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Silent Move

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Yagami Souchirou's furious face was red and progressing towards a rather unhealthy-looking shade of purple. He pointed at the wide-eyed detective who was lazily licking a triple-scoop of strawberry ice cream, barefoot on the couch. "Ryuzaki, you CAN'T be serious! You want to put cameras in my HOME?"


L licked some dripping ice cream from his hand and took a big bite. Speaking with his mouth full, "Yeth, thas what I inthend." He swallowed, turning his saucer-like eyes up to the police Chief. "Yagami-san, I understand your discomfort, but I'm afraid it is necessary." He stood up, licking and pacing. I've underestimated Kira thus far. They are far more brilliant than I've given them credit for. "Raye Penbar was investigating the Yagami family and the Kitamura family, and now he's dead and his fiancee Naomi Misora is missing." How did you find her before I did, Kira?


Souchirou's finger wavered in the air and slowly fell to his side. "So you believe....that someone in one of those families may be Kira?!" A vein on his forehead pulsed as he huffed, "Ryuzaki, that's impossible!"


L stopped his pacing and brought a finger to his lip, looking up at the ceiling thoughtfully. "Improbable? Yes. Impossible? Definitely not." He felt the cold ice cream running down his hand again and slurped it loudly. In fact, there's an excellent chance.


The team stared at him impatiently, not that L noticed. Matsuda scratched his head, "Ryuzaki....well, I'm sure the Chief is concerned for the privacy of his family. You know....." He blushed a little. "He's got a wife and daughter."


L ate the last of his ice cream and dumped the paper wrapping in the trash. "In that case, the task of monitoring the Yagami household will fall to just Yagami-san and myself." To Souchirou, "Does that seem a reasonable compromise?" He bit his thumb waiting for the Chief's response. It doesn't matter what you say, I'll do it either way. But it would be nice if you went along.


Souichirou gave him a glare. "I suppose if you feel you must do it, that is an acceptable compromise." He crossed his arms, "But NO cameras in the bathrooms. Is that clear, Ryuzaki?"


L got a serious look behind his thumb. "Of course Yagami-san." But of course I will tell Wedy to put them there anyway. He watched the older man relax a little. I don't intend to let Kira hide from me anywhere.


Aizawa dumped his uneaten ice cream cone in the trash with an annoyed sigh. "Won't the Yagami family notice if the Chief isn't keeping to his usual schedule? He goes home every night and comes back here in the morning."


L crouched in his chair, placing his hands on his knees. "We'll go in shifts then. I'll watch at night, and Yagami-san will watch here during business hours."


The Chief nodded reluctantly. "If this might help us catch Kira or eliminate suspects, fine. Its a sacrifice we'll need to make."


L smiled a little, trying not to seem overly pleased with himself for managing to smooth all this over. "We'll start surveillance tonight." You won't escape me, Kira, and before long I'll be watching your execution.




Light came in through the front door of his house, a little later from school than usual as the train had been late. But to his surprise, no one was home yet. He bounded up the stairs to the upstairs hall and stopped short in front of the door. The handle of my door's been moved. Its not in the position I left it in this morning. But the paper's still there in the door jamb....


Ryuk was floating beside him and noticed Light pause in the hall. "Hyuk, what's wrong?"


Light gave Ryuk a meaningful look but remained silent as he visually checked for the telltale pencil lead in the hinge. Broken! Someone's definitely been inside. I should assume the worst, knowing what L is capable of.


He opened the door to his room and moved around inside as if nothing was amiss. The desk's not in ashes so they must not have found the death note. That means they were here for another reason, probably to set up surveillance. How on earth did my father agree to this?!


Ryuk was dogging his steps, annoyed at being ignored, "Light-o! Hey!" He waved his arms wildly in Light's face, his feathers bristling out in irritation. "Aren't you gonna get to work on those names we saw on the news in the train?"


Light continued to ignore him and stepped back out of his room, heading down the stairs and out the front door. Ryuk, you are truly an idiot.


Ryuk did flips in front of his face, "Talk to me Light-o!" He crossed his arms and pouted down the street behind Light. "You're making me angry."


When they were a little ways down the street, Light turned to a steaming mad Ryuk. Its probably safe to speak now. He kept his voice low anyway, "Ryuk....the safeguards I had to tell if someone went into my room were triggered. I think I may be under surveillance. Probably wiretaps as well as cameras." Which means I'm under suspicion. Has L connected me to Penbar somehow?


Ryuk's eyes went wide. "Ohhhhhhh. I get it. Thought you were givin' me the silent treatment, hyuk. Not a good idea when gods of death are involved, I'll add." He chuckled a little. "So, what are you gonna do about that?"


Light held a finger to his lips like 'shhhh' as he walked towards the bookstore on the corner and stepped inside. I need some cover. I need to seem like just an ordinary teenage guy and no one remotely suspicious. That those safeguards hid something more mundane. He browsed through the selection of girly magazines, picking out 3 at random. But his eyes wandered. Well, while I'm here. He leafed through the boy magazines too and picked up a particularly naughty looking one called "Submission" filled with attractive guys photographed in sub roles. Fuck...I really shouldn't buy this. But I'm Kira, and Kira shouldn't be afraid.


Ryuk chuckled behind him, "So, that's the way the cookie crumbles, eh Light-o? Wouldn't have pegged ya. Hyuk hyuk hyuk!"


Light glared at him and rolled all four magazines together, paying for them and a miniature wireless TV in a hurry and walking out the door with a brown paper bag. Gonna have to hide THAT one with my death note I think. God, my parents would absolutely freak. But he smiled to himself anyway, excited to look at it a little more closely when he was alone.


But Ryuk zoomed around him to remind Light that he was NEVER alone anymore. "So are the girlie ones the decoys or does the door really swing both ways Light?"


Light tightened his fist around the bag and hissed through clenched teeth, "None of your business Ryuk." Shinigami are truly irritating beings. The death note would be nearly perfect if it wasn't attached to HIM.


Ryuk dangled upside down, pretending to pout, "Awwww cmon, you can tell me. I see everything anyway so there's really no point in lying, hyuk."


Light's eyebrow raised, "Everything?" He looked up at the stupidly grinning shinigami. "So you could tell me where all the cameras in the house were?" I need to find some place safe. Just one place Ryuk.


Ryuk righted himself. Uh oh. "Err. That sounds like a lot of work." He stopped with Light in front of his house, looking up at it from the sidewalk.


"Well, it occurs to me you won't be able to eat any apples in the house until we know where those cameras are." He gave Ryuk a devious smile. Oh I'm going to get you to do it one way or another.


Ryuk let out a strangled, "Hyuk!" Then scratched his chin in concern. "I guess you're right. Ok, I'll find them. Might be interesting." And with that he shot towards the house, zooming around between rooms and making a mental catalog of where the cameras were. I'm still irritated at you Light-o; holding apples over my head to do your bidding, and being so secretive. You shouldn't toy with the feelings of immortals you know.


Light opened the door and heard his mom call to him, announcing dinner in 5 minutes. "Ok mom! I'll be down in a sec!" He went upstairs and into his room, putting the bag on his desk. Later. First the decoy, and if Ryuk can find me a safe place, I'll take a peek at the other one.




L was perched in his chair, sitting next to Souchirou, both gazing at the newly set up surveillance of the Yagami household. He had a plate of pink and green macaroons in front of him, which was mostly crumbs by now. L inhaled as the front door opened and Light stepped through it and called out to an empty house. He took a macaroon and stacked it atop another, not looking down. "Yagami-san is that your son?" He's...quite attractive...for a suspect.


Souchirou grunted an affirmative response, still feeling uncomfortable with the surveillance, but resigned to it. "Light's in his last year of high school. Top student in his school. In Japan, in fact." Souchirou beamed a little proudly.


Light. L shifted in his chair and stacked another macaroon, alternating pink with green. The top student in Japan is a suspect and the son of the police chief? Light, you are no ordinary teenager. "I see. And how old is he?" He tried to temper his interest, but was following Light on the screen without blinking. 


"He turned 18 a couple months ago." Light had stepped into his room, set his backpack down and left the room and house again, placing the piece of paper back in the door jamb. Souchirou's eyes narrowed at that. "Hmmmm, I've never noticed him do that before."


L shrugged, "Its normal for that age. I did the same thing for no apparent reason." Actually, I had my reasons, and I wonder if you do too Light. Another macaroon was added to the precarious tower.


Souchirou stood up. "I should be getting home, my wife will have dinner ready for us. You alright to take over? I can review any tapes later if you need."


No, I won't tear my eyes away from your son. "They'll be no need for that Yagami-san. Have a pleasant night with your family." Now get out of here. He grabbed a pink macaroon and shoved it into his mouth, crumbs falling like rain.


Souchirou sighed and gave him a backwards look, but stepped out the door of Kira HQ and headed home.


L looked around the monitor room. Everyone's gone. "Hmmmm....Yagami Light...." He dusted sugary crumbs from the front of his shirt and buzzed Watari. "Watari, I'm going upstairs, send the Yagami household feed up to my room."


"Understood, sir."


"And bring me up something to eat in a bit. And tea." I've got something interesting to watch.




During dinner, Light was bored but polite as usual, picking at his dinner until enough time had passed that he could go upstairs without being rude. But right before he was about to go, a special banner started scrolling underneath the soap opera his sister was watching.


She exclaimed excitedly, "Huh? What's this? This news bulletin says that the ICPO has decided to dispatch 1500 investigators to Japan to help with the Kira investigation. Wow!"


Light watched the text scroll across the screen. Clever L, but you won't get a reaction from me using the same trick as the Lind L. Tailor one. I'm more cautious now. He laughed easily, "1500 investigators? Why announce they are being sent rather than have them conduct their investigation in secret?" He pushed some food around his plate, smiling to himself. "Sounds like they are trying to shock Kira into outing himself." And you are probably listening to this right now, aren't you, L? But I can't help but taunt you a little. "This ploy is probably completely obvious to Kira."


Souchirou looked up from his dinner at that, but he said nothing, knowing better than to discuss the Kira case with his family.


Light stood up at the table, taking his plate over to the sink. He grabbed a particular bag of chips, his favorite brand, and headed upstairs. Ryuk flapped, or more accurately, dragged his wings behind Light to follow him up. Once they were upstairs, Light tossed the bag of chips onto the desk and flopped down on the bed next to an exhausted Ryuk. How long will you watch me, L?


"Li-light-o." He huffed and puffed, all out of breath from zooming around the house. "That L's got nearly every nook and cranny of this place covered. 64 cameras in all."


Light sighed in disappointment, but kept listening. He glanced towards his bathroom door, his own bathroom, questioning Ryuk. Bathrooms, too?


Ryuk considered. You want to take that magazine in there don't you? Well, there's cameras in there, but at this point I'm still a bit peeved at you...and, this might be"Nope. None in there that I saw." Hyuk hyuk hyuk.......a magazine won't get you in trouble for being Kira....and I'll stop you if you tried to do anything that would actually get you in deep shit...probably. As long as that was the most amusing option to take. I'm here to have fun too, Light-o, not save your ass.


Light grinned up at the ceiling. Thanks Ryuk. He went to his desk and opened the bag, taking out the girlie magazines and leaving the other one in the bag. He flopped down on the bed with the decoys and started to leaf through them as Ryuk chuckled beside him. Showtime L.



L was turning over in his mind Light's statements about the ICPO task force when he saw Light head up the stairs. So you think it would be obvious to Kira, do you Light? Is it obvious to you? He picked up a chocolate chip cookie and dunked it sloppily in his tall glass of milk, sloshing some onto his desk in the bedroom. He took a bite, not letting his eyes budge from the image of Light going to his desk and taking out a few magazine from a bag. What are those? The soggy cookie dripped onto his crouched knee as he made one camera zoom onto Light's magazine.


Whoa! He took another bite of the gooey cookie, surprised that he was feeling a little disappointed. Damn.


"So its girls for you Light." He dunked the cookie into the milk again, letting his chin plop into his hand. "Figures." Not that someone like you would ever look twice at me anyway. L ate the rest of the cookie, now wondering what the hell he was thinking anyway. Stay objective. Light's a suspect in the Kira case! A potential mass murderer. It doesn't matter if he's beautiful or likes girls or boys or....But he found himself a bit more uncomfortable in his crouch anyway. No. Don’t let yourself be compromised. He took a big sip of milk and peered at Light, and against his better judgement, half hoped he'd do something other than just look. Eh, not half hoping. Full on hoping. 


But Light just looked, tossing each aside in turn. You look bored, Light. If the ICPO bluff was obvious to you, have you deduced somehow you are being watched? Are you doing this....for show? Are you really that intelligent? Could you really be...Kira? He grabbed the whole plate of cookies and poured the glass of milk over them, overflowing the edges, but L didn't care, he just stuck his fingers in the soup of milk and dough and brought it to his lips, savoring that buttery sugar mess. And there go my hopes again.



Light couldn't take much more. Ugh, its been twenty minutes. Surely that's got to be enough to be convincing, right? Really he was thinking about that other magazine, wanting to dash into the bathroom with it and relieve all this built up...tension. But I've got work to do first. If criminals die while it appears I'm studying, and in no way watching the news, I should be cleared as Kira. He took the girlie mags and put them in his bookshelf cubby, hiding them badly, and pulled out his school textbooks from his bookbag and sat down at his desk. He cast Ryuk a furtive look.


"Hyuk, time to write some names there Light? How you gonna do it with that L watching you?"


Light smiled and laughed silently to himself, opening up the bag of chips and setting it to his left. He peered inside and saw the tiny TV screen inside that he'd hidden there earlier, invisible to any of L's cameras. He set up his textbook to his right and pretended to study, a piece of the death note under his homework. I'll solve equations with my right hand! And I'll write names with my left hand! He bit his lip to keep from blurting out a laugh, getting to work, both sides of his brain afire with dueling missions yet unified to one real purpose. Defeat L! Kill L!


He scribbled furiously, equations coming as easily as ever, and names rolling of his pen point as the news showed criminals' names and faces intermittently. He felt a sick thrill every time he wrote another name and sent a wish to the news station to tell him more names, more and more, ALL the names in the world, so he could write them here and now in front of L, and be innocent, so innocent, so beyond suspicion. A tiny giggle almost pushed past his lips but he took a chip instead and ate it, swallowing the laugh with the snack, crunching it triumphantly, wishing he could spit the crumbs into L's face! 


Finally the news and his homework were complete, and he crumpled the bag of chips and tossed it into the trash. 200 bucks in that trashcan. Well worth it to rub it in your face L. He stretched his arms behind his head and stood up, feeling satisfied with himself as he put his books back in his bag for school tomorrow. And he hovered over the desk. Over the magazine in the bag. Waiting for him. Just sitting there. Calling. Fuck. I need this. I feel so much exhilaration after writing those names, I bet I'll come hard as hell. I'm feeling like...taking a little risk. He looked over at Ryuk, giving him a look like ‘no way in hell you better follow me.’


Ryuk grinned, using a long blade from his fingernail to pick a bit of something from his jagged teeth. "Don't worry, I'll stay in here. Go have fun, hyuk hyuk." And I can see into the next room anyway. Duh, Light, I found those cameras for you didn't I?


And Light smirked at him, grabbed the bag, and went into his bathroom. 




L was leaning forward in his chair so steeply he was in danger of tumbling out of it, a finger hooked in his bottom lip as he stared at the screen. What's in that bag, Light? He picked up a sugar cube and dropped it in his tea, and took another and just ate it, crunching it loudly. He washed it down with some tea as his throat was feeling suddenly very dry as his curiosity got the better of him. I shouldn’t be...but I’m going to anyway, aren’t I? This is just professional interest. Yes.


He watched Light close and lock the bathroom door behind him and pull out another magazine, but it seemed different from the others. L moved to zoom in on the cover and gasped, tumbling out of the chair and spilling tea all over himself. "Shit!" He quickly scrambled back up to crouch in the chair and looked at the magazine cover again. 'Submission.' Men! So that's what you're really into Light. The others really were just for show! This means you knew someone was watching and are trying to appear like a normal teenager, and not...Kira. But he was unconsciously grinning so wide his jaw nearly hurt with the effort. He pulled his chair up to the desk so he wouldn't fall out again. Am I about to watch Kira jerk off? L felt himself getting hard in his baggy jeans, and pressed his erection, watching with a finger pushed to his bottom lip. I shouldn't feel this way....but...Light, are you the one? Kira? You may be a mass murderer...these feelings I have are perverse. 


On the screen, Light was standing in front of the full length mirror on the wall of the bathroom, alternating between looking at himself and down at the magazine. L clenched his fist on the desk when Light pulled off his shirt, and L couldn't zoom in fast enough. Oh.... L's eyes widened even more when Light turned to a page he must have really liked because he tore it out of the magazine and stuck it against the mirror with a lick of saliva across the glossy paper. L zoomed in on the page.... 


A young spiky-haired man, looking to be early twenties, had a ball gag in his mouth and was tied up to the nines in rope, completely restrained on his knees. His hard cock was straining against some kind of cage, locked with a small padlock, not that he would have been able to touch it anyway with his hands pulled behind his body. The man was looking up at the camera with pleading, submissive eyes, as if begging for release not from his restraints, but for sexual release. Saliva was dripping from around the ball gag and running down his lean chest, and both his nipples were pierced with bars, with a thin chain connecting between them. Essentially, a slave.


HOLY FUCK! Oh that's hot.....L's cock pulsed hard, his eyes darting between the picture and Light, who was now leaning against the mirror, unbuttoning his pants and pushing them down. L did the same, yanking his cotton shirt off and unbuttoning his jeans with lightning speed. Is this what you're into Light? You like them submissive? Of course Kira would. Yes, just collecting evidence, gathering data.....Light started to touch his chest, gazing at himself in the mirror, playing with his nipples and running a hand down his flat toned stomach. You're admiring yourself aren't you? Well that makes two of us. But of course, Kira would have a large ego. Narcissistic personality..... L's heart was beating hard and fast, watching Light's hands move slowly across his hips and down to his beautiful cock, teasing it harder. L's jaw was practically on the floor, his finger dropping from his mouth as he stared unblinking. And pretense fell away, replaced with a kind of lustful horror. I feel desire for Kira. 


Light reached to lightly touch the picture of the submissive slave with one hand, leaning close to the mirror and beginning to stroke himself in earnest. He whispered, "L...L...Kira will kill you." And L fell out of the chair again somehow. KIRA'S THINKING ABOUT ME!



Light stared into his own eyes in the mirror and then at the picture he'd chosen to be L, starting to stroke and build the pleasure. How I'd love to see you like this you bastard. Tied up and helpless, at my mercy. Light didn't know what L looked like and it didn't matter. You've already mindfucked me. I know your mind, and you know mine. Tonight, this is you. He spat into his hand and spread it across his cock, teasing the head while he spoke softly to the picture, imagining it was his nemesis he was taunting. You've tried to humiliate me in front of the world. In my own home. But I'll be the one who counts out your last breath.


He leaned against the mirror, turning to stare at the picture. "You think you have power over me." He closed his eyes, leaning his head back, lips parted. "But I'll murder you. I'll find your name and write you such a beautiful death, L." He sped up his stroking, smiling into the mirror evilly, whispering, "Oh I could make you do whatever I wanted before you die, L...." A soft moan. "...and I will...." He shuddered a little as his he rubbed the head, "I'll fuck you so hard you'll turn your back on everything....everyone...I'll make you crawl to Kira on your HANDS AND FUCKING KNEES L....." Light's eyes flew open as he felt anger flare with his arousal, and he snarled at the picture, "And after I've watched you beg for your pathetic life....I'll murder you...." He laughed into the mirror, amber eyes wide as he edged closer, panting hard against the mirror and fogging it with his warm breath. "I'll watch the light fade from your eyes...I'll feel your body go limp beneath me..."


He stepped back from the mirror and started jacking hard with both hands, forgetting himself, the wiretaps, forgetting everything but the beautiful, the perfect image of L crawling to Kira and him shoving a knife in his heart again and again. He moaned softly, "Die....Die....DIE....." 




And Light might've well shoved a knife in L's chest for the effect that he was having on him. L was panting hard at the computer screen, sitting normally in his chair as he never did, sucking on a large dildo and stroking himself as fast as he could. Oh Light...are you really Kira? Are you admitting it right here?! Or is this just part of your fantasy? Your fantasy of me.....L moaned around the dildo at that thought. I don’t care if this is wrong, I can’t look away.


He took the slick dildo and pushed it into himself, lips parted and gasping slightly as he fucked himself with it slowly at first and then faster. You'll never kill me, Light, but I can play along too. He scooted down in the chair, putting his legs up on desk on either side of the screen wild horses couldn't drag him away from in this moment. When Light started moaning 'Die' in the mirror, L moaned with him. I am that man tonight see me there and I am there. And L indulged in his own fantasy to mirror Light's. What would it be like to be at your mercy, Kira’s mercy, to have death so near? I'd crawl to you, I'd beg you, beg Kira to fuck me before ending me. L shut his eyes, getting close to orgasm. You're close too Light. I'll come when you do. Don't make me beg you before I've even met you.....


On the screen, Light grabbed the picture and crumpled it in his fist, leaning against the mirror again, mouth open, and his body shuddered as he came with a gasping moan against the mirror. L banged the dildo against his prostate and came too, whispering, "Kira...," shooting back against his chest as his toes curled. He panted through it, watching Light do the same against the mirror, their breathing slowing together. He pulled the dildo out and tossed it across the room, pulling his legs down and leaning over them weakly. And he saw Light step back from the mirror and wipe his cum off the mirror with the crumpled picture.


Light threw the ruined picture into the trash can with a laugh and pulled his clothes back on. Light stopped one more time to gaze into the mirror, and L swore he whispered, "I'm coming for you L."


And L pulled back into a naked crouch, and stared back at him, “Bring it.”