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Here we go again.

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Falling in love with Jungkook was the easiest part for Jimin.


How could he not anyway?

The guy is perfect; athletic, creative, musician, he can do everything. He's also an amazing friend, always there when needed even if he never is too expressif about liking them he does care a lot. Physically, he's breath taking. He's funny, always make him laugh whenever they're together.


Jimin thing he truly fell for him the first time they kissed. Because of course, Jungkook had to be a good kisser as well.

Jimin wasn't sure what he felt for his friend before that night. He first thought that he could just be envious of him then just that he really liked him and- ok, he always had his doubt about that one.


His doubt has been wiped away in a messy open mouth kiss.


Fallowed by an even messier first time.



Jungkook could get so soft with him, he already knew it from before. Even if they just shared an usual friendship, Jimin could feel how the younger would treat him differently from their other friends. He would touch him way more often and everybody knew that Jungkook wasn't the touchy type. But he was to Jimin for some reason.

And the first time they had sex together Jungkook show an even softer side of himself, he'd touch Jimin like he was the eighth world wonder. Jimin could feel the fondness Jungkook had for him in every inch of his body and it felt amazing.

The most amazing feeling of all.


But then Jungkook being Jungkook the good part didn't last long. The next morning he left Jimin's room mumbling excuses that didn't make any bloody sense.

It was awkward for a few days afterwords. Jungkook tried to avoid him as much as he could, barely making it since they shared most of their classes anyway. He wasn't even speaking to him nor look at him. He would glance, Jimin could feel it but that was it.


They didn't had an actual interaction before Hoseok birthday party at his and Jimin's place. It wasn't much for started, just a few casual words and jocks. Then a few drinks in and they got close again, Jungkook sitting next to him an arm around his shoulder and a hand on his thigh, speaking a few centimeters away from his face.

And that's how they end up in Jimin's bed a second time.


Very horny, very drunk and very much in love.


That wasn't a good combination for any of them.





Since that night it became a thing. They would act as usual most of the time and end up making out or sleeping together every drunken night.


It wasn't enough for Jimin.

It was too much for Jungkook.


Or so he'd say.



Because they'll talk, usually after sex or in between rows, sometimes even before when the liquor is just warming up their blood. Jimin would ask him what he wants and Jungkook would answer:


'I just want some love.'


And Jimin wonders what is love to Jungkook. Because he's certain that he, himself trying his best to give him just that.

Every time he did so, Jungkook freaks out and leave him.


According to Jimin, their together. Sometimes even Jungkook agree.

'Of course we are, I'll never get enough of you.' he said.

As easily Jungkook would say that during their nights together, he's as easily he'll say otherwise in the daylight when his mind is clear off the crazy night out, the alcohol or the after sex endorphins.


Sometimes Jimin just feel used.

He wants to snap at Jungkook, he wants to cry and scream, make a big scene to him so he'll react. But he knows that it would never be a solution to whatever Jungkook fear.


If only he knew what he feared.


Jimin tells him often that he's scared of loosing him and Jungkook promise he never will.

Jimin believe him as long as they're night of love last.


When the light comes he knows Jungkook won't have the same words for him, it's night and day with him, always. He had to get use to it because as soon as they link their lips, here we go again.





some of the lyrics;

Say you need more space
What are you, an astronaut?
You've got the whole universe
So what you coming 'round here for?
Said you need more air
Are you underwater now?
We're not even in that deep
Acting like you're gonna drown

We were dancing, late into the day
Half asleep and half awake
When the music starts to fade
We were laying, laying in my bed
For one second, you forget
Oh, here we go again

You say you want a break, so we break up
It's a mistake, so we make up
And then we make out, you freak out
Here we go again
You say we go too fast when you're sober
Then have a glass, you're coming over
And then we make out, you freak out

Breathe in, breathe out
We're chilling, so chill out
You're falling to fall out
Don't be such a boy