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IMPORTANT NOTE: If this is your first time seeing my work, please read THIS first for all possible warnings. Thank you.


You’d been collecting strays long before you understood the phrase.

First, there were Steve and Bucky- Steve was smaller than the other children in your kindergarten class, but he never let it get in the way. The only time he ever shrank away was when in the presence of his mother. His father had left them, and for some reason you still couldn’t understand, his mother blamed him for it.

Bucky was in first grade, and checked on Steve regularly. You always thought he was a lot like Steve because he was always bruised up. It wasn’t until later when you were playing at his house that you learned exactly how he was getting them. His father was a drinker, and his mother was always doped up to numb herself against the pain. Unfortunately, it meant she never cared Bucky had become an additional punching bag.

Next, it was the Odinsons- They moved into the house next door after their mother’s death. Their father was overly critical and emotionally unavailable, but it had only gotten worse after his wife’s passing. Loki was your age and in the same grade as you and Steve. His brother Thor was a year older than Bucky. You had unobstructed views to each other’s bedroom windows, and you would often communicate that way. It was through that connection you later discovered the joy in exhibitionism.

Then there was Nat and her boyfriend Clint- You met Nat through your ballet class, and you became fast friends. Her mother was too busy trying to land the next future ex-husband to remember she even had a daughter. Clint lost his parents in a car wreck and lived with his brother, who never failed to remind him what a burden he was.

They always gathered at your house, often staying the night for days on end. Your own parents didn’t mind. How could they when they were never home? They each had their own businesses, neither backing down when it came time to decide who would be your primary caregiver. In the end, they hired a nanny. She was alright, but there was no misunderstanding that you were just a job to her. When you turned 13, she was let go because you were old enough to look after yourself. When they were home, it was just for the night, and in the morning they’d be off to their next meeting halfway around the world.

They spoke to each other even less than they spoke to you. The last time they were even in the same room, you had been suspended for fighting along with Steve and Bucky. Your father yelled about your antics costing him an important partnership, and decided to give you your mother’s last name so you couldn’t affect his own good name. When your mother found out, she raised hell and they had a three day shout fest that ended when they decided on a great grandmother’s last name.

So that was your little group- As you grew up, you became more dependent on each other. The trust between you all complete and unwavering.

On the outside, you were perfect: privileged rich kids with a limitless future. Destined to excel in life as you did in school. Nat did cheerleading, Steve, Buck, Clint and Thor did football, Loki was the school’s star debater, and you were president of the student council for your grade. All of that on top of excellent grades and fake smiles etched on your faces.

In private, though, you were anything but. In a way, you were happy. You didn’t have to wear your masks in private, and there were no inhibitions holding you back from anything. There were no judgements among you, no strange or disappointed looks. You could truly be yourselves, and you valued it more than anything.

So when your doorbell rang, you all froze. Nat was the first to spring into action, grabbing the bottles of booze and running them to the kitchen to hide them. Steve grabbed the air freshener and began to spray away the smell of alcohol and weed. Thor hid the coke under the couch cushions, while Clint and Bucky took all the glasses and rinsed them in the sink. You detached your lips from Loki’s and climbed off his lap, warily making your way to the door.

When everyone was settled, looking as if nothing but pizza in front of the TV had been going on, you looked through the peephole.

“It’s those twins,” you grumbled.

Pietro and Wanda Maximoff were the new kids in town. According to the rumors, they weren’t like you. They were from a small town and their mother had to work three jobs just to keep a roof over their heads. She finally shipped them off to their father, who lived down the street from you. You supposed it was those rumors that kept most of the other students from befriending them. And you supposed the reason they gravitated to you was that you were some of the few to treat them nicely. Still, none of you were willing to offer friendship when you had so much to lose. However dysfunctional, you were a family, and you would protect it at all cost.

“What could they want?” Thor asked.

“I don’t know. Should we pretend no one’s here?”

“Clint, with your stomping, even you’d hear it,” Nat quipped.

You opened the door carefully, putting on a smile for them. “Hey, what’s up?”

“Hi Y/n,” Wanda said brightly. “We were wondering if you guys wanted to hang out. We um we brought this.” She pulled out a bottle of whiskey from her bag. “We saw Bucky brought one so we thought we’d bring some, too.”

Chancing a look at Bucky, you saw he’d gone a little pale. Now you had to let them in, at least so they wouldn’t tell anyone. “Come in. We have pizza.”

The night turned out kind of fun, and even though they interrupted your plans, none of you really seemed to mind when they showed up again a few days later. The third time they went over, you were all laughing at how wasted they were getting. You were still being cautious of doing much of anything around them, but at least if they were drunk you could relax a little.

“I’m glad we’re friends.” Wanda was slurring her words, hanging on to Pietro so she wouldn’t fall over. “We didn’t have anyone but each other back home.”

“From the first day of school Wanda said- she said ‘these people will be our friends, you will see.’” they laughed and the rest of you exchanged confused looks.

“Can I tell you a secret?” Wanda loudly whispered. “Why Mother really sent us here?”

“Uh, sure.” Natasha nodded, unsure what to expect.

“Promise you won’t tell?”

Wanda giggled when you all agreed and turned on her seat facing her brother. She put her hand behind his neck and pulled him to her, pressing her lips on his. The kiss heated up and they were unaware of all the wide eyes a jaws dropped around the room.

“Holy shit,” Nat whispered.

They pulled apart and looked around at all of you, laughing at the looks on your faces. Wanda snuggled into him and they continued to watch the movie, falling asleep soon after. Everyone went to kitchen to discuss what just happened.

“Ok, that happened, right? It wasn’t just me?” Clint asked.

“That happened,” Loki confirmed.

“So what now?” Bucky looked around at everyone for an answer.

“I dunno,” Steve replied. “But we can rest easy now knowing they won’t breathe a word about what goes on here.”

“We should wait to see what happens in the morning. No need to rush anything.”

“I agree with Nat,” you said. “They might freak and we may need to convince them we’re not gonna talk.”

“It’s settled then,” Thor said. “In the morning we make breakfast and assure them it’s nothing to worry over.”

Everyone agreed and you went your separate ways for the night. Clint and Natasha took the other couch, while the others found a spare room to crash in.

Bucky silently followed you to your room, knowing the night had something in store for you both. “You gonna keep it down, Princess?” he growled after shutting your door.


“You sure?” He began to stalk toward you. “Last time your moans almost woke up mom and dad. What if they’d heard ya, huh?”

“I’m sorry.” You looked to the floor and pouted playfully. “I’ll be good and quiet, I promise.”

Bucky took off his shirt and reached for yours to remove it, too. “Good. Now tell me, who’s the best big brother in the world?”

“You, Buck.”

“And why’s that?”

“Because you make sure I feel good.” You bit your lip when he dropped his pants, boxers and all. Your eyes trailed over his body hungrily, his cock already rock hard and tip glistening.

“That’s right. Because that’s what big brothers are for.” He unsnapped your bra and tossed it aside, going for your pants and already damp panties next. Once he helped you out of them, he cupped your cheeks and leaned in closer. “And you’re the best baby sister in the world. You know why?” You shook your head ‘no’ never breaking eye contact. “Because you taste so sweet.” He crashed his mouth to yours, hands trailing down your body to your thighs. Lips still connected, he picked you up and carried you to you bed.

Neither of you needed to vocalize what you’d needed. You both knew what the twin’s display did to the other. You knew because it was something you acted out many times before.