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Will You Keep Me Forever

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            After six months of interviews, a public trail and testimony, Morrie had been convicted of two counts of attempted murder, three counts of assault and two counts of rape and was sentenced to fifty years in prison. Koichi had returned to work for DCR as the assistant of marketing research, and after voicing interest, Taka was promoted to assistant manager of the HBG, in charge of hiring new staff and coordinating special events. Aki was also promoted to the position of lead shift supervisor in charge of training new hires, and Uta had returned to work. The owner of the HBG had also hired security personnel that were present during all operating hours. The owner was taking no chances with his employee’s safety.

            Arriving at home, Taka was exhausted from a twelve-hour shift. “I’m so tired, I just want to go to bed.”

            “At least eat something. There is udon, some leftover pizza or I can make you something of your choice.” Sato leaned over the couch where Taka had collapsed, kissing him on the forehead.  “Udon, please.” Taka mumbled.

            “Before I leave, we need to stock up on some decent food. I doubt you’ll want to cook much, if you continue with this schedule.” Sato heard a muffled reply. “I don’t want you eating only konbini food!”

            “Yes, Okaason, I promise to eat healthy meals and stay away from sweets.” Sato threw a kitchen towel at Taka’s head.

            “Do you know how long the tour is yet? Are we talking weeks or months?” Sato shook his head. “So far, we are at four weeks, but I’m expecting eight weeks. Koichi will give you the dates and other info sometime in the next two weeks.”

            Sitting together eating, Taka’s mind was flooded with different emotions, which all came to the surface any time the tour was mentioned.

            “Eight weeks?” Taka whined, “Time is going to drag!”

            “You know, it’s not like it’s eight weeks of parties. Think about the short tour that you went on, only five hundred times more stressful. Bus travel, hotels, shitty food, nobody speaking the language…it’s brutal.” Sato knew Taka was upset that Koichi was going.

            “Believe me, Koichi isn’t going to have much fun either, Tatsu is an absolute bear when we tour internationally.”

            Taka felt like saying something, but figured it would make things worse.

            “Besides, you’re working such long hours right now, you’ll be too tired to miss me.” Taka made a rude noise. “We will have a nice long vacation when we get back, maybe a week at the onsen in the mountains?” Finishing his udon, Taka kissed Sato and went to bed.

            He was lying on a tatami, in a large house. He could hear people talking, but not what they were saying. Sitting up, he looks around in a room that was bathed in a hue of dusty orange. What the fuck? He hears a door slide open. Oh fuck…please no…I’ll be good, I don’t want to go back, please Master, no more.

            His Master slaps him back down on the tatami. “Shut your mouth, you worthless piece of shit. Taka cowered on the floor, not knowing what to do. He wants to cry, call out for help but he knows better. His Master drags him by the hair, he just realized he’s naked. “Where…” that earned him another slap. He’s shoved against a wall, his face smashed into by his Master’s hand. His hands are tied, his arms are being pulled over his head, his bound hands placed over a hook. He starts to whimper, he’s scared, this is going to hurt…I know it. He can’t see who’s behind him, or how many. Someone reaches around and grabs his dick, mashing it in their hand. “Feels good, right boy?” Tears start to fall, he says nothing.

            He doesn’t know how long he was used and abused in every way possible. He’s past crying, past caring, he wants to die. Soft warm hands are there, on his back, lingering over the welt covered skin. He hears soft sounds of pity, “You poor boy, what have they done?” He feels lips on the back of his neck, gentle whispering kisses. The warm hands tenderly rubbing his chest, ghosting over the raw flesh of his bleeding nipples. He moans, pain and pleasure mixed. A naked body, warm flesh pressed against his pain. “I won’t hurt you, lovely boy, no…never.” A warm hand is wrapped around his wounded cock, rubbing it gently, carefully. “This has been ignored, your pleasure was of no consequence to them, was it?” His cock growing hot, straining against the other’s hand. He moaned, starting to move his hips, his cock needed the friction, the release. He tries to turn his head, who is touching me? I can’t see him.

            “My lovely boy, you were made for me, no one else shall ever touch you again. I will take you from here, I am your new Master, you only need say that one word and you are mine, I will keep you forever.” As Taka tries to speak the word, the warm hand starts to move quickly, spreading the pre-cum, using it to help his cock glide into orgasm. He’s trying, I want to say it, help me please! He’s trying, I want to be yours. He cums hard, leaning into it, but the hand is pulling away. No! Stop! I want to… “My lovely boy, you had your chance, now you’re once again, a worthless piece of shit.

            “NO! Wait!” Taka sat up in bed, breathing hard, looking around at his bedroom and realizing it was nothing more than a fairy tale nightmare, and the tears start to fall. Taka also realized that he had indeed, orgasmed from the dream. Moving slowly, as not to wake Sato, Taka gets out of bed and goes into the bathroom to clean up and change into fresh sleep pants. Trying not to think of the dream, Taka slides back into bed with Sato, feeling abandoned and alone.

            “Morning babe, breakfast before I leave for the studio?” Taka walked to Sato, and wrapped his arms around his waist, burying his face in Sato’s neck. “What’s wrong?” Taka nuzzled Sato’s neck harder,

            “Bad dream about my past…hold me.” Without hesitation or question, Sato did just that. He knew Taka’s past was painful, but why a dream about it now? What would trigger those memories?

            “You haven’t had any of those in a long time, weird for one just to pop up. Maybe working too much?” Sato rubbed Taka’s back, “Maybe”

            “Let me make you something to eat before I go.” They sat together, like any other normal couple, eating breakfast, but there was a hint of something else, just under the surface. Sato got ready, kissed his boy and left for the studio, leaving Taka “Now what?”



            “Sorry Taka, I have a shit ton of work piled up, projects I have to get done before we leave.”

            Taka knew Koichi was going to be busy, but at least he had made the effort. Standing in his kitchen, he felt like he had nothing. No friends that were exclusively his, at least none that were not connected to the industry. He couldn’t count his employees either, so what exactly did he have?

            Taka moped around the flat, playing video games, looking up random things on the computer, just burning time. When Sato came home, Taka again ordered Sato to hold him. What the hell is going on with him?

            “Can we please go out to eat? I want to go to the restaurant, I need a steak!” Sato chuckled, “Okay, since I’m going to be gone, and I know you would never go alone, let’s go.

            Taka needed this, he needed to be somewhere else other than cooped up at work or home. They took a table in the middle of the dining room, instead of their usual table near the wall. Looking around, Taka saw a few people he knew, but nobody he was very friendly with. Waiting for their dinner, the conversation was light, mostly about the tour, what cities they knew for sure they were playing. Taka talked about the new hires at the HBG, Uta’s return and how he hoped the long twelve-hour shifts were temporary. Two drinks in and their dinner arrived, Taka tearing into his steak.

            Relaxing after the meal, Taka see’s Kyo and Die enter the dining room. Shit, not good. Seeing the couple, Kyo and Die approached the table.

            “So, you’re leaving for your US tour soon, how long will you guys be gone?” Kyo was interested in what cities Mucc would be playing.  “Not sure, four weeks that been scheduled so far, but nothing more. Taka could feel Die looking at him, but he made sure not to look at the other man. “I hear you’re the new manager over at the HBG, Taka-kun, how’s that working for you?”

            Taka snorted, “Money’s great, twelve-hour shifts suck. We’re hiring new people, and Uta’s come back.” At the mention of Uta, Kyo seemed more interested. “Is he…well, I mean, does he seem okay now? He’s so tiny, I thought a lot about him, if you know…how he was doing.” Kyo interested in Uta was surprising.

            “Tiny? He’s taller than you!” sniped Die. “Maybe, but he’s like a delicate sort of tiny…like if you hugged him too hard, he’d shatter.” Taka assured Kyo that Uta was fine physically, “He only works the day shifts, and only makes the drinks. He is still apprehensive in talk to strangers, you should come by some time, I’m sure he’d like that.”

            Die started to complain that he was starving and dragged Kyo off to their table. “Kyo and Uta? I don’t know about that, Taka. Kyo might break him.” Sato was smiling, obviously teasing Taka. “No, I think Kyo would protect Uta with his life. His spikey is all show, he’s a very sweet guy.” Sato almost choked “Sweet? Kyo? Are we talking about the same man?” Taka rolled his eyes.

            Sato excused himself, and went to the bathroom, leaving an opening for Die. As soon as Sato was out of sight, Die approached Taka.

            “Do you work tomorrow, Taka-kun? Kyo and I would like to come and visit Uta, and well, you too of course.” Taka nodded, “Yes, we’ll both be there.” Just as Sato walked back to their table, he had heard Die saying they would see Taka the next day, nodding to Sato as he walked away.

            “What was that about?” Sato was always wary of Die and his intentions towards Taka.

            “He was asking if Uta and I would be at work tomorrow. Kyo thinks Uta will be too shy to talk to him alone.” Sato bought the half-truth, knowing that Uta was indeed, very shy.

            “Don’t let Kyo scare him, that’s the last thing Uta needs.” The couple lingered awhile longer, having a fancy chocolate dessert and more conversation about the tour. The ride home was in a comfortable silence. Walking into the flat, a fully grown, seriously obnoxious Eddy was demanding food.

            “You’re so pushy Eddy, shit.” Sato was feeding Eddy, and Taka had already gone to the bedroom. It was only a matter of about ten minutes, when Sato joined Taka, his lover was snoring softly. Kissing his boy Sato pulled up the blanket, and pulling Taka into his arms. Softly whimpering, Taka snuggled into Sato’s chest.



            He was cold, so very cold and shaking. Looking around the room, he sees a closet. “Maybe there’s a blanket.” Opening the closet door, he is pushed in from behind by cold hands. He slams into a wall, the door slides shut behind him. Now it’s dark, he can see light under the door, but it’s not the door he came in through. He hears voices, laughing, someone is crying. He walks to the door, sliding it open just enough to see. There are a lot of men surrounding a table. Old fat naked me, with ugly erections. What’s on the table? He can’t tell, there’s food, but there’s something else, what is it?

            He opens his eyes again. OH GOD NO! Please…no! he’s lying on a table, strapped down, the old fat men, with their stiff cocks, are looking at him. He looks at his body, he’s covered in food! Nantaimori! God please…no more, not again! Master, please… Someone has my cock in their mouth. Please, don’t touch me. An old man with no face is trying to put his cock in my mouth. He’s gagging on the stiff cock, he can’t breathe. HELP ME PLEASE!

            Warm hands on his chest, sliding down his body, grasping his cock, it’s quiet. No more ugly, old men. He feels a warm soft mouth, licking his body. The mouth is kissing him, it’s soft, it’s safe. “My lovely boy, you should just say the word, I will keep you from harm.” The warm mouth is now sucking his cock, it feels so good, it’s so luscious and warm, my body feels so warm. “Lovely boy, just say the word and I will keep you forever.


            Opening his eyes, he feels the warm tears falling. Who is he? It feels so real. Taka reaches for Sato, but the bed is cold and empty. Looking at the clock, 11:02am, Taka realizes that Sato is already at the studio. It’s a relief that he’s gone, Taka’s not sure how he would explain the tears, when he can’t explain the dreams. But the man, he feels familiar, but who it is…Taka doesn’t know.