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 "Secretly pour yourself on me

(Fill it up more, fill it up more)

I wanna be filled with you."

Thirsty by Taemin.

The light bulb flickered, bleeding a dark red into the walls. Jimin’s shadow followed him as he walked down the hall of the motel, clutching an ash tree stake in his right hand and an oscillating crucifix in the other.

The silence was almost total, the chatter of the inhabitants of the motel drowned out by the sound of the pouring rain. There was a leak on one side of the corridor wall forming a dirty puddle on the floor. Jimin stepped on it without paying attention, his boots making a squelching sound that uncomfortably resonated in the quiet of the interior. If this were one of his typical missions, Jimin would have cursed himself for being so careless. But it was not a typical mission. He didn’t mind being heard this time.

A smirk curved the corner of his mouth, his heartbeat quickening imperceptibly. A little brown leather bag, long worn out, hanged from his waist and bounced off his thigh, its contents bumping against each other with every step and causing the hunter to lick his lips in anticipation.

Somewhere in the distance, the church bells began to ring announcing midnight. Jimin felt a shiver run down his spine. It was officially October 31st. The only day of the year in which monsters could walk among humans in plain sight had begun.

The light bulb flickered again. Jimin let out the air in his lungs, a full smile splashing on his face. His body craved Samhain day after day, craved the real battle between humans and monsters, since his father had trained him to be a hunter.

Three years ago, he was a hunter that didn’t care what he killed as long as it was a creature from hell; monster after monster, they all fell to his feet begging for mercy, but Jimin wasn’t a merciful guy. No monster had ever been a danger to him, no monster had ever meant an opponent too hard to eliminate. No monster — except for one.

His footsteps came to a stop in front of the door of the last room in the hall. He let out a snort as he noticed the number 69 attached to the wood and took the door knob with the same hand that was holding the crucifix. He closed his eyes for a moment. He imagined the hordes of monsters — from harpies to werewolves — filling the streets and falling under the hands of hunter groups. And there he was, alone, about to face the last specimen of an ancient monster species that had terrorized mankind since its birth. A demonic deity, participant of the sinister pantheon in all mythology.

A vampire.

A thunder broke through the sky and made Jimin's skin prickle. He moistened his lips and, clasping the stake until his knuckles turned white, opened the door and entered the room.

A single rickety bed stood in the middle of the small room. Jimin saw its shape illuminated thanks to the light coming from the hall, but as soon as the door closed behind him, it merged with the shadows once again. There was no window, not even a hole in the dirty and rotten walls through where the light could enter.

He breathed in and out slowly, filling his lungs with the smell of dust; the smell of something rotten and flowery. Addictive. He swallowed down the knot in his throat and bit his lip when he heard the low laugh coming from somewhere in the dark.

“Took you long enough, hunter.” Jimin couldn’t hear the steps, but he could feel the change in the air as the monster approached him. A gust of warm breath tickled his cheek. “I could smell you the moment you set foot in the lobby.” A hand, big and cold, gently grabbed Jimin by the neck and pulled him close. The vampire nuzzled his neck, inhaling deep and hard, as if every gulp of air was a drug. “You smell delicious.”

Jimin was quick. He circled the vampire’s neck with his hand and slammed him onto the wall, pressing the stake just under his chin. He felt the monster’s body shiver against his own and smiled satisfied.

“Easy, kitten.” The vampire hissed at him, his fangs flashing like a white lightning in the dark. Jimin laughed, low and dark, and pressed the tip of the stake against the monster’s skin with almost enough force to break it. “I didn’t give you permission to touch.”

“I'm a prince of Hell; I have thousands and thousands of armies under my command. Do you really think I’ll take orders from a dirty human like you?” The vampire wetted his lips, his eyes slowly turning a dangerous shade of red. “You're going to have to try a little harder , hunter.”

Jimin tightened his grip on him. He could smell the odor of burned flesh emanating from where the crucifix touched the vampire’s neck, but the monster didn’t seem to care. He was smiling at him, his fangs on full display and his eyes looking like two doors straight to the underworld. Because Samhain wasn’t only the day monsters came up to the surface, but also the day humans could crawl into the flames of hell.

And Jimin liked it better if it burned.

He drew the stake away from the vampire and brought it close to his mouth, sticking out his tongue to lick the tip without breaking eye contact. Jimin felt the twinge of pain as the sharp edge cut the skin, his mouth filling with the metallic taste of blood. A drop rolled down his chin and the vampire growled.

“Don’t you want a taste, your majesty ?” the hunter teased, skimming the stake down the monster’s neck, enjoying the way his body tensed when Jimin reached his heart. “It must be so hard for you to be secluded in your kingdom without being able to drink .” The vampire didn’t answer; his eyes were fixed on Jimin’s mouth, a thread of saliva running down his fangs. “I asked you something, Taehyung.”

“Maybe if a stupid hunter hadn’t accidently tied me to his blood I wouldn’t suffer as much as I do.”

Jimin laughed and leaned down, letting his tongue trace Taehyung’s bottom lip and coat it with his blood. The vampire whimpered and licked the liquid desperately, whining when Jimin turned his face away.

“You should be kinder to me, kitten. I’m the one keeping you alive.” He opened his mouth, grazing his lips all over Taehyung’s jaw. “I could walk out any minute now and let you starve to death.”

“As if!” Taehyung scoffed, but there was a pinch of fear in his voice that made Jimin feel powerful.

“Lucky you, I’m a man of honor. I promised you something and I’ll keep the promise. But you are the one who’s going to try a little harder to get it.”

Taehyung threw his head back, bumping the wall, with a big smile on his face.

“Everyone says we’re the monsters but humans aren’t any better than us.” He wrapped his arms around Jimin’s neck and pulled their bodies together until their noses brushed against each other. “And you… you’re one of the worst humans I’ve ever met.” Jimin smirked and circled the vampire’s waist, keeping him still only with the touch of the stake. “Maybe that’s why I like you.”

Jimin let the crucifix fall to the floor and cupped Taehyung’s face, kissing him sweetly and slowly before parting his lips and pushing his tongue inside the other’s mouth, lapping at his fangs and groaning when Taehyung eagerly sucked in the remaining blood. When they parted, Taehyung’s eyes were glowing an angry red.


“Mmm, that wasn’t so hard, right prince?” he said the title in a mockery way, enjoying the way the vampire’s body stiffened.

Taehyung hid his face in the hunter’s neck, the threat of the stake against his heart the only thing restraining him from sinking his fangs and taking what he wanted. He was weak, his body ached with the need of blood, and Jimin was a skilful hunter; if he tried to bite him without his consent, the stake would pierce through Taehyung’s chest before he could even scratch Jimin’s skin. Besides, he didn’t mind begging. Not if it was Jimin he was begging to.  

He let the tip of his tongue run all the way up from the hunter’s prominent neck vein to the spot below his ear, the taste of human and Jimin making his stomach grunt.

“Please,” Taehyung tried again, striving to put all the desperation he felt in his voice. “Just a gulp. And then I’ll be all yours.”

“Cute, but you’re already mine.” Jimin let the stake cut through the fabric of Taehyung's shirt and prick the skin behind it for emphasis.

“I can beg on my knees,” the vampire offered, a playful smirk on his lips.

“I’m not letting those things get anywhere near my dick.” He cupped Taehyung’s face and used his thumb to push his upper lip up, exposing the sharp canines. He pressed the pad of his finger onto the tip until he drew blood and brought the wounded finger to his own mouth before Taehyung could even have a taste. He closed his lips around his finger and sucked slowly until the blood stopped coming out. “You just want an excuse to sink your dirty little teeth into my aorta.”

He grabbed a fistful of the vampire’s shirt and dragged him to the bed without waiting for an answer. Jimin threw him on the old sheets and climbed over his body, a hand at either side of his head. Taehyung let the hunter manhandled him without any resistance, the eagerness clear in his eyes despite his attempts to act as if the situation wasn’t affecting him.

They looked at each other for a moment. The rain kept falling outside, but the silence of the night had been replaced by the distant sound of screams. Whether they were cries from humans or monsters, they didn’t know. They didn’t care.

Jimin plunged his hand into the monster’s hair and tugged at it to fully expose his neck. He hummed and let his teeth bite gently into his skin, sucking and pressing his tongue so hard that it would hurt if it weren’t a vampire he was marking. Taehyung opened his mouth, a muted cry hanging from the tip of his tongue.

Jimin pulled away slightly to watch the mark disappear before his eyes. When their pact was made, he had despised the vampire’s ability to heal quickly but over time, he had come to like it. He only needed to mark Taehyung again. And again, and again — as many times as it took the vampire to remember who he belonged to.

Jimin sat on Taehyung’s lap and opened the white shirt that hid his golden skin, buttons flying across the room. He rested one hand on the center of the monster’s chest, his eyes locked on the two burning rubies that looked back at him. Taehyung's chest didn’t move since he didn’t need to breathe and his heart didn’t shudder like a human’s would, but Jimin had long since learned every little detail that helped reveal the vampire's true feelings: glowing eyes, hard nipples, abdomen tense; and those sinful lips parted just enough to drive Jimin crazy.

He let his hand wander upward and wrap around the vampire’s neck loosely. Taehyung’s eyes fixed on the hunter’s right hand still clutching the stake, and he moistened his lips, gulping down the lump in his throat.

“I’ll let you drink a bit of me now, but only if you promise to obey when I tell you to stop.” Taehyung’s body tensed when he felt sharp wooden circling his right nipple. He tried not to emit a sound but his dick twitched in his pants under Jimin’s ass and, by the smirk on the hunter’s lips, the movement didn’t go unnoticed. “Understood, kitten?”

“Yes.” Jimin raised an eyebrow. Taehyung swallowed down a hiss. “Yes, Master. But please get rid of that thing first; it hurts my eyes.

Jimin scoffed but tugged off his clerical collar and discarded it somewhere on the floor. He bared his neck, sultry eyes looking at the vampire from under his eyelashes.

“Do your worst.”

Taehyung didn’t need to be told twice. He wrapped his arms around the hunter’s middle and pinned him to the bed, not giving him time to adjust to the new position before sinking in his fangs, breaking skin and finally tasting blood. A long and low moan ripped out of his throat as the warm fluid filled his stomach. Jimin arched his back, his mouth open in a smile and his eyes closed in pleasure. It hurt. It burned. He loved it.

Taehyung aligned their crotches together and started to grind down erratically, trying to drink as much as he could before Jimin stopped him. The hunter cupped his nape and his lips hovered over Taehyung’s ear so he could hear every little whine coming out of Jimin’s mouth every time the vampire swallowed.

“Just like that, kitten. Fill yourself with me.”

Taehyung closed his eyes and let himself enjoy the taste of Jimin on his tongue. He could feel his strength coming back to his body, his powers regaining their normal splendor. Just a little more and he would be completely healthy once again, strong enough to break the little stake bothering him and get rid of the hunter moaning under him. A few more gulps and he could be free.

“Stop.” Jimin’s voice made a thrill of panic run down his spine. He buried his fangs deeper, the blood dripping down his chin and ruining Jimin’s black shirt. “Now, Taehyung.”

The stake pricked his nipple. Taehyung let go of him, baring his fangs in front of Jimin’s face and hissing menacingly. The natural blush of the hunter’s cheeks had disappeared but that only made his dark glare even more dangerous to the vampire’s eyes. He saw the devilish smirk gracing Jimin’s lips and knew he had done exactly what the human had wanted.

Jimin took Taehyung by the arms and used all his strength to glue him to the bed, face down. Before the vampire could struggle, the hunter grabbed his wrists with one hand and held them together behind his back. One knee rested on his lower back to keep him still. Taehyung growled, his hips rubbing down against the mattress instinctively.

"That's how it will be then.” His tone was bored, clinical. “All these years and you still don’t learn.”

Jimin let the stake fall to the floor, opened the little leather bag hanging from his belt and took out a long strip of golden rope bathed in holy water. He tied it around the vampire's wrists with cold experience, enjoying the way Taehyung squirmed beneath him.

“Where do you belong, vampire?” asked the hunter, taking out his shirt and grimacing at the traces of dried blood on his chest. “Choose your words carefully, or I won’t let you bite me again until I’m done with you.”

The vampire licked the scraps of blood off his lips, closing his eyes for a split second and trying his best to hide his smile. Putting effort in his movements, he propped his knees on the bed, lifting his ass and looking at Jimin over his shoulder. The hunter’s expression darkened once he realized Taehyung wasn’t going to respond him. He slipped his hand back into the bag and pulled out a shiny silver ball gag. Taehyung whined.

“Where do you belong, prince ?”

“U-under you.”

Jimin grazed Taehyung’s neck with his lips, slowly putting the ball gag over the vampire’s open mouth.

“And where do I belong?”

Taehyung closed his eyes, feeling his fangs pulse with the need to bite, feeling his head starting to get dizzy from Jimin’s presence.

“Inside me.”

Jimin chuckled and tied the gag. It was small enough to fit perfectly between Taehyung’s fangs, and big enough to shut him up. It didn't take long for the drool to start accumulating in Taehyung’s mouth, dripping down his chin. Jimin stepped back a little and observed him as if he were nothing but a toy. It made Taehyung’s skin itch with the need to make the hunter kneel and kiss his boots, just like any other of his subjects; but it also made his dick twitch with heavy arousal. No human had looked at him like that in all his immortal life. Even the hunters he had cross paths with when he was younger had smelled like fear. Jimin was different. Jimin smelled like the sun: bright but dangerous.

For the first time since the beginning of the world, the vampire was the prey and the human the predator.  

The hunter unbuckled his belt. Taehyung pressed his cheek against the bed and followed the movement with his eyes, whining when Jimin’s pants slid down his legs.  The tight boxers did nothing to hide the outline of his cock. Jimin smiled and cupped himself, eyes so dark Taehyung could feel them caressing his skin like a burning candlelight. He wanted to bite him. He wanted to drink him in; he wanted to be filled with Jimin in any way possible.

He tried to speak to tell him to hurry the fuck up, you human but the only thing that came out of his mouth were gurgling sounds that made Jimin coo at him. The hunter walked towards him and pushed the strands of hair out of his eyes — a gesture strangely sweet considering the situation they were in — before positioning himself between the vampire’s legs and ripped the rest of Taehyung’s shirt in pieces, finally uncovering the expanse of his back.

Rough hands stroked his waist and chest, languidly playing with his nipples until Taehyung’s body was squirming at the stimulation, trying to push his ass against Jimin’s crotch.

“Imagine what your troops would think if they saw you like this.” Taehyung closed his eyes tightly, the blood he had drunk from Jimin coloring his cheeks with embarrassment. “Their prince ready—no, desperate , to be fucked by their enemy.”

Jimin’s hands palmed him through his jeans before unbuttoning them and slipping them off his legs. Taehyung wasn’t wearing any underwear, but that didn’t surprise the hunter. He took a handful of each cheek and pulled them apart, a groan leaving his mouth at the sight. He was wearing a black jeweled butt plug with the base shaped like a heart. Jimin used his thumb to press it deeper, smiling when Taehyung moaned around the gag, and then took it out almost all the way — the lube inside the vampire running down his thighs and making a mess in the sheets — just to push it back in after.

Pretty,” he praised, even though he shouldn’t. The lines that distinguished right from wrong were already too blurred anyways. “Open just for me.”

He fucked him with the plug experimentally. Slowly at first, but building up a nice rhythm after a while, biting his lip when Taehyung started to meet him halfway. During their first few encounters, Taehyung had told him that blood tasted better during sex.

"Why do you think all human legends portray us as seducers? Where do you think the belief that vampires wanted to take away damsels’ virginity came from? Why do you think we bother seducing humans? Us, who are faster than human thinking; we could suck you all dry and you would never know what hit you.” He had smiled, his chin resting on the palm of his hand, and looked at Jimin from under his eyelashes. “If I have to keep drinking your blood for the rest of your mortal life, then at least I want quality. I’m a prince, after all. I deserve the best treats.”

And Jimin’s resistance had crashed down the moment Taehyung’s tongue found its way into his mouth.

He pushed the butt plug all the way in one last time before letting it get lost between the bed sheets. Taehyung stopped all movement, all sound. Jimin took a small bottle of lube out of his bag and coated his fingers with its content. One, two fingers entered the vampire without resistance, a low groan being ripped out of his throat.

“Look at you, prince. You’re always so eager for me, so eager to be mine.”

Taehyung muttered something, the words muffled by the gag. His eyes were turning a dangerous shade of black, almost no trace of his usual red could be found in them. Jimin smiled and pushed a third finger, fucking him lazily. The vampire didn’t like that. He struggled against his restrains, the veins in his arms popping and the skin under the golden rope turning pink.

Jimin tsked and gave him a harsh spank on the back of his tight.

“Behave. Or I’ll bring the stake back.” Taehyung’s hole clenched around Jimin’s fingers, a sob at the tip of his tongue. “Oh? Would you like that?” Taehyung shook his head fervently and pushed his hips back against Jimin’s fingers. Jimin’s laugh echoed in the room, as dark and dangerous as the screams of pain outside the motel. “Of course a dirty thing like you would want that. You’re dripping just thinking about it.”

The hunter wrapped his free hand around Taehyung’s length and pumped him as leisurely as he was fingering him. A thread of pre-cum leaked out of Taehyung’s slit, connecting the tip of his cock, red and swollen, with the bed sheets.

“You like the idea of me hurting you? You want to be the one bleeding instead of me?” A single tear rolled down the vampire’s cheek. Jimin followed its path all the way down until it disappeared into the bed. “Aw, I made the great prince of the underworld cry?”

He pulled out his fingers — ignoring Taehyung’s little mewls — and played with the head of his cock some more before jerking his own underwear off. His dick ached with the need to be touched. He suppressed a moan and lubed himself up more than necessary, his eyes going from Taehyung’s black eyes to Taehyung’s hole.

The vampire’s chin was shiny with saliva, a small wet patch already forming under his cheek. Jimin leaned down and lay a kiss on the ball gag. Their eyes met for a moment too long.

A loud cry for help snapped them out of the daze. They didn’t have a lot of time. The hunters needed Jimin; the monsters were waiting for their Prince.

He positioned himself between Taehyung’s legs one more time and rubbed the tip of his cock over his ass crack, an amused smile playing at the corners of his mouth.

“You know how it is. The faster you come, the faster you get to drink me.” He bit his lip and pushed the tip of his dick inside, his thighs trembling with the effort of staying still. “Understood, kitten?”

Taehyung nodded his head vehemently, eyes wide and eager. Jimin grabbed the vampire’s hips and thrust forward, the grunts he had been holding in now falling from his lips non-stop. No matter how many times they had done this, the feeling of sinking into the Prince of Hell’s warmth was just as good as the first time. Taehyung had told him it was impossible, but Jimin believed some of the vampire’s powers stuck to him during and after their encounters. If not, he didn’t know what that feeling running in his veins was. That feeling of being high on Taehyung’s smell, high on Taehyung’s moves, high on Taehyung’s cries. If not, what was that feeling pushing his hips forwards with enough force to bruise a skin that couldn’t be bruised? If not, why did his body ache with the need of feeling Taehyung close when they were apart?

Taehyung was that horror story that stuck into your head and didn’t let you sleep at night. Except— Jimin didn’t want to wake up.

Jimin bottomed out, his hands roaming over the vampire’s bulged biceps. Some of the cold of his body was gone thanks to Jimin’s blood and his cheeks were tinted a light shade of red. Pretty , thought the hunter as he gave a harsh thrust. Taehyung was pretty and dangerous, and Jimin was just another stupid human who had fallen under his spell.

He scratched Taehyung’s ass cheeks with his nails, watching how the red lines disappeared seconds after. Taehyung whined. Jimin spanked him, groaning when the vampire tightened around his cock. He started to move slowly at first, just enjoying the warmth and Taehyung’s choked mewls, but his body quickly wanted more. He grabbed Taehyung’s waist with one hand, the other burying into the boy’s hair, and started to fuck him like the prince deserved, his hips slapping obscenely against Taehyung's ass.

He sets a rough pace, his breathing getting labored and the sound of skin hitting skin almost drowning out the screams of pain coming from the streets. Taehyung closed his eyes, body pliant under the hunter’s hands and drool running down his mouth. His fangs hurt with the need to eat and his thighs trembled every time Jimin spanked them, but he felt good. He felt so good, dick twitching and leaking. The stretch of Jimin’s length pushing in and out of him, the tip of Jimin’s cock hitting his prostate again and again, the feeling of not being able to move — but just take it. Take whatever the hunter wanted to give him and nothing more.

Suddenly, Jimin’s hands were on his arms again, untying them. The golden rope fell to the bed and Taehyung tried to take off the ball gag but before he could move, Jimin’s hands were on his hair, yanking him upright and forcing him to kneel. The new angle made a tear fall from Taehyung’s eye, Jimin’s cock burying deeper inside him.

“Don’t you dare touch the gag until I say you can,” hissed Jimin, teeth nibbling on the lobe of his ear and hips rutting into Taehyung without a break.

Taehyung groaned, his head nodding against his will. Jimin pushed him flat into the mattress, his small frame overpowering the vampire, fucking him hard and fast with short and deep strokes. Taehyung’s cock was pressed between his stomach and the sheets, rubbing against them every time Jimin entered him.

Jimin’s warm body started to feel suddenly too hot upon Taehyung’s skin as his orgasm built inside him. He spread his legs as much as he could to feel Jimin deeper, face hiding behind his arm in a desperate attempt to shield himself from the hunter's predatory eyes. But Jimin wasn’t having any of it. He cupped Taehyung’s face, forcing him to look into his eyes, expression dark.

“I want to see you.”

Taehyung’s hips rut down into the sheets, throaty sounds slipping out around the gag, stomach tensing at every thrust. Jimin stayed still, buried deep inside, and let Taehyung fuck himself on his cock.

The hunter saw the exact moment the vampire came. His glowing black eyes turning red once again as he threw his head back, exposing his neck. Without thinking, Jimin leaned down and bit him, hard. Taehyung cried, clenching uncontrollably around Jimin.

Jimin didn’t give him time to recover. He pulled out and sat on the bed, manhandling him so Taehyung was sitting on his lap. With hurried hands he untied the ball gag, kissing him like the world was crashing down to their feet. Taehyung wrapped his limbs around the hunter’s frame and sat down on his dick, smirking when he felt Jimin’s heart beat against his unmoving chest.

They parted their lips and for the second time that night, the hunter bared his neck.

“Make me come, kitten.”

Taehyung smiled, triumphant, and bit him. Blood filled his mouth, taste so strong and delicious it felt like he was drinking God’s nectar. Jimin cried, his hips stuttering, both hands buried in Taehyung’s hair. The vampire swallowed him lazily, taking his time now that he knew Jimin wasn’t going to stop him, and then started to rock his hips down just as slow, humming every time Jimin’s cock brushed his prostate.

Blood ran down his chin and splashed Jimin’s chest. Taehyung followed it with his tongue and enveloped Jimin’s nipple with his lips, fangs scratching the sensitive nub until a single red drop burst out. Jimin slammed his hips up, back arching and mouth open in a silent cry.

Taehyung giggled, feeling Jimin’s come starting to leak out of him, and proceeded to sink his fangs in his neck again. He drank and drank and drank, every gulp feeling sweeter than the last one. Jimin’s body had gone pliant under his, the only thing that indicated that he was still conscious were the little sounds that came out of his mouth and his callused hands roaming up and down Taehyung’s back.

Taehyung knew he could drink him dry if he wanted and the hunter wouldn’t be able to do anything to stop him. It was tempting, fill himself with Jimin until he sucked the last drop out of him and get rid of the nuisance that was being tied to only his blood, but—

Jimin’s lips pressed on his hair.

“That’s enough, prince.”

Taehyung pulled out his fangs and licked the wound until it closed. Jimin was pale and his limbs felt weak, but he also felt sated. And Taehyung did too.

The vampire stood up, grimacing when Jimin’s dick slipped out of him, come running down his thighs. He stretched his limbs like a cat, groaning at the feeling of being powerful once again. His ears caught the sounds of his tropes fighting hunters and terrorizing people in the streets and he smiled, pleased.

Jimin let his body rest against the headboard; a hand resting over his tummy and his eyes following the vampire’s every move. Taehyung bent down and picked up the stake. He looked at it with a frown and then split it in half without much force. The hunter rolled his eyes, glad his body was weak enough to even smile.

“I’d love to stay, but I have humans to scare.” Taehyung winked at Jimin and gave him a sloppy kiss. His mouth tasted like blood, but Jimin didn’t care. “Happy Halloween, Jimin.”

And before Jimin could even blink, Taehyung was gone and in his place a small and innocent looking kitty appeared. The little animal caressed Jimin’s neck with its tail before jumping down from the bed and disappearing into the shadows.

Jimin sighed and closed his eyes.

“Happy Halloween, kitten.”