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Fifty Shades of Blue #50SoB [Done]

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"Yasu, when is your cousin coming in?" Jacob asked. "Well, as soon as his school is let out. He wants to move out here." "Does he know about our lovely little town here?" "No, and keep your mouth shut." "Yasu, you need to tell him." "I will if he decides to stay."
"There you are," Yasu said. "Yasu." "Come on let's get you settled. Then party tonight." Yasu smiled at her cousin.
"So Magnus, what is the look for tonight?" "You have to wait and see Yasu." Magnus smiled.
Magnus decided all black clothes for tonight other than his accessories, which was some make-up, and Jewelry. His shirt was see-through and left open at the top. His pants were silk, and he put on some black platform boots with black buckles. His eyeshadow was blue, and he put on black eyeliner, with blue glitter in it, and blue lipstick. He put on some necklace's and rings, and his earpiece. Then he joined Yasu and her friends in the main house.

They headed to Heat. A nightclub in the city. Once we were there dancing and sweating it was time for a drink. Magnus headed to the bar. A guy came up to him, let me get that for you, Magnus smile at him and nodded. Thanks for the drink. They were talking and laughing. Then Magnus started to feel funny, and his vision went fuzzy then suddenly blurry. His mind was the same. He couldn't think straight. "Are you okay?" The guy asked. "No, I need..." Magnus tried to talk, but his mind went blank. "Come here." All of a sudden hands were all over him touching and feeling, and someone was pushing their body into his. He must have blacked out because when he came to he was in a dark hallway pushed up against a cold wall. With someone rubbing and touching him. He couldn't see them that well. He tried to push them back, but they grabbed his head and slammed it into the wall. Just hard enough for Magnus to submit to them, but not knock him out completely. They wanted Magnus to feel what they were doing to him. "Stop, don't, NO." Magnus kept saying to the person that was all over him. "Shut up. You're going to enjoy what I do to you." The guy said.

Magnus was turned and pushed up to the wall hard. He tried to pull away, but couldn't move. The guy had like super strength. He ripped Magnus pant open in the back. He started working something hard and cold into him. "No, please stop, please." Magnus cried out.

Next thing he knew he was sliding down the wall and someone was fighting with the guy that was hurting him. He still couldn't see them. Then Magnus blacked out.

Magnus woke up one time. He was being carried by someone. The person said to him ", It's okay, your okay." Then Magnus blacked out again.


Magnus woke up. He laid there for a minute, then he sat up too fast because it sent his head spinning, and it hurt his head so bad. He let out a loud groan. "Be careful." He heard. Magnus looked where it came from, but the man came out of a little room on the other side. Magnus looked at him but didn't move. He observed him very carefully.

"Here you go this will help." The guy said. But Magnus did take it. "Well, like I said before, your okay, and safe. When you feel better, I will take you home." He laid the medicine on the nightstand next to the bed. "Sorry, but I had to replace your clothes with a pair of my pajama bottoms." He looked down to see silk blue pajama pants on instead of his clothes. He looked at the man who was far back from him now.

Magnus moved very slowly to the side of the bed. Finally, he took his eyes off of the man. He looked at the night table he picked up the medicine and looked at it. "It's just Ibuprofen." The man said. Magnus looked over to him. "Thanks, Thank you for everything you did and doing for me," Magnus said. The man moved his head down then up. When he came back up, he had a smile on his face. Magnus took the medicine and looked back to the man.

"I need to go." Magnus went to get up but started to fall. Instead of hitting the floor he was caught and pulled up. It was the man. "You're not ready yet. You need some more rest. Please." He nodded to the bed. Magnus looked at him. "Okay." But they didn't move. Magnus was in his arms, and they were looking at each. The man had him in his arms. He picked up Magnus. Magnus let out a gasp, and the man smiled. Then he put him back in bed and pulled the cover's over him. Before Magnus passed out, he thanked him again. The man looked at him. Then he rubbed lightly down his neck till his chest, and he heard him moan a little, and move under his touch. The man smiled.