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Remember Me

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"Get out and stay out!"

His screams sent them running, but he knew they should've ran the moment their eyes laid upon the crimson dragon he stood upon with pride.

"And don't you forget who I am! I'm Katsuki Bakugou, the savage dragon king! Now fuckin' beat it you spineless warriors! Don't let me catch you near my territory again!"

Just like that, the knights who most likely came for his bounty, dropped their swords as they ran back to where they originated from. As soon as they were out of sight, Bakugou instantly collapsed upon his rump on his dragon's neck, letting out a drained sigh. It was always so exhausting to have to deal with knights that would come after his bounty. Then again, this was something he was used to by now. Ever since the dragons accepted him as their king, a bounty had been pinned to his head. Over the course of time, the price only continued to rise, until it finally settled at a smacking 10 million pc as the reward money. Because of that large amount, many knights who traveled far and wide, and were desperate for that sort of fame and fortune, made the stupid mistake of testing their luck in trying to defeat the dragon king himself.

All had failed thus far, and there will be more who will fail in the near future.

“Sorry..” he softly said to his dragon, who rumbled a questioning growl. “Sorry that you constantly have to deal with my bullshit..”

No words needed to be exchange. Just a single lick to the face gave Bakugou the confirmation he needed that everything was alright. The slow lick made Bakugou chuckle a little, since he knew it was her way of showing affection to her king. Maybe he was thinking too much at that moment, and everything is actually-



The dragon let out a deep huff with its head faced the other direction, catching Bakugou’s attention.

There, in the far distance, was a struggling silhouette who seemed to be tripping over its own feet and letting out small grunts. It made Bakugou grow curious of who or what this figure could be. It was kinda hard to tell if it was human by the shape of its head looking like a big curly mess. Maybe this was another knight coming after his bounty. To Bakugou, anyone that would come into his territory or even be near him, is after his bounty. So now, every time an intruder would make itself known, he would be prepared.

He cautiously stepped down from the dragon’s neck and gently pressed his forehead to its crimson snout; strong hands stroking the softer scales of it’s chin.

“Stay here…” Bakugou gently ordered, before slowly sliding his small dagger out of its scabbard.

Maybe it would be better to put this knight out of its misery. It would be one less intruder to worry about. Or maybe this person was an assassin, trying to put their acting skills to the test in hopes to trick the dragon king into getting any sight of hesitation or guilt. Bakugou has seen it all before, and he was planning on never trusting anyone who came to his territory.

There person he was willing to trust however, but he knew they were never coming back. It was best to just shake them out of his thoughts and focus on what’s more important, like the struggling figure in the far distance.

“...go...” he whispered to himself, sprinting straight towards the figure that collapsed to the ground.

So this person was injured. Good. It makes the kill all the more easy.

He soon skid to a halt in front of the figure and found that it was a male, who was beaten and bruised to a near breaking point. Well, then it will be much easier to kill the bastard then. It always good to put people this injured out of their- hold on. Bakugou stood to a stiff halt as he used his foot to roll the mysterious male on his back; red eyes widening at the exposed identity.

“’s you…” He said down to the unconscious stranger.


Dragons were generally feared wherever he went. Talking about the topic would lead to people looking towards him in fear and wondering why such a young boy would be interested in such creatures when they were the most dangerous by far.

The answer was simple:

He’s the last person alive to hold dragon’s blood in his veins.

Having such blood, gave his body abilities that no human could obtain. He could endure heat to its extreme point, his vocal chords could produce a spine chilling roar that anyone, even a dragon, could mistaken as another dragon. His power of breathing fire and using such fire ability to create an explosion-like quirk at the palm of his hands was another example of what his blood could do for him. To Bakugou, he thought that was normal, and everyone had a certain quirk that made them unique, but to his village, he was a monster.

Without any remorse for the loss of his mother and father, and no one teaching him how to control such quirks, he was chased out of his home. Exiled from society.

Humans..all of them...they were so horribly cruel that they could never accept anyone who was different...who was unique...who...had a rarity in their veins that it made them grow disgusted in themselves. How can society live in this form of cruelty..? He had nowhere else to go, and the forest seemed as if it was going to be his new home from now on. But how could he survive in this setting? He’ll figure it out for sure. Certainly he will.

Yet he felt lost, and all he wanted to do, was rest in the shade of a tree, and hope that with some sleep, he could think of a strategy. Though, it was a little hard to sleep with the cold rain pouring down on him so harshly.

“Hey..are you alright?”

A voice, so gentle had earned his attention. Red eyes stared into big forest green, and the male looked to be holding an expression of concern. A red tunic, that reached to his ankles covered his head with a hood, making it a little difficult for the blonde male to figure out the identity. But it seemed as though his mind was read as the mysterious person slowly pulled down his hood to reveal an unkempt head full of greenish black hair, fair skin that held freckles on his cheeks and a sign of judgement.


“Come on, we’re going back,”

The dragon gave Bakugou a huff of concern as he watched the male carrying a human, whom he claims to hate onto its back, but Bakugou growled in annoyance.

“Just go! This fucker is dying! We gotta get him back so I can fucking patch him up!”

Without any sort of resistance, the dragon began to take flight high above the clouds, and back to where the dragons, and their king could call home. He will admit that he was feeling excited, giddy actually. What were the chances of meeting this human again? He was the only human who gave him an insight of kindness..something he had a hard time receiving all his life. Then again, that was kinda his fault.

The trip back wasn’t too long, which brought Bakugou such relief, because the page boy he held in his arms was bleeding severely, and he needed to be treated immediately.

“Make sure you land carefully…” He ordered, looking down at his dragon. “His injuries might get worse if we land hastily.”

The dragon followed as ordered, making sure to land very carefully before lowering its head to the ground to let Bakugou down.

From there, Bakugou quickly rushed inside his cave-like home and nearly tore up everything inside just to find what he was looking for. Bandages, some ingredients to create an herbal potion that could help the healing process go faster, and maybe later, he’ll make something to eat...then again...a slab of meat should help right? Like hell he knew, he never had a visitor come to his home, not like this. He only knew how to treat his own injuries, not someone else’s, so how the hell was he supposed to know what was going on!? The situation itself began to make Bakugou grow frustrated with the stress piling up on his shoulders, and he just decided ‘fuck it’ and quickly began to bandage the injuries as best as he could, while also keeping them tight on the smaller form.

Bakugou couldn’t help but note how smaller the other looked compared to him, and it made him wonder if he should be treating this person a bit more delicately.

But screw that, this kid was knocked out and bleeding.

Once the blonde finished bandaging the page boy, he slowly picked him back up in his arms and gently laid him upon his bed. It was the only bed he had, but he didn’t really mind sleeping on the floor. It’s not like his comfort would make much of a difference.

“....Deku….” he called in a soft voice, slowly growing a tiny smile. “ damn nerd…..what are you doing getting yourself injured like this….?....whatever… it’s time to return the favor…”

The king slowly took a hold of his mantel off his shoulders and gently wrapped the soft fabric around the smaller frame, seeing as how it reached to his ankles; making him chuckle a little.

“..still too big on you..”

Bakugou didn’t know how long it would take for the other to wake up, but he decided to stay where he was, and rest. Today had been a hectic day.

 His head pounded the moment he regained consciousness, and there was a dull pain across his chest that got worse and worse as seconds pass. He didn’t want to sit up, nor did he want to wake up even more, but when he attempted to go to sleep, his body wouldn’t let him.

“..wha….what happened…?” He asked, letting his green eyes trail around the room and realizing how this wasn’t his home. “And...where am I?”

One look to the side, and he quickly let out a yelp as he fell off of the bed. It was quite a heart stopping surprise to see none other than the savage dragon king himself to be sleeping next to him. Though, keeping quiet was not his strongest point. That sudden crash of him falling off the bed with a loud thud, was just enough noise to awaken said king. Bakugou only sat up and let out a deep yawn before quickly noticing Deku’s awakening and growing both surprised and excited.

“Wha! Stupid bastard!! You shouldn’t be out of bed!!”

“Waaaa!! Please don’t hurt me!! I wasn’t trying to go after you for your bounty!! You gotta believe me!!”

Oh shit, that’s right. Bakugou is still the great savage dragon king after all, of course Deku would be scared after waking up in a place he didn’t recognize and sleeping next to him.

“You damn nerd, you must be stupid, I didn’t bring you here to hurt you..”

Deku nervously looked towards Bakugou; in shock that the king was not going to hurt him, more so, that he actually bandaged him up and even placed him in a nice comfortable bed, with his cape as some sort of blanket.

“Honestly Deku…” Bakugou began, slowly growing a tiny smile. “You’re so stupid…”

“...H..How do you...know the nickname that..everyone calls me?”

Bakugou stood frozen for a moment, his mind diving to the worst possible conclusion.

No…no this….this can’t be what he…

“C-Come on Deku, stop playing with me,”

“Have we met?”

“.....Wait you...don’t remember me….?”

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(Art done by Ringo-chuu!! Go check them out on Tumblr!!)


“.....Wait you...don’t remember me….?”

The page boy, known as Deku by the villagers in his town, slowly shook his head--scared of what sort of reaction he would get from the dragon king who unknowingly stood intimidatingly tall in front of him. What was he supposed to say to the known savage? That he did remember? That would be considered lying, and Deku could tell that Bakugou would definitely detect the lie in an instant if he were to try. They were silent, with Deku wondering what the other would do, since he was standing in stunned silence.

“Um...if I may ask,” Deku began, motioning to the bandage around his chest with skepticism. “Did you..bandage me up?”

“Of course I did you damn idiot!!”

The flinch Bakugou received from his response made him quickly look away from connecting eyes with the other. Mainly because he felt embarrassed for letting his own emotions get to him, even though they were all over the place, and because he regretted ever raising his voice and insulting the other when he was only asking a simple question and was scared out of his mind already.

Okay, time to calm down for a second and think. Yes, the guy whom you’ve considered your queen for quite sometime is here, in your bedroom, injured, and unsure of where he is. However, the one key component that was missing from such equation, was his loss of memory of you. What in the hell were there to do in a situation such as this? What sort of reaction is appropriate? The anger, and embarrassment has to be ruled out. Otherwise, it was only going to scare him more. Bakugou knew damn well he was not happy about the situation, not one bit. So happiness and excitement was crossed off as well. He was too prideful to show off his current sadness and feeling of loss, so then what the hell was there to do or say!?!?

“..uh..anyways,” Bakugou began, trying to deter from the current tone of the room. “What the hell were you doing out there? You could’ve bled to death, then who would’ve saved you?”

Red eyes slowly turned to the other as he was looking down, seeming to contemplate on the response to such a question, but the king simply sighed and knelt down to his haunches.

“Hey, I’m going to ask again, do you really not remember me?”

Izuku looked up towards the other before silently shaking his head, earning a frustrated sigh from Bakugou while running his strong fingers through his spikey blonde hair.


“Was I..supposed to remember?”

“Well yeah, we’ve met before.”

“We have?”

This was going to be a lot more difficult than he originally thought, more so on the fact that Izuku was a person whom the king had held romantic feelings towards for quite a while now. 10 years to be exact. And now that he was right here in front of him, and talking to him in a normal manner, the situation was even more painful than it looked.

“Yeah...several years ago.”

Izuku sat still and pondered; Bakugou noticing how he seemed to be trying his hardest to wrack through his memories to try and find that infamous meeting. But alas, Izuku grumbled a bit and crossed his arms, a sign that he had given up in trying to remember.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t recall,” He cautioned, watching as Bakugou seemed to be getting more and more frustrated.

There has to be something.


Anything that could get the little nerd to remember. But with every idea that popped into his mind, he diswayed it as an idea that wasn’t going to work. So he supposed there was nothing he could do that could jog his memory. Not even a simple punch to the head could help him remember, as tempting as that was to try.

“Um, if it really means that much to you..then, would you please tell me what I need to remember?” Izuku asked, earning silence for a few moment before a short, huff of breath.

“No way. It wouldn’t be meaningful that way if I were to tell you.”


Izuku sat frozen for a moment, before standing and giving Bakugou a look of determination.

“Then I’m staying until I do remember!”

Another moment of silence before Bakugou suddenly bursted into a fit of laughter, his arms wrapped around his stomach in a tight hold and his voice booming. How could this page boy say such things when he’s nothing but a simple human? He wouldn’t last a week living in his territory when it was filled with the most dangerous dragons ever known, and the environment was not a place a human mortal could withstand, especially it’s heated temperatures in the summer.

“Hahaha!! Oh please! Don’t make me laugh boy! You wouldn’t last a week here! Much less a day! What in the fuck makes you so sure that you have what it takes to stay here?!”

The determined look faltered for a moment before it instantly came back, much stronger than before.

“I’ll stay no matter what it takes! Me remembering you is important right? Well, then I’m staying until I remember! I could give less of a damn of the dangers around me, that’s what being a true knight is!”

The king’s laughing fit was cut short of Izuku’s short speech before smirking widely and chuckling a bit.

“Alright, fine. I’ll let you stay, but don’t say I didn’t warn ya,” Bakugou conceded, continuing to chuckle a bit at Izuku’s ignorance of the situation he was in.

It was as if the page had completely forgotten that he was in the king’s territory. Where the savage dragon king kept the world’s dangerous creatures, and lived in such a dangerous and deadly area. The summers were up to extreme, and the winters were harsh, rain rarely fell from the sky, and food was becoming scarce. Which is one of the reasons why Bakugou allowed his dragon subjects to feast upon humans if any were to trespass and cause a threat. Meanwhile, Bakugou would just steal food from any local markets nearby, well, that, or wear a disguise that could cover his identity and actually pay for food like a normal citizen, but that was rare. Most of the time, he would just steal.

He was raised by fucking dragons, what else would you expect?

“Well, can you stand?” Bakugou asked, deciding to change the subject again.

Izuku curiously looked over the blood stained bandages over his chest before slowly standing and whimpering a little.

“Yeah...a little…”

“Well, don’t strain yourself. That fall could’ve opened a wound or something. I don’t know...medical shit has never been my thing.”

Bakugou turned away with a bright blush on his cheeks. The thought of Izuku actually living with him, made his heart beat in his chest and his mind grow fuzzy. Never did he ever think that Izuku would be willing to stay just so he could recover some memories. But that actually..made him feel happy, and he didn’t want to come down from that form of happiness. He wasn’t showing it, and he made sure of it, but on the inside, he was smiling. Smiling as softly as he could.

If only he could smile like that on the outside. Maybe he wouldn’t scare Izuku so badly if he knew how to smile like that.

“So uh, let’s just-”

“I don’t know your name,” Izuku interrupted, earning a slight frustrated look from the king which instantly made him cowar.

“I-I’m sorry!! I just don’t know your name!! Please don’t hurt me!!”

“Katsuki Bakugou.”


“My name… Katsuki, Bakugou.”

Izuku stood still for a moment before growing a tiny smile.

“Izuku Midoriya.”

That form of progress, made Bakugou feel a form of accomplishment, and that pounding heart rate, pounded even harder against his chest, making his cheeks grow a much deeper red.

“I-I see. Well, if you’re hungry, I could-”

“Can I call you kacchan?”

An explosion of red covered Bakugou’s entire pale face and he quickly turned his back towards the injured male, his shoulders shaking and his hand holding over his heart. What in the fuck was that!? And what the hell was up with the way he said that nickname!? It was too cute!! Really too cute!!


“Uh, you okay?”

“I...I don’t mind if you call me that..” Bakugou mumbled to himself, his hand still held over his beating heart.

“What? What did you say?”

“I said do whatever the hell you want fucking shitty nerd!! Like I give a damn what you call me!!” Bakugou quickly swore, grabbing Izuku by the shoulders and laying him back down into bed. “Now stay the fuck there and lemme make you something to eat!!”

As Bakugou stormed off, his cheeks continued to stay red and his breath huffed out mumbles, and Izuku just sat there, waiting patiently for the king to come back, and growing concerned when he heard an explosion.

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“Here..” Bakugou grumbled as he held out a single small tray where a steaming bowl of soup sat in a wooden bowl and spoon. Normally he wouldn’t cook, he would instead just eat a raw slab of meat, or hell, he would at least have one of his dragons breathe fire on it so he could eat the meat while it’s nice and hot. But making soup? Well, something like potato soup was easy to make for him, considering how his mother used to make it all the time before she died, and he memorized the way she would make it by watching her closely. He really loved potato soup as a kid, so sometimes, he would make himself that deliciousness to enjoy. The king knew it wasn’t really the same, but it was better than not knowing how to make the soup at all.

He noticed the way Izuku looked down at the soup with concern before growing concerned himself, but he didn’t show it. Instead, he looked a little annoyed.


“How did you make something like this with an explosion?”

“Don’t worry about it, just eat. You kinda need to eat anyways, you can’t take this medicine I made with an empty stomach, otherwise you’ll have a stomach ache,” Bakugou informed him, standing from the bed and walking to his medicine desk, where a single flask held bubbling, violet liquid.

Izuku will admit that being taken care of by the savage, was something not many were going to believe, but maybe this wasn’t as bad as what many of his villagers had said.


“He’s a savage!”

“If you go into his territory, he’ll take you captive!”

“Savages will always be savages!”

“Don’t cross him! He’ll slit your throat and leave you to bleed!”


But Izuku was surprised to find how none of those things were true. In fact, he found his mind had been opened to discover that Bakugou was just a human, much like everyone else he knew. That fact alone, made him wonder why a person such as Bakugou would live far out from civilization and isolate himself from any normal human contact and only keep tabs on dragons. Did something maybe happen?

“Are you going to eat, or not?” Bakugou asked gruffly, his tone hinted at annoyance, since he didn’t want his food to go to waste.

The sudden sound of being asked a question popped Izuku’s bubble of questions and his attention now focused on the other, growing a tiny smile and nodding before taking the wooden spoon and getting himself a good spoonful. He was slow with his sips as to not burn his tongue, and he found that it actually tasted better than he expected. It was a little bitter, but bitterness could always be overlooked if eaten a certain amount of times.

“Wow, this is delicious,” Izuku said, not noticing the red blooming on Bakugou’s face.

Bakugou never thought the page would enjoy his cooking, but it did make him smile a bit seeing him eating every last drop and chunk of it. What made the scene even more cute, was the fact that Izuku was still wearing his mantel as he ate, making the sight adding at least 50 more years to his lifespan. God if only he had some sort of device that could record this moment and keep it forever, but he supposed burning it into his mind would do for the time being. All he has to do is hope that he never forgets it when he’s in his old age, which he also hoped he would be ruling over the dragons with queen Izuku by his side when that time does happen.

Bakugou let out a proud huff and grinned widely.

“Well yeah, I may not cook as often, but I know damn well how to make some good ass potato soup,” He boasted with confidence. It seemed like with Izuku, anything could stroke his ego, especially knowing that he enjoyed this or that. Making Izuku happy was Bakugou’s top priority, especially since he was going to be here for a while, and knowing he accomplished such made him want to keep doing it until he was dead and buried.

Soon after Izuku finished his small meal, Bakugou sat back down next to him and gave him the vile full of medicine that held a soft fizz to it.

“Take it slowly, don’t gulp too much down, you still got hot food in your stomach, so anything sudden could cause you to vomit.”

A nod of understanding before Izuku began to slowly drink the liquid that surprisingly tasted sweet. It tasted like a mixture of berries, with a hint of something herbal. Usually whenever he would take medicine, it would taste rather unpleasant, and the after taste would be much worse. But with this, he fully enjoyed it.

Just watching the injured male sip on his homemade medicine, oddly reminded him, of the few times when Izuku was sick, in bed, and normally with an abnormally high fever. He would always hate the disgusting taste of the medicine his mother would give him, so he would do all he can to research on medicines to maybe give the recipe to make the taste a little better and easy to handle. Somewhat like masking the flavor to where it’s still there, but not as apparent and strong on the tongue. It felt like it was only yesterday, despite it being only a few years prior to the present.


He watched from afar as his mother took his temperature and instantly became worried. By the look on her face, Bakugou could tell that the sickness he had wasn’t a very good one, and this time, it was worse than the other times before. With the way Izuku was breathing his ragged breaths and his cheeks a heavy shade of red, the sight alone made the young teen instantly grow worried.

‘If only there was some way I could help,’ He thought, crouching to his haunches and plucking at the leaves from the bushes he was hiding behind; studying the leaves and growing a solemn look towards the singular plant. He knew he can’t show his face in that village, for he would most likely be killed by an angry mob of savage human then how? His head quickly perked up, an idea forming in his mind that made him smile excitedly. He knew this would work, he was sure of it.

That evening, he returned to his home, with a small albino dragon with its shimmering red eyes sitting upon his shoulder.

It was his job to bring in some of the ingredients his king might need in order to make a medicine that could help cure his ill crush, and he started it off by writing down the ingredient and how to mix them properly. Bakugou might have stolen a book on medicine from the local market before he left. It might take him all night, but he was willing to do this, for the sake of keeping Izuku alive and in good health.



“Ashfur, get a basket for me..” He gently ordered, scratching the soft underside of the small dragon’s neck before watching him fly out the window to get what was asked.

“...Hang on’ll be feeling better in no time..” Bakugou whispered, growing a tiny smile at the thought of seeing Izuku out and about again.


He had to wear a big red tunic to hide his identity, but it would only be a short second.

His red eyes looked left to right to make sure no one was looking or around to see what he was about to do, before quickly grabbing his basket full of medicinal herbs and supplies and rushing straight to the front door. Once he set the basket down, he knocked quickly at the wooden door and rushed back to the bushes, where he sat and watched intently for any sort of reaction.

A reaction was certainly what he received when he watched Izuku’s mother step out, look both ways, before looking down, and finding herself rather surprised to find a basket full of grounded medicinal herbs, and a single note that held the ingredients and information on how to take it, when to take it, and for how long. It did leave the mother to feeling a little confused and slightly afraid on who could have given her these ingredients, yet she gave a thankful smile to the basket and quickly stepped inside to start nursing her son back to health.

All morning, Bakugou watched the way his mother give Izuku the care and treatment he needed and would smile oh so softly at the sight of the young teen getting back to his normal self.

‘Even if I don’t know jack shit about medicine and all that other medical crap...I’d gladly nurse you to health. Even if my resources are limited, I’d steal for you…just to get everything I need, to see you up and about again…’

Bakugou smiled at his own poetic thoughts towards Izuku, whom he knew will never hear his thoughts before standing and taking his leave, quickly covering his spikey blonde hair with a hood as to not be so easily spotted.


“How you feeling?” Bakugou asked, slowly taking the now empty flask from the other’s smaller hands.

Izuku only stayed silent for a moment before he suddenly released a loud belch; cheeks growing red and his hands quickly covering his lips out of pure embarrassment.

It took both of them by surprise, but Bakugou was the first to burst out into a fit of laughter.

“Ha ha ha ha ha!!!”

“Quit laughing! It’s not that funny!” Izuku defended, cheeks growing an even brighter red.

“You’re right! It’s hilarious!!”

“It’s the medicine I tell you!”

“It’s proof that it’s working ya dolt!” Bakugou continued to let out a hearty laugh before soon calming down with small chuckles. “Yeah...he heh...yeah...I think you’re gonna fit in well here.”

With that, Bakugou’s hands gently ran through soft, silky locks of messy blackish green hair, and in that moment, he wished this day could last forever.

Chapter Text

The house was ablaze,

The screams of his mother could be heard, mixing with the cries of outrage of the villagers.

They grew in numbers, and they waved their pitchforks and torches.

He was only gone for a few seconds.

And he comes back to find his home had been set on fire, with his parents trapped inside.

He found his breath choked back into his throat.

He could barely breathe due to the toxic smoke of the fire, and his growing fear.

Without much realization of his body’s movements, he found his hand had let the bucket full of water slip from his finger tips, earning the attention of the other villagers who instantly screamed in rage.

At this moment, his mother would scream:

“He’s only a child! Leave him alone!”

But his mother couldn’t, for her screams were being used to scream in agony that howled over his father’s.


“GET HIM!” A villager shouted, and the others followed forth.

It reduced the 10 year old to use his dragon-like instincts to use it’s fight or flight mode.

He wanted to fight, finding his raw strength beginning to grow within him as red eyes turned to bloody crimson; black thinning into slits.

But by the numbers of the villagers, he found himself outnumbered and overwhelmed.

Instead of fighting, he decided to run.

Run as far and as fast as his little legs could carry him.



That was all the villagers would chant the entire time they chased him out of the village he spent 10 years of his life in.

“Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone!” He heard the priest of the village call, finding himself pelted with thick and slightly heavy rocks a second after.

One stone in particular hitting him right on his parietal rather hard; causing him to trip and fall.

His knees and palms were now badly scraped, his body was bruised and weak, and the side of his head was bleeding.

The world around him was becoming a blur, and all he could hear was a high pitched white noiz that blocked out the screaming villagers that came closer and closer.

He found himself growing hopeless. There was no escape for his sin.

The sin of being born different.

Of being born with a bloodline, rarer than any diamond in the rough.

He found himself growing weaker and weaker, his mind thinking this was going to be the way his life would end.


But he noticed how everyone had stopped in their tracks, all looking above with wide, fearful eyes.

He didn’t know what it was, yet he felt a familiarity.

A crimson dragon, slowly landing with a rather loud thud upon the earth.

A roar, as loud as an impending earthquake shook the air around them, yet the roar sounded different.


Agonizing pain.




Bakugou woke with a start--cold sweat soaking his forehead and the back of his neck as the singular little hairs on his neck and arm stood on end. It wasn’t until his body and mind became conscious did he start gasping for any ounce of air, trying to get his ragged breathe back to its normal speed. When he rested his hand upon his chest, he could feel his heart pounding heavily against his chest, almost as if it was trying to rip itself right out of the many muscles that kept it inside. But that pounding heart was a sign to him.

A sign that he was still alive, and breathing.

Red eyes slowly looked over to his left, and sighed in relief to find Izuku was still in his bed, sleeping peacefully and seeming unfazed by Bakugou’s sudden awakening. Which to the king, was a good thing. He didn’t want the page boy to know about his recurring nightmares, his regrets, his insecurities….his fears. Bakugou didn’t want Izuku to know any of these things. Not now, and not yet. Part of it, was to do with trust. While Bakugou trusted him with his life, he couldn’t bring himself to trust him with his heart. He will admit to himself, that he was scared to give Izuku his love, in exchange for that one act of kindness years ago. Afraid that Izuku will end up being just like everyone in the village who showed him nothing but unruly savagery, only leading to betrayal and a broken heart.

A broken heart, was the last thing he wanted to feel, knowing it would only be just as painful as any physical pain he has ever felt in his life.

Perhaps it was a blessing that Izuku didn’t remember him, that way, he could build something with the page. He could build a friendship, which was something he had a hard time with before he was exiled. And maybe later, down the road, he could build a romance that can bloom like a flower within the friendship.

To Bakugou, you don’t meet someone like this every lifespan.

So to the king of dragons, finding a human, who accepted him for who he was, was as rare as his bloodline.

Just thinking about it, brought small bubbles of tears in his eyes. Doing his best to choke back his cries as to not show it in front of Izuku, who was still sleeping peacefully with his fluffy and cozy mantel as his blanket.


No, you must not cry.


You’re a king goddammit, crying is what a weak person does. You’re not some crybaby anymore.


You’re Bakugou Katsuki, the savage king of dragons.


You’re better than all the other worms beneath you. Anyone who gets in your way, must die.


Bakugou would always tell himself that. He wouldn’t give himself pain to remind him of such words, knowing it would only make the tears stronger. He wouldn’t give himself the grief, for it would only give him memories of his family, who gave him nothing but love, happiness, and affection.

Those 10 years were the only years he’s ever felt such warmth before it was taken away from him.

And sometimes, that reminder of warmth would lead him to shedding a single, silent tear, whenever he would make himself a steaming bowl of potato soup by his lonesome, usually made a little too bitter.

Instead of shedding those tears that he bottled up for years, he quickly wiped them away with his forearm, and instead replaced the feeling of sadness with hints of hope. The hints of hope coming from the sight of Izuku’s physical being laying on his bed, and resting with soft breaths that could almost be considered tiny snores. Bakugou was daring enough to rest his hand upon the other; one-sidedly lacing his fingers into the other’s open and still gaps.


His hand, was so soft, and a little smaller than the others.

Even his hands, and the way he held them were beautiful, and he found how perfect his fingers fit.

“Deku..” He whispered in a soft, gruff voice, slowly taking his hand close to his lips and ghosting them over his knuckles. There was so much emotion he poured into that single act of willing devotion. If taking this entire thing slow was the way to win Izuku’s heart, than he was willing to push aside all emotions in regards to something as strong as love just to gain his full trust. He knew it would take time, most likely years, but he was willing to wait however long. If he could live on his own for several years with only the memory of Izuku giving him the strength and will to survive in such a situation he was living in now, then he can certainly wait another several years to gain the page’s heart.

All silence suddenly cut to close as Bakugou heard that same roar of agony. His head perking up quickly towards his open window and his eyes widening. So that roar wasn’t just something from his nightmare, something is happening to one of his dragons, and that roar sounded like his crimson dragon, who was his first friend he made when he was chased out of his home.

With much haste, he pulled his hand away from Izuku’s and rushed to the window, listening closely and remaining still, waiting for that roar to happen again.

And just like he mentally asked, that agonizing roar was heard once again, and Bakugou instantly began to dread.

“Oh no…” He softly muttered, not bothering to steal his cape from Izuku’s sleeping form and rushing straight out his make-shift home.

From there, lead to a cliff that his house was a few feet away from; standing tall and pridefully, taking a deep breath until his chest puffed, before letting out a loud scream that resonated as a dragon’s roar. It was a call to the other that he was on his way to see the problem of what was happening, and he hoped that Izuku didn’t wake up from how loud he was roaring his reply to the other roar that screamed with agony.

With that, he quickly skid down the cliff and rushed straight to where the call came from. He didn’t stop running, not minding how badly the muscles in his legs burned, or how short on breath he was. He just needed to get to his dragon, who was apparently in some sort of horrible pain.

“Deathfire!!” He screamed, his red eyes landing on the crimson dragon, who was laying on its side and breathing heavily through its nostrils.

“Hey...hey…” His voice reducing to soft whispers as he gently held its muzzle close to him. “What’s wrong girl?”

His eyes looked over towards the bulging stomach she seemed to have, and his heart instantly stopped once he realized what was happening.

“..holy shit you’re going into labor.”

The dragon known as Deathfire let out a small whimper in one of her deep breaths, and Bakugou tried his hardest to comfort her, not letting go of his hold on her muzzle as his hand gently stroked the thick scales. He continued to give her encouraging words to push, all the while, making sure he was letting her know that everything was alright.

“Shhh...shhh….you’re doing great, go on ahead and keep pushing…”

He smiled softly as he noticed her body strained for a good minute before relaxing.

“Good girl...keep going okay…? I’m right here…”




After what felt like an hour, the delivery of a shiny, pearl-like egg was a success. Both Bakugou and Deathfire reduced to exhaustion. Despite the exhaustion, Bakugou let out a small chuckle and patted his hand on the thick crimson scales, smiling proudly.

“Good job Deathfire, my big girl..” He happily praised, earning a small purr and a gentle lick to the cheek, making the blonde chuckle even more.

“Lookit you, a mother fucking mother of a little trouble maker. I wonder what it’s gonna be in all honesty. Jesus, this ain’t even my kid and I feel like a proud as fuck dad. How much you wanna bet that Ashfur is gonna have a field day when he finds out?” Bakugou let out a loud laugh at the thought of the albino dragon flying out and about in the crisp blue sky and letting out his roars to celebrate his happiness of being a father of one baby dragon. “That albino fucker is gonna be so happy.”

Deathfire let out a small whine and licked Bakugou’s cheek once more and it only made the king grow wide smile.

Seems like the dream was only a weight that he could easily drop off his shoulders. For now, happiness comes from what the present can offer to you and make you look forward to the future, and to Bakugou, he was looking forward to what sort of future he could have with Izuku, and what kind of dragon Ashfur and Deathfire had created together. It seemed like things were beginning to look up, along with the population of dragons.

In the beginning, dragons were terrified of the thought of repopulation, for they were reducing in numbers. But once Deathfire took him in, he found the emotional motivation to convince the dragons that repopulation was always a good option once he lead them to a good breeding ground. Where he lived in, was a dangerous area, but both him and his new family of dragons found it to be a perfect place to live and an even perfect place to start regrowing the population. There was no limitation of how many children a family was supposed to have, for Bakugou never held any laws on the dragons. Bakugou understood that they were creatures who held emotions, and had their own rights to do whatever they please, so long as they don’t intentionally wreak havoc upon the human population unless it was out of self defense.

Now that his mother dragon was having a baby that will be hatching in a few months, it was as if the sight of the pearly egg was giving him a sense of hope that he could create happiness, just like how his dragons could form an egg to start a new life.

His peaceful thoughts were interrupted when he felt Deathfire’s snout nudge Bakugou a little, and he chuckled, taking it as a sign that she wanted more of the king’s praise, which he gladly gave.

“’re so lucky girl,” he began, looking into her bright amber eyes and stroking the yellow underside of her chin. “You actually have someone you love by your side, and you’re pretty much mates for life now that you have a little baby on the way.”

Bakugou blinked when Deathfire let out a small rumbling sound and he sighed heavily, beginning to pace a bit as he ranted.

“Yeah yeah, I know I know. I should tell him. But what the hell am I supposed to say!? I can’t just go up to him and be like ‘Oh hey! I’m Katsuki Bakugou! The guy you once saved! By the way, I’m fucking in love with you and I want to marry your nerdy ass and for you to be my goddamn queen!’ Ugghhh!!”

The king groaned and rubbed his eyes stressfully before sighing.

“I don’t know’s just so difficult. I wanna tell him so fucking badly, but I can’t. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be meaningful to me. Ya know? Like, I want him to remember me on his own, otherwise it would be pointless! Then he wouldn’t find the time of day to even want to get to know me!”

Another small rumble mixed with a tiny whine and Bakugou looked back towards the road that led to his house.

“...yeah...I know. Leviathan would not be happy at the fact that I brought him back, after the many times I’ve voiced my thoughts about human...but you don’t get it...he’s different...he’s…” Bakugou found himself smiling a bit and collapsing upon the scaly side that belonged to Deathfire. “...he’s something else…” He softly swooned, earning an eye roll from said dragon and a couple tiny huffs, as if voicing her small hints of laughter.

It was then she realized how smitten her king was towards a human, a race he so greatly despised, and it gave her this wonder if maybe this boy her king was actually swooning over, was different as he so claimed. She’ll definitely meet him soon, if not, then mother instincts over her dragonesque baby were definitely going to take over.

“Well, you better get back to the nesting grounds, better keep this little guy in a nest.”

Bakugou heard Deathfire’s small rumble of concern before gently resting his small hand on her snout once again.

“Don’t worry, I’ll have Ashfur cover for you until you can get back up on your feet again, okay? For now, you just worry about your baby.”

Bakugou could tell that what Deathfire said next was “But you’re my baby”, and it only made him chuckle a bit.

“I know, but you don’t have to put your focus on me so much, you have your own family now, so go on ahead and focus on that as much as you need to.”

A few exchanges of encouraging words later, and Bakugou was waving off his crimson dragon, who flew towards the nesting grounds with the pearly white egg in the sharp talons of her feet. Once he was sure that Deathfire made it back to the grounds safely, he started making his way back to his own home, finally reaching to said place when the sun was beginning to rise.

Instead of waking up Izuku for the day, he instead collapsed upon his knees, laid his head upon his strong arms and fell back to sleep, much like he did an hour before waking up from his nightmare that he had long forgotten.

Chapter Text

A week can fly by rather quickly, and before Bakugou knew it, he discovered that Izuku’s wounds were healing faster than he expected. Especially for such a big gash that could last for a year or longer. With the medicine he gave him when he first arrived, the gash could close up within a month or two. For now though, what mattered is if Izuku could even stand on his feet or not.

“Can you stand?” He asked, watching Izuku’s feet slowly land on the floor, noting how small and dainty his toes were.

When the page was about to fully stand, he had his arms held up and ready, just incase Izuku was about to fall again, like when he did on the third day of his stay. Despite earning a bruise on his back, it was what Bakugou considered to be a blessed moment. For when Izuku fell against him, he could smell the sweet scent of the male’s bouncy floofs and his fingers curled around what felt to be a slight curve of his waist. There was no way in hell he was going to forget that flowery smell, or the little sneak peak of Izuku’s body shape.

“Y-Yeah, I think I can stand,” Izuku stuttered, a little nervous to be attempting to stand again, since he didn’t want to fall again.

When he fell, it caused both of them to tumble back, and Izuku heard the sound of Bakugou’s groan of pain when his back hit harshly against the stone wall. What he didn’t know, was that the moment was redeemed when the king smelled the others hair, nor did he find it unusual when he felt Bakugou’s hands on his waist for an extended amount of time. To their surprise, Izuku was standing like normal, and it brought much excitement to Izuku who smiled brightly at the progress of his recovery. Meanwhile, Bakugou blushed at the smile and quickly turned away, his hand clenching his chest once again and wondering if the holy figure above was testing him.

‘I swear to the Lord if God is testing me, then he is making this difficult for me and my goddamn libido…’ Bakugou mentally growled.

“Well..glad you could would be a shame if you couldn’t..then again...I wouldn’t mind carrying you throughout my’d be good practice to carry my future bride…”

“Huh? What? Did you say something Kacchan?”

That damn nickname toned the embarrassment up several notches as Bakugou’s entire face exploded in a heavy dose of red.

“I said I’m damn happy you’re walking!! Wouldn’t want to carry your dumb ass all over the damn place!! You would be a fucking dead weight!!”

Which was a lie.

When Bakugou carried Izuku back to Deathfire when he met his unconscious male again, he was light as a feather to him.

“Oh well, now that I can walk again, do you think you can show me where I can take a bath? Sitting on my butt in your bed and letting blood soak in me is not good for me, and it’s driving me crazy.” Izuku politely asked with a small smile.

At that moment, Bakugou’s eyes widened at the question, and his mind repeated one word: “Bath”.

‘He wants to take a bath, he wants to take a bath, he wants to take a mother fucking bath, holy fucking shit..this could mean….’

A wide smirk grew widely on his lips as he gripped his fist into a tight ball and a small tear twinkled in the corner of his eye. If he didn’t believe in God before, he certainly did now. Because this day was definitely a blessed day for the great savage king of dragons.

‘What in the hell did I do to earn this?’ He happily asked to himself, quickly looking back to Izuku and clearing his throat.

“Well, yeah, I can show you where I usually bathe, but the water might be a little too hot for you to handle~ Think you can handle it~?” Bakugou asked with a cocky smirk on his lips, watching the other smile more and happily nod. “Good, lemme lead you the way.”

While it wasn’t anything big or extravagant, it was certainly fit for a king’s standards. The stone walls surrounded the circle that steamed with hot water, and the rocks were nicely decorated with strings of dinosaur teeth, beads and small jewels, while the walls were coated with curtains of animal skins. It honestly made Izuku wonder how many animals Bakugou skinned just to decorate his walls. The plant life was a nice touch though.

“…” Izuku started, awkwardly, his fingers twiddling together. “How do you..usually bathe…?”

“I just strip and get in,” Bakugou answered, sighing heavily when he removed the cape from his shoulders to reveal his toned back muscles that were accompanied by the strong arms. When he reached for his pants, Izuku quickly turned away out of embarrassment, wanting to at least be polite and give the king his privacy. One little peek, and Izuku was watching Bakugou step down into the tub, letting out a drawled groan of ecstasy from the heat removing the tension in his muscles and any other stress that had been placed on his body.

The fact that Izuku was going to be bathing with another person, much less another man, embarrassed him.

He was used to bathing by himself, in his own bathroom, considering how he grew up with his mother and they would take turns bathing. But this was completely different.

Bakugou on the other hand, was excited for this moment.

Main reason for it being he’ll get the honor of seeing his future queen in the bare flesh. He’ll get the chance to memorize the shade of his skin, kill off his curiosity by finding out where that curve came from when he wrapped his fingers around his waist a couple days ago, and maybe see if other parts of his body held freckles or beauty marks that he could later kiss in his fantasies. Not only that, but it would even give him a wonderful realistic visual of future wet dreams that he would always have difficulties keeping track of when he would pleasure himself on certain nights.

He turned over his shoulder, wondering what was taking Izuku so long, only to be left speechless and flabbergasted at the way Izuku’s shirt slid down to reveal those smooth, delicate shoulders.


5 freckles were found on one shoulder, and 3 on the other.

There also appeared to be some sort of a birthmark on the back of his neck, but it was very well hidden behind the tousle of messy hair.

Bakugou quickly turned his attention away from the sight, his face a cherry red and his shoulders holding the same shade; questioning whether or not he was actually ready for this.

‘Oh my god oh my god oh my god, he’s taking off his clothes, he’s taking everything off, it’s only been a week shouldn’t we take this slow!?’

His mind now scrambled and malfunctioning. So many perverted thoughts ran through his mind with scenarios of how he could take the page right then and there. But then, there were scenarios of how they could share their first kiss, how Bakugou would hold the other close in his arms and silently enjoy the hot water under the moon and stars.

Okay, Bakugou will embarrassingly admit that he did have a bit of an overactive imagination when it came to Izuku, but he just couldn’t help it. There was so much emotion in regards to the page that he just didn’t know how else to release such feelings, and it was even more difficult for him to contain them when Izuku doesn’t even remember jack shit and they are just starting out in growing a friendzone that the king knew it was going to be even more difficult to overcome. But hopefully, with a little perseverance, he’ll get over that zone like a hurdle no problem.

“Sorry for taking so long…”

Okay, now God was really testing him.

Bakugou had to try his hardest to not make it obvious that he was scanning all over his body, as Izuku stood in a rather awkward pose with a bright red blush on his face. His one hand covering his private area while his legs were kept bent towards each other. The king could understand why Izuku would be embarrassed, considering the situation, but it made him wonder why, since they were both men and had the same sort of tool between the legs.

Either way, Izuku looked cute as shit standing such a way in all his naked glory, and it made Bakugou turn his back towards the male to cover up the small dribble of blood coming down his nose.

‘Dear Lord, if I ever get an erection from looking at the sight of this angel, then strike me with your lightening.’ The king mentally prayed, quickly wiping his nose and turning back to the other, who was shoulder deep in the water and smiling in relaxation. Seems like the hot water wasn’t effecting him as badly as Bakugou had dreaded, and that brought relief.

It was awkward for quite a long time, until Bakugou decided to start conversation. The silence was killing him.

“So..what happened..? Why were you injured to the point of limping?”

“Uh..well,” Izuku hesitated for a moment. “I was kinda given a job to retrieve items from a thief.”

“You fucking dumbass, you should’ve let someone else take care of that!”

“How else am I going to be like the greatest knight of all time!?”

“All that just to prove yourself that you could be like that damn knight All-Might!?”

“In a way, yes!”

“That’s stupid!”

“You’re stupid!”

“You’re the one who’s stupid!”

Where in the hell was this conversation even going? Bakugou really didn’t know, but he needed to end it, and end it now.

“Nevermind..forget I asked,” Bakugou growled, turning his head away and keeping his eyes focused on the stones his arm rested upon.

So starting a conversation did not work out as he had hoped, but at least he made an effort. But why was human interaction so difficult? It should be like talking to dragons right? So why? Why was it so hard to just..get closer to someone just for asking a simple question? Maybe it was the way he talked, or the words he would say. Or maybe he just no longer understood humans after the many years of living with dragons. Either way, Bakugou knew he was never going to get closer to Izuku at this rate.

….and probably never.


The rest of bath time was quiet, and Bakugou had stepped out 5 minutes after to check on his dragons. Especially Deathfire, who recently gave birth to a beautiful pearly egg. Even though it had only been a couple days, it felt like he hadn’t seen her in a while, and maybe it was because he had a special attachment to Deathfire.


Bakugou froze at the voice that called to him in such a soft and meek voice. Yet he didn’t turn to Izuku ---- embarrassed at himself for causing such a ruckus when their first bath together was supposed to be calming, relaxing..and perfect.


“Where are you going?”

“Oh, I was just going to check the dragons in the breeding grounds.”

“Wait, there’s a breeding grounds here?”

Bakugou turned to Izuku curiously and slowly nodded.

“Uh, yeah, of course there is.”

“...can I see?” Izuku asked, slowly growing a tiny smile as he wrapped a towel around his waist. “I would love to see the babies…”

Chapter Text

So maybe the bath didn’t go as he usually imagined his first bath with Izuku, but at least he got to see him naked. Now that was an image the king was never going to let go for a long while, in fact, it was most likely going to be some good imaginary material for a good solid year. Now if only he had the charm of a prince and the seduction of a serpent to pull off one of his sexual fantasies. However, the moment wasn’t particularly the time to be thinking about his first sexual time with Izuku, what’s more important, is showing Izuku the babies in the nesting grounds, which was at least an hour or so away from where his home stood, and since it was going to be Izuku’s first time seeing Deathfire, Ashfur, Levithan, and several other dragons, he knew he’ll have to be ready for whatever happens. Considering that the page was a human, the race Bakugou had encouraged the dragons to despise. Just to be safe, he kept his dagger by his side; giving it a pat to reassure its security.

Okay, Bakugou will admit that a few mistakes were made that were sure to bite him in the ass later in the future now that he thought about it. But how in the hell was he supposed to know that he would later run into Izuku again? Especially when a circumstance was there as his excuse to keep him around in hopes he’d fall in love with him, just as badly as the king had fallen for the other.

The blonde quickly shook the thoughts out of his head and was about to wrap his cape around his neck, before stopping and looking over his shoulder to Izuku who had finished getting dressed and was waiting outside for the king to finish. He thought about the temperature that was sure to drop once they get to a certain distance from the ground, so instead, he draped the mantel over his arm and pulled his trousers up completely with his free hand before stepping outside and taking the time to admire the other from a fair distance.

Izuku was simply staring up at the sky that held it’s beautiful bright blue with a smile that held wonder. He looked to be at peace despite the situation he was in, and the injury that would take a good couple months to completely heal.

How could he stay calm like this? Isn’t he scared? Bakugou wondered, confused of the page.

Despite his confusion, he found his willingness to adapt, beautiful, he found the way the wind would gently brush through his hair, graceful, and that smile...that tiny smile of wonder…..


He cleared his throat to waver the thoughts in his head, and to get Izuku’s attention as he stood next to said male; noting how different they were in height. Izuku seemed to be at least a few centimeters shorter than him.

A perfect height for picking him up and tossing him up to the heavens only to be caught back into strong arms with laughter helping the big smiles they would have on their faces.

But was now the time to be daydreaming? No. Not in the slightest. What was more important, was granting Izuku’s request of seeing the whelps and fledglings who were either nesting and enjoying the warmth from their birth mothers, or running around and happily playing a game called “chase the tail”. It was a game most young dragons played before reaching the end of their adolescence, where they are then brought up into a ceremony. A ceremony of the dragons earning their names and becoming apart of the kings rebellion.

“You might want to cover your ears,” he warned, red eyes glancing to confused green.

Izuku was confused, but silently obeyed. He watched Bakugou take two slow, deep breaths, before slowly opening his lips to let in a big gulp of air and releasing it all into a loud scream whose vocal chords had morphed into a roar of a dragon.

The page watched in shock at the sight of the dozens of birds from trees that were several feet away from them fly away from the branches they sat on, how the air felt like it was vibrating, and the powerful stance Bakugou held as if he was asserting dominance in his territory. When Bakugou’s lips snapped shut, Izuku slowly but surely removed his hands from his ears, and was still left in shock to hear the roar was still echoing through the vast land that held dangerous, but inactive, volcanic mountains, rocky paths, small yet deep lakes, thick forests and more. Izuku figured that the wavelength of Bakugou’s mighty roar would be stopped or reduced with all the thick trees they were both standing over with the steep cliff, but he was left in a state of shock once again to hear another roar in the far distance; a signal that a dragon had heard Bakugou’s call.

“...How did you do that?” Izuku asked, looking over towards Bakugou; still in shock of all that just happened.

“Huh? Oh, I’ve kinda always been able to do that.”

“You can turn your screams into a dragon roar?”

“Well….I mean….kinda…”

“That’ cool!!”

Bakugou grew a bright shade of red at the praise and began to nervously rub his neck. Being praised by Izuku, and impressing him, instantly made him feel as if he was walking on air and laying on the fluffiest cloud 9.

“A-Aw come on’s not all that cool..” Bakugou sputtered out, trying to cover his nervous smile with a shaky cocky one. He didn’t really want to show Izuku that he was practically weak in the knees for the other. Instead, he thought about what else to show off that could earn more of Izuku’s praise, like maybe, showing off his strength..but then again, that sounded stupid. The hell is this? A cliche spring break movie? Hell no, this is the fuckin fantasy/medieval age dammit.

“Of course it is! I never knew you had such raw talent of morphing your voice as a way to communicate to the dragons!”

“Well..there are reasons on why I have that..uh..’talent’, and it mainly involves my family...but we’ll talk about that some other time alright?” A small side grin grew on Bakugou’s lips as he looked to Izuku. “For now, you just wanna see the babies right?”

“Yeah!” Izuku happily said, smiling his brightest smile out of pure excitement, which made a cupid’s arrow shoot through Bakugou’s heart out of shock of how cute that freckled smile was.

Bakugou continued to stare in a small daze, cheeks a tickle pink and mind now up in the fluffiest clouds known to heaven as the angel’s sung their beautiful choir. Because god fucking dammit..that smile, and the excitement he had was beyond cute than what the king thought he could take.

“My god your smile is like an angel…” Bakugou murmured, earning a confused look from Izuku.

“Ah! I mean, my god you’re like a child! Excited over everything!” The blonde quickly fixed, crossing his arms and grinning to find Yurick flying over towards the cliff spot.

Yurick was a proud dragon. For Yurick was a dragon who was a natural born protector of the mother’s who rested in the nesting grounds. His black scales and threatening red eyes could shake any man to the core, and the sharp talons and teeth could rip any strong meat into shreds if he so wished. Bakugou also took the liberty in sharpening the points of his curled horns, mainly to make him more threatening in a convenient way. Yurick was a dragon known for keeping peace between the mother’s if they were to get into a scuttle, and will never hesitate to smack a dragon silly with his tail if a mother decided to eat another’s baby. To Bakugou, it made him proud of Yurick and himself for the job he was given and how loyal he was to it. It had only been 5 years and Yurick was still going strong and well.

“Ahh Yurick…” Bakugou gently cooed, holding the male dragon’s muzzle and pressing his forehead to the black scales; smiling at the slow rumbling purrs. “Have you been good? I hope your wife and whelp are doing alright…”

Another small purr and Bakugou was chuckling a bit.

“Aww...good boy...good boy…”

Izuku watched in amazement at the sight of the “savage” king be so gentle and kind to his dragons. It was a sight that he wished other people could see, and it only brought further questions on why Bakugou was banished to such an environment he was living in now.

“Alright..Yurick, I want you to take me, and Deku here to the nests. Deku wants to see the babies.”

A small rumble, that sounded like a deep breath of concern filled Bakugou’s ears and it only made the king chortle and pat the black scales.

“Don’t worry, he’s not gonna hurt anyone. He’s too weak for that shit.”

A few moments of silence before Yurick laid himself out on his stomach, his four legs kept flat on the ground.

“Here..” Bakugou said, wrapping his cape around Izuku. “It might be a little chilly when we get high in the sky. So you might need this.”


Helping Izuku up Yurick’s back and holding his hand, made Bakugou want to never let go. He was holding his hand while Izuku was conscious, and while it can be seen as just a pulley to help the person up, Bakugou saw it as an excuse to just hold his hand. His small, soft hand.

“Alright..hold on tight..”

Feeling Izuku’s arms wrap around Bakugou’s waist brought a heavy shiver up and down his back, and by god he wanted to just turn around and kiss the lips off the other. But he quickly found the restraint to not do such and cleared his throat; his hand gently patting the scales of Yurick.

“We’re good Yurick, let’s go.”

As Yurick began to take off into the sky, Izuku let out a yelp and clung himself onto Bakugou; pulling much closer to the king’s stronger back with his face hidden within the smooth skin of his shoulder blade. That single little yelp, and the clinginess made Bakugou smile in a daze and his cheeks to turn a small shade of cherry red. Being held in such a way was like being held by a scared little kitten. What made the situation better for the king’s benefit, was that he had an excuse to rest his hand on top of the one’s holding his waist and confidently giving the page his words of comfort. The flight up in the sky was definitely going to take some getting used to, but he reassured Izuku that once they are flying, he’ll see a beautiful sight.

Was he wrong?

Hell no he wasn’t.

In fact, he grew proud in himself to hear Izuku gasp softly when he found Bakugou to be right.

“Oh’s so beautiful up here!” Izuku excitedly said, not seeing the small, dazed smile Bakugou still had stretched on his lips.


Izuku might’ve thought Bakugou was referring to the view down below, but to Bakugou, he was referring to the page, who held him so close and so tightly.

The fly to the nesting grounds was a comforting silent one, and Bakugou was once again left in a happy daze when Izuku clung to him as they landed.

“Ha ha, seems like I’m gonna have to get you used to dragon flights.”

“Sh-shut up! I’ve never flown a dragon before!”

“Well, now ya have.”

Izuku blinked and his eyes widen in realization as a smile grew on his lips.

“’re right!! I did!”

Bakugou bursted into laughter at Izuku’s excitement and shook his head. This boy was something else, and the fact that he was actually excited about seeing and flying a real dragon, made Bakugou feel as if he was falling for him all over again. Accepting the dragons, was like accepting the king as a living being, and that was certainly an attribute that Bakugou was sure the dragons would love. It had been so long since anyone from society has accepted them, so seeing Izuku, would give the dragons a saving grace.

“Come on, let’s follow Yurick, he’ll show us the way to where they’re nesting.”

“Eh? I figured that you’d have to follow a simple path to get to them.” Izuku said as he followed Bakugou through the trek.

“Yeah well, we like to make extra precautions. Considering how society doesn’t really like us very much. So we had the nesting and breeding grounds hidden so no one can find them. But then again, walking to both grounds on foot takes about a day, maybe a day and a half if you stop for the night.”

“Wait, so you have a nesting and breeding ground? What goes on in the breeding ground?”

Bakugou stayed silent before turning his head over his shoulder towards Izuku.

“I don’t think you wanna know what my job is in the breeding grounds.”

Several different maneuvers and a piss break later, and they finally reached to the hidden nesting ground, where Izuku was shocked to find all sorts of dragons ranging from shapes, sizes, and colors. But what shocked him even more was actually seeing the small whelps curled into a ball and nuzzled against their birth mother’s soft stomach’s; sleeping peacefully and breathing evenly. Izuku covered his lips and let in an involuntary gasp. Seeing those small dragons, made him want to just let out some kind of noise to express his current excitement and overjoy, but he remembered that they were sleeping, and he really didn’t want to awaken the sweet little babies who were only trying to catch a few z’s to live in their peaceful dreams. His hands soon moved to the center of his chest and he couldn’t help but smile at the sight before him.

It was just..oozing with cuteness.

“Oh wow...they’re so tiny…” He commented, earning a small chuckle.

“Yeah well, that’s because a few of them had just recently hatched,” Bakugou explained, looking over towards the familiar crimson dragon, and growing a small smile.

Deathfire was currently curled up around her egg, finding comfort in protecting her young and with Ashfur by her side as his head was resting upon the crook of her neck. It oddly enough took the king back to when Ashfur was only a little dragon who brought him a basket to place his goods in to deliver to Izuku. And now look at him, a fully grown dragon who now stood to at least 50 feet.

It made Bakugou wonder if Ashfur would be the next leader of the dragons, since Leviathan was coming to his age much faster than expected. But that will have to come later when Levithan is dead and properly buried.

Speaking of Leviathan, Bakugou noticed how the bright teal dragon wasn’t around, and that brought much relief to him.

Leviathan was never fond of humans. When Bakugou was a young boy, he was introduced with coldness when Deathfire had taken him in, and from then on, it somewhat became a battle for who was the true leader of the dragons. Until it was from then on decided that they would rule over the dragons equally. Yes, Leviathan was certainly a hard dragon to get along with, considering his history with humans. But the king knew it was better to introduce Izuku to Leviathan later. Who knows what he would do if he met the page too early.

The use of bringing a dagger was rendered to be a pointless item to bring, but then again, there could be other dragons who will instantly not trust Izuku right off the bat, and instead mistake him for food.

Bakugou never liked pulling his dagger on any of his dragons, but he’ll only use it as a threat when it was truly needed.


The king snapped out of his thoughts by the call of his nickname and turned his attention to Izuku, who was staring with worry.

“Is something wrong?”

Bakugou took a moment to clear his head before sighing.

“No, I just blanked out for a second…I’m fine.”

While lying to Izuku was not the right way to keep him at bay, it hurts to admit that he didn’t fully trust him. How could he when it has only been a week? A full of week does not make up for all the years he spent in solitude, with no one but dragons to keep the company to keep insanity away from your mind. While his dragon family loved him to pieces, it wasn’t the same.

In fact, it never was the same.

It wasn’t the same as getting the warm hugs from his loving mother, the good night kisses before bed, or the hair tossels from his father who would be proud of whatever accomplishment he made.

Living with dragons, was never the same, as living with loving….human parents.

“’re blanking out again.”

“Ah, sorry. Let me show you the fledglings. They should be up and about right now.”

Bakugou began to lead Izuku to where the fledglings were kept, and he grew a small hint of a smile as he watched the excitement glow on the Izuku’s face once again.

The environment was perfect for the mother’s and fledglings to move around in, for it held lots of greenery and fresh meat, a water hole that gave a home for the water dragons and hydration, plenty of thick trees to hide and places to sleep. Izuku found his breath taken at the beautiful sight before him, and was even more stoked to find the fledglings squealing out their roars and running around, trying to bite upon a tail that had a string of pink feathers.

“Huh? What are the feathers for?” Izuku asked.

“That’s to help determine the gender. Plus, it’s a good exercise for the kiddos to grow strong. Just be careful, they can get easily excited.”

Welp, that was too late.

For the king found himself suddenly attacked by a small hoard of baby dragons, and he couldn’t help but laugh loudly as he fell to the floor and squirmed at the feeling of their snouts sniffing all over him. But their attention was then put to Izuku, who he let out a tiny squeal at one dragon sniffing on him. In that instant, the small hoard of dragons rushed to the page, making him excitedly squirm and laugh loudly. They tickled him with their sniffling, and they made him grow ever so excited when a couple licked his hand.

“Ahh~!! Kacchan~!! Get them off~!! Hahahaha!! Please~!! Hahahaha~!!”

Izuku continued to laugh until his cheeks were tickled with pink, and it made Bakugou smile fondly at the sight before him.

He was worried that the babies were already hunters of humans, but it seems like their mothers hasn’t taught them anything yet. Which made him more glad that they were invested in the new human he brought with him.

“Alright alright...that’s enough..” He gently cooed, breaking up the small hoard and petting a boy on the head. “He’s new, so be nice..okay?”

A small bit of laughter his pale ears picked up, and he stared in a daze as he watched Izuku happily laugh at a female giving his freckled cheek a sweet lick.

“’re so sweet!” Izuku happily squealed, pressing his forehead to the small dragon while earning a tiny squak.

Bakugou only continued to stare, his thoughts traveling to when Izuku showed him that very ounce of kindness, and selflessness. To the king, he truly was a beautiful soul, that he was lucky to have come across again.

“’re so beautiful when you’re kind….” Bakugou gently said in a soft whisper, as if saying those words, held weight to him that he refused to release from his hold.

Izuku, meant everything. Even the cost of his own life, he would gladly trade just so Izuku could continue on to make things such as life better. If Bakugou were to die by Izuku’s hands, he would gladly accept it. For no one else held such worth to do so, than Izuku who was smiling so happily despite living in such a scary situation, such as standing next to the savage himself.

“ can you be this beautiful…?”

It more or less felt as if he was asking such a question to himself more than Izuku, but Bakugou knew he wasn’t beautiful. In fact, he was a hideous beast. A savage, hideous beast with blood stained on his hands, and his head filling with regrets, doubts, and faults. Every day, he felt that his parents...burning in that house fire, was all his fault.

If only he didn’t exist, then the savage villagers wouldn’t have taken their liberty to set the fire ablaze, and his parents would’ve lived life peacefully until the bloodline officially became no more.

Every day, he regretted never telling his parents how much he loved them before leaving to get that bucket of water they asked for. He thought it would be a simple and quick errand for his mother was planning on making potato soup that evening for supper.

Every day, he doubted that Izuku would even love him in return, and would turn his back on him once he sees how much of a monster he really was.

Yes, Bakugou had an ego. Quite a big ego even. But it never gave him any ounce of heavy weight like his past and current broken morality.

“.....promise me you’ll stay…..” He whispered, feeling his throat grow tight and his body becoming weak, yet he quickly willed away any form of growing tears.

“Promise me..” He repeated, not noticing one of the females coming up to Bakugou’s side and gently rubbing her head upon his side, to get his mind back down to earth, which seemingly worked.

The king quickly looked over and gave the fledgling a small smile and a gentle pet to the scaly head.

“I’m alright girl…” He choked out, biting his lip in anger a second after; angry at himself for letting his voice sound weak.

He didn’t say anything when he left to delve deep into the thick trees. He didn’t let Izuku know he needed to be alone, for he didn’t want to bother the page when he was playing “chase the tail” with the fledglings. He instead found a good place where the sun radiated down on a stump, where a tree once stood and took a seat upon the broken plant. He sat in silence, letting his hands move on their own, as if wanting him admire the past, his hopes, his dreams, and his mistakes.

Bakugou admired the dagger he held in his scabbard and unsheathed the blade. His fingers tracing over the material, that he knew came from the mouth of a dragon. While a sharpened dragon tooth was a typical weapon for a savage to hold, the dagger was a trophy of his acceptance into the family he now had. For Levithan had forced Bakugou to fight with one of the strong dragons at the tender age of 13, only to get the leader’s approval of his stay. He hated that he had to kill a dragon just to prove himself, but it was the only way Levithan would even allow him to live, which made his relationship with said dragon more strained than it is now.

He put the dragon toothed blade back into its scabbard and slowly looked into his pant pocket where a single folded paper rested.

Opening the paper, revealed to be a photo, of his parents, who smiled with loving and happy eyes while the childish Bakugou Katuski stuck his tongue out and looking ridiculous.

He remembered his mother scolding him but his father laughing about it that day. He remembered the laughter and joy he felt just being picked up and held close to by his mother. He remembered the bedtime stories his father would tell him on the history of their bloodline and why it was very important. It made him choke out a chuckle remembering how boring it was for him to listen to such a thing over and over, that it easily put him to sleep. But that day……...when he was supposed to be happily spending his 10th year…...was a day where he now dreaded for his birthday.

Birthdays were meant to be joyus days. But to the king, it was a day of pain, and mourning over regrets.




“Honey, you wouldn’t understand!”


“What wouldn’t I understand mom!? I’m old and mature enough to know about why we’re so outcasted here! Why I can’t even make friends! Why we can’t be normal just like everyone else!”


“We’re a danger to society Katsuki!!”


“No we’re not!! They’re a danger to society not us!! They’re the ones who decide to mistreat us when we’ve done nothing wrong!!”


“Katsuki, I’m sorry, but you’re too young to understand the way things are.”




With a flash of anger and a hint of red pooling into his sights he stormed himself out of his home, knowing it would be best to distract himself until he cooled down. Which gave him the excuse to get himself that bucket of water just to help his mother cook supper. Instead of candles being lit to which he would blow them out as an official sign that he had turned 10 years old, he instead came home to find his entire home was lit with roaring flames. One in which he knew his small lips would never be able to blow out to finalize his turning of age.


The screams haunted his ears.


All of it, remained trapped in his mind, to remind himself that everything was all his fault.


If only….oh if only…


He was never born into this horrible world.



“I’m sorry mom…” He gently said to the photo, letting a single tear roll down his cheek as his pale thumbs lightly crushed the sides he was holding. “...I’m sorry dad…….I’m sorry I never got the chance to say ‘I’m sorry..and that I love you.’ much….I’m sorry for being a bad kid…..I’m sorry for...everything…..”

He was startled to find that same female fledgling had stuck around and followed him, letting out a weakened squak as if voicing her concern.

Though he wasn’t expecting the small dragon to follow, he was grateful that she came. And was even more grateful that Izuku wasn’t in the spot, seeing him in such a weakened state.

Red eyes watched the female gently rest her head upon his lap and simply purr; closing her emerald eyes and enjoying the soft pets Bakugou was giving her. He stayed silent. Only letting more than one heavy tear fall down from his cheeks and not letting the emotions on his face show. Instead, he kept himself blank, much like he was trying to do with his mind.


Blanken everything.

Blank the thoughts. Blank the memories. Blank the current pain and just let it out.

Blank it all….

So Deku doesn’t see.

Chapter Text

The trip back home was silent, but it wasn’t the comfortable silence both boys once felt on the way to the nesting grounds. It felt more or less awkward...for Izuku anyways. He couldn’t help but notice that there was definitely something wrong with Bakugou, who barely uttered a single word after later finding him curled into the warmth of Deathfire, who was licking the exploded tuft of blonde hair, as if she was comforting him. He remembered seeing the redness under his eyes, and the very faint stains on his cheeks as the king slept peacefully; unaware of the page’s growing concern. He remembered staring up at Deathfire, who more or less looked worried herself, and he remembered getting a tiny lick to the cheek from her, which he instantly took as a sign of her acceptance.

And now, here they were, silently riding Yurick back home. It was getting close to sundown, and the temperatures were dropping, to which, Izuku held the cape closer to him to keep warm.

Izuku wanted to say something….


Anything that could maybe start a light hearted conversation and make things feel nice and comfortable again. But his mind was blank when it came to silence such as this, where one wasn’t sure if it was appropriate to even start a conversation or not.

And yet, he felt he needed to say anything that would break this silence and ease the tension.


No answer from the other, and it made Izuku grow more worried.

“Yeah?” Bakugou replied a second later, his voice a little low, but still loud enough to hear through the soft whispering wind that rushed passed them in smooth yet thick waves.

“I..I’m hungry…”

Izuku wanted to smack himself for even stating his current hunger. Sure he wanted to say anything, but anything else would’ve been better than that!

The page found his cheeks growing very warm once he heard Bakugou let out a small chuckle, which brought some form of relief. He was worried for the king, but he supposed that the problem was already resolved and there was nothing else to worry about it.

“You’re hopeless, ya know that Deku?”

“H-Hey! Shut up!”

“Ha ha ha ha ha! I’ll getcha some food alright? Ya just gotta sit tight, since I have to go to the local market. We kind of ran out of some stuff to eat,” Bakugou explained, looking over towards Izuku with a tiny grin. “Think you can look over the house?”

“O-Of course!”

“Heh, good. I’m counting on you to not fuck shit up.”

“Y-Yes your highness!”

Bakugou stood still for a moment before bursting into a fit of laughter. Even Izuku was surprised to feel Yurick let out a few huffs himself to voice his laughter.

“Wow, never had someone call me ‘your highness’ before,” Bakugou looked back out towards the sky. “But please, just stick to calling me Kacchan okay?”

“Uh..yes your- I mean...Kacchan..”

The king wanted….no….needed to be called by such a name. Sure it was embarrassing, but it was embarrassing in a good way. It brought this closeness he never felt towards anyone other than his parents, and in a way, it felt affectionate. That single nickname, was something he will forever grasp onto tightly and never let go. Even if he was being pulled down into the very pits of hell, that name that was given to him by Izuku and Izuku only, was his ray of heavenly light that he was willing to sink his claws into the burning brimstone, just to get a good glimpse of the golden gates, and to feel the soft, angelic feathers that will forever stay pure white on Izuku’s back.

Bakugou remembered hearing the priest from the town’s church speak about angels, and how there were angels watching over those who need protecting, angels who are born into the world to bring good will if there were any signs of humanity becoming rotten with sin...for the good lord knew what was best for his children.

Even if Izuku never knew it, Bakugou felt as if he found the angel that the priest in his town would always talk about. The very angel who would bring good will to others, the angel who wishes to watch over those that needed protecting. Even if that were to be such a case, the king wanted Izuku to rely on him for protection instead. He wanted Izuku to rely on him for anything, and to never worry of being tainted by sin.

Come hell or high water….Bakugou would willingly do anything, just to be praised by the page that sat right behind him. To feel the sweet and soft hand brush through his blonde hair, to hear his lips smile out the beautiful praises, to see the glow of pink dust over his freckled cheeks, and to taste the sweetness of the other if they were to ever reach the point of connecting bodies and passionately form into one soul until the day they exhale their final breath.

For he loved the thought of being loved by him.

It didn’t take long for both boys to reach back to the king’s home. With a gentle goodbye and a sweet scratch under the soft neck, Yurick made his way back to where he belonged for the time being.

“Alright, so, I need you stay here and wait for me okay? Don’t go anywhere,” Bakugou ordered, as he rushed around his home, slipping into a long, brown robe that reached to his ankles and a hood to cover most of his head and a part of his face. “I’ll try not to be gone for too long.”

Izuku looked in confusion of Bakugou’s attire before growing a frown of concern.

“Uh..Kacchan, why are you wearing something like that to the market? You’re not going to steal are you?”

Bakugou hesitated on his answer. He wanted to tell him the truth. He wanted to tell him how he can’t show his face to the public, or they would most likely keep him in captivity and leave him to rot. He wanted to tell him that stealing was usually his way of doing things.

But maybe tonight can be a special occasion where he’ll buy the food. For Izuku’s sake.

He couldn’t help but feel awful at the thought of the page eating stolen food. It just didn’t sit well with him, in fact, it made his stomach drop at the thought.

“Of course not,” Bakugou said, putting the hood over his head before quickly making his leave.

The market was busy, as it usually was. Even for a late trip, the place was going to be busy. But the king had already seen it all. This was a very familiar trip to him, and it oddly amused him when he would watch someone get easily swindled by placing a rigged bet, or get roped into hearing their fortune on their love life. But even then, Bakugou was a fool to such fortune tellings.

He didn’t know what beckoned him to step up to the fortune teller’s tent. Maybe it was just to give him some form of hope, or to feel humane once he hears anything in regards to love. Whatever the reason, he was interested in what his future had to say.

“Hello there young man. What can I do for you?” The woman politely asked him.

“...I’d like to know something..”

“Oh? What might that something be young man?”

“I’d like to know...what sort of future I have..with someone I love.”

“Someone you love? Do elaborate.”

“Well…...he’s...very special to me...and he’s...the reason I’m still walking on this earth to this simple little sacrifice...was all the change I needed...and I just...don’t know if we even have a future…”

Bakugou knew he should’ve known better than to doubt such a thing. He remembered the thing his mother had taught him:


‘If you want something, keep running for it. Even if you trip and fall and scrape your knee, get over it, get up, and keep running. Don’t stop until you touch that thing’s back. That’s when you know you’ve reached it.’


That sentence kept him going. Maybe it was because his mother had always inspired him as a kid. For the short time he knew his mother, she was a strong, wise, and independent woman who did the things she wanted without letting the world get to her or make her feel regret for it. His dad was the same way, only he was much more calm, and laid back. Normally, he would just let that be his ounce of hope in getting the things he wanted. But at this point...he was getting desperate for any confirmation that this was it. That this was going to be the end result of his future, and how he’ll spend his life with the way things are with Izuku by his side.

“I are desperate to know if the one you love will ever return your feelings. Am I correct?”

“Well...I wouldn’t say desperate,” Bakugou grumbled, his cheeks turning red since he knew the lady was right about the desperate part. “But..yes..I do want to know if my feelings will ever be returned.”

“Well then..let’s have a look shall we?”

The king watched with interest as smoke filled the glass ball. He couldn’t really see anything for a moment, which sort of began to make Bakugou feel a little uneasy, but then his red eyes widened when he found there were two figures standing next to each other. The smoke had cleared, and it was now two individuals shaped by the smoke itself.



“I’re stuck in an unrequited love at the current moment. However...I can very much tell you some good news.”

“Really..? What is it?”

Bakugou’s eyes continued to watch with interest as a circle, that looked like a sun or a moon began to hover downwards.

“Your feelings will be returned during a sunset,” the woman explained, giving the king a tiny smile as she noticed said male’s growing excitement.

“I-I’ll love me back..?”

“ does not say on what day or month or year.”

“I..I’ll happily wait.”

The smoke once again filled the glass ball, and Bakugou leaned back in pure relief. His stomach filling with butterflies and his mind up in the clouds. The sight of the smoky figures cuddling close together as the sun would set over the horizon, was an event he was now looking forward to. All he had to do, was not screw it up.

“Oh dear..”

Bakugou stopped in his thoughts at the sudden grim tone in the woman’s voice and sat back up.

“What..? What’s wrong?”

“...There’s also some bad news.”

“ the bad news..?”

Bakugou’s sharp eyes stared intently at the glass ball once the smoke cleared and saw a third figure and what appeared to be a crowd behind it.

“A third party will later join, proclaiming their love for the one you seek...and in the end...this love affair..will lead you to your demise.”

Bakugou quickly gripped his neck once he watched the third smoky figure slice through the other’s neck with a sword and shot straight out of his chair.

If Izuku were to return his feelings...then it would lead him to his grave? But..but how…? Who could possibly hold romantic feelings for his queen? Who could possibly go so far as to kill him for the sake of Izuku’s heart?

“Are you alright…?” The woman softly asked him.

With a quick slam down on the table that held gold coins underneath his palm, Bakugou quickly rushed out of the tent and stood near a wooden fence; taking the time to catch his breath and to think about what the fortune teller has told him. From what he understood, he was going to get his happiness with Izuku...maybe even go so far as to later have them wed, bind him with a necklace that he made himself a few years ago, and rule over the dragons together. However, if he were to be with Izuku...then….it wouldn’t last very long, much like his parents did, and he would end up leaving Izuku all alone before a life with him could begin.

Bakugou didn’t know how to feel about it all...but it made him want to vomit, knowing that there was going to be another person who will be after the page’s affections.

But who….?

A prince stared out his window with stilled wonder. It had been so long since he left the palace walls, and even longer since he had any form of free time for himself. He felt this..very strong urge to just leave the castle, just for one day. He wanted to see what sort of country, what sort of people, what sort of world he will be ruling over once his father passes away and he takes the crown as the next king.

Being a king wasn’t an ideal future career, for he always found royalty to be tedious. Sure it had perks, but above all, it was boring, and nothing like what many people would expect.

“Master Todoroki,” A maid called through the small rasps of knocks on his door. “Dinner is served.”

“Ah, thank you Ms. Lillian, I’ll be down soon,” Todoroki replied, his mismatched eyes staring back out into the open horizon and relaxing at the feel of the wind giving his skin chilled kisses.

Yes..being a prince was tedious and boring indeed….

Maybe sneaking out for one day..wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all.

Chapter Text

“Eh? We’re going to the market today?” Izuku asked as he watched Bakugou place the same robe as last time on himself curiously.

“Didn’t you go there a couple weeks ago?”

“Yeah, but I didn’t buy enough rations that could last a month, so we’re going back. This time I’m having you come with me.”

Bakugou looked to the other and released a sigh when he noticed the faintest hint of concern cross Izuku’s face. Then again, he would be concerned too if he were to suddenly go back out into public eyes after a month of not regularly being apart of society. With only a second to think, Bakugou took another robe that he had prepared in case Izuku wanted to go out on his own, and wrapped it around said male’s shoulders, clipping the button to keep the fabric secure on the page’s smaller frame.

‘God...he’s so smaller than’s...pretty cute…’ Bakugou thought, his cheeks turning red at the forming image of Izuku’s flushed body, squirming and calling out from under him in an erotic fashion. It took all the self control he had in him to not grow a single inch down below the belt, and he felt such great relief when he was not so close to Izuku after fixing his robe. was that difficult to contain his unholy fantasies on few occasions. But how can he help it when Izuku is in his home, in all his flesh and blood, and acting so cute at the same time?

God really was testing him.

With a quick clear of his throat, he pulled his own cape closer to him to try to hide the bright red that matched his claw-like earrings.

“Alright..are we ready?” He grumbled out, earning a happy nod from Izuku.

And with that, both boys started towards the market area.

“Please be safe on your travels Master Todoroki,” Lillian said, bowing in respects to the young prince who was about to take his leave from his home to see the sights of the market that was not very far from where he lived. He figured that since it wasn’t so far, his father wouldn’t mind if he was gone for a little bit just to see what the lower class had to showcase what they wanted to sell.

“Thank you Ms. Lillian. Please let my father know where I am if he ever asks.”

With that final order, Todoroki hiked up upon his beautiful white stallion and gave it a gentle pet with a soft smile that he will only show to the horse and no one else.

“Let’s go Percy.”

It had only been a month since Izuku last saw a public market area, but it actually felt so good to be back where he once belonged. Though he must admit, it also felt kinda weird, which made Izuku wonder if Bakugou ever felt this way at one point as well whenever he would have to go just to get food. Maybe this was the result of being exiled from humanity for so long, or maybe it was being so used to communicating to dragons that you later soon forget how to talk to humans properly. Whatever it was, it rejuvenated Izuku’s sense of adventure in wanting to explore the feeling of brand newity. Like the great knight once said:


“Follow what’s in your heart and keep your mind open. Explore and grow with each step you take, and never lose sight of what’s most important to you.”


Just this feeling alone brought a shiver up and down the page’s spine, and out of the excitement that he desperately tried to hide, he quickly grabbed ahold of Bakugou’s hand and gave him his biggest smile.

“Hey Kacchan, lets go check out what’s over there!”

Bakugou could’ve sworn his heart was about to explode once he felt the other’s hand grip his own.

‘Marry me….fucking marry me please for the love of all that is holy marry me,’ Bakugou repeated over and over in his head, doing his utmost hardest to contain those words from ever leaving his windpipe.

Why was Izuku always doing this to him? He’ll never know. The king honestly felt as if Izuku was being so cute on purpose, and he wasn’t sure whether he should be pissed off, or just admit to the fact that he was delusional. But who cares if he was delusional or not? He was happy knowing Izuku was happy. It brought some form of relief that he wasn’t trapping Izuku into his life and forcing him to stay, and in a way, it made his heart swell at the fact that Izuku stayed just to revive memories that were long forgotten to the page.

Even if Izuku had forgotten, the king will always remember.


He was finally away from the horrible savage of people who chased him out of his home. Away from all the evil who claimed they were doing what was considered right . The only thing he wasn’t grateful though, was the rain, that poured down heavily on his quivering skin.

It was cold.

The world was dark, and cold.

Now what was he to do? No home to come to, no bed to sleep and to have dreams in, not even food to fill his currently rumbling stomach.

Is there even a point to living at this point?

Should he just sit here and simply wait until he starved to death so he could see his mother and father again in the beautiful afterlife? Or maybe keep struggling with barely any knowledge of survival? Dying of starvation quite honestly sounded much better than being eaten by whatever was out there. As much as he would love to explore into the great beyond of his home, there was no way he could ever leave where he sat. Even if the tree could barely shade him from the cold droplets of rain, he didn’t want to remove himself the proximity of his home. He wanted to be close, and stay close to where his home once stood without having to move, in hopes that maybe all of this...was only a dream.

“Hey..are you alright?”

Red eyes slowly looked up towards the sound of a voice, that was so gentle and so sweet. From where he sat, stood a figure, who held that same red tunic that reached to his ankles. And when he removed the hood from his head, it only revealed his identity of having messy blackish green hair, and big green eyes to match.

“...what’s it to you?” He growled, quickly standing on his shaky feet and taking a step back in case he needed to run. “Are you here to hurt me too?! Ha!?!”

“A-Ah! No! I was only asking if you were alright!”

“Well don’t look down on me! I’m perfectly fine!!”

“But you’re hurt!”

...he actually cared that he was hurt?

“I-It’s nothing!”

“It’s not nothing! A bleeding head is never nothing!”

Before he could even process all that was happening, he found his small body to be wrapped in warmth, and looked to find that same red tunic the other was wearing. It left him in shock, and this strong urge to just let everything out.

“I-I know it’s not much...but this should..hopefully keep you warm...and...maybe this will help too.”

He was caught off guard once more when he felt small and slightly chubby arms wrap around his figure in a tight embrace. was cozy and warm...much like home.

“I-I’m sorry..I gotta go, or my mom is going to be worried..I’ll be back to bring you food okay?”

He could barely get a single word out of what was said, and simply watched the other young boy rush right to where the village was up ahead. His cheeks were burning with red, and his heart was beating out of chest like a mantrum of rhythms. But most importantly, he was letting out a stream of tears. Tears of emotions he could never find the strength to express. Tears of sadness, for his recent loss of parents and becoming an orphan...but they were also tears of happiness. The happiness, coming from the kindness he never thought he would feel with anyone else but his small family.

Society was the savage...not him. But this one person..who saved his life that day...was an exception.


“Come on Kacchan!” Izuku excitedly called as he pulled Bakugou along wherever they went, which of course kind of annoyed the king a little. But his excitement was something that was worth putting up for, no matter how annoying it can get.

“Yeah yeah I’m fuckin comin. And watch your cape, we don’t want it to fall off you.”

He was being dragged along wherever Izuku went, which kind of surprised Bakugou knowing how strong he was. He always saw Izuku with some form of frailness to him, but this was the complete opposite of what he was imagining, and he loved his outrageous fantasies being told wrong. Mainly because he gets to learn something different than what he expected from Izuku everyday, which he supposed was what made him fall for said page in the first place. Izuku always did the complete opposite of what was expected, which would catch anyone who was with him by surprise.

Izuku truly was a gift to behold, and dear lord the king felt blessed to even have him by his side. How did he even get this much luck anyways? He supposed he’ll ask God, or better yet, thanking him, but now was the time to be focusing on the smile that made Izuku’s eyes shine and the excitement in his voice.

“Hey! Let’s check out thi-uh, Kacchan? Are you okay?”

Crap! He was staring too long! Was he giving him that dumb, goofy look he always had on his face when he used to stalk him!? Hurry! Think of something!! Anything!!

“Tch. Yeah, I’m fine. It’s not like I was thinking about you! I was thinking of what I’m gonna have for dinner!!”

“Oh…okay!” Izuku replied with a smile.

Fucking nailed it.

“So then, how about we look for food first then.”

“Actually, I got a better idea,” Bakugou began, taking a small bag of gold coins from his pocket and giving it to Izuku, who looked up at him curiously. “You go on ahead and find something you like. I’m gonna grab a month’s worth of provisions and then we’ll head out. Meet me back here by sun down.”

“Oh, alright!”

“And do not stray too far from the market. Ya hear?”

“Will do Kacchan!”

He didn’t stop himself when he did it, but by god he just felt so tempted to just...ruffle his fingers through those messy locks of hair, and even feel the warmth of his soft, freckled cheek to which he gently cupped with his rough hand. It left both males in a state of silence for a long moment. For Bakugou, he wanted to do this whenever he wanted, but he knew that would be weird for Izuku, especially while completely unaware of the romantic feelings the savage dragon king himself had towards him. But there were times where Bakugou just couldn’t help himself. How could he help himself when the boy that he’s’s come to a point of love now. For almost 10 years, Bakugou had loved Izuku from afar, spent his nights laying wide awake and wondering what sort of words he would say if he ever found the guts to just go up to him, even watched him for hours behind bushes just to make sure Izuku was living life the way he deserved to. Now here he was, and there were several opportunities where he could just pull the page close and express the heart he left on his sleeve for him.

But that’s what he was scared of the most.

Bakugou once had a dream where Izuku simply gave him a look of disgust, and that was the last thing he saw before a blade would burst into his stomach.

He didn’t want to see the look of disgust, and to find it wasn’t a dream. He also didn’t want to just throw himself onto Izuku..when he barely knew or understood him. And even though he knew how beautiful and kind Izuku was, he just couldn’t bring himself to unlock his heart for him. He just wasn’t ready….and he didn’t know when he will be ready when the time did come -- the sunset confession still fresh in his mind from a couple weeks ago.


Bakugou flinched and quickly pulled his hand away from the warm cheek. His own cheeks turning a bright red at being caught in a daze once again.

It was really about time he stopped thinking so much.

“Nothing. Anyways, you go on ahead, I’m gonna find food,” Bakugou casually said, waving his hand nonchalantly as he walked away to the goods section of the market, leaving Izuku all alone, which he couldn’t help but instantly get a bad feeling over. Today, he just couldn’t shake this feeling that something bad was going to happen as he unknowingly passed by a certain prince, who was curiously looking around the many stands and growing a wide interest in all they were selling.

Todoroki held a couple books that he just bought from a book stand, and even though it was considered childish for his age, he always enjoyed the fantasy genre that held beautiful fairy tales leading to a happy ending. Even if he didn’t express it, he was excited to be reading the books later tonight when it was time for bed. Sorting through the books, he read the titles one by one. He examined the shimmering gold that gave the book it’s design, and even felt the shape of a bunny on the cover of one book with the tips of his fingers. Todoroki didn’t bother to pay attention to what was in front of him, which caused him to bump into Izuku, who let out a small yelp in shock at the sudden bump and causing the books to fall from the prince’s hand.

“O-Oh goodness! I’m so sorry!” Izuku quickly apologized, instantly kneeling down to his knees and helping Todoroki with his books, to which he found a hand on top of his own when they both reached for the same thing at the same time.



“No no, it’s quite alright.”


He saw nothing but big green eyes stare up into his mix matched ones under that hood he wore over his head.

Green like rare emeralds.

Green like fresh grass in the springtime

Green like the creative beauty of the world itself.

It left Todoroki in a small comatose of shock as he continued to stare into those curious green eyes before taking in more of the features the hooded person seemed to have.

Cheeks littered with freckles that held a light dust of pink.

Lips that looked so very soft, almost kissable.

Skin so pale and yet soft, much like his lips. Skin that you’d want to feel for hours on passionate nights.

And a pure aura about him that could put an angel in heaven to shame.

He was..charming, in a perfect sort of way, and it made the prince want to know this charming hooded person more. Maybe even invite him for tea one day to see him more. There was just something about him, that made Todoroki’s heart strings sing their tune like a harp along with its slightly erratic beat.

“ are your books,” Izuku softly said, putting the books into a neat stack before handing them to Todoroki, who silently took them as he continued to stare at the other with interest. It sort of weirded the page out a little, but he supposed that wearing a cape around would make him a little suspicious. “….I’m sorry for knocking your books down.”

“No was simply an accident,” Todoroki replied, giving a tiny smile. “If I may ask, what is your name?”

“Oh, it’s Izuku..Izuku Midoriya.”

“Izuku Midoriya huh?”

Todoroki liked the flavor of saying his name off the roll of his tongue and couldn’t help but stretch his smile a little more. Maybe leaving his castle was not as much of a bad idea as he originally thought. If he didn’t leave his castle, he wouldn’t have met Izuku, whom he was now determined to know more matter what the cost was.

“Very nice name.”

Izuku gave the prince a tiny smile at the compliment, unknowingly making his heart jump at the sight.

“Thank you.”


An uncomfortable shiver ran up and down Bakugou’s spine, which made him quickly look back towards where he last left Izuku.

He knew he shouldn’t have left him alone.

Something didn’t feel right.

Chapter Text

‘I shouldn’t have left him alone. I shouldn’t have left him alone. I shouldn’t have left him alone!’

Those words were repeating over and over in his head the more he felt this desperate need to go back and find Izuku. Something really wasn’t sitting right with him. This dreadful feeling that sunk into the deep pits of his fiery stomach only grew heavier and heavier the longer he stood to wait for the man behind the wooded counter to count his money. Every second that passed, only made Bakugou grow more and more frustrated. Time was going fast, while the world was slowing down, and he was not about to waiting while something could be happening to Izuku….his Izuku.

“You know what?! Screw this! Just keep the change!” He shouted, his anger finally getting the better of him as he snatched the rest of the gold in a small sack and left the stand, where the man simply continued to count his earned coins.

His adrenaline was on the verge of pumping, and he could feel the palpations of his heart rate speeding against his chest. He needed at least some form of confirmation that Izuku was alright, nothing was wrong, and the fortune he was told a couple weeks ago, was wrong and he could just be overreacting. Even if there was something wrong, the last part was something he hoped to God would never be true. Not every fortune from the future is true. He knew that damn well, and yet here he was, believing every word the woman had told him and now growing afraid that maybe...just maybe….Izuku had already met that mysterious third party that will later behead him in front of the crowd of civilians that wanted him dead since the beginning.


‘Would Izuku even miss me once I’m gone?’


Bakugou stopped in his tracks after that thought crossed his head and stayed frozen in place. Unable to move, and not sure if he was willing to move any closer to where the page could be located.

‘...would he even care if I was dead?’

‘ he here because he pities me?’

‘....what the hell...I don’t need his goddamn pity if that were to be the case…’

‘....what if he’s just like them…?....everything that I had held close...and waited for...would’ve all been for nothing…’

Hands clenched into fists and slightly sharp canines gritted and grinded out of the very depths of anger that grew from the thoughts that would suddenly appear to him.

How dare he would question Izuku. He wanted so badly to rip large chunks of hair until he could feel blood on his scalp for even thinking such thoughts.

But...his thoughts, that would be found correct, was something he would always be terrified of. Even more so, than the troll that he once believed to be living under his bed.

Izuku was the only person he was willing to tear down his defenses for, the only person willing to pour his heart out to, the only person...whom he allowed to let his life change when he thought that his world was going to be filled with nothing but pain and hatred from the savagery he grew up around. If letting Izuku beat him down till knocked unconscious, will give him the comfort of knowing that Bakugou had no intention of hurting him, then he would gladly take whatever thrown punch Izuku would deliver to him. Even if it was undeserved, he would gladly take it. Whatever Izuku needed, Bakugou will obey. The only thing he will ask out of him...was to not be like the others.

To not give him looks of disgust, to not treat him horribly because of what he was born not be scared of him.

That’s all he could ever ask out of Izuku, and nothing more. There was nothing he needed out of Izuku, all the king really needed, was his happiness, and just being by his side, just like he would always imagine growing up and watching from behind the many bushes that stood between a possible friendship years ago. Being the cause of Izuku’s happiness, was only considered a bonus. As long as he was happy, then it left a sign that life was perfect the way it is, even if the page never returned his feelings.

Izuku’s happiness will always be more important than his own.

For Bakugou felt he never deserved it.

“Deku…” The king whispered, slowly looking up at the bright blue sky with worried red eyes.

“.....if I told you I loved you…….would you be scared of me then….?”

 Izuku could only laugh at the little story the prince had told him as they were making their way through the many stands. Both pairs of eyes scanning through the items and looking through what sort of items that would like to spend their money on.

“It’s true. And so, afterwards, my mother later found me crying over something so very silly and she had to spend an hour or so comforting me.”

“Ha ha ha! Aww you poor thing! I’m sure that must’ve been so sad to you though, considering you were only a toddler!”

“Yes well,” Todoroki could only chuckle at the memory. A broken toy was indeed a silly thing to be crying over, but he agreed with Izuku’s point. “Having a toy that you loved broken is certainly something to be a little tearful for.”

“Well, at least things were resolved right?”

“Oh of course, my mother fixed it up for me just so I could stop crying.”

Izuku once again laughed a bit at Todoroki’s storytelling, and even found himself growing more and more interested about what sort of life the prince lived in, maybe even learn how different both of their worlds were. There was just something so interesting, that pulled him a little closer to Todoroki, yet they still felt very far, considering how they just met and all.

With a small gasp, Izuku’s eyes lit up when he landed his sights on a very beautiful stringed necklace that only held a charm. A charm that a was a symbol of good luck and future happiness. He would know, he actually studied with fortune tellers a couple times, and they always mentioned charms that could bring happiness to the person who wears the charm in any sort of fashion.

“Oh wow! I’ve seen this charm before! It is said to bring good luck to those who wear it!” He shouted with enthusiasm, unaware of the fond smile Todoroki held for him.

He noted how Izuku was beautiful when he smiled, and it only made the prince want him even more than he already does.

Maybe he might have a few good words that could convince his father to not arrange a ball for luck of finding a bride, for Todoroki felt he already found one. Even though there was a princess he had in mind to marry in the future, he also couldn’t help but feel this very strong attraction he had towards Izuku, that made him feel as if he was the one. Even so, it did give a slight twinge of guilt to his heart, knowing he’ll be letting down a princess he also had feelings for, for the longest time.




“Princess Momo!” The young prince shouted, rushing to the princess, who looked over curiously once she heard the call of her name. A faint smile grew on her lips a second after knowing who was calling to her, and she happily gave a polite curtsey to the prince who finally reached to her with heaving breaths.

It was windy that day, and it only brought out the flair of her pinkish white dress that matched the only bow she wore to hold up her hair.

“I-I...I hope I….I didn’t miss you-your...birthday…” Todoroki said through panting breaths.

Momo never seemed to mind, in fact, she was happy that Todoroki had remembered she was turning 6 today.

“No not at all, in fact, you’re the first to arrive.”

“I am..? A-Aw shoot...I thought I was late…”

The prince could only blush out of his embarrassment of arriving early while scared he would be late, but that was one of the great things of being punctual. Another good thing, was the way she looked in her dress that contrasted so heavily to the black hair she wore up into a ponytail. She looked very pretty, and even that was natural to look pretty on your 6th birthday. Even if that was the case, Todoroki couldn’t help but feel his little heart pitter patter at the sight of a princess, whom he was sure to grow into a beautiful young lady someday.

“Well, since you’re here now, do you want to play house with me?” She happily asked, giving the prince a happy smile, to which, Todoroki returned.


“Can we do the husband and wife thing again?”

“You seem to really like playing husband and wife whenever we play house Momo.” Todoroki commented, smiling along with the princess, whom both were very excited about the game they were about to play.

“Because it’s fun being your wife!”

“Then, why don’t we become husband and wife for real someday?”

“Yeah! That would be so much fun!”

“Let’s pinkie swear on it then.”

With two small pinkies intertwining to seal a perfect promise, the little prince and princess both laughed happily at the very thought of their own future being no longer just some silly little game of pretend, and both her looking forward to what their future would later unfold.


‘I’m sorry...princess Momo….but now...I’m uncertain if we even have a future…’

He wanted to say that to her while in her presence, knowing full well how their relationship was fading once they got older and Todoroki’s father started becoming more and more strict about his duty as the future king of this land they ruled over. At this point in their lives, they’re grown up, and they now know better while recognizing the way things are in the current present. The letters they would send became less of an occurrence, and the silence only grew, until there was now nothing that needed to be said. As if they were stumped on what sort of things to say when one or the other decides to finally write back.

It had been years since they last saw or spoken to one another, and the prince had almost completely forgotten what it felt like, to hold strong feelings for someone who you wished to protect with your life.

He had almost forgotten...until he met Izuku, who was giving off the very same feeling of his heart pitter patting on his chest.

Perhaps maybe...just maybe….this could be the escape that he was looking for…. yearning for.


A sudden cry of anger caught Todoroki completely by surprised, for he found he was too lost into his own thoughts to be self-aware of the reality. He noticed the way Izuku quickly walked over to another caped figure, and they both began having a bit of a hushed conversation.

Todoroki couldn’t help but notice how the other hooded figure looked strangely familiar.

His sharp red eyes that could threaten a man wordlessly.

An aura of power surrounded him, like a burning flame.

And his peculiar jewelry….who on earth was this person Izuku seemed to be associated with…?

It did lead the prince to one little conclusion, yet shook it off and found it to be impossible. After all, the savage dragon king was exiled from this land. What reason would he have to come to the market, especially knowing how the civilians wanted his head perched up on a stick. But out of the corner of his eye, he found the very wanted poster that no one dared to touch. The many zero’s showcasing the reward of his bounty, and the looks the other hooded individual had, copied what the poster had of him.

Mismatched eyes slowly widened at the realization.

Izuku…...was being held captive….in the hands of the savage dragon king himself.

“Come on, it’s time to go.”

“But Kacchan, you said-”

“I know damn well what I said, but we need to go. Now.”

Izuku flinched a bit at the harshness of Bakugou’s tone, yet he nodded, feeling that the king knew more about what was currently going on than he did.

Bakugou slowly turned his gaze towards the prince, who simply stood still and returned the gaze, with Izuku unaware of the happenings behind him, both males knew that this was now considered a little declaration of war. A war for Izuku, whose affections have yet to be touched upon by anyone. With the king now discovering who this third person was, he gave a low, warning growl towards Todoroki, who simply glared at the slightly childish display Bakugou held towards him as he watched him turn and leave with Izuku following close behind.

‘...I’ll save you Midoriya…..even if it costs me my life.’

Chapter Text

There was this intoxicating smell of sweat and sex. This smell that only his strong nose could pick up as he was hovering above the panting Izuku who was laying on the sweet comfort of his mantel; neck relishing in the soft fluffy feathers that oddly made the expression of ecstasy on his face more erotic. It practically drove him insane just hearing the soft little gasps and sighs that would run past his sweet and slightly bruised lips whenever he would pepper kisses along the nape of the page’s neck.

“Kacchan..~” Izuku would breathlessly say as Bakugou would raise the other’s legs and have them hiked upon his hips; crashing his lips back onto Izuku’s and letting his hands just roam.


“Kacchan...I..I’m please...I want you..~”

He would always hear Izuku beg to him in such a sweet voice, each time, would just throw his patience over the edge. He was just so powerless to his queen’s wishes, no matter how much it embarrassed him to admit to that. Bakugou could never find the strength to say ‘no’ to Izuku. Even when he wanted to take these things like this slowly, he could see it in Izuku’s glossy green eyes that he was ready, that he needed him, wanted him….craved him. It racked shivers and left him starstruck on the beauty that lay under him.

“De..” Bakugou stopped himself before he could finish saying that name, and instead pressing a searing kiss against the other’s lips, earning those little whimpers that he loved to hear. Especially when the cause of those whimpers were from the king himself.

It gave him this soaring confidence that he can pleasure his queen. That he can give him that incredible spark of euphoria that will leave his body heated like a roaring flame. That he can prove and show his undying love to the man he held his heart out to from the beginning. All of this, all of the pleasure he would do his best to give to Izuku, was all to say ‘I love you’.

“Izuku..” He breathed out, growing a tiny smile. The way his name sounded, coming from his own lips, sounded beautiful to him. Maybe it was because he was already making love to something beautiful, and just saying his name fully expresses it.


“Please….just for tonight….call me Katsuki…”

Izuku could only smile a little at the request he was given.


“Oh god Izuku..” Bakugou gasped out before diving down to planting more sweet and loving kisses along the pale skin of Izuku’s collar and neck. He loved the little giggles and the tiny gasps he earned. It only egged him to continue much further, and to bring the heat up to a much higher temperature. And he did so, by letting his tongue play with the perky nipples that he felt made the other’s body twitch in surprise of this sudden action. Bakugou could only chuckle in amusement at the sweet little reaction and continued. His tongue swirled in slow and sweet circles, while the other was being tended by his fingers. Squeezing, twisting, and giving light tugs that only brought more whimpering moans from Izuku. Though it was cute, Bakugou wanted to do much more just to hear more of those sweet, delicious moans.

With his hand releasing the reddened nipple, it slowly trailed itself down the enticing curve of his hips and coaxing one of his legs to open for access on where his hand really wanted to go.

It left Izuku a little confused, but his eyes widened as his lips quickly released a quick, much louder moan once that hand began to twiddle it’s fingers around his puckered hole that twitched in anticipation of what was to come. But Bakugou knew damn well better than to hurt his precious queen, and quickly looked around for any sort of lubricant that can help ease the future tension Izuku will unfortunately have to bare. There wasn’t much, but he did find this sort of violet lotion that he remembered getting from some strange man selling oddities at his stand when he visited the market.

Maybe this would do just fine.

Bakugou poured a good amount onto his hand before lathering it up nicely onto his fingers. He wanted to make this as pleasurable as possible for Izuku. This was a night where they’re making sweet love after all, and there was no way he wanted to ruin this moment by bringing pain to his lover.

As he slowly pressed an index into Izuku’s anticipating hole, his ears could only pick up the sounds of strained gasping the more he slipped his only finger in. It made his heart wrench, knowing that this must be painful for his love, but he was willing to do all he can to encourage the page to relax. Bakugou could only press his forehead to the other’s and feel the other quiver in his touch as he only used one finger to pump and widen Izuku.

“….” Bakugou softly whispered against Izuku’s lips, giving them a soft peck before letting their eyes connect. “You need to relax for me..”

“I..I know...I..I’m trying”

“I know baby, I know..but look--” a surprised yelp came next from the shivering Izuku below him. “You’re taking another finger….you’re doing so good baby..”

“Ka-Katsuki..~ Katsuki…~”

Bakugou could only grow a tiny grin as he quietly chuckled at the way Izuku would flinch every time his fingers would pump their way into him. Almost as if the king was hitting a certain spot that he was now aware of.

“Ohh…” Bakugou toned his voice down to a sensual whisper, letting his red connect to hazed green. He loved the wanton look Izuku had on his expression, and it only brought this power to the king that made him want to torture his lover a little and stop his fingers from pumping into whatever sweet spot he was hitting that was making Izuku glow and let out little whimpers. But he decided against it, knowing that this pleasure is what his beloved queen wanted, and he was willing to give him everything he could ever want. Even his undying loyalty and love, to which, he would prove on this very night.

“Look at you...god you..are so beautiful...and so sexy...I don’t know if I can stand this any longer..”


“I wanna see you try taking three. Is it okay if I do that baby~?”

With a curt nod of approval from Izuku, Bakugou did as he wanted---his fingers slipping into the slightly wider hole that earned him a much louder yelp than the previous one he heard before.

“Baby? You okay?”

“Yeah..I’m fine..” Izuku replied, only letting out a tiny smile that made Bakugou’s heart race even faster than it already was. How is it that Izuku could be so cute, and so goddamn erotic all at once? He’ll never know. But what he did know, was that Izuku was in no form of pain.

“That’s good..just making sure I wasn’t hurting you.”

And then, there was that giggle. That sweet little giggle that could be stuck on repeat in the mind of the king and never get old. The giggle that made Bakugou proud to be the cause of.

“You’re not hurting me Kacchan~ It just..feels so good….and I don’t want you to stop~”

“Then I’m not going to stop until I know for sure you’re ready.”

The fingers only picked up the pace, which made those soft moans Izuku was making grow louder in volume. It only continued to egg onto Bakugou’s pride; satisfied to be the one making those sounds and being the one to make Izuku feel these things. While the tightness in his pants was a little painful, he’ll gladly accept that pain, out of patience for Izuku once he was sure his hole was ready to be taken.

This is their first time engaging in such a sexual act, and their first time merging into one as they’ll be exchanging the raw passionate emotions that had been dwelling deep within them for so damn long.

Bakugou did not want this night to be ruined or disturbed. Not even the cry of his dragons could destroy this moment for him, or so he hoped.

“Katsuki..I..I don’t wanna cum with your fingers~ I..want to cum with you~” Izuku softly said, gently cupping Bakugou’s cheeks into his hands and giving him the warm and encouraging smile that Bakugou just could never refuse.

His love was most likely ready anyways.

With quick movements, Bakugou quickly pulled down what was left of his clothing and couldn’t help but find his own cheeks growing red out of embarrassment of showing himself off like this in front of Izuku for the first time, who was also rather embarrassed and shyly looking around the room but down below Bakugou’s legs. The tension was growing, and both were embarrassed to admit they were excited, but the king knew that it was now or never, and he will never accept ‘never’ for an answer. So with that, he gently pulled the page close into his arms; letting him sit upon his lap and his arms to wrap themselves around his neck. It was all a form of excuse to hold Izuku as close to him as possible. For Bakugou wanted to feel that closeness that he so desperately craved for in all those 10 years.

And now that this was happening, he could finally embrace that closeness he would always imagine, and feel that unbreakable bond he longed to feel again. Only this time, he promised to make it much stronger. Stronger than the bond he had with his parents before their passing.

“Katsuki..~!” Izuku let out a yelp of Bakugou’s name as he felt the king slowly enter his way into him. A grunt being the only sound Bakugou made once that sweet warmth clamp around his length.

It felt so new. So very brand new. And this feeling that was so new to the king was much more different than the feeling of his palm. This was Izuku. The inside of Izuku who cling to him tightly and didn’t want to let him go. The little whimpers filling his ears and the kisses Bakugou gave to calm his lover down of the intrusion within him was so very new to him, but he loved it.

He loved the way Izuku’s walls twitched on his cock, he loved the way Izuku whimpered and let out his little sounds every time he would move a little, he loved the way Izuku held on to him oh so close.

It really felt as if they were connected. As if their body shared a soul and a heart. And it brought satisfaction to Bakugou to feel and know that Izuku was that missing piece of the puzzle he had yet to solve until now.

In fact...Izuku was….everything.



Like magnets, their lips instantly clashed together into a sweet yet searing kiss, with Bakugou holding Izuku’s head to be as close as possible.

It felt good.

All it just felt so very good, one could barely describe how good it all felt.

Some would go and say that having sexual relations with the savage dragon king would be the most wrong thing to ever do in one’s lifetime. And yet...why did it all feel so very right? Why did it feel so right to be connected to what people called a monster? Why did it feel so be making love to a person who was so horribly judged by the world for being different than the others?

Maybe it was the erotic tension, or maybe it was the minds that were clouded with lust.

Or was love.

The love they were now making, was only leading to Izuku letting out moans of pleasure as he would feel Bakugou thrust into him. He started in a pace that was smooth and steady; helping the page get used to the feeling of something being inside him, before the pace began to pick up, and only quicken the more Izuku moaned. The nails clawing down his slightly scared back and the moans were all the encouragement Bakugou needed to keep going.

This simple act, made his heart swell.

He was seeing his beloved Izuku in a new light that he never thought he would see, and the sweet sounds leaving his lips were the most beautiful sounds his ears had ever had the pleasure of listening to.

This night..that was made for the two of them, was the night Bakugou hoped, and prayed to cherish for all his life. Even if he can’t put this moment physically anywhere, he’ll keep it treasured in his memories. He’ll keep it with the memories of when they first met, and all the other times Bakugou kept watch over Izuku throughout those 10 long years. This moment, was a moment of knowing that he no longer had to wait. He was finally free to waiting, and can now see that life was much more beautiful than he originally thought. Now that Izuku was here...the harsh world he was kept locked away, no longer existed.

I’ve waited…

I’ve waited for you...for 10...long years…

For 10 years I’ve longed for you, cherished you, kept a memory so close to me that you’ve long forgotten.

But you’re here now.

You’re here with me.

The only person who made my life so much worth it, had always been you.

And now that you’re here….I feel as if the savagery I wanted to change no longer matters.

Because all that you….and your happiness...that I vow to protect.




I love you….


The sun was shining through the window and the birds were singing their joyful little songs when Bakugou finally raised his head from the side of his bed. The grogginess was a normal thing for him to feel once he wakes up first thing in the morning. What was different about this morning however, was when he noticed how extremely wet and soggy the middle of his pants felt.

The grogginess was instantly pushed the side once he quickly realized what might’ve happened between his legs and stood from where he knelt to check and see if this was in fact, what he thought it was.

And sure enough, it was.

“.....god dammit,” Bakugou grunted out, letting out a heavy, frustrated sigh.



Welp. He supposed it was about time he took a bath anyways. It’s been a few days since he last bathed. Even though washing his pants was going to be an extra pain, he knew that it was better than to let Izuku see what kind of mess he made down below.

‘Damn...I haven’t had a wet dream like that since I was 14.’ Bakugou thought as he grabbed a change of pants and left the house to the bath.

Chapter Text

The bath was great, but washing a pair of pants was always a pain. They would take forever to dry, and sometimes they would end up shrinking, to which, Bakugou did not enjoy shopping for new pants. But it was better than to walk around with some big damp spot around your junk and dealing with the embarrassing explanation of where it came from. During his bath though, it gave him plenty of time to think.

Part of Bakugou desperately wanted to talk to Izuku, and confess everything once he felt the time was right, maybe even bring in that kiss that he had been dreaming about almost all the time. But another part of him, wanted to let things be, to not ruin what they currently had, and to just let Izuku go with who he wanted to be with. Sure he’d be heartbroken if his love of 10 years went after a prince whom he’d only known for a good 10 minutes, but Izuku’s happiness, was his happiness, and if that’s what he wanted, then he’d do his utmost hardest to understand and try to give up his idea of romance. Hell, he wouldn’t blame Izuku if he ran off with Todoroki.

After all, he was a handsome prince. Loved by all, raised in riches, and had the country at the palm of his hand. If Izuku were to be with him, he’d be spoiled by no end, and he would actually be happy in a place where he was on top of the world.

Meanwhile...he was a monster. Hated by all, rejected and raised in rags, lived through life by stealing if he had to, and was the country’s biggest threat to its society. Izuku’s life with him wouldn’t be a pretty one if he were to choose him, but that’s what love was for right? Love can overcome everything right? What would be the point in love if you didn’t at least try to face certain obstacles together? What would be the point if you didn’t try to be there for one another? What would be the point in love in itself if you didn’t have that person by your side?

What would..honestly be the point in everything if Izuku were to choose Todoroki?

All those 10 years of waiting, and waiting, and it all would’ve been for naught if left with a broken heart.

Sure there were the memories that they have shared throughout his time here in the home of the dragons with the dragon king himself, but they will never be considered the same. His memories would feel more like dreams, and the touches will sure to disappear before he could even fully remember what Izuku’s hand felt like in his own.

It was only one time, but he still remembered that nightmare, and that very early morning when he held Izuku’s hand while he was asleep as a way to comfort the burning fear that still lingered within him to this day. Bakugou will gladly admit that he was an aggressive person. Sometimes he did things rather roughly and aggressively, he’ll be defensive when he feels he’s being questioned in a way he didn’t like, and he’ll even admit that he had anger issues beyond helping. But it was all because he was scared.

He was scared of the world, scared of his own reflection, and scared of being rejected by the person he loved for so long.

Everything to him was scary, hell he still runs to Deathfire when he needs her, and sometimes, he just needed those moments to feel the approval of something, anything. It didn’t have to be another human being, it could be any living thing, even when they are incapable of talking back. He just needed an approval of living in some way, or being told what his true purpose is. Because even if he is the great and powerful dragon king, he felt that wasn’t his true purpose all the time. It felt more or less like a ‘Plan B’ to his life, but he could never figure out what his ‘Plan A’ was. He was too young to even understand what a purpose in one’s life was.

Bakugou could feel that question pop up into his mind once again, and that was the motivation he needed to step out of the bath and make his way to Deathfire. Just to see how she was doing with her egg, that was sure to hatch in the next month or so.

The trek was a long one, but with the help of Yurick, to which he called by a loud whistle this time, it saved him from having to take a day and a half long walk, just to get to a dragon that he had been needing to see at this very moment to ease away his doubts and any regrets that he was sure were to come about later.

It made him smile to see his beautiful crimson dragon, still curled around her egg and resting her head near the very tip of her tail. Ashfur must’ve went out to get food for her, and it made Bakugou wonder if Deathfire had moved at all since the last time they saw each other. Just a gentle hand upon her snout, was enough to awaken the sleeping dragon, and he watched with satisfaction at the instant recognition she had in her beautiful golden amber eyes. No sound to show her welcome, not even a sound of excitement came from her. What he got instead, was a slow and gentle lick to his cheek, which he instantly laughed and held her close to his much smaller form.

“Hey girl,” he softly said, earning a sound from her, and even a tiny whimper as if she was trying to contain the excitement of seeing her ‘baby’ again. “Yeah I know..I should’ve visited you more, sorry.”

Bakugou turned his gaze to the large egg, whose pearly color now turned into a yellowish brown. It was only a matter of time now once the next month arrives. And once that happens, it could be any day for the egg to hatch and a whelp will be brought into the world. With careful maneuvers, Bakugou made himself at home laying down upon Deathfire’s soft belly. Though it was a little cramped considering she was on her side, he learned to make do with it, and instead found ways to be comfortable with the little space he had. Another lick was given to him, and he couldn’t help but enjoy this nice warmth Deathfire would always bring to him.

Maybe it’s due to the fact that they’ve been together since the king was very young, or maybe it was just motherly instincts that made the dragon take Bakugou in and being raised as her own, which would explain why she would call him her ‘baby’ sometimes. But either way, out of all the dragon’s Bakugou was close to, his number 1 would definitely be Deathfire.

“So..I’m a little..I don’t know, I guess doubtful..”

A sound of question, and Bakugou continued.

“’s just...I saw this fortune teller a while back, and she told me that my love for Deku will be returned, but some douchebag will come along and kill me when that happens. When me and Deku went out the market, I think I met him, and honestly...I’m a little worried that….Deku might go for him instead. I mean, sometimes the future isn’t always right, ya know? What if everything that fortune teller said was a lie? What if...I don’t know...maybe she just said things I wanted to hear and pulled some weird magic, since magic has become a popular thing nowadays.”

Deathfire was silent for a moment, and it made Bakugou look to her, just to make sure she wasn’t sleeping. But she wasn’t, instead, she gently pressed her snout to his cheek, her nostrils blowing hot air on his hair as another sound rumbled from the depths of her throat.

“Hm? What are you saying girl?”

One look to the side, and Bakugou instantly knew what Deathfire was trying to get at. There were many dragons, both close together as they protected their only egg that could be the beginning of their new life, and there were even a couple fledglings who were talking amongst themselves and getting a little more close than friends. They all had a pattern, a sign more or less, and it brought him this sudden realization.

“Binding him to me to prove myself and my love? Is that what you’re trying to say?”

That sudden realization brought a smile to grow upon his face as he quickly stood and grew this determination, as if he had found the answer to everything. While the future wasn’t always right, there was always a chance to make it right, and to make certain dreams a reality.



“That’s it. I’ll prove it,” Bakugou said, his hand balling into a fist as his smile grew into a smirk of determination. “I’ll prove my love to him! And when he does accept my proposal, I’ll rub that shit in that damn prince’s half n half lil face! And then he’ll be the one groveling at my feet!! Eh? Eh? That’s a good plan right Deathfire?”

Deathfire let out a small rumble and a simple shake of her head.

“Oh, you think I’m being a little too quick and delusional about this…?” Bakugou then pouted and crossed his arms. “Yeah well no one asked for your goddamn opinion.”

He continued to dig through his small yet very spacey treasure-like box, just to find that one item that he remembered making for Izuku long ago. It was around his time of when he was..kinda stalking him almost all day, everyday, but that’s another story for another time. What’s more important is finding-

“Aha! Found it!” Bakugou excitedly shouted, holding up the very…..very…..rickety….old….and….disgusting necklace. The necklace itself was on the verge of coming apart and all that was still remaining properly, were the small beads, and the single white dragon tooth that had long lost its shimmering white.

The king grimaced at the necklace’s condition and shook his head.

“Jesus, was 13 year old me seriously thinking about giving this to Deku? Not a damn chance. I’ll have to make a new one.”

Getting the thread was a bitch, especially considering he had to go back to that market with a 50/50 probability of seeing that damn prince again, but thankfully, there were no confrontations, which meant no issues. Even though it was clear he was a target of watchful eyes from the palace now, there wasn’t really much time to worry about that. What he really needed to focus on, was getting certain materials to remake that hideous necklace he once thought would be perfect to declare his engagement.

“Have you seen him!?”

The king looked over, for he knew right away that it was the voice of a worried mother. The mother had such familiar blackish green hair, and such big eyes, much like….

“Have you seen my Izuku!? He hasn’t been home in months!!”

His mother.

Shit. This whole thing with Izuku staying with him until his memories returned was not planned at all, and Bakugou was left blissfully unaware that his mother was still around and walking amongst the land of the living. He figured Izuku would be living on his own right about now, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

As much as he would love to walk over, and give her the reassurance that he was safe in his hands, he knew that would end horribly. Especially if he were to reveal that he was the savage dragon king. It pained him, but he quickly made his way out the area before she could even acknowledge his existence. He needed to leave anyways, since now was the time to worry about the most important thing.

While he did keep the beads, he found that to be a bit boring.

‘I need something that will...bring out….Izuku as a whole. Something...delicate.’

Red eyes glanced to another stray path that he never remembered seeing, and when he followed, he was awestruck to find that the path had led to a beautiful chapel with its plush grassy fields being full of beautiful white daisies, daffodils and even those pesky dandelions that most seem to hate. This sight alone, was perfect. When the timing is right, he’ll bind Izuku with the betrothal necklace, declare his love, and they’ll be ‘wed’ within the chapel with only them as the guests who will exchange their loving vows before the Lord Almighty. The thoughts alone made him grow giddy and he felt like such a weak pansy for picking these small flowers and actually looking them over to make sure they were perfect, but fuck he was doing this for Izuku’s sake, who cares if he has to punch something to regain his masculinity, he’s doing this for his heart, not for himself, and he was about to prove it with the necklace.

It did take some time, but he found 3 perfect daisies and excitedly tied them to the string along with the beads, all that was left, was the dragon tooth, which will bind him and accept him into his Dragonborn family line.

He was quite thankful to have an array of such teeth back at his home, and once he returned, he instantly went back through the collection he had. Most of them were rather big, and he was beginning to lose hope, until he finally spied on a tooth that was not too sharp, and was not to big either. In fact, it was a beautiful shade of white, and it was perfect for someone as beautiful, slightly small, and..well...a little delicate as Izuku. Sure Izuku might look like a delicate person, but he knew how to fight, he just needed a little practice with his sword for the most part, which, Bakugou happily volunteered to help him with.

Mainly for it was a reason of getting a chance to spend more time with Izuku and maybe get closer to him.

And with all the decor, the necklace was complete, and he found to be proud in himself for making a necklace that only a worthy bride, such as Izuku, would wear, and the thought became better when he remembered that Izuku will be wearing this binding necklace for the rest of their lives. It wasn’t just a symbol of betrothal and marriage, but it was also a symbol of undying love, loyalty, and trust towards one another, and even the king didn’t mind wearing another necklace to add to his own collection of necklaces around his neck.

“Deku…” He softly said, not hearing the door opening and closing as a sign that Izuku had returned from checking up on the fledglings that Yurick had happily volunteered to take him to see earlier in the day.

“Kacchan! There you are! You’ve been gone all day!”

Bakugou flinched at the sudden voice coming into his consciousness and he quickly gripped the necklace behind his back when he turned to Izuku.

“Well yeah, I’m not always going to be wasting my time with you Deku! Geez, I’m the dragon king remember? I got responsibilities and other shit to do! I’m not here to cater to you n your nerdy ass!”

Izuku could only smile a bit and chuckle, as if he knew that he was going to get this answer from Bakugou. It has been at least a couple months or so now, and Izuku was pretty much used to Bakugou’s attitude.

“Yeah, true.”

“ are your injuries…?” Bakugou asked, looking over at Izuku with some hint of concern, since they haven’t really been touching upon it for a bit.”

“Hm? Oh, they’re fine. I actually don’t feel pain there anymore, and I think it might’ve left a scar.”

“Well of course it leaves a scar ya dumbass. When you decide to do stupid shit, you’re gonna get scars.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

Fuck, hurry up and change the goddamn subject, don’t keep putting Izuku down like that. That’s not what a supporting husband does. Fuck, maybe Deathfire is right, he really is starting to get a little delusional.

“Well, I uh...also brought food for dinner tonight, so like...if you want….we can like...I don’t know...enjoy it once it’s done?”

Izuku slowly grew a smile and nodded to Bakugou’s offer.

“Yeah, that’s sounds great!”

Waiting to ask Izuku’s hand in marriage, is going to be so worth it soon.

Chapter Text

Izuku had dreams. All his life Izuku had dreams that would repeat itself over and over again every night, like a record that would rewind itself before playing the exact same things all over again. The timing of the dialogues he memorized by heart, and the actions were fun to play with, since he had such full control of the outcome of the dreams each and every time. But what really stuck to him the most with these dreams, was the silhouette that would be next to him from beginning to end. While the apparition was like a shadow for the most part, it began to grow distinctive physical features over time, and ever since the page started living with the king, the features were starting to shape themselves to fit the exact description of the king himself.

The blonde spikes of hair that he was sure will shockingly feel soft, since he’s never seen Bakugou use any sort of products to give his hair that sort of look, his long red cape that was tattered by the ends and given its fluffy warmth around the neck, and the strong build that Izuku was sure he had built over the years during the course of living with dragons.

One night, the shadow person had been given his sharp red eyes, and they pierced into his soul every single time his lips would open to speak its words of whispers that he has yet to be able to understand.

He used to have this dream almost every night. It would come to him at least once a week, as if it was a reminder that he was given a choice. The shadow figure being the person who will give him such a choice, or lead him to that future made choice. But after he started living with the king, the dream became more frequent, to the point of it recurring every night. He can almost hear the gruff voice that belonged to the king, but at the same time, it was still too difficult to understand the words the shadow would convey. And the most of what he can remember, is standing in the middle of a trail. The rain was pouring heavily over his head, yet he was wearing that red tunic he used to wear around him. Always several sizes too big, yet he didn’t mind, for it used to belong to his father before he disappeared, which is why he wore it a lot of the time while young. The shade of red on the fabric, would awfully remind him of Bakugou’s cape, which held that same color. It made him wonder how he could’ve gotten such a dye for his cape, for fabric color dye, was very expensive and a priceless item to ever obtain in one’s hands. The only way Bakugou’s cape could have gotten such a beautiful shade of red, would be if someone had given it to him. Which would explain the tattered mess left behind by the ends of his mantel.

The world around that gloomy rainy area was gray, but he so vividly remembered red.

Much like the shadow with its soulful red eyes, the tunic he once wore at the age of 10, was the same red that stood from the gray world around him.

He remembered dancing with that red. The way he would dance with the shadow figure that now strongly resembled the king, would be so graceful, so gentle, and their bodies would be so desperately held close with its hands holding him like its life depended on him, as if clinging on to the physical matter of Izuku Midoriya. And as they would dance, the very red cape would flutter around them, and those eyes would stare into green like the world no longer mattered, to which, it never did. For all that mattered, was them, and them alone.

Izuku remembered how he fell in love with that beautiful red.

How he fell in love with the idea of being felt desperately wanted, and how he fell in love with the idea that this...this could be the king---who would hold such a desperate love for him. So desperate, to the point where he could never so much as tolerate letting him go, to be on his own, and to be independent.

He will admit, that he might have fallen in love with that charming shadow, for he had begun wanting to kiss that very red in his dreams. For in those dreams, they were the only place where he felt special, where he felt wanted, where he felt he was at home and accepted for who he was.

The world was never kind to him. In fact, he remembered being so very different from the other children of his village that it frightened him. Magic was starting to become a big thing during his years of youth, and he remembered children already holding a special place in different types of magic, such as elemental, black, white, and so forth. There were also other studies that were starting to become popular, such as witchcraft, which had begun its fresh start of acceptance, since the magic community had begun to realize that witchcraft held its spot in the magic category. There were many good things that held such special classes, and almost every child was born gifted. By almost, it meant that Izuku was not one of those gifted children.

In fact, he wasn’t born with a special gift that could help him in the studies of magic or witchcraft. Nor was he born with any special blood of a rarity.

Because of this, he was unable to attend schools, for they would hold classes meant for practicing wizardry, and had to grow up being homeschooled by his mother with what she knew before the practice of magic became a thing.

While Izuku didn’t have a special quirk like the other children, he still had a dream, and idolized the one true knight who held a special place in the villagers hearts before his passing. And that was the great All-Might. He grew up training by himself almost every day, and that dream of becoming the next legendary knight was the drive he needed.

Yes, the page had made friends along the way despite how different he was, but even with those few friends, it didn’t help the large amount of people, who held such opinions towards him for not holding such a special quirk much like the others practicing magic. Izuku didn’t have anything that could give him the skill of practicing any magic, and he would feel that little tug of envy whenever he would see someone use such magic in front of him. Yet despite that, he knew that once he becomes a knight, him not being some type of wizard will be the least thing about him to worry about. What did worry him however, was the fact that being a knight was becoming less and less of a thing due to the popularity of magic, which left his dreams being constantly mocked and stomped upon multiple times.

He was laughed at for his dreams almost every single day, and was ridiculed for even thinking he could be someone like All-Might.

But he never wavered, despite the treatment.

Yes, he’ll admit that overtime it grew worse, yet he continued despite what they said. He was too stubborn to quit, and he knew better than anyone, that if he wanted something, he’ll go and get it himself if no one was willing to help.

So when a job offering came about during one of Izuku’s trips to the market, he was ecstatic to have found a starting point for his future as a knight. The job was to capture a thief who has been stealing goods from the market, and bring them back alive for the reward, which was at least 100,000 pg. Nobody had any memory of the thief’s distinctive features, but what they do remember was the fact that he was a hooded man and had very intimidating red eyes. After finding another lead of a possible trail to where the thieves hideout could be, he set out on that quest, and planned to come back in the next couple of days. What came next, was being mugged by a few of the people who always put Izuku’s dream down into the dirt.

They laughed at him, stolen the provisions he brought with him on the journey, and almost killed him by slashing his chest with a short sword. They left him there and laughed, which made Izuku wonder if the whole quest, was just some ploy. A ploy to get back at him for being different….for being a ‘freak’.....for not following the others and going off on his own dreams that he now titled them ‘childish’.

With that stubbornness, he rose from his feet and tried making his way back home, with the blood seeping from the deep flesh wound the sword had caused, which later led to him knowing the dragon king himself, whom he also discovered, was also outcasted from the very prejudistic, black and white society they were born into.

Izuku knew his own story…..yet he didn’t know Bakugou’s….and it made him want to know more.

He felt his hand being held one early morning, and the hand that was lacing their fingers together felt warm, and oddly soft with hints of roughness. He had awoken from the same dream that would come to him, along with the cry of a dragon in the distance, and he remained silent when he felt that gentle warmth and the soft touch of lips skimming across his knuckles. His ears heard the way Bakugou had called out the nickname he was given in exchange for the nickname he came up with for the king, and it made his heart race for Bakugou to commit such an act, as if physically showing his devotion to him when Izuku was blissfully unaware.

After such an act, he began to see the king differently…..much differently.

He continued to stay for the sake of regaining memories that Bakugou was so vaguely hellbent on, but he also stayed in hopes to sink deep into Bakugou’s heart, and figure out his true feelings towards him, which he later grew concerns when his heart began telling him that this outcasted king could be the shadow figure who always dances with him so gracefully in his blissful dreams.

The page remembered the way Bakugou looked when he would grin his silly grin at Izuku’s anxiety when he rode a dragon for the first time, and he remembered the melody of his hearty laughter. Though he didn’t show it, hearing such sounds and seeing the blonde smile, made his cheeks grow warm and he could even feel his limbs growing a little weak.

It left him confused.

It left him wondering why and how he was feeling such things when they just met and have only known each other for at least 2 months, almost 3 now.

Was it the dream making him feel this way?

Or was it the idea of being loved by someone who was possibly worse off than him?

Izuku knew his heart more than anyone, for he always followed its beating advice, much like his mother. He might not know what being in love felt like, but if this feeling of being so easily swept off your feet and imagining the idea of being someone’s lover is what love felt like, then maybe this is what the stories would define ‘being in love’.

When he was taking a trip to see the whelps and fledglings, he longed to ride Yurick with Bakugou. Yearning to wrap his arms around the other’s strong chest to feel that closeness, and maybe watch the wind blow through his spikey blonde hair like he did once before during their first trip to the nesting grounds. While he knew he wasn’t daring enough to plant a kiss upon the back of the male’s bare neck, he loved the thought of it, and even imagined the warmth of the king when he wore his mantel on the way to the grounds.

The fledglings were playing their usual game, and he enjoyed spending time with them to see how big they’ve gotten, but it felt incomplete without Bakugou’s presence.

What made everything better, was the fact that he had gotten the chance to speak with Deathfire, who was very accepting of him and even given her voice of approval by nuzzling him close to her, as if she was one of her young.

She held such a sweetness to him, and he loved how much of a mother she acted towards him, though he did question if it was maybe because her first baby was on the way and she was simply practicing. Either way, he loved her, and she loved him in return. It did stink how he couldn’t understand a word she was saying, yet one single look and it was all Izuku needed to know that he will soon be accepted by the other dragons who were loyal to their king.

On the way back, he grew concerns.

He grew concerns for what his relationship with Bakugou would turn into if he were to express these growing feelings that had now taken over his mind. He grew concerns for the prince he met at the markets a couple days ago and how Bakugou would react if he were to tell him that he had snuck an invitation into his hand to see him for tea at 8 am tomorrow morning, and the concerns grew worse when he thought about revealing the frequently recurring dream. But those concerns were tossed away when he returned to find the king back home and acting his normal self, despite having something to hide.

He didn’t pry however.

In fact, he kept himself oblivious to what could possibly be behind Bakugou’s back, despite this strong, tugging need to ask.

And that night...he had that dream again.

But it was different. Incredibly different. So very different, that it felt like a chapter from a fairy tale and left him wishing he had never woken up.

The dream started off as normal. He was wearing his red tunic, and the world was gray to match the gloomy rainfall that poured down on his head. But he caught a figure, curled into a ball under a tree with quiet sniffles and tears easily mistaken by raindrops falling down his cheeks. Izuku could only let out an involuntary gasp at the sight of the red dripping off the side of his face, and he quickly rushed over to the weeping child; the child growing awfully familiar the closer he got.

“Are you alright?” He gently asked, watching as the young boy slowly looked up to him with hostility mixed with fear. But he didn’t waver. The page instead smiled, and slowly knelt to his knees, unclipping the red tunic from his form. He made sure the red was snug upon the boy’s cold and wet body, chuckling at the way he stared up at him in shock, as if this act of kindness, was the last thing he had ever expected. “Here...this should help you keep warm…”

The rain had stopped completely.

Izuku found himself surprised to no longer feel that cold, hard rain hitting his head and shoulders, and looked around to find color slowly coming back. The world no longer looked to be a place that gave this feeling of sadness and loss. Instead, it began to show its beauty and even he could see his own self bring the colors upon him. It was no longer just red, but he could see all colors of the rainbow, and it shocked him that all this time, there was a puzzle within his dream that could all be easily solved, especially when it was right in front of his very eyes.

The boy had disappeared, and he looked to instead find Bakugou himself, standing upon a gentle field of delicate white daisies, mixed with plush green grass and a beautiful blue sky balanced by fluffy white clouds.


He could see the red he once saw before fluttering in the gentle breeze, and he found his breath caught in his throat to see the king smile a gentle smile, instead of a grin or a smirk.

When they began their dance, Izuku found that it was the same dance he always practiced with the shadowy silhouette. But the shadow was no longer just a shadow. It instead, had finally taken its form as Bakugou, who kept him held desperately close and red eyes piercing in green.

“Stay with me…”

Green eyes widened when his ears finally picked up the words he had such a hard time understanding. The whole time, the shadow had asked him to stay with him. It did bring questions, but even without the answers, he didn’t care. He instead felt happy and found himself falling even more in love at the very idea of being in a romance with the king of dragons himself, even when there was barely much he knew about him.

With a small smile, Izuku leaned into Bakugou’s hold and allowed his head to rest on the strong chest.

He understood everything now.

Kacchan, was the boy he met a long time ago when they were very young, and they have now reunited once again years later, with Bakugou holding on to that memory by keeping his tunic and turning it into his cape, so he could wear it always, as a way to remember that fateful encounter.

“Stay with me...Deku…” Bakugou repeated.

Izuku smiled up at Bakugou after hearing those words once again---his ears picking up the distant sounds of church bells echoing their tune for all who were near to hear while the world became silent. No thought was put into his answer, but just saying it, made him very sure that this was what he wanted.




Their lips had almost touched when Izuku had aroused from his slumber, and it brought Izuku to the answer of a question that he had been longing to find the answer.

He looked to his left, and smiled softly when he found Bakugou kneeling next to the side of the bed despite it being big enough for two people and sleeping soundly in the comfort of his crossed arms. He knew that the king was doing this out of respect for his space, but after finally discovering the answer and who Bakugou was, he wished for him to sleep on the left side of the bed and hold him close to his warmth during the night. With a hand gently feeling those surprisingly soft spikes of blonde hair, Izuku smiled and said in a very soft voice:


“’s you….”

Chapter Text

He was very focused today. The sword he gripped tightly in his hand, and the agile swing that took his practice opponent down, was proof of how heavily focused he was on his training. The straight laced face he wore, was only a cover to hide away the childish excitement that he wanted so badly to show to both his home and the whole village. Hell, he just wanted to spend the entire morning preparing for the very reason he was excited in the first place, but if he did, his father would notice his change in attitude and interrogate him with questions he didn’t want to answer at the current moment. He didn’t want his father’s questions to ruin his mood, so he instead hid away the butterflies and happiness as best as he could while he proceeded with his normal morning schedule. After his training, he was sure he could make time to prepare for the arrival of the page he met at the market, and then, that very page will arrive just in time for morning tea.

“Master Todoroki, you’re as agile as ever today,” Lillian said, gently helping up the young man who participated in helping the prince in his training. “Might you be wanting this done quickly for something?”

“Not at all, I’ve simply been improving. That’s all.”

Short and sweet, that’s the ticket to hiding it, as much as he hated lying to Ms. Lillian. The young maid was the one person he knew he could trust his plans with, but considering how she holds some connection of information about his day to his father, he decided not to risk it. Todoroki did plan on explaining the details for her later, but for now, it was time to focus on preparing tea for himself and for his soon to arrive guest.

“I’ll be having my morning break,” Todoroki said in his calm demeanor, quickly stepping to his room as soon as he set foot into the castle. He needed to hurry, it was almost 8 o’clock, and Izuku could arrive at any moment.

The prince gave himself a look over once he saw his reflection, and straightened his collar; loosening it as so he doesn’t end up choking himself to death, and even fixed his hair just a tad. Though he did feel a little conscious about the half red and half white style he was born with, he knew that the way his hair looked was inevitable and decided to focus on anything else that could possibly be disoriented.

His door rasped a couple knocks, and with a sound “come in”, he found it was Ms. Lillian.

“Master Todoroki, you just received a letter.”

“A letter you say.”

“Yes, shall I read it to you?”

“No, it’s quite alright, I will be reading it later after my morning tea. For now, would it be alright if I were to ask for Chamomile tea?”

“Yes master Todoroki.”

“Excellent. I would also like to have sweets prepared if you don’t mind. Any sort of cake would do just alright.”

“Yes master Todoroki. Is there anything else?”

“No, that will be all. Please carry on.”

With those final words, Todoroki watched the maid leave his chambers to carry out his requests. His eyes slowly trailed to the letter in his hand, and found no sort of handwriting on the front or back to indicate that it was in fact a letter meant for him. The only clue was the wax seal, to which, he couldn’t quite place where he had seen such a symbol before. Todoroki could only set the letter on the small table next to his bedside and look back into his reflection. For now, what really mattered, was preparing for Izuku’s arrival. This mornings tea was going to be perfect, he was sure of it.

After specifically ordering the servants to be left alone for his tea, he asked for Lillian to inform him of Izuku’s arrival, to which, he noticed she was caught taken aback by the information.

“Master Todoroki, if I may ask, who is this Izuku you speak of?”

“He is a friend,” He replied, short and sweet like usual to cover up the fact that he saw the page as more than just some friend.

The prince was nervous. Oh he was so nervous that he was practically shaking in his expensive leather boots and he could almost barely grip the handle of his tea cup without the leading possibility that he’ll spill it on himself. It made Todoroki wonder why he was so nervous. After all, it was only going to be a morning of tea and sweets with the person whom you’ve been thinking about asking to marry…...okay maybe that was the reason why Todoroki was so nervous. It would be the first of him to ask for someone’s hand in marriage, let alone a common pleb who by the way was another man. Though Todoroki did worry about what his father would say if he were to find out, that sort of thing will have to come later. For now, what mattered, was focusing on the present and how he should word out the timing of popping the question to the very page that had set his icy heart aflame.

“Master Todoroki, Izuku has arrived,” Lillian said, earning a faint smile from the prince.

“Excellent, let him in and bring him to me please.”

It didn’t take long for Lillian to lead Izuku to the prince, who sat under a floral, white gazebo that stood in the middle of the castle gardens. It was always a perfect place to enjoy his morning, since the sounds of the world and the flowers around him soothed his nerves more than the actual tea.

With a quick and soft clear of his throat, Todoroki stood from his porcelain white seat and gave Izuku one of his faint smiles.

“Midoriya, it’s good to see you again,” the prince held Izuku’s hand with such care, as if worried that any form of harshness would shatter that delicacy that the page always carried about him, and pressed his lips to his knuckles; eyes glancing to Izuku whose cheeks flushed at the very gesture. “In fact, I’m more than delighted to have you..” he finished.

“O-Oh, I see.”

“Please, take a seat.”

Todoroki gave Izuku a polite smile as he offered a seat to him, pushing him into the table before sitting down across from him and finally finding that his nerves had calmed just enough for him to finally take a sip.


“I wasn’t sure what sort of tea you would enjoy, so I somewhat decided Chamomile” Todoroki interjected, pouring Izuku some of the tea into his cup before handing it to him. Though he noticed the hesitance, he remained silent and only watched as the other enjoyed the sweet warmth. It brought a smile to his face to see Izuku smile, and it brought this insatiable desire to make him smile each and every waking moment he was by his side.

Maybe this is what the fairy tales were talking about when the prince would fall in love with the princess.

But Izuku was no princess, he was another commoner. But he was a beautiful commoner, and could bring radiance to anything he would smile down upon.

A true masterpiece.

An angel.

Todoroki might be getting a little over his head with the way he pictured Izuku, but the more he thought about it, the more he desired him, and his lips quivered when he was about ready to speak out his thoughts of asking to marry him.

“So..your highness…-”

“Please, just call me Todoroki.”

“O-Oh, alright. Todoroki, why did you invite me to the palace?”

“Simple, I wanted to see you more,” Todoroki gave a smile to the page and took a slice of strawberry shortcake off of the cake display; the sweet tartness of the strawberries and the sugar always seem to get his taste buds to be craving for more. He’ll certainly have to give his compliments to the baker. “And, I was hoping that maybe I could get to know you much more…”

It left Izuku a bit confused on why a high class prince such as Todoroki would want to even associate himself with a lower class. What brought more confusion, was the fact that he actually wanted to take the time to get to know him. Normally, the royalty wouldn’t associate themselves with the plebs unless it was a very personal matter, or a sentence was to be carried out by the king himself if a person were to commit a very heinous crime. It did leave Izuku in a state of confusion, with his mind becoming full of questions and a hungry desire to know the truth of the prince’s story. Perhaps spending time with him was in fact something that he wanted, but he felt that there was a catch to it, or a deeper ulterior motive behind it all. Todoroki may be telling the truth, but he also could be hiding something. And though he was fine with secrets being kept, he grew curious, and a little uneasy.


Why did you really bring me here?


Izuku really wished to ask such a question. But he feared he would be speaking out of turn if he were to open his mouth and let his own personal thoughts out. He may know Todoroki as of now, but even then, he was still uncertain of what he was like, and it brought him frazzled with anxiety.

The prince noticed Izuku’s silence and set his cup down on it’s small platter, smiling a bit.

He was confident, very confident. At the same time, he was nervous, so nervous that he could feel the nerves of his left side cracking and itching to let a burst of flame out. Yet he kept the control of his magic locked tight. He needed to, as to not scare Izuku away when he asks him the question. The question that would surely change their lives for the better, and could even help the page out of his current situation of being held captive in the arms of that horrible dragon king.

With that in mind, Todoroki stood from his seat and walked to the other male, dropping down on one knee, and turning Izuku’s chair to have him face him. He locked eyes into the green that he often thought about, and gently took his hand into both of his own--smiling at the softness.

“Midoriya,” Todoroki began, noting the hint of blush on Izuku’s cheeks as he said his name in such a soft voice. Perhaps this proposal will go well? He very much hoped so. “I’ll cut to the chase. You see, ever since the day we met, my thoughts have been nothing but you. You have been all I could think about for the past three days we’ve been apart, and I wanted to bring you here to me, to ask you, if you’ll marry me..”

Those green eyes widened once the question had left his lips, and Todoroki found reassurance in those wide eyes. After all, such an occasion were meant to be surprising in the beginning before it forms into a happy ending for both parties. But the reassurance died once the prince saw Izuku grow a look of concern instead of a smile of happiness that he had always imagined. What could’ve happened? Was it the way he worded it? Or maybe it was his posture? Maybe staring into his eyes wasn’t the right thing to do? Was it...too early? Whatever it was, the response he was about to get, was not going to be the response he imagined Izuku would say. Despite knowing what his answer will be, he parted his lips as a silent plea to respond.

Anticipating silence was the biggest thing that killed him.

“Todoroki...I’m...flattered, really, I am. But…”

Izuku turned his head away with his frown deepening. This was completely unexpected, and was probably the worst timing ever. Just when the page was beginning to recognize his feelings for the king, the prince suddenly waltzed right up to him and asks him for his hand in marriage. What’s next? The king asking to marry him as soon as he sets foot into his home?

While that would be a wonderful thing, proposing now would not be the best time. Especially when the prince had asked such a deep question already. He didn’t need two men asking for his hand twice in one day, he wasn’t sure how well his emotional process would take it. It hurt his head thinking of the possibilities, each one leading to destruction as it’s fatal ending of this story.

“I can’t accept this. I’m sorry…”

Todoroki remained silent for a long moment, his mind taking the time to process Izuku’s answer before slowly taking both of his hands, giving their knuckles a gentle kiss.

“I understand..” he murmured, looking back into those big green eyes that he adored. “You don’t have to come to a decision now, I’ll give you as much time as you need to think this question through.”

“No. I’m not saying ‘no’ because I need time to think. I’m saying ‘no’ as my answer.”



And again, it was silent. Not another word was uttered, for Todoroki was left in a state of awe at the blunt rejection from the one he so desired. Could it be the timing? Was the setting putting him off? Or could it be…


“Listen...Todoroki…” Izuku began, slowly smiling a bit. “Your proposal is very nice, in fact, I’m happy that someone would actually want to marry someone like me...but-” he paused, looking over towards the entrance of the castle grounds. His mind thinking about the deep parts of the forest that led to the dragon kings home. He thought of the little smirk the king would make whenever the page would do something that amused him, he thought about the way he would get flustered when asked if he could speak up in his words, and he thought about the dream he had the night before. “I have someone else on my mind.”

While this was something Todoroki had somewhat expected, he hated hearing it. It brought the dread that could barely cover a single inch of the anger that was beginning to boil over like a glass about to break and overflow with water. He expected a rejection, he expected Izuku to be surprised of the sudden proposal of marriage since they met 3 days ago and barely knew much about each other, he expected Izuku to explain his thoughts and request to think about it. What he didn’t expect, was for Izuku to actually be longing for another person, and even worse, looking towards the very direction of the dragon king’s lair. Which led the awful conclusion in his mind, that it was possible for the dragon king to have manipulated his mind somehow.

It was very easy to get ahold of magic these days, and creating potions was also very easy to create if you studied the basics and knew exactly what you were handling.

So hearing Izuku say he had someone else on his mind, brought the conclusion that the dragon king had used a potion or a spell to make the page fall in love with him. Was it to keep him as a hostage and make it seem like he willingly left? Or was it to maybe take advantage of him? Or even worse, the king was planning on using him for a ransom. Whatever the reason, Todoroki instantly grew determined to break whatever spell Izuku was on, no matter what it took.

“Midoriya. Tell me. What spell did that savage cast on you?”


The page looked to the prince, utterly appalled for him to ask such a thing, and even having the audacity to call Bakugou a ‘savage’. Did he not hear a word he just said? Or was he beginning to think irrationally and jumping to conclusions? Either way, it sounds like it could be the ladder, and he wasn’t liking where this conversation was headed, or how Todoroki was beginning to act. It’s about time to leave anyways, before Bakugou started to get worried for his whereabouts. He did leave while he was asleep after all, and it was best to come back and not tell him where he went than spill the truth and cause destruction.

“Wha- spell? What on earth are you going on about?” Izuku asked, slowly standing from his seat and backing away; flinching when Todoroki stood and slowly followed closely behind.

“I mean, what has he done to you to make you stay? Did he threaten to kill you or your family? Don’t worry, I promise it’ll be alright if you come with me, you can trust me, and I’ll do my best to protect you and your mother.”

“No. He didn’t.”

“Then, did he put a potion in you?”


“Did he cast a spell on you?”

“No!! Why are you so damn worried about what he did to me!?”

“Because that savage is dangerous!”

“You don’t know a damn thing about him!!!”

“Oh but you know everything about him!?!?! What he is!?!? Why he’s been exiled!?!?! Why he acts the way he does!?!?!?”

Izuku froze at Todoroki’s words, and slowly dug deep into his thoughts. He racked his brain to try to remember something, anything, that might be a clue of what kind of a person the king is. And while his kindness to his dragons and protective nature was something to qualify for, he still didn’t know anything about Bakugou…. the Bakugou Katsuki. He didn’t say a word, knowing that trying to lie to the prince would only prove him correct, but his silence proved the same thing. The page didn’t know anything about the king.

But if there’s one thing he’s willing to fire back to Todoroki’s question, was saying what he knows of the king now.

“I may not know anything about him…” Izuku began, clenching his fist to squish away his growing aggravation. This was going to be a tough conversation to get away from. Especially since Todoroki was growing persistent and stubborn for answers, as if trying to get inside his head to make him hesitate on his feelings and what his heart truly wanted. “But I do know what he is as a person, and I know that he is nothing like what you say about him!”

“He’s just hiding it from you Midoriya! Can’t you see that he’s tricking you into believing that he’s some normal human being with feelings!?”

“SHUT UP! YOU DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT HIM EITHER DAMMIT!!” Izuku suddenly screamed at the top of his lungs, his gaze cold and glaring to the shocked look of Todoroki’s face.

The page grew more aggravated at the words Todoroki spoke of. The fact that he was saying all these things about the king without knowing anything about him either, disgusted him. Todoroki was no longer a prince to him, if anything, he was the savage whose simple mind thought he could do and get what he wanted because of his position over the other plebs of his village. What the other villagers thought about Bakugou dawned on him as well. He remembered the stories that were told about him growing up, and he hated how his name was like an unwashable bloody stain on the concrete. They treated him like an outcast, much like Izuku growing up.

The only difference, was the level of their cruelty.

It was then that Izuku now fully understood what he wanted, and actually found content in the decision he was about to make. Though it pained him knowing he would never see his mother again, he was willing to give everything up if it meant that he could finally be accepted for the person he was and be far away from the cruelty of society.

While the world they lived in looked normal and perfectly established, Izuku could see how they could only spot the black and white and never the gray area.

Todoroki was no exception.

“This conversation is over,” Izuku sternly said, not willing to continue, and instead, ending it.

“Midoriya, don’t go back to him.”

Not good, this was not good. Todoroki could see how Izuku was not convinced of his words, and instead looked terribly upset. He wasn’t going to take back those words. After all, after hearing those things so many times, there was no other way for the stories to be false. So then, where’s that last chance to win Izuku’s heart?

His mind searched for that answer, but he couldn’t find it, and it frightened him knowing how he would have to give up, but he was too stubborn to let that happen.

“Why shouldn’t I? You’re just like everyone else here. Frankly, I don’t see anything different with you like I do with him.”

Todoroki parted his lips to say something….anything…..anything that could possibly convince the page to stay, yet no words came out. Instead, he was left standing in the middle of his beautiful garden with his eyes locking on Izuku’s back as he made his way out, and very likely to never see him again.

He couldn’t let that happen. There was no way he was going to let the dragon king have his way. He was the prince of this village dammit! He’ll have Izuku as his bride, he’ll have him, even if it meant eradicating that savage himself.

‘Just wait for me Midoriya….I’ll free you.’

Chapter Text

                 Dearest Shouto,


How have you been? It’s been at least a few years since I last wrote to you, and I figured not to write my name on the front since I figured you would recognize me, even without seeing a letter from me for a long while. Well, that’s something I would like to believe, but the truth is that I’m a little anxious to be writing to you again, even more so, seeing you again, since I will be attending the ball your father is hosting in the upcoming summer. It’s been a few years since we’ve written letters, but it’s been more than a few years since we’ve last seen each other. 7 or maybe 8 years to be exact, or maybe my memory has the better of me and it’s been 10. However long it’s been, I still haven’t forgotten about you, so do not worry.

This really takes me back to when we would write to each other as much as possible before the letters had stopped.

We would talk about many things, and would even share stories that would be considered laughable. We kept each other updated about our lives as future king and queen, and would remind each other of the promise that we’d one day marry.

However, I can’t help but feel as if that promise has disappeared longer than I've realized.

It’s not that I have found someone else, for I intend to keep that promise until the day happens. But after I stopped hearing from you, I grew worried for your sanity. I know your father is a bit of a tyrant and expects a lot out of you, and has even pushed you away from writing to me on several occasions I’m sure. But that’s what has brought forth my concerns. Not hearing anything from you has left me feeling alone, since your letters have always brought me comfort, even giving me comfort that I will be a great queen to my country one day. Your words always gave me the motivation I needed in myself to keep trying, no matter how much my mind constantly tells me to just give up and quit.

But I realized in your last letter how distant you sounded.

You said something about the distaste towards your father’s expectations, yet you still followed them. You said how you hated the way your father would bring up your mother, and I grew surprised when I found a spot on the paper that looked to have been ruined by something wet. You said how you hated the skill you have grown into sword fighting, yet you knew it was required for you to protect the people of your country.

So then, why is it that you sounded like a different person when you listed all the qualities you hated of your expected royalty?

Could it be because of your relations to your father?

Or do you no longer feel that loving support you’ve always had after your mother died of that horrible sickness?

Or could it be that after I left, things became hell for you, and I never knew until your last letter a few years ago?

I’m sorry to have left you alone Shouto. I truly am. My parents insisted on me studying, and they figured that me going abroad for a while, would give me the proper education that I needed. I didn’t want to leave, but I had to. In truth, I wanted to stay in my neighboring country right beside you, and peacefully hope for our future. But even then, I could feel it dissipate for me, as if the life that we once had, was stripped off our flesh and we’re left with nothing but hollow shells being filled with heavy weighted responsibilities and the crushing curse of expectations of our parents and our people.

It often times makes me wish that we were young again.

I often dream of us as children like long ago. We would play tag in your open field, enjoy the summer breeze as we would point out the shape of the clouds above us under your mother’s precious willow tree, and I remembered when we made flower rings to symbolize our promise. I struggled making one, but you made a ring just fine, and I was amazed at how well you could do so many things by yourself without the help of others.

Little did I realize, that the reason for your skill, was because of how lonesome you were throughout your childhood.

Your mother was the only person who gave you even an ounce of attention and happiness, and even that was taken away from you. I wanted to see you at her funeral, during her burial. And yet, I didn’t allow myself to leave, for I was scared of what my parents would think if I shirked by responsibilities to come see you, even if it was for a very short second. I remembered the letter you sent two days after your mother’s death, and the paper was very crumpled. I knew that you were crying as you were writing the letter, and I did everything I could to send you my condolences and comforting words in hopes to cheer you up.

You were only 14 years old when she passed, and I could tell that even as you described her beauty of the white lillies surrounding her pale face and white hair as she was casted away into the Shouto family’s tomb, I knew that on that day, you felt as if you were traumatized to see her peaceful, sleeping face. Knowing that she was gone forever, with no hope of return from her journey to the golden gates.

The letter after that, was when I stopped hearing from you after I sent my last letter.

And this letter is to be my second attempt of trying to reach out to you after a few years.

I worry for you Shouto.

Do you worry for me?

Sometimes I often can’t sleep because I worry if you even miss me….if you even wish to see me….especially since I unintentionally left you alone and was never there for you when the world had turned upside down on you.

I know I’m not perfect...who is…?

But even then, I still want to work hard to be that perfect queen you probably envision on nights when you dream. In your she beautiful? Is she smart? Does she have a heart of gold that matches the very strands of hair on her head? I often ask myself if she’s a better fit for you than me. Often wondering if you even want to continue keeping that promise of us marrying someday and uniting our neighboring kingdoms together to form a continent of peace.

‘You’re thinking too much’ is what you must be thinking, but these thoughts I can’t help but keep fresh in my mind. For it’s because I still hold the memories of us as children very close to my heart.

We made vows…

Vows that I wish to recite on the day of our wedding.

We’d be smiling and trying our hardest not to cry, yet failing.

The world would no longer be upside down, and we would be happy. I don’t just wish to marry you just to bring peace and to unite our kingdoms. I wish to marry you, because I hold such strong feelings for you…so strong that not even words could properly express how deeply connecting they are, or how much you truly mean to me.

I want to find those words, but it hurts me because of how horribly strong they are, and I know that you will be finding someone else after not seeing me for so long.

It will hurt me...shatter me...but I’ll still accept whoever you choose, since I love you too much to deny your desires of what you truly want in life. My happiness, is something I am willing to sacrifice for yours, since I often feel I have no right to be happy when your life has been nothing but loneliness, pain, and sorrow.

Even so, I’ll still do my best to be the best queen I can be, for your sake and for mine.

And even with this last chance to mend the broken bonds between us, I would still be content in having that promise broken, just so long as I get to see you once more.

I will see you this summer Shouto, and hopefully then, we can be together for just one last time.


Sincerely Yours,



Chapter Text

“Are you sure about this?”

“I’ve never been more sure.”

Bakugou looked to the page with extreme confusion and concern when he suddenly came back and asked if he could meet Leviathan. This meeting was something he planned to do after he proposed to Izuku if he were to ever say ‘yes’ to the engagement.

But now?

Asking for this meeting so suddenly could lead to two possible conclusions: something happened to Izuku while he was out and the king was unaware of the happenings, or it was just Izuku’s curiosity getting the better of him again. Which is to say, Bakugou chose the ladder, since he did remember mentioning Leviathan a couple times while in Izuku’s presence. But Izuku knowing about Leviathan wasn’t the issue. The issue was the fact that Leviathan will be meeting another human being besides Bakugou for the first time in decades. Considering his history, it’s possible that the result of seeing Izuku could end badly.

Though there were other exceptions besides Bakugou that had been taken in over the years, he knew that Leviathan won’t be turning the other way this time, since he was a full blooded human. If anything, it’s going to take a vast amount of convincing to let Izuku stay and become apart of the dragons.

If the eldest dragon were to ever reject Izuku, then it’ll be difficult for the two to marry, and Izuku would have no choice but to go back home, where Todoroki ruled over.

After all, Leviathan was the true guardian of all dragons. Everything the dragons had built was all done by the guidance of the teal creature, and all sorts of control and decisions rested on the dragon’s back. Which is why Bakugou had brought his dagger with him in case Leviathan was around the nesting area when he took Izuku out to see the whelps and fledglings. His home was very close to the mothers and the children in case something happened to Yurick under any circumstances, and was even close to the other dragons homes should any human dare to attack.

It did make the king worry about Leviathan’s thoughts on Izuku, and was now very sure about bringing his dagger with him this time. Since he’ll be taking Izuku straight to where the grand king lives.

Of course, Bakugou knew this day was coming, but he wasn’t expecting it so soon and completely ahead of time.

“Alright,” the blonde said, quickly holding up a finger once he saw Izuku about ready to book it to the door. “However, you need to stay by my side at all times. Do not wander, do not speak unless spoken to, and do not talk back or make any rash comments. Also, you need to submit as soon as you see Leviathan. That old geezer is not a dragon you should ever fuck with. Do you understand?”

Izuku was taken aback by Bakugou’s tone suddenly turning into one of seriousness. With the way he enforced rules, it really brought a sense of fear to him, and it made him question if now was really a good time to be meeting Leviathan. But then he remembered Todoroki’s proposal, and how his ignorance was what gave him the answer to a complicated question he had been contemplating on for a while. Yes, he was shaken, shaken down to the core of seeing this all mighty dragon in all of his glory. But this was a decision he chose for himself, in hopes to prove himself to Bakugou, whom he now holds romantic feelings for. This dragon they were about to meet was the real deal, and if he wants his head to remain on his shoulders, he better follow along with Bakugou’s instructions.


“Alright. I’m calling Theia.”

Izuku was about to cover his ears for the impending sound of Bakugou’s scream, but was stopped.

“You don’t have to cover your ears this time.”


The king’s red eyes glanced down and found there were leaves that were scattered beneath his feet. While they were plentiful healthy in their green color, he had to choose one rather carefully, for they had to be in mint condition or it wouldn’t work. He inspected them closely, looking each one over, before finally choosing one and pressing the leaf to his lips. The wind that drifted through his being relaxed his body, and the sound of the leaves rustling gave him the rhythm he need to let his lips create beautiful sounds from the leaf alone. It left Izuku in a state of shock at how Bakugou could create such a beautiful tone from just a single leaf, and felt his cheeks grow rosy at the sight before him.

It was beautiful sight indeed.

Bakugou looked as if he was at peace, and the wind picked up his tattered mantel that heavily matched the red in his eyes that stared over the red orange horizon of the impending sunset.

He didn’t stop the little song, nor did he notice the way Izuku stared at him as he played. To the page, it felt as if Bakugou had manifested into reality from his reoccurring dream. Every detail of the beautiful red, and the sharp shape of his eyes as he gazed over the horizon, and the naturally spiky blonde hair. While Izuku thought Bakugou looked handsome before, he now found that he was beautiful...very beautiful...and it made his heart race in both embarrassment and worry.

A part of him grew worried; wondering if he truly held romantic feelings for him for the man he was, or because of his outer beauty without paying any sort of stricken attention to his inner self.

He hoped the other possible outcome was not the case, for he would end up becoming like the others if that were true.

Nowadays, it was all about the person on the outer shell, but never the inside of them. It was like sense of morals had completely faded, and had been replaced with an insatiable greed for something. On few occasions, he would walk into his church, and hear the words of prayer from the other villagers.

Some would ask for wealth, a small minority would ask for fame, and he would count the number of crusaders who would ask God for glory.

Thinking about it now, it disgusted him how his people would ask so much out of God, as if they deserved to be blessed.

Yet he would always hope the prayers were answered, for those who were less fortunate.

Soon, Bakugou had finished his song, and looked over towards the doe eyed page, a grin slowly forming on his lips.

“What? Never heard a leaf flute before?”

“A leaf flute..?”

“Yeah, leaf flutes are usually something you see kids would try to play with when fresh leaves are scattered everywhere. But this sort of thing is more like a call for Theia to come. She kinda likes the sound of music, so I used to practice playing a tune as a call for her all the time until I finally got a tune she liked.”

Izuku slowly grew a little smile at the compassion Bakugou would always show for his dragons. It must’ve taken him years to memorize every name, every personality, every color, and what they personally enjoyed. With Deathfire, she just loved to baby the king, for Yurick, it was as if a trust bond had formed between them, and for Theia, Bakugou used her love for music as a way to call for her. He truly was an amazing king, and Izuku was becoming more sure that his feelings manifested into one of purity.

“That’s...amazing…” Izuku slowly said, standing next to the male and smiling over at him. “You have such an amazing bond with all of these’s...incredible…”

They both stared in silence for a moment, before mutually looking away from one another; cheeks flushed and hearts beating hard in their chests. Perhaps this is what most fanfiction writers would call: ‘mutual pining’.

By the very frail yet loud call of an incoming dragon, Izuku stared in amazement at how beautiful this dragon was. Theia was a white dragon, with shimmering blue eyes and scales almost the shape of feathers around her neck, body and wings. No such horns on her head as opposed to the other dragons Izuku had seen thus far, and her teeth were not as sharp as the others. She also looked fairly young, seeming to not have an abundance of prominent wrinkles or scales on her form. With one look, Bakugou instantly got the sign that Izuku wanted some information in regards to Theia.

“Deku, this is Theia, she just recently earned her name in the naming ceremony and is an herbivore fairy dragon..”

“Wow….I didn’t know herbivorous dragons exist..”

“Oh yeah,” Bakugou said with a tiny grin. “Years ago, it was said that a dragon found disgust in flesh and blood, and enjoyed eating plants. Though, that’s the basic summary of what I was told. And yes, we also have omnivorous dragons as well.”

This information was what amazed Izuku the most. Growing up, he used to be scared of dragons, even had nightmares of them, but after three months of seeing them up close and personal, and learning all sorts of species, he was no longer scared of these feared creatures. If anything, he was invested, and always excited to learn more. Finding out that such dragons exist, brought a hope that dragons and humans can in fact find a peaceful way to co-exist. The difficult part of it all though, was humanity’s way of thinking towards them, and it would be very troublesome to try to convince them that dragons were not as dangerous as many have claimed. Maybe he should start keeping a journal on the dragons to keep up with the species and take note of each and every one that he meets.

“That’s incredible!”

Theia looked over to Izuku curiously, her head tilted to the side as her throat rumbled a little shrill croon. It made Izuku giggle at the adorable sight before him, and he couldn’t help but walk over and give a small pet to her muzzle.

“Hi there Theia…” He said in a soft voice, earning a much happier croon and a little nuzzle to his chest before her flat, pink tongue skimmed upon his cheek.

“Seems like Theia likes you...then again, she likes everyone.”

“Well I like her too Kacchan..!”

“Come on, we can’t keep Leviathan waiting. It’s about to get dark, and if we wanna meet him, we have to get there before his down time….”

The trip to the grand king was silent, and both males knew why.

This was going to be a meeting that determined the future for both of them, and wordlessly, they didn’t want to be separated like this. Bakugou didn’t want to lose Izuku, and Izuku didn’t want to go back to the world full of cruelty and ignorance. Neither of them knew their inner thoughts, yet they held hopes that the other felt the same way.

During the silent ride, Bakugou soon came to a decision that he would rather be banished from the home of the dragons than let Izuku go so easily.

He didn’t see him for 10 years, he was not going to let him disappear for another 10.

“Hey..Kacchan…?” Izuku asked, breaking the silence in hopes to ease the tension. With an acknowledged hum from Bakugou, he continued. “What exactly.. is Leviathan…?”

Bakugou remained silent, only letting the feeling of Izuku’s cheek resting on his back and his hands wrapping themselves a little tighter around his waist. He was scared, the king could tell. The best way, was to explain the history of the dragon. Not many knew about Leviathan, but many only know legends, and only Bakugou and the other dragons knew exactly who Leviathan was.

“ great grandfather used to ride Leviathan.”

Izuku looked up at Bakugou, shocked of the information, since he remembered being told that Leviathan was a dragon to never mess with. Yet somehow, Leviathan once had a rider? A human he once trusted?

“A long time ago, Leviathan once trusted a human, and the first human he trusted, was my great grandfather. It took months, almost years for that old geezer to grow a trust bond with my great old man, but once they became friends, they were inseparable. Neither left each other’s side. They fought together, raised the dragon civilization from its ashes, and my great grandfather, was the first man to ever form a bond with an actual dragon within our dragonborn family line. He even taught Leviathan how to speak telepathically, whether dragonborn or not, though it was mostly due to the stone he had the dragon swallow to be able to do so, for he was also a bit invested in alchemy.”

The page listened carefully, amazed at the accomplishments of Bakugou’s great grandparent. Yet he slowly frowned into concern.

“.......what happened then…..?” He nervously asked, answered with silence before the blonde continued.

“...and then...the great war happened…”

“The great war…?”

“It was a war between humans and dragons. Nobody knows exactly how it started, but many believed that people grew greedy for more land, and during that war, a human killed my great grandfather.”

It was silence once again, neither wanting to break the silence, but it was best to finish.

“....ever since then, Leviathan has closed himself off from human contact...him and the dragons he took with him. They all retreated to where they are now, and allowed the humans to win the amount of land they wanted out of his own grief. I’m pretty sure that to this day, he regrets making that decision.”

“What about your other dragonborn family?”

“That’s the thing. There used to be a lot of us, but we quickly diminished over the course of time, until it was just my great grandfather and great grandmother, my grandparents who later had my mother, and another small dragonborn family with just my father and his parents. This was mainly due to the amount of miscarriages that happened, or breathing for 10 seconds before passing away right after birth..”

“But..wait a minute...I thought-”

“Our bloodline might’ve been the most powerful for anyone to have, but that was the problem. Sometimes it would be too powerful for anyone to handle, and often times a child would pass away around the ages of infantry to 5 years old for being unable to handle the power they possess. Some were born lucky...others...not so much….they were born as weak vessels to the power that was passed down to them, which made it difficult for our dragonborn family line to continue.”

Izuku grew a small smile despite what he learned and simply looked over the horizon to the left of him. Though the news of how quickly Bakugou’s family tree perished, he still found a small gleam of a bright side.

“’s a good thing that you were one of the lucky ones…” he softly said, earning a choked chuckle from Bakugou.

“Actually...I almost died several times.”

“Eh?” Izuku quickly looked to Bakugou in shock of the information, looking him over and later growing confused on how he could’ve almost died from handling such power. “I..don’t understand. I mean, you-”

“Seem like I managed fine?” Bakugou finished for him before shaking his head. “Not even close. There was a time I almost died of an 110 degree fever, and another time I almost burned myself to death because of how stupid I was being with my fire breathing ability. Also the time I almost busted the village and my own eardrums because of my screams. There’s a lot I could list, but that was one of the few.”

There was so much Izuku was learning about the exiled savage, and it made him grow that tiny smile once again, this time much more fonder and softer. He was learning. Learning about Bakugou... the Bakugou Katsuki. Something that Prince Todoroki had questioned earlier in the day, and he was so happy to be proved wrong, to be proved that Kacchan was only a little boy who didn’t know better about the world, and was horribly judged for being different….much like Izuku was.

“Speaking of family, how are your parents Kacchan..? I wonder if they’re doing alright without seeing you…”

Bakugou didn’t say anything.

He thought of what Izuku would think of him if he were to tell, mind wandering of the many reactions he would get from Izuku in response to the confession. But he remembered how they had been together for three months now. was the time to tell him, to trust him, to get closer to him on an emotional level.

“...they died….a long time ago…I'm the last of my kind..."

When they made their landing, Izuku looked around in wonder at the sight of Leviathan’s home being a very big water hole, with the pool being so deep, that he couldn’t see the bottom. It was dark, pitch black dark, and it scared him when he thought he saw bright yellow eyes stare up at him from the very deep depths.

Izuku could only freeze as the figure began to move, and it only led to Bakugou quickly pushing him back behind him as a flash of teal escaped from the water beneath them.

Bakugou remained stoic; had gotten used to the way the dragon would make his rather dramatic entrance. Izuku however, was shaken to the bone once his green eyes stared into the bright yellow filled irises of Leviathan. This was the real king of dragons, and he sure as hell looked like he meant business. With the very low, deep growl emitting from him, it left the page quaking in his red sneakers and he could barely process any good words to say.

The silent stare off between both Leviathan and Bakugou lasted for a solid minute, before he finally spoke.

“...who is this human that dares to set foot into my grounds….Katsuki…”

The tone Leviathan used on Bakugou’s name sounded a little harsh, which gave Izuku the wandering thought if they even get along. Considering how they both hold a title of Kings, it sounded like their relationship was currently strained. And yet, even Izuku knew there was something going on between them that caused the two to have such a very flimsy cooperation, one attribute being Leviathan’s distrust towards humans. Since Bakugou was apart of the human criteria despite being a dragonborn, it left him as no exception, except that he was since it was Leviathan who chose to let him live.

“This is Izuku Midoriya.”

It was the first time Izuku had ever heard Bakugou use his name, and by the tone of his voice, he was dead set on making his life of living here happen. The only way you could live with the dragons, is by acceptance of Leviathan himself, and even he was hard to please.

“Izuku Midoriya…” the dragon’s voice rumbled lowly, looking to the young page who continued to stare up at him, with his fear so poorly hidden. “....he’s a human….”

“I……..” Izuku choked on his words, his full body falling into a tremor as he tried his very hardest not to fall into a state of panic. His adrenaline pumped through his body like he was being chased by a pack of Eaglebears and the words he processed in his head refused to leave his lips. But that fear soon melted away once he felt Bakugou slowly and discreetly hold his hand, pressing it on his bare back that gave off a bit of warmth on his growing cold hand. And to be Izuku’s surprise, Bakugou’s grip was quivering.

He was scared too.

Though Bakugou refused to show it, he was afraid of Leviathan as well.

He had been afraid of him ever since he decided to test him when Deathfire took him in and he was easily welcomed with open, scaly wings by the other dragons.

Knowing that he too was afraid of the grand king, brought a sense of comfort to Izuku as he slowly took a deep breath and kept his green eyes locked on the yellow that glared down at him from above.

“I come here….to seek a life here…”

Bakugou looked to Izuku with wide eyes. This whole time, he thought that Izuku had just wanted to meet the grand king just for the sake of meeting him. But he’s asking him if he could stay here and live with the dragons!? There must be something he’s missing here, otherwise he would’ve known about this plan of his.

“The society that I once lived in runs through life with cruelty, never even taking the time to know a person, for they instantly judge those who much different than the normal. They never give anyone the proper chance to redeem themselves, once they’re branded with a name, they’re branded for life. Much like Kacchan….”



Both male and dragon remained silent to Izuku’s words. Bakugou being the one surprised of Izuku actually speaking, almost to the point of talking back to Leviathan’s judgement, and Leviathan actually growing an interest, but still lacking the trust towards him.

“I may be a human….but even for someone like me, I have grown to hate how humanity runs things, and wish to live with the dragons…..and kacchan….”

If Bakugou had his cape on him, you would be able to easily compare the cape to the shade of red on his face.

He wants to live with dragons….and with him….? What the hell could he be implying..? Wait, could this mean that...holy fucking shit there’s no way. But his heart was racing so fast and his face was burning a deep shade of red out of the excitement of the possibility of what Izuku meant by living with him. Could it be that he actually grew a reciprocated romance over the course of his stay? Maybe he’s being delusional, but let him live in it...just relish in it….just for a little bit.

Leviathan however, seemed unaffected by his words. If anything, the words never mattered to him, and that’s what Bakugou had worried about the entire ride to his home.

The silence killed the king, and his mind raced with what Leviathan could be thinking about at this very moment.

If he ever tried to kill him, then there will be some teeth crossing with a dagger. He promised himself that he would protect Izuku from this dragon, and even told himself that he would much rather abandon his life of dragons than lose Izuku and wait another 10 years.

In the midst of the silence, Izuku looked over Bakugou’s shoulder when his ears picked up the sounds of squeaks and tiny croons. He grew excited when he found fledglings playing around near Leviathan with Theia keeping a close eye on them. In an instant of a quick comparison, he found that the fledglings belonged to Theia and Leviathan, and he couldn’t help but grow a fond smile at the way they excitedly played without much of a care of what was happening around them. His mind had turned off when he slowly moved from his spot and started making his way towards the playing little dragons, and he just wanted to at least come to terms with them as maybe a way to prove to the grand king that he meant no harm.

“DEKU!” Bakugu shouted, quickly rushing to Izuku once Leviathan’s growl got louder and he zoomed in on the page.

Izuku could only freeze as everything had happened too fast for him to process. Within a split second, Bakugou had stood in front of him, one hand held behind him towards the page as a way to keep him back behind him, with the other hand pointing his dragon toothed dagger towards Leviathan who had closed in very close to Izuku with the intention to kill. If Bakugou was a hair too late, the dragon would’ve surely killed him, and that thought alone pissed him off to no end.

He told Izuku to not act on his own, to stay by his side at all times, to not speak unless spoken to, and to fully submit to Leviathan. But his stupid actions almost got him killed, and knowing that terrified him.

Both dragon and dragonborn stared at each other in very silent, yet hard glares. Leviathan’s were cold, while Bakugou’s held a promise of killing the creature if he so much as lay a single tooth on him.

With a little glance, Izuku could see the fledglings had taken notice of what was going on and went straight to their mama for comfort. Hearing their father’s growling roar certainly scared them and Izuku could see their fear in their whimpers and shaking bodies that they tried to hide in the soft belly of Theia.

He messed up.

He knew he did.

He messed up his chances of gaining Leviathan’s trust, along with the very acceptance of staying here and living with the dragons and Bakugou.

The movements were very slow, but Leviathan soon started to silently back off along with Bakugou mutually proceeding to back off as well. Bakugou slowly placed his dagger back into it’s fitting scabbard before speaking in a low voice.

“Deku...get on Theia...we’re finished here so it would seem.”


“Do as your told!!”

Izuku flinched at the king suddenly raising his voice, yet he did as he was asked, slowly climbing onto Theia’s back who was ready to take both the king and the page back to Bakugou’s home; her muzzle gently nuzzling against her young to reassure them that everything was alright.

 The ride back home was long and silent.

Bakugou was too pissed to say anything, and Izuku was too scared to start up a conversation.

The air around them was warm, but both of them were shaking from the left over adrenaline and fear they felt back in Leviathan’s watering hole.

Izuku tried everything he could to say something, but everytime he would open his mouth, no words could come out.

 “ the hell were you thinking….?” Bakugou asked, trying to keep his anger contained, but it was becoming more and more difficult to do so knowing what could’ve happened if he didn’t step in.

Izuku was afraid to answer that question, knowing he wasn’t really thinking when he decided to pull that stunt towards Leviathan’s children, but even then, deep down in his thought process, he truly thought that kindling with the fledglings would show that he meant no harm towards the dragons the grand king would watch over.

“I……..I was just..”

“Do you not understand what could’ve happened to you if I didn’t step in to save your ass!?!?!?!”

Bakugou hated how he made Izuku flinch by his sudden shouting. But dammit, he was so damn angry that he could no longer contain it.

“You would be fucking DEAD if I hadn’t stepped in and stopped Leviathan!!!”

“I was only trying to prove to Leviathan that I meant no harm!! That I truly want to live here and not go back home!!”

“What the fuck are you….are you that much of a fucking idiot!?!?! I told you to stay by my side at all times!! To not go off on your own!! And to speak when spoken to!! And what did you do!?!?! You fucking disobeyed me!!!”

“Well I’m not your damn subordinate!!”

“I gave you instructions to protect you!!”

“I don’t need you protecting me!! I can take care of myself!!!”

Why was Izuku talking back like this…? This was something he didn’t want to argue about, but dammit he was so frustrated and pissed, that he just couldn’t contain it at all. Even if he were to speak out his frustrations like this, Izuku wouldn’t be able to understand.

“That’s such bullshit and you know it!! Do you have any idea how fucking weak you really are!?!”

“I’m not weak!!”

“God this is such a fucking bother…” Bakugou growled, yet he screamed at himself in his head to shut the fuck up or he’ll say what he shouldn’t say. “Do you even know how much of a pain in the ass it is just to take care of you? God you always cause such trouble for me and my dragons. Hell they probably wouldn’t even notice you being gone if you left.”

Fuck...why did he say that…? Just why did he say that? He knew damn well that what he said wasn’t true at all. If anything, it was the complete opposite. He enjoyed his company, hell he loved it, and his dragons actually welcomed him once Bakugou reassured them and told them he meant no harm. Even the birthmothers loved him. So then why….why would he tell such a lie…?  Why would he hurt Izuku like this? Was it just to win the argument? To prove he was right? To gain whatever it was he wanted to gain?

He didn’t know. But the moment Izuku wordlessly left the home and his eyes watched him make the trail back home to the village, Bakugou could only sigh and stressfully rest his hands over his eyes.


Chapter Text

It became a little rare for him to visit the others, but at this moment, he really needed their advice on the current happenings. He found it a little troubling, having to ask Yurick to fly him to the nesting grounds, but this troublesome matter was the lesser thing to worry about. Right now, he just needed to find one of his friends, Kirishima, who is actually much like Bakugou in a lot of ways. His job was to be a foster parent to any of the orphaned whelps whose mothers would pass right after giving birth because they were weak, or other reasons that have yet to be determined. The ride there felt lonely this time. He didn’t feel that warmth of Izuku’s arms wrapped around his middle, or the brush of hair tickling his back from the soft rush of wind. Even though he had his cape on to keep warm, it still felt cold, and though he was used to being all by his lonesome, for once, he grew to hate it.

He really needed to talk to Kirishima, for this sort of matter was urgent.

Bakugou will gladly admit that he was an idiot. He was an idiot for even running his mouth and telling Izuku lies just to hide the fact that he was scared. That meeting with Leviathan, was one he would never forget, and it always gave the king a feeling of unease knowing that Izuku had almost died a couple hours prior. All because of some stupid thought of wanting to seem that he meant no harm. While the thought was flattering, Izuku should’ve known that something like that wouldn’t work on Leviathan, and that was the tip of the iceberg that got him so pissed off to make him say words that were far from the truth. Those words, he’ll forever regret. However, what mattered at the current moment, was figuring out a way to bring Izuku back to him, and with no idea in mind, he figured getting advice from one of his close friends would help him.

Normally, he would consider ‘close friend’ a strong term.

However, with the three that he had met growing up and found to be in the same position as him, it helped in breaking down his walls and finding a communication circle within them that brought the four of them on equal terms that were neither strong, nor weak.

When Yurick landed in front of the entrance of the nesting grounds, Bakugou quickly leaped off of the black dragon’s back and rushed to the fledglings nest, taking in the sight of a bright red dragon using his tail to tease the little babies who let out their little shrill yelps and croons. It actually made Bakugou chuckle and shake his head at the way Kirishima was toying with those little younglings, and he kept his tiny side smile as he made his way towards the play group.

“Oi! Kirishima!”

The red dragon looked to the call of his name, and his red eyes widened to find it was Bakugou who had came to visit. Though Bakugou had indeed visited before, seeing that human stepping into the fledglings nest made him want to hide and keep watch just to be sure that he wasn’t going to hurt the babies. It only took a split second for Kirishima to change into his fully human form and rush over to Bakugou with his arms wide open, intending for some big hug.

“Hey!! It’s great seeing you Bakugou!!”

“Don’t,” Bakugou ordered sternly, moving out of the way just in time for Kirishima to end up holding his forearms and face planting to the ground. “You big idiot…”

“Ah hahaha, sorry man, anyways, what brings you here?”

“I kinda need your help with something.”

Kirishima blinked once, then twice, before growing a wide grin. This was actually a first for the king of dragons to be asking for help. Normally he would scream about how he could handle these things himself, but at this moment, he really seemed distressed and in need of some help. Of course, this did boost Kirishima’s ego a bit.

“Say that I’m the coolest best friend you’ve had and maybe I’ll consider.”

“I swear to the almighty God above that if you don’t help me in the next 10 seconds, I’m gonna blow your fucking head off your shoulders.”

“.....Close enough! So, whatcha need my help with!?”

Bakugou stood silent for a moment before looking towards his feet, he was embarrassed, sure, but what really mattered was getting Izuku back.

“ do you……..tell the person you like that….you like them?”

When he returned to the village, he was glad that nobody had noticed and bothered to make a big announcement that he was home to the whole country. That sort of celebration was something he didn’t want or need at the moment. What he needed, was to see his mother, whom he was sure was weeping her eyes out with her mind racing with thoughts on where he could be.

One look at the missing poster that had been hung up on the job request board, and he instantly knew that it was his mother’s doing.

At least that was one thing to smile about.

Knowing his mother still cared about him was all it took for him to feel welcome, and he made a straight beeline to his home. He felt excitement welling up in his chest when he laid eyes on his mother, who was tending to the garden outside their cottage. Izuku wanted to surprise her, but decided not to, knowing how she had such a weak heart and would probably have a mini heart attack if he were to ever pull one of those scare pranks again. Instead, he decided to step over towards her hunched form and rest his hand upon her back, smiling a bit.

“The flowers look amazing mom…”

His mother had turned her head so fast, that Izuku could only laugh a bit at the shocked expression she had and the way she instantly clung to him with tears leaking from her eyes in the overwhelming happiness that her son was alive and has returned home. Despite the laughter, Izuku felt the tears welling in his eyes as well and allowed them to fall down his freckled cheeks; squeezing his mother just as tight in the embrace the two of them shared.

“Oh Izuku, I’m so happy you’re home...oh and lookit you, you look like you haven’t had a decent bath in months!”

And there she went again, being the mother that scolded him of his hygiene and how he looked. But Izuku neverminded it, in fact, he kinda missed her scolding and found himself growing excited to take a nice, refreshing bath, and maybe change into some fresher clothes for once. He loved what he wore, but wearing it for 3 months straight? One gets a craving of wanting to wear something new after wearing the same thing for so long. Izuku watched his mother rant on about how worried sick she was through deaf ears, and instead just smiled fondly. He really did miss his mother.

“Now, you go on ahead and take a bath young man, I need to find you new clothes, since those you have been wearing need washing and mending.”

“Sure thing mom..” Izuku replied, happily planting a kiss to her cheek before getting up off the ground along with Inko and going inside. He slowly took in a deep breath before letting it all out with a sigh.

It felt amazing to be home again.


The bath felt amazing, and it felt even more incredible being able to wash his hair with soap along with rubbing away all the grime and dirt off his body. When he came out of the tub, he felt incredibly clean and refreshed, and boy did it feel amazing. It made him chuckle remembering the times when he didn’t want to go into the bath because he never liked them, but after three months of being gone, and only soaking in a hot springs with no actual means of bathing properly, a bath was what he definitely needed as soon as he set foot into the house.

The new clothes his mother had given him were a little baggy, but he never seemed to mind, for they were actually pretty adjustable. He recalled mercenaries wearing outfits like these back in the days before magic became a thing, and he could smell this odd scent that he never smelled before from these clothes.

A white undershirt with baggy, flared sleeves, a green leather overshirt that reached to his upper thighs, brown pants and brownish black boots that reached to the ending of his calves.

This sort of thing was normally not his style and he would usually prefer something less baggy, but considering how the strings around his wrists made the sleeves adjustable, he supposed he’ll be able to tolerate it for now until his old clothes have been mended and washed.


“Oh Izuku, you look so good in your father’s clothes…”

“These belonged to my father?”

“Well, he might’ve been a little bigger at your age, but I’m glad that they fit you fine..”

“They’re a little...baggy…”

“Well, they can be adjusted Izuku sweetheart… you remind me so much of him….”

Izuku grew a smile at the way his mother was doting on the clothes he wore and looked himself over in a nearby mirror. Though this sort of outfit wasn’t his style, he couldn’t help but noticed how he did look pretty good in the clothes that belonged to his father. During his moment of vanity, his nose picked up the smell of a delicious supper. Ham that was deliciously roasted in dashes of honey, homestyle mash potatoes grown straight out of his mother’s garden, and sweet corn along with baked macaroni and cheese. A meal fit for a whole family, but it was more or less his mother going all out with the cooking again. Some of it will definitely be going to the neighbors if there was still plenty left. It brought Izuku so much nostalgia that it almost made him want to cry again.

Though he was home, it didn’t feel like he was home.

It wasn’t the fact that his father was no longer around, his father had passed away when he was a baby. But coming home still felt different, despite how nostalgic it all felt.

Maybe it was the fact that he was so used to living in a home made of stone and sleeping on a clearly stolen mattress with thin blankets and a fluffy mantel to keep warm during the night, maybe he was also used to the idea of being next to someone, and growing a much deeper connection than any other connection he’s ever had, or maybe it was still the pain he felt in those harsh words the king had told him.

Maybe that’s why he was treated so differently by the villagers growing up.

Because he was a bother, no matter where he went.

The thoughts were loud, yet he quickly wiped away his tears to wipe away the thoughts in his head. He was home now, that’s all that mattered, and when he leaves for his next mission, he’ll make sure to not be a bother to anyone ever again.

“Izuku? Honey?”

Izuku perked his head towards his mother, watching her serve the table while looking to him with a look of concern.

“Is something wrong?”

“Ah, no,” Izuku gave her a reassuring smile. “I’m fine...just have a lot on my mind right now…”

“Well...why don’t you tell me about them during dinner?”

With silence, Izuku sat down at the table and looked at his empty porcelain plate with concern. If he were to say anything about his time with the dragon king, would she freak out? Would she have him testify and which in turn, would cause a witch hunt? Only the Lord would know.

“Izuku…..where have you been these past three months…?” Inko slowly asked him, watching him look even more concerned.

“You wouldn’t like it if I told you…”

“Oh honey….I’m willing to listen to what it is you have to say…”

“.......promise me that you won’t freak out, and jump to conclusions?”

Izuku watched his mother’s hand rest upon his and stroke her thumb on the soft skin, the ring on her left finger shining in the light of the candles next to them.

“I promise sweetheart, I won’t say a word until you finish…”

Normally, that sort of promise was something he wouldn’t trust with anyone else, but when it came to his mother, he knew her promises were genuine and true. He could never remember the one time she broke the promises she made with him and it made him smile knowing she could be one of the people he could trust out of the entire town. So with a slow inhale, he began to tell the whole story. The three months of spending his time with the savage dragon king, the moments the two of them shared, the reoccurring dream that he always had since he was a young boy, the dragon's he had interacted and talked with, everything that his little mind could remember. Even the time when Todoroki had asked for his hand in marriage, which he noticed how it took his mother completely by surprise.

Once he finished the story of his meeting with Leviathan, the home was now silent and the dinner splayed out before them had lowered in temperature.

Izuku had made sure not to go over any detail that he might’ve missed and even added the fact that he may have grown romantic feelings towards the king, which was the biggest taboo one could face in their lives. Being in love with an exiled person, makes them a traitor, and Izuku was so scared of his mother growing upset with him to have fallen into such a territory. He sat and stared at the cooled food in fear of looking at his mother’s face, yet one stroke of courage made him look to shockingly find a fond smile on her lips.

“Oh Izuku honey….you remind me so much of when I was young…”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“Give me one second,” Inko stood from her seat, keeping her fond smile. “I’m going to get something.”

Izuku had taken a bit of the baked mac n cheese and slowly ate little bites, his stomach now curdling after all that he had told. Even though his mother seemed like she accepted his story, he was worried of her input, which made him grow too anxious to even feel hungry. When he was halfway done with the small serving of mac n cheese, he looked to his mother, noting her carrying a rather strange necklace. One that he had never seen before.

When she splayed it on the table, Izuku began to take note of the necessities.

The one thing that stood out so prominently, was a pearly white tooth, that looked to have belonged to a dragon. Oddly, it reminded him of one of the few necklaces Bakugou would always wear around his neck. The flowers that had wilted and dried till they were a crisp brown somehow managed to stay attached to the string despite how they looked about ready to fall into ashes. Red and blue beads gave the necklace color, and there were a couple of small gemstones that looked almost too real to be considered fake.

“ you know what this is?” Inko asked, keeping the dimpled smile on her lips.

“ does remind me of one of the necklaces Kacchan would wear…”

“Well, that necklace was most likely a tribal necklace. However, these necklaces are different, for they hold a much different purpose. In fact, it’s more than just a symbol of affection,” Inko explained, chuckling at the way Izuku looked to her in confusion on what she was trying to say. “The males of the dragonborn hand make these, and gives these necklaces to the desired females they wish to marry, it’s a betrothal necklace.”

The page looked to his mother with his green eyes growing wide. A betrothal necklace? But...his mother receiving such a thing, would mean that she…

“Mom, were you…-”

“Yes Izuku, I was..somewhat involved with a dragonborn when I was about your age, and it was a time when young love was easy for a girl like me to obtain..”

“Do you..remember the man who gave it to you?”

“I do very vividly. If I remember correctly, I believe his name was…..Masaru Bakugou….”

Bakugou….that must mean that the man his mother had romantic affairs with, was Kacchan’s father, and it made him blush a bright red at the thoughts that filled his head. Was it perhaps infidelity? Or maybe it was something more.

“...So...what happened between you and him?”

“Hm? Oh well...we just started seeing each other less and less, until finally, we just fell out of love I suppose...this necklace is the last of him I remember, and often times, I think about how he’s doing currently.”

“So, after you and him stopped seeing each other….is that when you met dad?”

Inko gave Izuku a happy smile and a nod, setting the necklace aside and growing fond of the memories that began to become more clear in her head, as if remembering a dream she had long forgotten. They were beautiful memories, memories that she couldn’t believe she had forgotten. But sometimes, age can really make the mind start to worry about other things to even care about dreaming, or remembering.

Izuku took a minute to process all that he learned, before quickly feeling the need to know more. From what his mother had said, there was something about the romance of a betrothal necklace that got him wondering.

“Mom...when...the males go after any of the females they wish to do...they usually act….behaviorally speaking.”

“Hm? Oh well...lets see….from what I remember Masaru telling me….males are very protective of the ones they wish to be with whether it’s reciprocated or not. They also react on instinct if anything were to happen to their significant other and generally go into a blind fit of rage, though that’s rare if the dragonborn male is a power type.”

“Wait… said that they are protective of their significant other?”

“Oh yes, very.”

He could feel his heart race at the information and his cheeks to turn a bright red. The whole thing that happened with Leviathan….Kacchan...was trying to protect him, which is why he got so upset earlier before he left. Not only that, but the reason he was so protective, was because he saw him as a significant other.

Izuku could feel his hands grow sweaty and shaky the more he thought about it, and suddenly it all made so much sense to him.

“So….Kacchan….is in love with me…?”

“It’s a possibility Izuku…”

The page looked to his mother and quickly stood, rushing over and wrapping his arms around her, finding the tears to come down his cheeks and his breath to hitch in hiccups. He felt like such an idiot, the biggest idiot to ever exist in all the history of idiocy.

“Oh mom...I messed up...I messed up big time...I’m such an idiot mom…”

“Oh now now Izuku….it’s alright….” Inko softly said, wrapping her arms around the male and gently petting his unruly blackish green hair. “I think the best thing for you to to go to him and apologize for the trouble you’ve caused…”


“Izuku….you should know better than anyone, that taking responsibility for your actions, is the way to becoming a true knight that protects its people. Isn’t that what you’ve always firmly believed in from your role model, All-Might?”

With a heavy sigh, Izuku slowly wiped the tears away with his sleeve before nodding in agreement. What his mother said was right. If he wanted to become a true knight, like All-might, then he needed to step up, and take responsibility if any of the faults were his. Though he’ll have to do a lot of ass kissing to get Bakugou’s forgiveness, he was willing to do whatever it takes to earn it.

With a single kiss on his mother’s cheek, Izuku took his leave with a contented “Thank you mom…” before leaving to make his way back to Bakugou.

 Bakugou sighed heavily in annoyance, wondering if the advice that he had received from his friends would really be all that helpful. Thinking back on it...probably not.


“Okay, listen. They love it when you give them honesty. And so long as you’re honest, then you won’t fuck it up. I mean, you don’t need to fuck everything up anymore than you already have, just don’t fuck it up!” Kirishima shouted, grabbing Bakugou by the shoulders and giving him a couple shakes before having his hands slapped away from his shoulders.

“Alright alright! I get it!”

The king then looked to Denki who gave the king a grin.

“Be smooth, suave, and cool~ They love it when a guy acts all cool, and...manly and stuff. And it’s always important to give them that dashing smirk, ya know, the crazy love hawk that makes the ladies swoon. Come on, lemme see the smile~!”

With Bakugou shakingly giving Denki his best smile, he instantly frowned with annoyance when said male did a quick flinch back as soon as he saw it.

“Woah….uh...don’t frighten the guy. Jesus.”

“Oh well so~rry for not smiling in years!!!”

Mina patted the king on the shoulder and smiled her little gleeful smile; growing ever so excited to be giving Bakugou her piece of advice.

“Physical affection. It’s all about showing how much you love them through physical affection! Just hold that sweet boy in your arms and he’s all yours!!”

“Isn’t that something you want?”

“Hey!! A girl can dream!!”

“And besides shit hair…” Bakugou began, looking to Kirishima with a small frown. “Perhaps you should take your own advice..”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“Don’t think I haven’t seen the way you’ve been staring at Min-”



Looking back at Kirishima’s reaction to almost spilling his secret did make him chuckle a bit and feel a little better about the situation, but even then, he was still nervous as hell to find Izuku and apologize for the things he’s said. He will admit that what he said was really uncalled for and something that neither wanted, and he was an idiot for saying those things just to try and win an argument over something so stupid as Izuku trying to do the right thing.

With the hood of his robe pulled over his head, he stepped out of the shadows of the trees and quickly made way through the village to look for the page boy, unbeknownst to him, that a certain prince was within the busy village market, waiting for his arrival with a plan in mind.

Chapter Text

The page stepped into the holy church, the sun shimmering through the colors of the stained glass that shined over the holy cross, standing tall and proud upon the altar. A small, crystal rosary was kept wound around his hand and held close to his chest as he stepped down the altar; green eyes glancing left and right at the believers that prayed for their God. A young man even asked for God to give him the strength and knowledge to pass his upcoming exam to become an official crusader in training. It made him smile a little to have his faith in God, yet his smile turned into a frown once he heard a young wizard in training ask God for wealth, and fame to shine down on his name.

What was Izuku to expect from these people? Some have virtuous wishes, but most wishes were out of the selfishness of their greed, and that’s what almost brought heat to his frustration.

He came to the church to ask for guidance, for he knew that he was straying from the path of humanity to follow the trail that the dragon king walked on, and it scared him when he had no idea of what to do in a given situation.

Izuku didn’t sit down on any of the pews, nor did he sit next to a person in prayer, for he knew better than to disturb them during their time of prayer. Instead, he stood before the altar and dropped to his right knee, slowly dipping two fingers into a cup filled with holy water and using the wet fingers to press the moisture to his forehead, his shoulders, his lower abdomen and finally pressing those fingers to his lips before holding the rosary close to his nose. He lowered his head, took a deep breath, and tried so hard to think of what he wanted to pray for.

He wanted to beg for forgiveness, to beg for any way to repent for the sin he has committed, but those thoughts wouldn’t come. If anything, all he could think about, was everything there was to know about Bakugou. Was he really so much of a bad person that even God would abandon?

Who knows.

Even so, it made him feel as if he had done something wrong and it was as if he couldn’t bring the strength to beg for forgiveness.


His struggle to pray was cut short when he heard such a familiar voice, and he looked over his shoulder towards the very sound. Though he was currently stressed, he found some of the anxiety to be leaving him when he found his friend, who was training to become a priest, Iida. It was actually very nice to see one of his friends again, after everything that’s happened in the past 3 months.

“Hey’s great to see you..” he said, standing from where he was, and giving him a tiny smile. “Actually, it’s more than great...I kind of need your help…”

“My help?”

“Yeah….I...can’t seem to pray like I normally’s like something is holding me back from asking for forgiveness..”

Iida grew a small frown, feeling a little worried to be hearing a believer struggling to pray. He hasn’t practice on how to deal with such a situation yet, and it made him grow rather stiff and anxious on what to do.

“Perhaps...a...confession might help with your brother might be willing to speak with you if you’re willing…”

A confessional was what Izuku had always felt so nervous about. He would always be so scared of any hint of judgement, and would often times pray his sins away. But something like this, was probably what he needed to speak about in a confessional. After all, a possible sin this big, couldn’t possibly be forgiven by prayer alone. So with Iida leading Izuku to the private rooms of the confessional, Izuku slowly sat down upon the provided chair and noticed a silhouette of a person to his right.

It was Iida’s older brother, who became an official priest 2 years ago and was currently working to become the prime minister.

His hands were shaking, and his breaths were shallow, yet he did his best remain calm.

“....f..forgive me...f..father….” he began, his voice coming out in shaky, low breaths. “F..For...I…..ha..ave...sinned…”

He could already feel the tears bubbling in the corners of his eyes; the fear in him growing stronger by the minute, and the trembling shakes of his body growing worse.

“Speak of your sin my child…” the silhouette said, the tone remaining peaceful and understanding.

This, was the most difficult thing he had ever experienced during his time with the church. Yes, he was a firm believer of God, much like the others within his village. However, confessing his sin wasn’t the difficult part that made him hesitate in his words, it was actually the response.

Much like how Izuku had faced his trial with Leviathan, this was his own trial of whether or not he could trust God.

Depending on the answer, he might have to give up his firm beliefs to be completely happy with the dragon king, who has taught him how the world was much more cruel than what he has ever dealt with in his life.

“...well...I seem to have fallen…”

“Fallen you say?”

“Yes…” Izuku kept his hands closely held together, strengthening his hold on them, before he continued. “I’ve fallen…..fallen very deeply……...for another man.”

There was nothing but silence for a few seconds, that to him, felt like a very short eternity. The tremors in his body grew worse, and his breath remained in shallow silence. What will God think? What will He say? Is there hope that these feelings can be redeemed or looked the other way? The answer has yet to be spoken and it made him scared to hear what God could be thinking through the lips of the priest next door.

“Hmm…” the shadow hummed, earning Izuku’s attention as he turned his green eyes towards the small, lightened window. “No worries my child...for I have the answer you seek from God.”

Izuku could almost feel the relief wash over him, yet that relief was short lived with what came next.

“Do not fall victim to the pleasure of the flesh.”

His breath hitched; unaware of the fact that he was now holding it in.

“Place the heavenly father within the center of your life, falling victim to lust is one of the most sinful things a man could fall into, whether it’d be for a woman, or in your case, another man.”

No….this..this isn’t...what he wanted to hear. How could God possibly mistaken his love as lust? Or maybe it was he who was mistaken and it turns out that his love was actually lust.

“You must-”

“STOP! I DON’T WANT TO HEAR ANYMORE!!” Izuku screamed, crashing the door open and rushing out of the church, never minding the stares he received when he rushed out the large wooden doors.

It was then that once he ran out those doors and rushed away from the holy building, he no longer cared for his beliefs. If even God was going to reject his feelings and take them as lustful and unholy thoughts, then what was the point in staying when even He couldn’t understand what he felt. He could feel those same tears leaving his eyes, but this time, they were tears of frustration instead of fear.

Perhaps this is what Kacchan had felt when he was exiled from home and was judged all his childhood for what he was.

And perhaps they weren’t so different after all.

 The market was busy as it usually was, but something felt off, like setting foot into another territory wasn’t as much of a good idea as he thought it was.

No one was staring at him, in fact, there were plenty of bystanders who just did their own thing, looking through the stalls and making deals in buying goods. Even so, he felt a pair of eyes on him that watched his every move. The only thing making this situation unsettling, was the fact that he couldn’t sense where those pairs of eyes were. He stopped in his walk and stayed perfectly still. Nobody seemed to mind the stranger that stood in the middle of the market, for they just simply walked around him and carried on, yet his red eyes slowly glanced to the left of him and he found his suspicions to be told correct.

It was that half and half prince again---leaning against the stone wall next to the king’s wanted poster with his arms crossed and his mismatched eyes locked on to him.

“....what’s your deal….?” Bakugou growled out in a low voice watching Todoroki make his way to him for both of them to be standing face to face. Nobody seemed to mind, nor care that the Prince was out and about, but that was fine with him, he was never one for dramatic entrances like his father anyways.

“Nothing too much, for you see, I was hoping to catch you out here to negotiate with you.”

“Negotiate huh? The hell would a prince like you want from me?”

They kept their glaring eyes on one another, neither caring the very few stares they were now getting from the other commoners around them. There were a few people who were beginning to notice the prince’s presence in the local market, yet they were confused on who the prince was confronting. They whispered amongst each other, deciding to stay far away from it incase something were to happen.

“I think you know exactly what I want.”

“Oh I do, I just want to hear you say it, you half and half bastard,” Bakugou growled, growing more and more angry the longer he stared at Todoroki. He knew this guy smelled trouble.

“Alright, if you so insist. What I want, is Midoriya.”

The king found himself frozen where he stood, his blood growing extremely hot, and his anger now to the point of boiling. Even though he knew damn well what Todoroki was going to say, somehow it still surprised him, in an angering way, that another person was after the page boy he fell so hard for. He clenched his hands tightly, trying to contain the anger as to not reveal his identity to the human beings, for he knew that they would react the same way as they did to his family years ago, and it only made him clench his teeth onto his lip as to keep his mind distracted from what he didn’t want to remember.

“What could you possibly want with Deku…?”

“Deku huh..? That’s an interesting name to give to an angel…”

“Hah. You must be deluding yourself if you’re here calling Deku as some kind of person that’s to the heights of God.”

“I find it very ironic how someone as lowly as you would know anything about God.”

This bastard.

It was clear to the king that this haughty prince was testing him. He was pushing buttons as if trying to figure out what could make him explode, and Bakugou had to remind himself that he was better than that, that he was better than to let his anger take control of him because of some petty little words. And yet, even with these little reminders, something inside of him was telling him to do something about this cocky little prince who thought that he could just walk right in and try to take his Deku away.

“Tch. Whatever. Anyways, what the hell do you want with Deku? As far as I know, he doesn’t even know that you’re in pursuit of him.”

“On the contrary, I asked for his hand in marriage earlier this morning…”

The world had stopped, and had grown silent, Bakugou left in short of words and his widened eyes spoke the truth of how he currently felt being told this information. It was then that it clicked. Izuku wanted to see Leviathan, purposefully made Leviathan reject him, so that way he would have an excuse to go home to see the prince because he accepted his proposal. This couldn’t be happening, this couldn’t possibly be happening, there’s no way that this was happening, and if it was happening, then it was clear that God was punishing him as well.

He always remembered his mother teaching him that he can’t always get what he wanted, but losing Izuku was one of the things he refused to let go.

“....what was his answer…?”

“He left me with an ‘I’ll think about it’, nothing more.”

“I see...and here you are confronting me about it.”

“Precisely. I find it shocking how perceptive you are, despite having the mind of a nentherdal.”


Bakugou froze once he quickly realized that he raised his voice, and his eyes looked both left and right to find there were more people who were staring at the confrontation that was happening in the middle of the market. He’ll have to tread much more carefully once this conversation ends...that is...if it ends well.

This negotiation was beginning to turn into a demand, and since the king understood that he was pinned to a corner like this, it angered him how the Prince had planned this out from the start, just so he could get what he wanted.

“I’d be careful…” Todoroki warned, glancing around the area they stood. “Surely you remember that you’re a wanted man, right…? And you know there are plenty of people that are willing to capture or kill you for the reward, so, I would suggest that you tone yourself down…”

“...tch..who are you to tell me what to do…”

“I’m sorry, perhaps I should rephrase what I just said,” Todoroki crossed his arms, his eyes glaring holes into Bakugou. “You will behave accordingly, or I will have no choice but to reveal your identity, does that help your slow process? Don’t forget that you’re no longer in your territory, you’re in mine, anything you do or say, will cause severe consequences. I suggest you think over your options carefully.”

Bakugou could just feel the blood beginning to seep into his grip from how tightly he was clenching his fists, and he even began grinding his teeth to disway the anger that was on the very brink of boiling over the top. Though Todoroki did have a very good point about him being a wanted man and was constantly hunted for his bounty, Todoroki was just pressing all kinds of buttons that could get him past the breaking point. Perhaps that’s the idea the prince was going for, and he was pressing those buttons on purpose.

He had been working hard to improve on his anger ever since Izuku had shown up bloodied and beaten during his battle with a few dumb crusaders.

While he has managed to calm his anger for the most part, he regretted letting his own anger get the better of him. He let his anger control his words, which in turn, gave Izuku a reason to leave. And now all of a sudden, Todoroki shows up, demanding to have Izuku just so he could marry him.

The king didn’t know what made him angrier:

His own anger that started this mess.

Or Todoroki having the audacity to demand for Izuku’s release while also using a public setting and his current situation to the humans as a way to pin him to a corner, to where he had no choice but to agree to his demands.

“I can’t believe you…..who in the hell do you think you are…...trying to force Izuku to marry you when he never gave you a straight answer. It still gives me hope that he’ll come to me instead of you,” Bakugou said, his fear turning into determination, as he glared holes back into the prince who was taken aback by his resistance. “Just because he said he’ll think about it, doesn’t mean that he gave you a ‘yes’. Perhaps he has a reason, and perhaps that reason is me.”

The more Bakugou spoke, the more the king grew confident. He started to feel like a cocky little shit watching Todoroki look to him in awe, and he even found a smirk to grow on his lips.

“Sorry, your highney, but he doesn’t belong to you. Not while I’m still standing and ready to kick your spoiled ass.”

Todoroki remained frozen in awe for a moment, before slowly growing a tiny grin and chuckling, keeping his laughter low so only Bakugou could hear him. The chuckling left the king in a state of confusion before growing aggravated. What in the hell could possibly be so goddamn funny?

“Ah, you really are a nentherdal aren’t you..?” Todoroki asked, calming down his chuckle fit and keeping his smug grin. “Do you really think you have such rights to win Midoriya’s heart?”


“I’m quite amazed at your level of stupidity. Don’t forget what you are Katsuki Bakugou. To this village, you’re nothing but a monster, and we both know how this village would react if they ever saw your face here again. Why would they react such a way? Because you’re nothing but a monster...just like your parents.”

It’s one thing to disrespect him, but it’s another thing to disrespect his parents, his humanity, and questioning the love he held towards Izuku. To which, Bakugou’s patience instantly snapped the moment Todoroki mentioned his parents, and the anger he felt took control of his body.

“YOU BASTARD!!!!” He screamed, the swing of his crackling punch causing the hood to fall off his head, and he watched as Todoroki fell to the ground and started screaming in terror without the punch having landed on his cheek.

“MONSTER!!” The prince screamed, keeping his “feared” eyes locked on Bakugou as so did the other villagers who gasped as they saw Bakugou’s face once again. Nobody thought they would see the savage dragon king here in the village.

“IT’S THE DRAGON KING!!!” Todoroki continued to shriek, his ears picking up the sounds of several brave villagers beginning to grow aggressive in their words and a few holding up pitchforks.




The crowd that began to surround them screamed in earnest agreement as a couple of burly men quickly grabbed Todoroki and pulled him away from Bakugou to some place safe. He watched as the blonde struggled; several people were holding him down, and the sight alone made him grow a tiny smirk on his lips. Wordlessly, he left the scene, deciding to leave the rest to the villagers, for his work there was done.

As Bakugou continued to scream and struggle in the strong grip, his eyes widened in fear when he felt his head being forcibly still and a muzzle being strapped to the back of his head. He only continued to scream through the muzzle, the tears leaving his eyes in heavy drops as this was almost the exact same situation he saw, where his mother was muzzled during their trip to the market, with his mother shrieking at him to run and get his father. He couldn’t believe that the same situation was happening to him, and he oddly felt that very connection with his mother from the fear she felt.

‘So this is how you…..I shouldn’t have left you to feel that fear all by yourself…’

The tears grew worse, as he was being tied up to a thick steak of wood with heavy iron shackles. It was odd for him to feel so connected to his mother in this situation, but in that instant, he felt to give up the resistance and to just let this all happen, let the villagers do as they please. After all, what would be the point in continuing onward if Izuku was happy with someone else and his dragons would be fine with or without him around? They had Leviathan right? So then, what’s the point in everything? Of course there was his friends, but they’d also do much better without him around, he was sure of it.

He slowly let his body grow limp, and closed his eyes; taking the heavy beatings of the rocks being thrown at him and the harsh words that were screamed at him from the villagers.



The villagers screamed in unison at the choice of punishment, and Bakugou didn’t resist, instead, he just looked to the man who lit a torch on fire, and started making his way to the entrapped dragonborn.

‘So...this is how it all ends huh…?’ Bakugou thought, chuckling lightly to himself. ‘Well….I suppose it’s better this was all fun while it lasted…’

His ears slowly blocked out the screams of the villagers, and he instead continued to silently let the tears flow with his head held down.

‘....Izuku…..take care….’


Red eyes widened at the sound of the familiar voice, and he quickly turned to find the page boy, running straight for him with a dagger in hand. He was running with all his might and when he reached to the steak, Izuku threatened the man with the torch with his dagger, watching him quickly get back before working quickly on the iron chains.




“Come on!” Izuku shouted, grabbing Bakugou’s free wrist before running straight for the forest, knowing that they wouldn’t be able to reach to them once they crossed a certain boundary between the dragons territory and the village. He didn’t stop running, nor did Bakugou. If anything, he just followed with wide eyes at the fact that Izuku had saved him from being killed by those villagers and even quickly ran back into his own territory with him. Everything had happened so fast that he didn’t realize how they already crossed the border until they saw Deathfire, who quickly came by due to her sense of Bakugou in trouble.

Without much delay, both boys quickly got on Deathfire when the female offered her back for a ride, and they quickly made their way up into the sky, back to Bakugou’s home.

During the ride, Izuku quickly cut the muzzle off of Bakugou’s face with the use of the dagger and tossed it over the edge before quickly wrapping his arms around the other in a tight embrace.

Izuku was letting out his tiny sniffles and was trying so hard to contain the tears, but goddammit, he almost lost his friend...his only friend, and the person whom he now considered as a romantic interest. While normally Bakugou would be the strong one and let Izuku cry his little heart out, he found that he could no longer contain the tears himself and he quickly wrapped his strong arms around the page almost desperately, his lips quivering, and finally, letting it all out.

His sobs nearly screaming, yet he contained his volume for the sake of Izuku’s ears

Both boys began to let out their sobs in unison, and the sets of tears were shed for different reasons. Even so, a part of them was glad that Bakugou was still alive, and just so glad to be reunited again. While the situation was not what Bakugou had pictured in his mind, he no longer cared, he was just so glad to hold Izuku in his arms and to share tears with him. Meanwhile, Izuku sobbed as well, but was shocked to see the dragon king cry for the first time. Those tears, were a sign to him that he was a human being, with a heart as pure as gold and it made him feel this swell of happiness to know that Bakugou trusted him in sharing their sobs together.

Their sobbing fit soon stopped once Deathfire landed them in front of Bakugou’s home, their hands held together during their trip inside, while Deathfire flew back out to the nesting grounds, where her newly hatched baby will be waiting for her.

The males remained silent for a long period of time; their hands still being held together as they sat side by side on his bed. What was there to even say? Who will apologize first? Who will do what? Their minds raced with all sorts of questions, and without much thought, they quickly looked to each other in almost perfect timing.

“Deku I-”


They stopped for a moment before lightly chortling at their little predicament. Something was in the air, and they could feel it. It did mix well with awkwardness, but after they both attempted to say something at the same time, it just made the air around them all the more lighter.

“You go first…” Izuku said, chortling a bit in his words.

“ go first..” Bakugou replied, chuckling as well and watching the blush begin to form on Izuku’s freckled cheeks. How he loved the way the pink looked on his face, and how he wished that pink could remain there for a long while.

“Alright….well...Kacchan….I’m..really sorry..”


“I shouldn’t have disobeyed you like that..I should’ve..realized that you only set those rules down because you were trying to protect me...and...I later learned that...sometimes the best intentions..aren’t always the right thing to do…”

Bakugou was awestruck of Izuku admitting his faults. It was actually rare for a normal human being to admit such things, and it just really made the king happy to see that very difference he loved so much about the page boy.

“I’m sorry too…..I shouldn’t have said all those words….I was just...really scared,” he began, looking away with a blushy tint growing on his cheeks that were beginning to match Izuku’s. “I...I was just…..scared that..I almost lost you…”

“But why…? I’m just a simple human…”

Izuku knew exactly why Bakugou was so worried for his safety, but being the little bugger that he was, he just wanted to hear Bakugou admit those words. He wanted to hear those words straight from the heart, he wanted to hear his truthful feelings to him, and maybe ask him to stay with him, like he did in that beautiful dream he remembered having all the time. His green eyes glanced towards the sun that was setting over the horizon, and he couldn’t help but note how beautiful the king looked. The sun accented the small beads of sweat from the running they endured, the shimmer of his red eyes, and the soft highlights of his blonde hair.

Yet he watched Bakugou sigh, with a look that appeared to be a sign of him struggling with the words in his head. It was clear that there was a lot that he wanted to say, yet Izuku only smiled, willing to be patient. The patience will be worth it once he heard those very words.


“You’re...more than that to me..”

“What do you mean?”

“Well it’s just….I mean….fo….for the longest time I’ve…”

There was a sunset, much like what the fortune teller said, and he knew that he could do this. Now was the time to swallow his fear and to say it. The teller did say that his love will be requited on a sunset, and now was the time.


“For the longest time I’ve...thought of you as something more...something more than just..a friend.”

“And..what might that be..Kacchan..?”

“It’s the fact that I….well...I...I mean…” Bakugou began to stutter in his words, his cheeks growing redder than the color of his eyes as he slowly laced their fingers together as his bold move to get his point across. “I..I mean well...I...I just….k-kinda...saw you as…..well...a….a lover…”

He finally said it, and he couldn’t help but flinch and squint his eyes when he saw Izuku lean in, but the tension instantly lowered and his eyes grew wider than dinner plates when he felt lips press to his cheek in a soft kiss. He looked to the page, flabbergasted of the sudden kiss, and watched Izuku take his hand away before slipping the gloves off of him. With his hands now bare, he slowly laced their fingers together once again and used the other hand to cup Bakugou’s cheek. The actions alone were a lot to process for him, and he couldn’t help but feel himself grow ever so flustered of what was happening.

It was happening so fast that it was becoming difficult for him to process at all.


Izuku blushed red and grew a shy smile, his green eyes glancing down at the floor before slowly looking that beautiful red he had grown to adore.

“I...feel the same way...Kacchan…”

Before Bakugou could retort, his words were cut short when lips were pressed against his in a sweet yet searing kiss that left him staggering and his speed of mental processing had shut down. Without much of a thought, the king wrapped his arms around Izuku’s waist and pressed his lips back to return the kiss, his heart racing, his cheeks red, and his happiness soaring through the high heavens. If he could flip Todoroki the bird right now, he so would. But instead, he lived in this moment.

Finally…..finally….his love was returned, and even better was that Izuku had initiated their first kiss, which made him all the more happy to know that he truly did like him back.

This was probably the best day of his life. Even when it started out terrible, it ended amazingly, and he wouldn’t have this day any other way.


End of Arc 1

Chapter Text

It was crazy how fast a month can pass by, but for the two of them, it felt like a beginning. The summers were starting to get little cooler in temperature, colors were changing, and the world around them was turning slowly. The world however, no longer mattered, nor did the thought of stealing matter either. They released laughter of excitement when they stole fleeces and fluffy blankets from a couple stalls in the market. When they were discovered, they ran back with the blankets held close in one hand, and their other free hands held together the entire sprint back home. That night, they happily slept in comfort, with bodies pressed together for cozy warmth underneath the fluff of the blankets when they started sharing the bed.

Even after Izuku had started to live with Bakugou and move into his home, Izuku had started sprucing the place up, giving the stone home decor by use of flowers around the area, much to Bakugou’s displeasure. Even so, the king will admit that it gave the home a very sweet aroma, but he’ll never say it out loud since he always preferred coming home to his masculine musk.

Hey, dragons like to mark their territory with their scent. Can you blame him?

And now the sun was peeking over the horizon, bringing its light into the once dark room and the birds chirping their little songs. There were no winds to draft in through the window, which didn’t give Bakugou an excuse to have Izuku snuggle up a bit closer to him. With one red eye slowly peeking down at the sleeping page boy, he grew a tiny smile at the sight of how peaceful he looked and pulled him much closer to him, their bare bodies touching one another, and not minding the clothes that were loosely strayed along the floor. Much to Bakugou’s disappointment, they didn’t do anything remotely sexual that night, with the use of their undergarments being the only thing in the way. But he knew that day will soon come eventually, and the wait would be well worth it, much like finally becoming this romance with Izuku. Something that he had for so many years, yearned for.

He counted the small freckles along his cheeks and shoulders; fingers tracing the outline of Izuku’s discreet curves and his ears picking up the delightful sound of the male’s soft and slow breaths. The king was very tempted to just lean down and kiss the very stars on his olive skin and the sweet lips that were partially parted and pink in color.

“Izuku…” he softly called him by his name.

It was one of those rare times where he would actually call said male by his real name instead of the usual nickname they agreed upon: ‘Deku’. But calling him his actual name while he was conscious was something he will always be way too hesitant to do. After all, they weren’t exactly on first name basis yet. At least...he didn’t think so.

Even so, he was more than happy to wake up before his beloved, and watch Izuku sleeping next to him so soundly in his bed. It was always such a view to behold each and every morning. If he could stare for hours on end, he would choose to do so before both would get up and start off their day. But what did make him a little worried, was the fact that there was still a gap on when he should ask Izuku for his hand and offer the betrothal necklace that he put together. However, he had begun to think about remaking the necklace for the third time, and wondered if the necklace that was remade now, would be a proper display of everlasting love and loyalty.

Not because it was falling apart, but because the flowers were wilting, and there was no way in hell he was going to give Izuku some necklace with rotting flowers. What in the hell kind of fiance would give his own bride-to-be a shitty ass necklace? Seems like he’ll have to find something else that will give the page boy a resemblance of the shine he always had about him.

While he thought about it, he remembered that there were some crystal caves around the area, and perhaps putting crystals upon the necklace would be a perfect replacement. He’ll have to remember to ask for Kirishima’s help whenever he does decide to travel, maybe bring Denki along if he’s not being too fucking annoying.


Bakugou quickly brought his attention back to Izuku, who breathed in through his nose as he turned his back towards the king, releasing all the air he held once he was comfortable on his side.

‘God he’s so fucking cute…’

Bakugou grew a mischievous little grin and slowly wrapped one of his strong arms around the other’s waist, snaking his other arm underneath the page’s shoulder and pulled him close. His lips peppered loving kisses along his neck, his jaw, and his cheek, earning little tired giggles from Izuku, who was already waking up after turning over his side.

“M..Mmh...hmhmhm~ Kacchaaannnn…” Izuku whined, trying his best to push Bakugou’s lips away, but to no avail. “Five more minutes…”

“No no’s time to wake up nerd..~”

“Mmm..I don’t want to wake up just yet...I want us to stay in bed a little longer..”

“Sorry babe, but I got some things to do, and I want you up and at em~”

Izuku smiled and let out a tired laugh as Bakugou continued to shower Izuku with the kisses as he was doing previously; both bodies squirming for control and laughter filling the room when they tousled about on the bed, Bakugou seeming to win due to the overpowering strength he had over Izuku, but the page refused to give up. If anything, he tried with all his might to shove Bakugou off, but in the end, the king had won by pinning him down. They soon melted into each other once more, Bakugou clinging on to Izuku.

“You’re like a koala bear~!”

“A wha?”

“It’s a species..~”

“Oh yeah~?’re like an orc..~”

“An orc?” Izuku asked, looking to Bakugou confused.

“Yeah, cause ya smell like ass. You need a bath babe~”

The embarrassed pout Bakugou earned brought the king to a hearty laughter as the page quickly stood from the bed and nervously covered his bare form with the clothes his mother had given him on his previous visit; cheeks glowing red and green eyes looking downcasted to the floor. The king could see he was truly embarrassed and as his apology, he gently pulled Izuku back in by the waist and pressed a kiss above his naval---smirking once he felt a shiver rush up and down Izuku’s back.

Red connected to green, giving Izuku the reminder of how much he adored that very red. The very red he used to see in his dreams, and his lips curled into a faint smile when he remembered.

They pressed their lips together in a mutual kiss, and allowed the kiss to sit for a good second before pulling away with a quiet smack.


“Hm? What?”

“I never got to tell ya this...but uh...good morning…” Bakugou said, glancing to the floor as it was his turn to feel embarrassed.

Yet Izuku neverminded. If anything, he smiled at the fact that the dragon king himself, was actually trying to be the very suitable boyfriend, with very little experience on anything that was romantic. But then again, Izuku wasn’t very informative on anything that was romantic either, he only knew about romance through the fairy tales his mother read to him, and even now he understood how unrealistic they were, just by the very experience he was feeling. With Bakugou, it felt so much more than what the stories had told.

They easily told what love is, and what kind of love it was.

But Izuku found love to be indescribable, and to this day, still wonders what kind of love him and the dragon king shared in this very life.

“Good morning Kacchan..” he replied back, pressing another kiss to his lips, his toes reaching to the tips just so their lips could press fully.

When they pulled away again, both could only smile and press their foreheads together. They kept their eyes connected, and their smiles never faded. If anything, they only let out a tiny bit of laughter that gave them the reality to know that this was real, that this love affair was actually happening, and they were really excited for what was to possibly come in the near future. While Izuku had so many possibilities in mind, Bakugou was already thinking of marriage, and even started thinking of the abandoned chapel that was around the area. While he wanted the marriage to happen now, he knew that he’ll have to wait for Izuku, and that his patience will be rewarded in due time. He was comfortable with the way things are now anyways, and he knew that the happiest day of their lives will come when the timing is right and everything has been properly planned.

He does want that day to be perfect after all.

Not just for himself, but for Izuku as well.

“Well, I’m going to go bathe off the smell Kacchan..”

“You do that babe…”

Without missing a beat, they pressed their lips together in a chaste kiss once more, before Izuku gathered up the rest of his clothes and started making his way to the small bath that was close to Bakugou’s house. Bakugou meanwhile, smiled in content as he watched Izuku’s back.

He would always hate seeing Izuku leave, but he loved watching him go.

“Come on dude! I’m being serious!”

“Yeah yeah man…”

And there Kaminari went with his usual schpeal about finding some girl during his morning walk through the thick forests, when Kirishima knew damn well that it was next to impossible to find another human or humanoid female. And even if that were to be the case, it was most likely a human girl from the village, who already had her heart taken by another man, and thought much like the rest of the other humans.

“Look dude, I’m not joking when I say that-”

“Oi, what the fuck is he going on about this time?” Bakugou asked, stepping over towards the two boys with his hands kept in his pant pockets.

Kirishima looked over towards the male with a growing grin, pointing his thumb back towards Kaminari who was pouting at being interrupted, or maybe it was the fact that he was being ignored, whichever pissed him off more.

“This guy here is saying he found some girl out in the thickets and talking all sorts of stuff about how she’s the one for him and stuff.”

“Is that right?”

“Aw come on guys! I’m not screwing around!”

“Whatever, anyways, I kinda need help with something, and you two seem perfect for the job, you guys up for it?”

Not even a second has passed before Kirishima readily agreed, Kaminari nervously following after. The hesitance usually came from the idea that something bad would always happen every time he would go on these little adventures with Kirishima and Bakugou. They may be good friends, but good friends were typically trouble makers, and good god they were the epitome of trouble making. Yet despite his anxiety telling him not to follow, he followed anyways.

Kaminari hated being alone, and he didn’t know where Mina ran off to, so he decided that coming with the king and his best friend would be a much better option.

“So, Bakugou, what exactly do you need our help with?” Kirishima asked curiously, looking to Bakugou who stared straight ahead to where one of the crystal caves could be.

“I need help harvesting a few crystals.”

“Crystals huh? But why crystals?”

Bakugou’s cheeks slowly flushed a bright red and he kept his lips kept shut in a pout. Like hell was he gonna admit the reason, but by the look on Kirishima’s face, he had figured it out, and it annoyed him.

“Come on dude, ya don’t have to be so embarrassed to say you’re doing this for yer little boyfriend~”

“H-He’s not my boyfriend!!”

“That’s not what I’ve been seeing~”


Kirishima bursted into laughter and quickly rushed ahead of the blonde, laughing even harder at how flustered Bakugou was acting and was following after the shapeshifter while shouting out profanities and very light hearted death threats; Kaminari growing more anxious as he tried his best to follow the boys close behind.

“H-Hey! Wait for me you guys!”


The trek to one of the nearby crystal caves was a long one, but at least they finally made it. The sun that was high in the sky provided some passage of light, but considering how the crystals were located in the deeper parts of the cave that the sun couldn’t shine in, they’ll have to travel a little further to get exactly what the king was looking for. When the group of boys started their way in the cave, Kirishima instantly knew what to do, and shapeshifted his arm into a fire nymph-like arm; a beautiful red orange flame dancing in the palm of his hand to provide the light they needed to walk into the deep depths of the pitch black darkness.

Kaminari was shaking and looking around the area. He was really spooked of how chilly and silent the cave was, and he wondered why the other two weren’t as scared of this place as he was. Especially when Bakugou gave a warning that there might be a dangerous creature living in any of these crystal caves to protect them from trespassers.

“C-Can we just grab the crystals and get out of here…?” Kaminari nervously requested, looking around and quickly catching up to the two when he realized he was lagging behind.

“Quit being a pussy,” Bakugou grumbled, kneeling down and noticing the juvenile crystals that were beginning to grow near his feet. “We’re getting close. They should be up ahead.”

“Alright! You go find those crystals dude!”

“I can’t when you’re not providing me enough light you idiot.”

“Oh yeah,” Kirishima laughed before following close behind the king, giving him enough light. He looked around in amazement as the crystals slowly began to grow and multiply in numbers the deeper they tread.

Finally, Bakugou stopped and smiled in satisfaction at the sight of the many crystals that shimmered and shined in Kirishima’s fire lit hand.

The crystals ranged in a rainbow of colors. Most of them holding a turquoise color, but some holding pinks, yellows, and blues. And with the idea Bakugou had in mind for the necklace, he instantly began scouring high and low for the perfect three crystals he could attach to the necklace to replace the dying flowers. So far, finding the perfect crystals were beginning to seem fruitless. Some were cracked, some were too big or too small, or they weren’t the color he was looking for.

“Hey, I’m gonna need a lil more light.”

“Coming right up!” Kirishima happily exclaimed as he made the flame on his palm grow in size to bring in more light.

But before anyone could realize it, the three boys came face to face with a three headed panther. It’s size towering over Bakugou, Kirishima, and a shaking Kaminari, who looked about ready to piss himself when it let out its threatening roar on them.

Yet Bakugou was unfazed. If anything, he sighed in annoyance, looked to the two males, who quickly covered their ears.

This sort of who could be more intimidating contest has become a bore for Bakugou, he still wanted to make his standing known to this creature by taking a silent breath, and letting out his dragon roar that made the crystals in the cave shake in a tremor. The echo of his roar went both ways out the exit, and echoing in the deeper parts of the cave that faded very slowly. With the panther hiding its tail between its legs and letting out scared whimpers, it quickly turned around and rushed into the deeper parts of the cave, leaving the three boys alone.

“Woah! That was awesome Bakugou!!” Kirishima cheered, earning a shrug from said blonde.

“Meh, it was nothin.”

It didn’t take long for Bakugou to find the very perfect crystals he had been searching for, and had Kirishima use his free hand to drill the crystals out of the ground, and had Kaminari use very little of his electricity to give them their polish. It made Bakugou feel very content to see how beautiful they became, and found they were very perfect for the necklace he was going for. It made him remember the way his mother had a necklace glowing with gemstones, and a couple of pearly white teeth, and it was the necklace his father made her when he proposed to her.

Perhaps he was reviving some of the items his parents used to have before they died, but it was mostly for the sake of memories than for mourning.

And now that he had Izuku, what reason would he have to not move forward? Actually, his love for Izuku, was what kept him moving forward, and surely his mom and dad would’ve wanted that for their little boy.

“Looking good guys, lets hurry up and get the fuck outta here.”

With Kaminari feeling very reluctant to leave, he rushed ahead of the two boys and was the first to be outside of the cave, where Bakugou could only chuckle at the sight of Kirishima poking fun at Kaminari for being a scaredy cat.

They may be idiots, but they were his idiotic friends.

And though he had a hard time showing it, he will always care and cherish the friendships he had gained along his path to adulthood.

“Well, I gotta go you guys, I got some business to take care of so, I’ll catch ya later,” Bakugou said in a calm voice, waving as he walked away from the two half breeds, to which, he took the opportunity to hide the little fond smile he had on his face. The walk home did take a bit, but he noticed the little bits of steam that was coming from one of the open windows in his home, and he found himself taken aback when he saw Izuku using the tools provided to cook the food they had also stolen yesterday.

The food seemed like it was on the verge of burning, and Izuku was scrambling about, trying to figure out how to work with some of the things with his cheeks glowing red.

“Need a little help there babe?”

Izuku quickly turned to Bakugou with wide green eyes; completely not expecting him to come back so early.


“Yeah uh….you’re gonna burn my house if you let the meat simmer in that grease for too long…”

With a smile, he walked over to the male and slowly leaned his body upon Izuku’s back, taking his hands, and gently guiding one to use the wooden spatula to flip it over.

“Hmmm...a little burnt...but it’s still pretty decent…”

“Sorry Kacchan..I’ve never exactly cooked before..”

“Well, I’ll watch over the meat babe, you go on ahead and focus on the vegetables. What exactly were you planning to make anyways?”

Izuku blushed and shyly held up a cookbook, the page opened up to curry and rice, and Izuku wanted to try his hand at cooking so that way, him and Bakugou could live by enjoying some decent meals. But it seems as though, Izuku has been failing at following the recipes so far. He kept his eyes locked on the floor to hopefully hide the embarrassment as he was showing the recipe and Bakugou was actually intrigued to try out this dish he had never tried before.

“Curry huh? I don’t think I’ve had that before..”

“Just...kinda craved for it you know? I even got a bag of rice that was plucked and dried from the rice fields…”

“Huh, so natural shit huh? Alright, I can work with that. You handle the vegetables, and I’ll handle the meat alright?”

Izuku nodded and kept his eyes downcasted to the granite floor, feeling a little ashamed that he couldn’t properly prepare the food he wanted to make to surprise the king once he got back. But now, it just felt more like a failed attempt, and he wasn’t so sure if he wanted to practice cooking anymore.

“What’s wrong?”

“I just….kinda wanted to try making something for you when you get back…..but considering how I’ve never cooked a day in my’s kind of difficult and there’s just so many things happening at once….maybe I rushed into these things, but I just wanted to at least have an essential skill in something and not just stand around and do nothing…”

Izuku was left breathless when he was pulled into a sturdy chest by strong arms, and his cheeks flushed a brighter red at the warm feeling that grew fuzzy. It made that feeling of failure instantly go away, and he grew a happy smile at how amazing it was that Bakugou could make him feel this way, no matter the bittersweet happiness, or the sour harshness. Perhaps he really is in love. There was no longer a need to question it all, or to feel conflicted, for it has been finalized since the two of them woke up earlier in the day.

The issues with Todoroki no longer mattered, nor the idea of never seeing his mother again no longer mattered either. All that truly mattered, was being held and loved so sweetly by the very dragon king who was so horribly misjudged all his life.

How could even God ever question this love?

When it was the purest feeling he had ever felt in all his years?

“Don’t worry about it Deku...we’ll work hard to make it happen alright? Ya just gotta keep practicing and all that. And maybe once your cooking doesn’t taste like total shit, I’ll tell you.”

Izuku simply smiled and hummed happily in the very skin of Bakugou’s bare shoulder.

“Yeah...that sounds like a good idea…”