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Let me in

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"-he was dragged all the way through the forest to his particular tree-" The news reporter gesticulates aggressively and tracing the air with his finger to show the deep line in the mud. The whole class watches the news, careful not to miss anything. Everyone notices how there are drag lines alone but no footsteps of the one dragging the man through the forest to the old oak tree where even the lines disappear. "The police has no clue why the lines are stopping here. There is nothing special with this tree, except it's old age-"


"This is scary! Why do we need to watch this, teacher?"


"It's so you guys know what happens when you're out at night. Let alone the fact that you have exams, that young man was out at 3am, intoxicated. I know that a lot of you drink already, and that's fine as long as you're careful but don't let this happen to you. If I hear that any of my students went missing I will personally come after you with your exams paper in my hand and you better be prepared to answer some math questions!" The class laughs in unison at the teacher's attempt to be scary when the kidnapping situation alone was terrifying. The teacher is smiling slightly but then frowns confused after gazing up at the clock on the wall, just above the black board. "I wished the new student would be here so he could see this too."


Instantly, he wished he didn't speak up. From boys and girls alike question came in.


Where is he from? Is he cute? How old is he? Is he a foreigner? Is he smart? 


They all overwhelm the teacher that grabs the nearest book and slams it against his own desk. There are a few gasps that follow before total silence takes over.


"You are free to interrogate him once he is here but do not question me, I haven't seen this boy is my entire life so no, Aerum, I don't know if he's freaking cute or not!" Laughter takes over again before mathematics do and before everyone knows it, it's lunch time. Some students take a book or notebook and pen with them so they could still study while eating. Everyone exists the classroom after taking their phones from the teacher that wishes them a good day.

They have to a walk through the school and then out to go to the canteen where they would need to wait in a long line. But a group of four takes their time, walking slowly and without a worry.


"This is really creepy hyung, how am supposed to go to cram school at night now?"


"Jimin, be serious. The guy that was kidnapped wasn't even from Seoul, the forest he was dragged in is all the way in Busan."


"So now I need to worry about my little brother, thanks Yoongi-hyung."


"You're welcome."


"You know what-"


"Can you two stop? I'm trying to listen to this." From the side Namjoon has his headphones and is looking down at his phone with a frown on his face. The older boy next to him leans over slightly but then pushes the boy away gently once he realizes the boy is watching horror videos again.


"Namjoon, ghosts don't exist. You don't need to know how to keep them out if they're not going to get to you anyway."


"Fuck off Hobi-hyung."


"I am just saying. If you don't believe in God then why do you believe in ghosts?"


"They have nothing to do with God, that's why. Now leave me alone, Dean looks like he's about to beat the shit out of Sam and I don't want to miss that."


"Nerd." Yoongi comments silently from the side but Namjoon hears it anyway and lets Yoongi know that too. "Good for you." 


Hoseok and Jimin can do nothing more than observe how despite the two don't get along, they still walk side by side and Yoongi even respects Namjoon enough to stop talking and let him watch the horror series.


The lunch is taken in silence since Namjoon is watching the new episode and Jimin is going over his notes, while the other two individually listen to music, after all the canteen is already loud enough for Jimin to not being able to concentrate, the younger doesn't need them yelling as well which Yoongi knows it will happen is he spends too much time with a hyperactive kid like Hoseok. However, once lunch is over and they walk back, chaos ensures.


"I will sound like Aerum right now but do you guys think the new boy is cute?"


"If he transferred here then probably not. Look around you, everyone is ugly as fuck."


"We're around him too, Yoongi-hyung."


"Us excluded, dumb ass. Look at us, we're walking Gods amongst those ugly fuckers."


"If Yoonji hears you she's gonna beat the hell out of you, hyung." Yoonji, Yoongi's twin would be mad, truly, if her own brother labels himself as handsome but call her ugly when honestly, they're identical. "She's gonna threaten you with your father's gun again."


"He's a cop, she will be caught in no time if she kills me."


"You two need to lighten up. All this killing talk in one day will make you sick." The brightest of all has talked and sometimes it is like Hoseok's words are God's because no matter what topic it is, if Hoseok is serious about it then it drops. So they stop talking about it, Namjoon locks his phone while his episode is still half way unfinished and Hoseok smiles again, happy his friends care about him enough to listen even though he's not the eldest in the group. 

His smile is replaced with a pained expression when he runs into someone. The other person gasps in surprise, the papers he had in hand previously now scattered on the floor because of the impact. The boy stutters out an apology and bows hurriedly.


"It's fine, I didn't look where I was going either." So Hoseok helps the boy with his papers, among them finding a schedule but since it's the mid of the term and everyone already knows their classes, Hoseok thinks he just found the new boy. "Which class are you from? I don't think I saw you around before?"


"Second year, C... I just t-transferred here."


"You're in our class. Why don't you walk with us?" On the way Hoseok makes sure the boy is comfortable with them enough for introductions but even when he looks relaxed enough, they don't ask him personal questions, he will answer those later in class anyway.






Next day at lunch Jungkook, full Korean but raised in America as the group found out, is slowly approaching the four boys.


Jimin assumes it would do good if he doesn't have to ask if he can sit with them so he wordlessly moves to the side to make empty space that is patted, sign he is invited over.

The younger stays silent, allowing the friends to talk among themselves but once the Supernatural topic was on the table, Jungkook perked up.


"I l-love that show!" 


"Me too!" 


"Cool, you two can be weird together."


"You finally spoke!" 


Yoongi's and Hoseok's reactions are so different it causes Jungkook to laugh but once he realizes it himself, he covers his mouth and blushes, eyes drifting everywhere in the room as he doesn't know where to look but certainly not at the boys around him.


"He's so cute, can we keep him?"








Over the course of 3 months Jungkook became the four's best friend. They would sit together at two desks, do projects together and go shopping almost every day after school even if they wouldn't actually buy anything but just look at stuff and find something they like so they could save money. They would study together and Namjoon and he would watch Supernatural in between classes if they didn't have to study. 

With all those, they never got to sit down and just talk about things. But now it's the Friday before the Christmas break and Jungkook decided to invite the boys to a classic sleep over.


"Your house is fucking huge." Is the first thing coming out of Yoongi's mouth when Jungkook opens the door.


"Normal people say 'hi', hyung." Jimin says from behind while waving slightly at Jungkook. The shortest in the group had sweater paws as the light grey 'sleep tight' sweater was too big on him. He had a pair of jeans underneath which Jungkook raised his brows at. "I-I sleep pantless but I h-have a pair of bottoms if that's not okay." Jungkook smirks and shamelessly tells the shorter that he sleeps naked and Jimin blushes at the mental image the words created for him. It's also the first time Jungkook smirks and the younger looks cocky but even more handsome, causing the red in Jimin's cheeks to spread over and reach his ears. Jungkook seems to realize it too so the smirk is soon whipped off and replaced with a gentle smile, apologizing for his joke.


"Nice PJ's Yoongi-hyung." The oldest himself has a tee on that is way too big for him but his bottoms that only manage to cover his knees match in color. Namjoon seems the only one dressing for his size though he is wearing the strangest pajamas Jungkook has ever seen; he can't even make out the design but the dominant color is cherry red. Hoseok on the other end has a panda onesie on, just the type of PJ's Jungkook thought the older would wear.


"Like you're one to talk."


"At least my pajamas are supposed to be big."


"Doesn't change the fact that you're wearing a bunny onesie."


"Get inside before I send you all home."


Yoongi smiles innocently, hugging his pillow closer to his chest as he enters followed by the other two and then Jungkook that takes a moment to close the door and lock it then make sure it's locked.


"What are you doing this for?"




"You're locking the door and even checking to see if it's locked. What's the deal?"


"You didn't see the news?"




Jungkook doesn't let him finish and hurries inside the living room where Jimin and Yoongi are already going over his CDs. Their attention changes and their eyes follow Jungkook fast movements, from taking the remote to turning the TV on to looking for the news he recorded. Everyone takes a seat on the floor as the news start showing.


"This morning were found trails that end right in the middle of the courtyard of a middle aged woman from Seoul. The woman is nowhere to be found but this time the kidnapper left something behind." Where the trails end begins a circle with a start inside, on each pointing end a small drop of blood that as the reporter exclaims, have been examined but the doctors cannot find out whose blood it is. "They say it doesn't belong to any animal but it's also not human. There is no DNA found in the blood but-"


"So you're scared?"


"A little bit, yeah." Jungkook shrugs at his own confession. "That woman doesn't live far from here so who knows who's next."


"Jungkook is right. We should make sure we close and lock everything before doing anything else." Hoseok's strict and worried tone has everyone working. Jungkook's house is big, just as Yoongi not so shamelessly commented, so it takes a while until all windows are closed, locked and protected by the outside wooden shield. Even the small windows inside the basement are closed and locked by Hoseok, who seemed to be the only one brave enough to go in the basement at night.


Once they're sure nothing can get inside, they begin to watch movies. It doesn't take long for the volume be turned down so they could hear each other going on about different topics. The break officially started so they don't speak about school but they do talk about some classmates.


"That bitch Shin-Hye has to calm the fuck down with her boyfriends. It's like she's trying to fuck the whole school before she graduates."


"I wonder though when she lost her V card."


"I don't know but if what she does is what everyone does once they have sex for the first time then I don't want to love my precious virginity."


"I agree with Hobi." Jungkook's voice had everyone staring at him.


''You're tall, handsome, funny and you didn't lose yours yet?" Namjoon's counting out on his fingers as he goes, that and his round glasses making him look as if he's doing homework instead of listening 'things you need in order to get a girl'.


"Nope. What about you three?"


"Hard getting some in Korea when you're gay." Hoseok agrees with Jimin, letting out a 'true' before stuffing his mouth with popcorn.


"I'm not as touchy as I look." Yoongi shrugs.


"Too busy. If I'm not with you guys then I'm studying and if I'm not studying I'm helping my sister study."


"So in other words we're a bunch of virgins." Jungkook stated, but for some reason there seems to be doubt behind the playfully teasing tone, however it disappears when the other nod pitifully. "Great."