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To Become an Avenger

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When training was completed for the day, Clint, Natasha, Wanda, and Pietro headed to the elevator to head upstairs to change. They were all still trying to get back into the rhythm of training after their weeklong vacation in Iowa on the Farm. It also did not help that Wanda and Pietro were missing Kate very much. Clint, Wanda, and Pietro all waved at Natasha as she exited the elevator at the floor that held her apartment as well as Bruce’s.

As the elevator closed Wanda turned to Clint “Why haven’t you asked her to just move in with you?”

“Yea… it’s not like you don’t have enough space, ever since Tony redesigned your floor to accommodate us.” Pietro added

Clint choked “Ummm… Guys Nat and I just barely started going out. I think it may be a bit too soon to be asking her to move in with me.”

“Why? It’s not like she doesn’t spend the night here already.” Wanda rolled her eyes

“Wha- how did you…” stuttered out Clint

“You think really loudly.” Wanda said bluntly.

Clint looked at her slack jawed as Pietro entered the pin into the keypad in the elevator so the doors opened within their apartment.

Wanda simply smiled at him sweetly before dashing towards her room.

Half of an hour later in the Avenger common space

Clint had just come down from his apartment, leaving Wanda and Pietro to their own devices. They had said they were planning on calling Kate. He was unsurprised to see most of the avengers in the common space milling about.

Steve and Tony were arguing over the kitchen counter over what looked like dinner. Pepper was attempting to mediate said argument. Bruce and Jane had the dining room table covered with various papers as they discussed what had to be their latest science project. Darcy and Thor were both sitting on one of the couches watching a movie that Clint did not recognize. Bucky was sleeping in the armchair next to them. Clint decided to sit down on the other couch as he waited for Natasha to arrive.

It only took five more minutes for the elevator to open yet again and for Natasha to come walking out and to come straight to him. She was carrying her book and when she sat she twisted and laid herself so that her head was in his lap. Immediately Clint began to card his fingers through her still damp hair. She glanced up at him and smiled before opening her book and beginning to read.

The ease of the moment broke when the elevator opened yet again. And in walked Maria Hill. All the Avengers halted in their activity and the only noise that could be heard was the movie playing in the background and Bucky snoring.

“The Director of SHIELD wants to see the original six. He is downstairs in one of the conference rooms with an agent. He said something about wanting to see you all, now that SHIELD is no longer underground anymore. Also said something about a mission.” Maria explained her presence.

“What do you mean ‘no longer underground’?” Tony asked sharply

Maria opened her mouth to answer but Natasha was quicker “She means that SHIELD never fell entirely. It has just been a small underground operation for the past few years. Now it is finally back in the public eye again.”

Steve looked at Natasha funny “You knew?”

Clint rolled his eyes “We weren’t two of SHIELD’s best field agents for nothing Steve. Of course we knew. We don’t work for them anymore. We help them out with their missions here and there, yeah, but Nat and I are solely freelancers and Avengers.”

“So, are you willing to meet with him?” Maria asked again

“Clint and I are.” Natasha answered for both of them.

Steve looked around at the rest of the Avengers before he nodded and said “We all are.”

Meanwhile downstairs in a conference room

“I still cannot believe you are actually going to tell them that you are alive.” Melinda May was smirking at Phil Coulson.

“Well, if anyone can find Daisy… it’s them.” Coulson said stiffly.

They both fell silent as the door opened and in walked Maria. She was followed by casually dressed Avengers. Clint and Natasha came in first and without reaction sat down next to each other clasped hands on top of the table. Next came Bruce and Thor. Both of them looked visibly pleased yet confused at seeing Coulson alive. Next Steve and Tony walked in and they both looked less than pleased to see him.

“What the actual fuck?” Tony said “You’re alive?!”

“Yes, I am, Mr. Stark.” Coulson said calmly.

“How long?!” Tony all but screamed “Fuck… Why didn’t you tell us?!”

“Well, Fury kinda said no to telling you guys. Saying it would compromise you all.” Clint said quietly from his place.

At that Steve turned his hard gaze onto Clint and Natasha. They returned it unflinching.

“You two… You knew about this?” Steve asked deathly quiet.

“Well, yes. Granted, we didn’t know for a while. I only found out after I dumped all those SHIELD files onto the internet and I happened to find mission files with Coulson’s name on them dated after his supposed death. I asked Fury. He explained. And I told Clint. We stalked Coulson’s team. We tried to get him to tell you all he was alive. He denied.” Natasha explained

“Then why, pray tell, are you here exactly Agent? Excuse me, Director?” Tony snarked

May narrowed her eyes at Tony as Coulson answered simply “I need some help. Help only you can provide.” He looked at Clint and Natasha

Clint rolled his eye “Of course that is why you told them. What is the mission?”

“Wait… Isn’t the mission for the Avengers?” Steve asked confused.

May looked bored “No. It is for STRIKE team Delta. While Romanoff and Barton have been assisting in missions these past few years, they have refused to do any personal favor for Phil. Said he had to tell you all in order for them to be willing to do him any favors again.”

“And you told them. And we will keep our end of the bargain. What is the mission Phil?” Natasha asked getting slightly impatient.

“Well, have you heard anything about the vigilante on the west coast going by the name Quake?” Coulson asked. Natasha and Clint both nodded “Well, Quake is Daisy. You guys both remember me telling you about Daisy. The tech expert from my team that’s an inhuman? Well we lost her boyfriend Lincoln a few months ago when he launched himself and another inhuman that was seeking to use other inhumans against humanity into space and blew up the quinjet they were in. Daisy went rogue after that.”

“And let me guess… You want us to bring her home to you.” Natasha raised an eyebrow

“No… not necessarily. I just want you guys to help her. Maybe get her to a safe place. She is only twenty four. I would hate to see her arrested for vigilantism. But as Director I cannot really go and get her myself. And Daisy would run if she saw any SHIELD agent trying to come and talk to her. SO you two are the best option. Go undercover and try to talk to her. Maybe if things go well enough you will have a nice fully trained and powered Avenger on your hands.”

“And she could be the liaison between SHIELD and the Avengers. Since Maria is so busy with her Job at Stark Industries…” May smirked.

Natasha glanced at Clint “I guess we are going undercover.”

“I better go and talk to Jane and Darcy about making sure Wanda and Pietro are taken care of while we are gone. Because I sure as hell don’t trust these guys.” Clint pointed a thumb in the direction of the other male Avengers.

“HEY!” They all cried out

“Steve, Wanda is a teenage girl who reads minds, you really think you could take care of her?” Natasha started

“Tony, Pietro runs everywhere and rarely slows down, you would be annoyed with him in five minutes, and Wanda will read your mind and talk about your thoughts like you said it out loud and I will be mad at you if any harm comes to her.” Clint continued.

“Bruce, they are two teenagers who love to argue anything and everything. You are a man who turns into a green rage monster when mad. Do you think those things mix well for a long period of time?” Natasha said softly

“Thor, man, we care about you, really, we do, but you have no clue how to take care of two sixteen year olds.” Clint laughed

The men looked as though they didn’t know if they should be insulted by the comments.