awakening, but in terms of personality profiling, they are near total opposites to one another. Thus, this entry shall attempt to cover both.

Timeline [ALPHA]: Described as a "classical Japanese beauty", Hino [ALPHA] is stoic and elegant in nearly all aspects of life, devoting herself to her duties as both shrine maiden and Senshi, and disdaining frivolous pursuits to the point of exhibiting anti-social tendencies. Subject displays a notable level of misandry; data indicates that this may stem from a hostile relationship with her father that Hino [BETA] did not experience, though evidence is inconclusive. Also inconclusive is the exact nature of Hino [ALPHA]'s relationship with Minako Aino. Similar on a surface level to Hino [BETA]'s interactions with Tsukino, Hino [ALPHA] and Aino are reportedly very close but prone to frequent conflict with each other. Targeting Aino may incite reaction from subject, leading to loss of judgment. Otherwise, psychological warfare seems suited against this opponent, whether confronting her extrasensory abilities with similar attacks on the mental plane, or taking advantage of other noted personality aberrations.

Timeline [BETA]: Hino [BETA] displays great ambition and aggression in equal measure. Subject is known for a close but highly contentious relationship with Tsukino. Data suggests the two are or were easily distracted by and/or antagonistic toward each other. However, despite this, both Tsukino and Hino display tremendous loyalty for each other under pressure. In general, Hino [BETA]'s temper and passion are both easily aroused. Subject displayed a notable lack of self-control in her earliest excursions with the other Senshi, particularly in regards to romantic entanglements. Prone to distraction by attractive human males, any troops capable of shapeshifting and with sufficient knowledge of human aesthetics may be able to take advantage of this weakness.

Unforeseen circumstances during the battle of Azabu-Juuban in Vertex One led to the merging of Hino [ALPHA] with Hino [BETA]. The exact abilities of this new "fusion" are yet to be properly assessed, and she remains an unknown variable among enemy forces. My hypothesis, based on available data and recorded footage, is that the fusion is significantly more powerful than either of her components, but the very nature of the merging has left her existence inherently unstable. More observation is needed.

As is the case with Mizuno, all of Hino's techniques share the elemental motif of fire. Hydrokinetic abilities are essential when engaging in combat with subject.


  • AKURYO TAISAN (Japanese, roughly "Evil spirit, disperse!"): Subject produces Shinto paper talisman(s) called ofuda, with a variety of possible usages. Known effects include dispelling of curses and other maladies, limited paralysis with physical contact, and low-level pyrokinesis. WARNING: Subject is able to access all but the latter of these effects in civilian form. Caution is advised.
  • FIRE SOUL: Subject produces either steady streams or volleys of fire from her fingertips.
  • FIRE SOUL BIRD: Seemingly a combination of the "Fire Soul" and "Akuryo Taisan" techniques, producing flames manifesting in the shape of a phoenix from Earth mythology. Whether this creature is sentient, some sort of familiar, or a mere projection or shaping of subject's pyrokinetic abilities is unclear, but regardless, it tracks its target and engages in a suicide dive, exploding into flame as it makes contact.
  • BURNING MANDALA: Projectile barrage of multiple flaming rings, launched in a volley at target. Subject may have limited control of projectiles' flight path.
  • MARS SNAKE FIRE: Similar to "Fire Soul Bird", but manifests in a serpentine form, dealing a rapid strike to target. Dependent on use of ofuda.
  • MARS FLAME SNIPER: Only usable in "Super" form. Subject summons bow and arrow composed of intense flame and launches long-range volley. Arrows may split in flight to form multiple projectiles.
  • HOLY INFERNO: A new technique, apparently manifested as a result of the fusion of Hino [ALPHA] with Hino [BETA]. Subject produces enormous fiery cyclones from her fingertips, with a possible reach of decameters in length. Further research required.

PRIORITY ASSESSMENT: Medium. While the fusion-Hino is worth examining to study the anomaly that led to her creation, and her precognitive abilities could prove useful, subject has little else to offer Dead End that cannot already be found in our ranks. Capture or termination recommended.


ALIAS: Sailor Jupiter

EYES: Green

HAIR: Brown

The fifth Senshi to awaken on Earth in Vertex One. Orphaned in a plane crash at a young age, Makoto Kino was somewhat ostracized prior to her awakening by Tsukino due to what may be mild gigantism. Subject is well outside normal height and weight range for Japanese females, her stature possibly being the source of her formidable athletic abilities. Kino is a capable combatant in both civilian and Senshi forms, possessing superhuman strength. Despite these arguably masculine traits, historical records show Kino as eager to engage in activities seen as traditionally feminine (fashion, cooking, etc.), and currently owns a patisserie in Azabu-Juuban. Subject is also an admitted "hopeless romantic", easily distracted by thoughts of courtship, and has a prolonged obsession with a former upperclassman with whom she once sought a relationship. Manifestation of this obsession appears to induce visual hallucinations in the subject, as nearly any male presence can trigger fits of intense nostalgia.

Subject is not to be underestimated under any circumstances. As the most offensive of the five core Sailor Senshi, it is Kino who generally serves as the vanguard of any excursion. Kino's strength has already been noted, but the subject also displays phenomenal endurance in battle, and is adept at shielding her smaller comrades.

Capture of Kino is a high-risk prospect, but it may be facilitated by taking advantage of subject's physical and mental limitations. Due to her stature, subject cannot function in confined spaces, making her an easy target for spatial manipulation abilities. Subject's tendency for distraction regarding her upperclassman is also a clear weakness; I recommend that all shapeshifters in ranks memorize this human's appearance and use it to their advantage. Take caution: Kino displays aggressive tendencies when provoked, and is able to prolong battle far past normal human limitations. Swift, decisive attacks are strongly recommended when engaging Kino in combat.

Kino's elemental motifs are wood/flora and electricity. Recommend engaging subject with geokinetic or ferrokinetic abilities, and/or making use of insulated armor and protective gear.


  • JUPITER THUNDERBOLT: Subject extends a rudimentary lightning rod from her tiara and gathers electrical energy, launching it at opponent(s).
  • SUPREME THUNDER: Similar to above . Take note, this technique has been known to backfire on subject and her comrades.
  • FLOWER HURRICANE: Subject creates disorienting storm of scented flower petals, similar to Mizuno's "Shabon Spray".
  • SUPREME THUNDER DRAGON: Massive electrical discharge which takes on draconic shape. Similar to Hino's "Fire Soul Bird".
  • SPARKLING WIDE PRESSURE: Subject gathers electrical energy into high-pressure, roughly spherical shape, which detonates on contact.
  • JUPITER COCONUT CYCLONE: Barrage of spherical electrical discharges with tracking properties.
  • JUPITER OAK EVOLUTION: Only usable in "Super" form. Subject uses electrokinesis to create a localized storm front within a large area. Discharges take the shapes of oak leaves.

PRIORITY ASSESSMENT: Low. Subject possesses formidable strength, but other Senshi are far more valuable. Termination recommended.


ALIAS: Sailor Venus, Sailor V

EYES: Light blue

HAIR: Blonde

The first Senshi to awaken on Earth in Vertex One, Minako Aino's career predates Tsukino's by approximately one year. As "Sailor V" (a rudimentary manifestation of her true Senshi form), Aino took the unusual step of working directly with local human law enforcement agencies in early excursions against the Dark Kingdom. Aino's alter-ego also gained considerable media attention from her exploits. Whether this contributed to Aino's near-pathological need for fame and attention, or if said need already existed prior to her awakening, is unclear.

Timeline variance is again in effect regarding Aino as Sailor V. Subject operated primarily in Japan in Timeline [ALPHA], battling a splinter faction of the Dark Kingdom known as the "Dark Agency". Led by Danburite, an underling of General Kunzite, these skirmishes never achieved the same scale as Tsukino's later efforts. Aino was at times assisted by an individual identifying himself as "Phantom Ace", an eerily similar precursor to Tsukino's own Tuxedo Mask (see file CHIBA, MAMORU). The Dark Agency was summarily unraveled upon Aino and Danburite's final confrontation, during which the former truly awakened as Sailor Venus and Danburite revealed that "Phantom Ace" was none other than himself, an elaborate deception crafted to secure Aino's affection and loyalty to the Dark Kingdom. It appears that Danburite suffered either lingering obsession stemming from his Silver Millennium-era incarnation's romantic designs toward Aino's former self as Princess Venus, an advanced case of schizophrenia or multiple personality disorder, or possibly both. In any case, Danburite was killed by a reluctant Aino's hand when she refused his final offer, and Sailor V's presence disappeared entirely.

In Timeline [BETA], Aino traveled to England to combat Dark Kingdom operations with the help of British law enforcement. While there, Aino became engaged in a primitive triangle when she and an older female police officer named Katrina who knew of her alter-ego both developed attachments to the same man, a fellow officer named Alan. This partnership was cut short when the Dark Kingdom's agents caught the proto-Senshi in a warehouse explosion, leading to her presumed death. Aino survived the explosion, albeit heavily wounded, but the revelation of Alan and Katrina's courtship caused her to return to her native Japan, operating alone until she chose to join forces with the four other core Senshi and assume her true mantle.

Aino's hyperactive and somewhat dense exterior in her civilian guise belie her true value to her comrades. When pressed, Aino has repeatedly proven herself a capable leader, and a worthy commander of the four Inner Senshi in Tsukino's absence. As Tsukino's body double in both her past and present incarnations, subject has placed her life on the line to keep her Princess safe on multiple occasions. In short, Aino is never to be underestimated. That said: subject displays a noted history of poor judgment in regards to potential mates, and even her fellow Senshi and her Mauan felinid guardian Artemis have noted as much. Given that Aino can be easily swayed by males she finds attractive, any troops assigned to her capture and/or termination should familiarize themselves with human aesthetics.

Aino's second notable weakness is her desire for fame and attention. Subject has a fascination with Japan's "idol singer" culture that borders on obsession, despite becoming a performing artist of considerable renown in her post-adolescent years. Fabricated opportunities for advancement in her field may be useful in lowering her guard. This fascination is also indicative of a fragile ego; subject may be susceptible to psychological attack.


[Note: Abilities listed are for subject's "Sailor Venus" form. Subject has infrequently displayed an ability to resume her initial "Sailor V" guise, which possesses variant abilities. Caution is advised in either case.]

  • CRESCENT BOOMERANG: As its name implies, subject hurls a crescent-shaped energy discus in a similar manner to Tsukino's "Moon Tiara Action" technique.
  • CRESCENT BEAM: Linear energy beam fired from subject's index finger.
  • CRESCENT BEAM SHOWER: Upgraded form of "Crescent Beam", fired directly upward, which then fractures into a barrage of smaller beams. Known variants: "Venus Love Megaton Shower" (beams increase exponentially in intensity and number), "Furious Random Crescent Beam Shot" (barrage delivered horizontally at random angles, only used rarely and under extreme duress).
  • ROLLING HEART VIBRATION: Stream of spinning heart-shaped energy projectiles. Name is non-indicative; technique has no noticeable vibrational effects.
  • VENUS LOVE-ME CHAIN: Subject summons chain weapon of indeterminate composition. Length of this weapon appears to be variable according to subject's intent. May cause harm with direct contact or be used in a binding or restraining manner, effects inconsistent.
  • VENUS WINK CHAIN SWORD: Subject summons a manifestation of the "Holy Blade" weapon, an artifact of the Silver Millennium. Weapon appears to be attached to subject's chain (see above), and is hurled at target, somewhat akin to ancient Japanese chain-sickle weapons.
  • VENUS LOVE AND BEAUTY SHOCK: Only usable in "Super" form. Subject summons whip-like chain of heart-shaped projectiles. Capable of attacking at variable range.

PRIORITY ASSESSMENT: Low. Subject is capable as both warrior and leader, and ability to summon "Holy Blade" is of particular note, but risks outweigh benefits. Termination recommended.


ALIAS: Chibi-Usa, Sailor Chibi-Moon, Princess Usagi Small Lady Serenity Tsukino, Black Lady


HAIR: Pink

The sixth Senshi to awaken on Earth in Vertex One. Living evidence of her Vertex's unusual proclivity for paradoxes and time-space anomalies, the second Usagi Tsukino, alias Princess Usagi Small Lady Serenity Tsukino, frequently shortened to "Small Lady" or "Chibi-Usa", is the daughter of Usagi Tsukino and Mamoru Chiba. Subject first made her presence known by traveling back in time from circa 3000 C.E., using an article either given by or stolen from Sailor Pluto (see file MEIOH, SETSUNA) called a "Space-Time Key".

[Note: as traditional grammar lacks sufficient forms of conjugation for time travel terminology, events relating to Tsukino II and related 30th century figures shall be described in past tense.]

Tsukino II was born in the late-20th to early 21st-century, after a catastrophe struck the Earth of Vertex One and led to the ascension of Usagi Tsukino as Neo Queen Serenity, monarch of the Neo Silver Millennium. Details of this catastrophe vary significantly depending on timeline, but the dates of the rise of Crystal Tokyo as Earth's capital city, the beginning of a vast extension of human lifespans due to the Silver Crystal, and Tsukino II's birth approximately nine months after Tsukino's ascension seem relatively consistent. In present day, subject appears as a typical adolescent female, but due to the Silver Crystal's effects, her actual age is roughly 910 years, with a significant margin of error due to temporal anomalies.

The first of Tsukino II's many excursions to the past was prompted by a sudden, vicious attack on Earth by forces of the Black Moon Clan, under leadership of the being known variously as Wiseman, Death Phantom, and Nemesis. Only the efforts of the future incarnations of the four Inner Senshi spared Crystal Tokyo from the same destruction that befell the rest of the Earth, but both Neo Queen Serenity and Neo King Endymion were gravely injured in the attack. Tsukino II, mentally a prepubescent child at the time, fled to the Space-Time Door. After either being granted or stealing a Space-Time Key, Tsukino II took the future Silver Crystal and traveled back to Tokyo of the 20th century C.E., in search of Sailor Moon and the Silver Crystal of the past. There she first encountered Usagi Tsukino and Mamoru Chiba, initially unaware of their connection to her mother and father. How even one with the mental age of a toddler would fail to recognize one's own parents remains unexplained.

Tsukino II's efforts did not go unnoticed. Members of the Black Moon Clan followed her back in time and engaged in multiple attacks on Tokyo, attempting to secure the capture of both her and the Crystal(s), eventually leading to the revelation of Tsukino II's true identity and the abduction of the four Inner Senshi by Black Moon forces. Tsukino II led her future mother and father back through the Space-Time Door to Crystal Tokyo as part of her ongoing rescue effort.

It was at roughly this point that Tsukino II drew the attention of Wiseman/Death Phantom/Nemesis, and succeeded in infusing her with the energy of the Malefic Black Crystal, apparently an opposite power to the Silver Crystal(s). The resulting "Black Lady" was a tremendously powerful being, in effect a living space-time distortion, putting all of existence at risk. With the efforts of Tsukino, Chiba, and the recovered Inner Senshi (and the sacrifice of Sailor Pluto in Timeline [ALPHA], see below file), Tsukino II was restored to her true form (and, again in Timeline [ALPHA], attained her power as Sailor Chibi-Moon in the process), and thereby assisted in the termination of the Nemesis entity. There followed many additional travels to and from the 20th and 30th centuries, as Tsukino II slowly learned to master her newfound power.

At first glance, it could be assumed that of both Usagi Tsukino and her daughter, Tsukino II is by far the more mature of the two. Study suggests that this is not the case, and that both Tsukinos are far more alike than either will admit. Tsukino II's time in the past was marked by enormous friction between (future) mother and daughter, largely stemming from mutual attraction to Chiba. Human societies have a fairly uniform taboo against incestuous relationships, so barring some profound societal shift during Crystal Tokyo's time, this aspect remains frankly baffling.

It is important to note that Tsukino II was transformed into her "Black Lady" persona via the manipulation of her emotions. This would seem to be her most straightforward weakness; Tsukino II has matured in the intervening years, but may still be susceptible to similar methods. Certainly Black Lady's phenomenal power merits taking any possible risk to acquire and coerce her. Suggested tactics include preying on subject's affection for Chiba and/or her acquaintance, Hotaru Tomoe (see file TOMOE, HOTARU) and/or taking advantage of subject's ego, which is known to be fragile. Subject apparently considers herself inferior to the "real" Sailor Moon despite her lineage; again, taking advantage of this irrational belief may be key to her capture.


[Note: given that Tsukino II transforms using the future variant of the Silver Crystal, it is safe to assume that more abilities than those noted here are shared with Sailor Moon. Approach with caution.]

  • "MOONBEAM": An unconscious defensive measure used primarily during Tsukino II's first excursion to the 20th century, subject unleashes an intense vertical energy beam from her forehead when placed under extreme duress. It is unclear as to whether subject still possesses this ability.
  • LUNA P: Through much of her childhood, Tsukino II was accompanied by a floating construct in the likeness of Mauan felinid Luna. Apparently a child's toy granted to Tsukino II by the future incarnation of Sailor Mercury, the "Luna P" device has demonstrated a variety of uses, first and foremost shapeshifting into useful tools or weapons at Tsukino II's command. While possessing little offensive power, the versatility of this device warrants caution when attempting to engage.
  • MOON PRINCESS HALATION: A technique shared with Tsukino as Sailor Moon. May require the "Luna P" device, shapeshifted into a replica of Tsukino's "Cutie Moon Rod" weapon.
  • PINK SUGAR HEART ATTACK: Using an article apparently unique to Chibi-Moon, the "Pink Moon Stick", subject launches a barrage of heart-shaped energy projectiles. Effects of this technique are wildly inconsistent; it varies from being capable of vaporizing high-level Daimon to causing minor annoyance to being entirely useless. In summary, this technique is highly unpredictable. Use caution.
  • RAINBOW MOON HEART ACHE: Again, a technique shared with Tsukino. Only usable in "Super" form.
  • TWINKLE YELL: Only usable in "Super" form. Primarily used to summon the equinoid "Pegasus"/"Helios" entity from Elysion, research indicates that this technique (or at the very least, the "Crystal Carillion" used to perform it) may in fact have some offensive capability. More research required.
  • MOON GORGEOUS MEDITATION: Third technique shared with Tsukino, also only usable in "Super" form.
  • PINK LADY FREEZING KISS: Performed either alone or alongside Tsukino II's own group of 30th century Sailor Senshi, the "Sailor Quartet", the effects of this technique appear to be similar to those of Sailor Mercury, producing ice and freezing temperature wind.
  • STARLIGHT HONEYMOON THERAPY KISS: The fourth and final(?) of Tsukino II's shared techniques with her mother. Rarely seen, may require use of "Eternal" form, or Tsukino II's personal equivalent of said form.

PRIORITY ASSESSMENT: Highest. Tsukino II's possession of a Silver Crystal alone warrants her recruitment into Dead End, but her "Black Lady" persona is of the utmost interest to both myself and Master Joker. Capture alive, at all costs.


ALIAS: Sailor Pluto

EYES: Crimson

HAIR: Dark green

The ninth Senshi to awaken on Earth in Vertex One, Setsuna Meioh is apparently a modern "splinter" incarnation of her Vertex's Guardian of Time, Sailor Pluto. Establishing a chronology for this subject is difficult, for obvious reasons. Tsukino and the other Senshi first encountered her on their journey to the 30th century C.E., during the Black Moon Clan's invasion. Tsukino II used one of Pluto's Space-Time Keys to open a portal to the so-called "fourth dimension", a bizarre realm impossible to navigate by normal means. There they found Pluto, standing watch over a gateway known as the Space-Time Door. Having apparently been assigned this position by the late Queen Serenity of the first Silver Millennium, Pluto's duty was described as "eternally watching over all of time", which indicates some form of immortality. My current conjecture is that proximity to this Door has removed Pluto from the flow of linear time entirely, but I lack conclusive evidence.

In Timeline [BETA], Pluto's involvement in the Black Moon conflict was extremely limited; she merely allowed Tsukino and her allies to pass through the door once Tsukino II vouched for them. Timeline [ALPHA] saw her take a crucial and far more active role: when Prince Demande, driven mad by the betrayal of Wiseman/Death Phantom/Nemesis, stole both past and future Silver Crystals and attempted to touch them together, creating a paradox that would destroy all existence, Pluto left her post for the first time in her history to personally intervene. Using a forbidden technique to temporarily stop time, she recovered the Crystals shortly before her death, an apparent consequence of the temporal stasis technique. The trauma of this event led to Tsukino II's awakening as Sailor Chibi-Moon.

During the Death Busters conflict, it was not Pluto who reappeared in present day Tokyo, but "Setsuna Meioh". Timeline [BETA]'s Meioh offered little explanation for her presence, but Timeline [ALPHA]'s variant explained that she was given her modern incarnation by Neo Queen Serenity, so as to play a part in the complicated series of events that led to the awakening of Sailor Saturn.

As with her variant, Timeline [BETA]'s Meioh was forced to perform the forbidden temporal stasis technique, this time during the assault on Mugen Academy to save the lives of Haruka Tennoh and Michiru Kaioh, her fellow Outer Senshi. Meioh disappeared in a fiery explosion, apparently dead, only to reappear without explanation approximately a year later.

Records of Meioh indicate a stoic and serious personality. Subject's civilian occupation is a nursing student, indicating a high degree of empathy. Subject seems to be the most emotionally mature of the Senshi, but there is significant evidence of a dire need for companionship and affection, perhaps inherited from her solitary eternity as the Guardian of Time. Subject has strong emotional attachments to both Tsukino II, the first being to approach her at her post since she was assigned to it, and to Hotaru Tomoe, whom she, Tennoh, and Kaioh adopted and raised as a foster daughter following Prof. Tomoe's death ([ALPHA]) / infirmity ([BETA]). At least the Timeline [ALPHA] variant of Pluto may have had unreciprocated romantic feelings for Neo King Endymion, though again, evidence is lacking. Whatever the case, exploiting these attachments and Meioh's need for social interaction may be crucial to her capture.

Note: Meioh wields a staff fashioned as an enormous key in Senshi form. A component of this weapon, the Garnet Orb, is one of the three Sacred Talismans required to summon Sailor Saturn ([ALPHA]) / the Holy Grail ([BETA]). Successful procurement of the Orb is highest priority.


  • DEAD SCREAM: Subject gathers the supernatural winds of the fourth dimension and launches them in the form of a spherical energy orb.
  • CHRONOS TYPHOON: Similar to the above, subject uses the Garnet Orb to produce a high-pressure wind storm.
  • "TIME STOP": Self-explanatory; temporal stasis in a designated area. Meioh may release selected targets from the effects of stasis while maintaining it for others. Use of this technique is called "the highest taboo" and is always apparently fatal.
  • DARK DOME CLOSE: After summoning the Space-Time Door, subject opens its gate to create an inescapable vacuum effect, pulling targets into an extratemporal void. The given command is to close the Door once more, permanently sealing the target away beyond normal space-time.

PRIORITY ASSESSMENT: Highest. A single one of subject's Space-Time Keys allowed for multiple travels back and forth between 20th and 30th century Earth. These travels were apparently without any risk of paradox; possession of the Key ensured safe travel through the fourth dimension. Even more interesting is the Space-Time Door itself, a potential gateway to any point in history, perhaps even to alternate timelines or other Vertices entirely. Timeline [ALPHA]'s Meioh/Pluto even demonstrated an ability to summon the Door to any location of her choosing, meaning that it is not bound to a fixed point in space. Securing Meioh, the Door, and the Key(s) is quite simply critical to all further operations.


ALIAS: Sailor Uranus

EYES: Dark blue

HAIR: Platinum blonde

The eighth Senshi to awaken on Earth in Vertex One, and de facto leader of the Outer Senshi. Tennoh's past prior to her awakening is largely a mystery, with no known relatives and no personal connections aside from Michiru Kaioh, her ever-present partner, and later Meioh, Hotaru Tomoe, the Inner Senshi, and Chiba. Tennoh's life seems to be defined by a desperate search for excitement. Subject has a fascination with all manner of vehicles, or most any form of high-speed travel. A career professional racer from a relatively young age, Tennoh displays many of the hallmarks of a novelty seeker.

Tennoh has an unusual perspective on her gender. Subject's physical appearance, mannerisms, and range of interests all skew toward the stereotypically masculine, yet records indicate that she rarely if ever explicitly denies her femininity. On a related note, subject wears stereotypically masculine clothing in civilian life, displays indifference to being mistaken for a male, and makes few attempts to correct such errors when they occur. In short, Tennoh seems entirely content with herself in her present state. The intricacies of human gender politics are near-impossible to qualify or quantify, so I will refrain from making further observations. Tennoh's adherence to typical gender norms, or lack thereof, is an important aspect of her personality, however, and is therefore relevant to this document.

Tennoh first awakened as a Senshi thanks in part to Kaioh, who initially attempted to dissuade her from following her fated path, out of concern for her happiness. Tennoh accepted her powers for Kaioh's sake, and from there, the two were inseparable partners. Notably, Tennoh and Kaioh began engaging the Death Busters at least several months before the Inner Senshi did, having proven themselves almost immediately as a profound danger to our cause on their own. Once the two revealed themselves to the other Senshi, it was Tennoh and Kaioh who first advocated terminating Hotaru Tomoe, knowing of the Daimon egg/pod implanted in her body that would one day transform her into Mistress 9. Tennoh in particular only became more determined to end Tomoe's life when she was revealed to be the modern incarnation of Sailor Saturn, a harbinger of the apocalypse in her own right. This caused a schism between the Inner and Outer Senshi, only resolved during the conclusion of the Death Busters conflict when both sides were forced to work together. Afterward, Tennoh and Kaioh (and Meioh, in Timeline [ALPHA]; Timeline [BETA]'s Meioh's role did not begin until a year later) adopted the now-infant Tomoe as foster parents.

Tennoh's actions demonstrate an unusual willingness to damn herself for the greater good. In her own words, she is capable of "doing what the Princess and the other Senshi can't". Whether this ruthlessly pragmatic mindset originated with her or with Kaioh is unclear, but said mindset has fairly consistently been detrimental to subject and her allies. Case in point: in Timeline [BETA], Tennoh and Kaioh staged a false defection to Sailor Galaxia, surrendering their Star Seeds, terminating Meioh and Tomoe, and attacking Tsukino and her allies as part of an elaborate plot to capture Galaxia's own Star Seed. When this attempt failed, Galaxia punished the two with immediate termination. Conjecture: if Tennoh and/or Kaioh can somehow be convinced to join Dead End by being manipulated into considering such an option as "for the greater good", they may prove valuable allies.

Tennoh's second major weakness, arguably more notable than the first, is her emotional attachment to Kaioh, her romantic/domestic partner. When separated from Kaioh, Tennoh's sole priority becomes reuniting with Kaioh, and vice-versa, indicating an unhealthy degree of codependence.

Note: Tennoh's weapon in Senshi form, a blade of varying design depending on timeline, is the "Space Sword". This is another of the Sacred Talismans, and is likewise highest-priority.


  • WORLD SHAKING: Subject gathers gravitational/vibrational force into spheroid shape and hurls at target, detonating on contact. Often combined with Kaioh's "Deep Submerge", see below.
  • SPACE SWORD BLASTER: Flurry of energy projectiles launched from the Space Sword.
  • SPACE TURBULENCE: Appears to be a variant of "World Shaking" able to track multiple targets. More research needed.

PRIORITY ASSESSMENT: High. Tennoh's strength is formidable, but subject's true worth to Dead End is the Space Sword Talisman. After the Talisman is acquired, subject may be terminated at leisure.


ALIAS: Sailor Neptune

EYES: Blue

HAIR: Teal

The seventh Senshi to awaken on Earth in Vertex One, and Tennoh's partner in and out of battle. Kaioh apparently awakened on her own without outside assistance, but exact circumstances are unknown. Subject displays an impressive level of emotional control and stability at all times, a rarity among our opponents. Subject also apparently has a mischievous streak, based on intentionally provocative comments made to her teammates, her friends, and Tennoh. A well-known classical violinist, Kaioh has the highest media profile of the ten Sol Senshi. As with Tennoh, subject's family is a mystery, but her manners and knowledge of culture suggest a wealthy and privileged upbringing.

The majority of Kaioh's relevant history is shared with Tennoh. See above file.

As with Tennoh, Kaioh follows a philosophy of ruthless pragmatism. Tennoh is first and foremost in her world in terms of importance; her concern for all others fades with the possibility of harm to her partner. Similar indicators of unhealthy codependence are present as well. In battle, Kaioh is the finesse to Tennoh's brute force, and thus may be the more dangerous of the two when isolated.

Subject's techniques all involve ocean water and tidal forces. As with Mizuno, pyro- or electrokinetic troops are recommended to engage her in combat.

Note: As with Meioh and Tennoh, subject possesses a Sacred Talisman, the Deep Aqua Mirror. Apart from its potential to summon Sailor Saturn and/or the Holy Grail, the Mirror apparently grants Kaioh the powers of limited clairvoyance and selective teleportation for herself and others. Its illusion-dispelling properties, seemingly lesser functions are so far untested and unproven EDIT: proven and formidable indeed. Procurement of the Mirror is highest-priority.


  • DEEP SUBMERGE: Subject gathers ocean water into spheroid shape and fires at target, resulting in suffocation or extreme pressurization on contact. Often combined with Tennoh's "World Shaking".
  • SUBMARINE REFLECTION: Technique utilizing subject's Talisman, the Deep Aqua Mirror. May be used either as a wide-range offensive attack, or in a passive manner to reveal truths and dispel illusions.
  • SUBMARINE VIOLON TIDE: As with Tennoh's "Space Turbulence", this technique seems to be an upgraded form of "Deep Submerge", able to track multiple targets.

PRIORITY ASSESSMENT: High. Kaioh's considerable intelligence and devious manner make her a valuable potential asset, but a dangerous opponent. The Deep Aqua Mirror is crucial to further operations, but subject is highly unlikely to relinquish it without use of extreme force. Termination advised.


ALIAS: Sailor Saturn, Mistress 9

EYES: Violet

HAIR: Black

The tenth and final Senshi to be awakened on Earth in Vertex One. Daughter of Professor Souichi Tomoe, and the focal point of the schism between the Inner and Outer Senshi, as well as the conflict between the Senshi and the Death Busters as a whole.

Consistent in both timelines is the explosion and subsequent fire that decimated Professor Tomoe's lab and killed his wife and the younger Tomoe's mother, Keiko Tomoe and fatally wounded Tomoe herself. From thence, the two primary timelines of Vertex One, designated "Timeline [ALPHA]" and "Timeline [BETA]", undergo irreconcilable divergence, detailed below.

Timeline [ALPHA]: Professor Tomoe, recognized by the rest of humankind as a brilliant but dangerous mind, conducted the experiment that led to the explosion of his lab, the death of his wife, and the fatal wounding of his daughter. The transdimensional parasitic entity Pharaoh 90 contacted Prof. Tomoe through the rift created by the experiment, offering to spare the girl in return for Prof. Tomoe's allegiance and assistance in freeing it from its decaying home dimension, the Tau System and providing it with a new vessel: the planet Earth itself. Prof. Tomoe readily agreed, and over the following years founded the Death Busters organization as a means of continuing his quest for knowledge. Prof. Tomoe's work in the fields of biology and genetics, with Pharaoh 90's input, led to the creation of parasitic organisms he designated "Daimon". A Daimon egg was implanted in the younger Tomoe's body, that of Pharaoh 90's direct subordinate, Mistress 9. The egg caused Tomoe intense physical degradation and necrosis, advanced by Prof. Tomoe's continued experiments upon her. Subject's limbs had to be periodically replaced with cybernetic prosthetics over the following years. Subject also displayed low-level psychic abilities and experienced frequent fugue states, during which the consciousness of the gestating Mistress 9 subsumed her own.

Years later, near the completion of Prof. Tomoe's mission to empower Pharaoh 90 by feeding it procured human soul-analogues called "Hostes", the Sailor Senshi began to oppose the Death Busters. The Senshi engaged Prof. Tomoe's Daimon forces, including myself and the Witches 5, the first successful human-Daimon fusions, but our efforts were unsuccessful. However, Mistress 9 still succeeded in fully awakening from within Hotaru Tomoe by capturing Usagi "Chibi-Usa" Tsukino's Hoste and Silver Crystal. Prof. Tomoe, having fully transformed himself into a Daimon through extensive genetic surgery and taken on the name "Germatoid", was killed by the Senshi shortly afterward, but the Senshi were unable to recapture Tsukino II's Hoste and Crystal. Mistress 9's rejection of her human form utterly destroyed Hotaru Tomoe's body, leading to her apparent death. Master Pharaoh 90 was freed from the Tau System, and the vesselization of Earth was underway when Tomoe's spirit, separated from her corpse, awakened as Sailor Saturn and voluntarily sealed herself and Master Pharaoh 90 beyond the Space-Time Door, leading to the destruction of both. Tomoe was reborn as a fully human infant, and entrusted to the care of Tennoh, Kaioh, and Meioh, acting as a surrogate family. Subject reverted to an age of approximately nine years during the following conflict with the Dead Moon Circus.

Timeline [BETA]: The explosion of Prof. Tomoe's lab killed his wife and fatally wounded Hotaru, as in Timeline [ALPHA]. Stricken with grief and badly wounded, Prof. Tomoe was contacted by a Daimon called "Germatoid", a subordinate of Pharaoh 90. Germatoid offered to spare the life of Prof. Tomoe's daughter in exchange for his allegiance. Prof. Tomoe accepted and became a host organism for Germatoid, his own consciousness being largely suppressed. In the guise of Prof. Tomoe, Germatoid founded the Death Busters organization with the goals of capturing the legendary Holy Grail, summoning Pharaoh 90 to Earth from the Tau System, and thereby instigating an apocalyptic event called "The Silence", triggered in part by the emergence of Pharaoh 90's direct subordinate Mistress 9, the "Dark Messiah", whose Daimon pod was implanted into Hotaru's body. Subject underwent near-identical changes as her Timeline [ALPHA] counterpart due to the pod's influence, minus limb necrosis.

The Death Busters began acquiring "Pure Heart Crystals", Timeline [BETA]'s equivalent of Timeline [ALPHA]'s Hostes, in an effort to both quicken Mistress 9's awakening via her absorbing of the Heart Crystals into her host body, and to locate the Heart Crystals of sufficient purity to summon the Holy Grail. The organization hid its true purpose via concealing itself in the guise of Mugen Academy, an all-ages private school in the Tokyo Bay Area. I and the others of the Witches 5 were recruited to the organization from the student body, directing operations using artificial Daimon to acquire Pure Heart Crystals. Our efforts were largely unsuccessful, but as in Timeline [ALPHA], Mistress 9 awakened regardless after ingesting Tsukino II's Pure Heart and Silver Crystal.

In the ensuing battle, Germatoid gained enough strength to expel himself from his human host body and engaged Tennoh and Kaioh in battle. Germatoid was destroyed by the Talismans, and the weakened Prof. Tomoe, unaware of his actions while possessed, attempted to reawaken his daughter's consciousness from within Mistress 9. This effort proved futile, but Mistress 9 took advantage of Tsukino's and Tomoe's emotional connection to Hotaru to feign a struggle and acquire the Holy Grail for herself. The Grail was used to fuel a "signal beacon" apparatus and utterly destroyed in the process. Pharaoh 90 was freed from the Tau System and approached the Earth, beginning the Silence. It was then that the consciousness of Hotaru Tomoe spectacularly reasserted itself, disintegrating Mistress 9 and giving birth to Sailor Saturn. As in Timeline [ALPHA], Saturn's period of activity was fleeting; she plunged herself into the core of Pharaoh 90, intending to unleash her full power to destroy it from inside, and herself with it. The wounded Sailor Moon somehow achieved her "Super" transformation sans the destroyed Grail and followed after her. The events of the battle inside the core are unrecorded, but it resulted in the complete destruction of Pharaoh 90 and Tomoe's rebirth into an infant and fully human state. Tomoe was returned to her infirmed father, remaining in his care until Meioh reappeared and acquired her a year later for the final confrontation with Queen Nehelenia. It was during this period that Tomoe, again as in Timeline [ALPHA], reverted to approximately nine years old, resuming her mantle as Sailor Saturn.

As a Senshi, Tomoe's raw potential power is unmatched even by Tsukino herself. In fully-awakened form, Sailor Saturn earns her moniker as "the Senshi of Ruin", possessing the ability to end entire worlds via simple intent and dropping her signature weapon, the Silence Glaive. Supposedly, this ability is a necessary function of the universe, and serves as a counterpoint to Sailor Moon's ability to restore and heal en masse. Notably, prior to learning this, the three other Outer Senshi were willing to terminate Tomoe's life to prevent Saturn's awakening. Post-rebirth, Tomoe displays only a fraction of her "true" Senshi form's power, but is still more than capable of destruction on a massive scale.

Tomoe's primary weakness is her near-nonexistent sense of self-worth. Subject has been known to see herself as a burden to all, and even in Senshi form has expressed sentiment that her presence is unwanted at best, an "uninvited guest". In accordance, Tomoe has demonstrated a willingness to martyr herself, that others need not suffer in her place… though it is true that unleashing her full power comes at the cost of her own life, placing a heavy limitation on her usefulness in battle. This emotional fragility can be easily used to our advantage.

Tomoe's emotional attachment to "Chibi-Usa" Tsukino is another clear weakness. Tsukino II's companionship caused a significant delay in the maturation of Mistress 9, and contributed both to Tomoe's survival past the destruction of her body and to her initial awakening as Saturn. Tomoe may prove less willing to sacrifice herself should doing so endanger Tsukino II.

One final note: Tomoe's relationship to Sailor Saturn is unique among the Sailor Senshi. Saturn infrequently seems to exist as a consciousness and a separate entity in her own right, rather than as an alter-ego. While this "true Saturn" entity is rarely seen, its presence renders engaging Tomoe an even more dangerous prospect.


  • DEATH REBORN REVOLUTION: Tremendously powerful and dangerous technique utilizing negative-energy "ribbons". A single use of this technique was able to separate Pharaoh 90 from the Earth and interrupt a vesselization process on the verge of completion, which was thought to be impossible. Avoid or prevent at all costs.
  • SILENT WALL: Solidified fog forming a defensive barrier.
  • SILENCE GLAIVE SURPRISE: Explosive technique of a considerable magnitude. Possibility of terminating subject upon successful completion at full power.
  • SILENCE BUSTER: Spiraling energy projectile.
  • "GLAIVE FALL": This unnamed technique is the deadliest of any Sailor Senshi on record. Simply put, Tomoe/Saturn unleashes the full power of destruction, with all that that entails. Awe-inspiring in its strength and simplicity, it requires only that Tomoe/Saturn let the Silence Glaive fall with the express intent of triggering an apocalypse. "Apocalypse" is not hyperbole: the results of this technique have been proven to cause total, near-instantaneous destruction on a planetary scale. Theoretically, this technique may not even be limited to merely planetary scale; the upper limit of Tomoe/Saturn's power has never been tested. The fall of the Glaive and unleashing of subject's power leads invariably to subject's destruction as well, but her rebirth proves that this limitation can be bypassed.

PRIORITY ASSESSMENT: Highest. Subject possesses nearly incalculable potential as both Saturn and Mistress 9. Every effort should be made to capture Tomoe alive and coerce her into Dead End's service, by any means necessary. Subject's importance cannot be overstated.


As their name implies, the Sailor Quartet are four Sailor Senshi representing major Sol System asteroids/dwarf planets: Ceres, Juno, Vesta, and Pallas. As a curious anomaly, while the Dead Moon Circus's Amazoness Quartet are altered forms of these four Senshi in Timeline [ALPHA], in Timeline [BETA] their Amazoness forms are their true forms, and they are not Sailor Senshi at all.

The Quartet are intended to serve as Usagi "Chibi-Usa" Tsukino's four guardians in the 30th cenutry, as Mercury, Mars, Venus, and Jupiter served for Sailor Moon in the 20th. In Timeline [ALPHA], they were awakened prematurely by Queen Nehelenia and forcibly brought into her service before being restored and returned to hibernation.

Little information is available regarding the Sailor Quartet, as their active time period was apparently shielded from any further attack after the invasion of the Black Moon Clan. I suggest that much like Timeline [ALPHA]'s Nehelenia, resources should be diverted to awakening the group prematurely and securing their loyalty.

The four Sailor Quartet Senshi are:

  • Sailor Ceres, alias CereCere
  • Sailor Juno, alias JunJun
  • Sailor Vesta, alias VesVes
  • Sailor Pallas, alias PallaPalla



The Sailor Star Lights are a trio of extrasolar Sailor Senshi from the planet Kinmoku. Forced to flee the destruction of their homeworld in the wake of Shadow Galactica's attack, the three disguised themselves on Earth as a band of "idol singers", calling themselves "The Three Lights".

The trio is affected by perhaps the most bizarre instance of timeline variance I have ever personally encountered. Timeline [ALPHA]'s Star Lights are biologically female, taking on stereotypically male appearances and mannerisms to further their disguises. Timeline [BETA]'s Star Lights, however, change from biologically male to biologically female upon transformation. What this signifies, I cannot begin to guess.

Sailor Kakyuu, otherwise known as Princess Kakyuu, is the chosen Senshi of the planet Kinmoku. The three Star Lights are her guardians, as the Inner Senshi of Sol are to Sailor Moon. Records of Kakyuu's time in battle are brief, as she was killed in one of the battles of Galactica Palace. Kakyuu's Senshi form seems to only exist in Timeline [ALPHA].

Data indicates that following the collapse of Shadow Galactica, Kakyuu and the Star Lights returned to their home planet. Unless our forces are in critical need of bolstering, they can be considered irrelevant to our mission.

The Sailor Star Lights are:

  • Sailor Star Fighter, alias Ko Seiya
  • Sailor Star Maker, alias Ko Taiki
  • Sailor Star Maker, alias Ko Yaten
  • Sailor Kakyuu, alias Princess Kakyuu


Theoretically, every star or planet in Vertex One's universe should have its own totem Sailor Senshi. Records exist of Senshi representing the planets Chuu, Mermaid, Coronis, Mau, and Cocoon, but information regarding them is currently unavailable. What is known is that these five and many more were betrayed and murdered by citizens of their planets in Timeline [ALPHA], who then presented their Sailor Crystals to Sailor Galaxia in exchange for power. Becoming Galaxia's so-called "Sailor Animamates", they cannot be said to be true Senshi, but may be worth recruiting if their loyalties can be assured.

The Sailor Animamates are:

  • Sailor Iron Mouse, of planet Chuu
  • Sailor Aluminum Siren, of planet Mermaid
  • Sailor Lead Crow, of planet Coronis
  • Sailor Tin Nyanko, of planet Mau
  • Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon, of planet Cocoon

Other soldiers of Galaxia's forces appear to have been genuine Sailor Senshi who joined Shadow Galactica willingly. These include:

  • Sailor Lethe
  • Sailor Mnemosyne
  • Sailor Phi
  • Sailor Chi

Sailor Galaxia herself is, of course, the dreaded figure who rampaged through the Milky Way Galaxy in both timelines, and whom in both was responsible for cleansing it of life almost entirely. In possession of the Sapphire Crystal, Galaxia's motives differed depending on timelines, but in both she was arguably second in power, if not actually equal, only to Eternal Sailor Moon. Her current whereabouts are unknown, and data beyond the general basics is fragmentary, but Galaxia is a highest-priority target, if she can be located.


Creatures created from exposing insufficiently pure Star Seeds in Timeline [BETA]. Like the Sailor Animamates, not "true" Sailor Senshi, they nevertheless bear the "Sailor" title, for reasons I have yet to sufficiently explain. Useful as lower-ranked foot soldiers.


One exceedingly odd splinter timeline saw five 30th century citizens recruited by a shaman named Apsu, as part of her larger organization, Hell Destiny. Disillusioned with the Neo Silver Millennium and Neo Queen Serenity, these so-called "Oppositio Senshi" attempted to rewrite destiny to eliminate all traces of the Silver Crystal, past, present, and future. To that end, they succeeded in reviving many figures from the Dark Kingdom, Black Moon Clan, and Death Busters, and their methods seemed quite similar to Dead End's. They bear some resemblance to the Dark Precure 5, Bad End Precure, and Unlovely, all of various facets of Vertex Three. Investigate further, and recruit Apsu if possible.

The Oppositio Senshi are:

  • Oppositio Sin
  • Oppositio Nabu
  • Oppositio Nergal
  • Oppositio Marduk
  • Oppositio Ishtar


Chapter Text



OVERVIEW: Vertex Two is an outlier among the five Vertices, as nearly all the distinctive elements common to the other four simply do not exist there. As of this writing, there is only one being of note in Vertex Two, Sakura Kinomoto herself, who even fits the definition of a “magical girl”. Even so, she does not transform, has never battled an openly hostile force seeking her destruction, and has never encountered a “monster” of the kind so prevalent in the other worlds, to my knowledge.

This is not to say that Kinomoto is not a threat to Dead End. Based on my observation, the exact opposite is the case: should she use her full powers against us, I am convinced that Dead End, with all our resources, would pose little threat to her. Sakura Kinomoto has the potential to be the most dangerous being in her universe, and it is only her personality and relative immaturity that restricts her astonishing magical power.

Kinomoto’s power takes the form of the Clow Cards (later Sakura Cards): living, sentient entities sealed into card form and initially created by a mage named Clow Reed. Clow, said to be the greatest mage in all of history, created the Cards and their Guardian Beasts as part of a labyrinthine plot to appoint a successor who would one day surpass him. As Kinomoto has mastered the Cards and her power is still growing as of this writing, Clow’s efforts seem to have been successful.

Note: Timeline variance is in effect for Vertex Two as well, though to a far lesser degree than in Vertex One. The primary divergence seems to be the exact number of Clow / Sakura Cards: possibly as few as nineteen in one timeline (exact number unconfirmed), and fifty-five (fifty-two standard Cards, plus three anomalous entities) in the other. Cards confirmed present in one timeline and not the other will be noted, but I stress that every effort should be made to acquire all of them. The Cards are able to function as individuals, but as a collective, their power grows exponentially.





  • Clow / Sakura Cards











ALIAS: Cardcaptor Sakura, The Second

EYES: Green

HAIR: Brown


Kinomoto was by all accounts a typical ten-year-old Japanese elementary school student with no particular talents or special abilities when, by seemingly random chance, she opened the Book of Clow. Unknowingly breaking the seal upon the Cards, and thus releasing them into her town of Tomoeda, she was conscripted by the Clow Guardian Beast Kerberos to first retrieve the Cards, then later to transform them and remake them with her own powers.

Subject’s outward appearance would suggest little of interest. Kinomoto has a primarily passive manner and an even temperament, is unfailingly loyal to her family and companions, and displays very few stereotypically negative personality traits. In fact, subject has demonstrated a surprising willingness to befriend and empathize even with beings displaying blatantly antagonistic behavior… with the sole exception of Toya Kinomoto, her elder sibling, who frequently provokes her aggression. Subject’s ability to read emotions and social cues in others is lacking, suggesting a mild form of autism or a similar social/neurological disorder. Interestingly, subject suffers from extreme phasmophobia to a truly irrational degree; troops resembling common human depictions of undead spiritual entities are suggested for engaging subject.

Kinomoto’s lineage is partly responsible for her vast magical power. Subject is a direct descendant of Clow Reed himself, and many members of the Kinomoto bloodline possess varying levels of magical ability. Subject appeared to be entirely unaware of her potential prior to awakening the Clow Cards, and as of this writing still seems to have a tendency to vastly underestimate her own abilities. Despite this, subject displayed impressive levels of intuition, resourcefulness, determination, and a capacity for lateral thinking when faced with Clow’s various challenges.

As noted, subject’s phasmophobia is an easily exploitable weakness. Subject’s passive manner and lack of emotional control can also be exploited, so long as measures are taken to forestall any possible retaliation. Kinomoto is never to be underestimated under any circumstances; given her vast variety of magical abilities and phenomenal power levels, any attempted engagement of subject must be undertaken with utmost caution. Recommend utilizing full-body restraints, in addition to AMF nullifying devices to prevent possible counterattack by subject’s Cards. Said Cards should be uniformly classified as hostile sentient entities in and of themselves; always assume that Kinomoto carries all Cards on her person at all times and has full access to their abilities. Subject typically carries a wand, fashioned by Clow and later remade in her own image, called the Sealing Wand in its initial form and the Star Wand upon transformation. Subject can miniaturize this item into the shape of a small key, usually worn as a pendant. The wand is usually used to release Clow/Sakura Cards, but it is foolhardy to assume that depriving Kinomoto of her wand would render her helpless. As noted below, the Cards are sentient beings, all with at least a modicum of respect and loyalty to Kinomoto. Risking Kinomoto’s capture without first neutralizing her Cards is an effort likely doomed to failure.


PRIORITY ASSESSMENT: Highest. Kinomoto is the Second of the Three, and therefore absolutely vital to Dead End. Subject not only displays enormous amounts of power, but her magical abilities are astonishing in their variety. Only subject’s human flaws and limitations hold her back from becoming the greatest potential threat to Dead End.




Entities created by Clow Reed from an unprecedented fusion of Eastern and Western magic, representing a vast array of magical abilities. All Cards are living, sentient beings, though some display more overt intelligence than others. It can be assumed that with the passing of Kinomoto’s trials, all of the Cards consider her their sole master; extreme measures may be required to coerce said Cards into Dead End’s service. All entities are normally sealed in card form, a “resting state” of sorts, and manifest on the physical plane at Kinomoto’s command. Subject has experienced difficulty with releasing two or more Cards simultaneously on past occasions, presumably as a result of taxing her mana reserves, but this disadvantage cannot be relied upon as a certainty.

When Kinomoto collected all of the lost Clow Cards and passed the “Final Judgment” rendered by the second Guardian Beast, Yue (see file below), there followed an additional series of trials in which Kinomoto was required to transform all the Cards into a new form, bound to her own magic rather than Clow’s. These “Sakura Cards” are for most purposes identical to the Clow Cards in function, but it can be assumed that in this form, the Cards’ loyalties are firmly if not irrevocably set with Kinomoto. Acquisition of the Cards within the timeframe between the initial opening of the Book and the capture of the final Clow Card, the EARTHY, is strongly advised.

All but the three anomalous Cards fall under one of six alignments: four derived from the classical Greek elements (Earth, Air, Fire, and Water) plus the additional elements of Light and Dark. In addition, each Card (again, save for the three anomalous entities) falls either under the jurisdiction of Kerberos, holding dominion over FIREY-, EARTHY-, and LIGHT-aligned Cards and representing the Sun and Western magic, or Yue, holding dominion over WATERY-, WINDY-, and DARK-aligned Cards and representing the Moon and Eastern magic. See the Guardians’ relevant files below.

Note 1: Cards with confirmed counterparts in both timelines are indicated with bold text.

Note 2: Recent observation of splinter timelines confirms the existence of a new set of “Clear Cards” with similar abilities to the Clow/Sakura Cards, but which utilize a different form of magic. Upon manifestation, the Clear Cards have rendered the Sakura Cards powerless through currently unknown means. More extensive observation will be required before making a proper assessment and documentation of these Cards.



    1. The WINDY: WINDY is a versatile faerie-esque winged entity capable of advanced aerokinesis, i.e., manipulating air currents, summoning windstorms, manifesting constructs from solidified air, etc. One of the major elemental Cards. Kinomoto’s first and most loyal Card, often serving as communicator and arbiter for all others. Acquisition is highest-priority, but success is unlikely.
    2. The SHADOW: Manifesting as a hooded cloak, SHADOW is an umbrakinetic entity, as its name suggests. Able to manipulate physical objects while remaining intangible. Chaotic and mischievous in nature. Aligned with LIGHT. Acquisition recommended.
    3. The ILLUSION: An entity of no fixed shape, often manifesting as a disorienting kaleidoscopic pattern. ILLUSION manipulates target(s) senses based on their current thoughts at time of activation, often causing target(s) to hallucinate intense desires or fears. One of the few Cards to behave in an openly antagonistic manner. Aligned with DARK. Acquisition is highest-priority.
    4. The FLOWER: Appears as a feminine figure wearing a formal gown and adorned with flower petals. Able to manifest any type of flower or blossom its master desires, in theoretically infinite amounts, but possesses little to no possible offensive capabilities. Gentle in nature. Aligned with EARTHY. No applicability to Dead End, and therefore useless. Acquire only for sake of completion.
    5. The MIST: A dense green fog with extremely corrosive properties. Also able to summon fog as a makeshift smokescreen or barrier. Aligned with WATERY. Acquisition recommended.
    6. The STORM: A preadolescent figure of ambiguous gender. STORM displays weather manipulation abilities, summoning rain storms, tornadoes, etc. Highly aggressive. Aligned with WINDY. Acquisition recommended.
    7. The FLOAT: Manifests as a pink hot-air balloon. This entity can levitate and move small objects. Aligned with WINDY. Useless. Acquire only for sake of completion.
    8. The FIGHT: Manifests as an adolescent female. Instantly grants user enhanced martial arts skills. Highly aggressive and competitive. Aligned with FIREY. Acquisition is highest-priority.
    9. The SONG: A feminine elven figure with a dress resembling a cello. Capable of copying voices and music that meets its approval. Shy and non-confrontational. Aligned with WINDY. Harmless, can be safely ignored. Acquire only for sake of completion.
    10. The SHOT: A high-velocity bolt of energy in its released form. One of the most dangerous Cards, SHOT can be used even by persons with no magical ability. SHOT selects a target and fires energy bolts with increasingly deadly accuracy until either its target is struck and destroyed or SHOT is returned to card form. Aligned with FIREY. Acquisition is highest-priority.
    11. The SWEET: A small, faerie-like figure. Transforms objects into various sugary confections. Vulnerable to salt. Effects are reversed when SWEET is resealed. Aligned with LIGHT. Useless. Acquire only for sake of completion.
    12. The FREEZE: A pescine form with cryokinetic abilities. Capable of lowering temperatures over wide areas. Aligned with WATERY. Acquisition recommended.
    13. The ARROW: An archer in its manifested form, which fires energy arrows with pinpoint accuracy or allows its user to do the same. Aggressive. Aligned with FIREY. Acquisition recommended.
    14. The LIGHT: Mature feminine entity, one of the major elemental Cards. Capable of photokinesis and bringing forth sunrise. Completely intangible. The “sister” Card of DARK, which must be present to seal or use either Card. As major elemental Cards, acquisition of both her/it and DARK are essential.
    15. The TWIN: Two child-like jesters, one feminine and one masculine. TWIN is capable of duplicating any person or object. The two manifestations of TWIN always move in perfect synchronization with each other, and must be attacked and captured in a similar manner. Aggressive and capable fighters. Aligned with FIREY. Potentially useful, but its limitations render it more of a curiosity.
    16. The WOOD: A figure resembling a dryad, a mythical creature found in several human mythologies. WOOD is chlorokinetic, capable of instantly growing theoretically any type of flora. Normally docile, but can spread flora aggressively when manifesting alongside RAIN. Aligned with WATERY. Usefulness to Dead End would be situational at best.
    17. The SHIELD: As its name implies, a medieval heater-shaped shield in its unsealed form, detailed with a stylized wing. Also can take the form of an energy dome or protective barrier. The SHIELD protect from nearly all forms of attack, and can only be overcome by a sustained, prolonged barrage, focused magical attack (i.e., the SHOT), or its counterpart Card, the SWORD. Aligned with EARTHY. Acquisition is highest-priority.
    18. The POWER: Manifests as a diminutive, feminine pink figure. The POWER grants its user superhuman-class strength. Immensely proud and may be difficult to coerce, but could be invaluable for combat operations. Aligned with FIREY. Acquisition is recommended.
    19. The LOOP: Manifesting in the shape of a Moebius strip, the LOOP bends space-time itself into a localized temporal loop, as per its name. Of the Cards capable of tempero-spatial manipulation (see TIME, RETURN, SILENT, LOCK, etc.), LOOP appears to have the most potential. Study of LOOP’s effect could reap enormous benefits for Dead End. Aligned with EARTHY. Acquisition is highest-priority.
    20. The MIRROR: Appearing as either a feminine humanoid in vaguely Chinese-style dress or an antique circular hand mirror, MIRROR is capable of shapeshifting into a near-perfect duplicate of persons or objects caught in its reflection. Possibly the Card with the closest analogue to a sentient consciousness, MIRROR also demonstrates an ability to deflect various forms of attack, such as the SHOT in projectile form. However, its true value to Dead End is seemingly innocuous: MIRROR serves as a direct line of communication between Kinomoto and the Cards, able to converse on their behalf. In theory, coercing MIRROR could secure the loyalty of all the Cards at once. Aligned with EARTHY. In light of the above-mentioned theory, acquisition of MIRROR is highest-priority.
    21. The BIG: Manifests as a tall, slender, feminine figure. The BIG enlarges both objects and people, and does so indiscriminately. Possibly useful, but without its companion card, the LITTLE, effects likely cannot be reversed. Aligned with LIGHT. Acquisition recommended, with stipulations.
    22. The CHANGE: A chameleonoid creature, CHANGE extends a long tongue-like protrusion to exchange places with its target or swap the positions of objects/persons. Also capable of exchanging the consciousness of two being(s). The latter effect is permanent if not reversed within roughly 24 hours. Aligned with DARK. Limitations render this Card a curiosity at best. Acquire only for sake of completion.   
    23. The FIREY: One of the major elemental Cards, an angelic, masculine figure. FIREY displays intense pyrokinetic abilities. Flames generated by FIREY cannot be extinguished by conventional means or by WATERY; WINDY only strengthens it. Its personality is volatile, aggressive, and difficult to control, even for Kinomoto. Nevertheless, its position makes it an essential capture.
    24. The VOICE: Resembles a harpy from Greek mythology. VOICE is attracted to sound, particularly music, and may steal the voices/sounds of beings that catch its interests, rendering its target(s) mute. Of possible interest for counteracting certain opponents originating from Vertex Three, the Suite Precure of Facet Six in particular. Aligned with WINDY. Acquisition recommended, but not essential.
    25. The LOCK: Manifests as a simple bar padlock. LOCK distorts space in a localized area, and is capable of sealing off one space from another entirely, including all possible entrances and exits. Sealed spaces cannot be unlocked by conventional means; the only method of countering LOCK appears to be Kinomoto’s Sealing Wand in key form. Defends itself with psychokinetic storms. As with LOOP, potential applications of its power belie its seemingly simple function. Aligned with EARTHY. Acquisition is highest-priority.
    26. The CLOUD: Diminutive elven figure, twin of the RAIN. Nepheloikinetic abilities, i.e., capable of summoning and controlling clouds of varying density. Aligned with WATERY. Acquire only for sake of completion.
    27. The DARK: Mature feminine entity, one of the major elemental Cards. “Sister” Card of the LIGHT, with similar limitations and stipulations (cannot be captured or used without its twin). Umbrakinetic, capable of limited spatial manipulation, completely intangible, and can nullify non-magical beings. Acquisition is highest-priority.
    28. The WATERY: One of the major elemental Cards, resembling a mermaid. Aggressive to the point of violence. Possesses incredible hydrokinetic abilities, and is capable of absorbing the effects of any of its aligned Cards. Acquisition is highest-priority.
    29. The Rain: Twin of the CLOUD, see above. Resembles a jester. As with the STORM, capable of weather manipulation, but seemingly limited to precipitation. Linked with the WOOD.Acquisition recommended, but not essential.
    30. The JUMP: A bizarre and inhospitable lepine creature. Bestows superhuman agility to its user, allowing them to leap great heights. Capable of possessing and manipulating inanimate objects. Aligned with WINDY. Effects can easily be duplicated or exceeded utilizing standard TSAB antigravity technology, so capture and coercion is non-essential. Acquire only for sake of completion.
    31. The SILENT: Manifests as a severe feminine being. SILENT detests noise, and will mute the sound of any being or object that irritates it. Offending beings may be subject to short-range teleportation, implying limited spatial manipulation abilities. Further study required. Possibly useful for combating Suite Precure of Vertex Three, Facet Six (see the VOICE). Aligned with DARK. Acquisition recommended, but not essential.
    32. The TIME: An elderly masculine being holding an antique hourglass. TIME’s temporal manipulation abilities are highly varied; subject endows its user to slow, quicken, stop, reverse, or repeat the flow of local space-time. Effects of TIME require enormous amounts of energy or magical power, however. Related to the RETURN. Aligned with DARK. Acquisition is highest-priority.
    33. The ERASE: A feminine figure resembling a harlequin. ERASE carries a length of fabric cloth; anything touched by this cloth is instantly removed from existence. Effects can be applied to objects, living beings, and even intangible concepts, including memories. The exact mechanics of subject’s erasure are a mystery; its abilities seem to be in direct violation of the law of conservation of matter. I theorize that the cloth contains some manner of magic-based micro-singularity. Effects of erasure become permanent with time, but are reversed if the card’s source of power is cut off. Twin of CREATE. Aligned with DARK. Acquisition is highest-priority; Master Joker has taken an interest in this Card in particular.
    34. The SLEEP: Manifests as an androgynous sprite or pixie. Dust released by SLEEP causes all humans and sentient life forms within its area of effect to fall into deep slumber. Only those possessing exceptional magical power can resist its effect. Subject also alters targets’ memories to erase its own presence. Aligned with DARK. Acquisition is recommended, but not essential.
    35. The RETURN: Appearing as either a dense and tangible black mist or a elven, feminine figure holding a winged hourglass. Closely related to TIME, RETURN enables its user to travel backwards along a linear time scale, but its user rendered non-corporeal, unable to change or interact with past events. Powerful magic-users may detect the user’s presence and interact with said user in non-corporeal state, however. RETURN, like TIME, requires enormous amounts of power to function. Aligned with LIGHT. While side-effects of RETURN’s use may limit its usefulness to Dead End, Master Joker specifically requests the acquisition of this Card.
    36. The DASH: Manifests as a vaguely vulpine creature. Enables movement at superhuman speed for short distances. Subject’s manifested form has the same ability. Aligned with WINDY. Acquire only for sake of completion.
    37. The CREATE: Appearing as a seemingly-ordinary blank book, anything written in CREATE’s pages is manifested in reality, fully able to interact with the physical plane. Its only limit appears to be its user’s will and imagination. CREATE also grants its user inspiration, provided that its user keeps it open and active. Reportedly, CREATE can only be used at night, but exceptions do exist, and bypassing this limitation should be little issue. Twin of ERASE. Aligned with LIGHT. Needless to say, the potential applications of this Card alone could ensure Dead End’s victory; it is worth any amount of risk to acquire CREATE and secure its loyalty.  
    38. The BUBBLES: Summons a large amount of ordinary soap bubbles. Useless to Dead End, and quite frankly to anyone else. Aligned with WATERY. Acquire only for sake of completion.
    39. The WAVE: Grants user minor hydrokinetic powers, but unlike its parent elemental Card, cannot spontaneously generate bodies of water. Ergo, WAVE seems redundant. Aligned with WATERY. Acquire only for sake of completion.
    40. The SAND: Manifests as a large serpentine creature. Grants its user psammokinetic powers, able to summon and manipulate sand at will and generate sand-based constructs. Of possible interest to the “Desert Apostles” faction of Vertex Three, Facet Five. Aligned with EARTHY. Acquisition recommended, but not essential.
    41. The FLY: An avian creature in released form, or one or more pairs of birdlike wings attached to its user or an object of the user’s choice, typically Kinomoto’s Sealing Wand. Endows its user with the power of flight. Aggressive when provoked, but normally quiet and harmless. Aligned with WINDY. Flight abilities are simple enough to grant to our forces via technological means; acquire only for sake of completion.
    42. The THUNDER: Manifests as a pantherine being composed of electricity. Electrokinetic and highly aggressive. Potentially useful as a power source. Aligned with FIREY. Acquisition strongly recommended.
    43. The SWORD: Normally manifests as a European rapier. Able to cut through all solid matter, all magical barriers save for that of the SHIELD, and space-time distortions (i.e., those caused by the LOOP). Upon activation, SWORD instantly grants its wielder expertise in swordsmanship. It is unknown if this expertise applies to all sword-like weapons or only to specifics. SWORD is known to be extremely violent and aggressive, and may possess civilians to sate its thirst for battle. Aligned with FIREY. Acquisition is highest-priority; SWORD will prove invaluable if its effects can be applied to other manners of weapons.
    44. The GLOW: Manifests as a feminine faerie. Summons radiant orbs resembling the bioluminescent displays of Terran insects of the Lampyridae family. Gentle, harmless, and utterly useless to Dead End. Aligned with LIGHT. Acquire only for sake of completion.
    45. The MOVE: Manifests as transparent, birdlike wings. Able to levitate small objects from one place to another via some manner of weak telekinesis. Useless. Aligned with WINDY. Acquire only for sake of completion.
    46. The LITTLE: Appears as either a pin-sized point of yellow light or an equally diminutive feminine jester figure. Twin to BIG, LITTLE is a manipulative troublemaker, fond of reducing its targets to miniscule size and watching with apparent delight as they attempt to survive while miniaturized. Physical contact with LITTLE will reverse effects. Potentially quite useful; miniaturization beyond the typical scientific means has many possible applications for Dead End technology, to name one example. Aligned with LIGHT. Acquisition strongly recommended.   
    47. The MAZE: Card form depicts a traditional human maze structure. Once unsealed, however, MAZE traps its targets/victims in a bewildering pocket dimension. MAZE is capable of altering its labyrinth at will to dissuade any attempt to “cheat” a solution to its puzzle. Repeated attempts to complete the labyrinth by any means other than what it deems the “correct” solution will cause MAZE to rearrange its layout in increasingly hostile and nonsensical ways, up to and including incorporation of impossible geometry reminiscent of the works of human surrealist M.C. Escher. Only targets/victims possessing incredible magic power may force MAZE to be resealed without properly locating its labyrinth’s exit. Implications are fascinating. Aligned with EARTHY. Acquisition is highest-priority.
    48. The SNOW: Manifests in a form resembling the yuki-onna (lit. “snow woman”) of Japanese folklore. SNOW possesses frigokinetic powers and is quite aggressive, but is far weaker than most elemental Cards. It is still worth study, however. Aligned with WATERY. Acquisition is strongly recommended.
    49. The THROUGH: Appears as a dancing girl of vaguely Arabic appearance. The THROUGH enables its user to become intangible, but its effects drain user’s magic power quickly, leading to risk of rematerialization inside solid objects and subsequent suffocation. Simple enough to replicate with technology, and likely with fewer potential risks. Aligned with FIREY. Acquire only for sake of completion.
    50. The LIBRA: Manifests as an antique pan-scale. LIBRA’s only power seems to be granting its user a magical form of lie detection. Interesting, of potential use for interrogation purposes, but again, technology can replicate its effects. Aligned with EARTHY. Acquire only for sake of completion.  
    51. The DREAM: Manifests as either a glowing, ethereal butterfly of unclear genus/species or as a helmeted female figure. DREAM induces REM sleep and a subsequent state not unlike the phenomenon of “lucid dreaming”. More importantly, DREAM may grant its user limited precognition during their dream state. Exact mechanics of this Card’s abilities are unknown and require more study. Aligned with DARK. Acquisition recommended, but not essential.
    52. The EARTHY: Either a stately, mature feminine humanoid or a draconic serpent formed from soil. One of the six major elemental Cards, and thus extremely powerful. EARTHY possesses extraordinary terrakinetic abilities, exhibiting control of theoretically any form of inert mineral matter. Control extends to geomanipulation as well, enabling user to summon tremors, fissures, and earthquakes of varying intensity. Acquisition is highest-priority.


    1.  The Nameless Card: An unaligned, original Sakura Card that never existed in Clow Card form, the Nameless Card was apparently created subconsciously by Kinomoto. It only manifested after Kinomoto completed conversion of all fifty-two Clow Cards into her own Sakura Cards. The trigger for its creation was apparently an escalation of the relationship between Kinomoto and her rival-turned-ally, Shaoran Li, immediately prior to Li’s first departure from Tomoeda. What abilities the Card may have possessed and what exactly it represents are unknown, and likely to remain a mystery. The Nameless Card was merged with NOTHING (see below) one year after its creation, and barring significant disruption to its timeline(s), it can be considered irrevocably lost. Acquire only for sake of completion.
    2. The NOTHING: Apparently Clow Reed’s final Clow Card, created as a necessary negative counterbalance to the enormous positive power of the other Cards. Manifesting as a winged humanoid female permanently enclosed within a sphere of dark energy, NOTHING’s ability to counteract all of the other Cards is reason enough for its acquisition, but it also possesses the ability to completely annihilate any matter—organic or inert—touched by any part of its body or by its energy sphere(s), which can be summoned at will at variable size and in indefinite numbers. This effect appears somewhat similar to that of ERASE, but at far greater magnitude; the annihilation of matter is near-instantaneous and apparently irreversible except by extraordinary means. Even more astonishing, NOTHING’s applications of this effect are not limited to the physical realm; it has a confirmed ability to erase and/or unmake emotions and other metaphysical concepts. NOTHING’s additional powers include temporary animation of inanimate objects and a personal form of teleportation, but these have yet to be sufficiently studied. Based upon its catalogued abilities, NOTHING by itself can be considered a magical weapon of mass destruction, and it must be acquired at all costs. However, even approaching this Card may prove difficult; its temperament seems to be that of a small child, prone to fits of intense emotional instability. Coupled with its vast power, its erratic behavior presents a danger to all. It would be expedient to gain NOTHING’s loyalty via manipulation rather than via force.
    3. The HOPE: An original Sakura Card apparently created from a fusion of the NOTHING and the Nameless Card, HOPE was Kinomoto’s final acquisition to date. Its creation reversed the effects of NOTHING’s rampage, restoring all that was erased by the distraught Card. What additional abilities HOPE may possess are entirely unknown; its emergence coincided with a long period of dormancy for Kinomoto and her Cards. I theorize that any Card using NOTHING as a component must logically possess phenomenal power, but in the absence of any conclusive evidence for or against this theory, I must consider the HOPE to be an X factor. When compared with NOTHING’s confirmed abilities, however, and taking into account the apparent impossibility of acquiring both NOTHING and HOPE, I suggest that resources be diverted to securing the former at the expense of the latter.




EYES: Black

HAIR: Black


Formerly Vertex Two’s most powerful magic-user, Clow Reed was the human who succeeded in fusing Eastern and Western magic, and used this unprecedented power to create the Clow Cards and their Guardians. For such a momentous figure, much of Clow’s life remains a mystery. It is confirmed that he was of mixed Chinese and English descent, that his magic extended his lifespan to far beyond that of normal humans, and that he foresaw Kinomoto surpassing him, but beyond that, concrete facts about Clow are maddeningly scarce. Even more aggravating is the impenetrable morass of fractured, broken, and nullified timelines inexorably tied to Clow’s very existence. I presume that these anomalies are a partial explanation as to why Clow seems to be permanently shielded from direct observation and intervention by anyone save Kinomoto herself, and even she has encountered great difficulty doing so.

Given his vast and varied power set, including advanced precognition, functional immortality, the ability to prevent and/or reverse death, and manipulation of reality itself, it can be surmised that seizing control of Clow would win the war for Dead End. Unfortunately, as noted above, all of our efforts to observe Clow, let alone interact with him, have been met with dismal failure. The Time Reaper has been dispatched to travel to various points in Clow’s personal timeline on no less than thirty-seven separate occasions, and each time, without fail, it has been ejected from the time stream and returned to La Fin de Toute within seconds of its departure. That an entity with supposed mastery over the entire temporal-spatial spectrum can be so thoroughly blocked from the time stream of a single human, magical or not, frustrates me to no end, but after repeated fruitless attempts, I must conclude that making any contact with Clow is functionally impossible.

PRIORITY ASSESSMENT: Highest , but currently beyond even Dead End’s ability to acquire.


Sentient magical entities created by Clow to administer tests to his chosen successor, Kerberos and Yue are the Guardian Beasts of the Cards.

KERBEROS (also answering to the diminuatives “Kero” or “Kero-chan”), the Guardian Beast of the Seal, represens the Sun and Western magic, and holds dominion over FIREY-, EARTHY-, and LIGHT-aligned Cards. Kerberos manifests in its true form as a winged leonine creature, but typically maintains a smaller “sealed form”, apparently to remain inconspicuous among humans. Said sealed form bears resemblance to typical plush animals intended for human infants and juveniles. Kerberos was sealed within the Book of Clow for centuries until Kinomoto inadvertently opened the Book and awakened both him and the Cards.

Kerberos’s behavioral patterns are an enigma. For a creature tasked with training its creator’s successor and with partial guardianship of arguably the most powerful magical entities ever created in its world, Kerberos exhibits a frankly shocking indifference to its duties in all but the most dire situations. Subject typically prefers to overindulge itself in human diversions, including televised media and electronic games, and is known to be gluttonous for all manner of human food, particularly sweet confections. When Kinomoto is not actively engaged in her training, Kerberos rarely if ever utilizes its considerable magical power, wasting its energy and intellect on idle pursuits. I can only offer conjecture that some unknown factor in Clow’s creation of this creature caused a disastrous malfunction in its makeup; but if this is so, why would someone of Clow’s abilities not discard such an obviously flawed attempt and begin again? It seems to defy all logic.

This is not to say that Kerberos should be underestimated; as dominion-holder over half of the Cards, subject is capable of tremendous magical output, should it desire. Subject also exhibits a considerable protective instinct in regards to the wellbeing of its master(s) when its ire is raised.

PRIORITY ASSESSMENT: Medium . Kerberos displays considerable power, but subject’s noted eccentricities, stubbornness, and fierce loyalty to Kinomoto and Clow render its capture and subversion an unlikely prospect at best. Monitor and dispatch if necessary.

YUE is the Guardian Beast of Judgment and Selection. Manifesting as a winged humanoid, similar in appearance to the divine creatures depicted in common Western religions, Yue represents the Moon and Eastern magic, and holds dominion over WATERY-, WINDY-, and DARK-aligned Cards.

Yue’s task was to deliver the evaluation of Clow’s chosen successor once all the Cards were gathered. Li and later Kinomoto herself failed in their initial applications of this so-called “Final Judgment”, but through unclear means, Kinomoto was allowed a second attempt immediately following her first. Satisfied with her completion of this second attempt, Yue pledged its loyalty to Kinomoto as its new master.

In direct contrast to its fellow Guardian, Yue approaches its task with utmost seriousness. Subject is stoic and taciturn at all times, thinking of little save for its duties. Records indicate its devotion to Clow was absolute; apparently, subject was at first vehemently opposed to the idea of Clow choosing a successor at all, and was reluctant to acknowledge Kinomoto. The cause of its reversal on the matter is unknown.

Yue’s “sealed form” is a bizarre and baffling entity. Appearing as an ordinary human male of Japanese descent named Yukito Tsukishiro, subject was inserted into the life of Kinomoto, her family, and her companions with no knowledge of his true form or purpose. Tsukishiro’s presence was masked via a complex cognitive distortion; all of his immediate relations were given false memories, to the effect that Tsukishiro had always been present in their lives. Even after Yue revealed itself, Tsukishiro was initially unaware of the actions or presence of his alter-ego. However, as Yue’s existence was bound to the Clow, once Kinomoto began the conversion of the Clow Cards to her own Sakura Cards, the existences of both Yue and Tsukishiro were placed in jeopardy. In danger of dematerializing altogether, the two were renewed by Kinomoto’s older sibling Toya, who sacrificed the entirety of his own latent magical abilities to preserve them both indefinitely.

Tsukishiro is, for all intents and purposes, an ordinary human being, a separate consciousness from Yue. As such, he has little to none of the former’s magical ability. However, subject was and is a considerable emotional influence upon both Sakura and Toya Kinomoto, for reasons that require further observation.

PRIORITY ASSESSMENT: Medium. As is the case with Kerberos, Yue’s loyalties lie firmly with Clow, and later with Kinomoto. Its power is considerable, and subjugation is unlikely. Tsukishiro is useless to Dead End save as a tool for the emotional manipulation of Kinomoto. Monitor and dispatch if necessary.




EYES: Brown

HAIR: Brown


Son of the prominent Li family of Hong-Kongese mages, Shaoran Li (given name alternately translated as “Syaoran” or “Xiǎoláng”), Li is a direct bloodline descendant of Clow Reed, and thus distantly related to Kinomoto. Initially, Li traveled to Tomoeda to present himself as a rival to Kinomoto, claiming that he was the true heir to the Clow Cards, but despite acquiring and sealing several Cards, he was not chosen as their true master, and thus could not unlock their full potential. Upon Kinomoto’s passing of the Final Judgment, Li somewhat illogically remained in Japan for several months, assisting Kinomoto with the conversion of the Clow Cards into Sakura Cards. Afterwards, Li returned to his family in Hong Kong, only to inexplicably return to Tomoeda on a presumably permanent basis.

As noted above, subject possesses significant magical abilities, specializing in ancient Chinese spellcasting. Subject is adept at sensing the presence of magic, and was initially more skilled in locating Clow Cards than Kinomoto, but it is logical to assume that Kinomoto’s abilities dwarfed his as they developed. Subject possesses a magical device called the Rashinban, capable of advanced “I Ching” divination, apparently created by Clow and passed down through generations of the Li family. Subject also possesses elemental magic through the use of jufu , enchanted paper talismans similar to the Japanese ofuda used by Rei Hino/Sailor Mars of Vertex One. Subject also exhibits proficiency in swordsmanship, favoring a traditional Chinese jian , which can also be used in spellcasting. However, as noted, Kinomoto’s abilities have far surpassed Li’s with time, rendering subject functionally useless to our cause.

PRIORITY ASSESSMENT: Low . See above. Li presents a possible obstacle in acquiring Kinomoto and/or her Cards, but by himself, the subject has little worth. Recommend disposal.




EYES: Black

HAIR: Black


Only child of Sonomi Daidouji, CEO of Japan’s prestigious Daidouji Corporation. Tomoyo Daidouji has been Kinomoto’s constant companion for many years. Daidouji is aware of Kinomoto’s activities as the Cardcaptor, and often uses her family’s considerable resources to provide financial and logistical assistance in her tasks.

For unclear reasons, Daidouji exhibits an obsession with Kinomoto that borders on psychotic, one that began prior to her awakening of the Clow Cards and has only escalated with time. Subject is known to follow Kinomoto whenever possible, documenting her every move via a variety of sophisticated recording equipment. Subject also spends an inordinate amount of personal time fashioning various elaborate garments for Kinomoto, reviewing said documented footage of Kinomoto, or otherwise engaged in Kinomoto-related activities. In short, the entirety of Daidouji’s life appears to revolve around Kinomoto, even at her own detriment or expense. The logic of this behavior escapes me.

Of note, Daidouji exhibits no magical abilities whatsoever. Given this truth, she would seem to be only a hindrance to Kinomoto’s efforts, despite the aforementioned financial and logistical assistance she offers. Why Kinomoto tolerates Daidouji’s constant presence, and the extreme violations of privacy that accompany said presence, is a puzzle for the ages.


PRIORITY ASSESSMENT: Low . Daidouji’s only worth to Dead End is as a companion to Kinomoto, and thus as an important emotional influence upon her. Subject’s considerable wealth and resources are easily reproduced via other means, and thus largely irrelevant to our operation. Capture subject if the opportunity presents itself; otherwise, Daidouji can be safely ignored.