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Berthie's thoughts

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My beloved one.


I love you so much and one day, I will get to hold you.


 You caught my heart from the first time I saw you... I was so absorbed by your innocent eyes. I always thought of them while I was pleasuring myself. You were always near me, always in reach… and that gave me…




I was always on guard, so you would not notice my feelings. In my world, there is just the two of us. I need to lock you up, so that no one will ever take you from me. You only belong to me.


At times, I pity you that you caught the attention by someone like me. I won’t give you to anyone. You will always be the object of my obsession, of my dark desires. I wanted to make you dirty… my hand…


I was jealous of everything that surrounds you and felt hatred to everything that touched you.


I will confine you and make you only mine.


So that no one sees you. So that no one touches you.


… I love you…


I love you.




Hurry… I will hide you in my world…


When I met you, I decided to make you mine. So you won’t ask for someone other than me.


You’re mine.


I won’t let you run away. I won’t give you freedom.


In our world, we don’t need another person. You love me. I love you. That alone is enough. I want you. Do you want me?