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BNHA Smuty Smut! Smut!

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She bit her lip as she watched the first years train down below, watching one first year in particular as the sun beat down on him, sweat trickling down his forehead and neck. A sight the made her eyes dilate when she watched his muscles flex as he did his pull ups before continuing to run through the drill. It made her mind run wild about what she could do to her fiery little kohai. How she could tame him with just her proximity and make such a maverick submit and bow to her.

She shuddered at the thought of him kneeling on the floor, looking up to her those red eyes, his voice whiney as he begged her to let him cum.

Please, Mommy.

She smirked as she made up her mind, deciding that he would be the first of her kohais that she would claim.


Her plan was all in place, a simple note slipped into his desk during lunch would act as a catalyst, and she couldn't wait to see him under the bleachers in the gym, and as she waited she couldn't keep herself from getting excited as her extremely creative imagination roamed about all the ways she could get Bakugou Katsuki to be her little bitch, and when she heard footsteps approaching she turned slowly and smirked as her prey walked towards her, one hand gripping his bag, the other in his pocket.

“You the one that left the note?” he asked in an uninterested tone.

She had to keep herself from biting her lip, oh had she loved to make the fiery ones horny little sluts.

“Yes, I am,” she replied, stepping forward and activating her quirk, letting the pheromones consume the air and rush towards him.

After a few moments, she could see his brow twitch a bit and she took a step towards him, “Are you a virgin, Bakugou?”

He growled a bit, “What?”

“Are you a virgin?” she repeated, a mischievous smirk crossing her face as Katsuki shifted, a hazy glaze glassing over his eyes.         

“Why the hell do you want to know?”

She moved closer pressing an open palm to his chest, biting her lip when she felt the firm muscles underneath his clothes, “Well, I want you to play with me,” she confessed before moving her mouth to his ear, watching his face contort as her breath ran across it. “And it's so much more fun when I get to play with cute little virgins.”

Then hand on his chest then glided down as she pushed him towards the cement wall, and when her hand gently moved over his cock he let out a little whimper, and when she pulled away she felt her core light up with the submissive hot and bothered look across his face. His cheeks burned red as he panted slightly, his red eyes locking onto her own. She chuckled, “So what’s it going to be, Katsuki,” she started as her hand pressed a little harder against his cock, making him bite his lip and his neck tilted upwards. “Are you going to be my little slut?”

He didn’t answer as she continued to grind her palm against his hardening cock through his jeans while her mouth moved to his neck, kissing softly as her eyes watched his face getting more and more heated with every little whimper that she choked out of him, and when she slipped her hand into his pants he let out  throaty moan as her warm hand wrapped around his length for the first time.

“Katsuki,” she said softly, “Look at me.”

He tilted his head downwards, his face red as she looked into his eyes as she rubbed his cock slowly, “Are you my little slut?” she asked again.

He hesitated for longer than she liked and she started to pull out, but his hand locked around her wrist as he bit his lip, a pleading look crossing his face, “Please, don’t...don’t stop.”

She smirked again, and leaned to his ear to whisper, “Then call me ‘Mommy’,” she said in a sultry tone before she started to lick and nibble at his ear, making him whined as he rutted into her still hand.

She knew that he didn't have a choice, especially if he was riding the high on her hormones. No one could resist her scent, especially when she had a hand wrapped around their hard, stiff and aching cock. “Please just...just make me cum,” he whimpered, trying to rut into her. “Please, Mommy.”

“Do you want Mommy to suck your cock?” she asked.

He nodded vigorously, making her chuckle before she moved to capture his lips with her own, moaning into the sloppy kiss, before pulling away as she teased the head of his cock, “If I suck you, will you suck me? Will you make Mommy cum?”

“Yes, Mommy, just please, let me cum,” he begged.

“Then take your pants off for Mommy.”

He did as she said the moment she released his cock, tearing off his pants and his boxers, hissing when his cock was exposed to the open air, and he felt his heat spike inside him as he watched her get down on her knees, looking up to him with playful eyes as she stroked his thick, long and hard cock and he let out a throaty moan as her tongue darted out and ran across his aching member.

“Beg me, Katsuki,” she ordered before her tongue darted out to lick the reddened head. “Beg Mommy to make you cum.”

He let out another moan as she took him into her hot, wet and warm mouth, throwing his head back against the walls, his eyes following as his tongue poked out of his mouth as she sucked him off, her tongue working wonders as she took him.

“Please, Mommy!” he whimpered, her core tightened. “Please make me cum! Please! Please Mommy!”

His hand found it's way to her hair as his hips tried to buck into her mouth, and when he felt her throat shift he let out a sluttly little moan as she took him even deeper while a hand went to his balls, fondling them with her soft fingers as she drove him even closer and close rot the cliff that she wanted to throw him off of, and when he looked down and met her eyes he shot over that cliff, “Mommy!”

She moaned as he spilled his hot cum into her mouth, pulling off a little bit, locking her lips aroudn the head as she sucked every last drop out of his cock, watching his face as he convulsed and shivered from the ejaculation, looking like the gorgeous little slut she knew he was as he came down from his high.

Her lips made a popping noise after she pulled off of his cock before she stood and locked lips with him once again, bringing him back down before her lips went back to his neck, “Now you have to make Mommy come too, alright?”

He nodded slowly before she pulled away and pushed him gently down to his knees, before activating her second quirk, watching as Katsuki’s eyes went wide as a hard and aching cock the same size as his poked out from under her skirt. When his eyes made contact with hers, she tilted her head, “Don’t act like you’re not a little cock whore, Katsuki. We both know you want to suck Mommy’s hard cock, so just do it.”

He hated how much he wanted to suck it. He hated on turned on he was, especially after having the best orgasm in his life. He hated that he was absolutely loving this, and when he leaned forward to kiss the head of her cock, he fucking hated how much he fucking loved to hear her moan as she bit her lip.

“Good boy, Katsuki. Keep going. Suck Mommy’s cum out.”

His tongue darted out a few times, semaring the pre-cum coming out across the head with his hot and wet tongue before taking the tip into his mouth and sucking lightly, and as he continued to tease the head the girl above him let out a ‘tch’ before gripping his hair and forcing him down on her cock, making him let out a surprised whimper before he moaned around her cock, making her throw her head back as she let out a moan.

“Good boy, Katsuki,” she encouraged him, loosening the grip on his hair. “Suck Mommy’s cock.”

His red eyes locked onto her own as he bobbed his head on her cock, her cock growing even harder in his mouth making his own re-harden again as his hand stroked it as he basked in the submission as he sucked on her cock slowly.

“Faster,” she ordered.

He did as she said, speeding up his pace, making obscene noises as he sucked at her cock greedily, eager to taste her cum while his hands went to her thighs, pressing against her skin while his tongue stroked the underside of her cock, his eyes begging his mommy to cum into his mouth, but she had other plans as she moaned and rolled her hips into his hot and sluttly little mouth.

And when she felt herself nearing the edge she pushed him off of her cock with her knee while her hand went to it, stroking it quickly as she bit her lip and when she came she let out a throaty moan as the hot cum spurt out and landed onto the blonde’s face, making him close his eyes in reflex, and when she was done with her orgasm he opened his eyes and looked up to her with a red face that was covered in her white cum.

She smirked and bent down a bit, gripping his chin with her hand while her cock morphed back into its female counterpart, “Good boy, Katsuki,” she whispered before capturing his lips in one last heated kiss, pressing her tongue into her mouth to taste the glorious mixture of her own cock and his saliva before pulling away.

“I look forward to playing with you again, Katsuki~” she purred before fixing her appearance quickly and then walking away, dropping a paper on his discarded bag. “Call me when you’re ready for Mommy.”

He watched as she walked away, still high on her pheromones and his own hormones for a few moments before getting up on shaky legs, using his undershirt to wipe the cum away before picking up the paper and seeing her contact information written on it, and he couldn't help to get excited with just the thought of ‘playing’ with his Mommy again.