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Why Are You Looking At Me Like That?

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Izuku and Ochako arrive at the scene panting. They had finally located the villain behind the latest string of robberies. Every time he would strike, it would always be near midnight. Not only that, but all the victims always seemed to get flustered when questioned about the night in question. The sun had yet to set so they knew he was still preparing for whatever he had in store tonight.

“Are you ready?”
Izuku looks to Ochako, she seemed like she was still out of breathe, but she knew that if they waited any longer that they would miss their chance. She takes in a deep breath and nods.

“Yeah, let’s get this guy”
He nods in agreement and holds up three fingers, two, one. He activates his Full Cowl and kicks open the door, the pair rush in and scan the room. The room is large and mostly empty, a single light hanging from a string swings in the center of the room, illuminating a large, fairly comfortable looking bed.

“Agh, we must have missed him”
Izuku slams his fist into the wall, causing Ochako to jump. He slowly moves his hand and sees the dent he’s made in the concrete wall.

“Oh Ochako I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you”
She watches her friends face change from anger to a much more downtrodden expression, she begins walking over to him.

“Deku, it's fine! We’ll catch him eventu…”
Out of the darkness a hand appears, wrapping around Ochako’s mouth, and around her throat. She lets out a muffled scream as Izuku turns, not sure of what’s happened.


Suddenly, a deep, sultry voice, appears from the darkness

“Well… well... If it isn’t the so called “New Symbol of Peace”. It seems I have your friend rather… tied up, although it seems like she might rather enjoy that”
The man inhales deeply through his nose as he tightens his grip on Ochako. She lets out a muffled scream.

“You let her go right now”
Izuku balls his fist, his gloves creaking from the pressure. He grits his teeth, being forced to watch his closest friend be violated with nothing he can do.

“Oh… I’ll let her go, but first!”
Suddenly the man’s hand began to glow a deep red around Ochako’s throat. She closed her eyes, expecting to be put through agony. But she slowly opens one eye, and the man’s hand felt warm. She would even call it pleasant, like a warm scarf wrapped around her. She almost forgot the situation she was in until her thoughts were interrupted by Izuku’s cry

Before she can even realize what was happening, she feels the man’s grip loosen around her neck and mouth. Instinctively, she throws elbow back and jumps forward out of his grasp, falling to the ground. Izuku pins the man to the ground, placing cuffs on either of his wrists. Allowing his body and heart rate to slow and return to normal.

“Ochako, are you okay? Please tell me you’re okay”
Izuku rushes over to her side, kneeling down next to her. His eyes trailed up the curvature of her skintight Uravity costume, making sure to check for any injuries. His eyes strayed longer on her than necessary. Realizing what he was doing, he shakes his head as his face glows bright red with embarrassment. Izuku thought to himself, “No you shouldn’t be thinking that right now, she might be hurt”

“Yeah… I think I’m fine”
She slowly stands up, Izuku outs her arm around his shoulders to support her. As they step outside, they begin hearing sirens in the distance.

“Wait here Ochako, I need to make sure the scumbag doesn’t run off”
Izuku runs back inside as Uraraka supports herself with the wall, she slowly reaches up and runs her fingers along her neck, unsure of what exactly the man did, nervous of what could happen. Just then, she looks up and sees 2 police cars rushing towards her, sirens blaring. The door flies open as Izuku pushes the man through. He falls to the ground as the police cars skid to a halt.
“We’ll take care of this form here heroes”
The officers say proudly as they walk towards the man, picking him up off the ground. They carry him back to their cars and stuff him in the back seat. Izuku walks over to Ochako, supporting her again as they go to walk off site.

“Make sure to do a quirk check on this guy, we hit Och… Uravity with something, I need to make sure that she’s safe”
The officer bows towards him and smiles as he stands.

“Yes sir Deku, we’ll handle it right away”
The officers speed off, leaving the two alone in front of the warehouse.

“Are you sure you’re okay Ochako?”
Izuku leads her, walking slowly in case her injuries are worse than they seem. She steadies her feet, centering herself.

“Yeah… yeah I should be fine, I think I just got a bit dazed from the fight was all. Whatever his quirk did it doesn’t feel like much, I don’t feel much any…”
Her words trail off as she falls back into Izuku. He puts his hand on her forehead, checking for her temperature.

“You’re burning up! We need to get you to recovery girl!”
He scoops her up into her arms as he activates his full cowl, launching them into the air towards the center of the city. She feels his arms tense around her, she places her hands on his chest and she blushes deeply. She can feel her face and chest grow hotter and hotter.

“No Deku… I-I-I’ll be fine. Just take us home… p-p-please”
Her voice was soft and breathy, she seemed to be getting flustered. Her face glowed a soft pink.

“Are you sure? I want to make sure you’re okay”
She blushed deeply, he was worried about her. Why was he so worried?

“Y-yes, just get us h-h-home”
Her breathing was getting heavier, she tightened her grip on Izuku as they soared through the city. She felt safe in his arms, she wanted him to hold her closer. She shook her head, she shouldn’t be thinking this way about her friend. She just wanted to get home so she could sleep off this feeling.

Izuku landed on the closest rooftop and changed his course, heading towards their apartment that they spent so many weekends studying, working together after they graduated, and celebrated when they got into their respective hero agencies. He looked at her, sweating and breathing so heavily. He was worried, unsure if she’d be okay, but he trusted her with everything he had. So he continues the path home.

He lands rather roughly on their balcony on the 17th story. He slides open the door the best he can while carrying Ochako. Walking over to her room, he places her down as softly as he can.

“Is there anything I can get for you?”
His eyes dart around the room, looking for something to grab. A towel, something, anything to help her feel better. He looked down at her, her breathing got even heavier, her body shifting uncomfortably.

"Some water would be g-great"
She lays on her bed, constantly moving her legs.

"Y-yeah! Of course! I'll be right back don't worry!"
Izuku rushes off to the kitchen looking frantically for the glasses. She lays back and stares at the ceiling, trying to focus on her breathing. Her entire body begins to throb, she can feel a pressure building up inside her as he face blushes even deeper.

"Oh god, what is ha-happening"
She takes her hands and rubs her neck trying to distract herself. Without realizing, she runs her hands over herself, down the length of her body. As she reaches her waist she takes a slow, deep inhale, as she runs her hands in between her thighs while trying to stifle a soft moan.

Suddenly she jumps, hearing a glass break in the kitchen.

"Sorry! Sorry! I’ll clean it up"
Ochako leans over, finding izuku covered in water, rushing to the counter and grabs a towel, dropping down to his knees to try and clean the shattered glass and water. She had never noticed the way he moves, everything he does he knows exactly what he's doing, even if his mind doesn’t. Once he cleaned up all the water, he peeled off his shirt in the kitchen and tries to toss it in his room, missing terribly. he groans and turns to grab another glass. Ochako watches intently from her room, watching the muscles in his back move as he navigates the cabinet. She had never really payed attention when he took his shirt off. She bit her lip and without even realizing it, her hand started moving slowly. She watched him intently, the flexing and movement of his back. Her eyes gleam over with a deep hunger, a need for something to relieve her...
“I won’t drop this one!”
Izuku yells happily from the kitchen, causing her to snap back to staring at her ceiling. Her breathing grew heavier, worried she would get caught. As she hears his footsteps grow closer, she rolls onto her side. Making sure to face away from him, keeping her hand tucked between her legs. She couldn’t bare to see him that close, she was unsure of what she would do.

“Here you go Ochako! Hey are you alright?”
He sets the glass down on the bedside table and leans over to her, placing his hand on her arm softly, squeezing gently. Even though she knew how hot she was, she could feel the warmth of his hand. The strength of his grip causes her to clench her legs closed even tighter around her hand.

“Y-yeah, i th-think im fine.”
She rolls her body over, allowing Izuku to move her. She makes sure he doesn’t let go as their eyes meet. Her eyes gleam as she licks her lips slowly, scanning down his body. She allows her gaze to trace along the lines of his collarbone, flowing down to his chest. She watches as it moves while he breathes. Rising… and falling. Her focus falls lower onto his abs, widening in anticipation. She bites her lower lip softly.

“O-ochako, why’re you looking at me like that?”
He takes a step back, never having experienced a gaze like this before. He follows her eyes as she analyzes every inch of his body, causing him to blush deeply. He tries to hold up his arms, covering himself the best he can.

“Oh I-I’m sorry, I should be covered up, I-I should have covered up I-I-I”
His voice stammers of as his face grows a deeper and deeper red. His eyes dart around the room, unable to look her in the eyes.

“Oh don’t be sorry Deku…”
She smiles as she sits up on her bed, tucking her legs under her. A new confidence is formed in her voice, as if she has forgotten completely about the embarrassment that was flooding her mind. Almost as if she was possessed by desire.

“You know? I think i can think of one thing, that could reeeeally help me right now.”
Her eyes almost seem to gloss over as she climbs slowly onto all fours, prowling towards him as if hunting her prey. Inching closer and closer to him until he could feel her breathe against his skin. She rises slowly, taking in his scent. She stands on her knees, getting to eye level.

“O-Och- what’re you- What is - what”
He finds himself unable to form sentences, or even coherent thoughts. All he can do is watch and stammer, he puts one hand and scratches the back of his neck nervously. Uraraka takes her hand and places it against his abs, he flexes instinctively. She jumps slightly and giggles.

“How have I never noticed this before.”
She grins maniacally, running her fingertips up his body, feeling him twitch and shift nervously below her touch. Izuku keeps mumbling nonsense, as her hand reaches the top of his chest, she presses her palm flat and runs it along his collarbone. Gripping the back of his neck, she locks eyes with him.

“I want you Izuku Midoriya, I want all of you. Right. Now.”

“A-ar-” he trips on his own words, coughing briefly and swallowing hard, “Are you sure?”
She smiles and leans forward, pulling him closer. Their lips meet and for a moment, time itself stops around them. Izuku’s timidness melts away as he steps forward, putting his hand on her lower back, pulling her closer. She lets out a soft “eep” as her body closes against his, but moans softly as they grow more comfortable. She reaches up and locks her arms around his neck. She smiles, falling back onto her bed, careful not to break the kiss. Their legs entwine with each other as they sink into the bed. He takes his hand and runs it along her side, feeling the curves of her body. Slowly, he moves closer and closer to her chest, but stops nervously. He breaks the kiss and stammers,

“I-is it okay if I j-just”

“Just fucking touch me!”
Her voice sounded impatient, as she eagerly grabs his hand and put it on her breast. She pulls down on his neck and continue this kiss, this time pushing opening her mouth just slightly, allowing him to do the same. She slowly pusher her tongue forward, beginning to swirl it with his. He allows himself to lose uncertainty and move his hand, massaging her breast softly, using his fingertips to tease her nipple softly. In this moment, he was glad she never changed the skin tight suit. As if she was reading his mind, she arched her back and reached back, trying to grab at her zipper. He broke the kiss and leaned down, kissing her neck softly before he began to nibble and suck gently. She arches her back as she moans deeply, allowing him to slide his hand under her and unzip her Uravity costume. While staying on her neck, he reaches up and rubs her shoulder gently, grabbing at her costume. He hesitates for just a moment, when she puts her hands on his and helps him slide her outfit down over her shoulders, slowly exposing her white lace bra. Izuku breaks the kiss to peel off more of the costume, as he sees her near bare chest his face burns a bright scarlet. She smiles devilishly, enjoying every moment of his bashfulness.

“You can take it all off, it’s okay”
She bites her lip, wiggling her hips against him teasingly. He swallows hard as he takes the costume lower and lower. He is almost mesmerized by her curves; the smoothness of her stomach; the feel of her hips as he works the costume lower and lower. He runs his fingertips over her hips before slipping her costume down enough to see the top of her solid black panties. He takes a sharp inhale as he pulls the rest of her costume down quickly. It slips off her ankles with ease.

“Well this isn’t quite fair is it?”
Ochako arches her back and rubs up the length of her entire body. His eyes stay locked on her hands as they trace over the curvature of her hips and breasts. Without even realizing, he bits his lip and leans closer to her.

“No no no… those have to come off, If i take something off then so do you.”
She smirks, sliding her hand down his stomach and looping her index finger into the top of his pants. He blushes deeply, taking his hands and slowly pulling the bottoms of his costume down. His boxer briefs show a rather detailed outline of his growing erection.

“All that! For me?”
She smiles, reaching down to his face, pulling him back up. She runs her hands down his back as he climbs his way to her. She wraps her arms around his waist and pulls him into her. The feel of his skin against her is almost intoxicating. She leans forward, meeting his lips once again, this time with more of a ferocity, a NEED for something more. Her hands find themselves running along his back, dragging her nails gently along the way. She feels him shudder at the sensation of her touch, allowing her hands to drift lower and lower. As she finds her hands reaching the fabric of his pants, she smiles into the kiss and grabs his ass with both hands. He jumps and inhales quickly, not sure how to react. Ochako giggles softly, moving her hands slowly, enjoying seeing him freeze like he has. Her hands fall slowly around his waist, taking the elastic of his underwear in her hands she slowly pulls. He tries to turn away, but Ochako grabs his chin with one hand and stares into his eyes as she frees his cock. It presses against her stomach and she smiles, taking it into her hand. He shudders yet again and his eyes close. She giggles softly as she slowly starts moving her hand.

“One little touch and you’re like putty in my hand”
She whispers softly into his ear, feeling him throb in her hand. She tightens her grip, moving her hand faster. She can feel his breathing get heavier and heavier. The feeling of his skin gets warmer and warmer. She leans closer to his ear, the heat of her breath pushes against him. Her lips brush softly against him as she whispers,

“Now take these panties off and fuck me.”
He looks down and meets her gaze. There’s a certain look in her eyes; a certain feel to the way she looks at him. It has to be contagious, because he reaches down between them and pulls her panties to the side, revealing her already glistening pussy. He takes his cock from her hand, teasing her softly, tapping it against her clit. She lets out a long, soft moan.

“Don’t just tease me, i told you to fuck me”
She bucks her hips, trying to guide him inside of her. He takes a hand and grabs her waist, pinning her against the bed roughly. She gasps and looks up at him, the look in his eyes was almost a mirror of hers, everything she was feeling was now within him too. He stares deeply into her eyes as he continues to tease her, holding her down as she tries to wiggle and buck away. She reaches down, trying to take him in her hand. He grabs her hand in his and pins it above her head. Using nothing but his hips, he grinds his throbbing cock against her. He leans closer to his ear, the heat of his breath pushes against her. His lips brush softly against her as he whispers,

“I want to hear you beg for me.”
He tightens his grip on her waist and hand, torturing her even more. Moving his hips slowly and rhythmically. She maneuvers her hips, trying to get any form of release.

“P-please Deku, don’t be such a tease.”
He smiles and leans down next to her ear, his breath heavy against her neck. His lips press against her neck. He slowly opens his mouth on her neck, sucking at biting. She inhales sharply, pleasantly surprised. Her hips begin to move with his, giving in to his torture.


The moment he feels her begin to grow complacent, she feels his hand move from her waist and slide between them. She can feel him slowly move his cock down, aligning himself with her entrance. He moves from her neck and whispers,

“Are you sure you’re ready?”
He grins wildly, feeling her at his fingertips was intoxicating. He can feel her body writhing below him, trying to get anything she could. In this moment, she doesn’t just want him, she needs him.

“Yes,I-i’m ready, god I’m ready just fuu…”
Her voice is cut off by a long moan. He moves his hips forward slowly, pushing deeper and deeper. Neither of them dare even breathe, he can feel her throbbing throughout his entire body. A deep groan escapes Izuku’s as he thrusts into her entirely. Her body shudders underneath him. He can feel her hips bucking and thrusting underneath him. She wraps her arms around his back, digging his nails into him, she drags them down, leaving marks lining his back. They both exhale in unison, panting heavily together. Without saying a word, she grabs his face and both hands and stares into his eyes. Knowing what to do, he pulls his hips back slowly, leaving in just the tip as he moves back inside her. A moan escapes her lips, feeling her hips move on their own with him. Then again, and again. Moving their hips faster and faster. They find a rhythm with one another and steadily thrust together. She can feel him pushing deeper and deeper. Izuku;s breathing grows heavier and heavier, staring deeply into her eyes. She grips the back of his neck, she pulls him into a deep, passionate kiss as they bodies meet again and again. He can feel her tighten around his throbbing cock and begins moaning into his mouth. He starts moving faster, driven by an urge to feel her cum again. Their bodies clap together, his body locks up as she bites his bottom lip, stopping herself from screaming out in pleasure. He throws his hands above her head, filling his hands with her sheets and balling his fists. He pushes into her and groans loudly, panting over her, unable to move.

“Oh… my god…”
Ochako manages to push out those words between heavy breaths. Izuku stays frozen above her, breathing in tandem with her. She looks up at him and realizes, she can feel his heartbeat inside of her. She smiles, knowing he is on the edge of cumming inside of her. He slowly starts regaining composure, panting steadily. He looks down at her and she keeps that devilish smile, and he responds with one in kind.

“I want to be on top”
She places her open palm on his chest, she can feel his chest move as he breathes over her. He moves back, pulling himself out of her, and sits on his knees. She slides herself into a sitting position and reaches behind her, unlatching her bra. His draw almost drops as her breasts reveal themselves in front of him. He starts moving forward, but she holds up and wags her finger. Swinging her legs off the side of the bed, she walks behind him. His eyes follow her the entire way. She puts her hands on his shoulders and turns him around, guiding him down to the bed. He looks down his body, his cock hangs in the air between them. She stares him down as her panties drop to the floor. She climbs onto the bed, straddling as she climbs up to his waist. She leans down, inches from his face. He strains his neck, trying to make their lips meet, but she grabs his wrists and pins him in place.

“Time for some payback.”
Izuku’s eyes widen as he realizes what's about to happen. He looks down as she slides herself forward, grinding her pussy against his throbbing cock. She licks her lip, feeling him try to break free. Her hips slide forward and back, a shiver is sent down her spine. He starts to buck his hips, unsure of if he wants to break free or grind against her harder. Her hand reaches between them, teasing her clit as she moves her hips faster. His breathing turns to more of a panting, moving his hips faster…

“I-I’m gonna cu..”
Before he can even finish what he’s saying, she slides down his body. She looks up into his eyes as she takes him into her mouth, The moment he feels the swirl of her tongue around the head of his cock, hir sum fills her mouth. She tries to swallow as much as she can, but some manages to spill out onto him, dribbling down the side of her mouth. She swallows the last of what she can and stands up, his body almost limp. She looks at his face as he tries to calm himself. Her eyes trace down his glistening body to his cock, still standing high. She smirks, wiping the cum from her mouth with her finger, sucking it gently.

“Looks like you’re ready for round two”
She climbs back up his body, straddling him once again. He reaches up, hesitant at first, but she smiles and nods. Reaching up, he cups her breast, squeezing it softly. She lifts herself up and reaches down for his cock. She teases herself with him before sinking down onto him. She pushes down with a loud moan, taking all of him all at once. He takes his hand and grips her waist, guiding her movements as she rides him. With his other hand, he starts gently teasing her nipple. She hurries her movements, bouncing up and down against him. He tightens his grip on her, trying to make her move faster. He takes his hand off her breast and grabs the other side of her waist, holding her still above him. He uses his legs for support and starts clapping against her, slamming his cock as deep as he can over and over again. Her hand slides down her body to her clit, rubbing herself as fast as she can, moaning louder and louder.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I’m gonna cum”
She squeaks out the words as fast as she can. Her hips start grinding against him as he pushes faster and faster.

“I… I’m about to cum... too”
He finds it hard to talk, trying to get the words out between breaths. He can feel his legs burning but he keeps going, feeling a need to make her cum again. She puts her hand on his chest, rubbing her clit as fast as she can. She tries to say something but can’t manage to make out the words. He tightens his grip on her waist and pushes up as deep and as hard as he can. She can feel his grip tighten and pushes her hips down, dropping his legs out and making them fall to the bed. They both release a moan of extreme pleasure as they cum in unison. She drops down and grabs his face, kissing him deeply, pushing her tongue into his mouth. They moan into each other as they continue to cum. Their bodies go limp, minds blank with ecstasy. Both of them breathe, unable to move. Ochako finally lets herself fall to his side, feeling him slip out of her sends a shiver down her spine. She lays back, and stares at the ceiling, Izuku at her side doing the same. The feeling of hunger filled between the two as they slowly catch their breath.

Suddenly, both of their eyes go wide as they realize what just occurred. They both slowly turn their heads and lock eyes. Both of their faces burn bright red, filled with embarrassment. Izuku is the first to speak,

“Did… did we just?”
He looks down, not even able to finish his sentence.

“Y-yeah, we definitely just…”
Her voice trails off, her face growing even brighter red. The pair sit up and cover themselves, trying to stammer out words, but keep getting interrupted by each other. They both stop and in unison SHOUT,

The pair stare at each other and burst into laughter. Izuku scratches the back of his head nervously and she just smiles. Suddenly, they hear a ringing from the next room. He quickly gets up and runs to the phone, sprinting out of the room butt naked. Ochako giggles as he answers the phone.

“Uhm, hello?”
“Oh really! What did you identify it as?”
“... “
“What do you mean by hormone manipulation”
“Oh… OH!”
“Yeah, I’ll uh, keep an eye on her. Thank you officer.”
Izuku hangs up the phone and walks back to Ochako’s room, knocking before he enters. She’s standing in the center of the room, bending over to grab her panties.

“What did they say?”
She turns, blushing while clutching her panties and bra in her hands.

“Nothing much, we can worry about it in the morning”
He walks over to her, standing in front of her, he looks down nervously. He thinks for a moment, swallows hard, and looks her in the eyes. Just as he is about to say something, she leans forward and kisses him gently, resting her hand on his chest. She backs away slowly and smiles,

“So, what now?”