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The Girl Without Clan

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The ground was totally destroyed, a lot of human bodys, all of them without chakra. The expression of fear in their faces was visible. A soft and low female laugh echoed in the field, while a pair of soft feets walked slowly, holding a katana with a flower in the handle and  sakura petals stamped in the blade, the same with blood dripping in her soft right hand and all village's bandanas. She stopped her walk in front of a agonizing boy with black hair and eyes.

“You… Uchiha Sasuke… will be the last member of this cursed clan…” She said coldly while raise her katana up his neck. “We… accept you… we let you come in our home… and this is how you thanks us…” The anger in his face made her laugh stridently. “You didn’t accept me, your brother didn’t accept me, not even your father, the only Uchiha that accept me was Madara and you and your allies killed him… so...THERE IS NO ONE WHO CAN DEFEAT ME” She let her blade fall, making contact if his neck. “Thank you Indra… I finally… finally… GOT MY REVENGE” She only could laugh while said her words with a heavy breathing.

“The moonlight will light a flower to bloom!” She started to sing a song she learned with an Uchiha woman before she die. “and the deep sleep in which I meet goes with the rain to cease...” But she didn’t notice the pink head girl that was looking at her. “I gently search for the sky that now the darkness hides...” A tear felt of the girl named Sakura face while the beautiful woman with a white sleeveless kimono, following by a long white hair “Is this really real?”... “I feel my body fading...” “and my heart already asks… What will be the price?” “of my destiny plunged in loneliness” She sat  on the edge of the cliff with her legs crossed.

“And why will not I stop crying?

Is this the game that life forces you to play?

and my end will come close

and with it comes the fear

that wants to devour me”

(f/n) felt a tear falling of her face and mixing with the blood on her face, while she waiting the moment, when Indra will come and finish her revenge. “Sakura, don’t you want join me?” (f/n) looked back at the alive girl, the same that was with her two legs crushed by a big rock. “No… I think it’s better you join your friends…” The white woman made a piece of ice take a kunai shape before toss it right in her big forehead. “Excuse me Ma-chan and Hashi-chan but… now… I will bring the peace my way… and it will started tomorrow morning, when I free all the bijus… and with my mental control skill… make them obey me…” She laid on the floor behind her while looked at the red moon, the Infinite Tsukuyomi. “Hm… I forgot something, the last part of the music”

“the marigold that sings in the abyss

from the void

it blossomed

It can already see

on her petals

all the pain she carries

Her song announcing my sad ending

take care of my heart

I waited for the rain

I begged to save myself

everything is over…”

With a sigh her eyes started to close slowly, while the raindrops cleaned the ground. “I will not wake up anymore...” When her eyes closed a pair of male arms took her body in bride style. It was him, Indra. “You will wake up with me… Amaterasu… Goddess of the sun… Sister of Susanoo and… my future wife… (f/n)...” His voice was soft and loving, while he carried her and started to vanish and the sky turning a light blue color…


Flashback (Even a fanfic of Naruto need flashbacs, if doesn’t have it’s not Naruto)


“Hey Hashirama Where are you?” A ten years old boy ran inside a heavy, searching for his friend, when he felt a hand pulling him inside a buch. “Sshh…” The boy named Hashirama put a hand in his friend mouth. “Madara… look” He made a little opening, letting both of them see. “Someone are in our place…” It was a girl with medium black hair, but was (h/c) some strands. “HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?” The Uchiha boy yelled and left the bush while his friend facepalm. “Why do I still try?” Hashirama left the bush following his demented friend. The girl only turned her face and looked at them with a pair of luminous (e/c) eyes which seemed to combine perfectly. The two boys were hypnotized by the girl sitting on the river bank, dressed in a light blue kimono, hugging her legs with one arm while the other held a kunai… made of ice. “Oh… Excuse me… I don’t want yelled that way…” The Uchiha boy said with a low voice, similar to a whisper. She only looked straight into their eyes and said with a low voice. “Hyouton: Hyouton Hakumuou”. A lot of shrapnel of ice started to come out of the ground, even the water, all of them locked on their direction.

“HASHIRAMA, RUN!!” Madara only yelled before the girl started to shoot at them, in all directions. They didn’t know the seriousness of her jutsu, the trees the shrapnel hit became ice. One of them hit the Uchiha boy in his heel, he fell on the ground moaning loudly in pain. “Hyouton:Hyouton Hakunagi” She shaped an ice sword in her hands and jumped in his direction. “IT’S YOUR END” She yelled while the blade came closer his face… but she started to burst into laughter while the boy cried… and his friend, Hashirama laughed with her. “IT’S NOT FUNNY HASHIRAMA AND… Can you please tell me your name?” “(f/n)” The boy nodded with a calm face. “Thank you… (f/n)... IT’S NOT FUNNY”. The girl holded her belly while tears dropped her eyes. “Excuse me, but you needed see your face, it was like you saw a demon”

“Ahh… please… how did you do that?” Hashirama asked while looked scary at her. “Did what?... This?” Other shrapnel of ice appeared beside her but she exploded them, making little sparkle like stars fell on the ground. The two boys nodded while the beautiful rain finished her travel to the ground. “I don’t know, I just woke up one day and I thought this and did it” She sat in the river bank again. “I am more interested in knowing how you did that blad- Ouch!” His friend gave him a hit on the back of his head. “Madara, for the love of God, shut up a little…”.

“Please (f/n)... Tell us how you did that without be in an ice place” The girl smiled and stood up. “I don’t remember everything, but I remember a soft male voice who asked me which elements I would like to have control and I chose all of them, and chose full control of Hyouton and Enton*” The boys looked at the girl with confused face. “But Enton, kinda consume my life chakra”. Hashirama sat beside her and waved to his friend, making him follow. “What does that mean?” Madara asked her, making her look at him with a sad face. “This…” She showed her hand, full of a kind of black chakra. “This make me kinda deathless…” Her voice was low, similar to a weeping. “AND IS THIS NOT GREAT?” The boy grabbed her shoulders while looked at her eyes… but he removed his hands when he saw something around two seconds in his mind. It was a cat made of blue fire and… with two tails”. ‘Matatabi…’ He thought, until someone called his name. “Madara, don’t get lost in your thoughts” His friend sad and continued to chat with (f/n). “So (f/n) you didn’t tell us what’s your clan”.

The girl looked at the horizon and said with a sad voice. “I don’t have a clan, someone killed them when I was a baby and they left me in the forest, for some wild animal devour me”. Hashirama and Madara looked at each other with scared eyes before looked at the sad girl between them. “But… I promised to the man that asked which I would like to control and promised to myself. I will discover who killed my clan and destroyed my village and when I find him or her I will kill all his clan, the same thing he or she did to me” The cold tone in her voice made both of them shiver. “Come on (f/n), stop playing…” The Uchiha boy said with a playful voice, but he started to tremble when she looked at him with her (e/c) now red and using a technique he knew. ‘Sha-Sharingan’ He thought while she stood up and started to walk away from them. “I AM SERIOUS MADARA UCHIHA, WHEN I FIND THEM I WILL KILL THEM IN THE MOST BRUTAL WAY” The two boys stood up and followed her before she could come back to the forest. “(f/n) We understand what’s happening to you but-” Hashirama grabbed her arm carefully until the girl pull it out. “You always had a family… what do you know what’s happening… BOTH OF YOU ALWAYS HAD A FAMILY, WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU KNOW ABOUT ME?” Hashirama only let the girl walk away, but Madara’s mind was confused. She wasn’t an Uchiha, She was a lost child… so… How could she have a sharingan… worse… a Mangekyo. When Madara noticed he was alone in the river. “Meow” the sweet sound echoed in his ears while he looked down his feets. The cat was blue with two tails, similar to Matatabi. The neko followed him all his way home. “Why I think something horrible will happen if she discover who killed her clan?” “What do you think, neko-chan?” He smiled to the cat, swearing the cat smiled back to him.

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Madara looked at the moon through the window while a chibi matatabi slept his side. "I WILL KILL OF THEM" (f/n)'s words repeated in his mind, he didn't want to believe that kawaii girl would do something like that, but he was wrong. She was almost going away in search of power to complete her revenge. That ten years old girl was sure of what she would do. "(f/n) wouldn't do that... would she?" The boy thought while played with the neko's head. "Hey... Ma-chan..." The boy looked down and saw (f/n) climbing an ice wall until she arrived at his window. "What's?" He asked while the girl jumped inside his bedroom. "I want to apologize for what I said before, I was out of control. That subject hurt me and I loose control when someone talk like know what I feel..." The girl sat on the floor and hugged her knees while a tear dropped of her right eye. "Okay I understood, so let's change the subject" Madara sat in front of her, copying the way she was sat, trying make her laugh... and he got. She giggled looking at the boy. "You are strange Ma-chan, but you are funny" Both of them laughed. "So, please, could you tell me how you got a Mangekyo?" The girls face changed abruptly, she sighed and said looking in his eyes. "The man gave to me and said that it will be very useful" The girl froze when noticed the piercing look in Madara's face. "Why? Is there a problem?"

"Yeah, there are many problems, but what I really want to know is why did he give you the Mangekyo" The boy stood up and started to walk around the room thoughtful. "Is it that bad?" She asked while watched the boy thinking. "It's not so bad, but it's very curious because you're not an Uchiha and... oooor... " A lamp turned up his head and he said certainly. "YOU CAN BE A LOST UCHIHA" The boy turned to her with an amazed face. "RIGHT, AN UCHIHA THAT DOMINATE HYOUTON. ARE YOU CRAZY MADARA UCHIHA?... and don't need to yelled, i'm not deaf" (f/n) put her hands on her ears and sighed while the boy still was amazed. "Oh, sorry... but is amazing" The boy grabbed her shoulders and shaken her body violently. "Imagine, a hyouton user leading a clan full of katon users" She started to laugh while the boy talked with a glimmer aura around his body. "And how would they call me?  Yuki-onna Uchiha?" The girl said with a sarcastic tone but stopped when noticed the boy was still dreaming. "...Ma-cha?... Madara?..." She snapped her fingers in front of his eyes but didn't work. "Okay, you asked for it" She said while get closer the Uchiha's body until her face was closer his ear. "ENTON- KAGUTSUCHI" A black flame consumed Madara's body while he struggled trying to put out the fire, until he laid on the floor with smoke coming out his body. “Oh… Ma-chan… are you alright?” (f/n) nudge Madara carefully until he lifted his head slightly. “This… was…so… ” He stood up and turned to the girl, with his Sharingan activated, walking like a killer toward her. “so… AMAZING!” The way the boy yelled scared the girl. “Okay, listen to me now (f/n)” he sat again in front of her with his arms crossed. “I want you in the Uchiha clan and if you don’t accept I will force you” He said with a leader like voice, trying to impose on her.

“... Okay… if you want so much I will join the clan” She sighed and stood up from the floor. “I DON’T CARE IF YOU DON’T WANT YOU WILL- Wait… you accept?” He looked at her confused, while she leaning on the window. “Yeah… BUT with one condition” She sat in the window with her legs outside. “I am going to travel around the countries to get power and I intend to come back when I am twenty years old. If you defeat me when I back, I will join the clan without hesitation. Okay?” She held out her closed hand to him with her little finger lifted. “Ookaay” He intertwined his finger with her and both of them tightened their fingers. “Aah… and before I go I want give you something” She turned her head to him and stared his face. “But you need to close your eyes” He closed his eyes instantly. She laughed sweetly while approached him. He wide-eyed when felt her lips make contact with his. “Bye Ma-chan, I hope your mother didn’t count how many kimonos she has” She got ready to jump, holding a black with red kimono, with the Uchiha’s brand in the back.

She ran inside the forest with the kimono in her arms… and a female velvet armor she gained in the Senju’s house when she came visit her second friend, Hashirama, telling him her worst fear. The fear that an Uchiha killed her family and village. So he gave her the armor, saying only a phrase. “Take care, because some people will try to take advantage of your desire for revenge”. She thanks him and started to run inside the forest, getting ready to the difficulties to obtain power.

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Now, (f/n) was sixteen years old and ran inside the Kumogakure at night, entering the temple and started to search the archive with the most powerful jutsus of the lightning country. “Ah… there you are” She whispered looking at the big roll of paper and took with her two hands, taking it to the roof with her. She opened and started to read all the kanjis. “This jutsus is similar to Chidori” She took her little scroll and a pencil and started to write the instructions of the jutsus.

“The Shinobi need to take distance from his target and concentrate a large amount of Chakra in one hand, thenceforth the shinobi must perform an Elemental Chakra Shift, adding the Chakra Nature of Raiton. After this, the Shinobi must advance on the enemy with great speed, dragging the jutsu on some surface, usually the ground. Depending on the intensity of the attack, and the degree of accuracy, this Jutsu can unload an immense electric charge on the enemy, causing him many damage, killing and sometimes even drilling the enemy's body.” She finished her writing and smiled. “Oh god, this jutsu can be very destructive, so I can’t use with anyone.” She continued to reading and writing others jutsus in her little scroll. About ten Raiton jutsus in her scroll, and hundreds written in her mind.

She returned the scroll to the room and came to the city to buy something to eat before go to the sound country. While she was running in the forest she found a abandoned nest with a baby raven crying with hunger and cold. “Are you alone too?” She cupped his with her hands and caressed his head. “So, what do you think about following me in my trip...Itachi?” The raven walked through her arm until sat in her shoulder.

-Time skip-


(f/n) finally finished her trip and decided to stay in Iwagakure and forge her own weapons. A different collection of kunais, diamond-shaped light blue blades, all of them with a blue ribbon writte n “Ice Daisies” in kanji (Tsubame Fubuki), she intended use them for destroy the defenses and invade the post. She finished her work and started to weave a stealth black suit and a cat mask (similar to Anbu). After many days of hard work she finished her suit and noticed. The time had passed, she was twenty years old and the time for her return had arrived. Looking at the mirror she noticed the changes in her body. Her long hair was entirely black, her eyes with a different shape, more feminine… and her breasts was bigger, making the kimono have a large cleavage. Her raven, Itachi, entered the room with a piece of paper in his neb. He posed in her shoulder and put the paper

in her hand. “The union of two rival clans, it’s really good they decided to stop fight” She caressed the raven’s head and gave him a piece of apple for eat. “I think is time to come back Itachi, we have a long travel” She took her things and put in a backpack. She took her way to Konohagakure. “Itachi-chan take this to Ma-chan” The raven got the paper in his neb and started to fly toward the horizon. “I will be back soon, Ma-chan I just need to know who's responsible for the murder of my family, and when I discover I promise, We'll be together… Forever!” She said softly while took the direction of an unknown temple. The Amaterasu cave. She was intended to find the answer there, she knew there was.


-After many days walking in the forest-


“Finally, I found you” She ran inside the cave, walking carefully up the water. “Who dares to enter my temple?” A female deep voice echoed around (f/n) while she tried to find the origin. “My name is (f/n) and I just want Kamisama give me an answer” She yelled, hoping she heard. “You don’t need to yelled, I heard everything around, including your thoughts” The goddess said a little loudly, making (f/n)’ ears vibrate a little. “I apologize Kamisama” She bowed quickly. “Don’t worry my child I have your answer. I will answer your question but first you will need give me something for me” A giant black blaze formed a kind of giant woman. (f/n) stopped and decided what she would give to her. “Kamisama I want you accept my exchange order” The girl placed her backpack on the ground and took out one of her special kunais. “What do you offer, my child?” The girl sighed before looked at the blaze. “I will give you one of my eyes and you give me one of your” The girl said trembling a little. “Hm… I will accept you offer and give you, but first you must give me your right eye” The blaze formed a arm with a outstretched hand. “Right, Kamisama” She said while lifted up her kunai until the sharp tip touched her eyebrow.

A steric female scream echoed in the cave with a grotesque sound of meat. The girl covered the fresh hole in her head while gave the eye to the blaze. “You are worthy of power my child” The blaze hand came inside the hole until was full of a black light. “Open your new eyes, my child” the goddess said with a sweet voice similar to a mom voice. (f/n) open her eyes slowly, getting used to the new light. “You already have a Mangekyo, so… use it with this and finish your revenge”. She used her kunai as a mirror and looked to her new right eye. The sclera was now black, and the Mangekyo activated every time. “I feel my body different. I’m feeling full” (f/n) put her hand on her new eye, trying to avoid the immense pain. “Now, my child, you have a part of my own chakra” The blaze shaped a woman that came closer (f/n) and caressed her face with her hand. “Now say your question again out loud” The goddess said opening her own eyes, showing eyes completely dark. “Who killed my family, clan and village?” She felt a excruciating pain and she finally discovered. Her worst fear was real. An Uchiha destroyed her clan and village. Two tears dropped from her eyes, one normal tear dropped from her left eye, and a dark hot tear dropped from her left eye. “Did you see who killed your clan?”. “I see” The girl ripped the Uchiha brand in the back of her kimono while a scar was being spiked in her shoulder blade. It was kanjis, means Hate.


“The man who killed my family is Tajima Uchiha”

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“Oniisan, you are too slow” A boy yelled while ran away from his brother. “IZUNA, COME BACK HERE, I WILL KILL YOU” Madara stopped abruptly, trying to catch his breath. “Dear Kamisama, how can he have so much energy?” He whispered while heard his brother laugh loudly. “OKAY IZUNA, I SURRENDER, YOU WON” He used his last energy to show to his brother. “Okay now, let’s go home” The two guys walked to their house talking about many things, but Madara noticed something strange. It was as if someone was staring both of them, and it wasn’t a good person. “Earth to Niisan, Are you here, commander?” Izuna snapped his fingers in front of Madara’s eyes. “Let’s hurry, Izuna, I’m hungry” He wasn’t hungry, he was scared. When they arrived their house, Madara went to his bedroom. He got scared when heard a caw. He looked at his window and saw a big raven with a small letter and a piece of fabric. Madara took the letter and opened it. It was written five words. “I am back to you” The raven gave him the piece of fabric. The Uchiha’s brand was dirty and bloody. This scared him, but he decided not think about it until morning, he just wanted dinner and sleep.

   The raven stayed in his window all the time, looking directly at his eyes. Suddenly Madara saw the Mangekyo in the raven’s eyes, and he felt something entering his mind. When he opened his eyes again everything was black and white. “Tsukuyomi” He heard a soft female voice whispering. Madara looked around and noticed, he wasn’t in his bedroom, but in a different room. He saw a little girl shrunk in a corner, her head pressed against her knees, crying, while one of the walls it was cut in pieces by a sword. When the pieces fell to the floor, a man entered the room, smirking while walked towards the girl. “You will be very useful” The man said while laughed loudly, delighting with the face of panic of the girl. ‘Dad!?’ Madara blinked wide-eyed while the image of his dad held the girl’s ankle, pulling her in his direction. “Don’t worry angel, we won’t hurt you, we already killed enough people today”. Madara closed his eyes trying to avoid the cruel scene in front of his eyes. But the sounds of the girl’s cry was piercing his mind like daggers in the meat.

   “Are you sure you understand what I felt?” The same female voice said behind him, making him get scared. “Are you sure you want to know what I was feeling?” His was closed while he used his hands to prevent more sounds came inside his head. “Open your eyes and face the truth” He felt a hand on his shoulder while heard a sound of clothes being torn. “Please don’t do that…” He said while watched the violation of the girl between her screams of pain. “Do you think a man like that deserved to live?” He only watched the scene disbelieved. “How do you think she could believe after this?” The image moved to his dorm again, but still in black and white. He saw the day his father came back, entering the house and hugging his wife and kids as if nothing had. “And how could he act as if nothing had happened?”. “Please, talking with me… Ma-chan” He recognized the voice and the soft touch of a hand caressed his hair. “Enjoy this moments, because when I make you wake up, you won’t remember anything”

  He couldn’t say anything before woke up with his brother shaking him. “Niisan, calm down, it’s just a nightmare” Izuna said trying to calm his brother. “Come with me and drink a cup of tea, it will help you” Izuna left the room while Madara sat up sweating. “Yeah, it’s just a nightmare… a genjutsu…” He walked out his room, but when looked outside his window he could see a pair of red eyes… with a raven flying around. The raven had the same bright eyes. He didn’t know who was.

  It was (f/n), putting a mask on her face, a pair of black gloves, and taking her kunais off her special pocket, preparing for the great genocide she would cause, the moment she waited all of her life. 

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(f/n) watched all the people sleep, it was around three in the morning, and she noticed there wasn’t anyone taking care of the gates and walls. She waited until her raven come back to her and land on her shoulder as he always did. “Did you show him the truth?” She already knew the answer. “I guess this will make him understand what will happen” She said while holding her hair in a ponytail with a blue ribbon and putting the mask on her face. “Now you will pay for everything you did to Yukigakure… and my clan… and me, Tajima Uchiha” She jumped in front of the gate, holding a katana made of ice. Everything was quiet when she entered the clan’s village. The only noise was the caw of Itachi flying up her. She walked slowly, scanning every house with both eyes. She started to run when felt the chakra of the murder. She stood in the same place around two minutes, while all the memories came back into her mind, and she felt another two tears fall from her eyes. She held the katana tightly and activated her Mangekyo with the Amaterasu sclera, and a lion’s roar could be heard while her katana cut the wood of the door.

  Madara woke up with a scream of panic coming of from the next room, but when he opened the door all the lights turned off and he felt the same feeling of observed again. He wide-eyed when saw the scene in front of him. Izuna was dead, with his throat cut.

-While this, in Tajima and his wife’s bedroom-


 “I knew you would come one day, and I admit, The Yukigakure’s destruction is my fault, and sorry about what I did to you” He was kneeling in front of her, with her wife beside him. “Tajima Uchiha, you understand your death will be performed by the girl you violated”. “Tajima… what” His wife looked at him with a disbeliever face. “I’m sorry for this, but you husband brought this to your family, and now you will pay with him” The woman cried while saw the girl lift her katana and hit them with one hit. “It’s over” (f/n) dropped the katana on the floor while a smile formed on her face. “Dad… Mom… are you oka-” Madara couldn’t believe what was in front of them. His parents are dead and the murder stood in the same place. “Why did you-” Madara couldn’t complete the question, one of (f/n)’s kunais was hurled towards him, stopping millimeters of his face. “Who are you?” He said looking straight into the mask’s eyes, and recognized the Mangekyo under the mask but he didn’t want to believe it was her. “Who I am?” She said while untied the ribbon, letting the mask fall, showing her face for his friend. “(f/n), how could you-” Madara said but his friend cut him with a smirk in her face. “This was the only way to test my skills and my new technique” She said while put her hair fringe behind her right ear, showing the present of Amaterasu she received. “And, Didn’t I say I would come back to you when we are twenty? So… now is the time and I think you want make me join the clan, right?” Her inexpressive face scared him, but he understood the truth. He couldn’t let her join the clan that way.

 “(f/n), Me, as the Uchiha’s clan leader, won’t let you hurt anyone else” He took out a katana and tried to attack her, but she dodged the attack and used her feet to hit his ankle, making him fall to the wooden floor. But when he tried to stand up he felt her feet crashed into his face, before her knee made the same process. She used her two hands to bring his face to her by his neckband, but her punch made him fall again. “You aren’t the Uchiha’s leader, are you?” She continued to hit him, without him being able to defend himself. “A leader without strength can’t defend a clan, mainly if he can’t be able to defend from his worst enemy and best friend” Her hits didn’t stop even he can barely move. “You are nothing but a weak man, without hate to defend someone” She let him stood up the floor, just to let he can look into her eyes. “Tsukuyomi” And everything became black and white in his mind. “Now you will see me kill your entire clan and you won’t be able to do anything” Her black and white form took out her katana from her sheath. “This scene will repeat for one hundred years” Her form started to vanish. “Everything, since the day your father destroy my clan until I disappear”, “Please… no…” Madara couldn’t say anything while the nightmare started with the moment of the invasion of Yukigakure. “And the nightmare started now” Her image disappeared while her human body looked at Madara’s trembling body. “Sweet Dreams… Ma-cha” She said coldly and continued to walk around the Uchiha’s clan houses, putting everyone in the same nightmare. This was the way (f/n) found to take her revenge on the clan forever.

Chapter Text

Many years passed, after Hashirama found Madara and the Uchiha’s clan trapped in the nightmare (f/n) put them. After Madara explain to Hashirama, Mito and Tobirama what had happened, with pain in his heart, he asked their help. Far away there, (f/n) returned to where was Yukigakure and invoked nine clones with the same amount of chakra as her. “Hyouton: Hyouro no Jutsu” All of them said at the same time while a black blaze formed huge walls made of ice. “Mokuton - Shichuuka no Jutsu” All the walls became wood while a lot of buildings burst from the ground. She used all her power to build a new village, a village with enough food, space for everybody and a beautiful winter landscape, that when spring came, turns in a beautiful green landscape full of flowers and other plants. “All the people who can hear me, come back to your new home and we will live as a big family” She used her telepathy to send the message for all who didn’t own a home. It didn’t take long for the people reach the gates. “Come in my children” Everybody were amazed with the beauty of that place, but were scared at the same time. Suddenly, a child came in and walked towards the woman. “Ma’am, Are you an angel?” The little girl wide her eyes when saw the pretty face with long black hairs of (f/n). “I am everything you want, my child” She knelt down in front of the girl and hugged her. “All of you can trust me as you protectress” She put her hand on her chest and took a deep breath. “I swear, in the name of Kamisama, I will protect everybody as a mother protect her children” Everybody started to applaud their new leader. A man walked toward her and bowed. “(f/n), me, as the representative of these people, we would like to call you Korinokage , that means Shadow of Ice” She smiled. She had never been seen like that before. “You can call me as you like, I will be grateful to teach everybody my techniques and together we will be the strongest village in the Shinobi World!” She said raising her fist in the air. “YEAH” Everybody did the same, even the children. She was ready to make that village grew up and become the perfect place to live, and her own kingdom, the same she would rule with an iron hand… with Amaterasu and Indra beside her.

-In konohagakure-


Madara sat with his friend Hashirama, drinking tea when a kunoichi came into the room. “Hokage there’s a letter to you” The girl gave the letter to Hashirama and left the room. “This emblem, I have never seen this before” He said while showed the letter to his friend. “Oh God… It can’t be” Madara knew that emblem. It was Yukigakure. “Shodai Hokage, I sent you this letter to warn you. The Shadow of the Ice is coming back to fight against The Shadow of the Fire” Hashirama read the letter to his friend. He didn’t understand what the letter tried to say but Madara understood. He stood up and came back to the Uchiha’s post with only one thought in his mind. He would fight against (f/n) again, but this time wouldn’t be a simple fight, it would be a real fight. A fight to protect Konohagakure. He wasn’t the Hokage, but he would fight as one. He would fight alongside Hashirama. So he needed train a lot.

-A Time Skip to the day of the battle-


All the Uchihas and Senjus were with their weapons in their hands, waiting the called of their leaders. They were confident and determined… until they saw who was the enemy. There was no one else, only a woman. None of them knew who they were dealing with. Only Hashirama and Madara knew who was her. But Hashirama didn’t understand one thing. “What happened with her right eye?” He asked to Madara but the same didn’t answer at the moment. “Hashirama, That woman isn’t (f/n)... She is Amaterasu” Madara said to his friend while looked at the woman. She crossed her arms while looked the army in front of her, full of men and women. “I didn’t expect you would grow so much.” She said in the top of a mountain. Madara activated his Mangekyo when the girl jumped from the mountain in front of the army, who were prepared to attack her without mercy. He could feel her chakra, it wasn’t a normal chakra. It was a dark one, full of hate and a psychotic desire of taste the blood of her enemies.

 “Madara, I know you can hear me, this fight is only mine and yours, we don’t need to involve so many people on our sweet bloody game.” The coldness in her voice scared Hashirama. He couldn’t believe that woman was the sweet (f/n) he knew at the old river. But he was the Hokage and he would do everything needed for protect his village. Even her, now, devilish look, he would protect everyone he loved. But to Madara, that fight would be very hard… because he needed to fight with the woman he loved since their childhood.

Chapter Text

-Some hours ago-

“Rei,my dear friend, you are my right arm, so please. If I don’t come back, be a good leader.” (f/n) said to her assistant while put on her armor. “(f/n)-sama, don’t talk like you won’t come back” Rei only looked at her leader and friend. (f/n) had a sad expression in her face. “Rei… How many times I said to you don’t use the sama when we are alone?” She laughed a little, knowing that she probably wouldn’t come back. ‘(f/n)-chan… please… take care” Rei said while (f/n) leaves the room. The sight of her friend leaving made her sad. It was the last time (f/n) would be seen alive in Yukigakure. Before Rei closed (f/n)’s room she saw a note in the desk. “Rei, please, remember my name and make it be remembered for centuries” It was wrote in the small piece of paper. The last memory of (f/n).


-At the battlefield-


(f/n) looked to her old friends, waiting their first movement while the mixture of the Mangekyo and the power of Amaterasu made the veins around her right eye turned black. “I will fight until I can’t stand it any more” She took a few steps. “So I hope that everyone here can do the same… with just jutsus, without any kind of weapons” She threw all her weapons on the floor and removed her gloves. “This battle I will use just the ninjutsus I know and you can use all kind of jutsus, including genjutsus, but I will let you know, my Amaterasu is immune to this, so, think a lot before spend chakra with this” She said while took out a little scroll. “But… first… let me adjust the weather, I think it’s a little hot here...” She collected chakra in her hands and punched the ground, transforming all the sand in a giant ice lake. “Now… LET’S DANCE” All the shinobis ran toward her, executing jutsus of all the elements. Soon, the battlefield was taken by all elements. But all of them stopped when saw a little circle of black fire. Some seconds after a huge black blaze consumed all the jutsus and crawled toward them. “Infern Style: Divine flames of Amaterasu” She blew the flames like it was a kiss. “ Katon: Gōka Mekkyaku” Madara’s voice could be heard, before his and her flames bumped into each other. Hashirama noticed his friend’s effort but when he was ready to help him she created a clone with the eye of Amaterasu on the left eye. “ Mokuton: Mokuryū no Jutsu” The clone said, making a giant wooden dragon sprout from the ground and mix with the flames. “Follow me Hashirama” The two friends invoked two wooden dragons, blocked her dragon with a dense cloud of dust. “I can’t find her, she was hiding her chakra and…” Madara used his Mangekyo, trying to find (f/n) but he found her when she said just few words. “Hyouton: Gunshou Tsurara” All of them looked at the sky, seeing thousands of ice birds burning with the black flame flying toward them. All the wooden users could contain the burst but after they could see the cracks in the ice and (f/n) concentrating a lot of chakra in her hands before she punched the ground again. “HYOUTON: HYOURO NO JUTSU” Colossal blocks of ice started to get off the ground, shaping giant ice cone around them. She jumped of her creation before it close and stood in the mountain's peak. “Herald of The Frozen Flame” She shaped an ice bird covered by black flames and let it fly until found the ice prison, making it explode in flames. “ Kuchiyose no Jutsu” She recognized the voice who brought the giant nine tails fox. “Kurama…” She whispered while the beast tried to attack her but she avoided. “So… Madara… you made a lot of friends, but I made too.” She said while her right eye scanning the ground. “Kuchiyose no Jutsu” She summoned a giant black flame lion with her Mangekyo in his eyes. “Go Tsukuyomi… Show them The True Terror” The lion roared, making the ground shake and fought with Kurama. Madara took advantage of (f/n)’s distraction and ran toward her with a kunai hidden in his sleeve. “I think I said without weapons so…” When she attacked him she was surprised by a shadow clone. “What?...” She looked behind her but there wasn’t nothing. When she turned her head back to her front she felt a huge pain in her chest. “(f/n) I’m sorry but… I promised to my friend, my family, my clan and my village, I will protect them as the right arm of the Shodai Hokage, Senju Hashirama.” Madara spiked his katana deep her chest. She only vomit blood, using her last energy to lean on his shoulders. “You… probably… don’t remember but…” Another vomit left her mouth. “My… raven… put you in a genjutsu...but… unfortunately… you don’t remember what he showed to you…” Her strength was fading away. “I sent them… to show you the truth… the reason why I killed your family…” Madara’s mind was confused, he only looked to her tired eyes and saw a dark substance running down her face, followed by a normal tear and a hiccup . “Madara…” The left side of her body couldn’t support her body anymore. “Please… find Itachi… he will show you the details…” He used his right arm to hold her before she fall. “Details of what?” He asked with a loud voice. “Madara… your father… killed my family… and my old village” Her body fell but Madara held her before hit the ground. “Please… Ma-chan… don’t let anyone… hurt Yukigakure” He held her right cold dead hand. “I will” He said caressing her hand. Before she stop breath she saw his loyal friend, her raven, Itachi. ‘Mind Transfer’ She whispered and let her mind came to her raven while he flew away. Madara stayed there, holding his friend and love body. When Hashirama arrived, he knelt in front of them and remained silent with his friend. “I will take her to Yukigakure” He said while carried her bridal style and the battlefield returned to a sunny place.

 Everyone looked the man walking away holding the woman’s body. “Hokage You think we need-” One of the shinobis said but Hashirama interrupted his sentence. “Let Madara take her the place she deserve. The village she created with her own hands and kind heart”.

-Some days after-


A crowd looked at the opening gate, seeing a man carrying the body of their leader. “Korinokage” Their eyes showed disbelief and sadness. Every sound stopped, everything was silent while the man walked in the crowd avoiding look into everyone’s eyes. “Oh… my god… no…” Rei whispered when saw her friend’s body. “No… (f/n)...”  She said while caressed her dead friend’s face. “Please… Give her a decent funeral… She always wanted be buried under a Sakura tree” Madara gave (f/n) body to Rei before go away from Yukigakure. He felt a deep pain in his chest. He killed his first love and the woman he wanted to marry. While he walked he didn’t notice the flock of light blue butterflies that followed him. “Your color remind me her when we were kids” He said looking at the butterfly stopped on his finger, while a raven watched the scene, the (f/n)’s Mangekyo in his eyes, and her mind inside his head. This way she would live forever.

Chapter Text

“Don’t worry my friend, you will live forever” Rei said when a wise shinobi entered the deep room. “We decided to divide her soul and chakra in two parts, like the Yin Yang” The old man explained while drew some symbols in her body and around her. “The good part, the Yang we decided to put in a scroll and I will send to an old friend, he will take care of it” He showed Rei the scroll while finished the symbols. “And the bad part, the Yin, we will lock it in her dead body and send to a new prison, specially built for her”. “Who takes care of the prison?” Rei said with a disgust voice. “Don’t worry little girl, There are around one thousand guards there, only waiting to receive her body”.

“Please, let me spend the last moment with her” Rei said approaching the body. “Okay, when you finish please tell me so I will finish” The man left the room. “(f/n), The First Shadow of Ice. When the two parts of the Yin Yang meet, an eternal winter will be hurled” Rei drew some symbols hidden behind her ears. “And You,The Mother of Death will be reborn, to show the world fear and shadow.” Rei put one of (f/n)’s old kunais hidden in her armor. “I’m sorry Uchiha Madara, but I don’t remember she said something about a sakura tree” She caressed her friend’s face one last time, and left the room, knowing that her act would cost the life of many shinobis, but she prefered her friend than a gang of unknown people. “I wonder who you chose to be the Yang part”


-Many years after-


“Hey guys, come with me, I need your help” An Uchiha girl ran between two boys, brought them with her. “Itachi, Shisui, you are my teammates so you must need me” The girl said crossing her arms with a pout in her face. “Okay, what do you need?” Shisui said while both boys rolled their eyes. “You two already activated the Sharingan, and I don’t want to be the late girl of the team”. “Okay we will help you, but first I need to talk with Itachi” Shisui signaled to her to walk away. “I know the perfect way but you will need defend me if my plan won’t work. “Okay I will but what do you have in your mind?” Itachi said while looked the boy walked to their friend with a smirk on his face. “Hey (f/n), We found the reason why you didn’t activate your Sharingan” The boy started to laugh and looked at the girl’s face. “Because a ugly girl can’t have an ability so powerful like the Sharin-” Before he could finish his sentence a angry girl jumped on him with a kunai in her hands. “Did you see? You activated the Sharingan” He said while applauding her brave. “Shisui, sometimes you really impress me but we need to come back ” Itachi said while he and Shisui stood up. (f/n) stayed there looking curiously to the forest. She noticed a raven looking directly her eyes. “Itachi… Shisui…” She tried to call her teammates but anyone answer. She walked inside the forest, following the bird… without knowing the imminent danger.

After some minutes of running, (f/n) finally stood face to face with the bird and noticed. The Mangekyo in his eyes. She ended up falling asleep at the ground. “Wake up my child, my Yang” The little girl woke up and looked to the woman in front of her. “Who are you?” (f/n) asked, noticing the similarities between them. “We have the same name, my child, you are my Yang and I am your Yin” The woman said while caressed the girl’s face. “But we are separated by the time and the distance” The woman said with a sad voice. “You and I, we are the Yin Yang, together we can change the world”. The girl looked at the woman with a confused face. “Let me be your eyes and show you how to bring peace” The woman extend her hand to the girl. “We are (f/n) and we are bring peace to the world” The girl said and held the woman’s hand. After a last look in both of their eyes, the girl woke up in her house with two worried boys. Itachi and Shisui noticed her delay and decided to search for her. “(f/n), are you feeling good?” Itachi said when the girl opened her eyes. “Yeah, I’m okay, I only want to take a shower” She stood up and walked to the bathroom. When she saw her reflection in a window she noticed. She didn’t have a Sharingan. It was the Mangekyo. The Mother of Death, The Shadow of the Ice. The adult (f/n). She had found the Yang part.

Chapter Text

“(f/n) honey, where are you going so fast?” A old kind woman asked the girl when she ran beside her. “I’m going to the Academy, I will know my new teammates” (f/n) was so happy, she didn’t know who she would need to face. When she entered the classroom she sat beside two girls she already knew. “Hey, (f/n), hey, (f/n)... (f/n)” The chubby cute girl nudge (f/n)’s arms. ‘God, what do I do?’ she thought while her friend continued to get her attention. “What?...” She sighed nervously. “Could you please introduce Itachi?” The girl said shyly, knowing her crush on him was so strong. “No” (f/n) said directly to her friend. “Why?” her friend gave a chill. “Because I said No” (f/n) faced her friend with her arms crossed. “If you want date him, go and do it yourself, there are things for me more important than this platonic love” (f/n) said in a cold tone, surprising her friend. When the door opened, (f/n) looked at the new girl who had entered the classroom. “A Senju?…” Her eyes found the girl’s eyes. “An Uchiha?...” The girl named Amaya looked at the girl’s face with a unfriendly look.  “All right kids, now we’re going to form the teams” Their teacher said, but the two girls didn’t stop to face each other.

-After the formed teams-


A man with a black short hair sat in front of (f/n)’s team. One boy and two girls. All of them didn’t know each other. “So let’s talk a little before plan our next mission” (f/n)’s teammates celebrate, but she continued serious. “Who want to start?” The man said looking at the other girl.”Okay, My name is Aya and I am from the Inuzuka clan…” She said while a brow hair ball jumped off inside her coat. “And this is buddy, Daisuke” Her dog sat in front of her while the boy caressed his head. “Great Aya. So, who want to be the next?” their sensei said and the boy smiled. “I am Hiroshi, from the Kurama clan” The boy said happily and the man looked at the second girl. “And you little girl?” The man said with a gentle tone, but her eyes was different. “I am (f/n) from the Uchiha clan” her teammates looked at each other. They were a little scared. The way she answered was different. “Now, we know each other, and tomorrow we will start our first mission”


-A lot of time after, in the Chunin Test-


Aya and Hiroshi had already fought. Hiroshi won, using some genjutsus. Aya lost by a little movement. (f/n) knew, she would be next. She waited looking at the screen and wide her eyes when saw who was her opponent. “The last fight will be Senju Amaya and Uchiha (f/n)” The announcer said and left the floor, letting the girls staring each other.

Amaya decided to make the first movement running toward the Uchiha, but the girl got to dodge the hit and counterattack the brunette. After some minutes of failed physical attacks attempts, they stopped a little to take a breath before started again. “Did you noticed the similarities?” (f/n)’s sensei asked one of his friends next to him. All the sensei could noticed the similarity between them and Hashirama and Madara. “I noticed the way they are fighting, if it gets worse, we will need to interfere”. “Suiton - Suikon no Jutsu” Everyone looked surprised when Amaya created a big water dragon and sent it in (f/n) direction. “Katon - Gouryuuka no Jutsu” (f/n) blew a fire dragon that came against the water dragon, filling the place with dense smoke. “Fuuton - Reppushou” Suddenly a gust of wind blew against (f/n), she used all her force to not fall. She wouldn’t let that Senju subjugate her. “Shouton - Suishouheki” A big cristal wall covered her body, protecting her from the gale. Amaya fell on her knees, the jutsus cost a lot of her chakra. She was with her guard low. “Mokuton: Mokuryū no Jutsu” (f/n) said while a wooden dragon get off the ground, and the next jutsus make the Senju shiver. “Katon: Gōka Mekkyaku” The giant flame mixed with the wooden dragon and flew toward her. But before it could hit the Senju, she woke up and noticed. (f/n) put her in a genjutsu. “It’s over Susanoo” She said while walked away but she felt a strong hit, it threw her away. “No, it’s not over yet, Amaterasu” Everyone was shocked. The girl that didn’t have a Mangekyo was controlling a Susanoo. “Hyouton: Gunshou Tsurara” it wasn’t a young voice, it was an adult voice. This made everyone shivered, it was one of the classic jutus of The Mother of Death. “Enton • Kagutsuchi” A wall of ice birds burning with black flames flew towards Amaya. She used her Susanoo to protect her, but she fell into despair when noticed the cracks forming. The flames made her Susanoo burn and reduce to ashes. “It... was... her…” The girl said when saw the woman walking toward her. Her eyes was black, with the fearsome Mangekyo Sharigan, the veins around it too. Her long dark hair tied in a japanese traditional hairstyle with a stick made of gold and rubies. Her velvet armor was cracked, her skin pale, and there wasn’t a smile in her face.

Amaya knew that she was in trouble. He did a pact with Susanoo, asking him protection and control all the elements related to rain. But she was in front of his sister, it wasn’t (f/n), the little cute Uchiha girl, it was Amaterasu, The Mother of Death, The Shadow of the Ice. Suddenly the woman’s form disappeared, letting (f/n) weak body fell on the ground, unconscious. Amaya with her last amount of chakra, stood up and walked toward (f/n). It was the first time she cared about an Uchiha, not even someone who was with Amaterasu. Some seconds after the girl fell beside the other, exhausted and with a guilty feeling. If she hadn’t provoked her, that wouldn’t happened, the fight would end and anything bad would happen.

Chapter Text

(f/n) was out of the exam. They thought she was very dangerous, even being a little girl. Her clan started to disgust her. When she was twenty years old she realized, she wasn’t welcome anymore. So the only thing she could do was cut ties with the village. Become a nukenin, it was the last thing she wanted, but she couldn’t live in a village when everyone hated her. Just one person didn’t want that, her sensei. He still believed the sweet (f/n) wasn’t the monster everyone believed. Unlike him, her teammates didn’t think the same thing. Both them was scared, but everything got worse when she decided to change their opinion. She made them follow her and when they were in the middle of the forest, she used her kunai and finished them in less than ten seconds. “Why... (f/n)... why?” Aya said with a weak voice looking at the Mangekyo in (f/n). “You aren’t necessary anymore” She said while untied the band of her forehead. “I’m not belong to this village anymore.” She said and started to walk but stopped a little and looked at the band, the same one that showed the leaf village. She collected it from the ground and with the same kunai used in her attack she traced a horizontal scratch. She was now a true nukenin. “Sayonara, sweet fucking home” These was her last words.

Meanwhile, a woman with purple hair followed her in silence. “I know you are here, show yourself” (f/n) said after some minutes. “I saw what you did” The woman said looking at the Uchiha.  “My name is Konan, and I can help you if you hear me”. (f/n) turned to the woman, looking at her with a sad face. After some time of talk she questioned her an important question. “Do you want to join the Akatsuki?”. (f/n) thought a little and said with a decided voice. “I do”. “So, follow me, I will show you your new teammates.” (f/n) followed the woman in total silence, thinking just one thing. ‘She wasn’t destined to that?’ She didn’t want to believe that, but someone inside her knew. Her Yin side knew everything. The dark side of (f/n) knew the advantages and disadvantages. “I want to introduce all of you our new member” (f/n) looked at all the others. “So, what’s your name?” The woman asked. (f/n) decided not tell the truth and hide her true identity. “My name is Sakura, from Konohagakure”. Some seconds after two Mangekyo met each other.


- Some hours after -


“Why didn’t you say your real name, (f/n)?” She turned her head when recognized the male voice. “I can’t use my real name, after what happened in the exam… Oh I forgot one thing. How are you, old friend?” She said while her old friend Itachi (who was in the friendzone). “I’m fine, thanks… And How was Sasuke?” He said a little sad. “He was heartbroken after you did, and when I was left I heard he talking to himself. He intends to kill” She said looking at the big lake in front of her. “I miss Shisui” She said after a long period of silence. “...Me too” He said  calmly looking at the distracted girls face but noticed a small tear. “Itachi… I know why you did everything… and I want to say one thing to you” She turned back and started to walk. “What?” He said looking the girl’s back. “You are a good man and your intentions are good too so, I want you to know… I’m proud to be your friend” And she disappeared letting the man alone. “Damn friendzone” He didn’t notice he said that until his friend’s voice. “What are you talking about?”. “Nothing Kisame, let’s go, we are a mission to complete” Both of them walked away that lake. (f/n) followed her way to Konohagakure, she would "take a lock" in the ruins of the Uchiha clan. She wanted to find her scrolls of ninjutsus and the map to the Ice Prison. She would free the physical part oh her Yin and unite both parts. Her body, The Yang and the old (f/n) The Yin, and would reborn the Shadow of Ice. With her power the girl would fight for a non-violent peace. But her Yin side didn't want it, she wanted kill everyone, and with Indra's help, give birth to a new breed. There wouldn't be no weak people, much less weak Uchihas to shame the clan's name.

Chapter Text

A group of five students were sit in the floor of a dark room, with only a candle lighting the place. “Izuna, shut up, let her continue the history” The boy received a smack in his head. “Right, but, when did we enter this history?” The girl activated her Sharingan and looked to her friend. “This is the history about the creation of this college. The Uchiha’s brand is print in her uniforms and this is the emblem of the college” (f/n) said while holding the candle in front of her face and turned the page of her history book. “Kaguya-sensei gave me this book and asked me to show all of us.” The girl said with a big smile in her face… the same made the heart of “someone” melt. “I FOUND” She pointed with her finger a image with her eyes shining. “Yes, this is the Juubi, what’s the problem?” One of her friends called Shisui asked looking at the same image. “My dream is meet him” She said with a happy voice. “(f/n) you know this is impossible, don’t you?” Her cousin named Itachi said, a little ashamed of her dearly cousin. “It’s possible, you only need to find his current jinchuuriki” Madara said looking with a small smile at his crush . “Hallelujah, someone who support me… thank you Madara-kun” She said with a happy voice before hug him tightly. He was blushing a little, and this made his little brother, Izuna, hold a laugh. He knew his dearly brother’s crush, and he was trying to unite them. But (f/n) was so innocent and naive to understand the heat in his face wasn’t a fever, it was the fact she was hugging him so tightly he could feel her breast against him. “Okay, let’s continue”

-Some days after she return to Konohagakure-

After she found her copies, she took the way to the Frozen Prison, where The Ice Shadow remained locked. It was a cold night, she was shivering under the Akatsuki mantle. “So this is the Eternal Winter the tales portrayed” She walked to the opening using a genjutsu. The guards didn’t notice her presence, anyone noticed. She was like a ghost. After some minutes walking a giant spiral staircase, she arrived the protective grids. “An entrance and an exit. They are a thousand guards to only one prisoner. She approached the grids and saw. Her Yin side was arrested against the wall, her armor broken showing chains of chakra spiked on her arms, one in each arm, the same passed around her chest while two contained her legs. A large piece of fabric covering her eyes and mouth. The way her hair fell around her head made she looks like a corpse. (f/n) walked to her Yin side and knelt down in front of her. She connected her hands, letting only a trigonal opened. “ Shintenshin no Jutsu” She said and felt her mind transferred to her Yin side’s body. She waited until her new body stop hibernating, and absorbed the new corpse in front of her. This made her felt a different feeling. She felt full, but she was still contained with those chains. With all her mind, he made her chakra focus on her forearms and tried to break the chains, but her first attempt failed. She decided use her hands to hold the chains and pulls them. Ignoring the pain the chains caused. She couldn’t see but she felt her blood drain from her forearms. And with a last pull, the chains broke, producing a loud noise. “Oh God!” The leader of the prison screamed when saw from the top of the staircase. “Close the door and prepare arrows!” He yelled to the others while look to the deep. She used her weak small hands to untied the fabric covering her eyes and mouth. She took a deep breath and looked at the ceiling, her mangekyo and amaterasu found the leader’s eyes. He understood the message, but when he notice she was killing each one in the staircase. She had already killed five hundred, when saw their plan. Explode the prison with her inside. But she accelerated her steps until she found a good spot to jump toward the bombs. She heard a lock noise. They had locked her inside the prison. She realized the only way to get out of there, was burn the door.  She would use her main jutsu and reduce the door to ashes. Hyouton: Gunshou Tsurara” She created the same flock of ice birds she always used. “Enton - Kagutsuchi” All the birds started to burn, but this time, they were different. The mix of her two chakras made her power double. Suddenly, the bird became black flames ravens, and burned all the door when they hit the wood.


-Meanwhile, outside the prison-


The guards were talking happy. They thought (f/n) was crushed under the rocks. But all of them wide their eyes when saw the woman jump out the smoke. “Infern Style: Divine flames of Amaterasu” she said with a smirk and a psychotic voice. The guard’s eyes only saw the giant blaze coming toward them. When she arrived the ground she saw corpses everywhere, but one of them was hidden behind a fat man’s body. She approached him slowly, while he was trembling, but his body didn’t respond. He was paralyzed while she grabbed his neck, bringing his face next to her. She saw the symbol of Konohagakure in the band in his head. “It’s good Hashirama sent you, I thought they had forgotten me” She said with a sweet voice while caressed his head. But suddenly her face was dark again. “Come back there and say that their worst nightmare is awake” He nodded quickly while she let him go. And suddenly a cold wind and snow started to fall. It eternal winter had begun.

Chapter Text

- Inside Yukigakure-


The night suddenly changed, the warm temperature turned cold. The union of the two parts brought the winter, all they knew. She was awake and coming to them. (f/n) would come back to her real sweet home. “You are the result of my hard work” Adults and children heard a strong female voice said inside their heads. “You all are scraps of my work of art” The cold wind got stronger and faster. “You all need to be vanish of my beautiful place” The direction of the wind changed and some cracks appeared on the now snowy ground. Dark flames come out the cracks and mixed with the wind on a humanoid. Suddenly a black haired woman wearing a red armor came out the mixture. The Mangekyo on her left eye disabled as the dark flame gone. “The First Shadow of Ice!” An old woman whispered with a weak voice holding his son’s arm. “You know who I am... “ The woman said while her cold hand pointed to the woman. “How?” She asked with her usual cold tone. The old woman walked to her slowly. “I am the girl you hugged the day you created the village” the old woman smiled a bit seeing (f/n) smiling a sweet smile. She laughed when saw the woman’s happy face. “Yeah… I remember” Her voice turned a malefic one when she started to laugh loudly. “You… and the rest of them destroyed my beautiful creation” She united her fingers in the tiger signal and activated her Mangekyo. A big black flame formed a black female humanoid in an armor, two sword on her belly and a pair of wings in her back. It was perfect, the perfect susanoo, her perfect susanoo. “Now… Burn” (f/n) said while one sword of her susanoo turned in a complete black flame. Before the residents ran, the susanoo lifted her sword while the same turned in a complete stick of flame and slammed it on the ground. Suddenly, everything turned white.

A girl with black hair woke up from her sleep looking around. She looked around and noticed, she was in her classroom while everyone talked in groups. “Hey, (f/n)-chan” She felt someone poking her arm, it was her friend, a girl with red long hair. “Mito, What do you want?” The girl said with a sleepy voice. “How do you want impress Kaguya-sama sleeping this way?” She asked looking to her friend sleepy face and started to laugh. “What is so funny Mito?” (f/n) said with a confused face while felt her eyes heavy. “With this hair and these eyebags you and Madara-kun are totally equal” Mito looked one more to her friend only for noticed her face lying on her table. “I don’t care Mito, I want that piece of shit die...” Her friend only rolled her eyes when heard the girl snore again. She facepalm and laughed when an idea came to her mind. She took her cell phone and took a picture. “You will kill me but he need to see you this way” She opened a group chat, with (f/n), Hashirama and Madara, and sent the photo with a subtitle. “Madara what did you do with her for she arrived school this way?” She waited until someone answer. “Yes, Madara, what did you do?” It was Hashirama and Mito knew he was laughing a lot. “We know you have a crush on her, but don’t need be so rough” The intention was make him angered and embarrassed, and it was working. “I was studying for the next text and you two opened a group chat only to mess with me?” Mito and Hashirama started to laugh imagining his face. They knew his crush was big but didn’t know how far would he go to win her heart. “Yes, we are messing with you before your ancestral discover the true” She sent taking a look on her friend. “Which true?” “I don’t know if The Legendary Uchiha would be happy knowing what his great-grandson is attached to a platonic love” Hashirama sent knowing his friend wouldn’t accept be compared to his ancestral.

“Now I am going to kill you both” Madara stood up of his chair and walked around searching for his friends. “Where do you are?” He passed every classroom, only to find both of them reading a pile of pages. “God, she is good with this” The couple said looking each other. “Good with what” Madara approached them and took a page. “Where she found these ideas…” He said while returned the page to Mito. “It’s better save it for later, if she discover we were reading-” “Reading what?” They wide-eyed when heard a sleepy known voice. “What are you reading?” She said with a frightful voice while walked close them. They looked behind and saw the girl’s eyes became red and turned into a Sharingan.

white hair woman heard three screams coming for her classroom before I girl was thrown out of the room. “Kaguya-sama please help us!” The red hair girl begged before three pens coming to her face and stopped on the wall. “Oh my god” the woman walked inside the room and found a girl holding a scared Madara by his collar. “Byakugan” She walked to the girl and passed her arm around her neck and hit her back, making the girl faint in the woman’s arms. “It happened again” The woman took the girl out the room in bridal style. “I will take her to the nursery, you both, organize the classroom”

They sighed in relief while organized the classroom until it was new.