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Nautiscarader's Phineas and Ferb & Milo Muprhy's Law prompts

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When Melissa was pushed into her boyfriend's room, her blouse was already gone, and his shirt fell to the ground soon afterwards. The wall next to the doorway became the first place for them to kiss, though once she got rid of her pink skirt, she pushed Zack back, as she knew that without clear instructions, Zack will reward her with long, romantic, gentle sex, and that was not what she was after.

- Alright, let me be clear - she stated, working on his belt - I want you to fuck that week out of me, understand?
- Whatever you say, girl.

Even for a good student, like Melissa, the weeks before finals were more than stressful, filled with revisions, pop-quizzes, homework piling up and having to deal with teachers. Compared to these, the factory fire Zack, Melissa and Milo have been through (which were caused by a replica of zeppelin filled with authentic helium, a cow, and twenty two rakes), was the least unpleasant experience, so it came to no surprise to Zack that his girlfriend needed a weekend off. And with his parents gone for a day, the plan wrote itself.

Melissa shrieked when Zack grabbed her off the ground and pushed her bluntly onto his bed, and by the time he puled down his jeans, Melissa already lost all her remaining clothes, got on all fours, and stuck her ass up, begging to be taken doggy-style. She'd prefer doing it in her room, where she would be able to see her boyfriend's face reflected in a mirror, but as of right now, the heat and yearning between her legs reached unbearable levels, and if they hadn't sped up downstairs, she seriously considered taking him on the porch.

- Come on, Zack, you know what I need... - she mewled, and wiggled her bottom invitingly, imagining his cock invading her needy hole.

But a lick of his tongue was not what she expected. Another cry escaped her lips, when her boyfriend stuck his face up her wet opening, lapping it as if he was a thirsty dog.

- No, Zack, I told you, I want it rough!
- Patience, milady...

She groaned, but her voice quivered half-way through, when Zack's begun toying with her clit. As the pleasure slowly overcome her, her elbows gave up, and her front body slumped to the sheets, exposing her pussy to her boyfriend at an even better and more convenient angle. She knew that Zack loved playing with her, and though she couldn't say "no" to it, she wished his skilled, delicate fingers were replaced with his thick, ruthless cock pounding her without a break.

Her wish came out of nowhere, and with a sharp, short pain, when Zack unceremoniously filled her with his length, while he was still caressing her throbbing button. The initial discomfort was gone in a second, however, as Melissa screamed a loud "Yes!", and grabbed the edges of Zack's bed to stabilise herself, allowing Zack to push deeper and deeper with every thrust.

The glorious image of Melissa's firm rump, bouncing back and forth, combined with her angelic moans fuelled Zack's frantic thrusts. With his hands around her waist, he had full control over how deep his cock was going to penetrate the perfect student writhing and screaming his name in front of him, in a submissive, obedient pose he loved dreaming about.

- Yes, Zack... Fuck, yes, that's what I want. Fuck!

Melissa kept screaming the obscenities, hoping they would allow her to endure longer, getting much more powerful orgasm, a fact that was perhaps the only useful thing she learned last week. But for that, she needed Zack, and as she cried another curseword into the air, Zack suddenly stopped.

- You know, I don't think these words suit such a good student like you. - he smirked, trailing his hands up and down her waist
- What? - Melissa cried, looking back at her boyfriend, unable to see through his plan, blinded by the need to feel him inside her again.
- Let's make it clear: every time you curse, you'll get punished. You want that?

And now, as she understood him, Melissa smiled, and with utmost confidence replied:

- Fuck yeah!

Melissa cried when two things happened at the same time: Zack resumed his pounding, but started it with a powerful slap against her left buttock. When they first done it, Zack wasn't completely comfortable with delivering pleasure and pain, but as Melissa let him be dominant more and more, an urge rose in him to use all of his methods to control her.

A stream of grunts, moans and curses, combined with an oddly sounding "I love you" kept spilling from Melissa's mouth, as Zack increased his tempo, delivering the promise of rutting her senseless. The force with which her body rocked back and forth made even her perfect hair dishevelled a bit, which only turned on Zack more. Cries followed each time Zack punished his lab partner for her vocabulary, which naturally, resulted in more profanities in a blissful, vicious circle of ecstasy.

But when her voice cracked, and she started mewling his name, Zack knew they were on a straight road to a climax, and, though it required him quite a lot of willpower, he doubled his efforts with his pushes. Predictably, Melissa came first, her body flailing and squirming under Zack's thrusts, unable to move that much due to his hands restraining her waist. A moment later, with a roar, Zack pulled out and sprayed his cum all over her beautiful, athletic, exposed back, covering it thoroughly with his seed, from her bottom, up to her shoulders, some strands landing even in her hair.

Melissa waited for one last sound, and when Zack's phone made a familiar "click", she turned around, so he could take a second photo of not just a proof of his virility, but the satisfied smile of a woman she just claimed as his.

- That... that was... awesome. - Zack wheezed, slumping on his pillow, his chest rising up and down.
- That... That was just Monday, Zack. - Melissa corrected him, turning her head towards her lover once again, seeing the astonishment in his eyes, - And only up to the fourth period, we've had double physic then, remember? And I need to get de-stressed of an entire week of school, so get down to work, or I'll ask you to fuck me for every individual class we've had.

She expected him to chicken out, but when Zack sprung back to his knees, Melissa beamed and moaned with delight.

- You know, I don't think my method worked that well. - Zack smirked, still catching breath - So why don't we combine business and pleasure, and I will purge the pretty mouth of yours of all that nasty stuff... with myself?

Zack pointed to his half-limp cock and raised brow, wondering if his cheeky offer could work. Melissa took one, quick glance at him, and in a swift move rolled to her back from her position, smearing his work onto his sheets, and reached for a pillow to put under her sore ass. If her previous pose felt submissive and compliant, then with her legs wide open, Melissa was practically screaming "do me!".

- If by "business and pleasure" you mean "pleasure and pleasure"... Then yeah, I can't wait to feel you here.

And she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue invitingly, waiting for Zack to use it, which, as she quickly calculated, should cover the rest of Monday and maybe even a bit of Tuesday, depending if he’ll fill it with cum, or finish on her face. Either way, the two were not even half-way through her relaxation session, and Melissa shivered at the mere thought of what more Zack had prepared for her.