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His Sweetheart

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Izuku Midoriya remembers the time he met his omega, Todoroki Shouto.

For years his mother begged him to get mated at 15 but the alpha denied waiting until he was 18. He wasn't emotionally or physically ready to have any omega at 15. Waiting for three more years strengthened that. The alpha had gained some muscles especially on his arms and he grew a few more inches taller.

"What kind of omega do you have in mind?" His mother asks on the drive to the shelter.

"Whichever one speaks to me." Izuku answers tapping his fingers against the steering wheel.

"Come on Izuku, be serious." She gives him a look.

"What kind of an omega do you think I should get?"

"I don't know. One that can maybe cook and clean. One that can take care of you."

"Sounds like you, mommy." The green haired boy teases.

"You're gonna have your own place one day. I'm not always gonna be around. I just think it'd be nice to have an omega that knows how to take care of you."

The shelter was as plain as they come. Gray painted walls, bland floors, and the atmosphere was oozing with misery and depression.

"Mom, this place looks like death." Izuku makes a face.

"Hey! Your father chose me when I was here. This is the only shelter that treats omegas with respect. Don't judge a book by its cover, honey." His mother snapped. “Lets go look around."


Most omegas were sleeping on their nests in their rooms. Some were outside playing badminton or swimming in the indoor pool inside. He asked to see one omega who was in her room but before he can even step inside she lashed out at him. Yah, she wasn't the one.

None of these omegas stood out to him.

"You wanna go up to the second floor? Most of the omegas up there will be 18 and older." The employee suggests.

"Yah, that would be great." His mother smiles.

Up the stairs they go and he finds a whole group of omegas lounging on the floor or on the couch in what looks like a living room. They were either napping or watching the tv mounted on the wall. They didn't pay no attention to Izuku and Izuku paid no attention to them.


He strolls down the wall peeking through the windows of their rooms. One glared at him and another one just stared back at him with cold eyes.

"See any that you like, dear?" His mother asks.

He was just about to give up until he got a glance of the last room. Inside was a bi color haired boy laying on his side hugging a stuffed white elephant. He was so beautiful.


"Can I go see him?" Izuku asks the man.

"Nah, I wouldn't dude. The guy has brain damage and can't do much plus he shrieks and cries whenever Alphas try to get too close. You're better off without him." The employee explains.

"You heard him, Izuku." His mother agreed.

"No, I wanna see him. I'm not leaving until you let me in." Izuku states crossing his arms against his chest.

"Okay, it's your funeral." He shrugs putting the key in the lock opening the door.

His mother shakes her head in dismiss as Izuku enters the room.


Immediately, the omega lets out a shriek of fear backing away from Izuku who was slowly walking towards him.

"Hey sweetie." The green haired boy says in a soft voice holding his arms out.

The bi color haired boy continues to let out distressed cries. Even tears were beginning to form at the corners of his eyes. Izuku sits down against the wall beside the omega.

He hisses at the green haired boy who tried to touch him.

"I'm not gonna hurt you. I just want to talk." Izuku spoke up moving closer to the other.

A cry escapes the omega's lips when Izuku embraces him in a hug. However the omega doesn't try to push him away instead he just whimpers. Was he abused by another alpha?


"Hmm, you smell like strawberries." Izuku gets a whiff of his hair."Todoroki Shouto." He reads his name tag.

The bi color haired boy was trembling in his arms and Izuku gently pats the top of his head.

"You're really beautiful, did you know that?" The green haired boy says stroking his tresses. He also traces the outline of the scar that covered the left side of his face.

Izuku trails his fingers down the omega's back and with a yelp Todoroki pushes him away hissing at the alpha.

"I'm sorry, sweetie. I didn't know you wouldn't like that."

"Can you please forgive me?" The green haired boy asks.

The omega curls against the wall with his knees pulled up to his chest staring intensively at the other.

Izuku’s mother had took a seat waiting for Izuku to come out of the room. The green haired boy couldn’t see her out the window anymore.

“I have some fruit snacks I didn’t eat. Are you hungry? Want a strawberry one?” Izuku pulls out the snack in front of the omega.

Todoroki slowly crawls over to the alpha staring at the fruit.

“I didn’t do anything to it, I promise.” Izuku assures as the omega was hesitating whether to eat it or not.

The green haired boy feeds him the chewies from the bag.

“You can have all of them.” Izuku ruffles the other’s tresses.

The omega throws himself towards the green haired boy forgetting about the fruit snacks wrapping his arms around his neck softly purring against his chest. The alpha smelled like home to him.

“You want to leave with me?” Izuku chuckles stroking the top of his head.


The green haired boy stands on his feet. “Jump on my back and we can go.”

He feels the weight of the omega on top of him and his arms wrapped around his neck. He was pretty heavy for an omega but not too heavy for Izuku.


“Let’s go mommy.” Izuku says walking out of the room.

“But Izuku, are you sure?” His mother asks. “The man said this omega won’t do anything for you. Let’s just go back some other time.”

“No. Shou-Chan is mine. It somehow feels like we were meant to be together.” Izuku asserted. “I’m not leaving without him.”

“Okay. You’re an adult now. I can’t do anything about it.” She sighs and they exit the shelter.

Shouto doesn’t even look back at the building.


The first few weeks were a struggle for Izuku. The first three days Shouto didn’t sleep with Izuku in his room rather he slept in his nest but soon after that the omega had adjusted to Izuku being inseparable to the green haired boy. Everywhere Izuku went Shouto went with him. To the kitchen, to the bedroom, to the backyard, to the closet, and to the bathroom.

Izuku had learned some things about the omega also. He hated loud noises. Whenever Izuku turned on the vacuum cleaner Shouto would hiss and hide under the covers. The omega would also bury his face Izuku’s chest when the laid in bed together. Not for warmth but to hear the alpha’s heart beating. Shouto also had an obsession with elephants. Izuku had a stuffed elephant on his bed with his pillows and the next thing is that Shouto was cuddling the hell out of it. So Izuku had bought the omega his own stuffed elephant that was at least three feet wide and another that was much smaller where he could hold it in his arms like a baby. Whatever the case Shouto will always be his sweetheart.

At first Inko wasn’t too sure about her son being with an omega like Shouto but now Izuku was more than happy as ever. She was growing to like the omega watching over him when Izuku was at work and letting him sleep next to her when Izuku was coming home late. Overall she was happy that her son has found an omega that was good for him mentally and emotionally. She’s looking forward to whatever adventures Shouto and Izuku will have together.