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3AM things (bnha x reader one shots)

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Blood sputtering out of your mouth, you felt a writhing, harrowing pain and clenched your abdomen, slowly feeling the life leak out of your frail, weakening body.

“Ahhh…” you exhaled, a soft, defeated smile coming to your face. “I guess I am pretty stupid, huh?”

You turned your head to look at Shoto, who was now kneeling beside you. If you were to die, you should find something pretty to stare at, right?

The smile was wiped off your face as you gazed upon the silent boy, horror masking his features, tears falling onto his cheeks and dripping down his chin. You weakly reached out to hold his hand in reassurance, letting him know that you didn’t regret jumping in front of him to save his life.

A cough shook your body as the dark red pool around you increased in size. “S-Shoto-kun, why the long face?”

He clenched your hand so hard you thought your weak bones would snap, just like everything in your life. “N-No… Please tell me this isn’t happening… This is a nightmare, right? That’s right… It’s just a nightmare…” he whispered, tears pouring down his cheeks, as he rocked his body back and forth, trying to find a source of comfort. “This can’t be real, right? You’re not dying, are you?”

“Shoto, if anything, I’m more concerned about the fact that you’re crying right now,” you said, as a giggle escaped your lips. Anything to alleviate the blistering pain that made you want to shout out a blood-curdling scream, the swooping nausea that threatened to make you vomit. “Who knew the cold, stoic boy from 1-A was capable of feeling any emotio-”

You coughed violently, blood gushing from your wounds. You knew that you didn’t have much time left before you died from blood loss. “Todo-kun… Don’t be sad, please. Stay strong,” you said, your voice a barely audible mutter.

“NO!” Shoto screamed, his eyes wide in terror. Desperately, he tried to push the blood back as it spread, the wine-red liquid staining his fingers. “M-Make it go back. Stop it,” he said in a monotone voice.

“Shh… It’s okay, Shoto. You won’t remember me in a few years time, anyways,” you soothed him with a bittersweet tone in your voice, rubbing your bloodied fingerprint in circles on the back of his hand. How ironic that you were the one comforting him as you bled to death. 

You felt the dizziness overcome you, and you closed your eyes with a smile on your face. Your love would go unrequited, your ambitions and dreams for the future crushed. But it was worth the price, wasn’t it? The fact that you got to spend a tender moment with your crush, who seemed so high and unattainable from the start. A feeling of warmth spread through your body and you faded away, just another death in this massive, unfeeling world.

Sobs wracked Shoto’s body, ripping his heart apart as he cradled your lifeless body in his arms.

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You felt your chest tighten, wrapping you in a chokehold as you gasped for air, your hazy mind falling apart as you tried to keep your calm.


Why right now?!

The world was sweeping under you as you crumpled into a ball onto the floor, making you want to vomit as you clenched your fists. Hot, wet tears dripped down your chin as you froze, unable to move. 

“[f/n]?!” that familiar voice called out to you, Aizawa’s voice laced with concern and panic that he desperately tried to hide for your sake.

“Aiza…” you barely managed to choke out before falling into darkness.


This wasn’t the first time it happened, right? The first time was your first year in UA, in the empty classroom, the tears brimming over your face and your chest unbearably tight as you stared at your report card, your marks less than satisfactory (rather failing , for that matter.).

But he was there to comfort you, wasn’t he? He was the one who stopped you from wanting to push that razorblade deep into your skin and muscle; he was the one preventing letting the pain overcome you. He was the only one to accept your broken and battered form.

The only one to embrace you and soothe you as the plaguing anxiety crept upon you each and every single day from the stress of your family, your hero work and your own unattainable standards you set for yourself.

And no words could ever express how grateful you were.


“I’m sorry…” you mumbled, pressing your nose into the crook of Aizawa’s neck. “I made you worried, right?”

 His strong arms held you tight as you curled up into his lap, your red and puffy eyes aching from your panic attack. His oh-so-familiar scent of lime and vanilla wafted into the air as his soft raven-black locks tickled your face.

 “Don’t worry about that. Just take it easy, alright?”


After a couple moments of pleasurable silence, you looked up with a smile on your face as you stared into his eyes, which drifted away from yours. A scowl was etched onto his face, but it slowly melted away when you brushed his cheek with your fingerprints.



“If there’s anything on your mind, you know you can tell me, right?”

“S-sorry. Um… I don’t think I’ve had one that bad since then, and I didn’t wanna bother you,” you explained, fiddling with the hem of your shirt, hiccups escaping from your lips. 

“Stop saying sorry,” he said with his eyebrows furrowed. “You know it’s not your fault. And now you have hiccups.”

 You nodded as the hiccups continued on, leaving you giggling.

“Sheesh... “ Aizawa grumbled, a soft smile on his face. “Let’s go get you some water.”

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Twirling around one last time in your off-the shoulder navy blue dress and adjusting your black choker, you smiled at your reflection before walking to the door, where your date awaited. Slipping on your raven black stilettos, you grabbed your black purse before opening the door to a very handsome and angry Bakugo.

His muscular and well-toned body was covered by a well-fit suit with a slightly loose blue tie, his leather shoes polished and practically sparkling, and his pants even pulled up. The only part of him that seemed even remotely similar to his usual self was his ash-blonde, unruly hair and the scowl he wore on his face.

 “Finally, you fuckin’ dumbass! Did you get flushed down the toilet or somet-” His voice faltered, the frown on his face replaced by a look of shock, wonder, and many other things combined. His hungry eyes looked at your figure as you licked your glossed lips cheekily, his face flushed as he tried to conjure up a sentence.

 “You look…” you laughed at his attempt of a compliment, his cheeks burning a ruby red as he continued to gape at you. “Okay.”

 “Hmm? Is that really it, Katsu? Just ‘ okay’? Even though you’re pretty much eyefucking me right now?” you teased, locking the door behind you.

 “You… You…. Fucking….” Katsuki hissed, miniature explosions coming from his palms. The cherry red tint on his face showed no signs of leaving as you slipped your keys into your bag.

 A chuckle escaped your lips as you pressed yourself to his chest, his oh-so-familiar warmth and scent filling you with happiness. “Relax, Katsu. I’m just teasing~ You clean up well, too,” you whispered into his ear.


Stepping out of the elevator, you gaped at your surroundings. The Ginza skyline seemed to glow in the dimly-lit lighting as couples chattered at their tables, slow jazz music softly whispering in the background. “U-um… I wasn’t expecting something this sophisticated, Katsuki…”

 A smirk crept upon his face as he wrapped his arms around your waist, his chest pressing against your back. “Too fucking bad. That’s what you get for saying that I ‘couldn’t possibly do anything fancy’,” he whispered.

An inevitable blush crept up on your face as he breathed onto your neck, his hot breath tingling your sensitive skin.

 A not-so-subtle cough awoke you from your daze, and you looked up to find a waiter standing there awkwardly, and a clear expression of annoyance on his face, as if he’s already seen enough PDA tonight. “Reservation for Bakugo-san?” 

You could see the smug grin on his face being replaced by a scowl and he pulled away from you immediately. You cringed and closed your eyes for the screaming to ensue, but surprisingly it didn’t come. 

“Yes, that’s me,” you heard him say, irritation clear in Bakugo’s rough voice.


The appetizers and entree were delicious, to say the least. However, you could tell Bakugo was getting more and more irritated every second, tapping his finger on the table and shifting around in his seat. It was a shame that he couldn’t sit still for 5 minutes, and it did well to get on your nerves as well.

“Okay, can you just stop it already?!” you hissed as your desserts were placed on the table. “You’re being insufferable.”

A snort escaped from him as a smug grin came across his face. “So what? What’re you gonna do, huh?” he taunted, knowing you weren’t about to do anything in public.

You stood up, irritation on your face and you grabbed his wrist firmly, dragging him outside of the restaurant and into a secluded hallway.

 “What is your fucking problem?! Every time I try to have something nice, you always have to do something like this!” you yelled, your grip on his arm still tight.

 “It’s not my fucking fault this shit is so boring, alright?! I’m trying to do this shit for you!” he yelled, his face glowering as he shoved his hands into his pockets.

 “Really, Katsu? What would you like to do instead, then, if you don't like this?” you asked, a smirk on your face at the realization that he was trying to be all fancy for you.

 “This,” he whispered as he pushed you against the wall, his sneaky fingers dancing up your skirt as he pressed his lips to yours.


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A frustrated groan escaped your lips as the rolling thunder shook your surroundings, the wind howling as the rain swirled around, spraying mist into your eyes and dousing your hair and uniform. Chills spread through your body as you stepped into another puddle, your sopping wet shoes leaving your toes numb with cold. Normally, you would be bundled up in your bed, watching anime or browsing social media, but you weren’t given much of a chance, as the downfall suddenly started on your way back from school. You were close to giving up on reaching the train station, when you heard a familiar voice call for you.


“[Y/N]?! Is that you?”


Whipping your head back, you squinted, the water spray from the howling wind blocking your vision. You spotted a glimpse of green hair blowing in the wind, and shouted out, “Izuku?”


At the sight of his concerned and flustered smile, your heart skipped a beat.




Sighing, you slid off your water-soaked shoes and hopped from foot to foot as your wet blouse stuck to your skin, leaving your teeth chattering as the cold air chilled you to the bone.


Looking over at the green-haired boy beside you, you noticed a red tinge to Izuku’s cheeks as he looked away from you. “U-um…. [Y/N].... “ he gulped, the blush on his face increasing every passing second. “Your shirt…”


Looking down at your shirt, you gasped and immediately covered up your chest, cheeks flustered as well. Here you were, soaking wet,  polka-dotted bra visible through the thin fabric of your blouse. “O-oh my god! I’m really sorry…” you gasped.


“It’s my fault…” He said, while shaking his head vigorously. “Um… I-I’ll go get you a towel and a shirt! Yeah, I’ll go do that...”


A chuckle escaped your lips as he muttered to himself, scrambling out of the entryway and into his apartment.




You curled up in your massive blanket fort on Izuku’s bed, clutching the mug of tea in your hands as the thunder and lighting shook bookshelves and his countless All Might decorations. You sighed a breath of relief over the fact that you were lucky enough for Izuku to spot you in the thunderstorm.  You smiled at the flustered boy, who was sitting near the end of the bed, his cheeks red still as he stared into his lap. Pulling on his All Might graphic tee that he gave to you in a flustered frenzy, you opened your mouth to speak, hoping to break the silence when the lights suddenly flickered, leaving you in the darkness.


“AAAAAHH!” the two of you squealed in harmony, as you jumped from your blankets, spilling your warm tea and instinctively burying yourself in his chest, whimpers coming from your body. As you closed your eyes, you tightened your arms around his waist, hoping to find comfort. After a few seconds of pregnant silence, you finally opened your eyes. Stammering as you scrambled back to your blanket fort, you prayed that it was dark enough for him not to see your blush.


“S-Sorry, Izu! U-Um… I kinda-”

“No, no, it’s f-fine!” Izuku interrupted, waving his hands bashfully.


A pregnant pause filled the darkness as you two sat on Izuku’s bed in silence. “O-Oh! Right! What am I doing? Um..” he paused, looking at his phone, its bright light making you squint. “It.. Says we won’t have electricity for 3 more hours… Apparently one of the electricity tower’s wires got severed.”


“Oh… Well, I guess it’s not that bad if I can spend more time with you…” you teased, moving closer to Izu.


Relishing the look of shock that was clearly displayed on his face in the dark, you sighed and lied down, your eyes finally adjusting to the darkness. “Well, I guess there’s nothing left to do when the electricity’s out, righhhh-” you paused, yawning.


“I-If you want, you can sleep,” Izuku offered.


“Oh, really? Then I’m gonna take you up on that offer. Night!” you said quickly, before giggling and diving back into your blanket fort. Little did he know, you were pretending to sleep as the minutes passed and the constant pitter-patter of the rain on his window continued.


Suddenly, you heard Izuku moving closer to you. Holding back a smile, you turned to your side and pretended to sleep once again. You heard him humming a soft melody as his rough hands combed through your silky locks, his fingers aimlessly playing with your hair.


“I love you, [f/n]...” he whispered, his fingers still playing with your curls. “Much more than a friend. Well… Who wouldn’t? You’re so kind and sweet to everyone, but you’re always confident and willing to stick up for me, especially when Kacchan’s teasing me. You’re so beautiful too. So breathtakingly beautiful and your smile cheers up everyone. You’re always there for me as a shoulder to cry on and for me to lean on. I’m sorry that I’ll never be able to return your favors and I’m sorry that I’m such a crappy friend to you…”


His next words were barely a whisper. “And I’m sorry that I’ll never be good enough for you. You’ll probably move on to someone much better than me, someone who can love you with all their heart. You’re gonna grow up and have a beautiful family and you’re gonna forget me. But, I’m happy if you’re happy,” he paused, his hand pulling back from your head as a chuckle escaped his lips. “Oh, who am I kidding? There’s no way I’m gonna be happy when you’re with someone else…”

Tears flowed out of your eyes, dripping down the sides of your face. A whimper escaped you as you tried to staunch the flow of tears, but to no avail.


“[f-f/n]?” Izuku hesitated, his voice cracking. “Y-you’re awake?”


You trembled as you slowly lifted yourself up, the rain never-ending. In a frenzy of sadness, joy and everything combined, you jumped onto Izuku, earning an “oof” from him as you curled into lis lap, bawling your eyes out.  “You… You fucking idiot… Do you know how long I’ve been wanting you to say that?” you managed to say between gasps.


“[f-f-f-f/n]?” he stammered.


Without another word, you pressed your lips to his, enjoying the softness and warmth of his lips as you tangled your fingers into his soft green locks. Pulling away, you smiled at the shock and surprise on his face. “There’s your answer, Izuku Midoriya.”


“I love you, [f/n]... but…” he gulped, and you felt a bulge grow under your palm. Suddenly aware of where your hand was located, you pulled your hand away and scrambled away to the other side of Izuku’s bed, a red tinge growing on your cheeks.


“O-Oh my God! Aaaaahh… I’m so sorr-um.. I didn’t mean for that to…” you paused, a smirk on your face.


Now that he had finally admitted his feelings for you, maybe…


“Shall I take care of that for you?” you asked, licking your lips.