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You were feeling fed up as you walked down the hallways of BigHit, making your way to your boyfriend’s studio. You pulled your floor length leather jacket closer to yourself as a couple of people walked by, nodding at you politely as they passed.

Yoongi had been neglecting you, practically living in his studio for weeks, and you’d had enough. You knew that he didn’t mean to do it, you weren’t really mad, you just wanted some attention.

You weaved your way through the halls, making sure to keep your coat closed tight around your body. You stopped in front of the door to his studio, pressing the buzzer repeatedly for a couple of minutes before he actually let you in.

He gave you a gentle kiss on the cheek, bringing a smile to your pink lips. That smile quickly dropped however, when he instantly turned away to walk back to his desk.

“I’m sorry, babe. I had headphones on. I really need to keep working on this song as well.” He told you, getting comfortable in his black leather chair once again.

Oh, hell no. Not today, Yoongi!

You walked forwards, pulling the chair back slightly so you could wedge your body between him and his work.

He quirked a brow at you, frowning slightly at your actions. “What are you doing? Babe, i really need to finish this. Come on.” He tried to shuffle you out of the way, but you planted your feet. You weren’t budging.

“Yoongi i haven’t seen you properly for weeks, you’ve been ignoring me.” You couldn’t help the pout that graced your lips as you spoke the words.

His head dropped back onto his chair as he closed his eyes. You took the opportunity to open your coat, making sure he’d have a good view when he looked back up. You stepped out of your shoes as quietly as you could while he spoke to you, tiredness evident in his tone.

“Babe i know. I really am sorry. I just need to get these lyrics done for the new album. I promise i’ll give you as much-” He stopped talking as he lifted his head back up, head tilting to the side as he drank you in.

Underneath the leather, you’d been wearing the tiniest set of Lingerie that you owned. A tiny red bra that clung to your breasts tightly, pushing them up and making them look bigger than they already were. Tiny panties of the same colour that were practically non-existent.

You smirked as you noticed the way his adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed deeply. You let the black leather fall to the floor, pushing yourself forwards to lean into him, grasping his shoulders as you leant in close to his ear. You felt him shiver slightly as your breath caressed his ear, causing you to give a small smile.

“Are you sure you don’t have a little bit of time for me?”

His response was to grasp your hips and try to pull you into his lap. You kept yourself braced against his shoulders, shaking your head at him as you chuckled softly. You leaned in to kiss him, brushing your lips against his teasingly. He didn’t allow you to do it for long, lifting a hand to grab a fistful of your hair to hold you still. You gasped into his mouth, surprised by the action and he took full advantage. He pushed his tongue into the heat of your mouth, tangling his tongue with your own. You felt the wetness begin to form between your thighs and you knew that you didn’t have the patience for much foreplay. You did, however, want to show him what he’d been missing out on the last few weeks.

You broke the kiss, placing hot, wet kisses along his jawline and along the column of his throat. His fingers dug into your skin as you bit into the soft flesh, a small hiss escaping him. You continued to nibble and suck the skin, decorating his skin with small red marks, each groan and hiss that poured from his lips egging you on.

You reached for his belt buckle, fumbling to get it undone. Once you’d succeeded he lifted his hips, helping you to pull the jeans and his boxers down slightly, freeing him.

Your mouth watered as you pulled away, looking at his hard length as you dropped to your knees in front of him. You settled yourself between his legs, grasping him in your palm as you leant forward, teasingly licking at his balls. The sound that he made was somewhere between a groan and a growl and you found yourself moaning in response, rubbing your thighs together. You loved it when he was vocal, you couldn’t get enough of it.  

You moved up, licking a wet strip along the underside of his cock, before taking the tip in your mouth and beginning to suck. You ran your tongue along the slit, relishing the moans the he couldn’t keep inside.

You looked up at him, beginning to take him in inch by inch. You gagged slightly when he hit the back of your throat, before moving back along the length of him.

You sank down onto him again, taking him as deep as you could. His hands fisted into your hair as you managed to go as deep as you could possibly manage, holding you in place.

You felt tears sting your eyes as you swallowed around his length. That one action proved to be too much for Yoongi, who pulled you off of him and up on to his lap.

He crashed his lips to yours, biting at your lower lip to get you to give him access. His tongue went to battle with your own, instantly dominating your mouth. You couldn’t prevent the moans that you were releasing into his own.

His hand snaked down between your bodies, pulling aside the fabric of your panties to rub a finger against your clit. “God, you’re so wet.” He growled against your lips. You whimpered in response. “Yoongi, just fuck me! I need you to fuck me!”

Your request came out as a desperate whine and he couldn’t seem to say no to that, lining himself up with your entrance, not even bothering to remove your underwear. He pushed himself into you forcefully, gripping your hair tightly to pull your head back so he could watch your face as he fucked you.

He set a relentless pace, his other arm wrapped around your back to hold you in place on top of him. Your nails were digging into his shoulders, white spots dancing across your vision more and more the deeper he went.

Your orgasm washed over you with a blinding intensity, so intense that you didn’t care if the whole building heard your screams. Your walls clenching around him tightly caused him to follow you over the edge, his hips bucking up into you unsteadily as he coated your walls with his cum.

He let go of your hair as you slumped against him, nuzzling your nose against his neck. He turned his head slightly to place a kiss on your head, brushing your hair back from your face.

“I’d say i won’t neglect you again, but if this is the result…” He said through shaky breaths. You couldn’t help the giggle that escaped you at his words, snuggling closer to him.


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